Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 22)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 22

Title: The Slipper Situation

Chapter 17 - The Slipper Situation

Somewhere outside the city of Manchester, Vermont, there was an old abandoned dairy barn off to the side of the road. Though it didn't look like it, the farm was suspiciously sealed off. Reports of suspicious activity had been sent to the police and sometimes to the FBI. All were ignored because FBI Assistant Director Fork was told by Darryl that he was not to touch it. That made it more unusual because Fork was privy to almost all of Güse's operations.

What was in there or under there? It couldn't hold anything big and dangerous, and surveillance would have noticed it. So far, only tables, chairs, and some gluing material were brought to that barn. On the outside, it was guarded lightly by a small rotating staff of men. But perhaps Güse's minions have infiltrated the state of Vermont and were protecting it with the local government's powers.

Fork was indeed a double agent, and at one point he was formerly a triple agent when he worked with the Vatican's Section XIII "Iscariot". His loyalty lies with his Catholic religion, his country, and the Syndicate that breathes down on him. It wasn't just Tribadia's inherent lesbianism that offended him--it was its power it would grant to its homosexual female biarchs. Whatever that power was, he could not let it fall to Güse's hands. It was a risky endeavor, but he had the backing of Men, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and Ross Perot.

To distract the state government and the local government of Manchester, he simply scheduled a simultaneous a terrorism prevention conference at both places. During that time he had four of his best agents, Molly Pitcher, Chandra Plate, Steve Knife, and Ryan Bowl lead an assault on the suspicious barn. He did not want to bring in Jonathan Dish for he did not wish to worry his father and Fork's fellow Assistant Director Joseph Dish. Likewise, he could not bring in Patrick Spoon since he was Dish's partner.

The assault was fast. The four male guards were shot down, but not killed. Immediately, they broke in through the doors and the windows and discovered that a lot of hi-tech equipment had been smuggled. They apprehended an old man and his assistant, who seemed to be preoccupied at the assembly of one specific crystalline object that was put inside a vacuum-sealed chamber.

The smoking and unkempt Pitcher led Fork into the barn for his inspection. Fork, always strict about his subordinate's demeanor pulled the cigarette out of Pitcher and threw it to the ground to snuff it out.

"You might contaminate something," he said. "Or burn something."

"That would be bad, wouldn't it?" grinned Pitcher.

"It would be. So what have we found?"

"Something for a pretty girl."

Fork walked right up and pressed his hands in the booth-sized vacuum-sealed glass chamber. In the middle sitting on the pedestal on top of a table was glass slipper at eighty percent completion. It was on its side, and the rest of the fragments were sealed inside a glass box. The only way to handle it was through robotic arms or rubber insertion gloves built into the chamber. However, it could as be depressurized through a computer panel on one of the glass panels.

"I've seen that before," said Fork. "Is this what Güse and those lesbians have been after?"

"Maybe we overreacted on this one," said Pitcher. "We might get into a lot of trouble if we take it back to Washington. Let's just process it with the local authorities."

"My, you seem awfully serious today."

"Am I not allowed to? I may be laid back, but there are things that I cower in fear towards."

"But obviously, this glass slipper is very important that it must be assembled from tiny fragments. If I am not seeing things, it looks like there's some ancient Greek text. I think that says, 'This and its mate are to be placed in the feet of the destined MoÇ'."

Pitcher was looking uneasy.

"Well then, let's dismantle these things and take the slipper and the rest of the fragments back to headquarters."

"Very well sir," said Pitcher.

"Then we'll have to deal with another set of lesbians I so loathe."

Becky sneezed.

"I hear that if you sneeze, someone is talking smack about you," said Ginger.

"I sneezed because you're purposely blowing dust into my damn face," said Becky.

"Is that so?"

Ginger and Becky had been vacuuming their fledgling general store with the only vacuum they own, the Oreck, which they stole directly from the company founder himself, David Oreck (after pumping him with enema darts in an effort to steal his car, which Ginger purposely broke and blew up in the middle of a destruction derby somewhere in Kentucky). The problem is with the Oreck is that the bag was getting full, and they didn't have any bags. So Ginger and Becky had regulated to manually empty out the bag once it got full, although Ginger got too devilish and purposely emptied it into Becky's face. That earned her a full spanking.

It was just a normal Friday at Red's General store, and they decided to close early since they heard Joe the Crackhead and his transsexual girl or guy or something were coming to buy some beer (something that Becky didn't want to part with). The sight of Davina was something they didn't want to behold even after seeing her, him, it, or all three after a couple of times. So they headed home to their mountain cabin passing by trees withering their leaves away as fall went into full swing like an elderly swinger.

Mira, after healing her broken arm since the optional chapter named Super-Special No. 2, had immediately began preparing the dinner for her housemates, especially for her crush Ginger. Ginger had said before that she wanted warthog with veal, and without hesitation, Mira had gone out to kill the said warthog and calf after a recent Thanksgiving hunt (which the chapter will be written sometime in the future).

The food became prepared after the sun went down. The girls, Becky, Red, Ginger, and Mira, including their dog HLS who had just made the Guinness Book of World Records for shagging the most dogs with her double-dildo strap on, said their simple prayer that went like this:

"We humbly partake in the feasting of murdered animals killed by the industrial age with tools made by cheap slave-like overseas labor."

They were off. The dinner was peaceful. No one back-talked, nothing was set on fire, and no one got spanked. It seemed like a dream so idyllic that in each of the girls' minds they regarded this as the ideal moment. This was the family they had wished for, and they want to prolong it as much as possible. They may have to part ways when they recover Red's memories through the acquisition and assembly of the glass slippers.

