Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 30)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 30

Title: Ginger Goes Back to School

Mother Güse Must Die
Chapter 24 - Ginger Goes Back to School
by StarCross

Hatsumi was dead again, and Hazuki, using the powers of Lillis's enormous one-eyed hat, had to travel to the other book universes to search for. Luckily, Ginger had burned almost all of the books in the Great Library, which made the search a bit easier. However though, the books and fanfiction manuscripts that remained were written by a slight-demented J.A. Starcross, and what she/he wrote would always contain epic nasties Hazuki and Lillis had to deal with over and over. To their fortune though, Hazuki had been blessed by the Two Goddesses, and were always in good terms with the main characters each book universe however dysfunctional they were.

Alas, Ginger had been waiting sinisterly for their return in order to kill Hatsumi again, if one were to count Spicy Special #4 as canon (might as well count the rest of the special chapters). Witnessing firsthand the sudden surge of empowerment of Becky's sword, the Tsukiseiki, Ginger had been raring to kill Hatsumi with various weapons and household items in order to empower those, and they were not limited to crowbars, golden bats, butter knives, toothpicks, balloons, etc. Becky, realizing that her unfinished training would continually be interrupted with Ginger compounding the problem (and believe me, she always compounds the problem for her own sadistic chaotic sake), she told her to go off with Mira to take over Tokyo or Japan or something.

"Will do!" Ginger saluted. Using the bike they stole from Natsuki, the newly hooked-up couple of Ginger and Mira went off to Tokyo once more to cause havoc.

Once there, she entered a trading card game--no, not poker or black jack--at a local convention by the Tokyo Dome that consisted of boys of ten to forty-something years of age and a few girls--ten to be exact. Ginger passed off as a boy due to her tomboyish looks, yet she got an occasional stare from dirty old pedophile (which she lifted) and a group of fangirls (which she also lifted, and allowed Mira to forcefully sedate them).

She stared at her first opponent at the first-round qualifiers. Ginger hated the look on him. It was probably those big bug eyes, and that impossibly stiff hair that required kegs of the strongest gel in the universe. In any case, she had to play a card to make herself look superior.

"I choose you," said Ginger. "Pikachu!"

"Ahem," said her opponent, Yugi Moto, or Mutou. "We're playing Duel Monsters. The Pokémon tournament was held last week."

"Aha, I was just kidding Yugi Mutton. I was trying to see if you're paying attention."

"Surely you came in with the correct deck."

"Of course I have! Let me just toss this card out..."

Ginger had beaten up a boy named Insector Haga, who also goes under the name of Weevil Underwood, just so she could pilfer his cards from him. It was convenient, as Ginger was mistaken for the glasses-wearing twerp, and after looking him up in the registration she found it convenient to attack him. After getting his cards, she accidentally mixed them up with a previous deck she had stolen from a kid she had beaten up on the way to the tournament, one Satoshi, otherwise named Ash Ketchup--er, Ketchum. Whatever. Then she stuck a red and white toy ball thingy up his Ash, er, ass.

To her dismay, Ginger's first opponent was the semi-illustrious and infamous Yugi Mutou, who had a dark reputation of turning into Yami Yugi, an alter ego one millimeter taller than his current self complete with frowny eyes. Yugi was the best card dueler having won the local championships and making a personal bitch out of a son of a wealthy industrialist. Whether she was fighting Yugi or slightly taller Yugi, she could not win, especially with the crap she cards she had on hand.

The dastardly Ginger always had a backup plan, and her grin confused the heck out of Yugi. Suddenly, she threw all her cards down and kicked over a table screaming.


Mira, who had been conversing with the parents at the balcony, responded quickly to her Ginger-Sense, and in one leap from above her trench coat opened to reveal an armament of syringe pistols and rifles, gas grenades, and poison needles...

Outside of the Tokyo Dome convention center, a muffled explosion expelled smoke from all the vents and doors.

Everyone was put to sleep inside, and when they would wake up, they would then have the hankering to crowd the bathroom in grandeur comparable to all the halftimes of internationally popular sports. Aided by a gas mask, Ginger went about to pilfer as much cards, jewels, and money she could carry in a black trash bag, and then went off to randomly kick people while they were down.

"Take that Yugi Motto!" she cried.

She and Mira escaped by disguising themselves as the fire department, and then smoked out the fire department headquarters with Enema Gas. They escaped from there to head to the illegal casinos in the red light district to gamble away their loot. Ginger bet it all in blackjack, and lost, but quickly recuperated the losses by having Mira gas the Yakuza group running the joint and then burning down the place. She left the cards to burn by the way.

Surprisingly though, the rest of Tokyo was calm despite all the chaos happening in random parts of the city, almost all of which Ginger had caused. Taking a break, they holed themselves up in plain view in McDonald's, where Ginger bought out all the Happy Meal toys to break and melt in front of the little kids just to make them cry.

"They were spoiled anyway," Ginger remarked.

"So what will you do now?" Mira asked.

"For the first time, I really don't know. I mean, I can't go on with our journey if Sis isn't with us, since she's our muscle. I already became mayor of that city-town they nuked. I also became the official Prime Minister of this country and the de-facto Shadow Queen. I kicked O-Ren Ishii's ass, kidnapped Clamp, forced Rumiko to end Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 once and for all, delayed the Human Instrumentality Project by about a century, stole the plans to the Minovsky Particle Generator, and stole a working prototype of the Loli-Gun." Ginger sighed heavily and drank the last bit of her coffee. "I say it's time I go back to school."

"School? But Ginger dear you're already have the IQ of 9000 and over!"

"And you know it bitch. Well, I always want to cheat my way and get a certificate while being a student. Besides, I miss causing havoc to my fellow teachers and students."

"If you are going to school, then I must accompany you!"

"You can't 'cause you're old."

"That was low..."

"Just walk in as a teacher."

"Good plan though. But what school are you thinking of? Most of them are riddled with black magic, demons, faceless hentai dudes, ugly men, dickgirls, and tentacle rape."

"I'm going to those Catholic lesbian schools I keep hearing about."

"Change of plan--we're going to blow up those schools."

"I kid, I kid! I'm going to that nameless school where they wear those pink uniforms in the winter and blue in the summer."

"Azumanga High? I guess they're not dykish."

"Excellent. Let's set our plan into motion my young apprentice! Oh, and don't forget to gas this place before we leave."

"Yes ma'am!"

Oddly enough, the McDonalds gas attack was underreported since it was assumed that rancid meat was the cause of the outbreak of diarrhea... cha-cha-cha.

