Story: Hentai Tales (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - Ninna Awakens!

“Uhm, Aisha...a-are you done soon? I don’t really like this place…” Ninna asked nervously to the elf girl besides her, who was in the middle of making her purchase in the form of a video game.

“Hm? What’s bothering you? Oh! Them…” Aisha turned and asked, seeing Ninna gesture towards a group of older girls, some of them giving Ninna seductive winks or erotic gestures, the succubus blushing fiercely as she had no liking to being hit on by strangers.

“Hey! Why don’t you go home and get your jollies off with some of your scantily-clad game bimbos, instead! Just remember the vibration setting is under ‘Options’…” Aisha sneered at the girls as she recieved her bag from the employee, her and Ninna exiting the electronics store and heading out into the open street.

“A-Aisha! You didn’t need to be so rude…” Ninna whimpered, the elf girl simply smiling at her.

“Geez, Ninna, why are you such a scaredy-cat? You need to assert yourself some more…” Aisha said, opening her bag to examine her purchase; with the front showing a large-breasted woman with blonde and blue-striped hair shooting a gun, Ninna could not help but frown.

“H-Hypocrite! You told them to go and…’p-play’ to some virtual bimbos, but oh, sure you can get your jollies off just fine…” Ninna snapped at Aisha, the elf girl simply shrugging.

“If they’re bothering you, I couldn’t give less of a damn where I’m standing on the moral compass…” Aisha said coldly, putting her video game into the bag again, her and Ninna watching as a police patrol passed them by.

“It’s scary, right? Having some hot, fully trained babes walking around in riot gear and stun guns, all because of that there Rayne lady…” Aisha mentioned, Ninna looking in awe at the white-armored officers walking past them; in the past, seeing three in a day would be rare, but nowadays, whole patrols of seven could be seen every other day.

“Do you believe the rumors? That Rayne is a vampire, that is…” Aisha asked, Ninna feeling a shiver down her spine at the word ‘vampire’.

“I, I hope not!” Ninna said nervously, Aisha seeing as the succubus was shivering from what could only be fear.

“Aw-w, you’re actually afraid? I’m sorry…” Aisha said, adjusting her glasses; “…say, why don’t you follow me home? We can chill and have some fun and you can be back home before evening.”

“S-Sure, Sidra would properly expect as much…” Ninna breathed out slowly, following the elf girl down the street.

“This game’s awesome!!! They really didn’t spare the pixels…” Aisha snickered as she was playing her new game, Ninna sitting down beside her; as always, she preferred to just watch Aisha play her games.

“By the way, I should tell you Riana is coming over in an hour’s time; she forgot something last time she was here…” Aisha suddenly remembered, looking at Ninna; “…you remember her, right? The girl I’m helping with her mathematics…”

“Ah, yes! I remember her…” Ninna said, feeling herself become a little bored with watching Aisha going through the game’s menus, Ninna getting an idea.

“Uhm…can I try having a go? I haven’t really played console games before, but-…” Ninna began, Aisha beaming at her.

“Are you kidding?? Hih-hih! Sure you can play! Why haven’t you said anything before?” Aisha asked, Ninna blushing a bit.

“I’m just fine watching you play…n-not that I’d want to impose or anything…” Ninna said nervously, taking the controller that Aisha was handing her, Ninna trying out the different buttons, focusing so much on the flashy sequences in the game that she paid no heed to Aisha smiling at her.

“’She’s cute, she’s got nice tits, she moans lovely, and now she’s into games?? Oh-h-h, this is so damn hot’…!!!” Aisha were thinking to herself as she tried keeping from reaching over and right out kiss and fondle Ninna…

“W-What the heck is that?! Is it some kind of boss??” Ninna interrupted Aisha’s train of thought as she began frantically pressing random buttons when a huge monster appeared during a cut-scene in the game, Ninna leaning towards the screen, Aisha looking down at the controller.

“L-Let me, I know how to kill this thing!” Aisha said, Ninna’s eyes not leaving the screen as she quickly handed the controller to Aisha, who tried memorizing the walkthroughs and hints she had seen on the Web to beat the boss.

“…YES! There we go! Kinda creative with those chandeliers, huh?” Aisha remarked as she figured out a strategy, pausing the game, leaning back and breathing out a sigh of relief.

“But, you haven’t finished it off yet…are you OK, Aisha?” Ninna looked worriedly at her friend, Aisha letting her left arm cover her face, trying not to smile too obviously.

