Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 3)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 3

Title: The Ginger Ale House

[Author's notes: The Gimp Gallery?  Hanson?]

Chapter 3: The Ginger Ale House

A large FBI unit swarms Bubba Bo Peep's farm. While they comb the area for evidence, one plucky agent takes it upon himself to tame the prancing giraffe.

The handsome Jonathan Dish and his equally hot partner Patrick Spoon overlook the scene by the outhouse and the garbage cans. A female agent appears and gives them an artist rendition of Becky and Red based on the eyewitness accounts of the "Bestiality Orgy Sect" barn far not far from here. On the drawing, Becky looks a little meaner and butcher, while Red looks younger and cuter.

"Fax this to the headquarters and put up a wanted poster once they are properly ID'd," Dish commanded to the female agent.

"Yes sir," she acknowledges.

"Apparently the buried human remains we recovered from the fields are that of Grandma Little, A.K.A. Jackie Caps," said Spoon.

"The granny drug runner, huh?" said Dish. "What about the bones?"

"Apparently those were of Bubba Bo Peep, real name Beau Pilkington. Charged with two counts of rape, one count of drug trafficking, one count of drug possession, and is suspected of numerous violations of the state's sodomy laws."

"And the stains in the bedroom matches the ones from last time?"

"Yes. We can assume that the two girls must have gotten a hold Caps' stash, shot and killed Bubba and his sheep, buried the old lady's remains, attacked the farm not from here, spent the night here having sex, and left with his home theater system that had a DVD player."

"That doesn't explain why Bubba's body is stripped down to the bones."

"That's what we are determining right now."

Spoon motions his head to the direction of smelly outhouse that is being cleaned up by the HAZMAT crew.

"And our toxicologist team has found residue of a smoked hallucinogenic cannabis inside the kitchen," he continued.

"Mr. Dish!" cried an agent from the SUV. "They've found the orange van!"


"Highway 75. The police are engaging in a pursuit as we speak."

At that point, the giraffe kicks the plucky FBI agent in the crotch.

At one side of Highway 75 is a dark forest. At the other side is farmland. On the highway itself is pumpkin-orange Volkswagen Van, despite its age, screams down as it flees a fleet of white police cars.

"This is why you should conserve your bullets baka Red-chan," complained wolf-eared Becky as she maintains control of the van. "We would stand a fighting chance if you didn't waste it on Bubba and his sheep!"

"Then what do we do now?" Red asked. Right now, she is wearing a t-shirt that read: I'm an Angel--I kill mean people!

Becky looks behind her at the entertainment system she had acquired from Bubba's. She lets out a deep sigh.

"I guess we have no other choice."

The rear doors of the van burst open. Red stands at the back tethered to the passenger seat as she awaits orders from Becky.

"Launch 180-watt Sony subwoofer!" yelled Becky.

"Launching 180-watt Sony subwoofer!" yelled Red.

Red chucks out the boxy black subwoofer unit at police cars. They all swerve to avoid it.

"Launch five speaker satellite system!" yelled Becky.

"Launching five speaker satellite system!"

Red dumps out of the box five coffee mug-sized speakers out of the van. The speakers hardly make a dent on the heat.

"Launch 5.1 Sony Dolby Digital surround sound receiver!"

"Launching 5.1 Sony Dolby Digital surround sound receiver!"

Red dumps the heavy receiver. It shatters before reaches the police cars.

"Launch 45 inch Mitsubishi large screen TV!"

"Launching 45 inch Mitsubishi large screen TV!"

With all her might, Red pushes the big screen out of the van. It crashes into one of the police cars, but they are still on their trail.

"Shit!" exclaimed Becky. "All right--unload the lesbian porno!"

"Unloading lesbian porno!" Becky acknowledges.

Red pours out the box of lesbian porn videos. The cops cars plow right throw them.

"Throw out the Panasonic VCR!"

Red throws the VCR. No go. It gets ran over.

"What now?" Red yelled.

Becky looks at the DVD player sitting comfortably on passenger seats. She sighs.

