Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 11)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 11

Title: The Auction of Madness

Chapter 11: The Auction of Madness

The Ellas have been there watching and observing. They have seen Becky and her gang mop up the entirety of Redbreast's Clockwork Purples in London. They were there when she and the two seemingly gay FBI agents join forces to thwart Bunyan and Henry's operation River Scratch in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They were there because they were ordered to.

Driving in their dark gray Mercedes Benz M-Class SUV, Celeste, Cecilia, and Charlotte return from Canada to visit one of Darry Güse's upscale mansions in upstate New York. The mansion isn't much of mansion, but it is more like small but foreboding castle. It is protected by high walls complete with electrocuted railings, security cameras, and the occasional machine gun turret. Inside is a gorgeous courtyard filled with marble statues of beautiful and sometimes revealing women on pedestals, pine trees, and white rose bushes. Patrolling the courtyard are many dark-clad and armed female sharpshooters, almost all of which are beautiful and have strong homosexual or bisexual tendencies towards each other. Close to the front entrance of the castle-mansion is a fountain. Standing on a pedestal in the center of the fountain is a beautiful marble statue of what seems to be the poet Sappho reportedly salvaged from the bottom of the Aegean Sea.

Celeste and her daughters are let into the castle-mansion and are led upstairs and down the halls. As they followed the middle-aged yet pretty female butler, they pass by a long photo and art gallery of female-to-female sex positions. The most interesting section is that of tribadism, which aroused Charlotte greatly due to her sexual liaisons with her female targets. Basically, the tribadism section of the gallery highlights all the possible positions taken at many angles to which two women can fully experience the ultimate sexual intimacy towards one other by rubbing their vaginas against one another for clitoral stimulation. The head-shaved Celeste wasn't interested because she sworn celibacy as part of the Shaolin martial arts training, and Cecilia is too damn busy sniffing a liquefied form of cocaine through a nasal spray.

They stop before a wooden double door. The female butler knocks.

"What is it?" yelled Güse from behind the doors.

"The Ella family have arrived, ma'am," the butler replied.

"Let them in."

The butler shows the Ellas into an elegant large office filled two rare statues of Sappho, two never-before-seen portraits of the poet, and one lovely bust of her sitting behind Güse's desk. Güse has just been playing a Japanese computer game on her Sony laptop called Sapphism no Gensou - The Case of the H-B Polarstar while fingering herself. She saves the game after steamy scene between the main (female) character who is dubbed "the prince of lesbians" and a blonde Swedish girl and then closes her laptop. Güse zips up her pants and turns her crimson leather desk chair so that she can face her three best assassins.

"Ma'am," started Celeste. "It is as you predicted. Miss Wolfe and her gang have already two glass slipper fragments."

"Why the fuck can't do anything to them?" complained Cecilia. "We could have taken the glass slipper fragments ourselves! We have the list of all the locations from our mole!"

"That is because I want them to do all the dirty work," said Darryl. "Why should I send out the best assassins of the Aphrodite Evolution to do a retrieval mission? Besides, I want to see how Olde Wolfe Ears is holding up. Of course, if they die while getting the fragments, then oh well. We'll just have to take over.

"Or is it that you want to get back at your stepsister, Cindi Ella?"

"Of course I do!" cried Cecilia. "Especially after what she did to me!"

"If I recall, it was partly your fault that you have a bullet in your head from Cindi's gun," Charlotte said. "To think you can deflect a bullet with a mere turn of your skull."

"If we didn't adopt her, I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in!"

"I beginning to think that your insanity is inherited from father, God bless his soul. Then again, you were something of a drug addict back then."

"I smoked pot when I was ten."

"Shall we continue our reconnaissance on Miss Wolfe and her gang Miss Güse?" asked Celeste.

"Of course," said Darryl. "It will be a while until my glass slipper fragments are assembled. Then there is also the decoding part which will also take a while."

"Would there be any chance for us to interfere?"

"Use your best judgment, Celeste."

"Good, 'cause I wanna get back at stupid Cindi as soon as possible!" cried Cecilia.

Besides Seattle, Las Vegas is another place Becky and her gang marked on their list of places they should move to when they retire. For them, it is essentially paradise. Becky can drink to her hearts content to the many exquisite bars and micro-breweries. Red would be able to visit the city's many theme parks and attend concerts of her favorite teeny-boppers. HLS fulfills can fulfill her dream of shagging the show dogs as well as the female winners of the Westmister Dog Show that is about to be held at the Thomas & Mack Stadium in 2006. Ginger sees the tourist mecca as her own cheater's paradise. She could not decide what to do: cheat the tourists, cheat the casinos, cheat the state treasury; the possibilities are endless for her. Mira was a little adverse in retiring in the city because of her Islamic believes against drinking and gambling. However, any place where she can be with Ginger is paradise, be it the state of Alabama or New Jersey.

