Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 28)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 28

Title: Ginger Gets Bored

[Author's notes: Psychedelic Orgy Mode!  The Return of Endnotes!]

Mother Güse Must Die
Chapter 23 - Ginger Gets Bored
by StarCross

After a harrowing journey in Tokyo regarding a well known school that had burned down--Ohtori Academy--by the way, Becky, Mira, Ginger, and HLS had finally settled in a quaint Japanese-style house out in rural Japan. Mount Fuji was in full view, and today was not the day for it to open up to launch secret airships and giant robots.

There were in the sitting area, with shoes off and kneeling on the tatami mats. Across from them was Hazuki Azuma, also known as The Dark Mistress, in her traditional blue miko or priestess uniform. Her wife, Lillis Azuma, was not without her gigantic at today. She was fawning over her and was essentially groping her every few minutes. There was a birdcage containing an annoying fat parakeet that HLS stared at.

The Tsukiseiki, still sheathed, was between them.

"Good job," said Azuma.

"Good job?" asked Becky. "I had to suffer a kooky dramacon school, an upside-down Disneyland castle that made me dizzy and puke, and some weird Zakura-style chanting played from a boombox!"

"I don't find that bad," said Lillis.

"So now we begin the training," said Azuma. "The first thing we do is perform a twenty-four hour meditation."

"I have no time!" Becky cried.

"The First Rule Rebecca! The First Rule!"

Becky sat back down and calmed herself.

"Anger alone won't help you defeat Güse and save your precious Red Little. If you follow your own philosophy and my training, you can ascend to the Z-Class Tall, Dark, and Bishoujo."

The sliding front door slide open, and in came a pretty and short blond schoolgirl with a large forehead and red eyes.

"That is my daughter, Hatsumi," said Azuma. "Hatsumi, you remember Rebecca, right? She's brought along three of her friends, Mira Rama, Ginger Baker, and HLS."

Azuma had spoken to her in sign language, and Hatsumi welcomed her mother's guests in kind.

"She's deaf?" Ginger asked.

"She's mute," Becky corrected.

To test that theory, Ginger stood up to kick Hatsumi's shin very hard. Hatsumi screamed her tearful loudest.

"She ain't mute anymore," said Ginger.

"I meant she took a vow of silence!" cried Becky. "So she could learn sign-language!"

"Rebecca!" growled Azuma.

Azuma pulled Becky over her thighs, pulled down her pants and panties, and began spanking her repeatedly. Such a sight made Ginger laugh and roll on the floor, and she inadvertently knocked down the birdcage towards HLS.

As it turned out, the fat parakeet, named Ken-chan, could actually talk in a kansai dialect, but everyone took it as an elaborate trick. He stared up at HLS for a while, until he said:


And then there was a sharp chomping sound.

Mira helped comfort Hatsumi, while Lillis glomped on Hazuki yet again. Becky was now back on her feet, rubbing her butt, and Ginger pointed and laughed at her.

"Looks like the tables have turned on you Sis!" Ginger yelled. "You look so fucking silly getting your fat ass spanked!"

Ginger didn't have to say "fat ass" just to get her ass spanked. The act of Becky's ass getting spanked by Azuma was enough to make her spank Ginger just as always.

Of course, this was not the first time Becky got spanked by Azuma.

And so, the training began, but a few ritual moments had to be done in order for Becky to properly wield the Tsukiseiki. Unfortunately, it was suffering serious setbacks, mainly due to Ginger's boredom.

Since Ginger loved to see Becky get spanked, she did everything she could that would get Azuma pissed. She tried to harming Lillis, but apparently Azuma did not care for her ditsy wife. But harming or even staring at Hatsumi in the wrong way often got Becky spanked. Thus, Hatsumi became Ginger's slapping bag.

Ginger, as she ventured out of the fields, stumbled into a Smurf-like village populated by palm-sized blonde midget girls wearing various costumes. One of them in particular was dressed in a Muslim-like robe that had a big eyeball on the top and a tether with scythe-hook attached to the end. That thing, who called itself Kogechibi, had a penchant of lighting fireworks, creating missiles out of ballpoint pens, and using the flamethrower to burn down the actual village of the Smurfs hundreds of years ago through time travel. Ginger thought it was cute for a minute, until she got bored and stomped the miniature village and terrorizing the little girls like Gargamel.

That act earned Becky another spanking from Azuma, and the reason being was that those blonde midget girl thingies were "fragments" of her wife and daughter, and they exist as familiars and as a lock to their true powers, whatever that may be.