None of the girls had ever asked about Red's past. She was a complete mystery, and not to mention a complete idiot--most of the time. She could be cute and innocent at one moment, and with flick of a mental switch she could be a cold-blooded killer that scared even Becky at times. If Red regained her memories, there was a sad possibility that she'll be gone, or that she'll fight them.

Speaking of glass slippers...

"Hey Gingerbrat," said Becky as she chewed on her cornbread. "Did you finish assembling that glass slipper yet?"

"Nope," smiled Ginger.

"It has been one month! What the fuck is taking you so long?"

"Hey, blame lolicunt over here! She keeps walking in and breaking it!"

"But I only wanted to help," said Red.

"Last I heard, you purposely broke it when you got frustrated with the glue bottle," said Mira.

"Gorilla Glue sucks bonobo dick," said Ginger.

"Hurry up and finish the damn slipper," said Becky. "Or do you want another spanking?"

"No ma'am."

Dinner soon ended. Mira retreated to cleaning the dishes, and Becky went outside to mediate to goth and glam rock. Ginger went upstairs to her bedroom and sat before her desk. She pulled out a hard wooden box that contained the partially finished glass slipper and its pieces. Gorilla Glue was in there, but it was only for show. She used a special type of liquid adhesive that was transparent and easy to clean off a smooth glass surface.

"Here I go again," sighed Ginger.

"Can I help?"

Ginger turned around and saw Red looking over with a playfully innocent smile.

"You're just going to get in the way," said Ginger.

"But really want to help!" whined Red. "Please! I won't break anything this time."

Ginger had enough. She pushed Red into the bed kicked the door shut. Then she pounced onto her.

"I'm tired of playing this charade!" Ginger hissed. "Why won't you let me finish the glass slipper?"

"Why are you yelling at me?"

"Don't play dumb! I can see it in your eyes. You're afraid of what might come when I finish it. But I only allowed myself to fall into your trap because you're my best friend and that I love you."

Red's face became serious and looked away from Ginger.

"I just don't want us to separate from each other," said Red.

"What about your memories? Aren't they important as well?"

Red's face cringed and she pushed Ginger off her. Ginger crashed into the desk, knocked the box, and broke the glass slipper yet again.

"Fuck you, Red," said Ginger. "Fuck you."

Ginger stormed off and went back downstairs. Somewhere there, Red heard her ran into Becky.

"You broke it again, didn't you?" Becky asked.

"All in the effort piss you off," Ginger replied happily.

"You got that right."

Thus, Becky spanked Ginger's bare ass yet again.

Red remained lying on the bed feeling very worried.

"You've got till tomorrow to assemble it!" Becky yelled.

Ginger was on all fours on the couch rubbing her clothed butt before Mira's eyes.

"God damn Sis," said Ginger. "You're serious aren't you?"

"Believe it. We don't have time to fool around!"

"You're the one that is fooling around. You say that you're going to check on me tomorrow, then you get drunk on your fat-ass and forget."

"What did you call me?"

Becky raised her fist cringing in anger, but calmly she regained her composure and lowered her hand.

"You're not worth it," said Becky as she marched upstairs.

"That's it?" Ginger cried. "No spanking! Hey fat-ass, I'm talking to you! Fat-ass! Fat-ass! Fat-ass!"

Ginger kept on yelling the insult, but Becky did not respond. Becky had already shut herself inside the cabin's master bedroom. Ginger became tired and then lay down on the couch.

"Damn it," said she. "Ever since we recovered all of the glass slipper fragments of one half of a pair, everyone's been acting like a fat-asshole. I wonder if things will become worse if we found the other pair."

"Um, Ginger," said Mira as she approached Ginger shyly.

"What? You're announcing that you've joined the fat-asshole club?"

"No I didn't mean that."


"It's just that ever since I met you, there is something I wanted to tell you."

"Which is?"

Mira stuttered. The words she wanted to say could not come out of her mouth, and Ginger's glare added to the obstruction.

"It's about the secret chemical formula of Double-E and the imitation Viagra," Mira lied.

"Oh yeah. Well, you can tell me about it later."

"Uh, okay."

Mira knew Ginger was lying. She had already stolen the formula from Mira's notes on her paper notebooks and Apple PowerBook. It was quite strange for Ginger to brush off Mira like that.

The house fell silent once more, and it became late. Mira and Ginger went to bed, while Becky and Red took a snuggling and lingering bath together. Becky had to hold her tightly and tenderly, or else she might disappear. Both wanted to remain like this for little while longer.

They went to bed with a worry over their shoulders. Becky also didn't want to see the glass slipper fragments assembled together, but it was only one half. They still had to recover the one Güse had stolen, and that would most certainly be an uphill battle, for Darryl had the most powerful shadow organization behind her along with many allies.

"Becky," said Red.

"Did you say something?"

"Let's go to sleep Grandma!"

"Uh, sure."

So they did, but with a warm and comforting embrace. They should worry about the coming day.

Sometime around the mid-morning, a Landrover SUV was approaching the cabin containing camping gear, change of clothes, and an estranged family of three that no matter what father could do no one could get along.

The teenage boy and girl siblings didn't really hate their father who divorced their mother over the honey incident at Jellystone Park, whatever that was. And it wasn't because their father earned the ire of their patriarch, Yogi Berra, who rarely exacted ire on anyone. It was simply a chore for Buster and the older Babette "Babs" Berra (there was a relation unfortunately) when their mother, Sydney Berra, pushed them to their father, Hoagie Berra, when she vacationed with her new lover Hucklebree Sawyer.

"It's going to fun week, isn't it kids?" said Hoagie.

