Story: Mecha Wars! (chapter 24)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 24

End Run: Part Two

        "Go, Hikaru," Misaki said with a fierce smile, using her will to manipulate her Angel on the Layer table while out in the real world, her Saber Doll fought on. She casually ducked the Boomer's swing then struck, punching right through it's chest.

        "It's not really Hikaru out there," Sai murmured, running Shirahime through her paces. As the kimono clad angel moved on the Layer to deliver a devastating kick upward, the Saber Doll out in the real world completed the move, turning Boomers into scrap.

        Hotoko laughed, "Close enough." Her Suzuka moved like a blur, getting behind another group of Boomers before launching a devastating series of attacks.

        Blanche fought with precision out on the Layer even as Kaede continued to smile gently. "I just hope that Sylia and Antonia are still all right," she said as another Boomer fell into rubble, "or else all of this will be pointless."

        Anticipating their request Mackie spoke up from where he sat at the computer station nearby, "It's hard to pinpoint Sylia's location because of all the Chameleon Modules, but there haven't been any reports of her capture."

        "And if she is?" Sai asked as she guided her Angel through a series of complex maneuvers to destroy three Boomers in a row.

        "Then I'll dig out my suit of heavy armor and help rescue her," Mackie smiled dangerously, nodding towards the large suit of battle armor waiting nearby.

        "She will make it," Misaki leaned forward, face intent, "I just know it."

        The building they perched on was less than two miles away from Genom's tower, but in a way it was like a thousand miles. The two figures there were shimmering with an odd distortion, one seemingly concealing them from the Boomers flying patrol in the air nearby.

        "Are you all right?" Sylia asked, the light blue/gray armored figure connected directly to the other's armor, not using radio or other transmission methods.

        "It's all right," Tony said, her voice showing the strain. "The Iron- tech cloak produces a strain on the pilot," she explained, "and it's of limited effectiveness when we're in the air."

        "We've flown so close," Sylia muttered, "we only have a short ways to go!" She paused, "If we move out now, could we..."

        "There are still a lot of Boomers out there," Tony answered grimly. She paused, "I'll shut down the cloak, distract them. You might make the Tower that way."

        "No," Sylia said firmly.

        Then the Boomers circling in midair paused, as if something else had caught their attention. Suddenly, an powerful explosion echoed through the metallic towers as a vehicle barreled forward. The armor smoked on the troop carrier, wheels flattened as it bounced towards the Tower.

        "Whoo-hoo!" Priss laughed, her blue armor chipped and battered. Right beside her on the roof Natsumi and Miyuki laid down cover fire, the two former police officers suits burned and torn.

        "Do you think we'll hook up with the others," Aoi grinned from the driver's seat, the windshield only a gaping hole in the front.

        "We ought to ask for our money back," Yoriko laughed, her glasses sliding down, "we only got to run down two combat Boomers before the tires went!"

        Priss shifted her visor to the frequency Sylia instructed her, and grinned as she picked up the two cloaked figures, "They made it."

        "We've got company," Yoriko yelled up at Priss.

        The battered jeep came up on their one side with Akiko at the wheel. The normally stylish looking business woman was a total mess, her brown hair in disarray, but she had a wild grin on her face. Beside her Nene used her suits weapons to pick off Boomers, even as she monitored Genom's communications. A bit ahead the androids Nuku Nuku and Emi trashed anything in their way with a great deal of glee.

        "Everyone all right?" Nene yelled over at them.

        "We're doing fine," Aoi yelled back, "it's been a blast!"

        Akiko snickered softly as that, getting a glare from Nene. "Sorry, love," she gave her lover a grin, "but I like her attitude."

        "You would," Nene smiled back reluctantly.

        "Mama," Nuku Nuku waved, slamming two Boomers together so they exploded, "there's so many to play with!"

        "She's got that right," Emi muttered, an electrical burst disabling more Boomers.

        "If we're both here," Priss said thoughtfully, "that should mean..."


        A Boomer hurtled by them, smoking, then a motorbike slid into place on their other side. Reika Chang rode with a determined expression on her face, Linna skimming alongside her in her green suit of armor. Running in a ragged schoolgirl's uniform Aiko kept pace, while above them in her sleek armor Biko kept an eye on them all.

        "Nice to see that we all made it," Linna said, looking up and noticing the four Saber Dolls converging on their position. The group formed a kind of wedge, pressing forward as a veritable army of Boomers descended towards them.

        "Time to finish this," Aiko grinned, the light catching on her slivery wristbands.

        "Indeed," Biko agreed, her visor cracked, her eyes having a dangerous intensity.

        "Is Sylia here," Reika asked softly, "did she make it?"

        "She's in position," Linna confirmed to her lover quietly, "the endgame begins."

        Within the Tower itself Quincy finished pulling on his jacket, adjusting it so that he presented the proper image. Make-up had erased signs of worry from the older man's face, along with a hearty shot of booze. But his eyes, they still looked worried.

