Story: Hentai Tales (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - Ninna Awakens!

“Uhm, Aisha...a-are you done soon? I don’t really like this place…” Ninna asked nervously to the elf girl besides her, who was in the middle of making her purchase in the form of a video game.

“Hm? What’s bothering you? Oh! Them…” Aisha turned and asked, seeing Ninna gesture towards a group of older girls, some of them giving Ninna seductive winks or erotic gestures, the succubus blushing fiercely as she had no liking to being hit on by strangers.

“Hey! Why don’t you go home and get your jollies off with some of your scantily-clad game bimbos, instead! Just remember the vibration setting is under ‘Options’…” Aisha sneered at the girls as she recieved her bag from the employee, her and Ninna exiting the electronics store and heading out into the open street.

“A-Aisha! You didn’t need to be so rude…” Ninna whimpered, the elf girl simply smiling at her.

“Geez, Ninna, why are you such a scaredy-cat? You need to assert yourself some more…” Aisha said, opening her bag to examine her purchase; with the front showing a large-breasted woman with blonde and blue-striped hair shooting a gun, Ninna could not help but frown.

“H-Hypocrite! You told them to go and…’p-play’ to some virtual bimbos, but oh, sure you can get your jollies off just fine…” Ninna snapped at Aisha, the elf girl simply shrugging.

“If they’re bothering you, I couldn’t give less of a damn where I’m standing on the moral compass…” Aisha said coldly, putting her video game into the bag again, her and Ninna watching as a police patrol passed them by.

“It’s scary, right? Having some hot, fully trained babes walking around in riot gear and stun guns, all because of that there Rayne lady…” Aisha mentioned, Ninna looking in awe at the white-armored officers walking past them; in the past, seeing three in a day would be rare, but nowadays, whole patrols of seven could be seen every other day.

“Do you believe the rumors? That Rayne is a vampire, that is…” Aisha asked, Ninna feeling a shiver down her spine at the word ‘vampire’.

“I, I hope not!” Ninna said nervously, Aisha seeing as the succubus was shivering from what could only be fear.

“Aw-w, you’re actually afraid? I’m sorry…” Aisha said, adjusting her glasses; “…say, why don’t you follow me home? We can chill and have some fun and you can be back home before evening.”

“S-Sure, Sidra would properly expect as much…” Ninna breathed out slowly, following the elf girl down the street.

“This game’s awesome!!! They really didn’t spare the pixels…” Aisha snickered as she was playing her new game, Ninna sitting down beside her; as always, she preferred to just watch Aisha play her games.

“By the way, I should tell you Riana is coming over in an hour’s time; she forgot something last time she was here…” Aisha suddenly remembered, looking at Ninna; “…you remember her, right? The girl I’m helping with her mathematics…”

“Ah, yes! I remember her…” Ninna said, feeling herself become a little bored with watching Aisha going through the game’s menus, Ninna getting an idea.

“Uhm…can I try having a go? I haven’t really played console games before, but-…” Ninna began, Aisha beaming at her.

“Are you kidding?? Hih-hih! Sure you can play! Why haven’t you said anything before?” Aisha asked, Ninna blushing a bit.

“I’m just fine watching you play…n-not that I’d want to impose or anything…” Ninna said nervously, taking the controller that Aisha was handing her, Ninna trying out the different buttons, focusing so much on the flashy sequences in the game that she paid no heed to Aisha smiling at her.

“’She’s cute, she’s got nice tits, she moans lovely, and now she’s into games?? Oh-h-h, this is so damn hot’…!!!” Aisha were thinking to herself as she tried keeping from reaching over and right out kiss and fondle Ninna…

“W-What the heck is that?! Is it some kind of boss??” Ninna interrupted Aisha’s train of thought as she began frantically pressing random buttons when a huge monster appeared during a cut-scene in the game, Ninna leaning towards the screen, Aisha looking down at the controller.

“L-Let me, I know how to kill this thing!” Aisha said, Ninna’s eyes not leaving the screen as she quickly handed the controller to Aisha, who tried memorizing the walkthroughs and hints she had seen on the Web to beat the boss.

“…YES! There we go! Kinda creative with those chandeliers, huh?” Aisha remarked as she figured out a strategy, pausing the game, leaning back and breathing out a sigh of relief.

