Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 12)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 12

Title: The Deadly Ranch of Pecos and Slue-foot

Chapter 12: The Deadly Ranch of Pecos and Slue-foot

William "Bill" Pecos: a wealthy oil baron and the CEO of Pecos Petroleum Industries who single-handedly "monopolized" the Rio Grande river for his own personal needs, and holds a patent on the Lasso. Some of his most prized possessions are his dark helicopter called the "Cyclone", his man-eating horse "Widow-maker", and a whip named "Rattlesnake", which he sometimes lets Sue use on him.

Susan "Slue-foot" Sue: not much is known about her, except she owns a luxury motorboat called the "Catfish" and that she is Pecos's woman. No one is sure if she is his wife, mistress, or just a passing fancy.

Both of them do love to torture each other in silly ways.

Their ranch is situated just on the outskirts of Arlen, Texas. They have one oil well on the edge of their land, a giant roaming area for their cattle, their barn, their stables, a heliport and dock by the Rio Grande River, and their expansive Pueblo mansion-castle. Surrounding the mansion is a perimeter of apple trees being tended by their primary bodyguard and Soldats-trained sharpshooter Johnny Appleseed (voiced by David Lucas, Steve Blum, David Hayter, or whatever). Appleseed, or J.A. as Pecos and Sue like to call him, loves apples and is said to make the most slammin' apple cider in North America.

Besides Appleseed, Pecos has hired numerous well-trained bodyguards to guard his ranch armed with heavy assault weaponry. That may strike the Arlen authorities as suspicious rich-man paranoid behavior, but Bill immediately silenced them with bribes, under-the-table dealings, and sometimes extortion.

In their black Cadillac sedan, Pecos and Sue returned from their getaway in Las Vegas with their prized winning hidden inside a secure wooden silk-lined box. The guard in his box activate the mechanism to open their lavish metal gate in order to let his employers in. After going past the rows of beautiful sagebrushes, they go through the apple tree perimeter and see Appleseed sitting under one of his trees whittling away at a stick he intends to use on the anus of a squirrel he despises.

Their driver park their Cadillac inside their expansive garage lined up with polished and vintage American cars, such as the Ford Mustang and other Cadillacs. Also in the garage are vintage trucks and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

After securing Sue's glass slipper fragment, they decide to have dinner, which is fried raspberry gumbo--the one of its kind. As he ate and drank his apple cider, Pecos noticed something troubling Sue's mind.

"What is wrong, hon?" he asked her.

"I can't believe we spent a lot of money on just a piece of glass," said Sue. "Who knows if it is really what Darryl claims it to be?"

"She says that once both glass slippers are reassembled, the legendary kingdom of Tribadia will rise from the Agean sea. The one who wears them will be destined to rule the kingdom, and thus the entire world."

Sue's eyes, sudden widen. "Are you sure?"

"Then again, I hear only lesbians can be the new Queen of Tribadia."

Sue slumps down and looks away from her lover. "So you don't care about a bunch of lesbos like Darryl ruling the world?"

"I may not like gays, but Darryl is one woman you should not mess with."

"Then why should you pay her a yearly tithe? You're Bill Pecos! The most powerful rancher and oil baron of Texas! The Bushes and Halliburton are scared shitless of you!"

"Woman, you have no say on how I run my ranch."

"Billy, I want to be Queen of Tribadia! Screw Darryl!"

"But you'd have to be a lesbian."

"Then I'll be bisexual at least, right? Where's our maid?"

"She's off duty at the moment. Besides, she's pushing fifty."

"Then go out and find some hussie I can have sex with! And she'd better be pretty!"

"Whoa there, Slue-foot Sue--do you know what the hell you are saying? Going against Güse--coming out of the closet; if you wanna be a Queen of sunken island nation, do it on your own."

Sue angrily knocks her plate and glass off the table. She leaps off her chair, plants her arms down on the table and stares down at a semi-defiant Pecos.

"How long have we been together, Billy?" asked Sue. "Ten years? Fifteen years? You know I'm the only one who can give the best anal with my earlobe and get you off with chia pets and rubber ducks. Besides, if you don't do what I do, I'll tell all the Arlen and Texan liberals of your secret dealings with the national Republican party."

Pecos sighs.

"All right then, honey," said he. "I'll hold off selling the glass slipper fragment and find you a woman."

"Good," smiled Sue. "And we should also create a network of informants to find the rest of the glass slipper fragments."

"And what about me?"

"So what do want up anus today?"

"Gummi worms. And I would also like you to spray a can of air duster on my genitals."

"We did that last week."

"I want to do it again."

"Fine. Then I'll have to borrow Rattlesnake again. Plus, you need to stack ten Betamax VCRs on my bare breasts when I'm done with you."


After their unusual erotic torture session, Pecos sets out to find a suitable girl for his woman, while Sue fingered through the glass slipper fragment that is in her possession while fingering herself.

They arrive in the Arlen airport only to receive an earful from the airport personnel about their rude conduct during the one-hour flight. On her partners' request, Mira sedates everyone in airport with sleeping gas. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring gasmasks for Becky and Red, and Ginger held her breath. Ginger, Mira, and HLS dragged Becky and Red's sleeping bodies to the first cab they saw, and then hijacked it by threatening to the drive that they will report him to the immigration officials.

