Story: Hentai Tales (chapter 4)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Enter the Dominatrix!

[Author's notes: JUDY ("Vixen") Character Biography (Contains Spoilers):

The receptionist of a large electronics company, Judy is an expert with computers, software and internal programming, as well as knowing how to provide good customer service over her small headset or to a customer in front of her, Judy works dutifully and quickly to further her company’s interests.

However, underneath her professionalism, she is an easy-going and self-proclaimed seductress, and she enjoys hitting on her colleagues at every positive opportunity during her breaks, which usually results in her receiving either a blush or a frown depending on the situation.

Always wearing stylish, sleek glasses, Judy has revealed herself to be near-sighted, and needing the glasses especially for her work with the inner workings of computers, carefully examining wires and hard drives.

Outside of her day work, Judy has confessed to have been quite the party animal in her youth, and even into this day, the dark-haired girl getting into raves and orgies, something she has become something of a city celebrity for doing.

Secretly practicing chaos magic as a witch, she is quite limited in her power as of yet, only mastering two abilities; average magical telekinesis, as well as a more unusual ability to let her hair grow and shorten to any desired length.

Her reasons for studying chaos magic remains something a mystery, but Judy herself has hinted that she has a lust for power and danger, and as the chaotic energies of Otherworld is brimming with chaos magic, she can easily tap into the energy and use it for her own purposes.

Despite her above-average pay check as a receptionist at a rich company, and living in a luxurious villa with her maid, Judy enjoys spending much of her time working at local brothels as a dominatrix under the stage-name ‘Vixen’, where she feels she can cut herself loose and indulge her every desire, enjoying the squirming and moaning girls at her feet.

Dearly enjoying her job as a dominatrix, Judy is amused to no end at the very concept of having her cute and sexy clients not only pay her good money, but also willingly sign their names on a contract, allowing her to indulge herself with them and subject them to her desires, molesting and ravishing many a client to a point where it has been known that they may fall unconscious.

Having an especial fondness for schoolgirls, Judy has been known to enjoy watching groups of such girls having sex before her, the dark-haired, bespectacled dominatrix then taking the stage as she joins them, showing no restraints whatsoever, although she has a record of ruining her clients’ clothes in her fits of blind passion, something she is quite infamous for.

While her appearance and seductive charms might sound fitting for what some would call the perfect dominatrix, Judy is gentle and kind to her ‘slaves’, trying to mix in both the fear and awe she can invoke by acting tough, with pleasure and delight, chatting, laughing and enjoying the company of her clients, many of them indeed rating her as one of the best prostitutes one can hire.

True to her title as a dominatrix, Judy takes the greatest delight in having clients on their knees and pleading to be molested by the dominatrix, Judy at one point even being so aroused as to orgasm before even getting a girl’s skirt off, the schoolgirl, named Jenny, musing over Judy’s arousal as the dominatrix had her chained up and ravished her.

Judy can still giggle at another time where she would meet Jenny again, as Judy had snuck herself into the local school Jenny attended, and of all things, ending up tied up on a toilet, with some of the school’s most sultry and horny schoolgirls lead by said Jenny.

The schoolgirls gleefully would take turns in taking advantage of the immobile dominatrix, Judy being right out gangbanged without her offering any resistance, only horny screams and moans as she was literally gushed over and drenched with love juices, and finally shoved under the showers to clean herself up.

To this day, Judy considers re-visiting the school, as the dominatrix still remembers her experience there to be some of the best sex she had ever been on the receiving end on.

While wearing her dominatrix outfit, she usually includes a military-like hat with a peaked cap, a long trench coat and studded bracelets added to her wrists and ankles; she is one of many prostitutes with a preference for leather, considering normal cloth to be too fragile or not sitting tightly enough, and latex to be all too tight-fitting.