Their journey for the glass slipper fragment sends them to Vegas in a gold Saturn sedan, which Becky and Ginger decide to refer to as the "Shitcar". Becky and the gang did not have enough time to have fun since they are here for business. Because of this, Ginger and Red complained and complained like little children as they rode down the freeway that lines up with "The Strip", a street otherwise known as Las Vegas Boulevard where all of the major casinos are located at.

"Sis, I wanna go to DEF CON[i[!" whined Ginger.

"I wanna go to the Spice Girls concert!" whined Red.


"Spice Girls!"


"Spice Girls!"

Red and Ginger start wrestling each other in the backseat. They hardly ever fight, and when they do, it often looks cute and funny--especially to a yearning Mira. Often times, HLS gets in the middle of the squabbling end ends up yelping in pain to the two teenagers. Even though Red has the ability to kick Ginger's ass (and then some), she never does, and often lets Ginger have the upper hand. During their fights against each other, Ginger invented two moves specifically disable Red incase she says something stupid and gross out of the blue. They include the "Ginger Chop" and "Ginger Kick", which she would yell as they do in Japanese anime.

"You two be quiet or no sex tonight!" Becky yelled.

"Grandma!" whined Ginger.

"Like I want to have sex with your fat ass," Ginger muttered.

After hearing Ginger's insulting remarks, Becky pulls over to the side of the road and spanks her in broad daylight. Though they are not blocking traffic, the entire freeway comes to near standstill due to the numerous gawkers from both out-of-state and in-state. If you have been reading this strange series, you probably know what else happens whenever Becky spanks Ginger. Congratulations for keeping up! (But I digress...)

After getting back into the Shitcar, Ginger rubs her butt to comfortable levels and decide to start eating her boxes of prunes. She has been doing so ever since she discovered that Becky's third rule of Assassin-Mercenary Methodology is her also her sole weakness. Red's is now the number one customer of the top prune companies due to Ginger's massive orders.

"One of these days, Sis, I'm gonna take off my clothes and erotically shit right in front of your eyes!" Ginger had declared.

"Whatever," said Becky.

"I'm serious! I'm gonna exploit your weakness of scat!"

Ginger could not wait for that day. Neither can Mira, although she does not favor scat like Becky, at least she can see her beloved Ginger in the nude. Red can't wait for the day she'll be able to meet Britney Spears backstage in one of her concerts.

Anyway, Ginger's tactic to piss Becky off always backfires. Usually, she would become constipated in the nude in front of Becky (much to the enjoyment of Mira). At other times, she would simply throw up all the prunes she ate--in the nude (also to the slight and strange enjoyment of Mira). At many times, she would go the toilet whenever she has to defecate and then afterward curses whenever she runs into Becky, for Ginger often forgets that she has to defecate in front of her.

They check in separately to the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, which is marked by the famous Las Vegas landmark, the Stratosphere Tower. Since she isn't eighteen years old yet, Red had to use a fake I.D. supplied by Ginger. They then meet up in Becky's room to review their plans to retrieve the glass slipper fragment being offered in one of the neighborhood casinos.

"I'm sure you have secured our funds, Ginger," said Becky.

"Of course I have!" said Ginger as she and Red bounced noisily on the bed with HLS.

"And the invites?"

"Way ahead of you!"

"Good. The operation begins tomorrow morning. Make sure you get enough sleep. Any questions?"

"Grandma, can we have sex?" Red asked.

"Ginger, did you bring your digital camcorder?"

"Red and I threw it off the top of the Stratosphere Tower," said Ginger. "'Cause you know, we like throwing things off high places."

"Then go steal us another one."

"I'll come back with two this time!"

And so, Becky, Red, and Mira had a threesome while HLS watched and Ginger taped the scene with the three JVC palm-sized digital camcorders she stole from some Asian tourists along with their digital still cameras.

Unfortunately, everyone did not get enough sleep. They were almost late to initiate the operation and Becky crashed the Shitcar.

In gambling state such as Nevada, there is more than one type of casino. There are casino resorts designed primarily for out-of-state and foreign tourists. Most of those are located on the Strip and are easily accessible from the highway running into the city.