"All right," she said. "Gently drop the DVD player."

Red takes the DVD player and moves carefully it to the back of the van.

"DVD player gently being dropped," Red acknowledges. "Whoops!"

Red drops the DVD player. It bounces once and then slides to a halt.

The driver the head car of the police pursuit slams the brakes and stops right before the DVD player, causing the other cars behind him to stop.

The driver, Deputy Dick, bursts out of the police car to check on the DVD player. His partner, Deputy Dickie, gets out and shouts:

"What the hell did you stop for?"

"My wife needed a DVD player for her bert-day," pleaded Dick. "This one's a Pioneer!"

Seeing that they lost the heat, Becky and Red let out a big "Yeah!"

Then finally their van breaks down.

Becky slings her sword on her shoulder along with her pack, and Red places her picnic basket under her arm as she slings on her backpack. The two calmly walk out of the van and onto the side of the highway.

Then the van explodes in a fiery blaze. After taking one last look at a Volkswagen icon of the 60's, Becky and Red resumes walking.

"So where does your parents live?" Becky asked Red.

"If we turn on that dirt road, just about a couple of miles or so," she replied.

"Coolio. I sure could go for some cold ones."

Soon enough, they arrive at the Little Ranch. Becky and Red pass down a field growing somewhat familiar crops.

Those don't look like any ordinary marijuana plant, thought Becky.

Entering the two-story Little Residence, Becky drops her stuff and heads straight to the refrigerator.

"Mama! Papa!" Red yelled. "I'm home."

Blue Little gets off his plaid couch and goes over to embrace his daughter at the foyer.

"It's good to see you sweetie," he said.

"Papa, I brought Grandma home!"

Red points to Becky, who is raiding the refrigerator of its bottles of ginger ale.

"Hi Mr. Little," Becky greeted. "Now if you don't mind..."

Then suddenly, Becky is staring down the double-barrels of a shotgun held by Violet Little.

"Wow," said Becky. "Another lifetime member of the NRA."

"Who the hell are you?" demanded Violet.

"Mama, that's Grandma!" cried Red.

"I didn't ask you!"

"Well," Becky calmly said, "I am kinda like your daughter's..."

"Hands up! March into the bathroom!"

Becky complies. "Yes, ma'am."

Violet ties and binds Becky into the toilet seat.

"Don't you do anything or I'll kill you!" yelled Violet. "Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Becky.

Violet turns off the light in the bathroom and closes the door. Becky rotates herself on the toilet seat in order to make out what Violet is doing to Red. She hears yelling. Shouting. And a hard slap to the face. After the second slap, Becky could now hear the details of the conversation.

"You stupid wench!" Violet yelled. "You can't do anything right!"

"I'm sorry mama," Red apologized. "I'm sorry!"

"You lost $2000 worth of our plant, and now Beau and Jackie are dead!"

"I'm sorry!"

"You really shouldn't be giving her such complex jobs," pleaded Blue.

"Shut your mouth!" snapped Violet. "If this girl gonna stay here, she's gonna have to earn her keep!"

"What are you going to do about it?"

"She needs to be punished."

After that, silence. Becky sits uncomfortably on the toilet seat for hours, ever wanting to go the bathroom.

A clock strikes 8. Blue opens the bathroom door and turns on the lights. He holds a tray of containing two slices of wheat bread and water.

"Sir, I really need to go the bathroom," said Becky.

"My wife forbids me to untie you," said Blue.

"Look I won't do anything to hurt you. Just untie me, go outside, and when I'm done you can tie me up again."

"Are you sure?"

"Cross my heart, blah-blah-blah."

Blue unties Becky and goes outside the bathroom. Minutes later, he hears a flush. Blue reenters the bathroom to see Becky devouring the wheat bread slices and drinking the water.

"Do you have any cornbread?" she asked with a mouthful.

Blue obediently leads Becky to the kitchen where he serves cornbread, which is not as plump as Bubba Bo Peep's, but good nonetheless.

"How about a drink?" Beck asked. She motions her head to the huge rack of ginger ale.

