Story: Slayers Mirror (chapter 21)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 21


Slayers Mirror

Naga the White Serpent, powerful sorceress and adventurer, stalked down the hallway, her leather bikini and bottoms barely holding her impressive assets in check. Her long black hair flowed over her cape, her shoulder armor gleaming with polish. She made quite a striking figure, only weakened by the annoyed expression on her face.

“All right,” Naga said quietly as she stopped near a window, “there’s the ledge I saw from the other side of the castle.” Climbing up into the opening she murmured, “Let’s see if I can...”


“Owww,” Naga staggered backward, clawing at the leather collar around her neck, tears gleaming at the corner of her eyes. It took a few moments for the pain to fade, blinking away her tears as she writhed on the floor.

‘Damn it, I can’t seem to find any weaknesses in the spell holding me inside rthe castle,’ Naga thought as she got up, dusting herself off.

Naga’s muscles ached but she made herself start to move, fighting through the pain. With a shake of her head Naga staled off, determined to try another section of the castle and see if she could get out there.

In another part of the castle the sorceress Hectate paused, her eyes unfocusing a moment as she sensed something magical. “M’lady?” Gwenyth asked respectfully, the pink haired girl waiting nearby for any of her mistress’s requests.

“Naga’s still working her way around the castle,” Hectate noted, the lovely blonde smiling in admiration, “testing the limits of her confinement spell.”

“Should I order one of the guards to stop her?” Gwenyth asked, frowning.

“I gave her my word,” Hectate reminded her firmly, “that Naga could have the freedom of the castle.”

“But mistress, she...” Gwenyth started.

“Does my word mean so little to you?” Hectate demanded, eyes flashing with sudden anger as she leapt up from her chair. She slapped Gwenyth hard, her hand leaving a flaming red mark on the girl’s cheek.

“I’m sorry,” Gwenyth staggered back, her cheek throbbing.

“I have compromised my honor to save myself from my fate,” Hectate said coldly as she looked down at Gwenyth, “but I will not violate my word. Is that understood?”

“Yes mistress,” Gwenyth whimpered, holding her hand to her cheek.

“Good,” Hectate stalked back to her seat, her robes flowing around her beautiful form. “Now,” she said in a much more casual tone, “where are Inverse and the other Naga?”

“Taking the main road towards Cimeria,” Gwenyth reported seriously, still watching her mistress warily. “They’re using the inn’s and road houses and our agents are having little trouble in tracking them,” she explained.

Hectate frowned slightly, picking up her goblet of wine and drinking a bit. “Why are they being so obvious?” she wondered.

“Over confidence?” Gwenyth offered. Quietly she added, “They have so far defeated the bounty hunters we set after them.”

“True,” Hectate conceded. She swirled the red fluid around in her glass as she thought, “Are any of the giants available?”

Gwenyth’s eyes widened, but she did didn’t argue or debate. “Most of them still remain in their castle Utgard in Jotunheir, m’lady,” she reported. A pause, “But the offering of a powerful enchantment might call one to your aide.”

“As long as it isn’t a disguise spell,” Hectate said after considering the issue a moment. “Their assaulting mortal women is a sin I have no wish to assist,” she added firmly.

Gwenuth nodded, “I’ll send them a message requesting their help, as well as including that condition.”

“Good,” Hectate said, “you may go.”

“Ma’am,” Gwenyth nodded.

As Gwenyth left Hectate added a bit more gently, “You’d best put some ice on that cheek, too, to prevent swelling.”

“I’ll do that,” Gwenyth said with a sigh.

“Ma’am?” the tall, brown haired female guard blinked as Gwenyth appeared, seeing the flaming red mark on the woman’s cheek. She fell into step beside her, as usual since Naga had been set free to wander the castle at will.

“Don’t ask, Jira,” Gwenyth cut her off. Seriously she said, “I need a messenger to go to Jotunheir, one that hopefully won’t start a war with the wrong words.”

“Strife or Dan,” Jira said after a moment’s pause, “they’re both reliable, good men, and if the giants eat them their expendable.”

“Good,” Gwenyth said, “send them.”

“What, both?” Jira asked.

“One can keep the other out of trouble,” Gwenyth visibly winced as her cheek throbbed. “I need some ice too.”

“Come on,” Jira said gently as she lead the way.

After first waving down another guard and passing on the instructions Jira took them into the storage rooms, massive chambers holding meat and other goods to feed the castle’s many residents. Carefully scooping up some of the mountain ice that was shipped in daily Jira pressed it gently to Gwenyth’s cheek.

“Oh that’s nice,” Gwenyth sighed while shivering a bit with the chill air of the cold room. Still, it was better than enduring her throbbing cheek.

“I’m glad,” Jira murmured, the taller fighter sliding a arm around Gwenyth’s shoulders.

Unconsciously Gwenyth leaned into Jira’s warmth, “Thank you.”

Jira gulped, glad that Gwenyth couldn’t see the desire plainly written on her face. “You’re welcome,” she answered softly.

After a moment Gwenyth sighed, pushing away from Jira. Regaining her composure she said, “We’d best get back to work.”

“Of course,” Jira said as she held open the door to the room.

Briskly Gwenyth seemed to abandon any sign of vulnerability as she said, “While the mistress has ordered Naga given the freedom of the castle, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep an eye on her.”

“Oh?” Jira asked. Both women had been concerned by Naga’s new freedom, but neither had been given a choice about it. ‘Maybe it was during those talks I first noticed her?’ Jira thought as she looked at Gwenyth.

“Have a guard shadow her, but don’t be obvious,” Gwenyth ordered.

“Of course,” Jira bowed, her eyes twinkling.

Gwenyth punched her shoulder, “Don’t mock me, please.”

‘Never,’ Jira thought, a smile teasing her lips.

To be continued...

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