Another incident that earned Becky a spanking was when Ginger snuck through Azuma's bedroom to find that enormous eyeball hat that Lillis always seemed to wear. Ginger had put it on and vanished. That would have been a relief until Ginger returned days later in the middle of dinner, and met up with the others after putting the hat away. Mira leapt to embrace her, but Ginger kicked her away before she could.

"Oh, man," said Ginger. "What a ride."

"Where did you go?" asked Mira.

"Who asked you traitor? As I was saying, I put on Lillis's hat and ended up in this weird place called the Great Library. There were all these books that led to these alternate parallel universes, kind of like that game Myst[i], and this really gay guy with long gray hair and brown skin who dresses in various women's clothing. I left him with that nine-tailed fox lady to get him raped and stuff. Afterwards I killed all my multiverse counterparts I could think of in a test to see if I would gain more power like that one Jet Li movie. Then after making hell in all of the books, I got bored and burned down the entire library."

Lillis and Azuma slammed their hands on the table as the gasped with gaping mouths.

"I didn't burn all of the books!" Ginger exclaimed. "I snagged a good number, such as the entire Angel of Depression saga, Heaven Crash, Eve Sky, that crappy fanfiction Thief Messiah Carmen Sandiego, and Mother Güse Must Die. Basically, every book that one gal or guy written."

Lillis and Azuma sat back down on the pillows, wiping the sweat off their brow and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, as long as Mother Güse Must Die is preserved," said Azuma, "then we can recreate all the others bit by bit."

"Although each iteration will be demented and have bad writing," said Lillis.

"It's better than nothing. Wait a minute, that's not good at all! Rebecca!"

"Wait, it's not my fault!" Becky cried. "Sensei!"

Too late once more. Becky was thrown atop of Azuma's legs and was spanked. Once more, Ginger pointed and laughed, until Becky was well enough to spank her.

"That didn't happen in the book!" Ginger yelled. "This thing is useless!"

Ginger crawled to the pile of book-universes she snagged. She grabbed the thick volume Mother Güse Must Die and attempted to rip apart at the seams. The rest of the females panicked and tackled Ginger in their attempt to prevent her from destroying their universe and all known metaverses. Considering Ginger, she would have done it anyway if she was pissed or wanted to see interesting things happening.

Eventually, Ginger stopped pissing off Azuma, because after she spanked Becky, Becky would immediately spank Ginger. Since there was too much distractions (such as Becky and Azuma masturbating about their loved ones), the two TDB's headed up the mountain to a secluded shrine to perform their medications and training. They would have done so anyway since the destructive potential of their swords could essentially put holes on mountains if they wanted to.

Even after going to the nearby town to swindle the inhabitants of all their money, land, and at least one kidney from each person, Ginger became bored again. Not wanting to put up with Mira, Ginger went out with Hatsumi to use her as a substitute Red Little to the city in order to cause mayhem and destruction. It wasn't the same as Hatsumi possessed no abilities other than being a mute, speaking in Japanese sign language, looking cute, being a general ditz like her mother, and getting hit on boys. Ginger spent more time driving off the boys, for Azuma gave a stern warning--which was actually a death threat--that Hatsumi should not be soiled in any way. Ginger gave up on hanging out with Hatsumi and just stayed home scamming people at the Internet.

Then one day when Ginger was hanging out in her guest room:

"You can always hang out with Lillis," said Mira.

"Shut up traitor!" Ginger yelled. "Leave me alone! I don't want to speak to you!"

"Sorry. I'll be off."

Seconds later though, Ginger said, "Hey, wait. Come back."

"Do you need something?"

The scene was intensely arousing to Mira, because Ginger was dressed in nothing but a t-shirt and panties. Ginger spun on her back to then sit up and face Mira.

"Do you want to hang out with me?" Ginger asked.

"Huh, what?"

"Are you deaf girl?"

"I mean, sure! I would love to!"

Ginger then leapt to her feet. "Get dressed girl. We're going back to Tokyo."

They took a bus in which midway they forced all the occupants out to waddle in a wet rice field. Then Ginger crashed the bus through a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant and left in the middle of the Meiji Shrine. Mira used her mood-altering chemicals to drive away the police, bystanders, and the Self-Defense Force.

After eating breakfast from a vending machine, Ginger and Mira, both dressed in chic designer clothing, blended about in the busy metropolitan streets of Shibuya. Both of them were fluent in Japanese though they possessed a wavering accent. For Mira, it was due to her being a globe-trotting assassin known as the Poison Princess. For Ginger, she had to learn Japanese so she could watch anime that had not been released in the United States, particularly hentai. Plus, it was so she could scam the dozens of companies and individuals from their savings. She knew well that the country had immense savings that could pay off the U.S.'s deficit in one fell swoop.

