Story: Hentai Tales (chapter 3)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Revenge!!!

[Author's notes: AISHA Character Biography (Contains Spoilers):

A dark elf girl with a passion for science, electronics (especially video games) and belly-dancing, Aisha is considered not just the smartest girl in class, but in the whole school, some even claiming that, regardless of the amount of the class’ homework, Aisha can solve her own within an hour.

In the beginning of her school days, though, Aisha would sometimes be bullied by older girls for homework answers, at one point almost being unwillingly molested, had it not been for the intervention of an angry Jenny, who chased off the bullies (rumors have it that she indulged all six of them sexually later that afternoon).

Surprisingly, Aisha’s self-esteem would be improved by Judy, the prostitute and dominatrix Aisha met one evening at a local strip club, a nervous Aisha telling Judy that she had been suggested the place by a schoolmate, as, apparently, according to said girl, all the popular girls at school would visit the club.

Asking Aisha to wait, Judy strolled out of the room, closing the door behind her, but with her elven ears, Aisha could hear as Judy would loudly scold the girl Aisha had told her about that she was a rotten friend and a spineless bitch, Judy warning the girl to never again try and trick someone as nervous and insecure as Aisha into something she was obviously unprepared for.

Returning to the room, Judy sat down with Aisha, the two spending hours discussing sex and all things involved in it, and slowly getting closer, Judy eventually helped Aisha understand the pleasures of sex, as well as the responsibilities.

Nowadays, having grown confident in not just herself but her own sex appeal, thanks mostly to Judy, Aisha, in her new knowledge of pleasures and desires, has taken a liking to erotic jokes, sexy belly-dancing, and with the recent arrival of the busty, cute succubus Ninna, Aisha has even found herself masturbating at night at the thought of having cuddly, messy sex with the succubus.

However, in the midst of her daydreaming of steamy succubus sex, Aisha met Riana, a tan-skinned girl hoping to receive private lessons from Aisha, as Riana was far behind in her regular classes, the dark elf gladly helping the more physical-minded Riana.

Still, with time, Aisha began noticing Riana’s flirty and playful looks at her, the two eventually taking a break from working on Riana’s homework and instead began satisfying each other’s desires, their escapades something many fellow students gossip about to this day at school.

With a new friend, with clear benefits, Aisha returned to tutor Riana, the gold-haired girl doing what she can to take her homework and studies seriously, Aisha sometimes joking that whenever she does good, she will let Riana be the dominative next time they have sex.

As time passed, Aisha eventually faced the succubus Ninna and told her of her growing desires for her, the shy succubus at first simply blushed and flew off, but, after many talks and small, intimate moments, Ninna agreed to become friends with Aisha, thrilling and exciting the elf girl tremendously, as well as provide Riana with a brilliant excuse to make perverted remarks and jokes, as well as insisting that when Ninna would one day be ready to have sex, she would join in, letting it become a threesome.

As time passed, Aisha and Ninna would spend their time outside school hours strolling around town, as well as exploring and increasing their intimacy to various degrees on a several occasions, Aisha proving to be quite eager to grab and molest Ninna’s firm breasts.

Despite her geeky appearance and hobbies, (with exception to her belly-dancing) Aisha has proven herself a fast runner, although she is one of the few girls at school who has yet to fully understand how to swim; her overall physique allows her to pull of spectacular dance moves or stretches.

With her fascination of science, one would assume Aisha would be skeptical of things like magic, but, surprisingly, Aisha accepts that magic indeed not only exists, having seen it for herself quite often, but she also claims that magic is simply energy that, like electricity, can be conducted, although how the normal body does so with magic, she has no answer for; she sometimes has long debates with the angel and student council member Niphih about certain, for her, important subjects.

She is also greatly interested in gold and priceless gems and jewels, even claiming that she owns an incredibly expensive belly dancer outfit that, to this day, Riana is the only one to ever see and have the glee of molesting Aisha in her favorite outfit during sex, as it is made of some of the finest materials in town.]

“Th-That…was…fantastic…” Ninna breathed out heavily, her eyes blinking as she tried sitting up, Riana and Aisha moving off her breasts and standing up, looking down at Ninna as she slowly regained control of her breathing.

“That just looks so adorable…” Riana grinned, reaching a hand down to help Ninna up; “…the cutest and bustiest girl in school, all dressed in sexy latex, and then fucked by her two best friends…”

“I know I should feel embarrassed, b-but it just felt so good…” Ninna said as she stood up, Riana holding her up as Ninna was tottering a bit, unused to the sensations running through her body.

