Story: Hentai Tales (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Fun in the Tub!

[Author's notes: RIANA Character Biography (contains spoilers):

In all of the school, Riana is the one with the most difficulty with regular classes, but has proven to excel at more physical activities such as sports and swimming.

Being quite a tomboy, the tan-skinned and golden-haired Riana is honest, feisty and perverted, a real summer child, and has a reputation for being quite the party girl, enjoying nothing more than a bottle of tasty and strong alcohol and a half dozen sultry and scantily-clad girls fawning over her, bent on pleasuring her in every way she desires.

In what she excels at, being sports, Riana is quick to move and has fast reflexes, but, as something discovered by Aisha, Riana right out refuses to wear the provided shorts issued to students at school, instead doing her gym classes dressed in the official shirt, but with a set of latex shorts she insists to wear, the school staff brushing it off as an eccentric tendency on Riana’s part.

While trying her best with her homework and studies at school, as soon as the bell rings and the last class has ended, Riana will, oftentimes, hang out with her friends Aisha and Ninna, teasing them both with attending some of the clubs she knows.

Attending those clubs, more than often with Aisha and Ninna in tow, Riana loves the attention and desirable looks she receives from her onlookers, as she is quite the dancer and raver, having introduced her friends to the party style she so loves, and even having convinced Aisha and Ninna to join in on a rave, the three of them ending up waking up lying flat on a bar desk, discovering themselves to have simply fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Outside of school and the party nightlife, Riana has once been asked to model for a bikini line, and even gotten herself into the filming of an improvised porno, her fellow actress, a dark elf named Shanel, even asking Riana to come visit her on the famous Isle of Pleasures, something Riana still hopes to do.

Riana is also a fan of cosplays, and takes great delight in purchasing skimpy outfits to show off in, enjoying the attention as well as the looks she receives, one of her favorites being colorful, skin-tight latex suits of regal or fantasy design, Riana claiming that it makes her skin feel good and making her body excited, at one time challenging herself and her limits by spending a sunny weekend day casually going about her routines at home while wearing her favorite teal latex costume; late midday, however, her body became too hot and she needed to take the costume off, much to her regret.

Often hanging out with Aisha, the class ‘nerd’ as some would call her, Riana has gotten a deeper insight into her regular classes and homework projects, as well as gained new knowledge of things she would have trouble understanding, with Aisha showing her patience as she has helped her with her grammar, language and mathematical skills, Riana returning Aisha’s kindness by offering Aisha her friendship, with several benefits, including serving as a model for Aisha whenever she might find something around the Web to catch her interest, including various fancy and imaginative costumes and outfits that the two share a great love for, sometimes often pulling their money together to buy expensive suits.]

“This feels nice…” Ninna smiled to herself as she turned on the water hose, feeling the warm water on her body, hearing Aisha’s footsteps behind her.

“I just can’t resist you…I swear-…!” Aisha bit her lower lip, reaching out and grabbing Ninna’s breasts, fondling them roughly and licking sloppily at Ninna’s neck, the succubus moaning and struggling vaguely as Aisha chuckled and moaned as she began humping herself against Ninna.

“I want to molest you…to grope and fondle and kiss and fuck you so-o-o-o much…!” Aisha moaned hotly into Ninna’s ear, the succubus feeling herself blushing once again, but she could not help but feel excited, and even aroused as Aisha kept groping her, Ninna reaching up her hands and holding them over Aisha’s, much to the elf girl’s surprise.

“I, I can’t help it in here, the moisture just makes me feel so…hot…” Ninna looked back over her shoulder at Aisha, her light-blue eyes meeting Aisha’s ruby ones, the elf girl feeling something in her mind almost snap:

The look of shyness and adorability on Ninna’s face was simply too much for her, and with a shriek of sheer lust, Aisha hugged Ninna tightly, slowly dragging the succubus down with her as she sat on the floor, groping and fondling Ninna’s breasts like dough, Aisha’s legs reaching up and forcing Ninna’s open, the succubus moaning and panting out, Aisha reaching up her head and kissing Ninna’s cheek and throat, determined to molest, ravish and violate Ninna until she begged her to stop.

“Like fucking clockwork…” a voice suddenly came behind Ninna and Aisha, the two of them looking up in surprise as Riana strolled towards them, a smirk on her face; “…it was just a matter of minutes before you two got intimate; mind if I join you?”