"Meh," muttered Buster and Babs. Buster was too engrossed in playing PokÇmon on his Nintendo Gameboy, and Babs was staring out the window thinking about the boyfriend she had left behind, who might be shagging Shirley behind her back.

It was useless to please them. After all, they were jaded, selfish, and disgruntled teenagers who think the American Dream of a family consisting of a mother, father, and a set number of children a foolish and unrealistic fantasy. Hoagie still retained that hope that somehow he'll connect to his estranged children. However, that gave way he noticed something wrong with the cabin.

"Something's wrong," he said. "Kids stay in the car."

They didn't listen. Buster and Babs followed him in a dreary pace too absorbed in their self-centered minds. Suddenly, they heard their father scream.

"What is it dad?" asked Babs.

"Somebody replaced my couch!" he cried.


"Oh? It was probably your mother! She must've used this place for her orgies!"


Hoagie went into the kitchen and screamed again. "Somebody replaced the dining table and chairs!"

"Oh," said Babs.

Buster sniffed the air. "Somebody had hot sex on it too," said he.

"You're such perverted comic."

"At least I don't write crappy fanfiction of the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and the New Kids in the Block in a massive gay orgy."

"You're self-insert into the Sailor Moon universe is something that would make grown men cry."

Hoagie screamed again. He was outside beholding a pile of smoldering and chopped up animal trophy heads.

"Who could have done this?" he wept.

"Those things scared me," said Babs.

"You've just gotten your just desserts dad," said Buster.

Then Buster noticed another smoldering pile not far from his father's smoldering pile. Immediately recognizing an imported plastic part he rushed outside to gasp and weep.

"It can't be," he gasped. "No..." He then grabbed handfuls of his broken and burned Robotech and Voltron toys, which included both the giant robots and the figurines.

"Somebody burned my Robotech and Voltron toys!" he wailed. "Minmei! Lisa! I was about to write an epic fanfiction of your lesbian love affair!"

"You're pathetic you know," smiled Babs.

"You don't know the trouble I had to go through getting these!"

"You bastard! Mom and dad got you these things for all those birthdays, Christmases, Kwanzas, Bar Mitzvahs, Easters, Passovers, and Hannukahs! Be thankful we're half-Jewish and one-eighth black!"

Babs groaned at the pathetic sight of her younger brother and her father weeping over their prized possessions. But then another smoldering pile caught her eye. She walked over, looked at it, and gasped in horror. In that pile were the smoldering remains of her New Kids on the Block cassette tapes, her Backstreet Boys figurines, her Beanie Babies, and her teddy bears.

Then she yelled out, "Somebody's burned my--"

"To the rooms!" Hoagie cried out.

"Hey, wait!"

Babs followed her brother and her father back inside the cabin. Reaching the second floor, they stood before the rooms ready to swing open the doors.

Buster opened his door. "There's a tomboy sleeping in my bed!" he cried.

Babs opened her door. "Dad, there's an Arab sleeping on my bed!" she cried. "And my posters are shredded!"

Hoagie opened the door to the master bedroom, and his jaw dropped. Becky and Red were in the middle of an intense lesbian--er, tribade sex session. Despite being exposed and naked, they continued as if Hoagie weren't there. Picking up on their lovemaking sounds, Buster and Babs moved over and beheld the shocking scene.

"Whoa," said Buster.

"There's two lesbians having sex on your bed dad," said Babs.

"Guh, guh..." gurgled Hoagie.

"What the fuck is going on?" groaned Ginger.

Ginger stepped out of bedroom dressed in shorts and Buster's Voltron t-shirt whilst rubbing her eyes. After one long yawn, she glared at the Three Berras.

"Who the fuck are you guys?" Ginger asked.

Only Babs turned around. Realizing her male family members were still watching the sex, she closed the master bedroom door and manually turned Buster and Hoagie around.

"Ahem," said Babs. "We're the Berras! You're trespassing in our cabin!"

"Oh yeah?" said Ginger. "You're trespassing in our cabin. Don't make me call the police and sue you!"

"Hey Gingerbrat!" Becky yelled. "Tell them to go away!"

"You heard what Sis said. Get the fuck out of here!"

"Make us!" said Babs. "You're outnumbered!"

"What's going on here?" Mira asked as she lumbered into the hallway.

"Mira," whined Ginger, "these people say that this is their cabin, when it's ours!"


"Of course!" said Babs.

"Who are you guys again?"

"I'm Babs Berra! Next to me are my father Hoagie Berra and my brother Buster Berra."

Buster and Hoagie were still in a daze after seeing Becky and Red having sex. Babs waved her hand in front of their glassy eyes to make sure.

"Unfortunately, I'm related to them," Babs sighed.

"Berra, huh?" said Mira. "So this isn't the Gottmutter cabin?"

"No. It's across the river."

"It is?"

Mira and Ginger looked through Babs's bedroom window, and after squinting their eyes so hard, they saw Gottmutter's cabin, which turned out to be much larger even more furnished.

"I see then," said Mira.

"Yeah," said Ginger.

Mira and Ginger looked at each other and nodded.

"Hit 'em!" cried Ginger.

Without fail, Mira pulled out her tranquilizer pistol and shot the three Berras, who then collapsed immediately.

After Becky and Red finished having sex and getting dressed, they helped Mira and Ginger strip the Berras down to their underwear (and groped Babs along the way), tied them up and drew obscene words, pictures, and other funny stuff on their faces and skin. Then they hung them upside down in the kitchen, where Ginger started squeezing Babs's breasts provocatively much to Mira's confusion.

"Shit Sis," Ginger said. "How they hell did you get the wrong cabin? The one Gottmutter had was much more posh. It even had a T3 line for fuck's sake."