In their hotel room, Becky and Red continued sleeping. Mira takes a shower and masturbates, HLS is in the lobby shagging two female Labrador retrievers, and Ginger successfully swindles $500 from the hotel manger and his migrant workers through a rigged one-card Monte.

That is how the girls passed the time until their informant arrived. After seeing the peachy abdomen of some giant bug mockup, Ginger and HLS immediately ran upstairs to the hotel room and wakes Becky and Red up by pouring a bucket of hotel ice in their panties. For them, it was sure a rude wake up call. When asked who did it, Ginger pointed the blame to HLS and Mira. Mira had just gotten out of the shower when the question was asked.

There is rhythmic knock on the door. Becky gave instructions and the knock-password to the informant to confirm that he has arrived. It was supposed to be the rhythm of the melody to the "Sound of Music" or Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence". Either way, Becky forgot what it was supposed to be.

"Hey, let me in," screamed a whiny Texan. "It's Dale Gribble--your 'quote-unquote' informant. You told me to knock on this room, remember?"

Becky nods to Red to arm herself and situate herself by the doorway. Becky unsheathes her Shinseiki katana. She heads over to the door and slowly opens the door.

Immediately, Becky pulls inside a skinny middle-aged man wearing an orange cap and mirrored sunglasses and pushes him onto the bed. Red and Becky point their weapons at his head as Dale whines for mercy.

"Ahh!" he screamed. "Please don't kill me! I'm too handsome to die!"

Certainly, no one in Texas can make such a whine. Becky and Red holster their weapons and help Dale up to his feet.

"Sorry about that, Mister Kibble," said Red.

"That's Gribble little lady," said Dale.

They apologized to him, and he replied it was no problem due to the ever growing millennium conspiracy.

Becky and the girls load up with their stuff inside Dale's van, which is used for his self-employed pest control job. Becky and HLS sit in the front seat while Dale drives and smokes. Red, Mira, and Ginger ride uncomfortably in the back. However, none of them are too nerved up about being surrounded by so many toxic chemicals. As a chemist, Mira knows that they are safe, unless they pesticides are sprayed into their eyes or ingested. Ginger begins to have thoughts of using the chemicals to spray on people and killing bugs and animals. Red, on the other hand, is getting high from the fumes.

Throughout the way, Dale explained to Becky about Pecos, Sue, and their ranch.

"So why are you helping us?" asked Becky.

"Pecos is actively getting his hands in the politics of Arlen and the state of Texas," said Dale. "He is secretly sabotaging other Republican candidates' campaigns in order to get George Bush in the ticket."

"Didn't he get defeated by Clinton?"

"I meant George W. Bush--the son of George H.W. Bush."

"I thought Pecos didn't like Bush."

"He doesn't, but by putting a stupid fool as leader, he'll be able to manipulate him from the shadows. I may be a proud Texan Miss Becky, but I don't like how Republicans claim to advocate limited government when they truly desire an intrusive one in the first place. Besides, my wife hates Slue-foot Sue."

"How come?"

Dale narrows his eyes as he turns toward Becky and HLS.

"That is because they wore the same dress," he uttered.

As the sun starts to set in the vast deserts of Texas, Dale parks the van at the very edge of Pecos's ranch property, which is miles away from the main compound. They all come out to take a look with their binoculars. Meanwhile, Red and Ginger take out Dale's pesticide equipment and starts spraying anything at random, such as flowers, bugs, rabbits, etc..

"His land is highly secured," said Dale. "There are numerous heat and laser sensors posted all over the place disguised as cactuses."

"How do you know all this?" asked Becky.

"Oh, I know all right. That is how they caught me in Area 51."

"Ah, this is nothing," smiled Becky as she pockets her binoculars. "Red-chan is an expert at ninjitsu and Gingerbrat is able to hack into anything."

"w00t!" screamed Ginger. "Sis said something good about me!"

"Cockroaches can die from a nicotine overdose," said Red, "so selling cigarettes would be as illegal as selling LSD."

When Dale turned around, he became shocked that Red and Ginger are playing with his equipment.

"What are you girls doing?" cried Dale.

Ginger pulls the sprayer nozzle out from a turtle's anus.

"Spraying stuff," replied Ginger.

"Put that back!"


Ginger sprays some unknown pesticide into Dale's face. Dale collapses to the ground whining, cringing as he clutches his face.

"My eyes! My eyes!" he screamed.

"Mister Gribble," said Mira. "You are wearing glasses."

"My face! My face!"

"It's just coyote pheromones."

"Coyote pheromones?"

Before they knew it, Dale and the girls are directly in the center of a circle of hot and horny coyotes. Dale scrambles to his feet and runs away screaming almost like a little girl and the coyotes chase him.

"Thank you Mister Kibble!" screamed Red as she dangerously waves her nozzle of pesticides, pheromones, potpourri, or whatever.

Then the girls soon realize HLS is shagging two female coyotes with her double-dildo strap-on, while a male coyote shags the tortoise Ginger pumped up with her nozzle full of pheromones.

Sometime after, Red finds a matchbook in the ground and decides to test the flammability of the van by throwing a lit match into the van. The van explodes, and the girls shuffle ten feet away from the destruction.

"Nice Red-chan," said Becky. "Now we have to initiate the operation immediately."

