Story: Mecha Wars! (chapter 1)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 1

Title: Project A-ko!

Mecha Wars: Project A-Ko

Biko looked out the jet's window thoughtfully, considering just why she was having to visit a city like Mega-Tokyo. One of it's leading companies, Genom, had a small problem, and if they had a problem, so did all their various business associates. Like her father's company, for instance. She scowled, wishing her father had kept him mouth shut about her.

"Are we there yet?" Eiko complained to her from across the aisle. Biko was struck by how childish her rival sounded, and had to fight back a smile.

"Soon," Biko said with a little smile. She opened up her laptop, and began to call up the files that Genom had sent to her on their little problem.

"Corporate Terrorists on the Loose!" was the first banner headline, and then "Menace to Society!" followed it. Some artist's conceptions of the Knight Sabers soon appeared on the screen, all of them looking suitably menacing. Finally, a list of damage the Knight Sabers had done began to scroll by, coupled with what little technical data they had on them.

Having read some of it over Biko's shoulder, an amused Eiko quietly commented, "A little biased, maybe?"

"Just a little," Biko agreed with her dryly. She paused for a moment, then more softly said "Thank you for coming along."

"I should be thanking you. It got me away from my dad," Eiko said with a smile. "He's still trying to get me to wear that damn costume," she added, shuddering at the very idea of wearing skin tight red and blue spandex.

A little smile quirked Biko's lips. "You'd look good in it," she remarked.

Eiko blushed, "Don't you start that again!"

The jet landed, and both of them were soon in a limo bound for Genom's tower. A mercifully short trip ended up with them standing in an massive office, the head of Genom itself, Quincy, sitting behind the desk there.

"Welcome to Mega-Tokyo," Quincy said, stepping up to them to shake their hands. He was gray hared in a distinguished kind of way, if you ignored the slime.

Biko's nostrils flared as they caught something odd. There was an scent about him, one that instantly triggered the memory of her familiar work room back home. She carefully touched a switch on her wristband, and a display appeared on her LCD contact lense. 'An android,' she noted, 'he's not even here. Interesting.'

"So you want me to try to deal with your Knight Sabers problem, correct?" Biko asked him calmly, taking a chair in front of his desk.

"They are a bit of a problem," Quincy admitted, adding, "I'm certain our own forces can bring them to justice eventually, but not without cost."

"And my mecha design skills brought me to your attention as a potential solution," Biko noted. "Not to mention an attack on one of my father's facilities," she said coldly. Over a dozen employees had been killed, it appeared by the Knight Sabers.

"I hope we'll be able to stop these criminals with your assistance," Quincy said, a small smile teasing his lips.

The two girls left the office as quickly as possible. "That guy's a robot!" Eiko exclaimed as soon as they were out of the building.

"How did you know?" Biko asked curiously.

"How creepy he acted," Eiko said with a shudder.

Biko chuckled softly at that. "Actually, the real Quincy acts that way too," she added with a grin, "but that was a robot."

They walked to the hotel they were staying in silence. Finally, Eiko asked "So how do we find these Knight Sabers, anyway?"

Biko grinned at her, "Don't worry, I have a plan."

Not too much later, they stood in a deserted alley, accompanied by various sounds of grinding and clanking metal.

"I hate this plan," Eiko complained to her bitterly. She twisted this way and that, trying in vain to get the boomer costume she was wearing to sit a bit more comfortably on her body. "Why do I have to be the bait, anyway?" she asked plaintively.

"Because you can take anything these Knight Sabers can dish out," Biko commented, adding under her breath, "trust me, I should know." She tinkered with the costume a bit, "There, now you'll register as a real boomer. They seem to react to any out of control boomers, so act like one and you will draw them out."

"You are so going to owe me for this," Eiko sighed out softly. She adjusted the suit one more time before saying over her shoulder, "Wish me luck."

Eiko then proceeded to run off down the street, her arms and legs in exagerated motion, hollering loudly in what could, if one was charitable, be called an attempt to sing. Biko sighed to herself softly, activating her suit's sensor cloak. 'Who ever these Knight Sabers are,' she thought, 'I just hope they're gullible.'

"Wow," Nene said softly.

"Well, that's new," Linna said dryly. "Priss, have you ever seen a boomer doing that?" she asked her friend over the radio.

"Nope," Priss admitted. She passed the question on to Sylia.

"This may just be a first," Sylia admitted.

The rogue boomer was standing in what would normally be a busy intersection, dancing. A bit awkwardly, admittedly. There was not too much sense of rhythm there. But it was dancing, none the less. The A.D. Police hadn't arrived just yet, so the Knight Sabers were taking a few moments to enjoy the show.