"I guess I wasn't thinking," smiled Becky.

"Fucking ass."

"So what should we do with the Three Berras?" Mira asked.

"Toss them into the river!"

"For once, I'll have to agree to that," said Becky.

"Yeah! Go Sis! Go Sis! It's your birthday! Go Sis!"

"But we can't let them die."

"Boo Sis. Boo Sis. It's not your birthday. It's your funeral. Boo Sis."

"Red and Ginger had already set the motorboat on fire when they sent it down the river with all those awful hexes," said Mira.

"That was cool. It scared the complete shit out of the hicks that we sold out of useless survival gear that were made in China and Tim LaHaye's books."

"I think I saw a row boat or a canoe on top of their SUV," said Becky.

"Can't we set them adrift on the SUV?"

"We need a getaway vehicle after you toasted the BMW M5 with the flame thrower."

"That was cool also. But we could get another pumpkin-orange Volkswagen in a jiffy, right?"

"Shut it and get the rowboat."

The girls including their dog, HLS, went back to the olive-green Landrover SUV to pull down the boat from the top. HLS's ears shot up erect and looked towards the northern sky. There was something ominous coming. Red was second to notice it. Then Becky, and finally Mira. Ginger was still in the dark.

"Something's coming," said Red.

"You're right," said Becky. "Everyone get in!"

"Hey, what about the Three Berras?" Ginger asked.

No one answered because Becky, Red, and Mira, ran back inside the cabin to grab their weapons and Ginger's laptop computer. Becky threw the laptop into Ginger's arms and shoved her in the back seat of the SUV along with Red and HLS. Mira took the passenger seat, and Becky, after taking one parting swig of her bottle of whiskey in the driver's seat, started the car and drove off. Then she threw the bottle away.

"Sis, what's going on?" Ginger demanded. "What's everyone getting worked up for?"

Then there was boom-roar of black helicopters overhead, and Ginger saw past the SUV's windowed sunroof (or moonroof). Since she was unbuckled, she felt herself tossed around the backseat and crashing into Red and HLS, or being crashed into. Becky was swerving through the trees of forests and the dead leaf hills.

They escaped through the abandoned amusement park passing by the rusting and looping roller coasters, the faded merry-go-rounds, and the dusty freak show alley. Finally, they made it back into the edge of the town, but awaiting them were black SUVs and black sedans belonging to the Nashville branch of the FBI. Becky parked the car far away, and cautiously headed a few blocks to their general store. Red, Mira, Ginger, and HLS followed cautiously.

Peeking from behind a condemned house, they saw their store being surrounded. A concerned crowd had gathered, but they were held back by barriers put up by the police. The townspeople knew that the store had been dealing with semi-illegal and morally sinful items, and they even bought many of it. They pretended to be innocent, yet at the same time sad to see it closed down permanently. Around that area, a couple of FBI agents were getting frustrated at interrogating the never-helpful Joe the Crackhead, while other agents were throwing up at the sight of his shemale or transgender girl(boy?)friend. At the front of the store, stood a chain-smoking and rugged FBI tomboy agent, whose partner was a spastic female running around and trying to coral the other fellow agents. There was also a husky agent eating shortbread cookies and his sharp male partner who was playing air saxophone for his female fans.

"Someone snitched on us!" said Ginger.

"It doesn't seem that way," said Becky.

"It is! They're taking our swag, drugs, and loot!"

"Yes, but at random. That's not what they're looking for."

"You don't suppose it's the glass slipper," said Mira.

"I hope not."

They returned back to the SUV and looked in the wooden box that supposed to contain the slipper, but it didn't. Instead, it had photos of Sexy Ginger-Mummy.

"It's the wrong box!" Becky cried.

"Sorry Grandma," said Red.

"Dumbface!" Ginger cried as she softly hits Red's head. "You deserve a Ginger Knuckle-Sandwich."

"But this is the box you keep it in."

"One of the boxes. I have three exact copies and rotate around them. Although I wonder why there are photos me in there..."

Mira blushed and shrunk away from the rest of the girls.

"The FBI would have already taken it by now," said Becky.

"We should have stood up against them!" Ginger yelled.

"We should have, but we could be inviting more trouble. To add to that, I have feeling they might be present as well."

"The Ellas," said Red.


"Once again our fearless leader shrinks away from a fight."

"Tut-tut. I am merely advancing away from the enemy--strategically speaking."


"In any case, they won't let us go off easy since we know the existence of the glass slippers. If that wasn't the case, I would have just gone off and let them have it. However, we still have to recover Red's memories."

"And you still have your revenge against Darryl Güse," said Red.

"Güse," growled Becky. "As long as she exists, we can't go into hiding."

"So what do we do now fearful leader?" Ginger asked.

"Hmm. We need a new hideout, and I need to talk to Gottmutter."

"We'll use the Schumacher Shoe Factory!"

"Good. Now let's move."

They got back into the SUV, but Mira was the last to join them as she drearily picked up the photos of Sexy Ginger-Mummy and the box that contained them.

"For sentimental purposes," said Mira.

"Okay, whatev," said Ginger.

They drove back to the south part of Nashville and stopped before the Soul Food Bar. This was the first time the girls minus Becky saw it, but unfortunately it was closed and boarded up.

"Your benefactor skipped out on you Sis," said Ginger.

"No shit," cursed Becky.

Becky drove off in anger.

She drove back to the scene of the crime hours later. The FBI had cleared out, but Red's General Store was taped off and guarded by the police. Strangely enough, the record store across the street ran by Ted was also closed and boarded up.

