Story: Tales Of Minako and Hotaru! (chapter 5)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 5

Title: The Pirate and the Lady: Two


The Pirate and the Lady: A Tale of Minako and Hotaru

Part Two of Two

It took nearly a week for the two vessels to reach the secluded island, a most unusual week for Miss Hotaru Tomoe. Aboard Minako's vessel the Moon Princess she worked alongside the pirates, the slim black haired young women doing much of the same jobs as she had under Lord Diamond. Unlike serving him, however, she found the tasks enjoyable surrounded by the cheerful crew, the captain kind but still strict.

'Minako...' Hotaru thought, watching the blonde woman up at the wheel as the island grew in front of them. Her golden main glittered in the sun, her leather and white garb clinging to her graceful body. She was strikingly beautiful, even more so out here where she seemed so free, and more often than not Hotaru found herself hypnotized by her.

"Hotaru?" her father asked, and she jerked up in surprise.

"Yes, Father?" Hotaru turned, a guilty flush coloring her now lightly tanned cheeks. Her father looked much better dressed in clean clothes, his black hair swept back by the breeze. He had quickly settled into a place with the crew, working alongside Ami Mizuno, a former nurse who served as the Princess's doctor. The eye-patch still startled her at times, a reminder of Diamond's cruelty, but she found it gave him a rakish charm.

Dr. Tomoe settled beside her at the rail, the two looking away from the captain and towards the island. "Have you decided what you want to do yet?" he asked her gently.

"I will be guided by your decision, Father," Hotaru said gently.

"I'd like to know your mind on this," Doc. said quietly, "for whatever decision I make will limit your own options." A faint smile appeared on his lips, "I must admit I am tempted to take up her offer to serve aboard one of her ships."

"Oh?" Hotaru felt mildly surprised by that decision, considering how badly he had suffered at Diamond's hands.

"Once Minako restores that wreck it will need a Doctor," Doc. nodded toward the battered vessel that limped along behind them then he answered her unspoken question, "and any captain chosen by Minako would be a different sort than Diamond."

"True enough," Hotaru conceded. She found her gaze tending towards where Minako commanded the vessel, then back to her father, "I haven't made my choice between vessel and shore yet, but I do think I would remain among these pirates."

"Good," Doc. smiled happily. He nodded towards Minako, "From things she has said, I suspect our Captain would miss your company."

Hotaru felt herself blush, a feeling of pleasure racing through her. Each night this past week she had shared a dinner with the captain, sometimes just with Minako and other times with members of the crew and her father, and she had enjoyed herself immensely. Minako had been very attentive to her at those times, making sure her glass and plate were full and even scolding a crew member if any offered some unintentional disrespect.

"And I would miss hers," Hotaru admitted softly.

It was less than a hour later that they tied up to the docks, a busy set of wooden ramps reaching out over calm blue waters. Many larger and smaller vessels were tied up there, but they were dwarfed by the two great ships sliding into place. Men and women raced to tie the ships up, then ramps were set into place as the unloading began.

"Incredible," Hotaru murmured as all the stock stolen from Diamond's ship along with the Moon Princess' supplies were loaded up on carts then hauled up the road to the bustling town.

Hotaru had fought to keep her expectations low, to prepare herself for the worst, but in this she was pleasantly surprised. The town was remarkably neat, much like the country places she had visited in her youth, the pirates greeted with happy cries as they approached. Yes, there was a tavern with much revelry going on and she suspected that at least some of the ladies loitering about were prostitutes, but all in all it was a beautiful place.

"Usagi," a black haired young man rushed over to hug the blonde, then surprisingly Rei joined them in the hug.

"Mamoru love, we've missed you," Rei slapped him on the ass, making him jump.

"And I've missed you two," Mamoru laughed as the three strode off together.

Doc. Tomoe had the oddest look on his face, "From seeing them on the ship I thought that Rei and Usagi were..."

"They are," Minako chuckled from where she walked nearby Hotaru and him, "but they are with Mamoru, too." She shrugged eloquently, "I'm not sure how it works, but for them it seems to."

"Ah," Hotaru blinked. She coughed slightly, "I was wondering if there was a hotel or some such, that my father an I might find lodging...?"

"I'm sorry, no," Minako sounded faintly apologetic, "but I do have a suggestion." As Hotaru looked over at her questioningly Minako continued, "I would be honored for you to stay in my home, at least until we can build a place for you."