Another type is that of the neighborhood casino, which are build far and away from where all the action is. Situation next to the suburbs, the neighborhood casinos tailor to local patrons through not just gambling, but also other amenities such as bowling alleys, movie theaters, and incentives such as gambling rewards. Yet the strangest thing is that all of them have hotels within them. Why would there be hotels located in the middle of residential areas? Perhaps it is for guests who are visiting the nearby business districts or family members. More than likely, it is for cheating spouses, one-night stands, and lonely spouses who suspect that their partners are cheating on them.

No one is quite sure where to categorize the Castaways hotel and casino. It is originally intended to be part of the Strip, but as the city grew in the late 1980s and the 1990s, the Strip moved further southward towards the airport instead of eastward. Castaways is now labeled as a neighborhood casino, but it is doing poorly because it is located near a low class residential area. It is said that they will not survive for long.

However, it does serve special purposes, though most of them are illegal. Besides DEF CON and the Spice Girls concert, there is another event being held in the Castaways banquet halls. On the outside, it is called the Rare Item Convention, but in actuality is called the Contraband Gathering, and it is by invite only. Various people from all walks of life are gathered here, such as drug lords, drug czars, the wealthy elite, 1337 haxors, snuff video directors, master thieves, government insiders, and many others teetering on the brink of law breaking through buying and selling of stolen and possibly illegal goods--some of which are rare and sought after. Some of which include live and exotic animals, live people, dead people, ancient weapons, and stolen art.

For the convention goers, there are usually certain underworld celebrities that often visit these gatherings, yet for some reason they cannot attend. Some examples include Lich and Wiss, for they sell and serve Ginger Ale made out of urine; Robin Redbreast, who often models topless to well-known photographer; Paul Bunyan, who often shops around for rare battle axes with his lover, John Henry; Old woman Schumacher, who will be sorely missed since she is the master director of Down Syndrome pornography videos; and Darryl Güse, because she is busy at the moment.

Then there are some old faces that are able to make it. There is the oil baron William "Bill" Pecos and his torture-loving dominatrix mistress (or was it his wife?) "Slue-Foot" Susan Sue coming from their ranch outside Arlen, Texas. The German-Slavic record agent Rampion Nuzel is here, along with the Beatles-tribute band The Hair and top producer of the Beane-Stark media corporation Jerry Beane himself. Visiting from Japan is the head of the Ringo Yakuza Leiko Kurosa with her lapdog the half-American Meyer Osamu. Making a surprise appearance is the world-renowned artist Gene Duo Biggs, Kitty Muffet, and a woman who claims to be Gene's sister. Also making a surprise yet rare appearance is Altena of Soldats, who is escorted by the knife-wielding Chloe.

Gene passes by a booth selling stolen and/or indistinguishable copies of art and photographs. It is obvious to her sister Jean that most of the goods are of Gene's work, yet the artist herself did not seem to notice. To Gene, her own art is completely unrecognizable to her own eyes.

"This is so great!" Gene remarked. "I wonder who the artist is?"

"I do," said Jean. "It's you."

"It is? That cannot be. I cannot paint or shoot pictures as good as him or her."

"I think I'm adopted," Jean laments.

"Jean darling, it's obvious you're relying on your sister's success," said Kitty.

"Thanks for pointing that out, Brit. Shania doesn't know I exist, and Gene doesn't know if she exists."

"Do I exist?" Gene asked. "I sometime ask myself that many times."

"See what I mean?"

"Anyway, I would like to buy these pictures."

"Why the hell do you want to buy your own stolen artwork?"

"These are my artwork?"

"Gene, we're here for Becky's sake, remember?" said Kitty.

"Oh! I thought we were here to buy art."

Jean groans and leads her sister away from the booth selling her own stolen art. Then again, there is a great possibility that they are copies.

As the three make their way across the convention floor, Kitty is suddenly surrounded by screaming fangirls and older women who have heard of her name and reputation. All of them begged her to perform Holistic Cunnilingus on them.

"Sorry chaps," said Kitty. "It looks like you'll have to win that item without my help."

"Good luck Miss Muffet," said Gene.


"Dear God, what am I doing here?" Jean said to herself.

With the collaboration of the convention organizers, Kitty leads droves of women and girls to an empty room. After the room filled up, the doors are locked, and guards are posted to in front to keep anyone out. A sign have been posted that reads, "NO MEN ALLOWED DURING THE SESSION!" Eager and horny men stood outside wondering what is going on with their wives, mistresses, and girlfriends in the barred room.

Jean is having trouble leading the often spaced-out Gene around the convention. That is because Gene is constantly distracted by the many wares peddled by many shady vendors. Her interests range from exotic aphrodisiacs and sex toys designed for pets.

