Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 25)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 25

Title: Obligatory Transitional Moment

Chapter 20 - Obligatory Transitional Moment

There is a perfect place for fugitives on the run from the North American (read United States) to hide out, and no it isn't Mexico. Canada? Ha! Don't even think about hiding in rural North America or escaping out to Hawaii. The place that the author dares to mention is Key West. Lot of gay people gather there, and no straight-laced white-collar red-blooded American, er, U.S.-ian, of the FBI or any other federal manhunt agency will dare step in there...

Maybe five perhaps. One has to remain vigilant and politely refuse the advances of the same sex in order to hide out there. It was agent Patrick Spoon who suggested it at the last minute when his partner, Jonathan Dish, his fellow agents Ryan Bowl, Steve Knife, and Chandra Plate transported a wounded and depressed Becky Wolfe, the ever-bratty Ginger Baker, and the tribade Doberman Pinscher dog HLS to Key West when Güse's forces chased them out of the continental United States.

It was a perfect time for a fanservice chapter, if you like pretty men in speedoes. As it so happened there was gay male and metrosexual male themed beach party held out not far from the three and a third star hotel the Becky, Ginger, HLS, and the agents stayed at, and in order to avoid suspicion, Ginger had gone out with the agents, with the exception of Dish, to party, to rip people off, and to piss off Chandra Plate. It was a confusing, yet fun day, and everyone looked their best, except maybe for Plate who was in a gaudy one-piece suit Ginger and Spoon, Knife, and Bowl made fun of.

Ginger was in a very revealing dark green bikini that would make Mira spaz out if she hadn't betrayed Becky's group and had gone back to Güse. Unfortunately, she was hit on by many gay men for they thought she was a boy in drag.

"Was my crotch bulging?" Ginger wondered while Plate snickered. Ginger was forced to use her panty trunks to store all the cash she swindled from her victims.

At the same time, the happily married and generally straight Ryan Bowl was feeling uneasy being stared at. Despite being rotund, he was surprisingly attractive and hung out with Knife who pretended to be his boyfriend. However, Knife saw a jazz jam session at the stage and decided go back to the hotel to get his sax.

"Please don't leave me," cried Bowl.

"Jealous?" said Knife.

"I'm surprised that you got along with these people. Hell, you even kissed a few."

"Didn't want to break their hearts. Just because I'm mostly straight doesn't make me homophobic."

"What should I do?"

"Just say you're taken."

"By you?"

"Just tell them the truth. You're in the perfect environment to talk about your sexy supermodel theoretical physics wife."

Bowl seemed like the least likely man to land a really sexy supermodel, Petunia, who by chance happened to have a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, and by the surprise of his peers he was the one that courted her. There was no 'accident' that made them fall in love, and Bowl didn't posses the large penis to impress Petunia like many men think. Bowl was excruciating normal. It was probably by chance they met when they were both shopping for some advanced surveillance and spy equipment in their favorite store, ad then love between them just happened. Then they had two kids, with the third coming very soon.

Unfortunately, his peers had an awful tendency of asking about his wife and implying that she was whorish, which she was not. Knife's mention that he was in the perfect environment boosted his confidence as well as eagerness to socialize.

Then he realized that there might be bisexuals lurking around. "I'd better be careful though," he said.

Meanwhile as night drew near, Spoon grew tired of being hit on and decided to sigh lonesomely at the bar glancing occasionally at the light at his hotel room he shared with Dish. Ginger and Plate were behind him fuming, and then decided to walk away from him.

"Poor man," said Plate. "He wants to open up to Dish, but it's never the right time."

"Why don't you just pretend to be his girlfriend and make Dishy jealous," suggested Ginger.

"God, I just had sex with the man! By accident. Through the fake Viagra pill. I didn't take it though."

"Did he piss blood? Those things are defective by the way."

"I don't know..."

Plate thought back to the one-night stand and realized that after the sex Spoon had been in the bathroom for a real long time whimpering.

"Anyway," said Plate, "just how long are you going to stuff your crotch with money and jewels? You're going to blow our cover."

And it looked like Ginger now had two bulging boners as well...

"Hey, don't lecture me," said Ginger. "I just have to find the big fish and blow it all off at the local casino."

"What casino?"

"God, there is always an underground casino in every part of the world. Even in Salt Lake City has one that makes the Las Vegas casino execs jealous."

"Look, put the money in some kind of bag or something."

"Okay then. Go get me that."

"You get it."

"Are you sassing back at me?"

"I am."

"You're not supposed to do that. Well, Sis can, but you can't do that."

"What are you talking about? I'm not one of your so-called minions."

"Oh right. You got a fucking plate on your forehead. God, why aren't you putting it to good use for me?"

"Because I don't need to use it right now for your evil. And it makes me dizzy if I use it too much."

"Then you're fucking useless!"

Finding a random watermelon on the ground that was supposed to be use for the blindfold watermelon smashing contest, Ginger picked it up and smashed it on Plate's head. Plate remained standing and frowning as pieces of red fruit ran down her face.

"Go ahead," Plate said. "Throw anything you got at my head. I'll just stand here."