"You don't want to drink that stuff," he replied.

"Why not?"

Blue does not say anything further. As Becky ate, Blue looks up to the ceiling as if he trails the creaks of footsteps. Then there is dull thud. It is now quiet.

"Go follow the path to the dark forest," he whispered. "I told Red to leave a bread crumb trail incase she ever gets lost."

"Thanks," said Becky as she finishes her last cornbread. She gets up and heads to the front door.

"Don't forget this," said Blue.

Blue tosses Becky her sheathed katana, the Shinseiki, and a flashlight. After catching it, Becky quickly runs out of the house and into the path of the dark forest. Becky turns on the flashlight and goes in following the breadcrumb trail.

Midway, Becky comes across a fork in the path. Before her is a fat brown pig munching on the breadcrumbs without giving notice to tall goth-chick standing before it.

"Oink," said the pig.

"Damn," said the Becky.

So Becky moves out of the pig's way and decides to drop to the ground and using her sense of smell, she inhales dust from the ground, and sneezes. That is when she realizes she doesn't have a super sense of smell.

What she does have however are good ears--four of them to be exact. Becky can pick up the sound of music--bad pop music--not far away. She immediately runs to the source and finds in the middle of a clearing a bar and a brewery that has the scent of ginger Ale. The bar and brewery's name is called "Greta's Ginger Ale House". Outside are parked various vehicles ranging from old Chevy and Ford trucks to Mercedes sedans and limousines. It also has an outdoor patio where the patrons could eat and drink under the skies, but tonight there is nobody outside. There are also outdoor speakers by the front entrance, and it is playing Hanson's latest song, "Mmm Bop".

Suddenly, she hears a repeat succession of plates, glassware, utensils, tables, chairs, and beer bottles crashing and breaking on the wooden floor. Anxious, Becky bursts into the bar to find that everything is order. There are no visible drunks or bar fights--just regular southerners and some northerners calmly enjoying themselves in drink, billiards, and spicy Buffalo wings--while listening to Hanson.

Becky hears a crash and looks to the barstool. She sees Red in a striped waitress apron bending over picking up the pile of shattered plates and glasses--by hand--and cutting herself in the process.

"That's the ninth set you've broken today!" yelled Lich the supervisor, who is a middle-aged brunette man with thinning hair.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Red apologized.

"At this rate, you'll be here for the entire week."

Becky marches towards Lich and stares straight into his eyes.

"Hey, don't yell at her like that," Becky said.

"Grandma!" Red greeted. Then she breaks another plate.

"Grandma?" said Lich. "You don't look that old."

"Why is Red doing this?" Becky asked.

"Because Violet Little requests us to make her work for the night. But ever since her daughter got here, she tripped and spilled ten barrels of out finest ginger ale, broke 20 bottles of our clients special wine, broke 99 bottles of beer, 100 plates, 75 glasses, destroyed the tap for the Budweiser fountain, ruined two tables and eight chairs, and rendered all of the jukebox CD's unplayable. All we have now is that crappy Hanson album!"

"Wow, she did this all in a couple of hours?"

"She just got here six minutes ago!"

"Oh. So how long does she have to stay?" Becky asked.

"About three days," replied Lich.

"Say, how about I volunteer my time in order to work off Red's debt to your establishment."

"Right now we can't accept any more employees."

Another crash! Red trips and breaks the legs of large table and thirty-two chairs. Lich looks at the disaster and thinks for a second.

"You know what," he said to Becky, "I'll hire you. Besides the work the boss wants you to do, you just have to keep your friend from breaking any more of our property."

"Okay!" said Becky.

"This way please."

"Red, don't do anything stupid."

"I won't Grandma!" said Red. She then trips and breaks a bottle of beer and five shot glasses.

Lich leads Becky through the door at the back of the bar, and through another door that is heavier than the first. Lich and Becky enter the part of the bar reserved for those with special pleasures.

Lich and Becky pass through a gallery of five masked male gimps above the floor by their hands. They scream through their mouth-gags at the new girl.