"So what are we doing?" Mira asked. "Robbing a bank? Disrupting a shareholders' meeting? Illegal pimping? Drug dealing?"

"Been there, done that," said Ginger. "There's no fun in causing that boring kind of havoc. What I am after is the individual's cringing face and uncomfortable stare."

"Pissing people off?"

"Exactly! That is why we're going to play 'Your Moms are Lesbians' game'!"

"You mean, 'Your Mothers are Tribades' game."

"Screw the technicalities! Ah, here comes those two highschool boys who look pretty gay I might add."

"How does the game go?"

"Watch and learn Poison Girl."

"That's Poison Princess."


Ginger trotted up to the boys, who in fact looked gay--at least for each other. They were unbelievably handsome young men with short hair and pitch-black uniforms. One was tall, manly, and a basketball, and his friend were shorter and looked girlish.

"Your moms are lesbians!" Ginger yelled to them.

The two boys blinked, and then they looked at each other. Then they looked back at their stranger.

"How did you know?" asked the taller boy, named Fuuma.

"Was it just a lucky guess?" said the girly boy, Kamui[ii].

Her jaw dropped. She was utterly floored that she was right on the mark with two random people in Japan whose moms--both of them--happened to be gay. She then backed off, almost blushing in embarrassment, and selected another set of victims. This time, she settled for a pair of young and innocent schoolgirls, who by the way happened to be victims of shoujo-ai fanfiction or loli rape doujinshi.

"Hey, you two!" Ginger yelled at them.

They turned around. One girl had long dark hair and carried a digital camcorder, and the other had short hair and wore a key-like locket around her neck.

"Can we help you?" said the pretty camcorder girl.

"Certainly!" Ginger replied. "Your moms are lesbians!"

The two girls blinked.

"I sure wish we were," sighed Tomoyo, the camcorder girl.

"Eh?" said Sakura, the girl with the key-locket. "What are you talking about?"

"But you have to admit, my mother and your mom sure did love each other."

Sakura nodded. "My dad and brother said that they were kissing cousins."[iii]

Ginger groaned, and she went off to her next set of victims. This time, was an adolescent tuexdo-wearing boy and his girlfriend of the same age.

"Your moms are lesbians!" Ginger yelled.

"Well, hers used to be," said Akira Ijuin, the "Man" of Twenty Faces, thief extraordinaire. "As for mine, I'm not sure. My father's not around, and for some reason I have two identical twin mothers who love hanging out with each other. I guess they are--"[iv]

Ginger whacked him with her crooked Gingerbat, which she had recently had gotten gold-plated. The boy's girlfriend screamed, then she whacked her with the Gingerbat. With them unconscious, Ginger kicked them once and twice, and then stole all their money.

She could not believe what was happening. Every person, group, and pair she went to had all stated that they had lesbian, er, tribade mothers, and many of them she whacked unconscious with her Gingerbat in order to steal their money and personal electronic devices. She had already amassed a black trashbag full of swag until Mira got tired from carrying all them.

"Quit slowing down!" Ginger ordered. "We still got over a billion of Japs to whack!"

"What ever happened to the 'Your Mothers are Lesbians' game?"

"I quit! It seems like everybody's mom is a lesbian here!"

"Or at least was or bisexual."

"Bisexuals don't exist in my dictionary! There is no in-between! Anyway, I'm going to play 'Your Fathers are Gay' game. Surely there would be a lot less gay fathers in Japan--or at least Tokyo."

Ginger went up an uptight Japanese businessman, and yelled to him, "Your dad is gay!"

"As a matter of fact," began the man with smiled.

Ginger whacked him before he could finish, and then stole all his money, and his laptop computer containing secret company information for the new Playstation 2 game console.

"Everybody's secretly gay in Japan!" Ginger yelled.

"That could explain the rapid decrease in population," Mira noted.

"That's it. I'm bored. Let's go watch a movie."

"What do we do with this stuff?"

"Toss over the walkway."


Mira complied. The black trashbags of swag and money soon caused a pile-up at the streets.

With the camcorder that she stole from Tomoyo, the little girl who wished her friend was a lesbian (tribade), Ginger went with Mira to see a screening of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace dubbed in Japanese. Not only she attracted suspicion by using the stolen camera to record the film (she used a tripod in plain view), Ginger laughed hilariously at the voice actors' performances and she threw popcorn and candy at every person she could think of. Patrons left giving complaints to the ushers of a rowdy U.S.-ian girl, and after Ginger told the ushers off, the police finally came.