When introducing new faculty and students in Japanese school system, especially those of outstanding backgrounds, the principal and the staff would call out all the students and line them up in a regimental formation in the courtyard or the gymnasium. Today it was the gymnasium.

Introduced were one student from the United States of America who could supremely pass off as Japanese--and could even speak it as well--and one teacher from India who was as beautiful as a Hindu Lily. The introductions were done and done, and the class of one Yukari Tanazaki, a single, miserly, miserable weekend drunkard, and overall videogame player, corralled her students into homeroom. A surprise was waiting for all of them, for she was alerted that the student from the U.S. was to be in their homeroom.

It was such excitement for Yukari's class. First they had a ten year-old prodigy. Then it was a spacey-headed girl from Osaka. Combined with one tanned sports jock, a "straight" glasses-wearing girl, a hyperactive ADHD Lupin fangirl, a tall, dark, and bishoujo, a crazy closeted lesbian, Chihiro, and one girl nicknamed Rachel Handlebars, class was about to be a lot more interesting or adventurous. They had another thing coming.

"So here she is," cried Yukari, "Ginger R. Baker!"

The girls and boys ooed and aahed as a short-haired bespectacled American walked in with sheer class without the added American arrogance. She faced the students and gave a slight smile that nearly tipped the students off the seats due its cuteness.

"I know you have been introduced at the ceremony," said Yukari. "So introduce yourself."

Ginger nodded. "My name is Ginger R. Baker. I speak many languages, with Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese in great fluency. I am an outstanding and upstanding student with high marks throughout all schools--of which are private and upstanding. My hobby is computers, my favorite colors is white and black, and my favorite song is Michael Jackson's 'Black & White'."

"Well put Ginger-chan! It seems that we now have a worthy addition to our forces."


"Miss Yukari," said Chiyo Mihama, the ten-year old loli prodigy. "We don't have any more room for one more student."

"How odd," said Yukari. "We always had room for one more for you and Osaka. "Well then... you there in the back! You're the weakest link! Good-bye!"

"What does that mean?" said the hapless male student.

"It means you're going to Kimura's class."

The student rose and moped along amidst his transfer.

"Didn't she do this before?" Chiyo asked herself. "Must be my imagination."

After much class shuffling Ginger then sat next to the hyperactive girl named Tomo Takino, who seemed eager to jump her--as in, ask incessantly about the culture of America. With this being homeroom, Yukari fell asleep, and for the remainder of the time everyone gathered around the new foreign student.

"Sucks to be you Osaka," Tomo said to the girl from Osaka, who was really named Kasuga Ayumu. "You're not the foreign one anymore."

"I was foreign?" said the space-case Osaka.

"When they meant American," said the swim team jock Kagura, "I thought you'd be taller than Sakaki."

"And blond," said Yomi the auburn-haired four-eyes.

"And with big boobs," added Tomo.

Ginger punched Tomo square in the face, sending into the chalkboard. She was in a daze, and no one helped since Tomo getting whacked was a daily occurrence. Usually, Yomi would do such a thing, or sometimes it was their teacher Yukari.

"All Americans come different boob shapes and boob sizes," said Ginger as she relished in the attention. "As a matter of fact, they are as big as the ones they draw in your doujinshi."

Almost everyone nodded, accepting the fact.

"It's not all New York, Vegas, and Washington D.C.," she continued. "Like your country, we have farmlands and deserts. We also have concentration camps to keep the colored races and our political enemies in line."

Almost everyone nodded once more.

"We're also planning to launch dozens of Geomancer Cannons into space. Do you know what those are? Well, it's supposed to be confidential, but I got family who work in Area 51 who says that these things, as part of the Star Wars Reagan Project, send out a beam that radiates the magma below the crust and would cause untold landslides, earthquakes, and instant volcano eruptions up the wazoo! So if you ever think about building a giant robot piloted by angsty emo teenage boys who inexplicably live with beautiful girls and women, watch out. We will get to you."

"You are joking right?" said the astute Chiyo.

"I'm not!"

"Don't worry everyone. I've been to America and none of what she says is true."

Ginger's eyebrow twitched as she restrained her anger. She tugged one of the little girl's fatty pigtails just to give her a lesson in Gingering the Ginger.

"I got a question!" cried Osaka. "Is it true that you walk inside the house with your shoes on?"

"In most cases, yes," replied Ginger.

"So if you stepped in dog poo and didn't realize it..."

"We'd still walk in! And if we find out, we go back to pick up the poo and decorate the walls in a ceremony Americans liked to call the Scottish Shittying Dance!"

"Guys," whelped Chiyo. "That's not true at all."

Ginger slapped Chiyo so hard that it sent her to the chalkboard to join Tomo. For the remainder of homeroom, Ginger told weird, interesting, and horrific tales of the United States of America, like how the Christian Coalition would go nuking places even remotely liberal (even if it was a Republican-dominated area), or how Fanta and Vanilla Coke was really made out of people.

They continued to listen to her throughout their class periods and teacher switches, since Japan usually the students occupy the same room for most of the classes save for P.E. and science. Ginger yakked in every one of them, but was told to be quiet and was even given a creepy and leery look from one Japanese literature teacher. Of course, Ginger, despite being a foreigner, was well versed in Japanese culture, more so than the Japanese themselves. Her intelligence rivaled that of Chiyo's, but she couldn't match up to her prim and proper behavior. In no time Ginger broke almost all over her teachers down, save for the science teacher, the literature teacher, and P.E. teacher.

P.E. was the only class she did bad in, and she was part of the Slowpoke Crew consisting of Osaka and Chiyo. But an interesting event happened when she was dressing with the other girls in the locker room. The creepy Japanese literature teacher, one named Kimura, was loitering about trying to sneak a peek. Osaka, who did not feel threatened by his nigh-perverse presence, spotted him at entranceway. Ginger then whacked him in the head with her Gingerbat.

"You hit the teacher!" Chiyo cried.

"No way," gasped Kagura. "You killed him!"

"Just because he was peeping doesn't mean he deserves this!"

"And where the hell did you get that bat?" asked Yomi.

"He was peeping?" Ginger asked.

"And you're stealing his wallet."

Ginger hid the wallet in her bloomers, which was a standard Japanese gym "shorts" for girls. "I don't have his wallet."

Kimura, who had been face down and bleeding, finally rose like a zombie. He was alive, but now had cracked glasses.

"Oh, what am I doing here?" he said to himself. "Oh, I'm bleeding. I better go to the nurse."

He walked off in a hurry. Since then, he had stopped loitering outside the girls' locker room. Instead, he was now found just outside the boys' locker room leering at the boys.