“But, you haven’t finished it off yet…are you OK, Aisha?” Ninna looked worriedly at her friend, Aisha letting her left arm cover her face, trying not to smile too obviously.

“…You know, you’re really a naughty girl, Ninna; I spent a lot of money on this game, but when you’re around, it just doesn’t excite me so well…” Aisha said, feeling herself blushing; “…I…I know I’ve not been a real saint before, but-…”

“D-Do I really excite you more than your games?” Ninna asked, feeling touched as she began absently fiddling with her tail, Aisha removing her arm and looking the succubus over.

“Ninna…to be honest, I really lose interest in whatever world’s fate I’m fighting for, some ancient treasure or whatever with you around…all three of you!” Aisha teased, Ninna at first looking confused, but, looking down, realizing how, as she leaned towards Aisha, her arms were squeezing her firm breasts, Ninna blushing fiercely as she sat back up quickly, causing Aisha to giggle in amusement.

“T-They’re nothing but trouble, these things! Everyone just ogles over them, they’re in the way when I change clothes, and-…” Ninna complained, Ninna simply shaking her head slowly at her.

“Damn it, Ninna, whatever you dress up in, or wherever you go, those things will always be there for people to admire…and me to play with…” Aisha winked, sitting up and moving towards Ninna, the succubus feeling her back hitting the end of the sofa, Aisha looming above her.

“I-Isn’t this sexual harassment?? I, I don’t have to take this!” Ninna said nervously, Aisha smirking perversely at her.

“Really? As far as I recall, you never had anything against me playing a little rough with you…”

“D-Don’t! I, I’ll scream! Really loudly!” Ninna felt how her blushing worsened, Aisha now no less than a meter from her, licking her lips.

“You’re just irresistible…but, hey, if you didn’t want me to do this, you’re stronger than me, so just push me away!” Aisha grinned, reaching out towards Ninna with both hands, grabbing her breasts.

“No-o-o-o! D-Don’t molest me! You pervert! You lousy, lousy perve-e-e-ert!” Ninna squirmed as her uniform in no way hindered Aisha, the elf girl squealing delightfully as she grabbed and groped Ninna’s breasts and lightly pinched her nipples through the thin cloth.

“See? See? You like it! Why else wouldn’t you be shoving me back, huh? Admit it, already, it’s not like it’s our first time…” Aisha teased, Ninna still blushing and trying to move her legs, her wings slowly flapping on her back.

“Heh-heh, imagine if Riana came over and saw this…” Aisha whispered in Ninna’s ear; “…how’d you like a threesome like that?”

“No-o-o-o! Stop teasing me! You’re so perverted, Aisha!” Ninna moaned, the elf girl feeling herself all the more excited by being called names by Ninna, lightly pinching the succubus’ cheeks, moaning delightfully as she let her head rest in Ninna’s cleavage.

“I’m in heaven! It falls so-o-o-o warm…” Aisha cooed as she rubbed her face between Ninna’s breasts, the succubus all but moaning and squirming, admittedly feeling the pleasant sensation from Aisha’s breath through her uniform, as well as Aisha’s fingers still rummaging over her body.

“…OK! OK! I admit that it f-feels good! OK??” Ninna let out a long sigh, looking sourly down at Aisha, the elf girl simply grinning up at her.

“You like it, Ninna, and I’m glad you admit it…” Aisha said, grabbing more firmly around Ninna’s left breast; “…so don’t you ever deny it again! OK?”

“I, I just feel so naughty saying it! Like I’m a bad girl, or even worse, a slut…” Ninna said meekly, Aisha stroking her cherry-pink hair.

“The way you react, you’re not so much a slut as just being adorable…” Aisha said, shrugging; “…and heck, so what if you were a slut? At least you’d know what you wanted…”

“You…think I’m a slut…??” Ninna asked in disbelief, Aisha simply patting her on the head.

“No, I never said that, but just liking sex doesn’t make you a slut…” Aisha counted on her fingers, looking up at the confused Ninna; “…what I’m saying is: Sex isn’t bad, and while you shouldn’t just leap into orgies, maybe you might just trust in some friends of yours, like me, with a little intimacy…?”

