Story: Tales Of Minako and Hotaru! (chapter 10)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 10

Title: Haunted Nights


Tales of Minako and Hotaru

Haunted Nights

Minako Aino, TV actress, film star and all around idol, paused as she looked up at her manager and asked him, “So what am I doing here again?” The blonde had a engaging smile, a merry sense of humor dancing in her blue eyes and a sexy body that made more than one person do a double take.

‘Too bad I already have a girlfriend,’ Mamoru thought wryly as the tall, black haired man held the car door open for her. “It’s publicity for your latest film,” the black business suit clad man reminded her, “Horror High Two: the return.”

“Oh that piece of drivel,” Minako sighed wryly, her simple dress swirling around her long, model’s legs..

“That drivel makes a lot of money,” Mamoru shrugged. He pushed his hair back casually, “We’re doing a live action spoof here, basically.”

“Lovely,” Minako smiled as they went to the back of the crowded amusement park, the autumn air brisk as they hurried in through the stage door. “How much of my clothing am I going to shed this time?” she raised a eyebrow.

“Not too much,” Mamoru laughed, “it’s a PG rated show.” A young man met them, his glasses gleaming as he nervously led them in. “How’s the set up going, Greg?” Mamoru asked him as they walked.

“Pretty well,” he smiled, brown hair falling messily into his eyes as Greg continued, “we’ve got the actresses for the monsters all set.”

“Actresses?” Minako said with somewhat more interest.

“Knowing your preferences,” Mamoru said, “I thought you’d like that.”

“Don’t be a stick in the dirt,” Minako poked him in the side.

“Don’t you mean mud?” Greg offered tentatively, a baseball cap holding back his hair. With his jeans and t-shirt, he looked like almost every stage hand Minako had ever met.

“Mud, dirt, same thing,” Minako shrugged as they went through the busy halls, teeming with production crew until they reached the set.

“Oh ho ho ho ho!”the brown haired woman dressed all in black leather called out, her full breasts barely contained by her little top, her skin eerily pale.

“Please,” the blue haired girl begged, her ragged clothes revealing a slim but attractive figure, “no more!”

“You will join my army,” the taller woman smiled, fangs gleaming as she advanced menacingly, “of the UNDEAD!”

“Very nice,” the slim, sandy haired young man emerged, “though Makoto, your introductory laugh needs to be a bit scarier.”

“Right, Ms Tenoh,” Makoto Kino nodded respectfully.

‘Ms?’ Minako looked at Tenoh again in surprise, only then noticing the swell of breasts under her man’s shirt.

“How was my performance, ma’am?” the small blue haired woman asked nervously, taking a pair of glasses out of her costume and putting them on. With that she went from a scantily clad damsel in distress to a raggedly clad nerdette, almost in a instant.

“You’re doing all right, Ami,” Haruka Tenoh looked more amused than anything else by her actress’ subtle transformation, “though you’re going to have to try and look a bit more terrified of Makoto.”

“Sorry,” Ami bowed.

Just then Haruka noticed Minako’s arrival and the director smiled warmly. “Miss Aino, welcome,” Haruka advanced, taking Minako’s hand and then surprisingly bending over to kiss the back gently.

Minako chuckled at the old fashioned greeting, “It seems you’ve already started, I’m sorry if I was late.”

“You’re right on time,” Haruka corrected smoothly, “many of our cast are new actresses, so I organized a early rehearsal for them.”

“Ah, I understand,” Minako nodded. “So, should I get changed?” she asked.

“Michiru,” Haruka yelled then turned to Minako. “Miss Kaoru is our costumer,” she explained, “she’ll get you set up.”

A lovely young woman with blue-green hair bustled from back stage, quickly giving Haruka a kiss on the cheek. “I hope this letch hasn’t been too much trouble?” Michiru joked as she took Minako’s hand.

“Don’t worry, she’s been a perfect gentleman,” Minako fought back a smile as Haruka looked mildly flustered.

“That’s when you really need to worry,” Michiru laughed as they headed back to the dressing rooms.

As they walked a slim black haired girl advanced, her skin ghostly against the rags that covered her body, her violet eyes striking as she met Minako’s eyes. “Excuse me,” she murmured as she brushed by them.

