Story: Tales Of Minako and Hotaru! (chapter 6)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 6

Title: Agents of SENSHI One


Hotaru and Minako: Agents of S.E.N.S.H.I. (One of Two)

Minako pushed up her black sunglasses, her long blonde hair flowing as she knocked on the door. A few moments later a sandy haired, boyish looking woman opened the door, looking at them curiously. "Haruka Tenoh?" she asked her calmly, taking off her shades and sliding them away into her pocket all with one motion.

"Yes?" Haruka asked, her eyes narrowing a little as she studied the black clad figures. Both women wore black suits, the types government agencies might issue, with almost razor sharp ironing on the creases. Her own pajamas were suited to sleeping in this Sunday morning, but looking at the two of them told her it wasn't likely she was going back to bed anytime soon.

"Minako Aino," she casually offered her wallet, the star badge gleaming, "we're here to talk about your wedding."

" S.E.N.S.H.I.?" Haruka blinked at what was written on the badge.

"Supreme Enforcement Network and Special Headquarters of Investigations," the slightly smaller black haired young woman offered up the information, "and my name is Hotaru Tomoe." She smiled slightly, "May we come in?"

"Oh, of course," Haruka gestured and both women walked inside, her thoughtful gaze following them in. She waved them towards the couch as she asked, "So what's this all about?"

"Are your partners here?" Minako asked with a degree of amusement as she and Hotaru sat. "I'd hate to try to run through everything multiple times."

"I was hoping we could let them sleep." Haruka studied them a moment then sighed, "all right, give me a moment."

"This is going to be an interesting case," Hotaru murmured to Minako softly as Haruka shuffled out of the room, clearly still sleepy.

"They're all interesting cases at S.E.N.S.H.I.," Minako answered with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yes, but why do we keep getting assigned the really interesting ones?" Hotaru flashed one of her rare smiles.

Haruka returned with two women in tow, all three very different physical types. Michiru Kaoru was simply gorgeous, a green haired lady who looked like a model, her eyes shining with gentle amusement. The tallest was Setsuna Meiou, her black hair flowing like some regal cape down her back. And right in the middle was Haruka, the slim figure who was a perfect compliment to them both.

"Welcome to our home," Michiru offered, wearing a robe over what looked like a nightie as the three sat on a couch together, "and I'm sorry I wasn't able to greet you earlier." She tossed a fond look at Haruka, "Instead you had to deal with Miss Grumpy here."

"Hey," Haruka protested, "I was polite."

"That's quite all right," Minako said reassuringly.

"We're usually up earlier today," Michiru looked faintly amused, "but a certain person helped keep us all up."

"Michiru," Setsuna scolded while Haruka just looked very satisfied, much like the proverbial cat that ate the cream.

"I didn't need to know that," Hotaru murmured with a blush.

Minako got up to pass her badge around once more as she said, "You're likely well aware of the resistance to your upcoming marriage in the political right, but what you may not know is that several serious threats have been made. Our agency has been assigned to counter those threats and help protect the ceremony."

"Why weren't we informed of these threats?" Haruka sat up, frowning.

"I think your families may believe you've had enough to deal with Ms. Tenoh, considering you are marrying your two sweethearts," Hotaru said mildly.

"Heh, true," Haruka conceded.

"We were hoping that you'd consider postponing the wedding until we can deal with the suspect," Minako said in business like tones, "or at least consider moving it to a less public place than the Crystal Palace casino."

"No," Michiru shook her head, "we've been waiting years to be married, I don't want someone to scare us into delaying."

"Delaying would just feed the ego of your suspect," Setsuna pointed out. She smiled faintly, "Besides, Haruka has the best security at her Crystal Palace, you know."

Minako sighed softly, studying Haruka intently. In her teens and twenties she had made a name for herself as a international racer, making money both in prizes and promoting products. Investing wisely her and her lover Michiru had become quite wealthy, eventually becoming the co-owners of the spectacular Crystal Palace casino in Tokyo. It had been there that they met Professor Setsuna Meiou, a psychologist hired by the casino to study customer patterns in game play, and a whirlwind romance had begun between the three of them.

