Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 24)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 24

Title: The Death Spindle

Chapter 19 - The Death Spindle

"Hey Sis," said Ginger. "You still alive?"

"I am," replied Becky, hoarsely. "How about you?"

"I'm doing swell. There's nothing like getting flogged, hit with blunt objects, and poked with a rusty spear while hanging high above the floor without your pants and panties, while a pubic cannibal eats before you with incessant temptation to beg for her meals from our growling stomachs."

"You're lucky. They didn't take mine off, so I was forced to pee in my pants."

"Good thing you didn't poop. It would have been excruciating."

"It seems I'm taking a liking to your scat eroticism."

"I'm flattered, but I don't swing that way."

"You're swinging right now."

"No, I'm spinning, and it's about to make me puke."

It was days since they were like this, and their morning routine consisted of small banter. They hung from chains from a crane inside a large funhouse made creepier by dust, neglect, graffiti, vandalism, and junk discarded from the homeless. They were hung so that they wouldn't asphyxiate. They rejected all of Cecilia's offers of food for they dare not become like her. So they decided to starve, and fought through days of painful hunger pangs. At the very least they were given water from a long lance with a sponge at the end.

"I wonder if Mira's still alive?" Becky asked.

"Who the hell knows," said Ginger.

The door before them opened, and Cecilia strutted in with Charlotte gracefully walking beside her sister. They had made their home before Becky and Ginger, with a hastily built walled kitchen and dining area complete with an open roof. Cecilia hummed a random Beatles song as she prepared breakfast for herself. She had her own refrigerator separate from Charlotte and their mother, for it contained the sawed-off breasts, vaginas, penises, and testicles of all her victims.

At first, it was sickening to Becky and Ginger to see Cecilia eat such things that she cooked with manic intricacy. Breakfast consisted of milk drank directly from the breast from a straw and penises cooked like sausages. For lunch, Cecilia had a Vagina Tacos with Testicle Meatballs. For dinner, it was almost entirely random, although she usually had a bowl of deep-fried crispy nipples and penis heads.

She would often eat them with other items, such as rice and bread, and they were almost always seasoned, especially with pepper. Cecilia had eaten before her prisoners with gluttonous pleasure, because she wanted to tempt them to eat her meals. By now, Becky and Ginger were very well tempted.

Meanwhile, Charlotte had a light breakfast consisting of coffee, toast, and an iceberg salad.

"Would you like some sausages?" Cecilia asked Becky and Ginger.

They did not answer. Stomachs were growling, and the one that growled the loudest was Ginger since she was the only one who had defecated beforehand.

"Did your stomach say yes?" Cecilia said. "I'll be happy to feed you Gingerbread Grrl."

She threw her four-bladed throwing star towards the forklift, which then hit a lever switch. Ginger began falling and screaming, and she almost hit the ground when Charlotte fired a ricochet shot from her Walther pistol that struck the lever switch back into its stop position. Ginger bounced up, and her feet narrowly missed the ground.

After jamming a penis sausage with her large fork, Cecilia walked up to Ginger and pushed the meal into her face. Ginger closed her eyes and thrashed her head. She definitely did not want to eat despite the loud growls of her stomach.

"Eat, eat, eat, eat!" cried Cecilia. "Why won't you eat?"

Tears of suffering fell from Ginger's closed eyes. Disappointed, Cecilia quickly ate the penis sausage, and then stabbed Ginger in the left side of her torso with her fork. Ginger yelled out a loud and painful scream. She let out another as Cecilia stabbed the right side.

"So you won't eat then," said Cecilia. "So be it. I'll be generous and alleviate your body's need for food by cutting off one of your breasts. You only need one to breast-feed. As a matter of fact, you don't need any to survive."

"Leave me alone," Ginger wept.

Cecilia unsheathed her serrated long dagger. She pulled up Ginger's shirt and bra and positioned the dagger underneath the left breast.

"No!" yelled someone.

A woman burst from the entrance, and Charlotte continued eating as the woman pulled Cecilia away from Ginger.

"You told me you wouldn't hurt them," said Mira.

"Mira?" said Ginger.

"I didn't go deep," said Cecilia.

"That wasn't part of the deal!" cried Mira.

"We won't hurt them, but Güse might."

"Mira, you're alive?" asked Ginger.

Charlotte fired a shot at the crane lever switch, and Ginger was hoisted back up the ceiling next to Becky.