“So…after all the times you tease me, it doesn’t make me bad if I want to do the same to you?” Ninna asked, suddenly thinking about her words as a perverted grin came over Aisha’s face.

“N-Not that I wanted to-…” Ninna began, Aisha cutting her sentence short as she moved even closer to Ninna, letting her tongue out in tease, licking Ninna’s lips.

“Silly Ninna, you know I can’t keep my hands off you…” Aisha sighed pleasantly, using her lips to suck on a lock of Ninna’s hair, the succubus blushing even more, trying to withhold a giggle.

“Well, that’s pretty obvious!” Ninna mumbled, smiling to herself at the sight of Aisha with her head between her breasts, Ninna honestly having always enjoyed the teases Aisha would show her, but this time around, doing something so perverted, somehow it felt more thrilling, and at the same time, better.

“Uhm, Ninna, I know I like to tease you, but…do I make you feel good at all? Giddy? Happy? Aroused, even?” Aisha suddenly asked, looking slightly nervously at the succubus, Ninna trying to look away.

“…I, I don’t mind it, but, you just sound so eager all the time? Am I really that cute?” Ninna asked, surprised as Aisha began snickering, sitting up and looking down at Ninna.

“Ninna, look at yourself! Everything about you is beautiful and adorable! Your skin, your breasts, your overall measurements…and your moaning is to die for…” Aisha teased, the elf girl now the one to be surprised as Ninna sat up opposite her, her lips slowly forming into a small smile, Ninna fiddling with a lock of her hair.

“Y-You must have put up a lot with me, you know, not ever really wanting to go too far with this here sex thing…” Ninna said, reaching her hand out towards Aisha’s left cheek; “…but, is it OK if I try and, uhm, do a little bit of cuddling, myself?”

“You’re just adorable…” Ninna saw as Aisha wiped a tear from her left eye, beaming at the succubus; “…sure you may! You can do just about anything to me, Ninna…”

“Like…this…?” Ninna slowly helped Aisha down on the floor below the couch, resting her breasts on the elf girl’s face, Aisha’s small chuckles all but amusing Ninna as she felt like trying some of the things she would have thought of as too lewd earlier.

“Aisha, you sly, sly little minx; you got Ninna all worked up…” a voice suddenly came from behind the two girls, Ninna looking up with a frightened squeak; leaning against the doorframe to Aisha’s dining room was Riana, her tanned, blonde-haired and all around sporty friend through several months.

“Hih-hih, Ninna with her little boobies all over Aisha’s face; looks like the world’s gone reverse…” Riana strolled in, a perverted grin reaching from ear to ear as she casually sat down, smirking at Ninna; “…so? Feeling good about being on top for once?”

“N-No! I’m not-…we-we’re not having, like, real sex or anything that…p-perverted…no…” Ninna’s words trailed off as she sat up, looking quite embarrassed, Aisha sitting up, looking sourly at Riana.

“Did you have to tease her?? She was just being so adorable…” Aisha groaned, adjusting her glasses, Riana shrugging at her and Ninna.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not every day I see Ninna actually looking like she wants some sweet, sweet action…”

“I can’t help but think, m-maybe you’re right with the whole reversing thing, Riana…” Ninna said, looking thoughtful and sad at the same time; “…I’m supposed to bring pleasure and comfort to every girl who wants me, but…I’m just being seduced by my own classmates now…”

“I didn’t try and seduce you, Ninna, you really were adorable…” Aisha insisted, blushing a bit; “…i-it’s weird, but, when I can feel your body just like before and see just a bit of a smile, I both feel horny and really happy at the same time…”

“That’s ‘cause you two’s chemistry works really well; me, I’d honestly just love getting to grope your little boobies, Ninna…!” Riana teased and opened and closed her hands as if pretending to be squeezing Ninna’s breasts.

“Y-You know what? Aisha says she likes how it feels to fool around a bit, and you just want to grope my titties…” Ninna now looked determinedly, and even somewhat sourly at Riana; “…I won’t let you get your hands on me, you naughty pervert!”

With those words and a flap of her wings, Ninna was upon the surprised and slightly frightened Riana, her hands working themselves under Riana’s arms, tickling the blonde, who began giggling loudly as Ninna with a satisfied smile, began carefully tickling Riana, turning her head back towards Aisha.