"Which is supposed to take place six o'clock on the dial."

"Of course."

"It's six o'clock right now."

"Then let's jam!"

The girls immediately change out of their usual clothes and into tight-fitting and bodily-enhancing black sneak suits. Mira was the last the finish changing as she was too busy watching Ginger undress and dress. Now there is a wet-spot in Mira's crotch consisting of what the girls like to call "vagina juice[i]".

Mira becomes even wetter as Ginger semi-provocatively rubs the smooth surface of the suit on her butt.

"Shit man," she muttered. "This thing's too tight on my ass."

"You're the one who bought the suits for us," said Becky.

"I only bought it 'cause it would make me look cool. And besides, I didn't buy it--I stole it."

"From who?"

"Some secret government organization called Foxhound."

After they load up their equipment on their wearable packs, they set out towards Pecos' ranch. HLS takes point so she can sniff out any booby traps such as landmines, bear traps, hidden pitfalls, and the heat and laser sensors Dale claims to be disguised as cactuses. Crawling on their stomachs, Red and Ginger follow HLS, while Mira and Becky take up their rear.

So far, there are no landmines, bear traps, pitfalls, or even heat and laser sensors. The girls wondered if Dale Gribble was being too paranoid.

At the start of the evening, they reached halfway point and discovered that the wood fenced perimeter is being patrolled and secured by two jeeps, ten ATVs, and numerous heavily armed bodyguards on foot. They can see that the front gate is guarded by two guards in a security checkpoint box.

Becky looks at HLS. "Do you know what to do?" she asked.

"Arf!" HLS barked.

"Shh! Not so loud."

HLS whines.

"Okay, okay. I promised to take you to that dog show after this."

HLS walks up and happily licks Becky's cheek. Then she runs off towards the front gate. Right when one of the box guards spotted her, HLS starts to slow down and sniff around like a lost dog.

Box guard number one, Hedge, walks up and starts to pet HLS.

"Hey there little boy," he said. "Are you lost?"

"That dog's a she," corrected Vicks, box guard number two.

"It's boy. No dog would have two dicks."

"Whoa! That dog has two dicks?"

Vicks joins up with Hedge as they proceed to inspect HLS. Soon enough, other guards join up with them to pet the dog.

With those guards busy, Becky and the girls run up to the wooden plank fence but they do not touch it. Ginger pokes her head up and under the individual rungs for any kind of sensors.

"It's all clear," said Ginger.

"Red-chan, Mira--you're next," ordered Becky.

Red and Mira leap up over the fence and run to hide in the bushes next to the nearest tree. Two patrolling guards noticed a strange noise and proceed to walk over to where Red and Mira are hiding. One of the guards is shot in the neck by a tranquilizer dart. As he collapses, the other guard reaches for his walkie-talkie. Before he could report, Red leaps from the trees and knocks him out with one chop to the neck. Red motions to Becky and Ginger to leap join up with them. As they did so, Mira and Red drag their unconscious bodies into the bushes and immediately launch their silent assault.

Meanwhile, Vicks notices a fleshy prosthetic nose hanging off HLS chain collar. That reminded him of a song:

New blood joins this earth
and quickly he's subdued
through constant pain disgrace
the young boy learns their rulesii

Apparently, Vicks is an avid Metallica fan.

"Hey what's this prosthetic nose?" Hedge asked as he reaches his hand for the object in question.

"Hedge, no!" cried Vicks.

HLS suddenly growls as Hedge held the nose. She then leaps over the gate and bites Hedge's crotch. As Hedge screams out in pain, Vicks and the other guards pull out their guns at HLS.

Gunshots are fired. Becky and the girls were about to sneak into the pueblo mansion-castle through a secured window when they heard the noise.

"Dammit HLS," cursed Becky. "No dog pussy for you!"

Usually, Appleseed would sleep through any normal break in. However, waking up made him think that something special is going to happen. He throws down his whittled stick and knife and leaps to his feet. He pulls out his Colt Single-Action Army revolver pistol and checks to see if the barrel is loaded all the way. It is, and he then puts the barrel back into position.

"It's time," he smiled.

Inside the 2nd floor of the mansion and dressed in leather bondage gear, the bruised and whipped Pecos and Sue run up to the window to see Becky, Red, and Mira fighting against their henchmen.

"Has Güse sent out assassins for me already?" Pecos wondered.

"Relax hon," said Sue. "If they could get past J.A., they'll have to deal with us."

Then Sue notices Ginger cowering behind Becky, Red, and Mira in the middle of the shootout.

"I want her," Sue pointed.

"Her?" said Pecos. "Is that a girl?"

"She's genuine lesbian if I know one. I want her. I want her now!"

"All right, all right. I'll radio to J.A. and the guards not kill her. She will be captured, of course."

Pecos puts on his robe, picks up his leather whip Rattlesnake and walks out of their personal erotic torture chamber, which is filled with strange objects such as a kiddy hobby horse, stuffed animals, a cat costume, used Tamagotchi diapers, and other ordinary office equipment and kids toys not meant for eroticism. Then again, the erotic torture chamber looks kind of like a kid's playroom and a office workplace with satin and low key lighting.

Sue remains at the window staring longingly at Ginger.

"A cutie lesbian with glasses," Sue said to herself. "I almost want to become one myself."

