Story: Hentai Tales (chapter 5)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Revenge of the Dominatrix!

[Author's notes: First off, a huge thanks to my readers for their patience; secondly, I write these chapters and stories more when I feel like it or is inspired as supposed to a certain point in time. I truly appriciate your patience with me.]

“Y-You can’t be serious! This isn’t fair!” Judy whined as she found herself tied to Aisha’s bed, Riana, Aisha and Ninna standing in front of it, giggling at her.

“We just want to put on a little show for the sexy dominatrix…” Aisha said innocently, adding with a tease; “…besides, you’ve tied up dozens of girls.”

“Hey, it’s only fitting you get teased a little…” Riana winked, stroking Ninna’s bared stomach and sucking on her pointy ear, smirking seductively at Judy; “…especially when the chicks are as hot as us!”

“You’re so confident in our sex appeal? I mean, I know I’m a succub-…” Ninna began, Aisha and Riana both eyeing her, then each other, and then giggling.

“What, so you’re saying only succubi are sexy? Look at us! Aisha looks like the kinda sexy gamer chick you’d fuck and squirt all over ‘till your pussy ran dry, and I look like a fucking hot swimsuit model and sports star!” Riana smirked, Aisha making an obvious pretense at being upset as she pressed herself against Riana.

“Sex-starved sports freak…” Aisha hissed passionately, Riana smirking as she leaned in further.

“Data-brained geek gal…” she whispered at a barely audible level, Ninna looking at her best friends, snickering.

“Can’t we just ask Judy who’s sexiest, or cutest?” Ninna suggested, the three looking eagerly down at the tied-up dominatrix, who, to their amusement, started chuckling, then laughing outright.

“Y-Yo-huh-huh-huh-huh-…you three…FUCK, you’re PRICELESS! Shit, of all the chicks I’ve had squirming at my feet, and now it’s completely gone and reversed as soon as I meet all three of you in one room…” Judy squirmed in her bonds, nudging her nose to adjust her glasses, letting out a pleasant sigh, smiling up at the three; “…Aisha’s the sexy chick, Riana’s the hot babe, and Ninna’s the cute little gal fresh into sex…”

“You heard that, girls? We just got the great Judy to admit-…” Riana began, Ninna leaning down over Judy, trying her first attempt at seduction.

“Does it sit too tight? I, I could loosen them up a bit if you wanted…?” Ninna asked, firstly out of genuine concern for Judy’s bonds, secondly to tease and seduce the dominatrix a bit more.

“Just a little lower…” Judy purred up at Ninna, the succubus looking down, realizing that her breasts were close to reach Judy’s face, the succubus blushing and yet smiling amused as she pulled back, and making Judy squirm even more.

“We could also just fuck her; how about it? We lick ‘till she’s about to burst, grope her tits a bit, and watch as she squirts like a fountain while we play around!” Riana suggested, fiddling with a lock of Aisha’s hair.

“Hm, good idea, but look at her; poor dearie needs a cum soon, but I’d love it so much more to watch her squirm around, helpless to finger herself…” Aisha said at first overdramatically, then with a seductive sneer.

“You’re so fucking insidious, you crazy bitch…” Riana grinned deviously and ruffled Aisha’s hair, the elf girl chuckling as she responded by crouching right down, licking at the surprised Riana’s pussy, the blonde moaning out loud, now also feeling as Ninna approached her from behind, slowly humping herself against Riana.

“It’s not fair! There should be a law against sexual tension like this!” the both amused and frustrated Judy struggled in her ropes, the one reaching into her crotch rubbing against the thin leather hiding her pussy.

“Oh, if I were a cop, I’d need to give you a real sexy interrogation and review of your complaint, missy…” Riana winked at Judy; “…it’d be all cuffs and chains, ropes and whips, ya dig’?”

“I’m just really pleased we can make Miss Judy feel like this…” Ninna added, smiling at the dominatrix; “…making someone feel so good just from watching you play a little with your friends? I can’t see anything bad about it…”

“Ni-Ninna! Show me mercy! Let me at least suck on your boobs! Please??” Judy pleaded, shaking her head back and forth, the succubus nudging her nose against Riana’s, slowly breaking away from her.

“Really? You want me to pleasure you?” Ninna could not resist teasing the bespectacled dominatrix, Judy nodding desperately, Aisha grinning mischievously at her.

“Don’t, Ninna! I wanna see how desperate Judy here can get…” Aisha licked her lips in delightful glee, Ninna looking down at the panting dominatrix.