“Aisha, help me tickle her…” Ninna said, the elf girl standing up, heading behind her couch and looking over Riana.

“…Uhm, Ninna, you’ve already got the best tickling spots…” Aisha said, Ninna looking directly into Riana’s squinted eyes.

“Where are you ticklish? Tell us, so you can get a taste of cute rather than sexy…” Ninna said, Riana letting out a grunt.

“Y-You’re trying to make tickling look cute? Ninna, if you keep sitting on my lap much longer, I might just start groping you…” Riana said, smirking confidently; “…I only have two tickle spots, and you can’t make me stop wanting to molest you…”

“You, you pervert! Aisha, take her left side! I’ll take the right!” Ninna blushed fiercely, hiding her excitement and urge to grin as best she could, really just wanting to tear off both Riana’s and Aisha’s clothes and have her way with them.

“R-Riana, Aisha, I’m so sorry! I was just f-fantasizing about having my way with you two…” Ninna slowly backed down from Riana, holding her arms around herself, sniffling; “…I’m a monster! To want to do something l-like I just thought off to my best friends…”

“Oh, for Hyracha’s sake, Ninna! It’s your succubus blood! It’s nothing to be ashamed of…” Aisha groaned in frustration, eyeing Ninna sharply; “…sexual desires are not taboo! How many times must I tell you this??”

“B-But I felt like doing all sorts of gross and lewd things…” Ninna whimpered, Aisha letting out sigh of surrender, standing up, heading towards her TV.

“Here! I don’t normally share my porn, but take a look, Ninna!” Aisha took up a remote, turned on her TV and a DVD player, the TV screen flickering until an image appeared.

“’Oh-h-h-h, ye-e-e-es-s-s-s-s! Um! Lick my cunt re-e-eal go-o-o-od! Ah! AH! I, I’M GONNA SQUIRT! Let me drench you! AH-H-H-H! MORE! LICK DEEP INSIDE ME-E-E-E-E-E-E!’” the picture of two large-breasted blonde girls tuned unto the screen, a third girl with purple hair being licked hungrily in her pussy by the two blondes, her spurting, massive orgasm drenching and showering the two of them in her cum, the two smiling as they gulped down entire mouthfuls of cum, kissing each other and swapping cum in their mouths, rubbing the female orgasm over each other’s faces and into each other’s hair with their hot kissing, slowly standing up and leering over the purple-haired girl, who chuckled seductively.

“I’m not ashamed to admit, I get really horny watching stuff like this…” Aisha said truthfully, as the shocked Ninna could not even see a hint of a blush on the elf girl’s face; “…but, just because I like porn like this, I’m not a bad person, am I? And I may be naughty, but I feel good about it…even, well, proud…”

“Ah-h-h-h, I bet that felt so refreshing, you sluts…” the purple-haired girl in the porn stretched out and rubbed her breasts, facing the camera with a seductive wink, cum dripping from her pussy unto the boots of her black latex outfit; “…nothing like a hot, juicy orgasm to end the day…and I’m not through with you two; it’s your turn now!”

“Is this what I can end up as? Some freak who’s absent-minded to all but sex??” Ninna looked down at herself, first now noticing how her panties suddenly felt slightly moist.

“I guess there’s only one thing to do here…” Aisha sighed as she clicked the remote, looking at Ninna; “…Ninna, as your friend, I’d like you to watch some of my porn and masturbate at it.”

“Wh-What?! No! I couldn’t! It’s so gross and lewd…” Ninna blushed, Aisha eyeing Riana, nudging towards the bathroom.

“Hm? Oh! Well, I’ve had sports this last hour before school’s end, so I’m off for the showers…” Raina finally understood the hint:

Aisha needed to talk to Ninna alone.

“S-Sure I feel some desire, but, not that much; I mean, I feel good with you, Aisha, and, uhm, Riana too, to an extent, but it looked so…so-…” Ninna began as she and Aisha had sat down on the couch, Aisha reaching out, putting an understanding hand on Ninna’s shoulder.

“Scary? Lewd? Seeing so much sex up close and in your face? Yeah, making you watch porn might not have been the best idea, but…” Aisha began, hesitating a moment, then eyeing Ninna directly; “…why are you so hesitant?? I mean, I get that you’re new at the whole sex thing, but you’re a succubus, damn it!”