"Hey guys," Becky greeted to the gimps. "How's it hangin'?"

Angrily they scream at her more.

Past the gallery while following Lich, Becky goes down velvet-walled stalls where rich and not-so-rich clients engage in strip teases and lap dance sessions. But one that caught her eye is a rich middle-aged couple and younger man and young woman possibly their son and his wife, in a large private stall where they sat watching a leather-bound, blindfolded and gagged man and woman engaging in watersports on each other.

"This way," interrupts Lich.

Becky goes through the door and into a posh office occupied by a swank fifty-something southerner in a light blue suit sitting behind his expensive wooden desk smoking his thin cigar. To the side of him stands a regular thirty-something thug in a black suit and tie.

Lich leaves the office and shuts the door. Becky now stands face to face to the man known as boss.

"Sit young lady."

Becky sits on the guest chair.

"What is your name?" he asked.

"Rebecca Wolfe," she replied.

"As in Becky the Berserker?" said the man. "The Merciless Mercenary? The Assassin Saint?"


The boss looks at the sheathed sword Beck is holding on to. Then he pans up and sets his sights on the two wolf ears on her head.

"Whether or not you're the real thing, spreading rumors that the legendary Rebecca Wolfe might scare off my enemies for a while," he said.

"To whom am I working for?' Becky asked.

"Jeremy Wiss, the owner of Greta's Ginger Ale House."

"What's the job?"

"Oh, nothing special really," said Wiss. "All you have to do cut down some trees for firewood and guard my place during business hours."

"And we get to be released in one-and-a-half days?"

"If my associate Lich says so."

"Very well then."

Becky gets up and heads for the door.

"And one more thing," Wiss interrupted.


"Don't wander around the brewery too much. Lich gets irritable when outsiders gawk at the brewery process."


Becky is led back to the bar where she walks in at another accident during closing time. Red lays sprawled across the floor surrounded by broken plates and spirits.

"That's now two-and-a-half days for the both of you!" yelled Lich. "Starting tomorrow!"

"What?" gasped Becky.

"No complaining! We've lost over three-thousand dollars because of this girl!"

"I'm sorry," Red apologized.

"Oh, jeez." laments Becky.

On that night, Lich leads Becky and Red to the outlying tool shed where they are to sleep. Red, since she is so cute, is given a pink sleeping bag, whereas Becky, since she is so tough, is given a comforter sheet and a blanket.

Becky could not sleep. She looked over to Red who is sleeping on her side.

"Hey Red-chan," said Becky. "Are you awake?"

"Hm? What is it?" replied Red.

"I was just thinking that we might have to stay here for a while in order to avoid the heat despite that we have to work degrading jobs in a degrading place that hosts watersport parties. So I want you to watch out for yourself in front of Wiss and his men."

"Wiss likes to pee in mama's mouth."

"Errr, well put Red-chan."

Becky shivers.

"Damn it's cold."

"Do want to inside my sleeping bag?" Red asked. "I think there's room for two of us."


Becky leaps out of her blanket and comforter and digs herself into Red's sleeping bag. Their bodies are mashed together and they cannot move around.

"Grandma, why are being so nice to me?" Red asked.

"Well," started Becky, "I can sense that you're really a nice kid despite your tendencies to go gun-crazy. I also have a feeling that you're being manipulated by shady people. So I want to protect you."

"So you love me?"

"Actually, the real reason is because you're sooooo good in bed."

"You're so sweet Grandma," giggled Red.

"You really oughta stop calling me grandma. You're ruining the moment."

Despite that ruined moment, Becky and Red made out as best as they can inside the pink sleeping bag.

In the next morning before work, Becky did her routine of stretches and martial arts practices in front of the tool shed. At the end of her practice, she hears a loud crash coming from inside the shed.

"She's awake," she said.

The tool shed door opens. Red stumbles out with a bunch of garden tools behind her.

As Red prepared Greta's Ginger Ale House for opening, Becky's initial job is to cut down the forest before the front entrance. Using her Shinseiki, she unleashes a powerful wave (the secret technique Wolf's Nail Wave) that leveled a good number of trees.