Outside, more and more henchmen start to flank Becky and the girls towards the barn.

"What the hell are you guys doin'?" screamed Ginger. "I order you to kill them!"

"You're not our leader Gingerbrat!" yelled Becky.

"Of course I am! Since I'm the prettiest and the smartest unlike you fat ass Sis!"

"Oh, that's it!"

"Grandma, duck!" screamed.

A bullet screams between Becky's wolf ears before she could even start to spank Ginger. Red immediately loads up two more cartridges into her pistols and shoots down all the guards before her.

"Where are you?" Red called out.

A bullet knocks one of Red's pistols out of her hand. She quickly runs and hides behind an apple tree.

"I'll take care of this Grandma!" Red cried out.

Becky, Mira, and Ginger leap over the fence and head into the long and dark stables where it seemed very suspiciously empty. So far, the guards have not followed them inside.

Becky sniffs the air.

"It smells like blood," she said.

"Is it ours?" asked Ginger.

"The blood smells old," said Mira. "This is a place of death."

Suddenly, they can hear the neighs of angry horse rocking one of the stalls. Becky holds out her sword and Mira draws out her dart pistol laced with poison. Ginger stands between them shaking and peeing in her pants.

"I h-hope you t-two will be able to p-protect your f-fearless leader," said Ginger.

The rocking and neighing grew more and more violent. Then a giant black horse bursts out of the farthest stall. It turns and stares down at the girls with a furious gaze. The smell of blood is stronger than ever before. The girls can barely make out the blood and flesh dripping from the horse's mouth.

Widow-maker charges towards them. Becky, Mira, and Ginger are not prepared for this. Caught by surprise, Widow-maker plows through and knocks them off the feet and into the air. Separated, each of them tries to avoid Widow-maker's next assault.

However, Ginger escapes outside and tries to run off to save herself. Suddenly, she trips over a bleached skeleton. Before she realizes what is going on, someone gags her with a cloth laced with chloroform. She falls unconscious and is taken away.

Back in the stalls, Becky and Mira leap into the stalls only to land on something ungodly. Becky covers her nose from the stench, and Mira covers her mouth to avoid throwing up. They discover they have landed on a heap of rotten maggot-filled corpses and bones. About a quarter of them wear the uniforms of Pecos's henchmen.

Mira takes a closer look at the severed arm and sees that it has been chewed off by some large animal.

"What's the deal with this?" Becky asked. "Are these the failed assassins and guards?"

"No," said Mira. "These are the horse's leftover scraps."

"You mean that black horse is a man-eater?"

Widow-maker bursts through the stalls with his bloodied mouth opened up for the kill. Suddenly, a small black four-legged animal leaps onto its back and attempts to take it down. Widow-maker buckled and kicked until the animal is thrown off. Landing on its feet is HLS snarling at the horse.

The two animals stare down at each other for while. Then HLS leaps up into the air clamps her jaws onto Widow-maker's neck. Widow-maker swings about wildly and unexpectedly falls down and pins HLS down with his immense weight. HLS loses her grip, and Widow-maker quickly gets back up so he can trample on the dog.

In a loud battle cry, Becky charges at the black horse with her Shinseiki at hand. Widow-maker's feet barely miss the wounded HLS as he lands. He then quickly turns to kick Becky with his hind legs. Becky is sent flying and crashing into the tool shed.

Mira fires dart after dart of poison from her pistol to Widow-maker's body. The horse does not falter a bit. Widow-maker marches up to Mira and knocks her off her feet with one swing of his massive head. As Mira struggles to get up, Widow-maker clamps its jaws hard onto her right shoulder and picks her up.

Mira screams out loudly as her blood runs down her body. Becky and HLS struggle to their feet, but they are too hurt to help at the moment.

Then two silent bullets strike Widow-maker's leg. Widow-maker screams and lets go of Mira. As he tries to maintain his balance, it turns himself towards the shooter.

Two more shots are fired into his body. Widow-maker angrily buckles and charges towards the mysterious shooter. Two more bullets are fired into his head, thus causing Widow-maker to collapse and slide to his death right before the shooter's feet. To Becky, the style of shooting is like Red's, yet more graceful. She crawls out and looks down the stable hallway to see a beautiful assassin dressed fashionably in a long-sleeved blouse, a black skirt, and a satin choker.


The shooter ejects her spent cartridge and puts in another one. She walks towards Becky with her gun drawn at her. The identity of the mysterious young female shooter is revealed as she passes into the rays of the moonlight: Charlotte Ella.

"Charlotte!" cried Mira as she limbers her way towards the moonlight's rays.

"Why hello there Miss Rama," smiled Charlotte. "I never expected to see you here."

"You know her?" Becky asked Mira.

"Well, I..."

"I never expected Olde Wolfe Ears to be wounded so easily by a killer horse," said Charlotte. "I suppose you were too involved with my little sister."

"Olde Wolfe Ears?" growled Becky. Becky picks up her sword and gets ready to strike Charlotte. Charlotte draws out a second gun with her other hand--a black Desert Eagle "Magnum". Becky is stopped in her tracks.

"I have no interest in slaying the likes of a second-rate assassin-mercenary. Unless we are hired to do so."

"What are you doing here?" Mira asked.

"My mother and sister and I are called in by our employer to deal with Pecos and Sue. This has nothing to do with the glass slipper fragment you seek."