One of Judy’s primary advantages as a dominatrix, she claims, is the precision she has with her fingers, even when wearing her trademark skintight leather gloves, knowing exactly where to touch, where to lick with her tongue, and how to know the body’s signals for when her ‘victims’ are about to orgasm; thus far, Judy has been on the receiving, and smiling end, of many splashing orgasms, often joking how she will send the girls responsible for soaking her outfits a staggering cleaning bill:

She considers a night well spent when at least her glasses, her hair, and especially her cleavage, are covered in pussy juice.

As for her technical expertise as a receptionist, Judy has been creating and modifying a program she has dubbed ‘Project Aurora’, a form of virtual reality program that will enable the user to enter a virtual world by simply being fitted into a suit and visor, as well as having several nodes in the suit register different sense and simulations while in the virtual world.

However, as Judy had designed her own part of the virtual world, it was one of several fictional and famous heroines and villainesses lusting for her, a chuckling Judy has admitted that it could, quote unquote, “still be too addictive for others to interact with as of now” in an interview by a local news station regarding her invention.

However, a part of the project has thus far still been sold to the local school as part of an experiment, wherein the student would be fitted into the suit and visor, and asked how they felt about the landscapes they saw in the Aurora Beta, and tasked to write essays on their experiences.]

“My, my; no wonder no-one came to let me in…” a voice suddenly came behind the three girls, Ninna sitting up so abruptly that Riana and Aisha fell off her, Ninna blushing fiercely as someone was leaning against the doorframe:

The ‘someone’ turned out to be a tall, fair-skinned, amber-eyed bespectacled and overall sexy woman, with long, black hair that reached below her waist, and she was dressed in a black dominatrix leather outfit, peaked cap and a trench coat.

“Oh…J-Judy, you used that key I gave you?” Aisha smiled weakly and sheepishly, the woman named Judy strolling inside, chuckling as she reached a hand behind her neck, stroking her hair as light drops of rain fell from it.

“I was just wondering why I haven’t heard so much from you these past few days; now I see why…” Judy said, winking at the blushing Ninna; “…don’t worry, babe, I don’t bite.”

“Uhm…g-good…” Ninna stammered, Riana looking sourly at Judy.
“Oh, come on! Here we were having a romp like no other, and-…” Riana began groaning, Judy simply holding up a hand.

“It’s OK, I won’t stay long; I just don’t wanna catch a cold with the rain we’re having…” she said, heading towards the bed and sat down and the edge, folding her legs, Ninna slowly raising her wings to cover herself.

“It’s OK, I’m not gonna touch the goods, cutie…” Judy said, sitting on the side of the bed, looking Ninna over with a smirk; “…but you’ve sure got plenty of ‘em to go around!”

“Oh…” Ninna blushed, in turn looking the dominatrix over, as her outfit was provocatively loose and exposing much of her cleavage, her breasts seeming slightly bigger than Aisha’s or Riana’s, but in other places the outfit sat tightly, as if fitted to her skin.

“Like what you see? Heh-heh! Just joking, babe…” Judy teased, Ninna daring herself to ask a question.

“So…you’re a friend of Aisha’s?” she asked, Judy nodding.

“Yep! Little missy here and I have been talking back and forth how she should spend more time on her homework lately…” Judy said, nudging her head towards Aisha; “…hey, she’s pretty interested in the whole porn thing, but it’s not always nice having to stand in the rain and wait and hope that your next customer gets you so arroused your blood starts warming you up again…or if she squirts a lot of warm, lovely pussy juice all over you…”

“Ni-i-i-ice…” Riana giggled perversely, already imagining Aisha, Ninna, and maybe even this new and sexy Judy, all orgasming over her as she would lick and finger them all at a time.

“Aisha talks the world of you, you know? How you’re the sweetest thing she’s laid eyes on and how she’d love to get you in the sack…” Judy said, switching her legs on the bed, the wet leather creaking from her boots; “…but don’t worry, you’re more than a pretty face to her, so don’t be nervous.”