Becky makes a startling discovery that the forest wasn't really much of a forest, and that the path she took last night circled around. She discovers that the Little's residence and the Ginger Ale House are about three stone throws away from each other.

"What the hell?" she exclaimed.

In the wake of the fallen trees is the fat brown pig Becky met a while back. It wakes from its sleep, looks at her, and says, "Oink."

"Stupid bitch!" yelled a familiar voice.

Rising from the fallen trees is the dirtied Violet Little.

"Crap, I missed," said Becky.

"You almost killed me you stupid lesbo!"

"We 'lesbians' prefer to be called tribades in respect for the people of the island of Lesbos..."


"Violet, is that you?" said Lich.

Becky turns around and sees Lich walking towards Violet.

"Oh, hey Lich," Violet greeted. "I was just checking up on little Red."

"Your dumb daughter wrecked 40,000 dollars worth of our drinks and equipment as of today," said Lich.

"What a dumb bitch."

"Of course, you still owe us for the numerous botched deals because of her."

"Are you suggesting that you should keep her?"

"Perhaps," Lich shrugs.

"Go ahead keep her," said Violet. "Use her as part of the brewery process for all I care."

"Excuse me," said Becky.

"What the hell are you still doing here?"

"This is Rebecca Wolfe," said Lich.

"You really shouldn't be talking about your daughter like that," said Becky.

"Red? She's not my daughter." Violet waves goodbye to Lich. "See you later Lich. Tell Jeremy hello and that I'll come back for a private session."

Violet walks back to her house.

"What do you mean Red's not her daughter?" Becky asks Lich.

"That's none of your business," replied Lich. "Now get dressed. We're about to open soon."

Suddenly, they hear a crash. Becky and Lich look over and see that somehow Red broke a window.

"That's five days now!" he yells.

Becky sighs. It's gonna be a long week, she thought.

In the next couple of days, Becky worked as a woodcutter, bouncer, and overall bodyguard while Red worked as a janitor/waitress. Everyday, people of all walks of life from different classes and different races arrive to dine and drink at the Ginger Ale House. Becky keeps a keen eye on Red, who is unknowingly receiving stares from dirty old men. At the same time Becky tries to concentrate on her work as the patrons' daughters, young girls, and dirty old women constantly hit on her. Occasionally, Becky would help out in the Watersport Lounge with cleaning and moving. She never goes down the Gimp Gallery without saying to the hanging gimps, "How's it hangin'?" Becky never gave any thought who the gagged male gimps were, whether they rotated shifts or if they hung there for quite a while.

Unfortunately, the debt to Lich and Wiss keeps on mounting up as Red keeps on breaking things and spilling ale and other alcoholic beverages. At this rate, they will be staying for a year.

The worst part of the job is that the Ginger Ale House is away from major radio stations. Because of that, they are forced to play Hanson from opening to closing time in the 400-CD jukebox. This irritated Becky so much that she almost wished the latest Britney Spears single was playing.

One night, Becky spots a well to do drunken New Yorker patting Red's butt. The pat threw Red off balance, causing her to tumble and drop the tray of drinks. Becky immediately grabbed the New Yorker and threw him out of the bar. Her throwing distance has been increasing ever since she started work. If she worked long enough, she might be able to chuck a man all the way to the Little residence.

"What did you just do?" Lich demanded. "That man is an important chairman from Beane-Stark Media Corporation!"

"He caused Red to fall," replied Becky.

"That's her problem, not his!"


Becky brushes past Lich and resumes her guard duty.

There are days when a crazy old man named Green Soybean burst into the Ginger Ale House screaming, "Don't drink the ale!"

"Why?" a patron would ask.

"'Cause they're made out of people I tell you! People!"

"This again," groaned Becky.

Thus, she is forced to chuck him high into the air and out of the bar.

Sometimes, Green's loud accusations would start off from "Don't eat the fried chicken!" or "Don't drink the water!", and they will always end with "'Cause they're made of people!" The latest incident involving Green was that he accused the Ginger Ale House that the peppermints were made out of people. Becky wouldn't be surprised if peppermints were made of people. She also wondered why Green hasn't been put into an insane asylum.