“…You know, you’re really a naughty girl, Ninna; I spent a lot of money on this game, but when you’re around, it just doesn’t excite me so well…” Aisha said, feeling herself blushing; “…I…I know I’ve not been a real saint before, but-…”

“D-Do I really excite you more than your games?” Ninna asked, feeling touched as she began absently fiddling with her tail, Aisha removing her arm and looking the succubus over.

“Ninna…to be honest, I really lose interest in whatever world’s fate I’m fighting for, some ancient treasure or whatever with you around…all three of you!” Aisha teased, Ninna at first looking confused, but, looking down, realizing how, as she leaned towards Aisha, her arms were squeezing her firm breasts, Ninna blushing fiercely as she sat back up quickly, causing Aisha to giggle in amusement.

“T-They’re nothing but trouble, these things! Everyone just ogles over them, they’re in the way when I change clothes, and-…” Ninna complained, Ninna simply shaking her head slowly at her.

“Damn it, Ninna, whatever you dress up in, or wherever you go, those things will always be there for people to admire…and me to play with…” Aisha winked, sitting up and moving towards Ninna, the succubus feeling her back hitting the end of the sofa, Aisha looming above her.

“I-Isn’t this sexual harassment?? I, I don’t have to take this!” Ninna said nervously, Aisha smirking perversely at her.

“Really? As far as I recall, you never had anything against me playing a little rough with you…”

“D-Don’t! I, I’ll scream! Really loudly!” Ninna felt how her blushing worsened, Aisha now no less than a meter from her, licking her lips.

“You’re just irresistible…but, hey, if you didn’t want me to do this, you’re stronger than me, so just push me away!” Aisha grinned, reaching out towards Ninna with both hands, grabbing her breasts.

“No-o-o-o! D-Don’t molest me! You pervert! You lousy, lousy perve-e-e-ert!” Ninna squirmed as her uniform in no way hindered Aisha, the elf girl squealing delightfully as she grabbed and groped Ninna’s breasts and lightly pinched her nipples through the thin cloth.

“See? See? You like it! Why else wouldn’t you be shoving me back, huh? Admit it, already, it’s not like it’s our first time…” Aisha teased, Ninna still blushing and trying to move her legs, her wings slowly flapping on her back.

“Heh-heh, imagine if Riana came over and saw this…” Aisha whispered in Ninna’s ear; “…how’d you like a threesome like that?”

“No-o-o-o! Stop teasing me! You’re so perverted, Aisha!” Ninna moaned, the elf girl feeling herself all the more excited by being called names by Ninna, lightly pinching the succubus’ cheeks, moaning delightfully as she let her head rest in Ninna’s cleavage.

“I’m in heaven! It falls so-o-o-o warm…” Aisha cooed as she rubbed her face between Ninna’s breasts, the succubus all but moaning and squirming, admittedly feeling the pleasant sensation from Aisha’s breath through her uniform, as well as Aisha’s fingers still rummaging over her body.

“…OK! OK! I admit that it f-feels good! OK??” Ninna let out a long sigh, looking sourly down at Aisha, the elf girl simply grinning up at her.

“You like it, Ninna, and I’m glad you admit it…” Aisha said, grabbing more firmly around Ninna’s left breast; “…so don’t you ever deny it again! OK?”

“I, I just feel so naughty saying it! Like I’m a bad girl, or even worse, a slut…” Ninna said meekly, Aisha stroking her cherry-pink hair.

“The way you react, you’re not so much a slut as just being adorable…” Aisha said, shrugging; “…and heck, so what if you were a slut? At least you’d know what you wanted…”

“You…think I’m a slut…??” Ninna asked in disbelief, Aisha simply patting her on the head.

“No, I never said that, but just liking sex doesn’t make you a slut…” Aisha counted on her fingers, looking up at the confused Ninna; “…what I’m saying is: Sex isn’t bad, and while you shouldn’t just leap into orgies, maybe you might just trust in some friends of yours, like me, with a little intimacy…?”

“So…after all the times you tease me, it doesn’t make me bad if I want to do the same to you?” Ninna asked, suddenly thinking about her words as a perverted grin came over Aisha’s face.

“N-Not that I wanted to-…” Ninna began, Aisha cutting her sentence short as she moved even closer to Ninna, letting her tongue out in tease, licking Ninna’s lips.