“So that’s what it feels like to have sex…” Ninna panted, feeling as Riana hugged her from the front, Aisha hugging her from behind, the three of them exchanging smiles; “…but…we’re not done? Your boobs are squeezing against me…and your nipples are poking into me…”

“Oh, trust me, it’s far from over…” Aisha spoke huskily behind Ninna, caressing the top of her breasts; “…we’ve just wetted your appetite, so it’s gonna be even better from now on…”

“I know what you’re thinking, but there’s something we better do first…” Riana said, nudging towards Ninna’s legs, Aisha holding on to the succubus as Riana grabbed her leg.

“Heave-ho!” Riana now surprised Ninna as she grabbed hold of both her legs, lifting her just as Aisha grabbed around her arms, the two lifting and carrying the succubus from the bathroom, walking through the hallway and towards Aisha’s room, tossing her unto the bed, Ninna barely having time to act before the two of them were upon her again, licking, groping and fondling every part of her body, the succubus squirming back and forth, still sensitive from the overwhelming sensations from before.

“B-But the water’s still running out there!” Ninna tried for a moment to distract Riana and Aisha, the two looking at each other for a moment, beginning to snicker.

“Hih-hih-hih! Certainly not the only thing wet around here, huh? Oh-h-h-h, I love seeing you so naughty, Ninna…” Riana squealed as she rubbed against the latex hiding Ninna’s pussy, the succubus letting out an excited shriek as Riana let herself fall unto her, rubbing her head against her breasts, grinning cheerfully; “…I’m gonna molest yo-o-o-ou! Hih-hih-hih! Boobies, boobies, boobies!!!”

“Ah-h-h-h! N-No! S-Stop acting si-…!” Ninna began, but as much as she tried and find a reason to avoid Riana, for the life of her she could not see why not to indulge herself now; also, she had become curious on just how much pleasure her two friends could give her, and the thought of a squealing Riana in her cleavage were beginning to make her grin.

“No! They’re mine! You can’t have them!” Ninna suddenly sat up and pushed Riana into Aisha, the two of them both surprised and amused as Ninna covered her breasts with her arms, rubbing them, winking and smiling at Aisha and Riana and sticking her tongue out in tease, rolling around and hiding her breasts, looking over her shoulder, singing; “…get them if you ca-an!”

“That’s it!” Aisha simply said, her mouth already drooling as she flung herself over Ninna, the succubus squealing in glee as she felt the elf girl grab her waist, move herself under Ninna and sitting behind her, grabbing her breasts and fondling them, Ninna lying completely exposed to Riana, who began chuckling evilly.

“Time to teach you how real pleasure feels…” Riana said, sitting down in front of Ninna, zipping down Ninna’s suit all the way to her pussy, lightly licking her tongue against Ninna’s nether lips, the succubus letting out a long scream that had both Aisha and Riana look nervously at her, wondering if they had gone too far.

“W-What was that?? I-It felt like electricity going through me…” Ninna panted out, Riana grinning deviously as juices had begun flowing lightly from Ninna’s pussy, Aisha grabbing a tighter hold on the succubus, nudging her nose into her neck.

“Your pussy’s about to be licked, Ninna; it’s the most sensitive part of your body and where you feel the most pleasure…” Aisha explained; “…so think of it like Riana being very sweaty and hungry from a workout, and your pussy’s delicious ice-cream…”

“The way you can phrase it…” Riana chuckled between Ninna’s thighs, the succubus feeling the tanned girl’s breath against her pussy lips, looking back at Aisha.

“P-Please don’t hold me so tight, I don’t like it when it’s something this new to me…” Ninna whimpered, Aisha obliging as she let go of Ninna, putting the succubus down, crouching slightly atop her, baring her own, naked pussy to Ninna as she groped the succubus’ breasts.

“I can promise you this, alright: You will get wet from this experience…” Aisha moaned, Ninna getting a playful gleam in her eyes.

“Riana, can you wait a moment? I need to get back at Aisha for introducing me to something this perverted…” Ninna let out a small chuckle, feeling playful as she reached up and grabbed around Aisha’s waist, forcing her down besides her, wrestling with the elf girl, who moaned and gasped as Ninna began stroking her butt and breasts, Ninna giggling into Aisha’s ear.

“How’d you like being fondled, hm? How does it feel to be on the receiving end? Hm-m??” Ninna teased, Aisha all but moaning and panting as she let Ninna ravish her, both her and Ninna surprised as Riana now also joined the romp, sucking on Aisha’s left nipple.