“B-But I just don’t want to act like I’m forcing something on someone…I couldn’t bear if I made someone sad if I were to have sex…” Ninna sniffed a little, Aisha taking the succubus’ hand, surprising Ninna as she placed the hand on her left breast.

“But I want you, Ninna, and so does Riana! I’m not saying you should go out and lay low the whole town, but…I just really want to have sex with you…”

“Y-You’re joking! I’m not some porn star or sex model…” Ninna blushed fiercely, Aisha grabbing Ninna’s hands eagerly, looking deeply into her eyes.

“I suppose I’ll just have to do this! Forgive me!” Aisha exclaimed, throwing herself over Ninna, the succubus moaning and whimpering as Aisha began slobbering and licking all over her body, Ninna’s half-hearted moans and squirming only exciting Aisha.

“No-o-o-o! S-Stop it, you big bully! Don’t! Pervert! Pervert! Perve-e-e-ert!” Ninna cried out as Aisha’s hands reached for her breasts, Aisha chuckling and she groped Ninna’s breasts, licking against the succubus’ neck.

“You can cry all you want, but like I told you before: If you didn’t like it, you’d already have pushed me away…” Aisha said, stopping her groping for a moment, stroking Ninna’s hair and looking into the succubus’ eyes; “…just stop resisting and pretending Ninna, just, just stop, OK? Both your body language and your verbal language is giving it way off that you want me, so…why are you being so mean to me? Why do you keep saying no??”

“B-Because I’m a virgin! I-…” Ninna began, finding Aisha’s hand to block her mouth as she forced Ninna unto the couch, leaning over her with a predatory look.

“Don’t give me that! Even virgins are curious, and…I already confessed to you that you’re running around in my head at night making me horny…” Aisha blushed a bit; “…don’t you feel anything more for me than as a friend?”

“I…I really like you, Aisha, but…..oh-h-h, why am I even trying?! I, I…” Ninna surprised Aisha as she hugged the elf girl tightly, burrowing her face unto Aisha’s shoulder as she cried out; “…I want to have sex and be naughty! I want it so much it hurts! B-But if I just start doing it, I’ll…I’ll just be another succubus…”

“’…The FUCK did you say?? How can you even say that?!” Aisha grabbed around the tie of Ninna’s uniform, opening up her shirt and then grabbing around Ninna’s arms, the succubus letting out a loud scream as Aisha now had direct access to her more-than-adequate breasts, the elf girl hissing at her; “…you’re my best friend, Ninna! You’re not ‘just’ a succubus! S-So either love me or hate me for it! I want you now!”

“But…but…-! Oh-h-h, damn it! F-Fine! OK, just d-don’t go and say it to anyone! Please!” Ninna felt herself panting, slowly reaching up her hands, Aisha taking the small hint as she burrowed her head between Ninna’s breasts.

“Um-m-m…best pillows ever…” Aisha moaned pleasantly, Ninna stroking her hair, then suddenly grabbing Aisha’s head roughly, reaching her own head up and kissing the elf girl hotly and passionately, her legs folding behind the elf’s back.

“N-Ninna…??” Aisha was surprised as the succubus kept on kissing her more and more passionately, Aisha chuckling in her throat as she now understood that Ninna had finally let her guard down; this was a moment worth celebrating.

“Ah-h-h-h…” Ninna moaned lowly as Aisha slowly removed her head, the succubus eyeing the elf girl nervously.

“D-Did I do it wrong?” Ninna asked, Aisha simply shaking her head slowly, a perverted smile on her lips and a spark of desire in her eyes.

“Ninna…” Aisha said as she began undressing before the succubus, exposing her own, well-endowed body, shaking her head so that her argent hair shun in the sunlight; “…I want to touch you…I want to touch all over your hot, panting body until you’ll cry out in bliss and pleasure!”

“Do I have to be naked? I…I-…” Ninna stammered a bit, then slowly began stripping upon seeing Aisha’s excitement as she exposed her breasts, the succubus quickly undoing her uniform.

“Oh-h-h-h…” Ninna saw as Aisha began touching her own breasts, Ninna feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness as she now stood butt-naked in front of her best friend, who looked ready to just about jump her.