Science was apparently a different story. The class had a new teacher, and it happened to be the Indian that was introduced beforehand.

"I'm sure you have known my name by now," said the teacher, "but to reiterate, my name is Mira Rama, and I'll be filling in for your regular teacher since he has succumbed to an awful case of groin leprosy, diarrhea, and terminal farting."

"Yeah!" Ginger yelled from the back of the class. "You rock Mira! You sexy cunt! Woooooo!"

Mira blushed, shuddered, and squirmed while moaning lightly as she masturbated and came in a record of ten seconds in schoolroom. Out of the class, it was Chiyo and one other who noticed this indecent event, and even though they could not see in its entirety they could accurately sense the masturbation happening.

"Anyway," said Mira, "resuming from last Saturday's lesson..."

"Booooo," groaned Ginger.

"...the reason for the unique properties of Lanthanides and Actinides...

"I'm bored!"

All of the students except for Osaka and Tomo, who were sleeping, turned their eyes towards Ginger, who was reclining back with her feet on her lab table.

"Ginger," said Mira. "I know you already know these things, but all the others don't."

"What's with you?" asked Yomi. "You're so smart and you're here in school. Why can't you slow your pace, if not your ego?"

"I go to school so I can screw around," said Ginger. "I don't get to do this kind of thing back in America."

"In Japan, we have certain codes of behavior. Although you seem to share the opposite of that along with Tomo and some others."

"If you don't mind," said Mira, "I would like to teach science."

"Screw science!" cried Ginger. "Let's do what the Americans would and make weapons of hilarious destruction! Let's make stinkbombs!"

It was then Tomo and Osaka woke up, for them the thought of stinkbomb meant that school would finally be fun. In fact, almost all of the students save for Chiyo, Yomi, and one other had their interests piqued.

"Yeah, let's make some stinkbombs!" Tomo interjected.

"Stinkbombs!" cried the students.

Mira sighed. "Look, you represent one of the most prestigious schools in this city--wherever this is. In any case, I can't deviate from my lesson plan on my first day."

"Mira-girl, this isn't like you," said Ginger. "We can strong-arm the faculty in giving in to our demands."

"Ginger, you're ruining your own plan."

"What plan? We're both here to screw around."

"And now everyone knows that we know each other."

"But Mira! I wanna make stinkbombs! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!"

The other classmates heckled, and urged Mira to drop the lesson plan and teach them to make stinkbombs. It wasn't that that made her give in. Ginger's incessant whining like a baby made her feel real bad in hesitating to fulfill her Id-like needs.

"You're right!" said Mira. "Today's lesson is dropped! We make stinkbombs!"

The class cheered, but Yomi and Chiyo just rolled their eyes.

"What the hell is going on?" asked Yomi.

Today, the maidens who assemble in the Virgin Mary’s garden pass through the tall gate with angelic smiles on their faces. Their pure bodies are wrapped in dark-colored school uniforms. The pleats on their skirts and their white sailor collars should always be tidy. Walking slowly is preferred here--except when the whole damn place is under attack.

They were not prepared from an onslaught that started at the front gate where a mysterious group of ninja-like assailants wearing gas masks marched in a lobbed explosive and non-explosive stinkbombs (which were just water balloons filled with stinkwater) on the unsuspecting girls. Everyone was bombed and were now stunk like mustard gas they made them puke profusely, fart profusely, or both.

There were a couple of girls that might as well be called a couple, one of which was a tall and masculine kendo fighter Rei Hasekura protectively covered her souer, which means little sister in French. It wasn't exactly her little sister, but she acted like one. In fact, she was her little cousin Yoshino Shimazu.

"Those bastards," cried Yoshino. "Rei, give me your bamboo sword. I'll show them!"

"Yoshino, you shouldn't," pleaded Rei.

Yoshino took Rei's sword and charged for the bespectacled ringleader. But before she could even hit her, Yoshino froze, clutched her chest, jerked forward, and gushed out a fountain of blood in front of the now-confused ringleader. The ringleader, stoically, bent down and pilfered Yoshino's wallet. Rei ran to her aid just as the ringleader dealt the two of them a non-explosive stinkballoon.

The wacky assailants boarded their bus, with the ringleader arriving last. She finally took off her gas mask to reveal her face.

"Gokigen'yô you motherfuckers!" Ginger cried whilst laughing maniacally. The bus drove off right as she sat in one of the front seat with a panting Mira. Then she wrote on her notepad:

Stinkbomb Report:

Ginger reminded herself to write Azumanga High once she got her graduation certificate. And she'd do more than pelt the school and its students with stinkbombs.

The entire class was right behind her, also panting in their sheer excitement in stinkbombing yet another school.

"Wasn't that a fun field trip?" Ginger asked her fellow classmates. "You won't get this kind of hard-on when you're with any other foreign teacher and student. Except maybe for that Onizuka guy."

"Oh yeah!" cried Tomo.

"Mira, you're the best!" Osaka cried.

"Oh, it's nothing," giggled Mira, who had taught them all how to make potent stinkbombs, stinkballoons, and stinkmissiles for the rest of the school day.

"This deserves a reward!" Ginger cried. Immediately, she kissed Mira on the lips, shocking the entire class.

"Oh my God!" Tomo cried. "They're doing the paya-paya!"

"What's a paya-paya?" Osaka asked.

"It's what those Miyagami students do that their school. They have sex with each other."

"Oh, that! I nearly forgot."

"That Rein kid was pretty into you for some reason."

"I wonder why."

"Which reminds me," said Yomi, "how is it that our new science teacher and the foreign exchange student know each other?"

"We met on the way to school," Ginger lied.

"One can say we that live in the same apartment complex," giggled Mira.

"Or rather, the same room."

"Don't tell anyone about us."

"Or else."

"Why would I?" winced Yomi. "How did we get co-opted into this?"

"But it was a lot of fun," said Chiyo. "Despite the numerous laws we have broken."

"I swear something like this had happened before."

It was hard to say if things were made worse or better since Ginger and Mira's arrival. It was obvious to the students of Azumanga High that they were a couple, but that was due to the fact that Ginger and Mira kissed in public and made constant groping passes at one another. They even had sex in the middle of P.E.

She never intended to make her classmates smarter, but Ginger's lies were ironically knowledgeable, and combined with Mira's knowledge of chemicals they were a powerful duo. Ginger's behavior was essentially megalomaniacal since a cult of Ginger had been started up in school. Mira, on the other hand, earned the love of her fellow teachers and students who were attracted by her foreign grace and beauty. Of course, since she was really a Pakistani, she often sputtered lies concerning India, on how there was a Kama Sutra--of Death! Really it was just the necrophilia version of the Kama Sutra.

