Story: Mecha Wars! (chapter 14)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 14

Mecha Wars: Chapter Fourteen

        Biko grinned ferally, raising her wrist cannon and opening fire. The boomer exploded into flames, and she turned to fire again at another boomer coming up behind her. Eiko backed Biko up, her long red hair flowing around her as she punched and kicked the robots down.

        "Not bad," Biko smiled, gracefully descending to the ground and standing beside Eiko and the four fully scrapped boomers.

        "Not too bad yourself," Eiko agreed, reaching out to take her hand. They walked into a darker portion of the alley together, and Biko changed back into her school uniform.

        The two young women had been back in Mega-Tokyo only a few days, and had demolished more than a few boomers in that time. They had also been enjoying the night life, as well as starting to get to know each other a bit better, away from their families and friends.

        Biko smiled, pushing her long blue hair back from her face. "The Priss and the Replicants concert last night was incredible, wasn't it?" she asked.

        "I was impressed," Eiko admitted with a laugh. "That woman could sing," she added.

        "The bar was a dive," Biko chuckled, "but they were worth it."

        They walked on together for a few moments, then Eiko softly asked her, "What are we going to do about Genom?"

        "My father won't do anything," Biko said softly, "he doesn't dare. He'd loose too much himself if he sued Genom for any damages."

        Eiko squeezed Biko's hand gently in her own and said, "I didn't ask about your dad, what are we going to do?"

        Biko stopped them, looking into Eiko's eyes as she quietly said, "Would you like to share an little apartment in town with me?" With a grim little smile on her face she added, "I'd like to stick around for a while, help out the Knight Sabers against Genom. It's the least I can do, for my father's men that those boomers killed."

        "I'd love to share an apartment with you," Eiko beamed, and gently kissed Eiko.


        The two jerked apart, eyes wide as the Earth shook beneath them. "Did the Earth move for you, too?" Biko asked with a grin.

        Eiko snickered softly, "Guess we'd better check that out."

        The two of them ran down the street, fighting against the press of people trying to go the opposite direction. They rounded a corner, and skidded to a stop as they both blinked in surprise.

        The young woman was surrounded by six massive combat boomers, but she didn't look too terribly afraid. Long, pink hair flowed down her back, and her face was clearly attractive, even looking as irritated as she did right about then. She protected a dark haired girl who lay on the ground right behind her, holding on to her forearm as if it greatly pained her, while a scrapped boomer lay at the pink haired woman's feet.

        "You hurt my master," the pink haired girl said intensely, her body almost glowing with power, "and that is simply unforgivable!"

        The boomers didn't even know what hit them. The woman was a blur, striking fast and hard with immense strength against each boomer, leaving them smoking wrecks in her wake. They tried using their weapons, but they couldn't even get a shot off!

        "I don't think we're needed here," Biko said dryly.

        "Looks like it," Eiko agreed.

        "Are you all right, master?" the pink haired girl asked after finishing off disposing of the boomers and returning to the dark haired girl's side.

        "Thank you Kurumi, I'm fine," the black haired woman said as she pushed up her round glasses a bit nervously.

        "Master Nako thanked me," Kurumi threw her arms around Nako and hugged her fiercely. She let her go and began to bounce up and down chanting, "Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!"

        "Kurumi," Nako tried to stop her, "those girls are staring at us."

        Kurumi looked over at the visibly goggling Eiko and Biko and beamed at the two of them happily, "That's because they're jealous of what a great master Kurumi has!" With that, she hugged Nako's body close to her once again.

        Eiko smiled, shaking her head as she softly said the Japanese word for cute, "Kawaii."

        "Definitely," Biko agreed quietly.

        "Hi!" Kurumi waved at the two of them cheerfully, still holding on to Nako, the young woman's face nearly in her bust.

        "Hello," Nako waved weakly, her face beet red.

        The introductions were quickly made, and Biko asked Kurumi and Nako curiously, "So why were the boomers after you two?"

        "Boomers?" Kurumi looked cutely blank.

        "Those mean robots," Nako gently supplied. She looked over at Biko and answered, "We're not sure, actually."

        "Well, whatever they were after," Eiko smiled, "they didn't get it."