“Silly Ninna, you know I can’t keep my hands off you…” Aisha sighed pleasantly, using her lips to suck on a lock of Ninna’s hair, the succubus blushing even more, trying to withhold a giggle.

“Well, that’s pretty obvious!” Ninna mumbled, smiling to herself at the sight of Aisha with her head between her breasts, Ninna honestly having always enjoyed the teases Aisha would show her, but this time around, doing something so perverted, somehow it felt more thrilling, and at the same time, better.

“Uhm, Ninna, I know I like to tease you, but…do I make you feel good at all? Giddy? Happy? Aroused, even?” Aisha suddenly asked, looking slightly nervously at the succubus, Ninna trying to look away.

“…I, I don’t mind it, but, you just sound so eager all the time? Am I really that cute?” Ninna asked, surprised as Aisha began snickering, sitting up and looking down at Ninna.

“Ninna, look at yourself! Everything about you is beautiful and adorable! Your skin, your breasts, your overall measurements…and your moaning is to die for…” Aisha teased, the elf girl now the one to be surprised as Ninna sat up opposite her, her lips slowly forming into a small smile, Ninna fiddling with a lock of her hair.

“Y-You must have put up a lot with me, you know, not ever really wanting to go too far with this here sex thing…” Ninna said, reaching her hand out towards Aisha’s left cheek; “…but, is it OK if I try and, uhm, do a little bit of cuddling, myself?”

“You’re just adorable…” Ninna saw as Aisha wiped a tear from her left eye, beaming at the succubus; “…sure you may! You can do just about anything to me, Ninna…”

“Like…this…?” Ninna slowly helped Aisha down on the floor below the couch, resting her breasts on the elf girl’s face, Aisha’s small chuckles all but amusing Ninna as she felt like trying some of the things she would have thought of as too lewd earlier.

“Aisha, you sly, sly little minx; you got Ninna all worked up…” a voice suddenly came from behind the two girls, Ninna looking up with a frightened squeak; leaning against the doorframe to Aisha’s dining room was Riana, her tanned, blonde-haired and all around sporty friend through several months.

“Hih-hih, Ninna with her little boobies all over Aisha’s face; looks like the world’s gone reverse…” Riana strolled in, a perverted grin reaching from ear to ear as she casually sat down, smirking at Ninna; “…so? Feeling good about being on top for once?”

“N-No! I’m not-…we-we’re not having, like, real sex or anything that…p-perverted…no…” Ninna’s words trailed off as she sat up, looking quite embarrassed, Aisha sitting up, looking sourly at Riana.

“Did you have to tease her?? She was just being so adorable…” Aisha groaned, adjusting her glasses, Riana shrugging at her and Ninna.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not every day I see Ninna actually looking like she wants some sweet, sweet action…”

“I can’t help but think, m-maybe you’re right with the whole reversing thing, Riana…” Ninna said, looking thoughtful and sad at the same time; “…I’m supposed to bring pleasure and comfort to every girl who wants me, but…I’m just being seduced by my own classmates now…”

“I didn’t try and seduce you, Ninna, you really were adorable…” Aisha insisted, blushing a bit; “…i-it’s weird, but, when I can feel your body just like before and see just a bit of a smile, I both feel horny and really happy at the same time…”

“That’s ‘cause you two’s chemistry works really well; me, I’d honestly just love getting to grope your little boobies, Ninna…!” Riana teased and opened and closed her hands as if pretending to be squeezing Ninna’s breasts.

“Y-You know what? Aisha says she likes how it feels to fool around a bit, and you just want to grope my titties…” Ninna now looked determinedly, and even somewhat sourly at Riana; “…I won’t let you get your hands on me, you naughty pervert!”

With those words and a flap of her wings, Ninna was upon the surprised and slightly frightened Riana, her hands working themselves under Riana’s arms, tickling the blonde, who began giggling loudly as Ninna with a satisfied smile, began carefully tickling Riana, turning her head back towards Aisha.

“Aisha, help me tickle her…” Ninna said, the elf girl standing up, heading behind her couch and looking over Riana.

“…Uhm, Ninna, you’ve already got the best tickling spots…” Aisha said, Ninna looking directly into Riana’s squinted eyes.

“Where are you ticklish? Tell us, so you can get a taste of cute rather than sexy…” Ninna said, Riana letting out a grunt.