"Of course she is," smiled Charlotte as she sensually hugged Mira from her right side. "After all, she was our precious mole for your group's operations."

Cecilia sensually hugged Mira at her left side. "That thing about her having a child? That's a lie. This girl is sterile as tampons. She can't have any children due to her natural ability to resist toxins. She's the Poison Princess, one of the most infamous assassins in the entire underworld. Her sensual touch and breath and can kill a person in seconds if she is loaded up with poison."

"She also has a similar gift exerting pheromones to lower your defenses."

"And she is good in bed," Cecilia smiled as she licked Mira's cheek.

"So all this time you were working with them?" asked Ginger.

"You should have known about it," said Mira. "Ginger, I..."



"I don't want to see you. I don't want to hear you. I don't want to smell or you even think about you."

"But Ginger..."

The door flew open, and the fedora-hatted Celeste Ella leaned against the sill with her arms folded.

"We have an intruder," said she.

"Little Cindi is back?" asked Cecilia.

Celeste nodded. "Let's give her a proper greeting to those who desert the Ella family. And Cecilia, try to leave her in one piece."

"I'll try," hissed Cecilia.

It was still. The abandoned theme park was dark, but to Red-chan it wasn't all that frightful. It would not be time to knock knees like some teenage mystery-solving gang in a band. Unlike other teenagers, she was armed and destined to kill if necessary. This was no time for human smugglers in cheap rubber monster-suits, groovy chases, and goofy animal sidekicks.

Red stood in the middle not far from the entrance. Though the clock was running, she knew that she could not just rush in. In her heart her friends and lover was alive. The only obstacle in her mind was her foster family.

She chewed and chewed. She blew the fist bubble of her bubble gum.

Pop. Red jumped back to avoid a silenced sniper bullet. She skipped and flipped across the grounds avoid each shot from her sniper sister, Charlotte. Right as she backed up to the merry-go-round, she heard the sound of four-point shuriken cutting the wind. She ducked to narrowly avoid them. Two shuriken had lobbed off three of the carousel horses' heads and the upper torso of a well-endowed centaur.

She felt the wind move again. The merry-go-round jerked into rotation without need of electricity despite the weight of the Ferris wheel known as the Death Spindle leaning upon it. She ran back just as Celeste, her foster mother leapt of a pink horse and crated a crater on the ground with her fists.

"Mother!" Red cried.

"You'll pay for your insolence and betrayal," said Celeste.

There was a gun click. Charlotte was now nearby perched precariously on one foot on top of a bell of a strongman-sledgehammer test with her PSG-1 sniper rifle aimed and ready.

"Just give up," said Charlotte. "We won't hurt your friends if you do."

There was a chill in Red's back. She knew Cecilia was behind her running her tongue on one of her long serrated knives.

"Delay any longer or I'll cut you up," said Cecilia.

"I don't have time for this," said Red.

From underneath her red hood, many pins dropped, and afterwards the grenades appeared. Red stood still as the explosions commenced, forcing her family to take cover. As the smoke cleared, there was now a large crater charred rags of the red riding hood.

"What does that girl think she is?" said Cecilia. "You know that 'she' is waiting for her at the finish line."

"No," said Celeste. "She's now hunting us."

"So that is why we didn't set traps here," said Charlotte. "She'll surely use them against us if we used them."

"Stick together. The prodigal stepdaughter of mine wants to challenge us one by one."

"She won't win," said Cecilia. "We're the ones who taught her everything."

Charlotte's eyes flinched at the sight of Red escaping into the Tunnel of Love-Making, Weed, and Sex Orgies (-Making, Weed, and Sex Orgies was a sign board with spraypainted text put on by horny teenagers as a place to have sex, get stoned, or have orgies, that latter of which never actually took place. Personally, putting "sex orgies" on there along with "Love Making" was pretty redundant). She knew well that by the time she and her family would arrive, her ad-hoc traps would be set. Red was allowing herself to be seen.

"The Tunnel of Love-Making, Weed, and Sex Orgies?" Cecilia said as she too had spotted her younger stepsister.

"Let's move," said Celeste.

The three marched at a calm pace towards the attraction, with Charlotte reloading and then firing shots at various points of the building. They accelerated their run until suddenly a swarm of naked and half-naked teenagers ran them over while screaming in fright. Either they were actually having an orgy or were just naked and half-naked and nothing else. The noises outside must have spooked them before they got it on. Oh, and then marijuana smoke blew out of the Tunnel of Love-Making, Weed, and Sex Orgies. The dark ride collapsed, as Charlotte had wanted it to do.