Ginger then put on her filter mask and goggles.

"Do your thing Mira," Ginger commanded.

"It shall be done!" Mira yelled.

She threw five breakable glass vials into the floor, which created a steaming smoke of not-quite deadly toxins. The smoke and pandemonium elicited memories of the 1995 Sarin gas attacks at the Tokyo subways, but fortunately the symptoms were not fatal, although utterly annoying. Those who inhaled the smoke suffered stomach cramps, headaches, herpes breakouts, and diarrhea, which would then cause an overload of the toilet and sewer systems, thereby causing the slumps of the Japanese economy caused by an overpurchase of air fresheners and perfumes.

As for the criminals, Mira and Ginger, successfully evaded the police and ran hand-in-hand whilst giggling through narrow alleyways and through the various shops. They were now in the pink-light district, a place between the red-light and the "normal" city. In the back alleyway, they took a short rest to catch their breath.

They didn't know why they were laughing like this as if it was a date. Ginger had always derived pleasure in watching people suffer in silly ways, but she hardly laughed. Mira had always done chores like this without question, especially for Ginger. She had always loved being with Ginger at every opportunity, but this moment seemed much more special.

The two stared each other and smiled. Then suddenly, Ginger kissed Mira, and then separated.

Mira was speechless and frozen. Her fingers brushed her lips, as if she had received a pleasurable poison before her death. It was possible that Ginger did put on poison lipstick, but of course that would never work on Mira.

"Come on Mira!" Ginger yelled.

But instead, Mira fainted in ecstasy.

"Hey. Wake up."


Mira opened her eyes, and saw Ginger. And to her anger, she also saw many women latching on to her.

"Where are we?" Mira growled.

"As they call it here, a 'rezu' bar!"

Ginger did even see it, but she heard it. Mira had fired accurately in one uninterrupted succession tranquilizer darts to everyone in the lesbian, I mean, tribade bar, including the bar tenders.

The habit was for Ginger was that for every unconscious body there was money. So in no time, Ginger patted their butts for wallets and searched every purse for money, credit cards, checks, and personal electronics. It dismayed Mira to see her beloved patting women's butts, that she was forced to take action.

"Out of the way," Ginger said.

"No!" Mira yelled. "You don't know where those women's butts have been!"

"In other women's butts?"

"I won't allow it!"

Ginger kissed Mira on the lips again, and the Pakistani assassin fainted once more.

"Wake up. For the second time no less."

Mira finally woke up. She was in a room, a hotel room perhaps, laying on top of a bed. She felt her body and discovered that all of her clothes (except for her underwear) had been taken off. She was now in a bathrobe, the fact of which made her blush on the suggestion that Ginger had undressed her with her own hands. When Ginger emerged from the bathroom, she too was in a bathrobe that was cut low to expose her sexy legs and imply her nudity. Mira, like always, blushed and wet her pants.

"Do you always do that?" Ginger asked.

"It's what makes my cooking special," replied Mira.

"Jeez, we already know that. Why else we have kept you in our team?"

"Um.... where are we?"

"Just your plain ol' love hotel for couples to have their one-night stands, cheat on their spouses, or for focused college students to study alone."

"Thank Allah."

"By the way. Today is lesbian night, and every room is booked with all-girl orgies."

This time, Mira pulled out her tranquilizer rifle, and through every room putting to sleep every female and hotel worker. Again, Ginger searched through their pants, panties, and purses for credit cards, cash, and electronic devices. Using the digital cameras she had pilfered, she took pictures of the lesbians (tribades damn it!) in compromising positions--and that was after Ginger set them up in kinky and compromising positions.

"Jeez, Mira," said Ginger as she set up a oral sex daisy change between four women as if she was an artist. "Why do you have to put them all to sleep? We need room service you know."

"I didn't want any of them to touch you," said Mira. "But I don't want to see you touching them!"

"I see," said Ginger as she groped the unconscious women in plain sight. "You're silly Mira!"

Mira was heartstruck. Wait, was that a compliment she had just said? The smile on Ginger's face was bright and warm, and did not possess any sign of greed and malice. Yet faces was deceptive, and Mira had only convinced herself, as usual, that whenever Ginger smiled at her she interpreted it as a sign of favor.

"I suppose we're going to have to go to new love hotel with service," said Ginger. "There'd probably be guys there wanting to rape us and draw us in tentacle doujinshi. Of course, we could always kill them off just like we always do, but we'd leave the women alone for Sis to hump. Then again, you'd go nuts and put them to sleep."