“But…you are a p-…-prostitute?” Ninna asked, Judy smiling at her, leaning over and rustling Ninna’s hair with her hand, the succubus’ blushing lessening a bit.

“Yep! That I am! It’s one of my jobs, you see…” Judy surprised the succubus, as well as Aisha and Riana; “…much of the day, I’m a receptionist at an electronics company uptown; I take calls, advice people on electronics and make sure things stay civic.”

“Receptionist?? I didn’t know that! And…isn’t that kind of a job usually well paid?” Aisha looked shocked and baffled at Judy, the dark-haired girl nodding.

“Yep! I got a nice job, great income, and, not bragging here, but I’m rich enough to own a mansion and a sports car…” Judy chuckled at the looks she received from the girls; “…but I also have my dominatrix job, and I gotta be honest, I’d take dominating, fucking and getting fucked by horny bitches, cute babes and sexy vixens over answering boring calls any day of the week.”

“…So…you’re rich, you’re sexy, and you’re a dominatrix…” Riana stood for a moment, putting several very erotic pieces together in her head about Judy based on the new information her lewd mind had acquired; “…h-have you ever fucked a schoolgirl??”

“Dozens! I think they’re some of the most numerous clients I get…” Judy licked her lips lustfully; “…there’s just something about you schoolgirls; maybe it’s the hint of innocence, and then those stylish, hot uniforms you wear…”

“So you fuck schoolgirls like us, you also work at a pretty prestigious place-…” Riana held a hand to her temples, feeling herself in awe; “…OK, I think you just straight up murdered my stereotype that prostitutes only has one trade they know!”

“Hih-hih! Happy to help make you smarter, hottie…” Judy winked at Riana, sticking her tongue out in tease at Ninna; “…though, with what I’ve seen from you, Ninna, I might be in for some competition on getting the ladies…”

“A-As a succubus…I’m supposed to enter girls’ dreams at night…and do some things to them…” Ninna blushed again, Judy winking at her.

“I know, you winged hellions get all the fun…but then again, I can usually get 200 seals off some little cutie that’ll come back for more…” Judy said, beginning to discard her trench coat, taking it off and rolling it up, discarding her hat as well as she put the two down beside the bed.

“Uhm, Ninna, this may sound really awkward with Judy around here now…but can I still molest you? My pussy’s still dripping…!” Riana breathed heavily and blushed at Ninna, Judy looking at the girls around her.

“You know, I could just watch you girls a bit, it’s not like I’ll just jump in whenever I can…” Judy suggested, eyeing Ninna warmly; “…in a way it’s your choice, princess; can you enjoy yourself with these babes, even if some slut is watching you?”

“Y-You don’t really sound like a slut…n-not that I’d even know how a s-slut sounds like…” Ninna said, part of her feeling awkward at the prospect, another part of her thinking that if Aisha knew Judy enough to call her a friend, or give her a spare key to her house, she could only trust Aisha’s judgment.

“Oh, there are girls out there who are way, wa-a-a-ay sluttier than me…but yeah, show me a hot girl and dress her in a school uniform, and I’ll start leaking pretty bad down below…” Judy smiled amused at herself, standing up and making room for Riana, her and Aisha moving towards Ninna again.

“You know, seeing you three here, it’s the kind of threesome I think is really cute; pure, cuddly, steaming fun…” Judy took a chair from a nearby desk, put it in front of the bed and sat down to watch the three; “…don’t worry, I won’t comment too much.”

“It’s OK, Ninna, Judy may be a little rough, but she’s OK…” Aisha leaned over and kissed Ninna’s forehead, the succubus slowly relaxing again and unfolding her wings.

“Just don’t try any funny stuff…” Ninna attempted a strict, correcting tone at Judy, Riana and Aisha both leaning over and stroking themselves over the succubus, Judy chuckling to herself as Ninna easily began stroking both of the girls’ heads.