"Charlotte-Sister, you should have shot them," growled Cecilia.

"Now's not the time," cried Charlotte. "Duck!"

They ducked as Red swung overheard firing her submachine gun. The line she was attached to was that of the freefall tower ride. Charlotte fired back, but missed as Red landed on one of the cars of a ride that was hoisted into the air and spun at a common axis.

"You little bitch," cried Cecilia. "I'll kill you!"

"Come back!" said Charlotte.

Charlotte fired a line hook to the arms leaded to Red's car and reeled herself up. Red began to run towards the center axis column while Charlotte continued to fire at her stepsister. Red narrowly dodged a silvery boomerang shuriken. She then fell to the ground from the column to face against Celeste and Charlotte, whom had caught up to her. Celeste lunged forward with a punch-kick combo, which Red flipped away as she hurled towards Charlotte. Charlotte kept on firing her bullets as she backed away, some of which lodged into Red's non-vital parts of her body. Red landed right in front of her. Charlotte threw away her sniper rifle to grab her two Glock 19 pistols.

Suddenly, Red dropped her submachine gun and in one thrust she broke the middle, index, and thumb fingers of Charlotte's two hands. Charlotte wailed painfully as she staggered back with a shock to her face. Red quickly elbowed her in the face and kicked her into the stomach. Charlotte fell to her knees, gagging.

One down.

Cecilia launched from up above the cars from the rides swinging her two serrated long knives with maniacal fury. She drove Red further and further to the bumper cars, to which they entered by jumping over the metal railing. Celeste chased them and entered by punching through the railing. She joined into the fight, where Red dodged more and more swipes by rolling through rusty bumper car after another.

"Cecilia!" cried Celeste. "Step back!"

Cecilia nodded and then stepped back. This was rare for her to do so since she was notorious for not following her mother's orders. Examples would include Cecilia killing the targets they were supposed to interrogate or hostages they were supposed to keep alive. Celeste kicked one of the bumper cars like a champion soccer (or football if you're not in the U.S.A.) player. The car slid and crashed through others at the corner where Red hid, and she was forced to leap into the air to safety. That wasn't particularly a good idea, for the ceiling was low in order to save costs in buying short bumper car antennas. Red crashed through mesh electrical conduits and crashed back down.

Cecilia leapt high enough over the bumper cars without hitting her head and dove blade-first towards Red. With her other submachine gun, Red fired into Cecilia's body, primarily concentrating on the left shoulder. Red rolled away to dodge the blades that were then stuck onto the ground. Then she fired the remaining bullets that severed Cecilia's left arm and sent her tumbling sideways and away from Red.

Cecilia had tumbled along with her long knife in her right hand, but quickly recovered to her feet. Her mother dashed towards Red, who then discarded her machine gun and shot at Celeste with her Browning pistol. Celeste caught them one by one with her fingers, but Red's true intention was the other serrated long life held in Cecilia's left hand of her severed left arm.

"You know that's not going to stop me," Cecilia grinned. She did not feel pain after all the blood loss from her left shoulder socket and from the bullets lodged in her chest. She was a walking death machine that simply wound not stop due to her biological enhancement as a Regenerator courtesy of experimental technology from Vatican Section XIII "Iscariot". She charged forth right as Red, using her left hand, picked up her severed left arm, and Red used the left arm to extend her attack reach in her duel against Cecilia. At the same time, Celeste charged forth and attacked her stepdaughter with kicks and punches that pummeled the bumper cars flat, and Red kept her at bay with the gun in her right hand.

Red was punched to the side by her stepmother, but she quickly recovered by flipping sideways. She caught onto Celeste's arm, and spun to attempt to kick Cecilia in the head, but Cecilia blocked it with her long knife. But then Red spun again and was now behind her. She discarded the severed left arm of Cecilia in order to use the serrated knife against its owner, and in a split second she attacked Cecilia's neck. Cecilia narrowly blocked it. Red pushed her forward, and tripped her towards Celeste. Kicking the combat knife she had hidden in her steel boot into her mouth, Red stabbed Cecilia in the neck. Discarding the serrated knife and her pistol, Red mustered all her strength to decapitate the elder of the Ella sisters. Cecilia's body fell limp, and her head tumbled away.

Two down.