“B-But I-…” Ninna began blushing once again, Riana crouching down beside her and Aisha, stroking a lock of Ninna’s hair.

“Ninna, you are an irresistibly adorable little succubus with two gorgeous, horny, dark-skinned babes out to give you your first sexual debut…and, however much I just feel like tipping you over and use your tits as dough, I won’t force myself on you…” Riana surprised both Aisha and Ninna as the tanned girl simply sat down, folded her legs and looked pleasantly at Ninna.

“You two…why am I so cute, then?? I, I didn’t ask for my breasts, my wings or my horns, or, or-…” Ninna began, stopping herself as she looked over Aisha and Riana, an idea forming in her mind; “…but, you like each other, too?”

“Sure! Hottest girly geek in the entire school, and the only one who can teach a dumbass like me mathematics…” Riana grinned, splashing a bit of water at Aisha, the elf girl doing the same back at the blonde.

“And her, the party animal with the exotic looks and the body to die for…as well as being the craziest damn hussy in school history…” Aisha remarked slyly, Riana simply winking in response.

“But…you’re both my best friends and now, all of a sudden, you want to have sex with me? I-It’s just what makes me so nervous…” Ninna squeaked, Aisha eyeing her skeptically.

“’All of a sudden’? Ninna, I’ve been fondling and nuzzling your boobs and ears since day 1 at school…and Riana, well, yeah, I think she’s been having thoughts of getting a little piece of you, too…”

“And it’s OK, Ninna, no-one outside this house is gonna know about it…unless you’re into the whole ‘Ninna got knocked up in a hot threesome’-thing being the latest rumor at school…” Riana teased, still stroking Ninna’s hair, the succubus moaning and whimpering a little as Aisha slowly stroke her left breast.

“I, I can’t stop feeling good…s-so…just do it! Please just take me gently…” Ninna whimpered, Riana and Aisha exchanging looks; the sight of a pleading, yet willing Ninna lying on the wet bathroom floor in all her glory was simply too good to be true.

“Riana…let’s do it!” Aisha leaned over and nuzzled Raina’s nose, the two of them turning their attention to Ninna, slowly groping each of her breasts and licking at her throat, the succubus’ moans arousing them incredibly.

“Aisha…Riana…I’ll admit it: I have, sort of, wanted to do this…even if it’s naughty…” Ninna blushed, Riana and Aisha both leaning even further down, tongue-kissing Ninna as her own tongue extended, Aisha noticing how Ninna had gotten a lustful gleam in her eyes and that her mouth had begun to drool.

“Hih-hih, Riana, I think our little cutie is getting horny…” Aisha smirked, Riana looking playfully at Ninna, grabbing with both hands and squishing Ninna’s left breast and sucking forcibly on her nipple, Ninna letting out a high-pitched moan, both Aisha and Riana pleasantly surprised as Ninna gave them both a winking smile, throwing her arms over her head.

“Ah-h-h, so little Ninna is just as naughty as us…” Riana kept teasing, stroking her fingers down Ninna’s sides, making her giggle; “…oh-h-h-h, I’ve wanted to do this forever!”

With that, Riana planted her face between Ninna’s breasts, groaning and moaning as she rubbed her face between the breasts, Ninna moaning and grabbing behind Riana’s head, pressing it further down, Aisha folding her hands and collecting handfuls of water, splashing it over Ninna.

“Ninna, I have to go and get something for you; mind waiting here?” Aisha asked, the succubus all but moaning as Riana kept fondling her, chuckling as she kept squeezing Ninna’s breasts and sucking on her nipples, Aisha smiling to herself as she left.

“I don’t think she’ll like this, Aisha; you’re getting too kinky…” Riana whispered to Aisha as the elf girl returned, placing a small, cardboard box outside the bathroom door, Aisha letting a small capsule rotate between her fingers, winking at Riana.

“Ninna, I need to ask you something really important…” Aisha crawled over towards the succubus, who was lying panting, moaning and smiling on the wet floor, feeling euphoric about this pleasure she felt running through her whole body.

“What is it?” she asked, Aisha showing Ninna the small capsule, eyeing Ninna playfully.

“This thing contains a mild sleeping agent, and the reason I got this is because me and Riana wanna do something really naughty with you…” Aisha said frankly, quickly explaining as Ninna’s look of delight turned into frightful concern; “…it’s nothing harmful, and it’ll be in here, in the bathroom.”