        Across town, the Genom tower rose up over the city, casting a long shadow on all of Mega-Tokyo's people. A massive structure of blue-gray metal, it was the fortress from which it's leader attempted to rule over the city. A leader who didn't look particularly happy right about then.

        "All ten boomers were destroyed?" Quincy echoed softly.

        Madigan winced, checking her notes to buy herself from time. The information hadn't changed much, sadly. "The attack team of six and the four observers were all destroyed," she reported regretfully, "we believe by separate parties."

        "Did we get any data on them?" Quincy's voice had dropped to a dangerous purr.

        "As a precaution I had a recon drone follow them," Madigan said a bit smugly, "this is what it recorded before it was clipped by a piece of flying debris."

        The two women on the image tore through the four boomers like the wind, twin engines of destruction. "Rewind," Quincy ordered, then "stop, enhance image!"

        The figure in battle armor looked quite familiar, as the design was based around a one-piece bathing suit. "Biko," Madigan growled softly.

        It had been a grave mistake, Quincy now knew, to bring Biko and her red-headed little friend to Mega-Tokyo.

        An super-deformed Eiko popped up and waved her arms angrily as she protested, "Her red headed little friend? I do have a name, you know! Jerk."

        Quincy blinked, looking over at Madigan, "Did you see that?"

        "See what?" Madigan asked.

        "Never mind," Quincy sighed, making a little metal note to cut down on his meds. Once Biko had found out about Genom's illegal activities, she began to push her father to try to sue Genom for damages. She failed, of course, because her father was far too dependent on several contracts from Genom itself, but now she was here in Mega-Tokyo, causing trouble.

        "I'm sorry to say there was no scan data on our primary target," Madigan added softly.

        "We need to find the Steel Angel," Quincy said intensely, "it could revolutionize the entire line of boomers! Send out another retrieval team immediately!"

        Madigan cleared her throat softly, and Quincy looked up at her curiously. "We don't have enough in the covert budget to launch another try," she said sheepishly.

        For a moment you could actually hear Quincy grinding his teeth together. "Sell off some of my Genom stock," he growled, "I'll buy it back later."

        "Right, sir," Madigan nodded, even as she thought wryly, 'He always says he'll buy the stock back, but he never seems to.'

        "I must acquire the Steel Angel," Quincy muttered softly as she left the room.

        In another part of the city a computer terminal softly went 'ping,' Sylia reluctantly climbed out of the hot tub and walked over to check it, giving Tony quite an entertaining view of her naked backside along with a softly mumbled, "Excuse me." She reviewed the bulletin and a little frown appeared on her face.

        "Something wrong?" Tony asked, relaxing in the bubbles.

        "Quincy's selling more Genom stock," Sylia noted, authorizing the purchase through one of her various dummy companies.

        Tony eased herself up out of the tub and onto the shelf around it, "Which means he needs money for something nefarious, no doubt." Her one leg dandled in the water, the stump of her other leg a healthy pink beside it.

        Sylia nodded, "Exactly."

        "Your and Nene's suits are still mostly gutted," Tony said thoughtfully, "but we could probably get Linna and Priss's suits operational." She reached over to grab her oversized T-shirt and slipped it on over her nude body, covering the scars on her side and shoulder.

        Sylia shook her head, "Let's complete all the refits first." At Tony's mildly surprised look she added, "Nene tells me that Nuku-nuku and Emi had a great old time destroying boomers yesterday, and I know that both Biko and Eiko are in town. Let's let them handle it first, and the Knight Sabers can step in later if needed."

        Tony pulled her prosthetic leg over and attached it, standing up a bit shakily. "I think you may be right. If necessary, I can don my armor and head out to help," she smiled.

        Sylia walked over to her lover, taking her hand gently, "Only if you have to, love. I know how much it hurts you to wear that suit with your injuries."

        Toy drew Sylia's hand up to her lips, kissing it gently. "We all do what we must, m'lady," she said softly, a twinkle in her eyes as she looked Sylia up and down.

        Sylia looked down and blushed, realizing she was still nude. "I'll go get dressed," she started to move, but Tony kept a firm grip on her hand. Sylia looked into Tony's eyes, and found them warm with admiration and desire.

        "You don't have to," Tony murmured, a quirky smile on her face.

        Sylia smiled back, and pressed her lips to Tony's.

To be continued...

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