“My, my, the little succubus knows how to get all the hotties…” Judy said snidely, Ninna looking at the faces of Aisha and Riana; Aisha looked very eager and teasingly at her as she groped Ninna’s left breast and licked her cheek, while Riana looked right out perversely and hotly at her, groping her right breast with both hands, her mouth sucking slowly on Ninna’s breast, drool flowing from her mouth.

“H-Hey…oh…!” Ninna let out a small whimper when Aisha let a hand down to stroke lightly over Ninna’s pussy lips, Aisha holding up her hand to her face, smiling as she could see and feel Ninna’s vaginal juices lightly coating her fingers, Ninna blushing even harder at how excited she seemed to have become.

“Maybe it’s kinkier, really, having someone watch as you have your first fuck…” Judy commented, licking her lips, mumbling to herself; “…damn, chick’s got a nice cunt; looks all wet and yummy…

“Is it OK we touch you here, too, Ninna?” Riana winked at the succubus as she also brought her hand towards Ninna’s pussy, the succubus nodding her head; she was feeling almost dizzy from this new sensation running through her body.

“Ee-e-ep!” Ninna suddenly squeaked as she felt something wet poking her left ear, lightly biting at the tip, Aisha giggling as she now started sucking on Ninna’s ear, the succubus letting out a long moan as it felt as if her body had become overly susceptible to ever single stimulation she was receiving, Ninna letting out her tongue and licking her lips, the sight of the three beautiful and sexy girls in the room making her heart pound faster and her temperature all but increase.

Fuck…first-timers really make the best little squeals…” Judy bit her lower lip to try and keep herself from becoming too excited, knowing full well that there was no way she would give in and do what she felt like:

Throw herself over the three girls and repeatedly molest and fuck them, taking an especial interest in Ninna’s now lightly glistening pussy lips.

“You’ve got such a lovely pussy, Ninna…” Riana let her fingers stroke the outside of Ninna’s pussy lips; “…no hair, all smooth and pink…”

“St-Stop…talking…” Judy growled lowly at Riana, the tanned girl at first looking surprised, then devious as she realized just how turned on the dominatrix had become.

“But it’s a virgin succubus! Not only that, but someone this cute, adorable and nice as Ninna…” Riana mercilessly teased Judy as she reached up and stroke Ninna’s hair, letting her fingers through the cherry-pink locks; “…it’s such a rarity! Such big boobs! So lovely lips! So-o-o fucking cu-u-u-u-ute…!”

“Stop teasing her, Riana! Imagine how it feels like to be horny while having some thong riding up your pussy, and your body wrapped in tight, sexy leather…” Aisha now contributed, at first acting like scolding Riana, then following the blonde’s example of teasing Judy, stroking Ninna’s hair, as well as reaching down, letting her fingers part Ninna’s moist pussy lips, the succubus moaning hotly.

“D-Don’t! G-Get back to-…oh-h-h-h…” Ninna surprised the three of them as she let out a gasp, grabbing behind Riana’s and Aisha’s heads, pressing them against her breasts, the two of them returning to suck on them, Ninna leaning her head back, moaning happily as a smile appeared on her lips from the sensation and the pleasure.

“I, I know I said I wouldn’t comment or act…but this is just too fucking much! C-Can I at least pat her stomach a bit…??” Judy looked almost desperately at Ninna, the succubus smiling pleasantly at her.

“O-OK, j-just don’t do something naughty…” Ninna panted excitedly, reaching her arms out towards Judy, gesturing her closer as she smiled; “…come, touch me…”

“Oh-h-h, sweet, sweet boobies…” Judy almost jumped from her chair, heading towards the bed, giving each of Riana’s and Aisha’s butts a small spank as she sat down by Ninna’s feet, her wet, leather-clad fingers stroking against the succubus’ stomach, Ninna whimpering ever so lightly, beginning to giggle.

“So sweet, so lovely…” Judy moaned as she were about to bring her tongue towards Ninna’s navel, Judy suddenly noticing how something was stroking against her breasts; looking down, she found it to be Ninna’s tail.