"I won't do that anymore," Mira cried. "I swear!"

"I don't believe you."


"You're not going to faint every time I kiss you, are you?"


Ginger ran up and kissed Mira the third time.

"Looks like you've learned your lesson," smiled Ginger. "Now order me up some grub!"

"I'll cook for you!" Mira exclaimed.

"Yeah, you do that."

There was a kitchen at the ground level, and Goddess only knows what they use it for in a love hotel. With the ingredients that were available, Mira cooked up a humble Japanese feast while masturbating with one hand. Like Japanese waitress, Mira brought up to the topmost suite and set it down at the dining area for Ginger to sample.

"As usual, this tastes like pussy," Ginger said. "Good job as usual."

Then Mira joined her in the meal.

"I didn't get a chance to apologize," Mira said.

"For being a traitor?"

"Not that. The fact that I confessed my love to you. It must have been a big shock."

"A big shock? I was wondering when you'd confess."

"You mean... you already knew?"

"Since the first time we met. And after that, your love for me was becoming obviouser and obviouser."

"Then why didn't you say anything about it?"

Ginger chuckled. "Because I love watching you spaz out when I get close to a girl!"

Mira drooped her head down and sighed. "I knew it. It's your way of making me suffer in a silly way."

"And also... I kind of liked it."

Mira looked up.

"It made me feel really special," Ginger continued. "To be loved by someone despite by utter villainy and kleptomania."

"Becky and Red love you in their own way. And you seem to like Red a lot."

"Ah, no, Red and I are partners in crime, although I wouldn't mind doing her after all the homebrew porn I edited for you guys."

Mira quaked in jealousy.

"Why are you getting angry for?" Ginger asked. "You had numerous orgies with Red and Sis. You worried about me losing my virginity to Red?"

"You're a virgin?" grinned Mira.

"Hey, don't go into rape mode yet. Only I get to do that."


"Funny that with the smut I have witnessed before my eyes, I didn't get horny about it until met you. That took a backseat when you up and betrayed us, but then again I already knew you worked for Güse. I just didn't want to believe it. Or rather, I had hoped you betray Güse first.

"What you did broke my heart Mira, and I will never forgive you for that. That is why I treated you badly after you rejoined our group, which is my way of punishing you. But if you know me, I'll probably just forget about all that crap. You'll forget too, won't you?"

"If you want me too."

"Now that's what I really like about you. Always willing to do everything what I say."

"I'll even die for you!"

"Hey, don't go that far! I need you and the others at meat shields! I have a rule like Sis's that people must be kept alive as much as needed in order to profit from and to make them suffer more. I gotta ring you dry before I'm done, and I know that'll take a while since you're very useful in my bid to take over the world and rule over reality."

"Whatever you say!"

"Good! Now that you've been officially reinstated in Team Ginger, we must act quick in order to stop Darryl Güse from taking over the world--my world! First, we must have a hot nekkid shower together."


"You're saying 'eh'? Strip naked Mira-girl! And hurry up!"

It felt strange, or perhaps unique for a naked and wet Mira to be so close to a naked and wet Ginger. There were a good number of instances of the two of them being in the same situation during their hot springs excursions, inside a sauna, a Jacuzzi dipping, and in a nudist colony. It was obviously not the first time Mira had saw Ginger naked--aside from the Gingerbrat's scat-actions to get Becky pissed. Mira, with a guilty heart, had taken numerous peeks of Ginger undressing and showering, and had even used Ginger's own security cameras against her. Now, Mira didn't possess special computer hacking skills that would cover her tracks. Just the basics to be exact. No one had ever escaped Ginger's back-hacking, and anyone who did would have goddess-like hacking skills.

"You sure do like stealing perverted glances at me," smiled Ginger.

"This shower's is obviously designed for close body contact between two people," said Mira.

"Then why are you shy girl? I saw you naked as much as you saw me. Turn around and bare it all!"


Ginger spun Mira and the two were staring at each other's eyes. They were so close that soap ran from their breasts onto the other.

"I didn't realize it," said Mira. "We're the same height."

"Yeah, so?"

"And the same breast sizes."

Mira backed away and took a peek at Ginger's groin.

"Your vulva is out like mine," said Mira. "It's perfect."

"Perfect for what? Sex?"

"The Perfect Trib to be exact."

"The Perfect Trib?"