Jean finally leads her dazed sister to the entrance of the auction room, where many of the famous underworld types are currently gathering. Jean is a bit nervous to sit next to such dangerous people, and deathly afraid of winning the item Becky ordered them to win. Jean almost wished that Kitty or even Becky was here to protect her some way, but the wolf-eared assassin and her gang could not come due to unfortunate circumstances. Obviously, Jean isn't using her own money. She is using her sister's offshore accounts for the auction.

"Why do I have to do this?" Jean said to herself. "How did I get dragged into this?"

"Didn't you want to see Becky and get revenge on her?" Gene asked.

"She isn't here!"

"I suppose you came just so me and Shania can buy your house."

"I don't need your guys' sympathy!"

"Or is it that you give in easily to Becky's demands? Poor Jean-chan is total denial."

"Will you shut up!"

Jean swings her arms to box Gene's ears and inadvertently hits someone. The blow was not hard, but it is enough for the person to call attention to neurotic and fine-looking young black woman.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Jean apologized. When she looked up into her eyes, she found that she is very handsome.

"No trouble, ma'am," said the tall Spanish-Texan woman. She is dressed in a dark suit and has a black cowboy hat covering her head. There are two earrings on the left side of her ear. She seems very friendly.

Jean stood there unable to take her eyes off this woman. She is completely enamored by her semi-rugged looks. Sure, she might be a butch lesbian (tribade), but she can't help thinking that she reminds her of a certain someone.

"Are you ladies here for the auction?" she asked the Biggs.

Jean nods in her nervousness, while Gene fixes her eyes at a man who got his head stuck in the anus of an Indian elephant as part of a thousand-dollar dare.

"The name's Lupe Lobo," winked the Spanish-Texan woman. "I hope we meet a again someday."

Lupe Lobo makes her way to her seat in the auction room.

"Little sister," Gene said to Jean. "Is something wrong?"

"I think I met the man of my dreams," said Jean.

"She's a woman, Jean-chan. I told you were in denial."

"Aw, stop it!" blushed Jean.

"So does that mean you got over Becky?"

"I was never into Becky damnit!"

Before Jean could box her sister's ears, a loud commotion heads their way in the form of femininely handsome blind teenage boy dressed in a gray suit and dark sunglasses. Towing him is a black female Doberman pincher with an unusual fleshy ornament hanging off her collar.

"Outta my way!" screamed the boy, named Bakur Gingembre. He swings his white walking stick wildly hitting anyone and anything. He knocked down and broke many precious vases before he made it to where Jean and Gene are standing at.

"I'm rich! I'm blind!" Gingembre screamed. "So make way!"

Jean stares at this loud blind teenager boy. Then suddenly, the boy starts to poke Jean incessantly.

"What are ya starin' at?" yelled Gingembre.

"I wasn't staring at you!" cried Jean.

"I know you are, bitch. I can tell because you smell like vagina juice!"

"What? How dare you!"

The blind boy's dog tugs him forward into the auction room before Jean could slap him.

"The rudeness of these people," muttered Jean.

"Don't you think that dog looks familiar?" Gene asked.

"Why do you care?"

That is because something in Gene's convoluted and maze-like mind finally ticked. She was reminded of a special guard dog on her elder sister Shania's estate she liked to call Huckleberry. Then there is the strange fleshy ornament that looks like a prosthetic nose of a has-been rapper hanging off the dog's collar. That reminded Gene of a certain song:

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on[ii]

"Near... far... WHEREVER you are!" Gene sang out loud.

Jean saves her sister from further embarrassment by covering her mouth and shoving her into the auction room.

The two of them sit towards the back close to the entrance in case they have to escape from the angry auction losers. Lupe Lobo sits close to the front, and the blind Gingembre and his dog sit at the second row. As he waited for the start of the auctions, Gingembre kept on poking an Irish businessman in front of him with a stick. The Irishman almost started a fight to Gingembre, but his dog growled and threatened to back off from her owner. A well-dressed and veiled Arabian princess and businesswoman named Amir Amar sits right behind the boy. Also attending the auction are Pecos and Sue, Jerry Beane, and Leiko Kurosa and her lapdog. Sitting right next to Jean and Gene is a red-haired girl dressed in a cute pink dress and holding a pink parasol which she hypnotically spins on every occasion.

"Hello there, ladies," greeted the little girl. "My name is Lolita Hunter."

"Hello Lil' Lolita," Gene greeted.