“I, I can’t help myself! You’re all so naughty, cute and sexy…” Ninna grinned at Judy, the dominatrix at her wits’ end, for the temptation to simply take Ninna, Riana and Aisha by raw, unbridled force was beginning to become too much to handle, and seeing Riana eagerly and happily nom and sucking away on Ninna’s breast and nipple were no help to quell her desires.

“S-So…cute! Um-m-m-m!” Judy moaned out loud, for of all the girls she had enjoyed fucking and dominating, the pink-haired succubus somehow had her lose her breath from sheer horniness at the sight of Ninna being molested and how cute and sexy it all felt to Judy.

“I’m-…oh, damn it! I-…” Judy began, only to make an odd sound as she held her hands over her pussy, trying not to give in and start masturbating, crouching down at Ninna’s legs, the succubus looking amused down at the dominatrix, while Riana and Aisha were groaning at having their breast-suckling interrupted.

“Come here, all three of you; you’re getting me so horny…” Ninna chuckled as she reached out and brought all three other girls closer towards her cleavage, crossing her arms under her breasts and making them stand out even more, Ninna giggling as Riana, Aisha and Judy were fawning over them like hungry wolves, suckling every available inch of them.

“M-More! I just can’t get enough!” Aisha surprised the others as she reached up, kissing Ninna fiercely on the mouth, her tongue probing as it tried entering the surprised succubus’ mouth, Ninna slowly and easily letting it in, returning the favor as she now began tongue-kissing Aisha, Riana sucking and licking passionately at Ninna’s breasts as she pressed them together, squealing as she groped them and bounced them up and down.

“I-…oh-h-h…OH NO-O-O-O-O-O-O…!!!” Judy let out an excited scream, losing her balance and falling backwards, pussy juice squirting from underneath her thong unto Ninna, Aisha, Riana and herself, the girls shocked and surprised, Judy falling backwards, breathing heavily and rubbing her pussy lips, her juices continuing to gush over the three girls as well as the dominatrix herself reached up her hand and brought her left breast into view, groping it and licking her nipple excitedly, the sight of the three now juice-stained girls something she could no longer control herself from masturbating to.

“Uh-h-h-h…it’s all over me, and-…hm-m-m…” Ninna at first looked sourly down at herself as her body had received quite its share of the dominatrix’s orgasm, but as she looked at the transparent, glistening fluid on her body, a mix of curiosity and impulse let her to reach out her tongue and lick her hand ever so slightly, Judy’s pussy juice tasting, oddly enough, very sweet to Ninna, the succubus lapping up a few more stains.

Looking down at Judy, Ninna saw as the sexy dominatrix were still breathing heavily after her orgasm, her pose arousing Ninna even more as Judy spread her pussy lips a little more with her gloved fingers, letting out a final moan as a small squirt of juice splashed unto Ninna’s stomach.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I just couldn’t help it…” Judy quickly sat up, leaning against the three girls, folding her hands together as if pleading for forgiveness, the three girls exchanging looks and getting to grips with what had just happened.

“…Heh, well, I don’t mind pussy juice to the face, but tell me when you wanna shower me, you big slut…” Riana grinned at Judy, holding up her fingers, strings of Judy’s pussy juice hanging from them; “…would be a shame to let something so yummy go to waste…”

With that, she leaned over Ninna, holding out her fingers, the succubus slowly extending her tongue and tasting the dominatrix’ juices again; it tasted slightly different from Aisha’s or Riana’s, but not bad, almost more potent, Ninna smirking at the thought how different girls’ pussy juices could taste differently.

“Aim a little more to the left next time; Ninna got the most…” Aisha winked, reaching up and undoing her hairband, her already long hair now becoming even longer and covering all the way to her butt, the elf girl snickering deviously as she sat up behind Ninna, groping her from behind, whispering in her ear.