Mira nodded. "There was once a grand temple in India that dedicated to the twin yet fraternal tribade Goddesses who represent the dual cosmologies of the universe. On the walls as it is written for the Kama Sutra for Tribades equivalent are very erotic depictions of female-to-female lovemaking ranging from the basic of oral sex and fingering to the orgy of a thousand, which was said to posses the power control time. That, however, does not compare to the legend of the Perfect Trib, which represents the ultimate of lovemaking amongst intelligent species and the Goddesses themselves. The description is sparse, but it is said that one can see beyond time and experience the Perfect Warmth, the Point Between Pleasure and Pain, and the Moment Known as Forever. The only known couple who experienced the Perfect Trib was the Goddesses, which resulted in the creation of this universe and all known realities. All other lesser goddesses and women, and even a few foolish men, attempted the Perfect Trib in vain. They say that each partner must be equal in body and possess protruding vulvas. Others say that you have to be the Bijin-Moé pair."


"Sorry, I made that up."

"No you didn't."

"That's just an Internet legend."

"Legends have a basis in reality, right? I found copies of the Tribade Kama Sutra on the 'net, which were copied from ancient copies in various government archives. I already know because when we raided the warehouse in Washington D.C., I pilfered it and put in a safe deposit box."

"I didn't see you do that!"

"Never underestimate the sleight-of-hand of the Great Gingerbread Grrl!"

"Then why didn't you tell me if you knew?"

"I wanted to mess with you make you spaz out."

"Oh, why must you toy with me like this?"

"Because you like it, and you know it!"

Ginger squeezed Mira's already erect nipples, causing her to moan and tremble until she slumped onto her love of her life.

"Don't faint in the shower," said Ginger.

"I'm still awake," said Mira. "I'm just overwhelmed."

"You can sleep that off when we sleep on the vibrating bed."

Of course, Ginger hacked the bed so that it would run in Psychedelic Orgy Mode until it broke down. Immediately after they threw up into buckets and them dumped the contents on a poor newspaper boy. They didn't get to sleep until five in the morning. They had only one hour of sleep until the Tokyo police burst into the building and into the room.

They were anticipating this, for they waited professionally and fully dressed on the bed with a coffee cup in their left hands and scandalous photos of the politicians' wives sleeping with each other in the very hotel they were in. Ginger and Mira were escorted out respectively and got into a paid taxi that drove back towards Azuma's house, but before they arrived, they drugged the driver, took his money, pushed him into the wet rice field, and then crashed the statue in a rural Buddhist shrine. For the rest of the morning, the two girls slept it off in the guest rooms together.

They had their late lunch with Lillis and Hatsumi, and idled their time reading Starcross's fiction, watching satellite television, and having video game tournaments on the Sega Dreamcast game system until dinner. It was no fun for Ginger to mess with Lillis's hat or hurting Hatsumi. Like a kitten though she was snuggling close to Mira and planted kisses on her lips at random.

"I think," said Ginger, "that I want to perform the Perfect Trib with you."

Mira immediately pounced Ginger onto the tatami floor.

"Not now," said Ginger. "The dumb lookalike blondes are right inside the next room."

"But it would be hot," said Mira.

"It's not that. They could watch or shoot video for all I care. I just don't want them to be bathed in the glowing green light of our Perfect Trib."

"Are you sure it does that?"

"Don't want to take any chances."

"I suppose we'll have each other to ourselves."

The perfect time to perform the Perfect Trib would be at the weekend, where Lillis and her sign-language-learning daughter had gone out shopping at Tokyo, and Ginger and Mira had convinced them to bring along HLS, for the female Doberman would be useful at hard biting the crotches of any man who wished to get into Hatsumi's panties (much to Azuma's approval and delight).

Ginger and Mira were alone spending a quiet blissful afternoon with each other, and talked about their deeds, or rather misdeeds in the underworld, and reminisced about their log cabin and their Åber-progressive and modernized general store back in Tennessee in the United States. Though the subject of Red Little was brought up a few times, Ginger didn't snap back at Mira for betraying them. She missed her just as much as the others.

They received a call from Lillis that there would be a delay in getting back home, for HLS had managed to bloodily bit into the crotches of almost over a hundred horny high school boys hitting on Hatsumi. Mira then made dinner in the same way as usual--masturbating while cooking. Ginger remarked that it tasted unusually sweeter, even though there was no significant increase of Mira's ejaculate landing on the pots and pans.

On that night they took a bath together. Afterwards, they retreated to their room and moved all of the furniture so that when they thrashed around on the floor when they performed the Perfect Trib.

Both were wearing matching robes loosely. Mira had exited the room to fix herself up, but in reality she had done so in order to set up the mood so that she would walk right in and seduce the innocent-looking Ginger, who sat on the tatami floor trembling.

Mira finally walked in, and Ginger quietly yelped as her dear friend sat next to her.