“It feels good; I love that you’ve finally started getting back at me, Ninna…” Aisha said, pressing Ninna’s head between her breasts, laughing; “…so now I get to be fucked by both the cutest girl and the hottest girl I know!”

“Ninna, I ought to help you out; once Aisha gets horny, there’s no stopping her until she’s come…” Riana gave Ninna’s butt a small spank, crawling up besides the succubus, winking at her; “…how about you grope her tits and I’ll lick her pussy?”

“OK, I’m not so experienced yet, anyway…” Ninna blushed, looking evilly at Aisha; “…this is for all the times you’ve fondled my breasts, you pervert!”

Groping and fondling Aisha’s breasts, Ninna took great pleasure and delight as she heard Aisha moan and squirm, Riana moving below the elf girl and starting to lick her pussy sloppily, Ninna doing the same to Aisha’s nipples, the elf girl positively wailing with pleasure.

“W-What??” Riana suddenly felt herself being lifted up, shocked to see Ninna’s tail wrapped around her waist, placing her right on top of Aisha, the succubus crossing her arms and looking over the two of them, smirking as she placed herself right behind the two.

“On second thought, you’re both guilty of doing something so perverted to me…and I want to see why this whole pussy thing should be so good…” Ninna said as she unwrapped her tail from Riana, her and Aisha grinning at one another; they knew perfectly well what Ninna intended, the two of them both excited and at the same time also nervous, as neither of them had ever had sex with a succubus before.

“So now you’re just as much new to this as I am, it seems…” Ninna said, standing up from the bed, looking over her shoulder; “…wait here, I will be right back…”

“That damned little tease! I swear, if I don’t get to taste her pussy today-…”Riana growled, looking down at Aisha, smiling; “…so, what are your thoughts?”

“That I’m gonna have to buy a new bed after this…?” Aisha rolled her eyes, grinning; “…I’m really proud of Ninna…even if her sister’s properly gonna flay my hide…”

“Why? If you’re helping her sister on that whole sex thing, I’m sure she’ll let you live…” Riana said, pressing her nose against Aisha; “…and really, even if you get flayed, we can at least make this the best sex ever: Tongue-fucked by a horny, cute-as-hell succubus.”

“I heard that…” Ninna said as she returned to the bedroom, Riana and Aisha looking up, Ninna approaching with the ropes they had used to tie her up with; “…and don’t worry, I’ll make sure to tell my sister that I did this willingly…which really is the truth…”

“You’re a sweetheart, Ninna…” Aisha smiled, Ninna walking around the bed as she tied Riana and Aisha up, adjusting the ropes to allow them only a minimum of mobility and movement.

“So, now’s the time for the two teasing little girlies to be put in their place…” Ninna grinned to herself, crouching on the bed behind Aisha and Riana, the two of them having their bodies as if locked in place, their every movement causing them to grind against each other.

“Now, do as they do in those porn movies: Start kissing, but do it like you mean it…” Ninna said, feeling thrilled to actually be able to direct her two ‘bullies’ to obey her command, Riana and Aisha exchanging grins as they indeed began kissing.

“I won’t tell you when I’m going to join! You’ll just have to wait…” Ninna sat down and crossed her legs, using her wings to blow light gusts of wind unto Riana and Aisha, trying to cool them down.

“If only I had my hands free…” Aisha mumbled as Riana stroke her breasts over her face, the two of them feeling all the more eager and excited knowing that any second Ninna could be upon them, the thought making Aisha blush ever so slightly.

“Oh, you’re getting nervous? Are my boobies too much to handle?” Riana teased as she spotted Aisha blushing, rubbing herself more roughly against the elf girl, Ninna looking as Riana and Aisha’s already excited pussy lips pressed against each other, Ninna grinning lowly to herself at the sight; it both felt so silly and at the same time arousing that she could not help but enjoy herself.

“All your dirty talk and sex jokes, and now look at you two! It’s exactly what you deserve…” Ninna smiled as she leaned forward, delivering a light smack unto Riana’s butt, making her squeal; “…how is it, then? About to molest each other and me just waiting to punish you?”

“St-Stop teasing us, Ninna! I’m excited enough as it is…” Aisha said, Ninna instead moving upwards, rustling her hands through Riana’s hair and pressing hers and Aisha’s heads together, the two of them kissing and licking each other’s tongues, giving Ninna flirty and seductive looks as the succubus stood above them, beginning to blush.