They went back to cabin and found it to be completely emptied out, including the smoldering piles of hunting trophies, teenybopper merchandise, and 80's anime toys that were out in the back.

"Shit, they took my PowerMac and IBM servers along with it!" Ginger cursed.

"And my glass slipper," said Red.

"Because of you, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

"Shush," said Becky. "You wanted to come along, didn't you?"

She was right. Ginger shut her mouth and obediently followed Becky back to the SUV.

The girls didn't stay for too long at the Schumacher Shoe Factory where Becky and Red first heard of the hint of Güse's involvement of the glass slipper fragments. When dawn came, they ditched the Landrover SUV and bought a beat-up white Chevrolet station wagon and traveled to Lexington, Kentucky, and finally ended up in Charleston, West Virginia. They took up a longer residence at the condemned and ready-to-be imploded Peabody's Mattress Emporium at the edge of the city. It was also the place where Ginger used its address to get fake IDs, grants, and other government handouts. Thus, a pile of old mail was waiting for her at the mailbox. Luckily, most of them were credit card applications Ginger immediately filled up using false identification just so she could get disposable junk credit and buy stuff.

With Mira's help, Ginger leeched off the telephone line outside of the warehouse and got a quick but not terribly fast T1 Internet connection speed. On Becky's request, she immediately set to work on finding out where the FBI have taken the glass slippers.

Everyone was lying low, including HLS who had to restrain shagging every female dog she saw, and if she attempted to do anything, Becky gave her jolting tug on the leash.

Days passed. The girls had not been suspected or caught, but they were nevertheless restless. Ginger had another laptop bought for her to aid her search for the whereabouts of the glass slippers they had lost, but no amount of tea, coffee, cappuccino, or Red Bull could quicken the search. She had very little sleep, and the girls suggested that she should rest.

"We're going to find those glass slippers!" Ginger yelled. "I'm not letting some old bitch rule the world when I am more than capable to do so!"

At the same time, Mira, in disguise and under a false identity, went about the city asking questions to the shady types, such as drug dealers, mob groups, right-wing terrorists, left-wing nuts, and arms dealers. They seem to know nothing about the glass slipper, but perhaps they knew but were too afraid to tell.

When they slept, the girls used the soiled mattresses that were piled twenty high. When they didn't, the girls and their dog sometimes climbed and played on top of it like innocent children before TV dinners. Then Ginger would go back to work with Mira tending to every need, HLS would guard the premises.

Becky and Red rested the most, but Red did not sleep much on the piled mattresses. Reasons would include that she didn't drink heavily like her lover, Becky, or that they mattresses smelled like pee. However, her thoughts wondered around the completion of the glass slippers and the power they held. In truth, Red didn't lose her memories. She simply shut it away, and she was deathly afraid to bring it back into her light, thus risking the lives of her dear family.

"I can't sleep," said Red.

Becky stirred. "Huh, what?"

"I can't sleep."

"Maybe you're too high up Red-chan."


She never did sleep.

Dawn broke. Red climbed down stack of twenty mattresses and walked towards Ginger and Mira, both who were dozing. After coving them both with blankets, Red looked at the laptop screens and saw that Ginger was in the middle of an intense chat with her enemies at It seemed that there were links and pictures, and claims that their father in the Washington D.C. FBI home office saw the glass slippers--the complete but mostly assembled pair. Excited, Red shook Ginger wildly.

"Ginger! Ginger!" she yelled. "It's there! It's at Washington D.C.!"


Ginger's fist struck Red's nose and made it bleed. But that did not falter the redheaded and red-hooded girl. Finally, Ginger and Mira woke up fully.

"Oh, hey Donkey Cunt Country," said Ginger. "What's up?"

"You found the place," said Red.

"Oh." Ginger turned back to the laptop computer monitors. "It looks like those geeks still like me."

"Washington D.C.?" Mira said. "This is not good."

They all heard a thud. The girls turned around and saw Becky rising to her feet. After scratching her flaking scalp, she lumbered over to the group and puts her hands on Red's shoulders.

"Complex 17," said she. "I'm up for it."

So the next couple of days the girls prepared and armed themselves with all the gear they could carry on their person at one time. They didn't have much money left nor did they have the time to gather large amounts of it, but they managed to get what they needed.

They ditched, or rather purposely burned down their Chevrolet station wagon and bought a black GMC van that looked suspiciously like the one the retired Sergeant Bosco "Bad Attitude" Baracus drove and repaired for his gung-ho comrades he served with during the Vietnam War. Once they loaded their emergency equipment and cleaned out the sour milk stains that caused that weird odor, the girls road-tripped eastward towards Washington D.C. They snuck in through a checkpoint manned by one of Ginger's contacts, but it was sheer coincidence that Becky knew him as well.

The glass slipper was held at a top-secret government location simply known as Complex 17, which was a seemingly normal giant warehouse next to the reservoir. They scouted the area for only about six hours with very little sleep. On the outside, it looked as if it was a regular business warehouse, but the people who came in and out constantly looked over their backs even though they didn't outright show it.

"Very suspicious," said Becky. She was on the roof of a school building watching the warehouse via binoculars. The girls and the dog were close up eating snacks, but were still alert.

"So how do we get in?" asked Ginger. "Bust in full force?"

"That may be the only solution."

"I'll agree to that, but might I add a little of my touch?" Mira asked.

"Oh?" said Ginger. "And what can you do?"

"Seduce the guards off course!"

"You're kidding. Are you sure you're experienced in this kind of thing?"




"I get it," said Becky. "So you'll use your Middle Eastern charm and slip in some gas through the vents."

"Indeed. By the way, I'm--"

"Pakistani, we know," said Ginger.