"Are you ready?" Mira asked.

Ginger nodded nervously. She allowed Mira to lay her down and received her kiss. Ginger's body was shaking uncomfortably, and she was even crying.

"You are okay with this, are you?"

"Sure I am!" Ginger cried. "Get on with it!"

Mira kissed her again, but the shaking would not stop.

"I don't think you're ready," said Mira as she got off the love of her life.

"Don't get off me!" Ginger cried. "Come back!"

"You're afraid."

"I'm not!"

"You are."

Ginger looked down to the floor. "This time, I'll admit this flaw. However, I'm not afraid because I'll lose my virginity. I am afraid because I just realized... that I am in love with you. You must think I'm a terrible bitch."

"Even if you are villainous, I do not think so. You'll always be a wonderful person in my heart."

"But the Perfect Trib, Mira. I need that power!"

"That can wait. I'm just very happy that you confessed your feelings for me."

Mira went into the kitchen to grab a can of beer to drink. She sat down at the dinner table and drank, knowing well that as Muslim she shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Then again, alcohol and regular poisons have no effect on her due to her natural disposition as the Poison Princess. Then again, her actions as an assassin already made her very un-Muslim, and no denomination or sect would welcome her. Even the extreme ones would turn her away due to her reputation, and the fact she was a woman--not to mention a tribade.

Ginger came into the dining area in a near-daze.

"You need something?" Mira asked. "I can prepare tea for you."

Ginger threw herself into Mira's body and kissed her. They kissed furiously almost to suffocation. The two were now on the floor with robes fully open and fondling each other's breasts. They stopped for a moment so they could stare at each other's eyes, and then Ginger stroked Mira's cheek and ran her fingers through her softened black and curly hair.

"Screw the Perfect Trib," moaned Ginger. "Let's make love."

"My thoughts exactly," said Mira.

The house was now all to themselves, and made no qualms about accidentally breaking any objects, although Ginger made and effort everything that could be shattered and that Mira was too aroused to care. They could moan and they could scream, because there was no one for many hundreds of meters.

The first act they must perform, besides hardening their nipples--which already was, was to make themselves wet. Mira had already been wet before all this had happened, so half the job was done. Ginger was fully naked on the table with her legs spread so that Mira could comfortably lick the vaginal lining and tickle the clitoris with her tongue.

Soon Ginger ejaculated, but had squirted into Mira's mouth. Mira was already lapping up whatever came from Ginger's vagina, even if it was the remote possibility that it was urine. She was sucking hard, forcing Ginger to moan loudly and ejaculate two more times.

Ginger looked like she was in pain, but Mira knew well she was in pleasure after her experiences with women all over the world. Mira comfortably pushed Ginger onto her back and climbed over her. She grabbed her cheeks with her palms and forced her tongue into her lover, which then wrestled with the other and deposited the contents of the mouth.

"Do I have to do you?" Ginger asked as Mira licked her cheek. "You're already wet. In fact, was there ever a time you're never wet?"

"Only when I'm without you," Mira smiled.

"I hope it's not poisonous."

"Only for the ones I love. You have been indirectly tasting it for so long."

"I have, haven't I?"

Mira took Ginger by the hand to the bedroom. The blankets and comforters were spread about out in the floor (there were no mattresses or western-style in traditional Japanese houses), and the all the pillows were bunched up against the window. Mira leaned against it and spread her legs before her lover.

"Come," beckoned Mira. "Drink me."

Ginger crawled on fours up to Mira, and nervously she tasted a tiny bit of Mira's ejaculate with the tip of her tongue. That was enough for Ginger to dive in to hungrily lick off Mira's ejaculate everywhere it streamed, and proceeded to suck and stimulate her vulva. She had never expected it to taste so good. She thought it was just the passion and generally horniness of Becky and Red when they double-teamed her. She didn't realize what she was missing.

It wasn't quite like sugar, or anything playfully sour. It was like crack, but infinitely addictive. Mira's ejaculate had the ability to dynamically alter its molecular composition to suit the need, and with Ginger going down on her, her body commanded to produce such a stream so that the oral sex could continue for an hour or more. And it did. Ginger felt herself drinking full loads when only less than a tiny flask flowed into her. Mira's magical ejaculate also had the ability to stimulate the salivary glands and perhaps replicate itself in the partner's body.

Mira thrashed about and screamed loud. Tired from all the sucking and licking, Ginger pulled herself up and shared some of Mira's juices with Mira through a kiss. Their bodies instinctively wrapped its bodies and legs around each other, and once they felt their engorged clitorises touching one another they immediately humped like demons.