“Tell me, what’s to stop me from finding your phones, fiddle around with them and snap some pictures of you two being naughty, and share them with the whole school?” Ninna decided on teasing the two, trying desperately not to laugh at Aisha and Riana’s reactions as they both froze in place.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so cruel…but I’m feeling all sorts of naughty…” Ninna said as she sat down behind Riana and Aisha again, grabbing around Riana’s butt, blushing; “…and for good reason; your pussy lips look so…delicious…”

“Riana, start rubbing! I can’t stand being teased anymore…” Aisha let out a longing wail at Riana; “…I want an orgas-s-s-sm!”
“Hih-hih-hih-hih! Ninna, Aisha’s getting impatient, and so am I…” Riana looked over her shoulder, winking in tease at Ninna; “…do it! Stick your tongue inside our naughty cunts and start licking! Lick us, Ninna-a-a-a-a!”

Eager to obey the request, and curious to boot, Ninna did just so, the very first swipe of her tongue coating it in Riana and Aisha’s juices, Ninna finding it to taste good as she took additional, explorative swipes and licks, even pressing her lips against the two pussies as she kept licking, grabbing more firmly unto Riana’s butt, Ninna chuckling as she poked her nose against Riana’s pussy lips.

“Yes! YES! Use that tongue on me!” Aisha let out a horny cry, beginning to kiss Riana passionately, the sight of the tanned girl’s horny face too much for Aisha to bear.

“This tastes really good! Hih-hih! Seeing you both so excited, and yet so helpless…” Ninna moaned happily, nudging her chin against Aisha and Riana’s pussy lips; “…it makes me feel so happy…and horny, too…”

“N-NINNA! If you speak another w-word, I…I-…oh-h-h, I’m gonna fuck you ‘till you drop!” Riana let out a desperate cry, Ninna returning her attention to licking at the two girls, getting a playful gleam in her eyes.

“Well, I’m a succubus, so maybe…ah-h-h, yes, I can…” Ninna sat back for a moment, extending her tongue, discovering what she had hoped for as it extended almost three times the length of a human tongue, Ninna chuckling to herself as she sat down again, wedging her tongue in between Aisha’s and Riana’s pussy lips, twisting and licking everywhere she could manage as she let her gloved fingers spread their pussy lips wide open, small squirts of juices already hitting the succubus’ nose and chins.

“AH-H-H-H-H-H! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-I-I-ING!” Riana let out a scream, Aisha grinning up at her as the tanned girl shoke violently around, her ropes keeping her in place, Aisha licking over her face as Riana’s juices hit the surprised Ninna right in the face, the succubus feeling the pussy juice coat even strands of her hair, Riana’s continued orgasm making Ninna lean in further, drinking as much of the pussy juices as she could, swallowing it in small gulps.

“Oh-h-h… Riana, you’re such a sexy little slut…” Aisha kept licking against Riana’s face, the elf girl moaning loudly as Riana’s pussy juices had also soaked her own pussy, Aisha now feeling as Ninna began licking at it again, intent on making both girls orgasm.

“I-I’ve always hoped for this, Ninna! That you’d stop being so shy and really fuck me…” Aisha said softly, trying to dampen her excitement; “…I feel so happy now…!”

“I’m glad you showed me all those naughty things, Aisha! Hih-hih! It feels good to do them to you two…” Ninna paused for a moment, eyeing Aisha’s pussy as her juices were already flowing, Ninna looking in awe, a lusty smile on her lips; “…this pussy juice tastes really good…and now, you’re going to come!”

“OH! Ni-Ninna, you naughty girl! OH! St-Stop l-licking me so much! I, I c-can’t take it! I…CAN’T…TAKE IT! AR-R-R-R-R-RGH!” Aisha yelled out as she came, Riana smirking perversely down at the elf girl as she rubbed her breasts against hers, Ninna enjoying as Aisha’s juices squirted from her pussy into her mouth, Ninna carefully using both hands to spread Aisha’s pussy lips further, giving her yet another squirt of juices which she drank happily up, her face now practically drenched from pussy juices, her own drool and sweat from the excitement she felt.

“So this is pussy juice, the stuff that we succubi are supposed to love so much…” Ninna held up a juice-coated hand to her face, licking some of it into her mouth, a smile appearing on her lips; “…I can see why! It tastes really yummy!”

“Ni-Ninna-a-a! Cut me loose! Ur-r-rgh! Oh-h-h-h, I want to fuck you! Let me fuck you, Ninna! I wanna defile those sweet-ass, bouncy boobs of yours!!! Let me fucking molest you-u-u-u-u!” Riana were squirming atop Aisha, making both Ninna and Aisha laugh at the sight of the desperately horny and struggling schoolgirl.