"Hey there," said Jean. "I'm surprised you're allowed to come to this God-awful place."

"Grandma gets jealous whenever she sees two women having sex with each other," said Lolita.

That tone of the voice and the randomness of the little girl's words rang familiar to Jean.

"You don't say?" said Gene. "My grandma also gets jealous when she sees two women having sex with each other."

"Grandma's dead, and we don't know anything about her!" growled Jean.

"She could be a closet tribade as far as we know."

"She's not!"

"You're in denial."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Sometimes, Grandma joins up with me and my girlfriend in a thirteensome," said Lolita.

"Talk to the hand, kid."

"Hello Mrs. Hand."

"Goddamnit. I hope this auction gets over with quick."

Ushers pass out to everyone the program listing the rules of the auction and the items that are put up. Jean reads a copy of hers and becomes both disgusted and perturbed at the eclectic list:

* Erotic Stations of the Cross (Complete Set)
* Solid Platinum Condom
* Adolf Hitler's Tuft of Pubic Hair
* Van Gogh's Left Testicle
* Hilary Clinton's Silver Vibrator
* Reverse Blade Sword of Kenshin Himura
* Stuffed Lassie
* Lobotomized Piece of Gov. George W. Bush's Brain
* Jar of P-Scratcher
* Toenail of Prophet Mohammed
* Jack's Left Foot
* Feces of Jesus
* Michael Jackson's Original Face
* Greek-coded Glass Slipper Fragment
* A Self-Portrait of Gene Duo Biggs

Jean is totally grossed out. For the other auction-goers, all these items hold great value--especially the glass slipper fragment and the prophet Mohammed's toenail.

Jean had to wait out for the glass slipper fragment as Becky ordered her to. She also had to keep her sister's mouth shut because she was excited in obtaining items such as the silver vibrator and the toenail.

Then came the second to the last item, which is brought out to be sat on the wooden pedestal like all the other items before it. It is the glass slipper fragment situated inside a lavender jewel box. The usually excited Gene tires out and falls asleep, although Jean halfway hoped that she would help in the bidding. Lupe, Amir, Lolita, Gingembre, and Pecos and Sue finally sit up at attention after being silent for almost the entire auction.

"For our next item is a rarity from Grecian antiquity," started the auctioneer. "Legend has it that those who are able to decode the Greek code will be able to summon an island nation that is said to rival that of Atlantis. Granted though, this is only a fragment of one shoe of a pair, and finding the others would be of great difficulty.

"And without further ado, the bidding will start at $1,000."

"2,000 dollars," cried Sue.

"3,000 dollars," cried Amir.

"4,000 dollars," cried Lolita.

"5,000 dollars," cried Lupe.

"6,666 dollars," yelled Gingembre.

Jean sits still and nervous for she is too timid to raise her voice and openly bid to a room full of shady creeps and rich bastards. She can no longer solicit help from her Gene because she is fast asleep and snoring noisily. In her mind, she cursed Kitty for ditching them to do her Holistic Cunnilingus on hundreds of eager girls and women.

Most importantly, she is worried that she will fail Becky, even though she curses her for blowing up her house twice and then sending Kitty Muffet to stir things up.

"30,000 dollars!" yelled Jean.

"Ma'am, we're at 100,000 dollars," corrected the auctioneer.

"Damn, we went that high? Then 200,000 dollars!"

"500,000 dollars," said Sue.

The stakes are getting higher, and bid rises exponentially for a potentially insignificant (and possibly fake) glass slipper fragment that might have Greek symbols scribbled onto it. Jean becomes more confident in her bidding, though she is worried about siphoning all of Gene's funds just to get to that item. Of course, Becky did tell her and her sister not to go over their personal limit.

The bid now reaches 30 million dollars. Jean had to sit it out because that is basically all of Gene's money. However, the other five bidders continued on until it reached 100 million. Every non-bidder is at the edge of their seats as they quietly make bets on who will win the glass slipper fragment.

"50 million!" cried Gingembre.

"100 million!" cried Sue.

The audience gasps. The bid on the glass slipper fragment is now surpasses that of the toenail of the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus' Holy Shit combined.

"200 million!" Sue cried again.

"Are you sure about this?" Pecos said to her.

"Yes, I'm sure, hon."

Now the glass slipper fragment is about to sell at the largest bid value in the entire auction. There is speculation that it might dwarf all the combined final sell values of all of the listed items.

Lupe, Amir, Lolita, and Gingembre retreat to their seats to deliberate their decision to bid higher.

"Are there any more bids?" queried the auctioneer.