Suffocating kisses drew out copious drool from their mouths. Hardened nipples clashed with hardened nipples. More prominent was the sliding of soaked vulvas, and Ginger's indirect taste of Mira's juices through hers sent her into a drug-like bliss. Almost never did they took their eyes off each other. One was one the floor in their lovemaking, or one was against the wall. The reverberations shook the house, and if they weren't kissing their screams would have echoed into the next town.

Perhaps their Perfect Trib won't grant them the power of the universe--at least in a physical sense. After all, the Kama Sutra for Tribades was merely a guide for two loving women who want to make the most out of their relationship. The power of the Perfect Trib was likely metaphysical, and as Mira and Ginger were one, they stared not just into each other's eyes. No, they saw, in their view, the entirety of all creation unfolded in their fundamental components of Darkness and Light and for a brief moment they were Goddesses.

They must have broke and thrashed a lot of things, because the room was a mess. It wasn't even their room in the first place. It was Azuma's. The two finally finished after a record of two hours, and they lay side by side looking at one another to occasionally kiss.

"Thank you," Ginger moaned.

"You're welcome."

"Please don't betray me again."

"I won't."

"Whew. We were only stuck in one trib position the whole time, but it was a blast."

"We should have a foursome with Becky and Red when all this is over."

"Yeah. And we'll make videos to sell on the Internet."

"Then who'll record the video?"

"Duh, HLS. She can operate a car."

Ginger rose up and looked dead towards the closet.

"Did you guys get that?" she asked.

The closet door slip open, and Mira, knowing what was going on grabbed a blanket to cover herself. All this time Becky, Azuma, Lillis, Hatsumi, and HLS were watching in secret, and to their dismay or benefit, Lillis also videotaped it using the digital camcorder stolen from the elementary schoolgirl who wished her magical female friend was a tribade.

"I can't believe you guys!" Mira cried. "This was supposed to be my most fondest memories!"

"And we got all on tape!" Lillis exclaimed.

"It's about time you two finally did it," smiled Becky. "And Ginger looked so cute when she was orgasming!"

"Damn right!" Ginger boasted. "That video will make us money! Soon, we'll overtake!"

"But Ginger!" Mira exclaimed.

"Sheesh, it's not like I haven't sold your likeness over the 'net."

"Don't worry Mira," said Becky. "Ginger always photoshops someone's face over yours. Or at least blur it out."

"Wait a minute," said Mira. "What happened to the training?"

"We had to come back to get supplies," said Azuma after regaining her serious composure.

"The good news is that I am almost done," said Becky after unsheathing her Tsukiseiki. "I'll soon defeat Güse with the technique Sensei will teach me using her sword."

"Can it blow holes through tanks?" Ginger asked.

"It's within my power!"

Right when she finished, Becky sheathed her sword in style, but realized that it didn't go in her scabbard. It went right through Hatsumi's abdomen. Becky winced immediately, and she pulled the sword out like a fool.

"Whoops," said Becky.

There was a shock in the faces of Azuma and Mira, yet Lillis remained calm. HLS began cowering away, while Ginger watched with sadistic curiosity the death of a petite high school girl.

But instead falling face-first like usual corpses, Hatsumi's body hovered off the ground for a few inches, and began glowing a green halo something akin to the radiation that made the Hulk or the Fantastic Four what they were in the sixties. Sparkles flowed from her body like blood. Then in one bright flash engulfing almost a kilometer diameter of land, Hatsumi vanished without a trace.

Becky's sword was glowing green. "Well," she said, "at least the power of my sword doubled."

Azuma knocked Becky down and then spanked her exposed butt. Ginger laughed at her misfortune as usual, but she was immediately spanked by the woman she called Sis.

"Lillis," said Azuma. "Get the hat. Hastumi died again."


i - Myst - a PC/Mac graphic adventure game where you get stuck on some island just for opening a book. On same island there are books that also take you to various semi-surreal worlds.

ii - Fuuma and Kaumi are from manga and anime series X (or X/1999 as Viz names it), created by the mangaka group Clump--I mean, Clamp. An important plot point in X is that Fuuma and Kamui's mothers loved each other but died due to destiny.

iii - Sakura and Tomoyo are from manga and anime Card Captor Sakura (or Cardcaptors for that infamous English dub), also by Clamp. Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi, was in love with Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko, despite being cousins. Also, Nadeshiko is dead.

iv - Akira Ijuin and his girl Utako are from The Man of Many Faces (or 20 Mensô ni Onegai!!), also by Clamp. Akira has two identical mothers he steals for.

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