Charlotte lowers her guns and holsters her black magnum. She starts to walk away out of the stables confidently. Then she stops, and turns her head back at the confused Mira and Becky.

"By the way," said Charlotte, "your Jersey friend has been kidnapped by Slue-foot Sue."

"Ginger!" cried Mira.

Mira picks up her pistol and loads it with a cartridge full of her deadliest poison darts. She immediately runs out of the stables and into the mansion's side door.

"Wait Mira!" cried Becky. Becky picks up her Shinseiki katana and she and HLS follow Mira.

"It looks like I'll have to save little sis," smiled Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Red dodges another bullet of Appleseed's gun by hiding behind another apple tree. During her gunfight against him, Red noticed that his bullets never grazed the trunk or a branch of the apple trees. For some reason, Appleseed timed his attacks so that Red's bullets won't damage the trees as well.

"These trees are my family little girl," said Appleseed. "So I'd advise you to give up. I will not let anyone harm my trees."

"Sometimes, Grandma likes to smear applesauce on my armpits and lick them off," said Red as she prepares to shoot through her tree.

"That's interesting. But don't ever dare to do what you are about to do now. I have you in my sights."

Red turns her head and looks in the reflection in the glass windows. She sees Appleseed standing beside one of his beloved tree with his Colt pointed at her. Judging by the angle, Red surmises that if he shoots, he will most certainly have hit her by ricocheting the bullet off the mansion wall--all without hitting any part of a tree.

She can't move. She is trapped. If she even attempts to pull a trigger, she will get shot and maybe killed in one shot from Appleseed. Climbing the apple tree or even leaping up into the branches might be risky, for it may incite him into anger. The only things left to do is to that as well as taking at least one bullet in order to attack.

Red hugs her back onto the tree and slides around so she can run towards Appleseed. Before she knew it, she is stopped by a barrel of Colt to her forehead. She rolls her eyes up and sees Appleseed smiling.

"Bad move," said he.

A shadow leaps from the trees and slashes downward on Appleseed's back. He staggers forward until something hacks off his forearms and finally his head. Red rolls away to avoid the blood splatter. Appearing before her is Cecilia Ella dressed in a tight black spider suit and a small jacket. In Cecilia's hands are two serrated and bloodied long knives.

Cecilia turns her head and makes a maniacal smile. After she licks the blood off one of her knives, she engages into a running assault stance, and then makes one step.

"Don't you move sister," cried Charlotte.

Cecilia stopped. She turns and sees Charlotte pointing one of her less-powerful pistols at her.

Cecilia's eye twitched. "Go ahead and shoot sis," she winced. "I can take a couple more bullets."

"We do not have any authorization to deal her in," continued Charlotte. "If you disobey our employer's orders, then I will not hesitate to kill you."

"Fine then,"--Cecilia turns to a frozen Red--"You've got lucky this time."

"Let's go find mother."

Cecilia joins up with Charlotte and they immediately disappear into the shadows of the apple trees.

"Becky..." gasped Red. She picks up her pistol and runs to the front entrance of the mansion.

When Ginger came to, she found herself held and stretched right-side up by two hanging harnesses on her arms and is anchored down by two harnesses on the floor attached to her feet. Her sneak suit is still on her, fortunately, but she can feel a draft tingling her butt. She manages turn her head and discovers that her buttocks have been exposed.

Ginger tries to shake her way out. Then suddenly she feels something brushing her butt, most likely a feather of the infamous Yello Dello bird. Since her butt is now ultra-sensitive, it starts to contract involuntarily, and starts to laugh and cry out loud. Then she farts. Her face turns red in embarrassment.

"My, my," uttered an older woman's voice. "You sure are well fed."

"Who's that?" Ginger asked.

Sue steps even closer to Ginger.

"Susan Sue. But you can call me Slue-foot if you'd like."

Sue holds her body against Ginger's from behind. Sue playfully licks Ginger's ear and starts fondling with her breasts. Ginger shakes and cringes. She furiously rocks her body and forces Sue off her.

"Feisty and cute!" Sue smiled.

"What do you want with me? I have nothing to do with this operation! Those girls blackmailed me to join their group! If you want, I'll even give you their glass slipper fragments."

"That is excellent! You are certainly a gem my honey. I'm so on my way to be queen of Tribadia, with ruling at my side as my lover."

"I don't swing that way you old Texas bitch!"

"Old? I am not old!"

Sue pulls out her rifle from table full of cucumbers and fires a dart into Ginger's butt.

It was painful, but after enduring Becky's repeated spanking, it didn't seem like it. However, she now feels a funny tingling sensation deep in her bowels.

"I've shot you with my Enema Rifle. In a couple of minutes everything you have eaten will pour out of your anus!"

"An enema?" gasped Ginger. She then realized that she still has to get back at Becky for all the spanking she had done to her.

"Damnit Sis!" screamed Ginger. "Get the fuck over here and save me!"

Down the hall from the erotic torture chamber is Bill Pecos's Texas-style office. After staring at the security monitors from his desk chair, his face becomes white. The shock of his ranch being overrun is so sudden that he is forced to drink the entire whiskey bottle.

He hears a noise. He takes a deep breath and turns towards the main office doorway. Pecos keeps in mind the whip on his lap.