“I don’t know, I’ve only had a single orgasm, but I don’t really feel satisfied yet…” Ninna pondered, slowly stripping out of her outfit; “…also, this thing is choking me; it sits so tight…”

“Oh-h-h-h! Ni-Ninna, don’t! Y-Your voice is making me so horny…” Riana gasped in sheer horniness, her drool falling unto Aisha’s face, the elf girl amused at just how much Riana lusted for Ninna.

“Hold on…” Ninna said as she slowly moved her wings, cool air hitting Aisha and Riana, Ninna sitting up and moving around the girls, using her claws to cut the ropes.

“Oh-oh…” Ninna squeaked nervously as she saw Riana facing her, the schoolgirl’s mouth drooling in an insanely horny smirk, Riana crawling towards and looming over the now naked succubus.

“And now, heh-heh-heh…” Riana leaned over Ninna, the blonde’s face one of sheer perversion and horniness, her almost manic chuckles both amusing and frightening Ninna; “…I am going to give you your life’s best fuck, Ninna!”

Behind them, Aisha sat back to watch the show, snickering as Ninna were pinned down by Riana.

“Not so smug when it’s your own, fine tits on the line, huh?? Hih-hih! You’re just so lovely and naughty…” Riana began stroking Ninna’s hair, winking at her; “…and now…BOOBIES! Lovely, lovely BOOBIES!”

Snuggling between Ninna’s breasts, Riana cooed and moaned in pleasure as the succubus let out a surprised squeak, Riana slowly pressing her head further between the succubus’ breasts, moaning out loud as her tongue were licking sloppily all over Ninna’s nipples, Riana humping herself with all her might against the succubus.

“AH! You, you…pervert! You naughty pervert, Riana!” Ninna moaned, the succubus beginning to grin as Riana’s tongue and lips were all over her breasts, her hands groping and fondling them; “…it feels…go-o-o-od…!”

“I can’t just watch this…” Aisha smiled perversely and wiped her mouth of the drool falling from it, excitedly and aroused crawling towards Riana and Ninna, easily parting Ninna’s legs, the succubus becoming aware that Aisha were lying between her legs, Riana moving herself behind Ninna, continuing her groping and licking.

“You’re so fucking hot! I wanna to defile every ounce of your body with my naughty, naughty tongue…” Riana whispered hotly in Ninna’s ear, chuckling; “…turning from little miss innocent into a sweet, cheeky little sex goddess! Fuck, I’ve wanted this for SO long!”

“Ninna, you’re getting warmer down here…” Aisha teased as she stroke Ninna’s pussy, using her other hand to reach up and pinch Ninna’s right cheek, chuckling; “…we really gave you a blast, huh? Goddess, you’re all drenched…”

“I, I was just a little surprised…” Ninna smiled weakly, letting out a peaceful sigh and closing her eyes, suddenly feeling something grabbing her chin, opening her eyes to see both Aisha and Riana grinning at her, letting out their tongues as they licked against Ninna’s lips, the succubus opening her own mouth and letting their tongues in.

“W-Was that your first kiss, Ninna??” Aisha suddenly remembered the succubus’ inexperience, looking shocked at the prospect of having robbed Ninna of her first kiss.

“It was…but I want my first kiss and first time with you two…” Ninna smiled, stroking the cheeks of Riana and Aisha as they sat above her; “…I feel really good about this, no matter how perverted it is…I-I want to have sex with you two! Lovely, sweet and naughty sex!”

“Riana, are…are you crying?” Aisha asked as she looked to the tanned girl, who was wiping her eyes, sniffing and winking at Aisha and Ninna.

“It’s just that, aside from you, I’ve never fucked anyone as sweet as Ninna here, so hearing that she wants me to be part of her first time…” Riana said, leaning down on Ninna, continuing her groping as she beamed at the succubus; “…I just feel so good! Molesting a first-timer succubus, and one so adorable-…oh-h-h-h, goddess! It’s incredible…!”

“Leave some room for me!” Aisha cheered as she lay down opposite Riana, the two of them sucking on Ninna’s nipples as hard as they could, their hands groping, fondling and molesting her breasts, Ninna all but moaning in pleasure, Riana and Aisha exchanging giggles at the pink-haired succubus’ newfound liking to sex.

“Y-Yes! It’s naughty, but it feels so-o-o-o good…!” Ninna right out beamed as she grabbed behind Riana’s and Aisha’s heads, pressing them against her breasts, the two of them increasing their efforts as they also began tickling the succubus’ stomach, Ninna’s moans and grins both encouraging and amusing Riana and Aisha to no end...

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