She did not know how it happened, but she had become best drinking friends with Ginger's homeroom teacher Yukari, and the girls' P.E. teacher Minamo Kurosawa, nicknamed Nyamo. Often, Ginger accompanied them in their mature excursions, and surprisingly she knew more about sex--supposedly. Not first-hand though. Same with Mira's case, although she did give the Japanese teachers by pure accident the Lesbian Kama Sutra, and to her surprise both Yukari and Nyamo considered acting out the methods in such an ultra-rare book. After that, Ginger gave Nyamo and Yukari the Guro Kama Sutra. In all likelihood they wouldn't be imitating such horrific images.

Sometimes, these four supposed young adults would hang out with the students, namely Osaka, Tomo, Kagura, Yomi, Chiyo, and the tall, dark, and bishoujo Sakaki-san. They didn't exactly go to places like Magical Land, Tokyo Disneyland, the beach, or Chiyo's pimpin' mansion. Rather, in the insistence of Ginger and Yukari, they went to the red light districts to view theater porn, attend strip clubs, and bring down local yakuza mob groups. Then they went back to stinkbomb the schools they had bombed before, and with further gusto.

Strange that Ginger and Mira were able to commit such acts without repercussions from a fairly socially conservative society. It was said that they were the shadow government behind Japan, but then again there were a lot of shadow governments, with the Sunflower Empress as the most popular.

It all soon changed when yet another new student was introduced at another interruptive ceremony at the beginning of a school day on Monday, and it was obviously an American blond trying to steal Ginger's limelight. And to her further dismay, she was put in Yukari's class.

"Hello," smiled the blond with the beauty mark on her left cheek. "My name is Christy Aguil. Pleased to meet you."

Now, she didn't speak fluent Japanese like Ginger, but it was enough to earn the horny love of the students, most particularly the male students. Oddly enough, the resident pervert Kimura was not interested. The bump Ginger gave to him became a bit cancerous, and it looked like it was the head of a penis. Plus, he had been hanging out at the boys' locker room on a frequent basis.

Thus, Yukari ejected another male student to his class using the tried and tired "Weakest Link" joke, and once homeroom was over the students gathered around Christy as they did with Ginger. She talked to them about an interesting Chinese gourd she bought North Korea from Kim Jong-il. She claims it was once the holy gourd of the Brian the humble messiah-martyr although to Ginger it looked more like a genie's bottle.

"So do you step in dog poo and walk in your house," started Osaka.

"Oh, we just clean it off in the sidewalk or the grass," giggled Christy.

"Bullshit!" Ginger yelled as she slammed her closed fists on her desk.

"You step on bull's shit everyday?" asked Tomo.

"Don't they call them buffaloes?" asked Kagura.

Ginger stood up and marched right up to Christy so she could stare her down.

"Look here blond bitch," she said in English, "I don't like you. As a matter of fact, I hate--"

"I like you," smiled Christy.


"WHAT?" cried the rest of the students.

"She said she likes her!" cried Tomo.

"It isn't the same as love," said Yomi.

"To be honest," said Christy in Japanese, "I'm in love with Ginger."

"Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaah!" Osaka cried. "It's the paya-paya all over again!"

"Paya-paya!" Tomo interjected.

Everyone started chanting paya-paya, and it instead of making Ginger angry it made her blush.

"Oh wow," said Ginger. "I didn't realize that you--hey, wait a minute! You can't trick me! You're an American Blond, and you can't be lesbian!"

"Yes I can," said Christy. "There is no rule against that, right?"

"Well, I do know a blond girl with a big eyeball-hat and--hey, wait! I'm not falling for that again!"

Christy rose up and kissed Ginger. The paya-paya chants got even louder.

"Sakaki-san!" squealed Kaorin, the resident closet lesbian. "Isn't that such a romantic sight?"

"Unh," grunted the tall, dark, and bishoujo, Sakaki.

Ginger staggered back, pulling a thread of love-saliva from the blond girl's lips. It had this soapy yet sweet taste.

"Hold on a moment," Ginger said calmly. "Don't start class without me."

Ginger ran off to the science rooms where Mira was just beginning class for the morning.


"I know you're desperate my love, but--"

"No time!"

Ginger pulled Mira away, locked themselves inside the broom closet, and then had sex.

"We really ought to stop meeting like this," Mira said. "There's a limit on much we can blackmail and threaten the parents and the board of directors."

"Now I remember! There's this blond chick who kissed me."

Mira burst open the door, half-dressed and armed with her syringe pistols.


"Hold on!" Ginger cried as she held Mira back. "We shouldn't kill her yet."

"Ginger? You never say such things like this."

"I want to keep her alive just to spaz you out! And I get horny when you spaz out."

Mira slouched. "I knew it."

"From the looks of it, she is rich and has this genie bottle she always carries around. I want to snatch that after I pilfer her from all the money she has through her relatives and her corporation."

"Genies only exist in fairy tales Ginger."

"Eh? Are you intending to dash my dreams?"

"No I'm not! Genies do exist!"

"That's my Mira. Any word from Sis and co.?"

"They haven't gotten Hatsumi back from one of the book universes remaining in the Great Library.""

"Or they're lying."

"In all likelihood, they are."

"Anyway, I'm gonna beat that bitch down! She's not gonna upstage me!"

"Do you like her or hate her?"

"I like her--as my personal slave and victim!"

Mira charged out, with Ginger hanging on to her in a vain attempt to hold her back.


"That does include the entire school you know."

The love-hate relationship began. Christy began hitting on Ginger frequently, with Ginger feeling so mixed about it. Every time they kissed, she felt as if she was sucking semen. Mira could only watch from a corner in utter jealousy while gripping the walls so hard that they cracked--and many of them had. She took out her frustrations on the other students, and resorted to beating up Kimura and burying him alive every Tuesday. Speaking of which, Kimura had been seen hanging around boys' academies and geeky card game tournaments.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to leave Christy alive or standing. Though she did not excel in academics, her popularity increased tenfold and beat Ginger in every sports event both personal and school-sanctioned. Then again, sports wasn't exactly Ginger's strong suit as she came in dead last in such races such as marathons and ping-pong. The worst performer was simultaneously and previously held by "Slowpoke Osaka" and "Lolibrain Chiyo".