"We'd be honored," Doc. said smoothly, even as a blush colored Hotaru's cheeks.

"Good," Minako laughed as she took their hands and tugged them along, "let's go get you settled in."

With a laugh Hotaru followed, once again pulled along by the captain's joyous spirit. "It won't be too much of an inconvenience?" she laughed, black leggings and leather garb warm in the sun. She didn't know where Minako had found the garb on the Moon Princess but it was comfortable, much more so than the tattered skirts she had once worn.

"We'll manage," Minako chuckled.

The house was larger than the small, one bedroom ones in town, and set slightly apart from the rest of the town. Amid the Caribbean trees it stood boldly, two stories tall with a porch and several rooms on the first level and a smaller second floor. The main floor had a large living room, kitchen, dining room and a bedroom, while upstairs was another larger bedroom.

Doc. Tomoe looked around with a smile, "I'm impressed."

"The town insisted on building a larger home for me," Minako made a face, "since I'm lead captain and mayor, sort of."

"I'm sure you've eared it," Hotaru commented quietly, amused to see the older woman blush.

"At least it gives me enough room to put you both up here," Minako said firmly. Quietly she added, "Hotaru, I'm sorry to say that you'll have to share a room with your father."

"That's all right," Hotaru bowed.

"Or," Doc. spoke up with a smile, "she could always share a room with you, captain. You are two women, so there would be no impropriety there."

Hotaru felt her heart race, the idea of sharing a room with Minako strangely exciting to her. "If you wouldn't mind?" she asked Minako softly.

A faint blush colored Minako's cheeks again but her voice was steady, "I'd be honored." She showed Doc. to his room then led Hotaru upstairs as she said, "I think I have a dress or two that might fit you, until we can get you some clothes made."

"To be honest," Hotaru answered, feeling a bit startled as she focused on the sway of Minako's hips just ahead of her o the stairs up, "I like these clothes you've given me."

The bedroom they entered was surprisingly feminine, considering the tough image that Minako seemed to try to maintain. The sheets of the great bed were a faint rose, while the walls gleamed pure white. Twin wardrobes were set up on each side of the room and a dresser with mirror was pushed up against one wall.

"I'm glad," Minako's voice was gently teasing, "but I think you'd like to change into something that isn't stiff with salt and scratching at your skin."

"True," Hotaru chuckled softly.

Opening up both wardrobes Minako smiled, "Take what you will, I know enough sewing to help make it fit."

"Thank you," Hotaru murmured, digging through the tightly packed garments. From the corner of her eye she saw Minako undo the ties in the front of her blouse, revealing tanned skin and the faint white traces of scars as she pulled it off.

"I think you will enjoy the celebration tonight," Minako continued, unaware of Hotaru's searching gaze.

Without consciously thinking about it Hotaru moved across the room, her fingers tracing a white scar that started at the shoulder then ran down her back. "So many scars," she murmured as she touched that creamy skin, "do each of them have a story?"

"Yes," Minako's voice was oddly husky as Hotaru stroked her back. "Do not touch me so," she shuddered slightly and continued in a voice thick with longing, "for I fear I may forget that I am a gentlewoman and do something rash."


"I fear I am no gentlewoman, either," Hotaru answered her as she gently traced a scar to the base of Minako's hips. She breathed in the sea scent in Minako's hair as she continued, "I never said how I looked forward to your visits in London, or how heartbroken I was when you were gone."

"Really?" Minako turned, uncaring that she was topless as she gazed into Hotaru's eyes, seemingly reassured by what she saw in them. She reached out to stroke black hair away from Hotaru's face, "You know, I lied when I said I went looking for you both."

"Oh?" Hotaru sighed happily as she leaned into Minako's touch.

"While rescuing your father was important," Minako confessed as she drew Hotaru close, "saving you was what drove me."

"I'm glad," and with that Hotaru drew the taller woman into a kiss.

Reluctantly Minako drew back after a few moments. "I wonder how long your father will stay occupied in his room?" she asked.

Hotaru chuckled softly as she pointed out, "I suspect he'll take his time, considering how deftly he maneuvered us together."

"He did, didn't he?" Minako chuckled herself as she gently drew Hotaru over to the bed. As they lay down together she added, "Then he'd better wait a long time."


Notes: Based around a 'pirate' challenge off of the Stars in Love fanfiction list, though I'm not quite sure how successful it is. The dialog is contemporary in style, and the couplings are mostly shoujoai in nature, as usual for me.

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