Everyday, Lich warns Red and Becky not to enter the brewery. Curious, Becky inquires the gagged male gimps at the Gimp Gallery, but to no avail.

"Really?" said Becky. "You don't say?"

"Hey Becky!" Lich yelled.

Becky turns to Lich's direction.

"Quit talking to the gimps and help me move these barrels!"

"What barrels?"

Lich points to a line of barrels against the wall of a narrow hall that Beck did not notice from before. At the end of a narrow hall is a non-descript door.

"What's behind that door?" Becky asked.

"Get moving!"

"All right, all right."

So Becky transferred barrels of ginger ale to the storage cellar at the other side of the Gimp Gallery. After the fifth barrel, she looks and sees that the coast is clear. She sprints down the narrow way bursts through the non-descript door. She finally discovers the infamous brewery.

A guard standing nearby notices Becky gawking at the distillers.

"Hey!" he yells. "What are you doing here?"

Becky punches the guard out and goes on a personal tour.

"There's nothing illegal about this operation," she said to herself.

Then she discovers up on that catwalks gagged men and women in bondage gear peeing on troughs that ran down into the distillers.

"You've got to be kidding me," she exclaims to herself. "This is what Wiss and Lich are hiding?"

The wolf ears on Becky's head twitch. A bullet strikes a distiller next to her. Becky turns and sees Lich and two other thugs with their pistols aimed at her.

"I thought I told you to stay out of the brewery!" screams Lich.

Becky runs and avoids more gunshots through the maze of distillers and barrels of tainted ginger ale.

"Shit, I left my sword at the tool shed!" she said.

She finds an exit door, runs out of the brewery and goes into the tool shed. Lich and his two guards surround the tool shed.

"Get out of there, woman!" he yells.

"Fuck you!" Becky yells back. She quickly unsheathes the Shinseiki and stands beside the door.

"I'm giving you the count of one to get out!"

Before Lich could form the "O" in one, Becky bursts out of the she and quickly slices down and kills the two guards and Lich.

With a bloodied katana, Becky runs around and towards the front of the Ginger Ale house while ignoring the stares of the patrons dining outside. She enters in the middle of the ramblings of Green Soybean, who is harassing a tanned blonde couple from California.

"I'm telling you that latex condoms are made out of people!" he cried. "People!"

"Will you shut up!" yells Becky. She then grabs him by the collar and throws him out of the bar.

She hears a crash. Becky looks over and sees that Red has once again tripped and broke ten bottles of beer on the floor.

"That's the tenth time today!" yelled the bartender.

Becky walks over, punches the bartender unconscious, and helps Red back to her feet.

"We've got to get out of here," said Becky.

"But I have to clean up this mess," said Red as she picks up the pieces of the broken bottles.

An angry Wiss and a group of armed guards storms the bar and dining area. The scared patrons jump from their chairs and run out of the Ginger Ale House.

"Kill them!" Wiss orders.

They shoot. Becky ducks under the table while Red stands in the middle of the gunfire picking up the beer bottles off the table. One of the bullets shatters the bottle, but miraculously, Red has not been shot yet.

"Waaaah!" she cried. "I broke another bottle of beer!"

Becky pulls Red down as more bullets fly to their direction.

"Real smart, Becky," Becky said to herself. "You just had to choose the sword to defend yourself."

"Grandma?" said Red.

"Stay down. I'll get us out of this."

Becky leaps from under the table and takes out two armed guards in one swipe. She then commences to slice up more guards until one of them blasts her with a shotgun. Becky avoids the full force of the shells, but falls from a stray bullet.



Red sees the two pistols on the floor picks them both up. She rises slowly from hiding and faces her assailants with a menacing glare.

"No one..." she said, "no one hurts my Grandma!"

At that moment, the Hanson album in the 400-CD jukebox swells at its loudest volume in the main melody of "Mmm Bop."