“C-Aisha, can we do this in the showers? You’re messing up the floor…” Ninna suggested, Aisha indeed having stained the cobalt-colored floor rug with both her drool and cum, the elf girl blinking for a moment as if waking up from a dream.

“But Ri-…” Aisha began, stopping herself as a thought crossed her mind; she knew Riana would be in the showers now, but seeing as Ninna seemed to have forgotten that, maybe she could get a laugh out of seeing Ninna’s reaction when Riana would show up and, properly, get in on the action, too.

“Sure…” Aisha winked, Ninna making a flap with her wings as she ascended and, hovering slightly above the floor, headed towards the bathroom, followed by a snickering Aisha...

Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Fun in the Tub!

[Author's notes: RIANA Character Biography (contains spoilers):

In all of the school, Riana is the one with the most difficulty with regular classes, but has proven to excel at more physical activities such as sports and swimming.

Being quite a tomboy, the tan-skinned and golden-haired Riana is honest, feisty and perverted, a real summer child, and has a reputation for being quite the party girl, enjoying nothing more than a bottle of tasty and strong alcohol and a half dozen sultry and scantily-clad girls fawning over her, bent on pleasuring her in every way she desires.

In what she excels at, being sports, Riana is quick to move and has fast reflexes, but, as something discovered by Aisha, Riana right out refuses to wear the provided shorts issued to students at school, instead doing her gym classes dressed in the official shirt, but with a set of latex shorts she insists to wear, the school staff brushing it off as an eccentric tendency on Riana’s part.

While trying her best with her homework and studies at school, as soon as the bell rings and the last class has ended, Riana will, oftentimes, hang out with her friends Aisha and Ninna, teasing them both with attending some of the clubs she knows.

Attending those clubs, more than often with Aisha and Ninna in tow, Riana loves the attention and desirable looks she receives from her onlookers, as she is quite the dancer and raver, having introduced her friends to the party style she so loves, and even having convinced Aisha and Ninna to join in on a rave, the three of them ending up waking up lying flat on a bar desk, discovering themselves to have simply fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Outside of school and the party nightlife, Riana has once been asked to model for a bikini line, and even gotten herself into the filming of an improvised porno, her fellow actress, a dark elf named Shanel, even asking Riana to come visit her on the famous Isle of Pleasures, something Riana still hopes to do.

Riana is also a fan of cosplays, and takes great delight in purchasing skimpy outfits to show off in, enjoying the attention as well as the looks she receives, one of her favorites being colorful, skin-tight latex suits of regal or fantasy design, Riana claiming that it makes her skin feel good and making her body excited, at one time challenging herself and her limits by spending a sunny weekend day casually going about her routines at home while wearing her favorite teal latex costume; late midday, however, her body became too hot and she needed to take the costume off, much to her regret.

Often hanging out with Aisha, the class ‘nerd’ as some would call her, Riana has gotten a deeper insight into her regular classes and homework projects, as well as gained new knowledge of things she would have trouble understanding, with Aisha showing her patience as she has helped her with her grammar, language and mathematical skills, Riana returning Aisha’s kindness by offering Aisha her friendship, with several benefits, including serving as a model for Aisha whenever she might find something around the Web to catch her interest, including various fancy and imaginative costumes and outfits that the two share a great love for, sometimes often pulling their money together to buy expensive suits.]

“This feels nice…” Ninna smiled to herself as she turned on the water hose, feeling the warm water on her body, hearing Aisha’s footsteps behind her.

“I just can’t resist you…I swear-…!” Aisha bit her lower lip, reaching out and grabbing Ninna’s breasts, fondling them roughly and licking sloppily at Ninna’s neck, the succubus moaning and struggling vaguely as Aisha chuckled and moaned as she began humping herself against Ninna.

“I want to molest you…to grope and fondle and kiss and fuck you so-o-o-o much…!” Aisha moaned hotly into Ninna’s ear, the succubus feeling herself blushing once again, but she could not help but feel excited, and even aroused as Aisha kept groping her, Ninna reaching up her hands and holding them over Aisha’s, much to the elf girl’s surprise.