"So have you adopted those four girls as part of your family?" Pecos asked the uniformed Celeste, who stood in front of the doorway.

"No," Celeste replied.

"Then why are you here?" Pecos asked. He is starting to believe Güse had already found about his defection.

"For some reason, Mother Güse does not approve of your political contributions for the upcoming 2000 presidency."

"I see." Even if it isn't about the defection or the fact that he is withholding the glass slipper fragment, Pecos is in definite trouble.

In a flash, Pecos cracks his whip. Rattlesnake, made from many real rattlesnakes, whips across the office and slices up anything in its path. Celeste blocks the whip with her tough arms, and the robed Pecos leaps from his chair and escapes through the side entrance of his office. Celeste follows him into his billiard room where she finds herself in a middle of a windy storm. Papers and other light objects such as Celeste's fedora hat fly. Standing on the billiard table, Pecos twirls his Rattlesnake high up in the air and very fast, thus creating an instant tornado.

"I don't care much for Tribadia or the glass slipper fragments," declared Pecos, "but I won't let even you stop me from attaining what I need in the Middle East!"

Celeste can't get into the eye of room tornado. Looking up, she makes a quick decision to catch the other end of Rattlesnake. She leaps and catches. Pecos is surprised. Right when she lands, Celeste runs to the other side of the room pulls hard on the whip. Pecos falls down. Celeste lets go and leaps onto the table for a double-jump kick. Pecos leaps off the table right before Celeste literally crashes through. Pecos whips at her again, but she catches a good chunk of Rattlesnake with her forearms. After pulling, she breaks apart the whip.

Pecos tries to draw out his six-shooter, but Celeste dashes in and breaks apart his arm. Then he knees him into his solar plexus, crushes his chest with one palm thrust, and breaks his neck before he could even scream in agony.

Pecos's mangled body falls to the floor. Celeste brushes the dust and debris off her shoulders. She walks over, picks up her fedora hat, and places on top of her semi-shiny shaved head.

"Mission accomplished," she said. Her two daughters, Cecilia and Charlotte, had just entered the billiard room.

"It's lunch time!" cried Cecilia as she enthusiastically runs over to Pecos's body so she can mutilate his crotch.

"What about Slue-foot Sue, mother?" Charlotte said.

"She is not our target," said Celeste. "We'll let Olde Wolfe Ears and her gang deal with her."

Speaking of which, Becky stood in the foyer a little confused and somewhat scared at Mira's sudden aggressiveness. As evidenced by the poisoned and unconscious maids, butlers, and bodyguards, Mira had been frantically searching room after room for Ginger while shooting anyone (well, basically everyone) with her poison darts for they did not know where the bespectacled brat is.

Mira just emerges from the upstairs guest quarters breathing heavily. She looks down and sees Becky and HLS just standing there.

"Miss Rebecca Wolfe!" she cried out to her. "What are you doing? We have to find Ginger!"

Becky started, "Mira, please remember the second rule of--"

"I AM RELAXED!"--Mira runs down the next hallway and screams out "GINGER!"

"But we still have to find the glass slipper fragment..." mumbled Becky.

"Grandma!" cried Red's voice. She had finally caught up with Becky.


"It's the Ellas..."

"I know."

Becky, Red, and HLS run upstairs to join Mira in her frantic search for Ginger.

Back inside erotic torture chamber, the screams of Mira begin to worry Sue. She picks up her walkie-talkie and tries to radio her man-toy Pecos. There is no response.

"That bastard!" she screamed. "He must've got himself killed! Oh well. At least I have you and this glass slipper fragment."

"May I remind that I'm not gay--let alone straight--and that you're fucking old Texan bitch!" screamed Ginger. "Aw, fuck, my butt!"

Ginger grunts as she musters all her strength to resist the effects of the enema flowing in her bloodstream. So far it, has worked for five minutes--a new record.

"You're so cute when you're angry!" giggled Sue as she hugs and gropes Ginger. "I've made up my mind--I'm going to be a lesbian and I'll fuck you until the cows come home!"

"You fucking lesbo bitch! Didn't you hear a fucking word I screamed at you?"

Mira finally bursts into the chamber. She becomes shocked and angered at the sight she is seeing. She points her dart pistol at Sue.

"By Allah's grace, let go of that girl!" Mira cried out.

Ginger exhaled. Her face becomes redder as she restrains from defecating.

"Goddammit Mira!" Ginger cried. "I was expecting Sis!"

"Sis?" wondered Mira. "Becky?"

Suddenly, Mira's heart sinks very low. To hear a possible implication that Ginger actually likes Becky made her both jealous and very sad. As she sinks lower, her mind wanders off to the events that may lead up to Ginger's lover for Becky, such as the constant bickering, hitting and spanking. Back then, Mira might have imagined that Ginger had a fancy for Red, but she simply shrugged off as a close friendship between two teenage girls. Mira now starts blaming herself for not being forward towards Ginger, but she cannot be really be faulted because Ginger is the most unapproachable person in the entire world. Of course, she had always cooked and cleaned for her without question, but Mira feels nothing more than a caring mother or a longtime maid.

"Perhaps," Mira muttered to herself, "perhaps I could at least get into a threesome with Ginger and Becky."

"Mira!" Red cried out.

