Story: Slayers Mirror (chapter 8)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 8

Slayers: Mirror Eight

        Glyn-crossing straddled the ford for the river, the city having been built on both sides with a great bridge between the two sections. One was a regal, almost gleaming place with a great castle that towered over the city, guarding the river to block any military access. On the other side of the river a larger, more commercial town bustled with life, it's markets and streets filled with people and carts of goods moving regularly through the gates.

        Lina, Amelia and Naga moved through the crowd, the three women drawing curious glances as they strode down the town's crowded main street. "I think I see an inn ahead," Amelia offered, her short black hair slightly messy from the long trip.

        "About time," Lina grinned, picking up the pace.

        The inn, called the Drunken Regent, was a well kept up establishment, filled with a mix of merchant men and women. They gazed wide eyed as the three walked in, Naga having to duck a bit to get through the doorway. "Short people," she murmured softly.

        "You're not petite," Amelia offered, having cleared the door easily.

        Lina strode on ahead, finding an empty table and then claiming it for the three of them. They sat down and moments later a young serving girl arrived, looking at them nervously. "How can I help you?" the brown haired girl squeaked.

        "Ten dinners to start with," Lina crisply ordered, "and we need rooms for the night."

        "Ten?" the girl echoed.

        "That should be a good start," Lina agreed cheerfully, "we'll order some more once we've finished those off."

        "Right," the girl blinked a few times before continuing, "but I'm sorry to say we only have two singles left for the night."

        "We can share," Amelia said simply, "we've done it before."

        "I'll be back with your food in a moment," the girl said, shaking her head slightly as she moved off towards the kitchen.

        "And bring some drinks," Lina shouted to her as she left.

        "I suppose we'll manage," Naga calmly agreed, pulling her long cloak off and hanging it over the back of her chair. Her simple leather garb and long sword made her look dangerous, especially compared to the merchants all around them.

        Amelia blended a bit better, despite her entirely white clothing. There was a gentleness about her, a soft caring despite her capability as a fighter. And beside her Lina glowed in the bar's dim light, fiery hair shining as brightly as the gems on her sorceress' garb.

        "Here you go," the serving girl dropped off the plates and three tankards of beer, watching wide eyed as Lina went through her first serving of thick stew in moments.

        "Thank you very much," Naga said calmly, taking her own plate and tankard and starting to eat a bit more slowly than Lina.

        The girl blushed a bit, looking away from Naga's gaze shyly. "You're welcome," she squeaked before racing away.

        "That was interesting," Amelia said as she grabbed a plate.

        "Happens all the time," Lina's eyes were impish as she talked while still eating, "Naga has quite the way with the ladies."

        "Lina," Naga warned her.

        Lina smirked, "You should ask her about Carolyn."

        "Oh?" Amelia looked over at Naga who blushed fiercely.

        "A young lady Lina and I rescued," Naga admitted uncomfortably as she ate hungrily, "she developed an interest in me."

        "And had an over-protective daddy," Lina chuckled. "To protect Naga's virtue we had to pretend to be a couple," she added.

        "That must have been difficult," Amelia noted dryly.

        The three ate their meals, talking softly as the evening faded into night. "Is there anything else I can get you?" the pretty waitress smiled.

        "We're fine," Naga said firmly while pointedly ignoring the way the waitress was bending over to reveal her cleavage.

        Lina fought back a yawn, covering her mouth with a slight flush. "Could we get our room keys?" she asked, putting some gold down to pay for their meals.

        "Yes, ma'am," the waitress gave Lina a little frown as she watched Lina and Naga interact.

        "So how do we want to do this?" Amelia asked as they walked towards the rooms upstairs. "Naga and I could...."

        "If you don't mind," Naga gently put her hand on Lina's shoulder as she gave Amelia a smile, "I'd rather share a room with Lina."

        Lina blinked in surprise, looking up at Naga's silently appealing gaze then she said, "Yeah, we usually do share a bed...."

        Amelia blushed, looking between them curiously. "Of course," she smiled cheerfully, "I perfectly understand." They separated as they reached the doors to the rooms and she added, "Have a good sleep, you two."

        Almost as soon as Lina closed the door behind her she frowned up at Naga, "What did you do that for? Amelia is going to think we...."

        "Sorry," Naga sighed, pushing her black hair back tiredly. She gave Lina a wry smile, "If I share a room with her I know she'll be asking me questions about her sister."

        Lina nodded reluctantly as she said, "And since you inherited the original Naga's case of amnesia it can't be fun."

        "Exactly," Naga nodded glumly.

        Lina looked around at the room and at the small single bed that awaited the two of them and said, "This is going to be interesting."

        Naga made a face, "I could take the floor."

        Lina looked at her thoughtfully then shook her head, "It's large enough."

        "If you say so," Naga agreed a bit dubiously. The taller woman hung up her cloak first on pegs by the wooden door, then began to pull off her leather vest and shirt off, her stocking clad feet sliding a bit of the polished planks making up the floor,

        'Guess we can't mess up those white sheets,' Lina thought, pulling her own red cape off. Her blouse and pants came off easily, then she stacked them up onto a wooden chair. She saw Naga bend over, her breasts swinging, and looked away with a blush.

        Naga slid her pants down, standing there in her underclothes, a plain set of boxers. She ruffled her short black hair tiredly as she looked first at the bed then Lina. "You first, I think," she nodded to the bed.

        "Right," Lina slid a plain nightshirt on. She climbed onto the bed, feeling the crisp sheets over the rough mattress below, then scooted over to the wall.

        Naga climbed on, the mattress bending under her weight, and the two settled into place. With the small size of the bed they lay close, spooning together with Lina on the inside. "Are you all right?" Naga asked her softly.

        "I'm fine," Lina answered, blushing faintly. She nearly gasped as gentle arms wrapped around her, Naga snuggling a bit closer.

        "I thought that this would be more comfortable," Naga apologized, beginning to pull back.

        Lina caught her arm, holding it a moment as she turned to look up into Naga's face. "It's all right," she reassured her softly.

        Naga hesitantly brought them close together, both of them laying snugly together on the bed. "I'm glad Amelia can't see us," she murmured, "this would just confirm her suspicions."

        Lina had to chuckle at that. "You could be right," she agreed, feeling sleep stealing over her, the days journey telling on her at last.

        As Lina felt herself dozing off she heard Naga murmur, "Sleep well."

To be continued....

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