"Then good luck to you Mira," said Becky.

When they all went back to their red-striped black van, Mira immediately changed to a sexy Persian robe and veil that caught Ginger's eye.

"You look good," said Ginger.

"Really?" Mira blushed.

"Like hell!"

Ginger laughed. With feelings hurt, Mira sulked underneath a street lamp with Becky and HLS following her.

"I don't feel like doing this anymore," said Mira.

"Don't let it get to you," said Becky.

"Arf!" barked HLS.

"Remember that you're an important part of the team. We wouldn't have gotten to where we are because of you."

Mira wiped a tear from one of her eyes. "Thanks Rebecca."

Back at the van, Red felt a deep chill on her back. Then she sneezed.

"Someone really must be talking smack about you Red," said Ginger.

"I guess so," said Red.

And so, the girls hijacked a taxi and used it to drop Mira off at corner near Complex 17. Mira, pretending to be a lost Iranian woman, stumbled her way down the sidewalk and approached the two guards.

"Oh, excuse me," she said. "Could you please help me? I seem to be lost."

Mira tripped and her veil flew off her head. Her faux-Persian beauty and her Persian curses, which Mira was very fluent in, enamored the two male guards. As she got up, her robe ripped to reveal her smooth light brown-skinned legs.

Unfortunately, the guards were red-blooded xenophobic white Americans, who were suspicious of anyone who was Muslim. They aimed their assault rifles at Mira.

"Don't you move whore of Mohammed!" they cried.

Something was stinging their eyes that they tears poured out. Their noses twitched, and they began breathing heavily. Mira cautiously crawled back as the guards began coughing violently. Blood were coming out of their mouths. Mira then took their guns away as they collapsed dead.

Just in case, Mira destroyed the radios and grabbed the keys from the security booth. After taking off her robe and veil in a flash, Mira, now grabbed in a one-piece suit that exposed her sexy legs, ran into perimeter and threw timed gas grenades towards the vents of the building.

In no time, the hijacked taxi and the black van crashed through the retractable barrier and the security booth. Becky, Red, Ginger, and HLS leapt out of the vehicles. Mira and the girls put on their gas masks, and HLS ran off to secure the perimeter for their eventual escape.

"We do not have much time," said Becky. "Let's get in a retrieve that glass slippers!"

The girls nodded.

"I wonder of there'd be other treasure in there," wondered Ginger.

They could feel explosions from within the secured surveillance room. On the monitors, the girls laid to waste every armored FBI agent and hired guard that came after them.

Assistant Director Fork was inside the room watching with a confident smile. Flanking him were Ryan Bowl, Steve Knife, Chandra Plate, and Molly Pitcher.

"They're using some type of gas agent sir," said Bowl. "Slow reacting like perfume or incense."

"I see then," said Fork. "Order the agents to put on their masks on the double."

"Yes sir."

"Those lesbian terrorists will not get their hands on those slippers. They will die with no one to mourn over them."

Little did they know that another group of female assassins and mercenaries were secretly entering. They were on the monitors as quick and unnoticeable shadows and blurs.

In the cramped hallways, it was sheer pandemonium. Becky and the girls were running, but they did not know where. Their first goal was to find a network port for Ginger to plug her laptop in, but so far they have found none. The agents and guards were not letting up, and seemed that there was an endless supply. Now they were wearing gas masks, and Becky, Red, and Mira were quickly running out of knives and ammunition.

They found themselves fleeing into the cavernous warehouse full of giant shelves holding priceless artifacts the powers of the world wanted to keep hidden, such as the Ark of Covenant, the foreskin of Jesus, the foreskin of the Prophet Mohammed, the foreskin of Bruce Wayne, bottles of Moses's wine (which Becky managed to get a sip off before the bottle shattered), Noah's Ark, the Sword of Dios, Adam in his embryonic state, a Jackalope corpse, Kryptonite, a mermaid's scale, a dragon's scale, J.K. Rowling's lost Harry Potter manuscript (where Harry and Ron declare their love for each other and have hot sex), and recovered art of Gene Duo Biggs painted when she was sane (was she ever sane?). All of the items were being ripped apart as if there was no care for them. Then again, if they were destroyed thoroughly beyond recognition, no one would contest to its existence and it would fall into legend forever.

Ginger hid under the bulletproof top hat of Abraham Lincoln as bullets flew all over her. She and the girls were inside the engine room of the surprisingly modern yet organic Noah's Ark that was shaped like a 50's style UFO.

"Perhaps this wasn't a good idea to bust in full force," grinned Becky as she sharpened her sword, the Shinseiki.

"Now you tell me," said Ginger.

"And I'm running out of gas too," said Mira.

"Oh, yay."

"But we always get out these things somehow," said Becky. "Maybe if we can get Noah's Ark up and running..."

Suddenly, the bullets stopped. After a moment of silence, and endless outburst of blood-curdling screams were now heard throughout the warehouse.

"Did you do something?" Becky asked Mira.

"No," said Mira.

They heard something rattle close by. The girls turned and saw Red shaking and rattling her pistols and bullets.

"No..." she gasped. "Not them... not now..."

"Let's take a look," said Becky.

Becky, Mira, and Ginger crawled out to the deck of the Noah's Ark UFO just as one of the giant shelves of artifacts toppled. On the ground was hundreds of FBI agents and guards brutally slain. There was one straggler that had survived, but he crawled on all fours clutching his bleeding crotch.

"HLS?" Ginger asked.

Suddenly, the straggler was shot dead in the head by a sniper bullet.

"It's different," said Becky. "They were taken off with malice."