Red, Becky, and HLS finally join up Mira, who then snaps out of her sudden depression.

"Did you find Gingerbrat?" asked Becky.

Mira soon realizes that Sue had escaped with Ginger in her arms while she was sulking. In one loud cry, Mira uttered in her native Urdu language a phrase that probably included "Allah" and "fuck" next to each other. After that long cry, Mira runs out of the erotic torture chamber's secondary entrance. Despite the grave possibilities of Ginger liking Becky, Mira feels that rescuing her is top priority.

"Mira yells funny," said Red.

"What's going on with her?" Becky wondered as she scratches the back of one of her wolf ears.

Outside and on the docks, Sue tosses into her own personal luxury motorboat called "Catfish" a bound Ginger and the wooden box containing the glass slipper fragment. Then silent shots of darts are being fired. Sue quickly shoots back with her enema rifle.

Sue jumps into the boat and drives off to avoid more shots from Mira's special gun. Mira frantically looks around for another boat, but instead finds a black helicopter sitting idly at the heliport. She immediately gets inside of it and starts it. Becky, Red, and HLS catch up to her.

She looks at them and yells, "Don't just stand there! Get inside damn you!"

"Is something wrong with Mira, Grandma?" Red asked.

"Just do as she says," replied Becky.

"But the fragment!"

"We can always get it later."

"Oh, okay."

HLS, Becky, and Red begin to board the helicopter as it takes off.

"Red Little!" cried Charlotte.

Red turns around and suddenly catches large special rifle Charlotte had just threw to her. Red falls back due to the weight of the rifle. Standing before her on the heliport are Celeste, Cecilia, and Charlotte--the Ellas--looking back up to Red. Only Charlotte's unnoticeable smile implies that Red should be careful.

"Thank you!" Red yelled back to them.

Although the flying is choppy, Mira manages to successfully pilot the Cyclone above the Rio Grande River for the chase. Becky scrambles to the copilot seat and buckles herself in. Red tries to maintain balance while setting up her high-powered sniper rifle.

"Red!" Mira screamed. "Stop that boat!"

"I'm on it!" acknowledged Red.

At the edge of the helicopter, Red positions herself, takes aim, and fires. The bullet nearly hits the bound Ginger.

"Damnit!" cursed Ginger. "Watching your aim!"

"Sorry, Ginger," said Red.

"Aw, fuck, my butt!"

Ginger's bowels are roaring. She is straining herself to hold her excrements for Becky. She looks up and sees her in the copilot seat.

I must find a way to get naked, Ginger thought. She immediately begins to work her way out the ropes holding her hands and feet together.

While holding onto the steering wheel, Sue turns around and fires her enema rifle back at the copter. The enema bullet strikes Red's arm.

"Grandma, I have to go to the bathroom," Red announced.

"Be quick about it," said Becky, "and do it over the hatch."


As Red pulls down her pants and poops over the door, Mira speeds up the helicopter and gets ahead of the Catfish. Red's liquefied excrements splatter all over the boat, Ginger, and Sue.

"Shit!" cursed Sue as she revs up her beloved Catfish.

The Catfish is now ahead of the Cyclone once again. Inside the helicopter, Red hobbles to the cockpit with a distressed look.

"What is it now?" demanded Mira.

"I need toilet paper," said Red.

Mira must have cursed something in Urdu as she searches the nearby compartments for something to wipe Red's ass with.

Back on the boat, Ginger manages to untie herself through all of the confusion. She leaps to her feet, wipes Red's shit off her head, and then takes off her clothes.

"Feast your eyes on this, Sis!" Ginger yelled as she turns her butt towards the Cyclone.

Finally, Ginger let everything out of her anus.

Unfortunately, Becky couldn't see it--plus, it was too dark to see. The reason being is that when Mira saw her beloved Ginger naked, blood rushed to her head so fast that blood gushed out of her nose and splattered all over the windshield. She lost control, and Becky panicked and tried to prevent the helicopter from crashing into the canyon walls. About the same time, Red and HLS slid around precariously in the middle passenger seats of the helicopter. As they did so, Red inadvertently got her ass cleaned by rubbing it on HLS's back.

To Ginger however, she believes that she had succeeded. Thus, she lets out a big huzzah.

"What's going on?" Sue wondered. Turns around and takes a step forward. Suddenly, she slips on Ginger's feces and falls. She hits her head on the side of the boat and is then knocked out.

The boat, Catfish, spirals out of control until he crashes into a river shore. By that time, Becky regains control of the helicopter from a dazed Mira and begins to search for the boat they were in pursuit of.

"Did you see where they went, Red-chan?" Becky asked.

"No, I didn't," replied Red.

"Ginger..." gurgled Mira. "Please come back to me."

Becky circled Cyclone around the river and canyon and eventually found the boat as well as Ginger, who was washing herself in the river. She lands the helicopter, and Mira springs out to embrace Ginger.

"Oh, Ginger!" Mira cried. "You are all right! You are all right! Thank Allah she is all right!"

"Stop it Pakistani girl!" cried Ginger. "You're hurting my butt! Aw, fuck!"

Red, Becky, and HLS immediately head to the grounded boat to discover the box containing the glass slipper fragment. Red opens it up and becomes delighted of the mission's success.