“Y-You’re trying to make tickling look cute? Ninna, if you keep sitting on my lap much longer, I might just start groping you…” Riana said, smirking confidently; “…I only have two tickle spots, and you can’t make me stop wanting to molest you…”

“You, you pervert! Aisha, take her left side! I’ll take the right!” Ninna blushed fiercely, hiding her excitement and urge to grin as best she could, really just wanting to tear off both Riana’s and Aisha’s clothes and have her way with them.

“R-Riana, Aisha, I’m so sorry! I was just f-fantasizing about having my way with you two…” Ninna slowly backed down from Riana, holding her arms around herself, sniffling; “…I’m a monster! To want to do something l-like I just thought off to my best friends…”

“Oh, for Hyracha’s sake, Ninna! It’s your succubus blood! It’s nothing to be ashamed of…” Aisha groaned in frustration, eyeing Ninna sharply; “…sexual desires are not taboo! How many times must I tell you this??”

“B-But I felt like doing all sorts of gross and lewd things…” Ninna whimpered, Aisha letting out sigh of surrender, standing up, heading towards her TV.

“Here! I don’t normally share my porn, but take a look, Ninna!” Aisha took up a remote, turned on her TV and a DVD player, the TV screen flickering until an image appeared.

“’Oh-h-h-h, ye-e-e-es-s-s-s-s! Um! Lick my cunt re-e-eal go-o-o-od! Ah! AH! I, I’M GONNA SQUIRT! Let me drench you! AH-H-H-H! MORE! LICK DEEP INSIDE ME-E-E-E-E-E-E!’” the picture of two large-breasted blonde girls tuned unto the screen, a third girl with purple hair being licked hungrily in her pussy by the two blondes, her spurting, massive orgasm drenching and showering the two of them in her cum, the two smiling as they gulped down entire mouthfuls of cum, kissing each other and swapping cum in their mouths, rubbing the female orgasm over each other’s faces and into each other’s hair with their hot kissing, slowly standing up and leering over the purple-haired girl, who chuckled seductively.

“I’m not ashamed to admit, I get really horny watching stuff like this…” Aisha said truthfully, as the shocked Ninna could not even see a hint of a blush on the elf girl’s face; “…but, just because I like porn like this, I’m not a bad person, am I? And I may be naughty, but I feel good about it…even, well, proud…”

“Ah-h-h-h, I bet that felt so refreshing, you sluts…” the purple-haired girl in the porn stretched out and rubbed her breasts, facing the camera with a seductive wink, cum dripping from her pussy unto the boots of her black latex outfit; “…nothing like a hot, juicy orgasm to end the day…and I’m not through with you two; it’s your turn now!”

“Is this what I can end up as? Some freak who’s absent-minded to all but sex??” Ninna looked down at herself, first now noticing how her panties suddenly felt slightly moist.

“I guess there’s only one thing to do here…” Aisha sighed as she clicked the remote, looking at Ninna; “…Ninna, as your friend, I’d like you to watch some of my porn and masturbate at it.”

“Wh-What?! No! I couldn’t! It’s so gross and lewd…” Ninna blushed, Aisha eyeing Riana, nudging towards the bathroom.

“Hm? Oh! Well, I’ve had sports this last hour before school’s end, so I’m off for the showers…” Raina finally understood the hint:

Aisha needed to talk to Ninna alone.

“S-Sure I feel some desire, but, not that much; I mean, I feel good with you, Aisha, and, uhm, Riana too, to an extent, but it looked so…so-…” Ninna began as she and Aisha had sat down on the couch, Aisha reaching out, putting an understanding hand on Ninna’s shoulder.

“Scary? Lewd? Seeing so much sex up close and in your face? Yeah, making you watch porn might not have been the best idea, but…” Aisha began, hesitating a moment, then eyeing Ninna directly; “…why are you so hesitant?? I mean, I get that you’re new at the whole sex thing, but you’re a succubus, damn it!”

“B-But I just don’t want to act like I’m forcing something on someone…I couldn’t bear if I made someone sad if I were to have sex…” Ninna sniffed a little, Aisha taking the succubus’ hand, surprising Ninna as she placed the hand on her left breast.

“But I want you, Ninna, and so does Riana! I’m not saying you should go out and lay low the whole town, but…I just really want to have sex with you…”

“Y-You’re joking! I’m not some porn star or sex model…” Ninna blushed fiercely, Aisha grabbing Ninna’s hands eagerly, looking deeply into her eyes.

