Story: Girl's Night Out (chapter 2)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 2

Title: Two

Disclaimer: This is a short piece of nearly total silliness about some of the ladies of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I don't own any of these characters and profit in no way from this fanfic! My knowledge of Eva is from a few episodes and mangas, only, so if there's mistakes, please forgive me! Like most of my other fics, this is shoujo-ai (or lesbian) in content, so if that sort of thing bothers you, I'd recommend reading something else.

Part Two

Misato sighed out her contentment, her body covered with a fine sheen of sweat. She smiled fondly over at Priss, who had just given her an incredible few hours.

'A lot better than Kagi been lately, certainly,' Misato mused. She chuckled softly, thinking, 'And the best thing was, no razor burn from stubble. I think I could get to like this.'

The trailer had no working air conditioning, and the primary decoration for the place was a few artistically placed towers of beer cans, but that just made it more home-like to Misato. Priss smiled up at her, her brown hair charmingly rakish from all their bedroom acrobatics, "Sorry about the air conditioning."

"I figure we raised the temperature in here a few degrees on our own," Misato laughed. "I could use something cool to drink, though," she suggested leadingly.

Priss grinned, "There's beer in the small fridge, if you want to get me one, too."

Misato pouted cutely, then got up, stretching out and pretending not to notice Priss' eyes wandering all over her. She cat-walked through the mess to the two friges, opening up the small one to stare inside. A smile stretched her face as she saw it was filled with beer.

"All the comforts of home," she quiped. Grabbing two cans, she returned to the bed, sitting down by Priss and handing her a can.

They popped the tops, tapped the cans together, and drank, just like when they had first met earlier that evening. "Feeling a bit cooler?" Priss asked her. At Misato's nod, Priss put her empty can down and reached out to gently run her fingers through Misato's own dark hair.

"Wanna do it again?" Priss asked, a sexy smile on her face.

Misato blinked at her a moment in surprise. 'She's insatiabe,' she found herself thinking, 'some kind of nymphomaniac, maybe.' She smiled back at her, thinking, 'Guess I am too,' as she answered her, "Sure."

Priss pulled her to her with a throaty laugh.

Asuka felt a gentle hand shake her by the shoulder. Her eyes slowly opened, and a stranger smiled down at her. She was tall, with orange-gold hair, and a little smile teased her lips.

"You two looked so cute I really didn't want to disturb you," Arisugawa Juri said softly, "but we're getting ready to close up."

"Sorry," Asuka managed to get out. Looking around her, she saw there was no sign of her three supposed chaperones, Maya, Ritsuko, and Misato. And, she noted, Rei was still out cold and snoring softly. She stood up, taking a moment to steady the soundly sleeping Rei, and quietly explained her situation to Juri.

"It's probably best she sleeps this off anyway," Juri commented, looking down with some amusement at Rei. She pulled out a key from her pocket, "Room three is still open. Stay there till morning, and we'll try to track down your friends."

Asuka blinked at her, more that a bit surprised. She wassn't used to people being kind to her for no reason. "Thank you very much," managed to get out past her startlement. Juri headed off with a wave, leaving Asuka with another little problem: how to get Rei upstairs to the room?

'Got, that bed looks inviting,' Asuka sighed, laying Rei down on one side. With a sleepy kind of curiosity she noticed a nightstand, with several drawers, and she slid one open. She took an almost instant inventory, and quickly slammed it shut. 'Sex toys,' she thought, blushing fiercely. "Well, at least we know why they have these rooms," Asuka sighed aloud.

Rei didn't say anything, just snored softly in reply. Locking the door, Asuka climbed on the bed beside her, and almost instantly fell back asleep. She slept soundly for awhile, but something, some noise, woke her up, only to find herself staring into Rei's eyes.

They were much more red than they usually were, because they were very bloodshot, too. Speaking to Asuka very softly and carefully, Rei said, "I don't think I have ever had an headache this bad before."

"A hangover, I think," Asuka answered, only to have Rei visibly wince at the sound. She got up off the bed, noticing a small bathroom attached to the suite, and went inside. A few moments later she walked out carrying a few aspirin. "There aren't any glasses for water," she said apologeticly, handing her the pills.