“I, I can’t help it in here, the moisture just makes me feel so…hot…” Ninna looked back over her shoulder at Aisha, her light-blue eyes meeting Aisha’s ruby ones, the elf girl feeling something in her mind almost snap:

The look of shyness and adorability on Ninna’s face was simply too much for her, and with a shriek of sheer lust, Aisha hugged Ninna tightly, slowly dragging the succubus down with her as she sat on the floor, groping and fondling Ninna’s breasts like dough, Aisha’s legs reaching up and forcing Ninna’s open, the succubus moaning and panting out, Aisha reaching up her head and kissing Ninna’s cheek and throat, determined to molest, ravish and violate Ninna until she begged her to stop.

“Like fucking clockwork…” a voice suddenly came behind Ninna and Aisha, the two of them looking up in surprise as Riana strolled towards them, a smirk on her face; “…it was just a matter of minutes before you two got intimate; mind if I join you?”

“B-But I-…” Ninna began blushing once again, Riana crouching down beside her and Aisha, stroking a lock of Ninna’s hair.

“Ninna, you are an irresistibly adorable little succubus with two gorgeous, horny, dark-skinned babes out to give you your first sexual debut…and, however much I just feel like tipping you over and use your tits as dough, I won’t force myself on you…” Riana surprised both Aisha and Ninna as the tanned girl simply sat down, folded her legs and looked pleasantly at Ninna.

“You two…why am I so cute, then?? I, I didn’t ask for my breasts, my wings or my horns, or, or-…” Ninna began, stopping herself as she looked over Aisha and Riana, an idea forming in her mind; “…but, you like each other, too?”

“Sure! Hottest girly geek in the entire school, and the only one who can teach a dumbass like me mathematics…” Riana grinned, splashing a bit of water at Aisha, the elf girl doing the same back at the blonde.

“And her, the party animal with the exotic looks and the body to die for…as well as being the craziest damn hussy in school history…” Aisha remarked slyly, Riana simply winking in response.

“But…you’re both my best friends and now, all of a sudden, you want to have sex with me? I-It’s just what makes me so nervous…” Ninna squeaked, Aisha eyeing her skeptically.

“’All of a sudden’? Ninna, I’ve been fondling and nuzzling your boobs and ears since day 1 at school…and Riana, well, yeah, I think she’s been having thoughts of getting a little piece of you, too…”

“And it’s OK, Ninna, no-one outside this house is gonna know about it…unless you’re into the whole ‘Ninna got knocked up in a hot threesome’-thing being the latest rumor at school…” Riana teased, still stroking Ninna’s hair, the succubus moaning and whimpering a little as Aisha slowly stroke her left breast.

“I, I can’t stop feeling good…s-so…just do it! Please just take me gently…” Ninna whimpered, Riana and Aisha exchanging looks; the sight of a pleading, yet willing Ninna lying on the wet bathroom floor in all her glory was simply too good to be true.

“Riana…let’s do it!” Aisha leaned over and nuzzled Raina’s nose, the two of them turning their attention to Ninna, slowly groping each of her breasts and licking at her throat, the succubus’ moans arousing them incredibly.

“Aisha…Riana…I’ll admit it: I have, sort of, wanted to do this…even if it’s naughty…” Ninna blushed, Riana and Aisha both leaning even further down, tongue-kissing Ninna as her own tongue extended, Aisha noticing how Ninna had gotten a lustful gleam in her eyes and that her mouth had begun to drool.

“Hih-hih, Riana, I think our little cutie is getting horny…” Aisha smirked, Riana looking playfully at Ninna, grabbing with both hands and squishing Ninna’s left breast and sucking forcibly on her nipple, Ninna letting out a high-pitched moan, both Aisha and Riana pleasantly surprised as Ninna gave them both a winking smile, throwing her arms over her head.

“Ah-h-h, so little Ninna is just as naughty as us…” Riana kept teasing, stroking her fingers down Ninna’s sides, making her giggle; “…oh-h-h-h, I’ve wanted to do this forever!”

With that, Riana planted her face between Ninna’s breasts, groaning and moaning as she rubbed her face between the breasts, Ninna moaning and grabbing behind Riana’s head, pressing it further down, Aisha folding her hands and collecting handfuls of water, splashing it over Ninna.

“Ninna, I have to go and get something for you; mind waiting here?” Aisha asked, the succubus all but moaning as Riana kept fondling her, chuckling as she kept squeezing Ninna’s breasts and sucking on her nipples, Aisha smiling to herself as she left.

