Story: Girl's Night Out (chapter 3)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 3

Title: Three

Part Three

A few weeks later, the acting head of Nerv stumbled out of her bedroom, her hair standing up and her breasts bouncing freely under her little T-shirt.

"Do you have to dress like that?" a frowning Asuka asked Misato crossly, trying not to look at her too obviously.

Misato frowned in confusion, "What?" She looked down at her lack of clothing, simply explaining, "It's hot out."

A sweatdropping Asuka just sighed softly in reply, and then went back to eating her bowl of breakfast cereal.

'It's not that I wanted to be the head of Nerv,' Misato thought to herself sourly, 'but who else could they get to take the job when all of Gendo Ikari's dirty dealings came to light?' A little smile appeared on her face, 'Though I have my suspicions about who caused all his personal computer files to download into the UN's computers.'

An imaginary Ritsuko and Maya appear, SD style, dressed as angels with little halos above both their heads. Misato snorts loudly in disbelief, and they turn into cute little devils with horns and carrying little pitchforks. Devil Ritsuko gives devil Maya a sexy smile, and they disappear from the screen together.

"Besides," Misato grumbled to herself, not realizing she was talking aloud, "this all makes it harder to spend any time with my snuggle bunny!"

As if on cue, an cute little imaginary SD version of Priss Asagiri pops up, angrily proclaiming to everyone who can hear her, "I'm not her snuggle bunny!"

SD Misato tackles her, loudly proclaiming "Yes you are!" Both SD characters fall into a tangle of arms and legs, and from the sound effects it appears that they're having a good time.

Asuka, somehow having seen all the SD characters, sweatdrops and then drinks more of her coffee, hoping that the hallucinations will just go away, please. 'It's bad enough I'm messed up about Rei,' she thought, 'I don't need to be seeing things.'

Misato was pulling on her trademark red jacket when she said, "I'm going to be getting larger quarters as Nerv's new boss. That means that there will be a bigger room for you, but we'll also have some additional company."

"Is Priss moving in with you?" Asuka asked her with a impish little smile on her face. She had accidentally walking in on one of Priss's nighttime visits with Misato, and it had been... educational, to say the least.

"No," Misato pouted quite cutely. She smiled slightly as she said, "It seems that Rei's moving in with us."

Asuka paled. "Who's crazy idea was that?" she asked, deeply surprised.

Misato felt a bit of deja-vu. "She asked me, actually," Misato said to her with a odd little smile on her face. "Oh, Asuka," she added, pausing in the doorway on her way outside, "Rei said she wants to see you, can you go over to her dorm?"

"What does she want to see me about?" Asuka asked Misato suspiciously.

"I dunno," she shrugged, and left to go see poor Shinji.

After Gendo got arrested for a long list of offenses, Misato became Shinji's legal guardian, and got to do something she had wanted to do to him for almost as long as she had known him: she put him into therapy. The personal issues he had with his father and mother alone would probably keep him in therapy for a few years, at least.

Asuka paused in the hallway, fidgeting nervously before she pressed the doorbell. There was no chime, just silence, so she tried the door. Finding it unlocked her cautiously pushed the door open, taking a peek down the entranceway.

"Hello?" Asuka called down the hallway cautiously.

"Come on in," Rei called to her from inside.

Asuka slipped off her shoes, leaving her school bag leaning up by the doorway. She walked down the hallway into Rei's bedroom, a mostly bare place with only a few little things placed around to give it a bit of color. Her eyes widened as she saw something quite out of place, reaching out to pick it up thoughtfully.

One of Asuka's own hair ribbons lay on top of the desk, curled up slightly. It almost looked like it had been handled often, becoming a precious momento to someone. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something glinting in the nearby trash bin, a broken pair of glasses that had been discarded by Rei at last.

Then Rei stepped out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her. She was totally naked otherwise, a slight swell of breasts visible above the towel, the length of her thigh visible just below it. She smiled sweetly over at Asuka, "Sorry to keep you waiting."

Asuka backed away from her, stumbling and falling on her butt. A little smile teased Rei's lips, even as she bent over to ask her softly, "What's wrong?" Asuka found herself treated to an excellent view of Rei's breasts.

Asuka covered her eyes with one hand, blushing fiercely even as she stammered out, "Sorry, I didn't... I mean, you invited me in so..."

Rei smiled, letting go of the towel to pull Asuka back to her feet. "Are you all right?" she asked her softly. The towel, with nothing holding it up, softly and silently fell down to the floor, Rei continuing on as if nothing was amiss.

Asuka blushed even harder, her eyes scrunched shut. "Rei, what are you doing?" Asuka asked her somewhat desperately.

"I remember everything that happened that night," Rei said softly, taking Asuka's hands and pulling them away from her eyes. She smiled at Asuka gently, "You took care of me so gently, held me while I slept, and..."

Asuka looked into Rei's eyes, trying not to look bellow the neck, "And?"

"You kissed me," Rei said softly.

Asuka blushed, remembering the kiss she had snuck from the sleeping Rei. At least, she thought she was sleeping. "I'm sorry," she started to say, but Rei shushed her.

Rei leaned forward, her lips gently brushing at Asuka's own. She paused, giving Asuka a chance to pull away, and when she didn't Rei pulled her closer, kissing her deeply. Asuka shuddered, feeling Rei's thin form pressing up against her own.

Rei released her, smiling up at Asuka. "I wanted to thank you," she said softly, and more shyly she added, "and I think I've fallen for you."

"Do you remember karaoke?" Asuka asked her softly. Rei looked a bit confused, so Asuka sang softly "You are all I long for, all I worship, and adore."

Rei blushed. "Yes," she confessed softly.

"That pretty much says how I feel, too," Asuka said, kissing her softly. She pulls back to say, "I love you, too."

Rei led her by the hand over to the bed, pulling her down beside her. The camera pulls back, around the corner, and items of clothes are seem hitting a wall. Shirt, skirt, shoes, socks, and finally underwear are discarded, before breathy moans could be heard.

"Where did you learn that?" Asuka's surprised voice is heard to say.

A soft laugh is all that's heard in reply.

Authors Notes: This is the final part, probably anyway. The SD sequence came to mind first, and I just had to write it up. I also wanted to resolve the Rei/Asuka thing I started in parts one and two. The bit between Misato and Asuka at the begining is right out of the manga, vol. #3, but poor Shinji is on the receiving end. A Shinji moment with Rei is also the basis of my Asuka/Rei scene...

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