“Who is THAT?” Minako found herself whispering, faintly surprised at how it had felt meeting the gaze of those stunning eyes.

“Hotaru Tomoe,” Michiru said as they reached the room with Minako’s name on the door, “she’s new to the business.”

“I’d certainly remember seeing her before,” Minako admitted, silently resolving to keep an eye on her.

“So why am I a fire demon?” Rei Hino waved a hand as they left the dressing room a sort time later. The black haired woman was sheathed head to toe in red plastic, the material molded to her body enough to be sensual, not erotic.

“We all drew lots, remember,” Usagi Tsukino said, the pretty blonde in a tiger stripped bikini advancing on Rei with a cute set of devil horns in hand.

With a blush Rei looked away from Usagi’s pert breasts, barely contained by the bikini. “If I find out Mamoru-baka rigged this,” she grumbled as Usagi set the devil horns in place, “he’s gonna pay.”

Minako fought back a chuckle as she walked by, dressed in almost as little as the other women. Of course in her case it was because her girl’s school uniform was ripped to simulate running from monsters. The blouse was half torn off, the skirt was shredded and flashes of white under things were visible. Of course the audience wouldn’t know she was also wearing a thin, flesh colored body stocking to prevent any real exposure, so to speak.

“Minako,” Haruka nodded in greeting as she entered the stage, “your just in time for the dark queen’s arrival.”

Despite not having a scrip handy Minako was a trooper. “What do you want me to do?” she asked eagerly.

“The monsters have captured you,” Haruka gestured to Usagi and Rei, who grasped her arms gently but firmly, “and they’re taking you to the queen.”

Minako took her cute and struggled weakly, looking helpless in the monster’s stronger grips while still putting up a fight. “Where are you taking me?” she ad libbed.

“Very nice,” Haruka nodded happily. She gestured to the wings and ordered, “Makoto, bring up your victim Amy.”

Gracefully Makoto strode into the scene with Ami in her arms, a bit of red paint at Ami’s throat faking blood. “I have claimed the first, my queen,” she declared.

“Yes,” Haruka cheered. “All right,” she waved, “demon queen, that’s your cue!”

Dry ice made mist swirl around the stage as a platform lifted, a throne rising up from the white haze. She sat regally, like a true ruler, and her dark garb made her seem ghostlike in the bright lights. Hotaru rose gracefully as the throne reached the stage level then commanded, “Bring her to me.”

Still struggling more for effect than anything else Minako was pulled forward, stepping through the chill mists. “ you want?” Minako asked with that breathy, damsel in distress voice she was so good at.

“What do I want?” Hotaru asked, bending close so that their lips nearly touched. “I want you,” she purred.

‘I think I’m REALLY going to enjoy this play,’ Minako thought, fighting back a smile.

“Yes, just what I wanted,” Haruka crowed, interrupting the moment.

“Uhm, Tenoh-san, isn’t this going to be a bit much for a free performance?” Mamoru asked delicately.

“Yeah, but the movie producers will love the controversy,” Haruka shot back with a grin.

“True,” Mamoru agreed.

“I hope I wasn’t too rough,” Rei apologized after the first run through, still looking faintly embarrassed by her costume.

“No, it was fine,” Minako laughed. She smiled and excused herself, walking over to where Hotaru was getting a drink.

“Miss Aino,” Hotaru smiled shyly, the utter opposite of her demon queen character, “you improvise very well.”

“And you followed pretty well,” Minako answered, getting a cup of water. A smile, “Call me Minako, we’ll be working a few days together.”

“Thank you,” Hotaru blushed a bit, “Minako.”

‘Shy, but cute,’ Minako thought. Part of her was tempted to feed her a line about private tutoring, but she restrained herself. “Are you doing anything this evening?” she asked instead.

Hotaru blushed again, “No...”

“I haven’t worked with Tenoh but usually there’s a bullshit session after a day’s rehearsals at some local spot,” Minako grinned, “if I have to, I’ll organize the outing myself.”

“I think you would, too,” Hotaru flashed a fleeting smile.

“So,” Minako grinned, “you’ll come?”

Hotaru seemed surprised by the invitation, then she smiled, her eyes sparkling with pleasure, “I’d love to.”

A beginning...

Notes: May or may not be a part two, depending on how inspiration hits. This is another of my Halloween fics for this year, too.

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