And Ginger hated being second best. All her smear campaigns did not work, as Christy would always throw her off with a peck on the cheek. And whenever Christy kisses Ginger, somewhere in Japan Mira was beating up a middle-aged Japanese man--who was most likely a pedophile--and burying him up to his head in the ground to put a sign on him that says "Jack Off on Me"; which surprisingly many people did. And the sign wasn't even written in Japanese or English.

Ginger almost completely forgot about the gourd or bottle Christy carried like a security blanket or a fashion accessory, the likes of which others began imitating her. The trend of carrying of gourds or Arabic bottles had spread throughout Japan and Japanophile Anime fans all over the world, and that got international leaders wondering if prohibition needed to go in effect again.

Then one day, Ginger received a letter in a locker from none other than Christy, asking her to meet her after school at the front gate. She consulted Mira at the teacher's offices, although the consultation wasn't exactly normal. First off, Ginger was sitting right on Mira's desk with legs spread and underwear pulled down, and Mira was performing oral sex. After that, she gave the letter, and Mira ripped it apart and burned it on the principal's desk along with a goat's head and baboon testicles.

"I don't think it's a confession Mira," said Ginger as she pulled her panties up.

"You don't know how I'm pissed I am," said Mira. "I thought you hated that girl."

"Of course I do. That's why I'm using this opportunity to steal that genie bottle from her."

"I don't think that is a genie... Oh never mind."

"I want to get a camcorder..."

"Steal a camcorder."

"...and videotape the robbery while I do some S&M on that girl."

Ginger suddenly noticed Mira bashing her head on the desk.

"Hey, that's not proper oral sex, and that ain't kinky."

"Um, Ginger," said Nyamo the P.E. teacher. "Don't you think you're taking this too far?"

"Oh, just let them do it," groaned the tired Yukari.

"And speaking of lesbian school acts," said Ginger, "isn't way overdue for you two to get it on?"

Nyamo blushed. "What are you insinuating?"

"So that's it then," said Yukari. "The reason you've haven't been getting a man as of late is because you're crushing over me. Ooh, I'm so flattered."

"As if you constantly dropping off in my apartment to take a nap isn't saying something? Especially when I'm already in the same bed taking one myself!"

"So that necktie thing wasn't for that boy you had crush on! It was for me!"

"It was not! What about you running off with my panties!"

"I thought it was cash!"

And so the catfight that happened every week or so commenced, with all the nail-scratching and the book-throwing. Ginger opted to not videotape the incident this time.

After school had arrived. Ginger walked out towards the front gate between the rows of trees assured that Mira would not spaz out too much when recording the robbery and if possible Ginger performing S&M on Christy. The big red record button was pressed and active, and Mira trembled at the third floor as she watched her Ginger walking to her destiny.

"Mira-sensei," said Chiyo. "What are you doing?"

Nearly startled, Mira turned around without turning her camcorder and saw the students, Chiyo, Yomi, Tomo, Osaka, Kagura, and Sakaki.

"I am documenting evidence of a sexual assault on Ginger," said Mira.

"More like Ginger is going to sexually assault Christy," corrected Yomi.

"She's not like that. Most likely, she'll whack her with the Gingerbat, steal her money, and then place Christy's hands in her panties and her fingers in her anus."

"That sounds like sexual assault all right."

Hearing the truth, Mira started shaking the likes of which the camcorder's optical stabilization could not handle.

"When you're done, I want to watch the video," said Tomo.

"Me too!" cried Kagura.

"Me three!" cried Osaka.

But they were watching the confession scene live and unfolding before their very eyes, and it was too far to hear their gabbing words of love. The more Ginger and Christy prolonged their talk, the more Mira shook. In all irony she became so hot and horny that she was masturbating furiously with her left hand while thinking about all her lovemaking she had made with Ginger in the past and in the near future.

Her students beside her gasped, for Ginger lunged at Christy like a hungry wolf, and then Christy uncorked her gourd. In a blink Ginger, had vanished.

"What just happened?" Mira asked. "Girls?"

"I don't know," said Chiyo.

"It kinda looks like Ginger's been sucked," said Osaka.

"What?" Mira spazzed. "Did Christy suck her vagina?"

"What she meant was that she was sucked into that bottle," said Yomi.

"You can't be serious. That just violates the laws of physics."

"Stranger things have happened, and you're living proof."

They turned their heads to see Christy flexing her body. Suddenly, a force armed individuals each dressed in llama costumes. The commanding llama guy in a lion-gold costume handed Christy a sheathed sword, and she smiled wickedly.

"Are having another culture festival?" asked Osaka.

"With guns," said Yomi.

"Are they coming here to kidnap me?" quaked Chiyo.

"It's probably due to all the shit we pulled at the other schools."

"This is not it," said Mira. "They're the Furry Force, Llama Division. But that girl..."

Suddenly, Mira drew out her loaded pistol filled with live bullets, and fired two shots past the students. She struck down two of the Llama Fighters since she had no time to draw out her poison darts. Besides, she would need them for close combat.

"Usually, my love would consider you all screwed," said Mira as she armed herself with another pistol in her left hand. "But I don't like to involve civilians, so keep close to me for you to be safe."

Once hearing a girl's scream from afar, Mira and her group rushed into the classroom where they witnessed Kaorin being held down by two of the Llama Fighters in a scene that called for classroom gang rape, furry-style. But Mira would have none of that so she fired two shots. However though, two more Llamas crashed down from the roof, and four more broke in through the windows from the outside.

"I'm surrounded!" Mira cried.

"Help us!" Chiyo cried.

It was time that the resident tall, dark, and bishoujo sprang into action. In a blur, Sakaki-san broke almost all of the of the Llama Fighters' necks with a swift kick, thus rescuing Kaorin who became blissfully happy to be carried in the TDBj's arms. Meanwhile, Osaka was easily dodging a knife-wielding Llama Fighter like a drunken master, and once they were close to the window Osaka easily tripped him outside to the ground below, killing him on impact.

"Although your visit was unexpected," began Sakaki, "this would have happened anyway."

"So you're one of them then," said Mira.

Sakaki nodded. "I am also known as the Cutemeister, but you can just call me Sakaki-san."

"And I'm her partner!" Osaka waved. "Also known as the Lazy Eye!"

"Ohmygodwhatthefuck!" Tomo interjected. "You two are doing to paya-paya without us knowing it?"

"When I said I was aiming for her, that's what I have intended. I'm going to be a full member of the Order of the Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo!"

"What kind of crack pairing is this?" Kaorin interjected.

"Here," said Sakaki, as she handed Kaorin into Yomi's arms. "We have to save the other students, so I recommend arming yourselves. If only we had our swords."