“…So-…well, I’ve trusted you this far…” Ninna said, looking at Riana and Aisha, a smirk forming on her lips; “…and, eventually, I’ll get back at you, anyway…so OK, I just drink it?”

“Yes, but you need to empty it fully, otherwise it won’t work…” Aisha handed the capsule to Ninna, the succubus looking at the small capsule before opening it, letting her tongue taste a few drops of the liquid inside, Ninna slowly pressing the capsule’s lid to her lips, drinking.

“With all the dizziness you get from hot showers, she’ll be under in no time…” Aisha whispered to Riana, the two of them grinning.

“That little cutie’s got this coming…and all it really took was some porn and psychological brainstorming to get her unto our level…” Riana smiled, moaning as she fondled her breasts; “…oh-h-h, if only we had Katherine too, this would’ve been the best foursome ever!”

“What? Isn’t an elf babe and a succu-slut enough for you??” Aisha pretended to sound angry, Riana giggling as she was well aware of the pretense, grabbing around Aisha’s butt with both hands, kissing the now-moaning elf passionately, Riana sticking her tongue as far into Aisha’s mouth as she dared.

“Hm?? Um-m-m-m-m-m!!!” Ninna winced in surprise, and slight shock as she slowly woke up, her whole body feeling different; looking down at herself, she found herself tied up in ropes, something light on her head, her body dressed in a black latex bodysuit and her mouth blocked by a gag, Ninna squirming against the ropes, hearing laughter above her.

“So hot and so cute at the same time! Oh-h-h-h, now you’re just so ripe to molest! How does it feel? Huh? Being molested by Riana and me?” Aisha squealed joyfully as she sat down behind Ninna, reaching out and zipping down Ninna’s suit, her breasts bouncing out as Riana forcibly groped the exposed breasts, Ninna moaning loudly, looking down and seeing Riana licking against her feet, the blonde looking as if in ecstasy.

“Aisha found this here beauty in her wardrobe, so we figured it’d be too good an opportunity to let go: Fucking the cute little succubus until she begged for it…” Riana winked, crawling over Ninna, the succubus trembling in a mix of excitement and fright.

“And, you know, you’re a succubus; if you used some muscle you could break right out of those ropes…” Aisha added, stroking her hands over Ninna’s face, smiling at her; “…so I wonder what holds you back…”

“Um-m-m-m!” Ninna moaned as she felt Riana were rubbing herself all over her, fondling her breasts along with Aisha, the warm water from the hose still dripping unto them all.

“Hey, I got an idea…” Aisha said, standing up and heading towards her bathtub, turning the valve, warm water beginning to flow from it as it filled the tub.

“You’re such a dirty little slut, Ninna; you really ought to have a bath…” Aisha teased, Ninna noticing as Aisha unwrapped something on her wrist, Ninna discovering it to be a black blindfold; before she could even gasp, however hard she was to comprehend right now, the blindfold were covering her eyes, Ninna moaning loudly as she felt Riana stroking her wings and tail, folding her wings around her and her tail around her waist, Ninna feeling as she was picked up and carried.

“Dump her in!” Ninna heard an excited command from Aisha, and in the next second feeling the water of the tub as she was dumped in, Riana and Aisha arranging her arms and legs so that she would lie comfortably, but still bound.

“Well? How’d you like your little bath?” Aisha’s giggling came from Ninna’s left as she now felt the ball gag loosen, Ninna gasping as she felt her drool flow.

“P-Perverts! This feels so weird! I, I didn’t even know this was a…’thing’…and it feels so-…” Ninna began, only to have Aisha kiss her warmly, Riana standing behind them, the sight of the busty, pink-haired cute succubus in latex sunk into a warm bathtub something she found so incredibly arousing that it beat anything she had ever felt before.

“And don’t worry, despite what Riana wanted, filming you with her cellphone being one thing…” Aisha said, giving Riana a correcting look, the blonde smiling innocently, Aisha turning back to Ninna; “…we’ll stick to not do anything you don’t feel like…”

“And you still just dress me up like a slut and throw me in a bathtub?? And you even tie me up??” Ninna snapped, feeling herself not as angry as she sounded, maybe even somewhat excited, suddenly hearing Aisha giggling.