Finally, Lupe stands up.

"I bid... two kagillion dollars!"

Everyone gasps.

"You fat ass!" yelled Gingembre as she waves her cane wildly. "Kagillion is not a real number."

"If you weren't a blind brat, I would have spanked your ass to the moon!" Lupe yelled back.

"I would like to see you try, fat ass!"

"Stop calling fat ass, brat!"

"Fat ass! Fat ass! Fat ass! Fat ass! Fat ass! Fat ass! Fat ass!"

"Why you..."

"Ladies, if you would please," said the auctioneer.

Lolita then stands up.

"I bid... 200 million dollars and one cent!" cried Lolita.

Everybody gasps.

"Then I bid 200 million dollars and two cents!" cried Amir.

"Make that 200 million dollars and three cents!" cried Lupe.

"Ha! I'll raise ya 200 million dollars and five cents!" cried Gingembre.

"Oh, for the love of..." muttered Sue. "I'll bid 200 million, fifty-one dollars and five cents!"

Lupe, Amir, Lolita, and Gingembre suddenly stop their personal bidding war to look in their wallets for loose change and bills that value over fifty-one dollars.

"200 million fifty-one dollars and five cents is the current bid," said the auctioneer. "Going once."

Lupe, Amir, and Lolita start to panic quietly. Gingembre tries desperately to hustle money from the Irish businessman she poked with her cane earlier.

"Going twice."

Lupe, Amir, and Gingembre immediately start to dash towards a confused Jean. Sue and Pecos smile in their winning anticipation.

"Going thrice."

Lupe, Amir, and Gingembre dog-pile on Jean. They along with Lolita quickly pulled all their money out of their wallets in order to top Sue's bid.


The gavel strikes podium. Sue hugs her lover, Pecos, with extreme happiness as the usher hands her an invoice to fill out to confirm the purchase bid of the glass slipper fragment. Even if they did combined their money from their wallets, Lupe, Amir, Lolita, and Gingembre could only muster up a combined total of fifty-dollars and four cents.

"One fucking cent short!" Gingembre cursed. "Why does this stupid country still make pennies?"

"Will you people get off me!" cried Jean, who is about to suffocate under the extreme weight of Lupe's breasts.

Lupe, Amir, Lolita, and Gingembre (along with her guide dog) left the auction room together. As Jean recovers herself, the auctioneer's assistant brings the last item of the day to the pedestal, which is a self-portrait of Gene Duo Biggs--with cat ears.

"And now for our last item," started the auctioneer, "is a one-of-a-kind self-portrait of the famed artist Gene Duo Biggs. The bidding starts at $2,500."

Suddenly Gene wakes up and shoots straight up to her feet.

"I bid 25 million dollars!" she cried.

Jean groans--and starts screaming. She tugs to her weird sister to retract her bid, but Gene did not want to. The bidding ended almost immediately, and Gene happily wins a painting of herself she did not know that she drew.

Jean didn't care anymore, for it is not her money. Her mind now shifts to the butch Texan lesbian (tribade) who she desperately wants to see once more before she leaves Las Vegas.

Having failed at her mission, Jean tugs her sister through the convention floor while dragging along the self-portrait. Midway between the exit and the auction room, they run into Kitty who had just wiped the last thread-like female cum off her mouth.

"What did I miss?" she asked the sisters.

"Oh, my little Jean-chan got dog-piled by three girls and one feminine-looking young boy and enjoyed it," said Gene.

"I did not!" growled Jean.

"Also, I won this self-portrait of Gene Duo Biggs painted by the artist herself. I'm going to hang this in my room when I get home."

"You're Gene Duo Biggs!"

"I am? I guess you could say that I am her, for we both have similar protons, neutrons, and electrons, thus atoms, and then molecules, and..."

"Shut-up! Shut-up!"

Suddenly, Jean spots Lupe Lobo by the convention hall exit along with Amir Amar, Lolita Hunter, and Bakur Gingembre, whose guide dog is waling beside her. The four of them are walking side-by-side together while keeping their eyes on Pecos and Sue, who are being escorted by their personal guards.

"It looks like we have to resort to this," said Amir.

"Get ready guys," said Lupe as she prepares to take out her throwing knife.

"Uh, yeah, I'll get ready," said Gingembre. "I'll stay behind to bark orders and stuff. Yeah, that's what I'll do."

Right before they are about to strike, three familiar women show from nowhere to greet Pecos and Sue for winning the glass slipper fragment.

Amir and Lolita stop Lupe and Gingembre from going any further.

"What's wrong?" Lupe asked.