"Well, as entertaining as this is," Sylia said to the others coolly, "it could try to hurt someone. Let's go, Knight Sabers!"

Priss took the point as usual, leading the charge towards the dancing boomer. She got near, drew her arm back, and then swung at it. Only to find the boomer wasn't there.

Eiko quickly sidestepped the blow, firmly grabbing the blue Knight Saber's arm. She spun her around and then swung her forcefully towards a nearby lamp post, head first.

Bong! The metal post shook violently, ringing just like a bell. The blue suit staggered backwards, and then it flopped right over, it's pilot out cold.

"Priss!" Linna cried out. Her cables tore into the boomer's body armor, but stragely it just seemed to break away in pieces revealing a young woman. The red headed girl grinned at her, before hitting her armor with incredible force.

"Don't make a move," Sylia heard a strange voice say over her suit's radio. She quickly turned around, only to see...

A woman floating in the air dressed in what looked like a metallic one piece swimsuit. Gloves, boots, and a helmet completed the outfit. Sylia brought up her heads-up display, and whistled softly. The thing had powerful forcefields, and substantial weaponry.

"We would really prefer to arrest you all peacefully," Biko said to her calmly, "but we'll use force if it's needed."

"What do we do?" Nene asked Sylia frantically, "they're both human beings!" Out of the corner of her eye she saw Eiko punch through a wall, so she added, "I think."

Linna danced backward, trying to avoid any more direct hits from the girl. The last punch had made her head ring, though she did notice that the girl was dodging her punches too. 'This is so crazy,' Linna thought, dropping and using a sweep kick to knock the girl down.

Quickly assessing the situation, Sylia leaped and tackled the flying girl down to ground level where they were on more even terms. "What are you after us for," she asked her, even as she tried to keep the girl's missile launcher under control. 'What sort of maniac wears a weapon like that on her wrist, anyway?' she thought frantically.

"I'm here to bring you in for the deaths at the Daitokuji plant!" Biko hissed out. 'If I could just get my missiles ready,' she thought.

"But it wasn't us, an out of control boomer did that," Sylia said, sounding honestly surprised at the girl's acusation.

"What?" Biko said, surprised. 'The information we got about the attack did come from Genom,' she realized with a sinking feeling.

"Don't you ever watch the news?" Sylia demanded.

From the corner of her eye she saw both the green and pink Knight Sabers trying to dogpile on Eiko, without having very much success, but Biko had other things to worry about. She accessed several news programs, reviewing reports for the last few weeks, and with a sinking feeling realized the Knight Saber was right.

"Oops," Biko said to her sheepishly.

Once she saw the fight had gone out of her opponent, Sylia let Biko up. "Let me guess," Sylia said, "Genom told you that we attacked the plant, to get you to come after us."

"Looks like it," Biko sighed. She turned to the still struggling Eiko and yelled at her, "Stop fighting! Genom lied to us!"

From somewhere under the dogpile they all heard Eiko yell, "I knew we shouldn't have trusted that slime ball!"

Priss staggered to her feet, leaning on the lamppost heavily for support. "Lemme at 'em!" she slurred out, "I c'n take 'em!" Then she fell over, again.

"I don't like being lied to," Biko said dangerously. She exchanged a look with Eiko, and they both exchanged an grim little smile.

Quincy looked very startled when the office's window exploded inward. Before any of his boomer bodyguards could react, Eiko was all over them. She moved like the wind, disabling them with what looked like childish ease.

Biko ignored them, going right for Quincy. "You lied to me," she said dangerously. A evil smile appeared on her face, "I know you're just a robot, and that the real Quincy is safe. But I also know how much a decoy like this costs..."

And then she blew it up quite spectacularly.

The jet they were taking back to Graviton City was right on time, and a lot more comfortable than the last one. "And you call that dancing?" Biko commented from the couch. "I'm surprised the crowd didn't try to stop you!"

"I can dance just fine," Eiko shot back. "Besides, I didn't see you coming up with any better ideas," she said with a frown.

"That's not dancing," Biko said dryly. She got up from her seat, crossing the broad aisle to offer Eiko her hand. The redhead took it, and she smoothly pulled her to her feet. "1, 2, 3," Biko counted under her breath as she waltzed the redhead around the cabin.

Eiko blushed a bit, looking into the blue hared girl's eyes. Biko gently pulled her tighter, and she felt her own generous proportions meshing with the other girl's. "This... feels kind of nice," Eiko admitted to her softly.

Biko smiled slightly. "This feels even better," and she gently kissed her.

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