"It's not on you?" asked Mira.

"They are in the P.E. storage shed kept under tight security. Our first priority is to get them and defeat our archrivals, the Order of the Rich, Dumb, Blond, and Whorish, who have infiltrated our country. They seek to kill the likes of my Order."

"Sakaki-san, is my Ginger safe?"
"Christina Aguilera, A.K.A. the Bottler, uses a special magical item that can suck in and blow out almost anything she wishes."

"I hope you're not talking about her mouth."

", but there are rumors she is able to do that kind of thing, and it doesn't even have to involve her mouth."

"Those monsters!"

"We must hurry."

Ginger fell through a tunnel and crashed into a sticky pool. She arose, wiping the slime off her face, to the sight a gaggle of young and gorgeous trophy men who could easily be mistaken as gay. They were in their paces and pre-dance poses, and thus they sang:

It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you
And when we are apart I feel it too
And no matter what I do I feel the pain
With or without you,

A laptop computer was lobbed right into Justin Timberlake's face, which ended the men's (or boys') song harmonization.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Ginger cried. "I'M IN HELL!"

"It sure feels like it," said Tito Jackson of the Jackson Five. He and the rest of the dozens of men from boy bands and similar, save for his brother Michael, were in soaked ragged clothes in this organic prison filled with relics of the past careers, which included silver, gold, and platinum records stacked to make makeshift furniture and snacks.

"So I'm guessing that this must be some new reality show you're having here," said Ginger. "Where all the has-been no-talent boy-band singers gather in one bottle."

"I resent being called has-been!" cried Justin.

"And who's that old guy in the walker?"

"That's John Lennon," said Tito.

"But I thought he was dead."

"You should have realized," said Lennon, "that in this universe you don't die; you come back to life with a bigger migraine."

Though handsome but was now struggling to stand up through the use of a rickety walker made out of sharp platinum records. He along with the other aged has-beens stared at Ginger as if lustfully. In her cowardly defense, Ginger then struck out her fighting stance.

"Back off!" said Ginger. "I'm a lesbian, and I can kick your assess!"

"Oh no," said Justin. "We're not interested in nerdy girls like you. Think of our careers if we were seen with you."

"What careers?"

"In any case, the guys and I have made serious calculations on our escape. The Bottler, Christina Aguilera, has to be in conscious control on what she sucks and what she blows--from this dimensional bottle. All of has--well, most of us--have been masturbating for several years to create a vat of liquid that will help build up pressure in this bottle that will blow us out."

"However, we need someone to pop the cork, or else it would not work," added Tito.

"We suffered some setbacks after were forced to eat the Monkees, and were about to eat Hanson until you came along."

Ginger had just noticed that the three boys from the mentioned group were naked and inside a cramped cage also made out of metallic records.

"That's right!" groaned the elderly John Lennon. "You will be the one on top!"

"On top of our human ladder," Tito corrected. "To pop open the cork of course."

"Then we can finally destroy this wretched bottle," said Justin, "so I could date Britney Spears!"

"Bleh," Ginger puked. "That's something I don't want to mention."

"All we have to do is masturbate our last batch! With no gay sex of course. I'm looking at you Village People. Every sperm is precious, as God has dictated."

They all looked at Ginger.

"Um, could you, like, hide yourself?" asked Justin. "You're not the kind of girl we'd like to masturbate towards."

"In fact," said Lennon, "we look at Hanson when want to get off."

"But all of us are straight though," said Tito. "Well, almost all of us."

It was insulting to called unattractive to not be fapped at, and Ginger, in her sadistic sense, has the perfect comeback for them. She dug through her school bag and threw a grenade of some sort into the middle of a gaggle of men. It exploded, producing a noxious smoke that all immediately breathed in.

Ginger was exempt though. She had put on a demonic-looking gas mask beforehand.

"It looks like the perfect time for me to test my Viagra inhalant," said Ginger. "I appreciate you all volunteering."

"What?" they all said.

"You'd better do something! You're all bonering away!"

The men sighed, and then turned to each other, while Ginger watched with glee.

It felt like a videogame running through the school, and getting to the storage shed was harder than they had expected. They had no time, but they were compelled to save all the students on the upper floor, the roof, and the lower floors--all of them. Including the teachers.

"Come to me boys!" Kimura cried. "I will protect you!"

The boys groaned.

Mira, Sakaki, and Osaka took lead with Yomi, Tomo, Kagura, Kaorin, and even little Chiyo pulling the rear, and most of them were armed with assault rifles they used to gun down Llama Fighters of the Furry Force. They cleared the gym of the yiffing bastards, and threw their corpses in dumpsters. There, they used it as a temporary safe house to protect the sniveling students, teacher, and staff.

"Everyone has been accounted for!" Kagura reported with a salute.

"Good job," said Sakaki.

"Man, you are so cool!"

"Hey!" Kaorin cried.

"But we won't be safe for any longer," said Yomi looking at the window at the top of the bleachers. "Those furry bastards are increasing in number."

"I hope the police will arrive," wept Chiyo, who kept her SOCOM pistol close to her bosom as a pacifier.

"I am not sure we could hold up with what we have now," said Sakaki. "We may have to risk it and get our swords."

"Osaka abides," said Osaka.

"Miss Rama, if at all possible, will you lend us a hand?"

"If it will save my beloved Ginger, then I will," said Mira.

"All right. Yomi, Kagura, Tomo: you three protect the teachers and the students. Miss Rama, Osaka, and I will recover our weapons."

"Let me come with you!" Kaorin cried.

"It's dangerous."

"But Sakaki-san..."

Sakaki soothed the closeted lesbian by putting her hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry," she said. "Everything will be fine. I'll protect you."


"I'll protect all of you."

Shock! Kaorin thought for a moment that she was her object of affection's main affection, but it just turned out that Sakaki was being altruistic. Kaorin was left gaping while Sakaki calmed Chiyo down by putting her hand on her pigtailed head.

"Off we go!" Osaka cried. "See ya for dinner!"

It was too quiet when they stopped out at the gym. The sunset still hung at the west like a Spaghetti Space Cowboy Western, and even a tumbleweed blew across the track and field.

"I thought for sure there would be reinforcements," said Sakaki. "No matter, we got to make a break for it."

They all faced one another and nodded in agreement. They faced forward and took just one step. A gust of strong vacuum wind took them off the feet and now they were in the air facing down at the roof of the larger-than usual P.E. storage shed where Christy Aguil, A.K.A. Christina Aguilera, A.K.A. The Bottler stood amongst the Llama Fighters of the Furry Force, with the Golden Llama beside her.