"Thank you," Rei said weakly, taking the pills and then swallowing them dry. Asuka sat down on the bed again, gently stroking her shoulder comfortingly. She noticed the time and sighed softly, it was still way too early to be getting up.

"Try to go back to sleep," Asuka urged her, laying down beside the plainly miserable looking young woman. She patted her shoulder gently, and was a bit surprised when Rei curled into her. Wrapping her arms around the smaller girl, she felt oddly protective as they drifted off to sleep.

Ritsuko stepped out of the bathroom, humming softly to herself as she brushed her teeth with a disposable toothbrush. She smiled at Maya, who lay on the bed nude, smiling up at her seductively. "Sorry, love," Ritsuko sighed, "but we've got to get back to Nerv."

Maya sighed softly as well, nodding her agreement. "I guess you're right, sempai," she said, looking around for her underwear.

"I wonder what happened to Misato?" Ritsuko questioned. A little smile teased her lips, "I doubt she had as much fun as we had last night."

Maya blushed quite fetchingly.

Maya was pulling on her pants when she suddenly froze in place, growing oddly pale. "What's wrong?" Ritsuko asked her worriedly.

"I saw Misato leave with somebody last night," Maya said softly.

"Yes?" Ritsuko prompted the silent young woman. "Hopefully, she'll dump Toji for her and live happily ever after," she added.

"We were up stairs," Maya said patiently, "and Misato left. So who was keeping an eye on Rei and Asuka?"

Ritsuko swore softly, and they both hurried to try to get dressed.

They ran downstairs, only to come to a screeching halt at what they saw. Rei and Asuka sat at one of the dining tables, drinking glasses of orange juice with another, taller woman with long gold-orange coloured hair.

"Thank you again," Asuka said to her softly.

Juri smiled wryly, "It happens, believe me." She looked up, noticing the two women at the stairs before asking Asuka, "Friends of yours?"

Asuka jumped up, loudly demanding "Where have you been!" Rei winced in pain, and Asuka much more quietly said to her, "Sorry." Maya and Ritsuko were both blushing, their clothes were rumpled, and Maya had a bad case of bed hair. "Never mind," Asuka sighed, seeing the obvious.

Rei ignored them, quietly drinking down her orange juice with a few more aspirin. "Where's Misato?" she asked no one in particular.

The bike rolled to a stop outside the Locket, and Misato climbed off carefully. She and Priss both pulled their helmets off before kissing again, this time more gently. Misato rummaged in her jacket, pulling out a rumpled card and writing something on it.

Priss took it with a little smile. "Home, office and cellular numbers?" Priss teased, tucking the card away safely.

Misato just grinned back over her shoulder, "Call me!" Priss nodded in return before peeling out of the parking lot.

Walking up to the buildinng she noticed the jeep still parked there, and frowned thoughtfully. "Why didn't Maya and Ritsuko take the others back?" she wondered, pushing open the door.

She walked in, only to be met with three women's stares. Rei was the only one not glaring, mostly because she was letting her head rest on the table, her eyes closed. Misato instantly noticed the slept in clothes, not to mention the rosy glow around Maya and Ritsuko.

'Guess who got lucky,' Misato thought with a grin.

"Where were you last night?" Ritsuko quickly demanded.

"Probably doing the same things you were," Misato answered her dryly, and noticed both Maya and Ritsuko go red.

Asuka stepped forward, hand raised in like a traffic cop. "Could we save the discussion until we get Rei back to Nerv?" Asuka said with fierce concern. "She feels miserable because of those beers you made her drink," she said with a frown.

Misato found herself looking thoughtfully at Asuka before nodding slightly, "Sorry. Let's get back to base, then."

"And Ritsuko gets to drive us back," Asuka added, making Maya sigh softly in relief.

Author's Notes:

Continued, due to popular demand! No, really, I've gotten more commentary on this fic than on any of my other ones, in the same period of time. So here's a part two, a continued trip into Neon Genesis Evangellion silliness.

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