“But I feel bad for her! She’s helpless, horny, and…look at her…” Ninna leaned over Judy with all signs of concern, hugging the dominatrix and stroking her hair; however, listening carefully, Ninna removed herself ever so slightly, finding Judy grinning perversely up at her, her tongue reaching out for Ninna’s breasts.

“P-Pervert!” Ninna blushed and tugged down Judy’s cap over her eyes, the dominatrix moaning and groaning as Ninna leaned back, watching the leather-clad girl in amusement, a smile forming on Ninna’s lips.

“Sorry! I couldn’t help it!” Judy insisted as she tried not to grin, Ninna looking behind her, raising her eyebrows in surprise as Riana were drooling on Aisha’s breasts, the elf girl looking completely lost in pleasure.

“OK, I didn’t wanna do this, but-…n-n-n-n-ngh…!” Judy hissed behind Ninna, the succubus turning her head, only to watch as small sparks of what looked like magenta-colored electricity ran over Judy’s gloved fingers, making small cuts in her ropes as the dominatrix kept struggling.

“I’m…gonna…fucking…molest you all…!” Judy panted in a mix of arousal and concentration, surprised as she heard Ninna chuckle above her, the succubus letting a claw-like nail over one of Judy’s slightly scorched ropes, Ninna smiling pleasantly down at the dominatrix.

“Say ‘please’…” Ninna whispered, the dominatrix, at this point thinking of nothing but escaping her bonds and ravish her three teasers, looking Ninna directly in the eyes.

“Please…cut me loose…” Judy asked, Ninna making a small swipe with her nails, quickly dispatching Judy’s ropes; the second she was free, though, Ninna’s eyes widened as Judy threw herself over her, chuckling in glee as she let her gloved hands all over the naked succubus’ breasts.

“Aw-w-w, ye-e-e-eah, this is the best…” Judy licked her lips as her drool fell unto Ninna’s breasts; “…first the cutie-pie, then the two sexy little imps!”

“N-No! Dirty pervert! Lemme go! Lemme go-o-o-o…!” Ninna let out a whimper and tried vaguely to resist Judy’s advances, but as she discovered, the dominatrix was all over her, her weak attempts at backing away hindered by Judy’s hands and fingers groping and fondling everywhere on Ninna’s naked body; the entirety of it felt as if surging with warm electricity, Ninna smirking to herself as she honestly had no real desire to oppose the dominatrix molesting her.

“Um-m-m, lovely…” Judy licked sloppily over Ninna’s breasts, her hands groping with all her might as Ninna let out panting moans, the dominatrix’s smirk turning into a predatory grin; “…sounds like you could really use an orgasm, yourself…”

“A-Aisha! Judy’s fucking Ninna…” Riana remarked as the two of them took a moment to look down at the bed, Aisha letting out a small sigh.
“She’s got a thing for pink hair, big tits and wet pussies…” the elf girl smirked, stroking a lock of Riana’s hair; “…just means we’ll be getting to lick theirs once they start humping each other!”

“G-Girls…help me…” Ninna reached out an arm towards Riana and Aisha, Judy pressing her down with the weight of her entire body, snickering as Ninna began doing the same; “…s-hih-hih-hih-he’s molesting me-e-e-e-e!”

“Well, you could just not be as cute and fuckable as you are, Ninna! Nah-ah!” Riana teased and stuck her tongue out at the succubus, who began laughing as Judy now also started tickling her, Ninna and the dominatrix rolling around on the bed.

“You can give me some too, Ninna…” Judy winked, reaching up and groping her left, tightly leather-clad breast; “…I can still get real giddy even if these babies are all wrapped up.”

“Really? Oh, OK!” Ninna nudged her nose against Judy’s breasts, the dominatrix letting out a pleasant moan, continuing her own molesting of Ninna’s breasts, the succubus still moaning and giggling as she reached her arms around Judy, winking in tease.

“It’s OK! Like Riana and Aisha, you can be naughty with me, Miss Judy…” Ninna stroke her face against Judy’s right breast, then into her ample cleavage as she moaned; “…I feel so giddy!”

“Ah-h-h-h! B-Be glad I’m not in a dominating mood, Ninna, otherwise I’d spank your cute ass ‘till it got redder than your cheeks…” Judy hissed passionately, chuckling; “…right now, I’m just in the right mood to get fucked by a few inexperienced schoolgirls!”