"Hold your breath!" Mira yelled. She crushed a purple pellet that caused an opaque purple smoke to surround herself and her companions. The Llama Fighters fired their guns at the cloud of smoke, but the bullets passed through. But then, Mira, Sakaki, and Osaka landed on the roof knocking off and taking out the Llama Fighters.

"Don't worry about me!" Mira cried. "Go get your weapons!"

"It'll take a while," said Sakaki.

"Go now!"

"Let's go Osaka."

"We're flying!" Osaka cried.

Sakaki and Osaka leapt to the ground and entered the storeroom.

"Golden Llama," said Aguilera. "Get her."

"Yiff!" saluted the Golden Llama. He dashed forward brandishing his sharpened llama claws, but was quickly dispatched when Mira kicked him in the groin, and then shooting him in the head with a pistol. She quickly took aim at Aguilera's head, but the blonde herself shielded her face with the Asiatic gourd.

"I think you'd better rethink shooting this," said Aguilera. "If you do you'll create a vacuum singularity that will suck your lesbo lover into the abyss."

Mira lowered her gun trying to think of a different way to defeat Aguilera and recover Ginger. Before Mira could even act, Aguilera placed her palm on her own gut as if she was bulimic, and literally threw up from her own mouth a full-sized African Elephant. Mira narrowly dodged the elephant by jumping off the roof and landing safely through rolling down a hill of Llama-costumed corpses.

Once on the ground, she realized she could make an opening. With her two pistol, she fired a few consecutive shots at Aguilera's lower body, forcing her to lower gourd she was trying to use a shield. Finally, Mira shot a bullet daring towards Aguilera's face. By then, it would be too late to use her gourd, but instead of flinching, she puckered up her lips and literally sucked the bullet into her mouth. She didn't swallow, rather she fired back the bullet at even a faster speed, painfully grazing Mira's leg.

"Whatever I can suck, I can blow out tenfold," said Aguilera. "Your poison won't work against me Poison Princess. But have you ever considered that you might hurt your precious lover. Now then, shall we continue on?"
"Fuck off you damn Satanist American."

"Harsh words from a Pakistani Muslim Lesbian. In any case..."

Pressing her hand on her gut, Aguilera spat out more of the Furry Force, this time from the division Rhino Riders, who oddly enough were not people riding on actual rhinos, but were instead men and women dressed in comical yet at the same time provocative rhino costumes. Regardless of their look, they were armed and dangerous.

"Kill her," commanded Aguilera.

"Yiff!" roared the Rhino Riders.

Quickly, Mira dispatched more of the Furry Force with whatever she got, and when she ran out of her poison darts and actual bullets, she took the guns from the fallen enemies and used them against her. But there seemed to be more, for Aguilera kept on spitting out more from divisions such as the Lizard Legion, the Unicorn Uncles, the Fox Five, the Dog Brigade, the Pedo Bears, and the Dangerously Furry Cat-Is-Not-Quite-Fine Group. She held out on her own, dodging their claws, blades, bullets, and tails, but she was tiring out. She didn't posses the superhuman assassin ability like Red or Kirika of Noir, for Mira was more of a covert-type. Either that or she was getting old, and she didn't want to think that since or else Ginger would go out with a girl younger than her.

"Had enough Poison Princess?" Aguilera said. "You're not one for large forces."

Aguilera felt the gourd tucked under her arm thump. She looked at it saw that it was beating like a heart. Then cork popped out.

"What the?"

The bottle exploded, sending out a tsunami of viscous semen that washed out the Furry Force in all maddening confusion. Mira avoided the wash by jumping off a grunt from the Pedo Bears and clung tightly to a flagpole. Now piled on top of Aguilera were dozens of young men and John Lennon in the midst of their refractory period with a Ginger on top.

"Ginger!" Mira cried. She jumped off, ran up the hill, and embraced her gooey girlfriend.

"It those men raped you I'll..."

"Turns out they had a gay orgy," smiled Ginger. "And that was after a much-needed masturbation session. By Goddess, after seeing that I'm off yaoi for a year."

Aguilera arose from a filmy blanket of semen to gag and cough out sex toys from her being.

"Damn you Ginger Baker," growled Aguilera. "You leave me no choice but to--"

She felt something ram hard into her rear orifice. Then her front. Her mouth was gagged with a bondage-gag ball. Then her ears and nose were clogged with pink cotton balls. She squirmed into unconscious as she fell again, with Justin Timberlake and Tito Jackson standing triumphantly over her.

"Take that you ho," said Tito.

"She's plugged up," said Justin. "Finally, I can date Britney!"

"Which is essentially the same thing."

"Thanks, but I'm not interested at the moment," said a blondish voice from afar.

"Who's there?" Justin asked.

"Oh shit," said Tito.

On the roof of the school were new, yet familiar faces that had been replicated all over the world in the likes of the National Enquirer, People, US, and Pop Culture Addicts. They were the full force of the Order of the Rich, Dumb, Blond, and Whorish, but there was nothing rich or dumb about these women who pretend that they were permanently in their twenties.

There was Nicole Richie the Pitchforker (it's a trident!); Avril Lavigne, Girl Samurai; Jessica Simpson; Ann Coulter the Flamewar Troll; Paris Hilton the Magnate Tetsujin; Anna Nicole Smith the Slicker; Nanami Kiryu the Electra Oedipus; and second-in-command Britney Spears the Attention Artillery. The core members was flanked by heavily-armed Playboy Bunnies that suddenly left Hugh Hefner in order to fight for their cause along with various blonds, both natural and forced-unnatural as the main grunts. All of them had a beauty mark on between the cheek and lips that held a deadly secret.

Leading them was the undead Marilyn Monroe, known to all as the Death Skirt. Brought back to life through the power of P-I-Jin cloning technology, she now possessed the frothing rage to be the 'it' girl, and she and her forces had joined Güse's forces in order to defeat their rivals, the Order of the Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo. She wore the iconic sleeveless flowing white dress with a twist: there were six blades studding her skirt at the front, back, and sides.

"Dear Christina," sighed Marilyn. "To think you were bested by these non-beauties? I am ashamed."

"It was a bad idea for us to come," said Mira. "We proved too strong for one from the Blond Order."

"Kick ass!" Ginger cried.

"But now they're all here. We won't stand a chance."

"Can't you use your fancy poison techniques against them?"

Mira shook her head.

"Are you serous?"

Mira nodded. Ginger quickly bust into tears and cry on her lover's breasts.

"I don't want to die!" Ginger cried.