"Becky!" Red cried. "Guys! Get out of here now!"

Too late. From the air descended Cecilia Ella in a dark trench coat with her serrated and bloodied long daggers brandished. Red jumped off the Noah's Ark UFO and deflected the blades with her pistols.

"Long time no see, baby sister!" Cecilia grinned as she licked her bloodstained lips.

Red parried against her and kicked her away. She then grabbed Mira and Ginger and ran away with Becky following.

"We have to get out of here," she said. "Or else..."

Just as the made it to the door, the door away and the walls beside it fell apart. Before them was the head-shaved and trench coat-wearing Celeste Ella retracting her left fist.

Becky, Red, Mira, and Ginger, who was shaking and wetting her pants in fright, had their backs against each other as Celeste and her daughter slowly advanced towards them. Then Red's ear and eyebrow twitched. There was another Ella.

"Becky, take care of things," said Red.

"Wait!" cried Becky.

Red was gone. She was climbing up the fallen giant shelve to the top of the next one, and then disappeared from the sight of her friends and lover. After leaping to the next top of the shelf, she spotted the beautiful Charlotte Ella sitting on the fable Rocking Chair of Inevitable Doom loading up another cartridge for her sniper rifle. She too was wearing a dark trench coat just like her mother and younger sister.

"Charlotte," said Red.

"Little sister, hello."

Red charged and fired her two pistols. Charlotte stood up, kicked the Rocking Chair of Inevitable Doom away, and dodged all of the bullets with minimum movements and with grace. She back-flipped away and drew out her silvery Browning HP pistol and fired six shots--one of which struck Red in the shoulder. Red was not fazed, and continued firing at Charlotte.

Their fight was then interrupted by reinforcements from Fork's FBI unit firing from up above the metallic catwalks. Both Red and Charlotte shot them down with impeccable skill. They quickly climbed the line the agents were attempting to go down on and killed almost all of them. Red and Charlotte picked up their guns and resumed their duel.

Meanwhile, Becky had ordered Mira and Ginger to run away while she attempted to fight off against Celeste and Cecilia, even though she was outmatched. Soon enough, the FBI reinforcements had arrived on foot and began firing at Becky and her two opponents. They took cover behind the massive mummified carcass of the Loch Ness Monster.

"Cecilia!" cried Celeste. "Go after those two girls!"

"Sure mother!" Cecilia saluted using one of her long daggers. "Would not want to miss my chance tasting the parts of the glasses chick."

Cecilia leapt over the carcass and charged straight towards the agents with no regards to the bullets they were firing. She broke through their line, and sliced them up like butter.

Mira was running hand-in-hand with the still-frightened Ginger. They met up with some small groups of armed agents, but Mira took care of them with poison darts, bullets, and hand-to-hand combat, which she was not too bad at. With the activity around them dying down, they reached the end of the hallway where the elevator resided. Mira frantically pressed the buttons to go up or down. It did not matter. She and Ginger had to get away.

"Come on," she said. "Come on."

Ginger slumped down to the ground with her laptop computer in her arms.

"Why am I so afraid?" Ginger cried. "Why?"

"This is no time to be afraid Ginger Baker."

"But Mira..."

"They're over there!" cried an agent.

"Freeze!" cried another.

They were caught. A group of eleven agents began to advance towards Mira and Ginger with their assault rifles and red laser sights pointed at them. Mira searched through her bag for anything to fight with. Bullets, darts, gas grenades: she was out of them. She dropped her bag and held out her hands for the inevitable.

Then something caught the attention of the eleventh agent. He turned around and alerted his peers of the other intruder. Cecilia was facing them with hungry eyes and with a bloodstained mouth.

"FIRE!" cried the team captain.

The bullets riddled through Cecilia as if she was a rag doll. She collapsed, but after a couple of moments, she began rising like a zombie. The bullet wounds were there, but she shook it off as if nothing had hit her. Cecilia resumed grinning, and then licked the blood of the blade of one of her long knives.

"No way..." gasped an agent.

"A regenerator?"

"Grenades!" shouted the captain. "Throw your grenades!"

They were too late to act. Cecilia swiftly charged after them and sliced the limbs off agents save for the captain. In one slash, she sliced all of his genitals. The team captain fell to his knees wailing in deep pain, but Cecilia held him up by his head. She scooped up his bloodied genitals and ate it in front of his eyes with utter animal viciousness. After swallowing the last bit, she killed him by slashing his throat.

Cecilia really wanted to eat the genitals of the other fallen agents, but she had to chase after her two targets. They were getting away. Mira and Ginger were now inside the elevator huddled to the rear, and Cecilia charged towards them with her long knife forward.

She missed. The elevator doors closed, and the elevator was going down. But Mira and Ginger could not rest, for the top was being ripped apart by sharpened long knives. Cecilia was above them staring with malignant eyes. Mira and Ginger screamed and immediately hit all the buttons on the elevator. Once it stopped and opened, they ran out towards the nearest stairwell with Cecilia chasing them.

"Ginger!" Mira cried. "Run!"

Mira pushed Ginger to the stairwell while Cecilia rapidly sliced and skewered at Mira. Cecilia was pushing Mira back towards the window. Mira did not know if it would be a big drop or a short one. She was cornered and had no way to fight back.

Suddenly, a laptop computer was thrown at the back of Cecilia's head. Cecilia turned around and saw Ginger still lingering after performing one the very few acts of bravery of her lifetime.

"I'll eat you up real good," hissed Cecilia.

Cecilia lunged towards Ginger, but was suddenly brought down to the floor by Mira who held on to her legs.

"Run Ginger!" Mira wept. "Please, run!"