There was no time to rest as Celeste chased Red like a swift bull into the rotten wooden roller coaster. As she ran on the tracks, Red check her body for any weapons she had left, and that consisted of one fully loaded Browning pistol, one combat knife, and Becky's sword, all of which were useless against Celeste's onslaught. As for Celeste, she hopped like a pogo stick, which may look silly if it was filmed or animated, but the sole purpose of that was to destroy the tracks from behind her in order to compromise the structure of the roller coaster ride. Even then she was gaining fast on her stepdaughter, who was now bleeding from the few bullet wounds Charlotte gave her and was in pain from the hits she received elsewhere. Then suddenly, Red stopped at the peak of the roller tracks that was now collapsing from all of Celeste's hopping.

"I'm impressed," smiled Celeste. "You have beaten your siblings. Are you confident that you'll beat me?"

Red nodded. By then, the entire roller coaster had collapsed, and even as they fell they fought hand-to-hand. One mutual kick to each other's face sent them flying away from each other, and they landed inside the debris in a safe position. After a passing moment they burst out leaping from wood plank to another. Then they started kicking up and apart the nail-studded planks themselves towards each other.

Their tactics were not working. They were thinking the same thing, and were in a sense reading each other's minds. Apparently, they were attempting to nail each other somehow. Red and Celeste cancelled their tactic and ran off to board the caterpillar kiddy train ride. The appearance made it the rotten, rusty, and squeaky train move. The faster they leapt from car to car, the faster the train moved, but it was still monotonously slow.

Red broke her left forearm that she used to defend Celeste's kick, and now she was forced all the way to the caboose-butt. She feared falling, even if the caterpillar train was moving slow and that she was only a few feet of the ground. Falling to the ground would make her vulnerable to Celeste's hits, and she did not want that.

"End of the line," smiled Celeste.

"Mother," said Red, "didn't you teach me not to deliver clichÇ one-liners during the job?"

"What's that?"

Red drew out her pistol and shot the fedora hat off of Celeste's shaved head. Celeste became distracted, but this wasn't because she was self-conscious of her lack of head hair. She really liked her fedora hats, and the one that blew off was one of her favorites.

In that moment, Red threw her red riding hood and wrapped around Celeste's upper body and head. She threw into the ground on the area that was supposed to be the butterfly patch that was now replaced with a field of dirt and cigarette butts. Red landed onto her stepmother, but her attempts to shoot her in the head were halted when Celeste grabbed her right arm. The two wrestled into the ground until Red headbutted her stepmother's face and head repeatedly for about twenty-five to a hundred times. I don't know, Red lost count. Finally, Celeste's body fell limp, and the part of the riding hood that covered her face was stained with her blood and the blood from Red's forehead. Red unfurled her riding hood from her stepmother and puts it back on. Then she walked away.

"Becky and Ginger always said that that I have a thick head," she said to herself.

She stumbled suddenly. There was a lot of pain in most of her body, but she made herself go on since she was still conscious and still on her two feet.

Instinctually, she made her way to the funhouse where she knew her friends were being held at. She threw open the doors and found that it was partially lighted with flickering incandescent light bulbs installed at various places on the ceiling, the walls, and the pillars.

She stepped into the chamber of mirrors and saw herself in different shape and sizes. For example, in one mirror she was chubby, but many people would hit on her. In another, she was a super-loli, and she would still get hit. Then there was the talk, dark, and bishoujo version in which she had breasts slightly bigger than Becky's. This one would be for the screaming teenage fangirls who were confused about their sexuality.

Seeing that made her cry, but it wasn't for sentimental reasons. The air of the chamber stung her eyes, and her wounds felt as if salt were poured into them. She fell to the ground to breathe heavily for her lungs felt as if they were on fire, and she was so sick to her stomach that she threw up. Red sneezed, and now mucus poured endlessly from her nostrils.

The mirror that portrayed Red as a tall, dark, and bishoujo rose into the ceiling and revealed a path for Mira Rama to step through calmly. She had on her a sexy dress that femme fatale female assassins would wear and high heel pumps complete with hydraulic cushioning. In her belt holster were many vials of various painful but non-lethal poison, and she carried her syringe pistol in her hand.

"Mira," gasped Red. "Why?" Red threw up for the second time.

"I am just doing my job," said Mira.

"But we all love you!"

Mira refrained from shedding a single tear as she readied her tranquilizer in her pistol. Red tried to fire her gun at her, but Mira easily swatted it from her hands. She pushed Red to the ground and quickly injected her with the tranquilizer. Red's body began slumping

"I'm sorry," said Mira.