Unusually, all three were activists for gay rights in their different ways. Haruka donated to various causes, of course, and spoke up in public about the issues. Setsuna had written extensively on the subject, crusading to change the minds of the psychological community even as she worked to help those with difficulties in coming out or just being out of the closet. Michiru dedicated her music to the cause, donating much of her profits and writing anthems as well as painting works depicting themes of gay and lesbian love. When both polygamy and gay marriage had been legalized recently, they leapt at the chance to finally marry.

'I think I have one of Michiru's erotic prints up in my bedroom,' Minako recalled. "So, we can't change your mind?" she asked.

"Sorry," Haruka shook her head no.

"Then with your permission we'd like to attend the wedding," Hotaru said gravely, "as well as review security procedures with the Crystal Palace staff."

"No problem," Haruka said with a nod, "I'll arrange tickets and pass your names on to my security chief, Natsua Sakurada."

"Natsuna?" Minako visibly paled before shaking herself. "Thank you," she resumed her formal tone, "we'll contact you if anything new develops."

Michiru walked them to the door and quietly added, "Thank you for your help, officers. I'm sure we'll feel much better having you two around."

"Just doing our jobs, ma'am," Hotaru said gravely.

The two women walked over to their waiting unmarked car, Minako reflexedly taking the driver's side as Hotaru took the passenger's seat. "The chief is not going to like this," Minako predicted as she started the car, putting it in gear and pulling out into the quiet suburban street.

"No, she isn't," Hotaru agreed. She looked at Minako thoughtfully a moment, "Natsuna... that's the name of your ex-lover?"

"That's her," Minako agreed, "though I haven't seen her in years."

Hotaru hesitated, then the younger agent reached out to squeeze Minako's hand where it rested on the steering wheel. "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know," she offered softly.

"Thanks," Minako smiled. She puffed out a sigh as they drove into the urban center of Tokyo itself, "Well, let's see how annoyed the boss is."

S.E.N.S.H.I. was based out of a seemingly normal office tower, though one with tighter security than most. Identification cards at the front desk, swipe-cards and a retina scan to access the S.E.N.S.H.I. floors, and even a x-ray scan were all part of the entry procedures. Nodding to coworkers they made their way to the chief's office, down simply decorated halls lined with office doors marked with only numerical designations for added security.

"Welcome back," Usagi Tsukino smiled from her desk, the blonde secretary sorting out paperwork efficiently. "She said to go right in," she nodded to the boss' door.

"Thanks," Hotaru nodded.

Rei Hino looked up from her desk, the black haired woman talking on the phone in clipped tones. It sounded like she was balling someone out, with language that made both ladies pale. Rei was a political appointment due to her father being a prominent Senator, but she had quickly earned the respect of her subordinates by backing them to the hilt and taking no prisoners. Dressed in coal gray she stood out, especially with the scarlet tie and white shirt she added, her eyes flashing.

"Idiot," Rei barked, slamming the phone down. She looked up at them and snarled, "So what's the bad news?"

"How do you know it's bad news?" Minako asked mildly.

Rei sat back with a frown, "You would have told me immediately if it was good."

"We didn't want to interrupt," Hotaru said diplomatically, looking towards the senior agent.

"The good news is that they'll let us have agents at the wedding," Minako said with a wry smile, "the bad is that they are not changing the wedding date."

"Damn it," Rei scowled. She looked irritable, "And this is happening right before the Prime Ministerial elections, too..." Shaking that off she said, "Gay marriage has been a flashpoint issue so we need to make sure this goes off without a hitch."

"Can we have additional agents?" Minako asked, already considering the security issues.

"Give me a list of the specialties you need and I'll try to fill 'em," Rei said briskly, "but no promises. We're stretched pretty thin right now with the whole uproar over the disappearance of the Finance Minister."

"Have they confirmed how much he ran off with?" Hotaru looked curious.

"Well over five million," Rei sighed. She pressed the intercom, "Usagi, could you get me some coffee, please?"

"Yes, ma'am," the cheery voice replied.

Minako offered a salute, "We'll report in when we have more progress."

"Good hunting," Rei wished them as Usagi walked by them into the office, her short dress hugging a slim but beautiful body.

As the door was closing they heard Usagi squeak, "Rei! Not now..."

Hotaru blinked at Minako, who just grinned as she firmly shut the office door. "Trust me," she said as they walked out to the office, "I don't want to know."

To be continued...

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