“Hey! Aisha and I have been fucking each other even before Ninna came around…” Riana looked up with a smile on her soaked lips; “…I dunno if we’re really so ‘inexperienced’…”

“Kinky little bitch…” Judy winked at Riana, grabbing at both sides of Ninna’s head, kissing her hungrily; “…and you, so sweet, cute and busty; I think I’m gonna make you cum just from getting your boobs sucked!”

With those words, Judy forced Ninna down on the bed, stretching out the fingers of her left hand and pushing Ninna downwards, the dominatrix chuckling as the succubus whimpered.

“Prepare to be dominated, little girl!” Judy exclaimed passionately, diving for Ninna, grabbing both her breasts and pressing them together, vigorously groping and sucking on her nipples, Ninna moaning out loud.

“I, I thought you said you weren’t in the mood to dominate!” Ninna continued whimpering, Judy chuckling delightfully, reaching between Ninna’s legs, holding up a small trail of Ninna’s love juices, tracing them over her breasts.

“I lied…” Judy purred, rolling Ninna over, the succubus feeling Judy lie down on her back, groping her breasts, Ninna reaching for a pillow as she moaned loudly into it.

“Hih-hih! Priceless! But no fair! I wanna hear you moan, sweetheart, and don’t you dare cheat me out of that!” Judy reached out and grabbed the pillow, lifting it over Ninna’s head, only to press it down over her again repeatedly.

“Y-You’re being silly!” Ninna giggled as her head were forced into the bed sheets for a third time, Judy smirking cheekily.

“Am not! I should let you lick my boots for that remark, you insolent little tramp!” Judy acted tough as she stood up from the bed, letting the foremost part of her left boot touch between Ninna’s legs, rubbing against the surprised succubus’ pussy.

“What? Never cum from a sexy domme’s boot in your cunt? Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this from me…” Judy chuckled deviously; “…I’ve left girls panting, moaning and continuously orgasming for minutes! Guess what? You’re about to be next!”

“N-No! I don’t-…!” Ninna began, only to feel something move under her, finding that Judy were lying down again, her whole leg making its way below Ninna, the succubus now seeing the glistening front of Judy’s boot bare centimeters from her face.

“Lick it! I’m just gonna be imagining how you’d do if it was my cunt…” Judy lay down behind Ninna, stretching comfortably, looking back and smirking at the completely unaware and still-kissing Aisha and Riana.

“I-…well, it’s not like it’s too lewd or…something…” Ninna slowly let her tongue touch the boot, tasting none of the chemical treatments she had feared, instead only seeing her own drool and love juices lightly coating it, Ninna amusing herself as she tried and see if she could find a reflection.

“I’m not hearing you slobbering! Imagine you’re licking a cunt, be it mine, Aisha’s or Riana’s…” Judy snapped, adding in tease; “…how will your pleasure us if you don’t train your tongue?”

“You-…!” Ninna could not help herself from blushing, unsure if she was to scold or grin at Judy; the truth was, she wanted to pleasure not only her two best friends, but now also that crazy, sexy dominatrix.

“Nah-ah-ah! Manners, little girlie…” Judy sat up and wagged her finger in tease, a devious smile on her lips as she leaned slightly over Ninna, letting her her fingers fondle with the succubus’ pussy lips; “…or do you wanna get punished??”

“E-E-E-E-EP! N-No! Sorry, Miss Judy! I’m sorry!” Ninna exclaimed from the sudden stimulation and pleasure, looking over shoulders with pleading eyes, Judy chuckling amused.

“Such an obedient girl…oh-h-h-h, fuck, no wonder I want you to make me cum hard…” Judy sucked on a finger, winking at Ninna; “…if you behave, I’ll let you do something really kinky to me…”

“A-Anything naughty?” Ninna asked slightly nervously, Judy simply nodding her head slowly, a big, devious grin on her face.

“For someone as cute, inexperienced and willing as you, you can’t really expect me to just do a little fondling, can you?” Judy pulled back her leg, sitting on all four behind Ninna, her tongue sticking out as she looked over the succubus’ exposed butt.

“Raise your ass, Ninna…” Judy said, the succubus hesitantly doing so, only to hear a small smack as Judy began to spank her.

“OW! N-No! AH! S-Stop spanking me! I haven’t-…AW…!” Ninna began whimpering again, Judy laughing in amusement as she leaned down, kissing Ninna’s left buttock, the succubus letting out a long moan.