Ginger was confused. In the face of fear, she would not hesitate to run away and ditch her friends, yet still she lingered. After finally mustering her courage to go on command, Ginger turned around and ran only to bump into the chest of a tall and muscular woman. Celeste was now before her with an unconscious Becky slung over her right shoulder. In one chop to the back of the neck, Celeste knocked Ginger unconscious.

Cecilia kicked Mira off her legs. After she got back to her feet, Cecilia then kicked her stomach hard. She then ran to cut up the unconscious Ginger, but her mother stopped her with just one palmed gesture.


"But mother!"

"We use her to lure Cindi."

"Damn. Now what do we do with the Paki?"

Mira was on the ground weeping and clutching her stomach.

"We'll have to take her along as well," said Celeste.


Bowl, Knife, Plate, and Pitcher and a couple of armed guards followed Fork down the halls to the entrance of high security vault. After giving a thumbprint, a fingerprint, a palm print, a pass phrase, and a retina scan, the dark metal doors popped open. Fork and the others stepped inside and walked down empty glass cases of a very bright and crystalline room. At the end waiting for them was the pair of glass slippers at fifty percent completion each. After pressing the code on the access panel, the glass barriers of the glass slippers rose towards the ceiling.

"We'll break them and then move them," said Fork.

"I do not think that would be wise sir," said Pitcher.

"Oh? And why not?"

Pitcher drew out her government-issued Smith and Wesson semi-auto pistol and pointed at Fork's head.

"What's the meaning of this?" Fork asked.

"To avenge my husband you dogs of corporatist pigs," said Pitcher.

Pitcher pulled the trigger and the bullet drove through Fork's head. Fork slumped to the ground. Though shocked, Bowl, Knife, and Plate aimed their pistols at Pitcher.

"Pitcher!" cried Plate. "What have you done?"

They heard the cocking of assault rifles. The armed and armored guards that accompanied them had their weapons at the three confused FBI agents, who then dropped their guns and held their hands up.

"I can't believe it," said Knife. "You were working for them?"

"I have a beef against the country that builds its freedom on globalist ruthlessness and oppression," said Pitcher. "Darryl Güse will usher in an age of true justice."

After taking the partially completed glass slippers and their fragments and putting them in metallic cases, Pitcher nodded to the guards to hit the agents. They weren't unconscious, but Pitcher and her men left them inside the vault and locked them in. She and her men then headed to the roof of the warehouse complex where a helicopter was waiting for them. Celeste, Cecilia, and their unconscious living trophies were there as well.

"Where's the other one?" Pitcher asked.

"She's dealing with our adopted little sister," said Cecilia. "We'll pick her up soon enough."

"Let's hurry. We don't want the rest of the Capital to find out about this situation."

They had already killed all of the agents and guards within their sights. Red and Charlotte continued their focus on their fighting firing one bullet after one another until they ran out. They had used all of the bullets they picked up from the fallen agents and guards as well as the ones on their person. They could fight hand-to-hand now, but it was not the right time as indicated by Charlotte's smile.

"Dear sister," said Charlotte, "perhaps now would be a good time to check on your lover and your friends. It's all too quiet."

"You're bluffing."

"You of all people should know that they're not match for us. And do you think you can take us all one at a time? We're the ones who taught you!"


The skylight above them shattered. A rope was lowered and Charlotte grabbed it. Red looked up and saw the unconscious bodies of Becky and her friends spilling over the side of the helicopter. Cecilia was standing over them with a menacing smile.

"Meet us at the Death Spindle if you wish to save them," said Charlotte.

Charlotte was then whisked away into the sky as the helicopter ascended through the dark skies.

"No," gasped Red. "Ginger, Mira, Becky..."

After a while she heard sirens and then helicopters. She knew that more FBI agents, the police, and even the National Guard would storm Complex 17. There was no time for Red to lament her recent loss. So she descended from the catwalks and ran off trying to find the nearest feasible escape route. As she did so, she passed by Becky's chipped Shinseiki that was spiked to the ground, and then picked it up without hesitation.

Red escaped through the sewers right as the armed authorities stormed Complex 17. She made it out to the drainage ditch. After climbing over the ditch, she then walked her way through a forest area of a golf course amidst the hooting of owls and the chirping of crickets. Red finally fumbled her way out and ended up out of Washington D.C. into the suburbs of a Maryland city. Eventually, HLS found her sitting at the edge of a river.

Using discarded newspapers she found in a dumpster, Red covered the sword and wandered about downtown with HLS following her. Her first priority was to rest and gather her strength. The Ellas won't outright kill Becky and her friends just yet. They would rather kill them in front of Red's eyes.

Then there was the additional priority of finding the Death Spindle. What did Charlotte mean by that? Was there a medieval spindle that causes death? It was more than likely a nickname or a trademark. Whatever the case, Red went to the nearest phone booth next to a convenience store and flipped through the phonebook. She had hoped that the Death Spindle was nearby.

"I'm telling you, your wife is cheating on you," said one of the two men that came out of the store.

"She's Catholic," said the other. "She won't do that kind of thing."

"Oh really? There must be a reason why she hasn't called you quite often as usual."

"Whatever the reason, I'm glad."

"Oh? Searching for new action I take it? Nudge, nudge."

"Stop that."

Then their cell phones rang. The man with the possibly cheating wife answered.

"Dish here. Complex 17? We'll be over there."

"John," said Fork. "That girl..."

Red turned her heard. Dish and Spoon were now staring at her, but HLS did nothing to attack them. Dish moved past HLS and opened up the booth. He opened up his jacket to display the holstered pistol before her.

"Ma'am," he said, "you're coming with me."

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