“I hope you’re getting in heat, Ninna, because I can’t contain myself anymore, and I don’t think Riana and Judy can, either…” Aisha said, teasingly sucking on a lock of Ninna’s hair; “…I want to lick your pussy until it squirts again, and all the while, I think the babe and the dominatrix here would love nothing more than to freak out on your body!”

“Y-You’re getting awfully excited, Aisha! Aren’t things steamy enough for you, yet?” Ninna grinned slightly nervously, lowering her eyes to see Aisha crawl down towards her legs, Ninna feeling as the elf girl stroke her hands against her exposed pussy lips, Ninna biting her lower lip in a weak attempt to hold in her excitement.

Looking up, Ninna saw Judy and Riana exchange quick, sloppy and passionate kisses, now looking down and chuckling at Ninna as they rubbed their pussies against her head, Ninna moaning as she now felt Aisha’s hot breath against her pussy, followed by the intense pleasure that came from feeling the elf girl’s soft lips sucking greedily on her moist pussy.

“N-No! I want more!” Judy exclaimed passionately, leaning down over Ninna, turning around to face the succubus and sitting herself on her stomach, thrusting her pussy lips against the succubus’ breasts, Riana crouching herself over Ninna’s head, avoiding her horns, the succubus understanding all too clearly where this was leading.

“I, I don’t really care if this sounds slutty, but…I, I LOVE THIS! Sexy, hot, naughty and lovely girls all wanting to play with me…” Ninna grabbed forcefully around Riana’s legs, the tanned girl yelling out in glee as Ninna licked sloppily against her pussy, Ninna grinning as Riana’s juices ran down her mouth; “…hih-hih-hih! I’m so happy! P-Please, make my first time good! I want to feel good!!!”

“Lick it if you can, little girl! This here bitch’s gotten her cunt all wet because of you cuties…” Judy moaned and teased as she kept thrusting her hips towards Ninna’s breasts, surprised and amused as Ninna’s tongue reached out, and had the length to touch and slurp at the dominatrix’s pussy as it rubbed against her breasts.

“M-More…more down there, Aisha…ah-h-h-h! Y-Yes-s-s-s-s!” Ninna let out a longing whimper and hiss as Aisha suddenly felt weight added unto her head; reaching upwards, she could feel Ninna’s feet resting on her head, the elf girl smirking as she returned to her business, using her fingers to spread Ninna’s pussy lips as best she could, licking and drooling over every inch of the pussy, nippling lightly and playfully with her lips at Ninna’s g-spot, Aisha grinning satisfied into the pussy as she heard Ninna’s choked screams and felt her body tremble.

“I, I can’t lick you both at the same time…” Ninna moaned, reaching up her tongue and licking Riana’s pussy; “…sorry…”

“It’s OK…um-m-m…as long as you keep whimpering and moaning like that, I’m getting off real good, princess…” Judy moaned as she felt Ninna’s breasts squeeze against her open pussy lips, Judy smiling perversely as she reached down, fingering herself.

“How does it feel, Ninna? The little succubus getting soaked by 3 hot girls, as well as her own juices…” Riana grinned deviously, grabbing her breasts and increasing her humping of Ninna’s face; “…you were so shy before, and now you’re really getting fucked! Does it make you all hot and bothered? Squeal with glee? Or just whimper and blush like a little virgin?”

Ninna let her slurping on Riana’s pussy be her answer, the tanned girl letting out a pleasant moan, a broad grin on her face as she wanted Ninna’s tongue all over her pussy, Riana grinning with pleasure as she looked over the foursome she had become part of, rubbing her breasts together and pinching her nipples.

“It feels so good! Just to give in and not feel all nervous when you tease me…” Ninna said, looking downwards towards Judy and Aisha; “…please, don’t hold back! I, I want to lose control! Make me! Pleasure me, gi-i-i-irls!”

What little restraint any of the three other girls might have held was as if vanishing when they each faced down on the blushing, pleading and smiling succubus in their own ways, Riana letting out a high-pitched moan of pleasure as she reached down and now began groping Ninna’s breasts, already feeling how Judy’s pussy juices had begun coating them, the transparent fluids running all over Ninna, a small body of fluids dripping towards her throat.