“I, I’m going crazy! I’m getting teased so much…!” Ninna felt herself gritting her teeth, trying not to give in as the dominatrix would no doubt keep teasing and fondling her until she came.

“Hah! Gotcha, cutie-pie!” Judy suddenly rolled Ninna unto her back, grabbing her legs, the dominatrix sitting and almost towering over the surprised succubus, Ninna noticing Judy drooling down on her breasts.

“This is fucking perfect! Get ready to have your muff munched, Ninna! Um-m-m!” Judy exclaimed passionately, her arms reaching down and groping Ninna’s breasts, the succubus screaming in pleasure as Judy’s entire mouth forced itself unto her pussy, licking, sucking and slobbering all over the visibly horny succubus’ clit.

“NO-O-O-O-O! NO, don’t! Mercy! S-Show me mercy!” Ninna cried out, Judy looking up, her glasses already stained with Ninna’s juices as well as her own drool.

“Funny how some chicks scream ‘no’ when every fucking indication points at ‘yes’…” Judy mused and shrugged, sitting herself back a bit and adjusting her stained glasses; “…but sure, I’ll stop; I won’t let go of you, but I won’t lick your pussy, either…”

“Uhm…” Ninna looked awkwardly up at the dominatrix, who simply giggled.

“Stalemate, babe; not so fun when your partner up and does exactly what you say, hm-m-m?” Judy teased, her facial expression the very definition of an ‘I told you so’ look.

“But…I was just-…” Ninna began, looking up as she saw Judy licking her juices off her gloved fingers, once again shrugging.

“Well, it’s gonna be a few awkward minutes before your friends joins us, so what do you wanna talk about?” Judy adjusted her cap, Ninna starring up at the black-haired dominatrix, a smile coming over her lips.

“I-…oh! Oh, now I see! Reverse psychology! Is that what you’re doing?” Ninna suddenly had an idea, Judy at first looking taken aback, but then once again looked in tease down at Ninna.

“Well, if it’s the fancy word for getting your fine ass to admit you want to cum, then yeah, I suppose that’s right…” Judy let out a small sigh; “…but really, Ninna, you don’t mean that I really should stop, do you? Don’t you feel good?”

“I do! B-But, it just feels so-…I, I can’t describe it! It’s like my body’s on fire, like back before with all of you! I-…” Ninna blushed, Judy holding a hand over her face, chuckling to herself.

“Listen, you clueless little cutie: You’re HORNY! H! O! R! N! Y! HORNY! It’s how you feel when you’re about to experience the greatest bliss your little body there can offer you…” Judy let out her tongue, licking at Ninna’s pussy for every letter of the word ‘horny’, the succubus moaning higher and higher for every letter as Judy differed between single licks, slurps and quick kisses against her pussy.

“There’s nothing to feel bad or ashamed of! I thought we’d already established that before…unless you were just in the spur of the moment…” Judy narrowed her eyes, looking as if analyzing Ninna; “…were you?”

“I WAS feeling good! I WAS! Really!” Ninna insisted, Judy sticking her tongue out at her.

“Oh? And what about me? Is my tongue not good enough for the little princess? Is that why you’re whimpering like that? Hm-m-m? Does only Riana and Aisha get the privilege of eating your pretty pussy until and beyond you blow your mind…?” the dominatrix mercilessly teased, Ninna shaking her head back and forth, feeling herself about to go crazy.

“E-Enough! F-FUCK ME, ALREADY! Oh-h-h! Oh-h-h no-o-o-o! I, I didn’t me-…A-A-A-A-A-ARGH! No! NO-HOH-HOH-HOH-HOH! M-MERCY-Y-Y-Y-Y!” Ninna screamed as Judy’s tongue began slobbering over her pussy and letting her hands down the succubus’ sides as she tickled her, the dominatrix letting up, eyeing Ninna lustfully.

“Fuck it! I’m giving you your surprise early!” Judy panted huskily, reaching for the bracelet around one of her gloves, withdrawing a small, pearl-white object, a long, silvery cord unfurling itself from into what looked like a similar, small pearl-white remote.

“Let’s really get you screaming, Ninna! I wanna see you gush like crazy!” Judy exclaimed passionately as she placed the round object on Ninna’s moist pussy, the succubus barely managing to see Judy press the remote in her hand before she screamed; the round object had begun vibrating at a high speed, and as Judy’s tongue were not only licking her pussy, but pressing the object further into her pussy lips, the two sensations sent Ninna over the edge.