“You know I watch alotta perverted stuff, so when I realized I could live out a little scenario, I couldn’t resist…” Aisha admitted, letting her hands into the water of the tub; “…I couldn’t help it! I wanted to have some fun with you, and you look so cute and hot, and-…”

“Enough with all the explaining, she gets it, already…” Riana interrupted, licking her lips lustfully, grinning wickedly down at Ninna; “…we’re going to fuck and have sex with you now, Ninna; how’d you like that??”

“A-Aisha said I wouldn’t be a slut just because I had sex with people I liked…so, I’m not really doing something bad, right? I mean, I like you both, and I wouldn’t mind this…” Ninna said slowly, a small smile coming over her lips, Riana and Aisha both sitting down besides the bathtub, exchanging looks.

“I wanna go first; I’ve been waiting for this for months…” Riana winked at Aisha, slowly climbing into the bathtub at Ninna’s feet, Aisha looking on in excitement as Riana let out a horny squeal, literally throwing herself at the bound Ninna, the succubus shrieking surprised as Riana was all over her, tickling her sides and sucking on her breasts, Ninna’s chuckles mixing in with Riana’s laughter as water splashed in every direction as the two wrestled in the tub.

“N-No fair! I can’t use my a-a-a-a-arms!” Ninna panted as Riana were all over her, Aisha frantically masturbating at the sight of the two thrashing girls in the tub, Ninna hearing Aisha’s moans and the squishing sound of her pussy lips being rubbed, Ninna smelling how the arousal in the air around her was intoxicating her; despite the danger of losing her virginity, Ninna’s caution was being won over by her lustfulness.

“C-Come join us…” Ninna gestured out towards Aisha, the elf girl leaning over Riana and Ninna as she began kissing them both, Riana returning the kisses passionately, reaching behind Aisha’s head, tugging her halfway into the tub, the two of them snickering as Aisha pulled herself the rest of the way in, sitting behind Riana and embracing her, sitting opposite Ninna.

“C-Could you untie me now? I, I want to pleasure you two, too…” Ninna asked, Riana simply snickering.

“Did you forget? You can break those ropes easy-peasy…” Riana reminded Ninna, the succubus blushing in slight embarrassment; folding her hands into fists she gave a small tug in each direction, hearing the ropes around her arms snap, continuing to do the same to her legs, and finally remove the blindfold, observing the two ravishing and horny girls sitting in front of her.

“I don’t really care if this sounds slutty, but, I want to fondle your breasts, too…especially you, Riana!” Ninna let out a playful giggle, launching herself towards Riana, the blonde squealing and grinning with pleasure as Ninna’s latex-clad fingers were rummaging all over her breasts, her tan skin flushing with excitement as Ninna began rubbing herself against her.

“Aw-w-w-w…” Aisha moaned delightfully as she saw Ninna’s tail rise out of the water, wiggling back and forth in excitement as the succubus were pleasuring Riana, the blonde letting out small gasps of pleasure.

“T-This is so good! I’m actually being fucked by Ninna! Hih-hih-hih-hih! Oh-h-h-h-h…” Riana leaned her head back, feeling Aisha stroke her hair, Ninna’s hands slowly moving down to Riana’s stomach, the blonde surprised as she suddenly heard an odd noise, and looking down, Ninna were blowing a raspberry against her navel, licking Riana’s stomach.

“She’s so adorable…” Aisha said, whispering teasingly into Riana’s ear; “…just wait ‘till she gets to your cunt; you’re wet enough to fill this whole tub if I hadn’t already-…”

Hearing Riana let out a loud moan, Aisha saw as Ninna had returned her attention to Riana’s breasts, groping them firmly and sucking delicately on their nipples, the succubus all but grinning at the horny smile on Riana’s face.

“It’s the first time I ever tasted breasts! They’re so yummy…” Ninna looked in wonder at Riana’s breasts, enjoying every squeeze she gave them, Riana’s panting increasing rapidly.

“N-No! I, I want you to feel pleasure too, Ninna!” Riana moaned, reaching up and grabbing at Ninna’s breasts, fondling them roughly and squeezing as hard as she dared, the succubus letting out a small, surprised shriek as she slowly began sinking back as Riana was now all over her.

“No mercy, Ninna! I want you to scream for me! Feel it! Feel the pleasure! Feels good, right??” Come on! Scream for me!” Riana now leaned over Ninna, panting and licking against her neck, kissing the succubus passionately and lustfully, Ninna feeling herself overwhelmed and, for reasons she could not explain, swinging her legs up and behind Riana’s back.