“More! More! It’s so good! Keep l-licking me! Lick me! Lick me! LICK ME-E-E-E-E!” Ninna squealed as her fingers pressed harder and harder into Riana’s thighs, her legs closing tighter behind Aisha’s head, and her breasts bouncing harder against Judy’s pussy, Judy moaning and eyeing Riana lustfully, reaching out with her right arm and started groping the tanned girl’s right breast, the two of them exchanging horny smiles, Aisha having gone into a near frenzy below them, licking as fast and sloppily as she could against Ninna’s pussy, using her fingers to keep the pussy lips apart, sucking and nudging her nose against Ninna’s clit, the succubus’ cum beginning to squirt lightly into Aisha’s mouth.

“Cum, Ninna! Go ahead and cum! Give in! Give it to me, princess! Cum for me!” Aisha exclaimed hotly and frantically, opening her mouth wide and placing it against the succubus’ pussy, sucking and licking with all her might, slurping ferociously at Ninna’s pussy.

“YES! YES! YES-YES-YES-YES! AH-H-H-H-H! I’LL CUM! IT FEELS…SO…GOOD! I’M, I’M…C-CUMMI-I-I-I-ING-G-G-G!!!” Ninna finally screamed as she climaxed, her orgasm splashing forcibly against Aisha’s face, the elf girl backing away, but to no avail; the sheer force of Ninna’s orgasm had her completely drenched as Ninna’s juices squirted all over her in spurts, the succubus’ pussy ejaculating and her legs continuously pressing Aisha’s head and mouth towards her gushing pussy.

“M-My turn! Um-m-m-m, ye-e-e-e-ah…!” Judy moaned hotly, turning around and reaching down towards Ninna’s still-spurting pussy, grapping both of the succubus’ thighs and pushing back her squirming legs, Judy opening her mouth wide as she dove towards Ninna’s pussy, her face getting drenched as she slurped and drank Ninna’s juices in whole mouthfuls, her and Aisha exchanging sloppy, soaked kisses, the elf girl rubbing her obsidian breasts, which glistened with Ninna’s love juices.

“Me! Me, too! Ah-h-h-h! So hot! So damn, fucking hot! K-Keep licking, Ninna! Don’t stop! Don’t you fucking STOP!!!” Riana screamed in a mix of excitement and desperation, the succubus, barely conscious from sheer pleasure, still licking with all her strength against Riana’s pussy, Ninna intoxicated with Riana’s pussy, her long tongue coating it in saliva as Riana’s pussy began squirting lightly into her mouth.

“N-Not done yet! Keep cumming, Ninna!” Aisha chuckled gleefully, diving towards Ninna’s pussy, Judy and Aisha both licking and sucking and drinking Ninna’s pussy juice, Aisha reaching out her hands and trying to keep Ninna’s flailing legs down on the bed, resulting in Ninna, her voice choked by Riana’s pussy, rocking her body back and forth as she kept cumming.

“Yeah! Yeah! Do it! Cum! Cum! Cum! YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Riana squealed in delight and pleasure when she felt herself about to reach her climax, Ninna’s next few, thorough licks causing her to orgasm, her pussy juices squirting into Ninna’s mouth, the succubus drenched in Riana’s juices as the tanned girl rocked back and forth over her, reaching out and squeezing Ninna’s breasts, slowly falling backwards over Ninna, Riana groping her breasts as she kept orgasming, down unto Ninna, the succubus feeling Riana’s juices soaking the back of her head and hair.

“So…good…um-m-m-m-m…” Ninna licked her lips as she grabbed around Riana’s sprawled legs, continuing to lick her spurting pussy, Ninna feeling herself completely drenched, yet very satisfied and very happy, Riana’s juices making her moan as she delighted in every drop...

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