"It's them," said Lolita.

"What do you mean?"

"The Ellas," muttered Amir.

"No way. That couldn't be them..."

"Becky," Lolita (Red) started. She looks up to her eyes with silent distress, urging her not to attack.

"Who are the Ellas?" Gingembre (Ginger) asked.

"I never seen them in person, but they're the most deadly assassins in the world," said Lupe (Becky). "They are said to give Noir a run for their money."

"You're joking, right?"

"I'm not."

Becky "points" to the each Ellas as she describes each of them Ginger.

"The most beautiful one and youngest is Charlotte Ella: AKA, Kitsune Bullet. The best sharpshooter around. She is also bisexual seductress and will kill you after she sleeps with you.

"The crazy-lookin' one is her older sister, Cecilia Ella: AKA, Crazy Tengu. She is an expert in stealth and ninjitsu. I hear rumors that she mutilates her victims and eats their private parts."

"That's sick, man," Ginger said. "But cool though."

"The bald-headed chick is their mother, Celeste Ella: AKA, Tanuki Fist. She's the best female Shaolin master in the world--and the most ruthless. It is said that she can deflect a full swing of a sword or a bullet with just her fingers."

"It looks like Sis has been outdone," said Ginger. "I guess she isn't the best assassin-mercenary that I thought she'd be."

"I can't believe you looked up to me."

"Who said that I looked up to you?"

"They're gone," said Amir (Mira).

When Becky and Ginger turned their heads, they see that the Ellas have disappeared, and that Pecos and Sue along with their guards have exited the building.

"Well, it looks like we failed the mission," said Ginger. "Now let's go to DEF CON!"

"No we're not," said Becky.

"Why not?"

"We're going to follow them."

"But we just got here! I wanna go to DEF CON!"

"I wanna go to Spice Girls!" cried Red.


Ginger chops Red at the neck, thus causing to fall to the ground. She's not dead, though, and Becky does not mind since all of Ginger's blows are pathetically weak. Red merely pretends to be hurt just to humor her friend.

Someone taps Becky on the shoulder. Becky turns around and sees Gene, as well as Jean who is shyly hiding behind her sister's back. Kitty is not far and watching HLS shag two female African wild dogs with her double dildo strap-on.

"Kind madam, someone wants to talk to you," she said to her. Gene shuffles aside and pushes Jean to Becky. Jean still does not know that the woman she had a crush on is her former wolf-eared college roommate.

"I know we just met," Jean stuttered, "but I was just wondering if we can get together someday and maybe, well, you know, talk."

"I'll be busy tomorrow," said Becky.

"Any other day will be fine."

"How about this weekend?"

"Sure. Where?"

"Wherever you want, Jean-chan."

"Hey, I didn't tell you my name."

"It's me."


"Don't you recognize me?"

Jean shakes her head. Becky sighs and tosses her cowboy hat off her head and exposes the two wolf ears on the top of her head. Realizing that she has been duped and used as insurance in their auctioning schemes, Jean's love for Lupe Lobo suddenly turning into hate/love/resentment for Becky Wolfe. Jean wails out and immediately starts beating on Becky's breasts.

"Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?" Jean cried. "First college, then my house, then my second house, then that British woman, and now this! Why won't you leave me alone?"

"You sure do love playing with my breasts," said Becky.

"I do not!"

"You're in denial," everyone said.

"Will all of you shut-up!"

Jean suddenly screamed, but this is something different. Something is incessantly poking her butt. She turns around and sees Ginger doing the poking with her white walking stick.

"Stop poking my ass!" Jean yelled at her.

Ginger continues to poke Jean, and eventually moves on to poke Becky on the butt. "I'm blind, sista," said Ginger. "And rich to boot."

"Um, Ginger," said Mira. "We can stop the charade now."

"Who's this Ginger? I hope she is good-looking and smart, unlike a certain fat ass named Sis who is now second best to a trio of incest-loving lesbo assassins."

"That reminds me," Becky smirked.

Becky immediately exposes Ginger's butt and spanks three times for every time she called her a "fat ass"--which is about thirty times. Pictures of it are taken, and then re-sold at the spank-fetish booth. This also gave Gene an idea for her next (money-making) photo project.

With the spanking done, Ginger cursed Becky and decided to move to plan B-5. So she strips naked and bends her butt over towards Becky.

"I'm gonna give you worst scat experience you will ever see!" Ginger cried.

"Whatev," said Becky.

"I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna piss you off and gross you out at the same time!"