All of a suddenly, Mira was kicked in the head and was sent crashing into the mirrors, breaking them in the process. She was now bleeding from the cuts from the glass. She rose and saw that Red was rising to her feet.

"How?" Mira gasped. "That was the most powerful fast-acting tranquilizer I used. You should have been reduced to a near-coma state!"

Red wiped her puke and snot from her lips and nose. "I took the time-release anti-poison you made for us before I entered. I'm not as stupid as you think."

"You're stupid if you think you can stand up to Darryl Güse! Red, she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants! It's not too late to surrender!"

"I'm going to rescue Becky and Ginger. That is all."

Mira was furious. She reached for her syringe pistol, but that was shot farther away by Red's trick shooting. Red fired three more shots that destroyed all of Mira's vials and disabled her walking ability in the legs. Mira collapsed fully onto the ground, whimpering.

Pity would have to come later for her. Red made her way through the opening in the chamber of mirrors. She navigated through the dark hallways and ended up into the funhouse warehouse chamber. Immediately spotting Becky and the pants-less Ginger suspended in the air, Red fire a shot at the crane controls. The two began falling down, just like before. Ginger was screaming wildly until Red fired another shot that stopped them just a few feet of the ground. With the remaining bullets, she undid the locks and the chains, and Becky and Ginger fell to the ground.

Ginger ran up to Red and socked her in the head.


In a rare moment, Ginger broke down into tears and hugged Red.

"I'm so happy that you're here!" she whimpered.


Becky approached the hugging girls and gave them one big hug.

"Becky," said Red. She took out from the harness from her back the sheathed Shinseiki and offered it up to her lover.

"Not right now," said Becky. "Bathroom."

She ran off to the portable toilet and proceeded to have one long piss and one long poop.

"We should wait outside," said Ginger. "Um, have you run into Mira?"

Red nodded.

"Did you kill her?"

"I wounded her."

"You should have done her in."


Ginger had this painful look on her face as she walked out of the warehouse chambers and into the main funhouse area carrying her pants and panties she had found in the kitchen cupboard. By then, the subtle poison gases had dissipated. After grabbing a first-aid kit, Red caught up with Ginger in the chamber of mirrors. Mira was gone.

There were now outside patching up each other's wounds on the bench by the freak-show row. Red gave a fully-dressed Ginger Becky's sword she could play with, and she also told her play-by-play action on how she dealt with the criminal kids in the infamous federal juvenile detention center known as Satan's Nursery, the battle against the Hockey Mom Incident, and the battle against her stepmother and her stepsisters.

"Our dog is doing fine?" Ginger asked as she practiced swinging the Shinseiki.

"HLS has befriended a woman with a adamantium plate in her forehead," said Red. "She's a fag-hag."

"That FBI chick, right? Oh, I must run into her and piss her off. So you're telling me that those two plucky FBI agents are gay?"


"It was sort of obvious. Say Red, don't you think it's too dangerous to be out here? Your family could suddenly come back to life, and Güse could send off reinforcements as we speak."

"It doesn't seem that way."

"Whatever the case, Sis's gotta get off the toilet soon. Oh, there she is. Jeez Sis, how much crap did you dump out your fat ass!"

Becky emerged from the funhouse at an easygoing pace. "I'm going to let that slide for now Gingerbrat," said she. "Right now we have to get out of here before--"

They all heard the sharp piercing of flesh. Ginger turned around and saw a katana blade driven through Red's body. She stumbled back in complete fright with the Shinseiki held out.

"RED-CHAN!" Becky screamed.

Red fell forward and was now unconscious. Pulling the blade out her body was Darryl Güse in the flesh with the White Ryuseiki in her hand. Becky snatched the Shinseiki from Ginger's hands in the middle of her run towards Darryl, who then block Becky's swipe.

"So we formally meet Rebecca Maryland Wolfe," grinned Darryl.

"Darryl Güse," Becky growled.

The two pushed each other back.

"Ginger!" Becky yelled. "Get Red now!"

Ginger was on her knees shaking. "I can't," she whimpered. "I'm scared."

"You picked a good fucking time to be a coward!"

Becky took matters in her own hands as she ran towards Red's body, but she missed her. Red was hoisted in the air by semi-invisible silvery strings, which were controlled by Marionettenspieler Anna Leichra. Red was thrown into the traitorous FBI agent Molly Pitcher, and the ash from her imported cigarette fell on Red's cheek.