Red takes down eights guards with the remaining eight bullets left in the handguns. She turns and spots a guard ready to blast with a shotgun. Red quickly throws one of her pistols like a boomerang and hits the guard with the shotgun. She quickly runs towards him, whacks her with her remaining pistol, snatches the shotgun off his hands, and blasts him point-blank in the head.

Becky is amazed by this sudden display of skill coming from Red, which now justifies that T-Shirt she is wearing right now--I'm an Angel--I kill mean people!

"You're good," commented Becky.

"What the hell is wrong with you fools?" barks Wiss. "They're just two girls!"

The remaining guards aim their guns at Red. Red quickly shoots every one of them dead with her shotgun and other guns she acquires from the ground.

Becky sees a frantic Wiss escaping into the kitchen. She gets up and runs after him. Inside the kitchen, Becky sees that Wiss is hiding somewhere.

Wiss leaps in brandishing a cleaver against Becky. Becky blocks the attack with her Shinseiki, and proceeds to lob his hand holding the cleaver off in one stroke. Writhing in pain, Wiss backs away into the ovens while clutching his bloodied wrist-stump.

"I have a rule that I only kill people that pose a definite threat to my life," said Becky as she walks towards the wounded Wiss. "So tell me, are you one of those people?"

"Fuck you bitch!" exclaims Wiss.

"Wrong answer."

Becky executes him in one stroke of her sword.

She returns to the bar and dining area to see Red scratching her head with a pistol at the corpses of Wiss's men lying about.

"Are you okay?" Becky asked her.

"What just happened?" Red asked back.

"You've wasted about twenty men without wasting a bullet."

"I did?"

"Don't you remember?"

"Not really."

Becky sighs. "Come on then."

Becky and Red step outside of Greta's Ginger Ale House. All the cars, trucks, and limousines that were parked out in the front of the establishment are now gone. All that is left are swirls of tire marks.

"Shit! The no-tip bastards didn't leave us a car!" exclaims Becky.

"We can use the car papa has," suggested Red.

"It better not be pumpkin-orange--or at least not a Volkswagen!"

So Becky and Red hop and skip over the tree stumps that lay between the Ginger Ale House and the Little residence. Becky breaks open the front door of the Little's house and Violet stands before them with a familiar double-barreled shotgun aimed at Becky's head.

"Don't you move you fucking lesbo!" says Violet.

A gunshot. Violet's eyes roll back as she drops to the floor bleeding from the chest. Becky and Red look over to see Blue holding a pistol he had just fired.

"Take what you need and get out of here," he said. Blue tosses to Becky the keys to his car.

"Thanks man," said Becky. "I'd like to repay you, but..."

"You have to hurry. The police and the FBI will be over here in any minute."

"All right."

Becky heads straight to the kitchen and raids the cabinets and refrigerator of its cornbread and alcohol.

"Wait a minute, Red dear," said Blue.

Red turns and sees Blue handing her a polished wooden shoebox.

"What is this papa?" she asked innocently.

"I'm not your real papa," said Blue. "But when you find the other half of this, you'll know why you were sent here."


"Reff-chan!" yelled Becky, who has a cornbread in her mouth. She steps out of the kitchen holding the Shinseiki, two six-packs of beer, a bottle of whiskey, and bag of cornbread under her arms.

"Weef got to get the hell out of here!"

"Go," said Blue.

"I won't forget you papa," said Red.

Red follows Becky into the garage while waving goodbye to her foster father.

The garage doors burst open as Becky and Red drive away in a vintage Mustang painted in pumpkin orange. Red looks back as the Little's residence and farm fade away as the car merges back onto Highway 75.

"Papa," said Red.

"You know that he's not your father," said Becky as she kept her eyes on the road. "You're not that dense."

"I know."

Red relaxes onto her seat and takes a quick peek in the wooden shoebox Blue gave her. Inside surrounded by red silt padding is a glass slipper. She immediately closes it when Becky glances over.

"So where will we go now, Grandma?" Red suddenly asked.

"Nashville," replied Becky.

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