Ginger grunts as she struggles to eject something (anything!) out of her anus. Everyone watch on as well as take pictures to resell at another fetish booth. Mira drools while stealth masturbating.

After minute or so, Ginger finally releases something out of her butt. She lets a loud and long fart that fills up the entire convention hall.

"Fuck," cursed a stunned Ginger.

Everyone bursts out laughing, including HLS and the two African wild dogs. Embarrassed beyond her intelligent wit, Ginger starts to cry.

"You guys are so mean!" she wailed.

Naked, Ginger runs out of the convention hall towards the casino floor.

"Wait Ginger!" cried Mira. "You're naked!"

Then a dirty thought overcame Mira, for she is still wet after seeing Ginger naked for the nth time. She decides to take the digital camcorder Ginger pilfered from a Japanese Yakuza boss and then chases Ginger down the casino with it.

"As much as I enjoy this, we've got to get them," said Becky.

"It smells like Ginger-fart here," Red said.

"Let's go. HLS--come!"

"Bark!" acknowledges HLS.

Becky, Red, and HLS say their goodbyes to Jean, Gene, and Kitty, and they run off to go get Mira, who is recording every minute of Ginger streaking[iii].

"God must hate me," Jean lamented.

"I'm sure Becky will be back to sweep off your feet," said Gene.

"That's not what I meant."

"Look at it this way: this is God's way of showing His love for you."

"Then we must worship a sadistic God who takes pleasure in making us suffer in silly ways."

"That's the spirit Jean-chan!"

"Why me?"

"I think you need to be 'treated' darling," Kitty suggested.

"Please leave me alone."

When Ginger realized that the she had streaked for fifteen minutes in the Castaways casino, she asked their manages on the number of people she pissed off. They replied that it was 5%. Ginger was pissed about that, but she did take pleasurable credit for inadvertently inducing a heart attack to an elderly religious woman who was on the penny slot machines.

In order to intercept Pecos and Sue at their ranch in Arlen, Texas, Becky and the girls had to board a plane. They couldn't go by car anyway since Becky crashed it. However, Ginger and Red whined about staying Vegas a little longer, so Becky allowed them to play on the top of the Stratosphere Tower. Some activities included riding the rollercoaster, mooning at the rotating restaurant, and dropping things from the top, which is their favorite. Then security descended upon them and told them to stop. But they continued, and threatened to arrest them. Red's cuteness was not enough to sway them, so Ginger ordered her friend to kick their asses. Luckily for them, Ginger and Red were about to leave in an hour, so they managed to avoid the authorities they so resent.

On the plane, there was no in-flight movie, and Ginger was pissed about that. So she decided to relieve her boredom by ripping off and pissing of all the other passengers through rigged card games and throwing off obscene and offensive gestures to them. After numerous complaints, Becky was forced to tie her down into the seat, but Ginger always found a way to escape. Becky simply gave up and told the flight attendants to deal with it.

"The Ellas..." Becky muttered. "Could they be interested in the glass slipper fragments?"

"I know it's know my place to say this," Mira started, "but you really have to be careful around the Ellas, Miss Wolfe. It would be best to avoid them."

"And what if we can't? Then we should at least take our chances. I mean, I'm good, right?"

"To tell you the truth, not as good as them."

"Then that means we have to show them we can kick their asses and then some!" Ginger cried out.

Becky turns her head and sees that Ginger is standing by her in the aisle naked.

"This again?" Becky said.

"I'm still gonna piss you off by shitting in front of your eyes!" Ginger cried.


"I'm serious! This time I'm gonna do it!"

Ginger squats down ready defecate. After a minute of struggling, a dinner cart being pushed by a flight attendant knocks Ginger and sends her tumbling down the aisle and into the cockpit. The pilots are both startled and strangely aroused by the thin girl or mashed her butt on the controls, thus causing the plane to dip.

Everyone screams for their lives, except for Becky and Red, since they are too busy listening to the radio through their headphones.

The pilots eventually regain control and sends Ginger away. They warn Becky and the others to tie down their friend or face arrest.

This time, Ginger is gagged and tied down tightly to her seat. Mira was the one who happily volunteered to do the tying.

"Are you comfortable, Ginger dear?" Mira asked.

Ginger mumbles something through the duct tape over her mouth. It is incomprehensible, and it is most likely to be offensive and derogatory insults.

"That's good," Mira smiled.

This happens to be a one hour and thirty minute flight.


i - DEF CON is a convention for phreakers and computer hackers. It often takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.A.) for some reason.

ii - The lyrics are from Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

iii - Streaking - running around public places without any clothes on.

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