        Madigan studied the readout, her face pale as a bit of her long purple hair fell into her eyes. She brushed it back impatiently as she murmured, "The losses in Boomers are... apocalyptic."

        "Being a little dramatic?" Quincy inquired, adjusting his tie.

        "Sir.. we aren't going to be able to hide these kind of losses in the budget," Madigan said to him softly, "the deficit we'll have this quarter.."

        "Will be worth it," Quincy said firmly, refusing to even look down at the readout. His eyes narrowed slightly, "The meeting is in only a few moments, and they have succeeded in preventing her from reaching here."

        "Unless she pulls another surprise," Madigan offered.

        Quincy's hands shook slightly as he pulled his suit jacked down into place, "There's nothing left that she can possibly do."

        'I wouldn't bet on that,' Madigan thought to herself grimly as a soft chirp came from her personal organizer. She pulled the device out of the inner pocket of her coat, called up the information and her eyes widened. "Sir..?"

        "What?" Quincy asked without looking over at her, already knowing that he wasn't going to like what he was about to hear.

        "The Knight Sabers and their allies have reached the Tower and are now fighting against the security forces," Madigan reported, her voice soft with shock. "Boomer forces are converging on the lower levels to hold them back."

        "It's not possible," Quincy hissed.

        "And we still don't know exactly where Sylia Stingray is," Madigan said grimly. She shook her head, focusing on what they needed to do now, "You'd better get going sir, the shareholder's meeting starts in a few minutes."

        "Right," Quincy strode off. Down the hallway from his office was a meeting room, one filled with person's of power. As Quincy entered he felt their eyes on him, sensed fear in the air. Taking control of the meeting he announced, "We're all here, let's get started."

        "It's not quite time," a shareholder mentioned. He smiled slightly, "And I understand that there's a shareholder still absent."

        Quincy glared at the smirking man. "If he or she does not arrive on time," he managed past his irritation, "she will not be allowed to vote."

        "It's time," Tony said, firing her boot thrusters and rising up into the air. They rocketed forward, the mob of Boomers that should have been going after them were tangled up with the other Knight Sabers and their allies.

        "Damn it," Sylia scowled.

        Far bellow them the Boomers were swiftly moving in to try to overwhelm the others. The team formed up into a circle, weapons blazing as they cut down the enemy, but they were tired. It had been a very long run to the Tower, and they were running on empty.

        As Priss was rocked backwards by a near miss, her Aunt Natsumi slapping a hand on her back to hold her up Sylia groaned, "We've got to help them."

        "We will," Tony opened up the afterburners, exploding up. Internal schematics of the Tower rushed by her eyes, information acquired by Mackie and Nene. "There," Tony murmured, then loudly said, "brace yourself!"

        "What.." Sylia started when Tony bodily threw her at the building! Rolling into a ball the silvery figure crashed through the meeting, bouncing off the top of the table before hitting the floor with a loud clang.

        Tony dove back down, all weapons firing as she drove the enemy away from her friends, both old and new. "Good luck, Sylia," she murmured, opening up with the mini-missiles and repulsers, "it's all up to you know."

        "Security!" Quincy bellowed, jumping to his feet.

        "HOLD IT!" Sylia used the amplifiers in her suit, making her voice sound something like a roll of thunder. She disconnected her helmet, pulling it off bodily before letting it fall to the carpet with a soft thump. "My name is Sylia Stingray," she looked at the horrified expression on Quincy's face, "I'm sorry I'm late, but I was unavoidably delayed."

        "You're still in time, Ms. Stingray," Madigan said to her respectfully. There was a slight smile on her face as she added, "The meeting hasn't started just yet."

        "Damn you," Quincy muttered, possibly to Madigan or Sylia herself.

        "Check your consoles, ladies and gentlemen," Sylia looked around the room calmly, "I'm now the majority shareholder of Genom." She tossed a look at Madigan, "You might want to shut current operations of the Boomers down, as a gesture of good will."

        "Of course," Madigan pressed a few keys on her personal organizer.

        "For the first thing on the agenda," Sylia continued on calmly, "I would like to propose the removal of the current President of Genom. As these files on the losses that the company has suffered today prove," she pulled a data disk from her suits arm and tossed it down on the table, "he has clearly lost his perspective."

        "You planned all this," Quincy looked at her in shock.

        "Not all," Sylia answered coolly, "your own decisions helped a lot."

        Outside the Boomers slowed to a stop, pausing as they received new orders. One or two, then more and more of the Boomers left, scattering to their places around the city. Standing in the center, still undefeated, the Knight Sabers and their allies remained.

        "Sylia made it?" Nene finally had to ask, flipping up her visor tiredly.

        "Yes, she did," Tony grinned, her own face-plate up, hair ruffled by the wind.

To be continued....

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