"Wait right there for a minute."

"All right."

Ginger ran off with the gold coins clinking in her panty trunks, leaving Plate huffing and folding her arms. Ginger didn't seem to fulfill her time limit, so Plate gave up waiting and decided to give Spoon some pep talk on how to approach Dish.

Then suddenly, she heard a loud engine roar of a pumpkin-orange Humvee tearing through palm trees, beach umbrellas, rubber toys (like rings and rafts and stuff), sand, and a couple of annoying dogs (not HLS; don't worry, they just got knocked hilariously into the air). As the male beach goers fled, with at least a twelfth running and screaming like little girls, Plate soon realized that that the Humvee was stolen by none other than Ginger, and that it was heading towards Plate.

"Let's see your metal plate can withstand this!" Ginger screamed.

Perhaps not. Plate screamed and ran towards the street as Ginger laughed manically in the chase. She probably ran over and knocked into the air more small dogs without killing them. Maybe some gay midgets as well.

Despite the mayhem happening very close to him, Spoon remained in the bar drinking and sighing.

"I wish Dish was here," he said.

He was a bit worried since Dish decided to take care of Becky's wounds along with HLS back at the hotel. Dish was indeed a gentleman, possibly an awkward one at that, but Spoon's worries should be put to rest because Dish only respected Becky in some aspects.

He and HLS had went out to the local liquor store to buy beer and whiskey, and he was subtly astonished to see HLS making out with two poodles with her double dildo strap-on. Dish might have heard that Key West had an unusual number of male-to-female transsexual dogs with six more fingers, and a couple of rare intersexuals thrown in the mix. He didn't want to spoil HLS's fun by mentioning her to this. Then again, he couldn't do so anyway because he can't speak dog.

She and he headed back to Becky and Ginger's hotel room and set the beer and whiskey on the table. Dish popped one cap from the bottle of beer and began drinking. The sound and smell of beer should have been enough for the wounded Becky to spring up to her feet and run off with all alcohol in her arms. She didn't get up. HLS was becoming worried so she nudged her side.

The blast from Güse's Dragon Era Buster was physically intense on Becky's body. Basically, it was an intense pressure wave that had the ability to shatter bones, rupture organs, and cleanly open wounds all over the body. Thus, it was supposed to be an instant kill technique. Becky was lucky on many accounts, for her sword, the Shinseiki, that was now shattered had protected her, and the fact that her training in the martial arts her sensei had taught her ever so rigorously made her absorb the blows easier.

However, her wounds were nothing compared to emotional ones. Along with Mira's betrayal, Red was gone from her life and taken in by Güse along with the glass slippers fragments that should have been by now reassembled. Her enemy was right there before her, but she simply could not defeat her in the name of her late family.

"Red-chan," Becky muttered. After bit of a sore struggle, she finally managed to sit up from her bed.

"Feeling better?" Dish asked.

"A bit."

"Want a drink?"

"Not yet."


Dish then began drinking his second bottle, and Becky petted HLS who moaned happily like dogs do.

"So what do you intend to do?" Dish asked. "Are you going after Güse? We might help you in that..."

"No one can touch her now," said Becky. "Not even my sword can."

"We still have the fragments from your blade."

"Not anyone can repair it to the state I desire. My sensei says that your sword is your partner and that you have to treat it with great care. Yet even she says that your partner has limits, and I have run into it. I thank you for collecting the sword fragments, but it needs to be rebuilt better than Güse's swords. But..."

"But what?"

"Güse has two swords, the White Ryuseiki forged for her, and the Black Ryuseiki from her mother." Becky sighed and moved her feet to the floor. "I'll have to go back to Japan sooner than I have expected. I'll get my sword reassembled and beg--and I do mean beg my sensei to teach me the last and ultimate technique."

"After that you'll rescue Red Little then."

"If she is still alive. At the very least I'll get revenge on Darryl Güse in the name of my family."

Finally, Becky went over to the table finally grabbed a bottle of beer to eat.

"The clear things up beforehand, the feeling's only mutual," said Becky.

"Same here," said Dish.

"I'm in love with Red-chan. She is, like a daughter a horny mother would like to fuck."

Dish choked, and droplets of beer fell from his mouth.

"Or perhaps she's like the little twelve-year old sister a high school girl would like to fuck."

Dish choked again.

"We only known each other for less than a year, but Red Little, despite her stupidity, is simply adorable, and quite good in bed. Of all the girls I made love with, I prefer her the best. Don't know why though. Without her, things don't feel right. In any case, I have to save her, but to that I must become stronger. I must."

The rest of the night was spent with Ginger tossing gay midgets into the ocean after she got tired of chasing Plate, who happened to got tired of being chased. The Humvee she was chased with was supposedly belonged to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that the future "governator" was rumored to be there in the costume ball masquerading in a flamboyant peacock costume... of destruction! It had lasers firing from eyes and stuff.

By accident, Plate had put a huge dent on the hood of the pumpkin-orange Humvee with her forehead. That made it explode, and Ginger had Plate had to run away like some corny action heroes on some hokey action television show in the U.S.