Just as Sue recovers consciousness, Mira springs from nowhere and throws her out of the boat. She knocks her down to the floor and starts kicking and beating repeatedly while cursing in Urdu.

"Okay Mira," said Becky. "I don't think she will be a threat anymore."

"Jeez Mira," said Ginger as she puts her sneak suit back on, "even though I enjoy watching people get beat up, you should really relax."

"The second rule of Assassin-Mercenary Methodology is..." Red starts to recite.

"GINGER KICK!" Ginger silences Red by kicking her high into the air.

Mira finally calms down and turns back to her group.

"Ginger, Becky," Mira started, "I didn't realize the relationship you two had."

"What relationship?" asked Becky.

"Are you high?" Ginger asked.

"I know you two like each other, and I will respect that as long as I live."

"Like each other?" gasped Ginger. "Egad, fuck no!"

"There's no way I can like Gingerbrat!" Becky cried out.

"That reminds me, Sis, did you get pissed by my wonderful scat performance?"

"What scat performance?"

"You didn't see it?"


"B-but my feces are splattered all over the boat!"

"They look like my feces!" Red announced.

"You're just making stuff up, Gingerbrat," said Becky.


Ginger runs back to the boat and grabs the Enema Rifle. She takes a dart and injects it to her butt. She strips once more and squats before Becky.

"Finally, I'll be able to piss you off!" Ginger declared.

"You wouldn't!" said Becky.

"And I will!"

After ten seconds of grunting, all Ginger could produce is a loud fart.

"FUCK!" she yelled. She starts jumping up and down with legs spread and knees bent in order produce something out of her ass.

"Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out!" Ginger screamed to her anus.

"Are you done?" Becky asked. "We're about to leave without you." Becky along with Red, Mira, and HLS have already boarded the Cyclone. Ginger quickly picks up her suit and the Enema Rifle and then boards the helicopter.

Ginger wanted to pilot Cyclone, but Becky forbade her to do so. Upon responding to Ginger's usual "fat ass" name-calling, Becky soon discovered that spanking her while piloting a helicopter was not a good idea. As with many vehicles in the past, they crashed the Cyclone in the middle of the desert. Luckily, everyone survived, although Ginger emerged with a swollen ass.

As they traced the path back to Arlen, the girls met up with Dale Gribble by his smoldering van. His clothes are torn from all the gang-banging the coyotes had done to him ever since he ran away from the girls. After waving hi to him, Red shot him with the Enema Rifle upon Ginger's insistence.

"What did you girls shoot me with?" he cried out.

"Enema gun!" Red smiled.

Dale hides behind his destroyed van and poops out everything he ate. Then suddenly, coyotes appear. Apparently, the pheromones are still in effect, and thus Dale runs away screaming like a little girl while being chased by the horny coyotes.

Afterwards, the girls continue their journey. As they did, Ginger made Red shoot anything that moves with the Enema Rifle, or Enema Gun. That includes rabbits, tortoises, lizards, and even coyotes. Ginger laughed at the sight of the various animals pooping involuntary. She almost wished that Becky's other weakness was animal scat.

Out of respect, Red did not fire on the two female coyotes HLS shagged.

When they entered the Arlen city limits, Red also shot unsuspecting people with the enema gun until she ran out of enema darts. Ginger also enjoyed such a sight. Too bad they didn't poop out in the open with their clothes off.

Thus, Mira promised Ginger and Red that she would synthesize more enema darts for their enjoyment. That made them very happy. However, it also disturbed Becky greatly.

The Ellas find themselves back in Darryl Güse's office. Darryl had just passed through Sapphism no Gensô, and feels forlorn for finishing one of the few are gems of the Japanese adult computer game market.

"The mission is accomplished, Mother Güse," stated Celeste. "William Pecos has been silenced."

"Plus, I got his hot dog and meatballs off him!" announced Cecilia.

"You poor thing," muttered Charlotte.

"I take it you have run into Olde Wolfe Ears and her troupe," said Darryl.

"Indeed," said Celeste. "Watching them in person, I surmise that they are quite formidable, although their skills are a bit lacking."

"And so how is Cindi?"

"Alive and in one piece, unfortunately," said Cecilia.

"She seems to be holding back in her skills," added Charlotte.

"I see," said Darryl. "Very well then. You three are dismissed."

"Thank you, Mother Güse," said Celeste.

Celeste and her two daughters bow and then exit the office. Right after her butler closes the door, Darryl leans over and presses a button on her intercom.

"Penny," she started. "Please send my prepared letter to Dick Cheney of Halliburton Energy Services."

"Yes ma'am," replied Penny, who is Darryl's secretary.

The letter that Darryl wants to send is a terse message stating that Cheney's rival, "Bill" Pecos, has been silenced. The chaos caused by the assassination of the businessman will certain dampen the efforts for Pecos Petroleum Industries (PPI) to fund George W. Bush's upcoming 2000 campaign for the United States presidency. With that in mind, Halliburton will fill the campaign void left by PPI, and thus would win important seats in the Bush's cabinet, if he were elected.

Pecos's assassination was just one of the small clandestine jobs Darryl gets into in order fund her growing underground empire.


i - I wonder how much money I would make if I sold a product called "Vagina Juice"? Also, it seems that there is drink you could make yourself with the same name at

ii - The lyrics are from "Unforgiven" sung by Metallica.

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