“I suppose I’ll just have to do this! Forgive me!” Aisha exclaimed, throwing herself over Ninna, the succubus moaning and whimpering as Aisha began slobbering and licking all over her body, Ninna’s half-hearted moans and squirming only exciting Aisha.

“No-o-o-o! S-Stop it, you big bully! Don’t! Pervert! Pervert! Perve-e-e-ert!” Ninna cried out as Aisha’s hands reached for her breasts, Aisha chuckling and she groped Ninna’s breasts, licking against the succubus’ neck.

“You can cry all you want, but like I told you before: If you didn’t like it, you’d already have pushed me away…” Aisha said, stopping her groping for a moment, stroking Ninna’s hair and looking into the succubus’ eyes; “…just stop resisting and pretending Ninna, just, just stop, OK? Both your body language and your verbal language is giving it way off that you want me, so…why are you being so mean to me? Why do you keep saying no??”

“B-Because I’m a virgin! I-…” Ninna began, finding Aisha’s hand to block her mouth as she forced Ninna unto the couch, leaning over her with a predatory look.

“Don’t give me that! Even virgins are curious, and…I already confessed to you that you’re running around in my head at night making me horny…” Aisha blushed a bit; “…don’t you feel anything more for me than as a friend?”

“I…I really like you, Aisha, but…..oh-h-h, why am I even trying?! I, I…” Ninna surprised Aisha as she hugged the elf girl tightly, burrowing her face unto Aisha’s shoulder as she cried out; “…I want to have sex and be naughty! I want it so much it hurts! B-But if I just start doing it, I’ll…I’ll just be another succubus…”

“’…The FUCK did you say?? How can you even say that?!” Aisha grabbed around the tie of Ninna’s uniform, opening up her shirt and then grabbing around Ninna’s arms, the succubus letting out a loud scream as Aisha now had direct access to her more-than-adequate breasts, the elf girl hissing at her; “…you’re my best friend, Ninna! You’re not ‘just’ a succubus! S-So either love me or hate me for it! I want you now!”

“But…but…-! Oh-h-h, damn it! F-Fine! OK, just d-don’t go and say it to anyone! Please!” Ninna felt herself panting, slowly reaching up her hands, Aisha taking the small hint as she burrowed her head between Ninna’s breasts.

“Um-m-m…best pillows ever…” Aisha moaned pleasantly, Ninna stroking her hair, then suddenly grabbing Aisha’s head roughly, reaching her own head up and kissing the elf girl hotly and passionately, her legs folding behind the elf’s back.

“N-Ninna…??” Aisha was surprised as the succubus kept on kissing her more and more passionately, Aisha chuckling in her throat as she now understood that Ninna had finally let her guard down; this was a moment worth celebrating.

“Ah-h-h-h…” Ninna moaned lowly as Aisha slowly removed her head, the succubus eyeing the elf girl nervously.

“D-Did I do it wrong?” Ninna asked, Aisha simply shaking her head slowly, a perverted smile on her lips and a spark of desire in her eyes.

“Ninna…” Aisha said as she began undressing before the succubus, exposing her own, well-endowed body, shaking her head so that her argent hair shun in the sunlight; “…I want to touch you…I want to touch all over your hot, panting body until you’ll cry out in bliss and pleasure!”

“Do I have to be naked? I…I-…” Ninna stammered a bit, then slowly began stripping upon seeing Aisha’s excitement as she exposed her breasts, the succubus quickly undoing her uniform.

“Oh-h-h-h…” Ninna saw as Aisha began touching her own breasts, Ninna feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness as she now stood butt-naked in front of her best friend, who looked ready to just about jump her.

“C-Aisha, can we do this in the showers? You’re messing up the floor…” Ninna suggested, Aisha indeed having stained the cobalt-colored floor rug with both her drool and cum, the elf girl blinking for a moment as if waking up from a dream.

“But Ri-…” Aisha began, stopping herself as a thought crossed her mind; she knew Riana would be in the showers now, but seeing as Ninna seemed to have forgotten that, maybe she could get a laugh out of seeing Ninna’s reaction when Riana would show up and, properly, get in on the action, too.

“Sure…” Aisha winked, Ninna making a flap with her wings as she ascended and, hovering slightly above the floor, headed towards the bathroom, followed by a snickering Aisha...

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