After that, Becky, Dish, and the others were booted from the hotel due to a combination of Ginger's behavior and Plate's freaking out over being called a fag hag ten times over (as usual, Dish was oblivious on why Plate was being called a fag hag). They were forced to stay in a two and nine-sixteenth star hotel very close to the red light district for the rest the night.

In the morning afterwards during breakfast at Starbucks, Becky announced her plan of going to back to Tokyo, Japan to get her sword reforged and learn her final technique.

"I'm going too!" Ginger burst out whilst raising her fist in the air.

Becky was about say that she was going alone or with just HLS, but she reluctantly nodded. She knew what Ginger's true intentions of coming; the bad, the good, and the ugly.

"This is something I generally have to do on my own, so I won't mind the company," said Becky. "As for the rest of you..."

"We'll try to track Güse's movements," said Dish.

"If we get any information on her and her organizations," said Bowl. "We'll call you somehow."

"It'll be dangerous, but we can manage. So don't worry too much about us."

"Wasn't planning to," said Becky.

"We could say the same for you," said Plate. "I'm sure given your skills and experience you'll stay alive."

In the late afternoon, Dish and his fellow agents bade Becky, Ginger, and HLS a farewell at the drop off from the rental van at the Key West International Airport. After checking in the luggage, sending off HLS to the kennels, and getting coffee from the local cafe, Becky and her companions spotted a familiar Pakistani woman in a pretty floral dress and a straw hat sitting at the edge of the waiting area making occasional glances behind her as if she was expecting them. However, Becky and Ginger pretended not to see her and sat in the seats so that their backs were faced towards them. They could not ignore her for any longer for she walked up to the from behind.

"Hey," Mira greeted.

"Hey Sis," Ginger said. "You hear something?"

"Not really," replied Becky.

Becky and Ginger got up and walked right past a somewhat stunned Mira to sit at a deserted waiting area not far from gate. Gripping the strap of her woven purse, Mira followed them until finally Becky looked up.

"Didn't know you were here," said Becky.

"I came here on my own," said Mira.

"Very likely," huffed Ginger as she looked away from Mira.

"Look, I'm really sorry that..."

Ginger turned her head at her. "Sorry? You not only sold us out, but you tried to kill Red! Not to mention allowing her to be taken away from us. She and I were pals!"

"I'm sorry."

"That's still not enough you fucking Paki. Really, I'm just shocked you would snitch on us."

"You'd do the same Gingerbrat," noted Becky.

"Yeah, but this is different. I thought Mira was cool and all, but what she did is just unforgivable. Even I have standards of morality and loyalty. Betraying complete strangers on a constant whim is one thing, but betraying friends is simply not right. God, why am I still talking to you?"

Ginger grabbed her laptop back and walked past a saddened Mira.

"I love you," said Mira.

Ginger stopped.

"Ginger, I have always loved you ever since the day we met. If it makes you happy, my heart is in dire twisting pain of what I did to you and Red. I'm a coward, and I surrendered to Güse's influence during my assassination jobs in the Middle East. I didn't count on being very close to all of you. I didn't count on falling in love with you Ginger.

"I came to tell you that I have severed all ties to Güse and the Aphrodite Evolution... and to confess my love for you. Can you forgive me?"

"Erm, you're still a traitor in my eyes," mumbled Ginger. Then she walked off back towards the waiting area closest to airline destined for Japan.

Mira sighed, and Becky got up to brush past Mira to follow Ginger.

"She's still alive," said Mira.

Becky stopped.

"She needs her blood and her feet for the glass slippers in order to revive the lost nation of Tribadia. But I don't know where they are though."

Mira turned around and grabbed Becky's shoulders.

"I want to come with you guys," said Mira. "I love you all, and I desperately want to be with Ginger, even if she is to hate me forever. I want to work with you again in order to make up for my betrayal."

Becky turned around. "There is a possibility that you're continuing to spy on us," said she.

"Maybe, but Güse has a lot of operatives to do that. Me joining up with you again might put all of us in danger..."

"But danger is my title. Either way, you being with us won't change much, and since you're not out to kill us, I guess I can allow your presence within our group. Although, Ginger might not like it. So Mira, you're on this flight?"

"Of course, but I'm seated a couple rows behind you close to the back. I got my ticket at the very last minute."

"I see then."

Becky patted her shoulder. "It's good to have you back."

"Thank you so much!" Mira bowed.

"Come on now. It seems that our plane is here."

Mira excitedly followed Becky to the waiting area Ginger sat in.

"Yo, Mira's joined up with our group," Becky said to Ginger.

Ginger mumbled something they could not understand, and she did not even attempt to look at Mira. However, Mira could have sworn she saw Ginger trying to look at her from the corner of her right eye.

With their plane finally arriving, Becky, Ginger, and Mira marched towards their ride amongst Japanese tourists heading home as well as a few Key Westians wanting to visit Japan, primarily Tokyo.

Little did the world know about the events transpiring in the shadows that could make a great number of people, perhaps eighty percent, extremely uncomfortable. Hope now rested on one wolf-eared woman, a bratty tomboy hacker, a sultry poison maker, and one tribade canine.

So begins the Japan Arc...

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