"Get your hands off her!" Becky yelled.

Darryl intercepted her again, and the force of their clashing blades had created a gust of wind stemming from two opposing spiritual energies innate to the two of them. Darryl headbutted Becky of the way and then shouted out:


With a gesture-like wave from her White Ryuseiki, a white light in the form of a dragon serpent ripped through the entire park slicing every ride, building, and stand into pieces. Becky leapt back to protect Ginger with her spiritually enhanced sword.

Outside, HLS and the AWOL FBI agents gasped at the immense destruction. HLS whined and then ran into the park.

"Wait!" cried Chandra Plate. "HLS!"

Finally, the dust settled. Becky and Ginger coughed, while their enemies remained standing and smiling. Darryl lowered her sword down and took one step towards Becky.

"That is one of the reasons why everyone is afraid me," said Darryl. "If I demonstrate such a power before them, they quickly bow down. I must be the luckiest female power aggregator in this entire world."

"That attack," gasped Becky. "You're one of..."

"Sis!" Ginger cried. "Your sword!"


Becky looked and saw that not only her sword was chipped, but also it was now cracked.

"Face it Wolfe Ears," said Darryl. "You're not fit to inherit the power of Tribadia."

"What do you mean?" asked Becky.

"You and I are the descendants of the last Prime Bijin of Tribadia, whereas Red Little, or rather Princess Aura Chinensis Lilandra XXXIII, is the very last living descendant of the last Prime Moé. The glass slippers are living proof of her royal heritage, and are also the key to reviving the power that sleeps in the sunken lands of Tribadia. I have to thank you for gathering up the glass slipper fragments that was shattered and spread about the whole world when Princess Lilandra escaped the Ellas.

"However, only one Bijin are allowed to take the throne of power. Which means that I want you to die."

Just then, Becky realized that Darryl had an additional katana of the same length and same style, but it was black. It was the Black Ryuseiki, and she unsheathed with ominous regality with her left hand. She crossed the two swords together, and performed a ceremonial preparation move as a prelude to her ultimate attack.

"Ginger, run," said Becky. "Now's a good time to be a coward and run away."

"But, Sis," said Ginger. "I'm sorry about before, and I..."


Ginger got back to her feet and ran off towards the front exit, where she was reunited by HLS in front of the food court.

"We can't stay here!" she told her.

But HLS would not listen. It took all of Ginger's strength to hold her back.

Back in front of the fun house, Darryl had finished her dance-like performance and crossed her two swords. Her aura swelled with a gathering of both dark and light-based spiritual energy, and then clashed them together to further the amplification.


She launched with her blades a powerful blast of energy and air current, and Becky manage to absorb the blast with her Asterix Shield by slicing an "X" in the air and forming the final horizontal line with her sword. Yet, Darryl's attack was so much that Becky was sliding backward, and her body was weakening for all the energy she put into her defense barrier.

"I have to hold out for a little while longer," Becky gasped. "Just to save Red at least. I have to!"

But her sword shattered. The Asterix Shield vanished, and Becky was violently thrown backward off her feet and crashed into edge of the fence barrier. Her body felt as if it was crushed. She rose with much effort, but then she threw up blood from her mouth. She looked down at her body and saw that she was riddle with so many cuts.

Darryl began advancing forward to finally kill the unarmed and weakened Becky, until someone put a hand on her shoulder.

"Güse," said Gottmutter. "We should leave her. The AWOL agents are outside."

"She is still a threat," said Darryl.

"Not without her sword. Besides, you have the Princess and the glass slippers."

Darryl sighed, and eventually sheathed both her swords. "Very well. I have what I needed. Alive or dead, Wolfe Ears can't stand a chance against me. Venus Gottmutter, let us go."

"Yes Mother Güse."

A stealth helicopter descended from up above. Red's body was placed in a stretcher, and she along with Leichra and Pitcher were taken up first, followed by Darryl and Gottmutter.

"Sis!" Ginger yelled. "Sis!

Ginger and HLS caught up with Becky, with Dish, Spoon, Bowl, Knife and Plate following behind. Becky lumbered onto her feet and walked towards the helicopter and looked up to Darryl with angry yet determined eyes.

"Molly," said Plate as she noticed Pitcher looking back down.

"Darryl," Becky growled. "I'll kill you in the name of my father, my mother, my brothers, my uncle, my aunt, my cousin, and Red-chan. You're not going to get away for this!"

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