"You should have thought of that before you came to this school," said Marilyn. "Or before you came to this country. In fact, you shouldn't have associated with a Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo in the first place. That is, if you wanted to live."

"Sorry, Justin," said Britney. "Maybe if you come back to life as a P-I-Jin--with a big migraine, we could hit it off."

"Girls, show 'em your stuff."

The Order of the Rich, Dumb, Blond, and Whorish pressed their finger on their cheek. Their beauty mark, which was obviously a large mole opened up to reveal a miniature laser canon charging up. This was their trademark technique of all members of the Blond Order. One blast from the B-Mark Blast can level a building. Imagine what they could do when they all fired, which they did, at one particular point.

An explosion ensued, kicking up a storm of dust throughout the school and the nearby streets. The Blond Order put on their big sunglasses and anti-dust lotion to protect themselves. But when the dust cleared, they were not pleased at what they saw.

Sakaki was in front of Mira and Ginger wielding her triple-sword Nekoseiki, and Osaka was at her side.

"Impossible!" Marilyn cried. "How could one from the Dark Bishoujo Order withstand our combined attacks?"

"Theoretically, we're supposed to," said Sakaki. "But help came in time."

Revealing themselves crowded on top of the P.E. storage unit was almost all of the members, both core and honorary, of the Order of the Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo and their trademark custom-made katanas sheathed by their sides. Most prominent was "The Red Rose", Sachiko Ogasawara from the all-girls academy of Lillian, the big-chested "Laughing Serpent" Naga, and the ever-awesome "Starlet Nexus", Chikaru Minamoto from Astrea Hill and her own harem of young girls.

"Blond Order!" Marilyn cried. "Attack!"

Both Orders scaled down their respective rooftops and met head-on on the field in a battle of epic proportions. The B-Mark Blasts fired at almost every direction, katanas cut, and secondary special powers were revealed in complete style. In the midst of it, Ginger was wowed again at the power of the many members of the Order of the Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo. Sachiko gracefully dispatched her enemies as the diffusing red rose petals cut through skin like glass. Chikaru's sword, the Henshinseiki, allowed her to transform herself into various convincing disguises that confused her enemies. Honorary member Osaka unsheathed her sword, to reveal an ever-extending surprise: it turned out to be an extremely long flexible blade that danced like thunderous snake. Her secondary abilities were true to her alias, for whenever she used her Lazy Eye, her victims were shocked into a state of rolling-on-the-ground-and-foaming-at-the-mouth. Although perverse, Naga's two swords were attached to very long tassels that were in turn attached to her large breasts. Her attack consisted of cackling until ears turned deaf whilst dancing around swinging her breasts, which in turn swung her two swords known as the ChiChiSeiki.

Even the Order of the Rich, Dumb, Blonde, and Whorish were no slouches. Anna Nicole Smith's skin was so slick that blade's could not cut, and no grappling move could hold her as she would slip away like grease. Britney Spears can fire a more devastating blast than the B-Mark from her body simply by undoing her bra. And the cunning Marilyn Monroe wielded her skirt-blades through strings wrapped around her fingers; thus, it always looked like the wind was always blowing up on her.

"Ungh!" Mira gasped.

"What's up with you?" Ginger asked.

"I'm a little wounded from the battle with Aguilera."

"Damn it. Why do I have to do all the work?"

With effort, Ginger dragged her lover inside the P.E. storage chamber, which turned out to be much bigger inside, and even had a subfloor as well. It was surprisingly sturdy; for when bodies of Playboy Bunnies struck the windows, it did not crack. When a B-Mark Blast struck the wall, the structure did not topple. In fact, it looked more like a tech center than a storage chamber, and it would not be surprising that it was used by the Order of the Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo for their use; along with regular P.E. equipment lumped together at a cramped corner.

It was there that Ginger was bandaging her lover with the utmost tenderness, and it Mira blush warmly.

"You do realize I hate doing this," said Ginger. "It's too much damn work, and you have to go out there as if you were Sis. Where the hell I am going to get a pawn as loyal and good in bed as you?"

Mira smiled, and then kissed her lover. The renewed strength of lust allowed her to strip Ginger bare for yet another lovemaking.

The battle storm had quieted off. The doors slid open, revealing the light of the evening, and in stepped Sakaki and many of the core members of The Order. Mira and Ginger, with clothes barely covering their bodies, were not embarrassed at the intrusion.

"It was a draw," said Sakaki. "The war against the Blond Order will continue on--perhaps forever."

"It is nice that you all came to our rescue," said Mira.

"Rescue?" cried Sachiko. "We came here to look for the girl who stinkbombed our schools!"

By then, Ginger was halfway from escaping until she was easily caught by two from The Order, the "Nightingale" Yaya Nanto from Astrea Hill and Rei Hino who was also known as the "Martian Archer." Ginger was placed in the middle of the group as a display, mostly naked and cowardly cunning.

"Lighten up," said Ginger. "You know I'm just a honorary member of your group."

"No you're not," said Rei.

"Hey, I know people! I'm best buds with Rebecca Maryland Wolfe!"

The snickers from The Order eventually became a burst of laughter.

"That kook?" said Yaya.

"I guess you and her are really alike," said Rei.

"What are you going to do to my Ginger?" asked Mira.

"We won't kill her," said Sachiko, "but she won't remain unpunished."

Chikaru nodded. "We've come up with an appropriate method that will teach her not to mess with us!"

Ginger covered her butt, thus exposing her breasts. "No! My butt is already hard as it is!"

"We'll videotape it and sell it through mail order," said Rei.

"Then I demand royalties! Like ninety-nine percent and over!"

"Your face with have a mosaic and your voice modulated," said Chikaru. "No one will know it was you."

"Oh, fuck! My butt!"

"Shush!" Sachiko cried. "Save that for later!"

Throughout the night in the surprisingly cavernous storage shed, Ginger was spanked by every female from The Order, and Mira watched with conflicting arousal, jealousy, and urgency. But she did nothing, because she was promised a MiniDV tape of near-endless session without the mosaic and the voice modulation on the condition that she did not show it to Ginger.

"By Allah's will, I'll tell no soul!" Mira declared.

Chances were likely that Ginger will find out, replicate the tape, put it onto TV, and sell it.

The sudden show of force was cause enough for Becky, as a representative for Azuma-sensei to arrive at the high school with an embarrassed face. When she got there, she immediately spanked Ginger.

"So we have been exposed," said Becky. "Our last bastion of our kind isn't safe anymore."

"The only thing we must to is full-frontal assault against Güse, the Aphrodite Evolution, and all the criminal organizations she

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