“NO! NO! N-NO-O-O-O-O! I, I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I’M, I’M CUM-…I’M C-CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!!!” Ninna yelled out, Judy chuckling as Ninna’s pussy juices began squirting out, hitting and soaking the dominatrix’ face and falling down unto the succubus herself, Judy keeping a firm grip on Ninna’s legs.

“Aw-w-w, so cute…” Judy sucked up the vibrator into her mouth, turning her head and spitting it out, looking down at the panting, moaning and now incredibly soaked Ninna with sheer lust in her eyes; “…that looked so-o-o-o cute!”

“Aw-w-w-w, I got messy again…” Ninna whimpered, opening her eyes and looking up at Judy; the dominatrix’s face and several locks of her black hair were still dripping with Ninna’s juices, her glasses completely soaked.

“I’d say we’re even now…” Judy smirked, slowly putting down Ninna’s legs, licking a bit of Ninna’s juices off her glasses, chuckling as she rubbed her stained fingers over her cleavage; “…you up for making me cum now, Ninna?”

“You’re just so…s-sexy! I, I know Aisha and Riana are both cute, but you’re just so…so-…” Ninna struggled to find the words, the sight of the messy dominatrix something she found herself just as turned on by as the time she had seen Aisha and Riana suck on her breasts unto she climaxed.

“I am, aren’t I? Cheeky little imp!” Judy chuckled as she leaned down on Ninna, rubbing her juice-stained face into Ninna’s cleavage, the succubus giggling in delight.

“So I get to pleasure the lewd dominatrix now?” Ninna asked, Judy licking her lips and nodding.

“O-OK, can you lie down here, then?” Ninna asked, Judy indeed doing so, pleasantly surprised as Ninna crawled down towards her legs, swinging her own legs over Judy’s head, the dominatrix chuckling as Ninna and she entered the 69 position.

“Riana told me about this; it’s supposed to make us both feel really good…” Ninna blushed, Judy winking teasingly up at her.

“Oh? You want more?” Judy smiled, Ninna returning it.

“I…I’m done trying to convince myself I shouldn’t do this…” Ninna said, partially to herself; “…there’s nothing wrong in it, and heck, you even said you wanted this, yourself!”

“Yep! You’re not forcing me or hurting anyone by licking my little pussy…” Judy mused, reaching up her hands as she started spanking Ninna’s butt, chuckling in glee; “…come on! Give it to me!”

“Ouch! O-OK! You’ve asked for it! Um-m-m-m!” Ninna looked down at the small piece of leather hiding Judy’s pussy, easily pulled away, Ninna’s abnormally long tongue sliding all over Judy’s pussy, the dominatrix letting out a deeply satisfied moan.

“Oh yeah, little cutie Ninna’s gonna fuck me…” Judy groped her breasts, tugging down her corset just enough to let out the top of her breasts as she began groping them, pinching her nipples; “…don’t hold back! Whatever you do, just don’t hold back!”

“Just a moment…” a voice suddenly came, Ninna looking up, Riana and Aisha both standing in front of the bed, and from the looks of it just finished with their own lovemaking.

“Riana, I do believe we just missed out on seeing Ninna cum all over herself in pleasure…” Aisha said as casually as she could, facing the blonde; “…however will the two of them make it up to us? Cheating us out of a good show…”

“It’s simple, Aisha: You sit there in front of Ninna, and I go back there and sit behind Judy…” Riana gestured, smirking; “…then we masturbate like never before, so when they both cum, they get an extra wet treat!”

“Good idea! But a fair warning: As you can see, we both cum hard…” Aisha held up her hand, which indeed were now covered in plenty of what could only be Riana’s love juices.

“W-We didn’t mean to forget about you! I was just-…” Ninna began nervously, but was cut short as both Riana and Aisha leaned in and kissed each of her cheeks, Aisha chuckling amused.

“We know, Ninna, don’t be afraid…” Aisha assured as she sat down in front of Ninna, baring her pussy as she lightly rubbed it; “…let’s see you make that nasty domme cum…”

“I’m suspecting you’ll be really amused with this…” Judy looked up as Riana sit behind her, the dominatrix smiling amused; “…I’m hoping you can keep up, Riana!”

“Oh, I will!” the tan-skinned girl winked confidently as she began rubbing her pussy lips, Judy looking up and beginning to lick Ninna’s pussy…

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