“Wow…never figured you’d be that aggressive, Riana…” Aisha looked surprised as the blonde kept groping and molesting the succubus, a small smile forming on Aisha’s lips; “…just keep at it, Riana; she sounds like she loves it!”

“I, I do! I can’t explain it, but it feels so right! And so good…” Ninna gasped, her mind becoming dazed with pleasure and pleasant sensations, Ninna seeing as Aisha moved up besides Riana, the two of them each grabbing, squeezing and sucking at her breasts, as well as tickling and rubbing their hands all over her body.

“S-So this is how sex feels? It’s…so…go-o-o-o-od…!” Ninna whimpered and moaned, Aisha licking at her face, distracting Ninna as she slowly let her right hand under the water, snaking its way towards the suit’s zipper, grabbing it as she zipped it all the way down to between Ninna’s legs.

“Wh-What?! Ah-h-h-h!” Ninna let out a scream as she could now feel Aisha’s fingers stroke against the thin latex protecting her pussy, hearing Aisha chuckle into her ear as she slowly rubbed her fingers against the latex, whispering eagerly into Ninna’s ear.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still be a virgin after this, but you deserve a good orgasm…” Aisha said, Ninna all but squirming back and forth as the waves of pleasure were not just assaulting her mind, it was completely breaking it, shattering any thoughts of reason and instead making her feel sheer and total bliss, Ninna grabbing behind each of Riana and Aisha’s heads, pressing them against her breasts.

“M-More! I want more pleasure! Please, more! Molest me! Make me go crazy!” Ninna screamed, Aisha and Riana indeed doing their best, abandoning all thoughts of restraint, now hell-bent on pleasuring Ninna until she would orgasm for their and her own enjoyment.

“Yes! Yes! K-Kiss me!” Ninna pleaded, Aisha and Riana indeed kissing her passionately, Ninna kissing back hotly and thoroughly, her drool flowing down her mouth as it felt like her body were as if vaporizing in sheer bliss and pleasure, the latex of her suit clinging to her skin and rubbing against it.

“L-Let’s finish her off!” Riana gasped, surprising Aisha and Ninna as she sat up, crouched over Ninna, and let her pussy lips rub against the succubus’ nipple, Riana moaning and rubbing her breasts as she looked down at the gasping succubus, Aisha following Riana’s example, even reaching down and grabbing a lock of Ninna’s cherry-pink hair, holding it up and sniffing it loudly, Aisha licking its locks.

“Hm-m, keep looking so hot and you’ll get two kinds of showers, Ninna…” Riana teased, licking her lips as Ninna’s facial expression amused her to no end; her cheeks flushing and blushing like a firestorm, Ninna were holding her arms over her head, her eyes shining in lust as Aisha and Riana rocked back and forth on her breasts, the succubus moaning and screaming hotly.

“M-More! I’m going crazy! I can’t hold ba-…ah-h-h-h-h! It’s, it’s gonna-…I’m feeling so hot! Riana! Aisha! Do me! Do me all over!” Ninna kept pleading, suddenly feeling an overwhelming sensation rush through her body, something she had never felt before.

“I, I’M FEELING HOT! I, I CA-…AH-H-H-H-H-H-H, YE-E-ES-S-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Ninna threw her head back and screamed from the very button of her heart, her wings unfolding from behind her back and stretching up besides both Aisha and Riana, Ninna raising her hips up high as her cum squirted out of her pussy, splashing into the water as Ninna’s hips were bucking up and down, Aisha and Riana both looking equally lustfully at Ninna as they were still rubbing their pussies against her nipples.

“Hih-hih! Feels good to c-come, right? L-Like I’m about to…um-m-m-m-m…!” Riana moaned as Ninna’s nipple pressed against her g-spot, both her and Aisha letting out a surprised gasp as something wet hit against their pussy lips:

As small squirts of Ninna’s cum were still dripping into the water, her exposed nipples began leaking and spraying small amounts of milk into Aisha’s and Riana’s pussy lips, the two moaning and screaming as they only kept rubbing themselves harder against Ninna’s breasts.

“Y-You look so hot, Ninna! So sexy in that bondage getup! And so cute with that lovely skin and firm tits…” Aisha moaned, intoxicated with the sight of the panting, still orgasming succubus below her, feeling her own pussy getting warmer and warmer...

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