“I don’t think she’ll like this, Aisha; you’re getting too kinky…” Riana whispered to Aisha as the elf girl returned, placing a small, cardboard box outside the bathroom door, Aisha letting a small capsule rotate between her fingers, winking at Riana.

“Ninna, I need to ask you something really important…” Aisha crawled over towards the succubus, who was lying panting, moaning and smiling on the wet floor, feeling euphoric about this pleasure she felt running through her whole body.

“What is it?” she asked, Aisha showing Ninna the small capsule, eyeing Ninna playfully.

“This thing contains a mild sleeping agent, and the reason I got this is because me and Riana wanna do something really naughty with you…” Aisha said frankly, quickly explaining as Ninna’s look of delight turned into frightful concern; “…it’s nothing harmful, and it’ll be in here, in the bathroom.”

“…So-…well, I’ve trusted you this far…” Ninna said, looking at Riana and Aisha, a smirk forming on her lips; “…and, eventually, I’ll get back at you, anyway…so OK, I just drink it?”

“Yes, but you need to empty it fully, otherwise it won’t work…” Aisha handed the capsule to Ninna, the succubus looking at the small capsule before opening it, letting her tongue taste a few drops of the liquid inside, Ninna slowly pressing the capsule’s lid to her lips, drinking.

“With all the dizziness you get from hot showers, she’ll be under in no time…” Aisha whispered to Riana, the two of them grinning.

“That little cutie’s got this coming…and all it really took was some porn and psychological brainstorming to get her unto our level…” Riana smiled, moaning as she fondled her breasts; “…oh-h-h, if only we had Katherine too, this would’ve been the best foursome ever!”

“What? Isn’t an elf babe and a succu-slut enough for you??” Aisha pretended to sound angry, Riana giggling as she was well aware of the pretense, grabbing around Aisha’s butt with both hands, kissing the now-moaning elf passionately, Riana sticking her tongue as far into Aisha’s mouth as she dared.

“Hm?? Um-m-m-m-m-m!!!” Ninna winced in surprise, and slight shock as she slowly woke up, her whole body feeling different; looking down at herself, she found herself tied up in ropes, something light on her head, her body dressed in a black latex bodysuit and her mouth blocked by a gag, Ninna squirming against the ropes, hearing laughter above her.

“So hot and so cute at the same time! Oh-h-h-h, now you’re just so ripe to molest! How does it feel? Huh? Being molested by Riana and me?” Aisha squealed joyfully as she sat down behind Ninna, reaching out and zipping down Ninna’s suit, her breasts bouncing out as Riana forcibly groped the exposed breasts, Ninna moaning loudly, looking down and seeing Riana licking against her feet, the blonde looking as if in ecstasy.

“Aisha found this here beauty in her wardrobe, so we figured it’d be too good an opportunity to let go: Fucking the cute little succubus until she begged for it…” Riana winked, crawling over Ninna, the succubus trembling in a mix of excitement and fright.

“And, you know, you’re a succubus; if you used some muscle you could break right out of those ropes…” Aisha added, stroking her hands over Ninna’s face, smiling at her; “…so I wonder what holds you back…”

“Um-m-m-m!” Ninna moaned as she felt Riana were rubbing herself all over her, fondling her breasts along with Aisha, the warm water from the hose still dripping unto them all.

“Hey, I got an idea…” Aisha said, standing up and heading towards her bathtub, turning the valve, warm water beginning to flow from it as it filled the tub.

“You’re such a dirty little slut, Ninna; you really ought to have a bath…” Aisha teased, Ninna noticing as Aisha unwrapped something on her wrist, Ninna discovering it to be a black blindfold; before she could even gasp, however hard she was to comprehend right now, the blindfold were covering her eyes, Ninna moaning loudly as she felt Riana stroking her wings and tail, folding her wings around her and her tail around her waist, Ninna feeling as she was picked up and carried.

“Dump her in!” Ninna heard an excited command from Aisha, and in the next second feeling the water of the tub as she was dumped in, Riana and Aisha arranging her arms and legs so that she would lie comfortably, but still bound.

“Well? How’d you like your little bath?” Aisha’s giggling came from Ninna’s left as she now felt the ball gag loosen, Ninna gasping as she felt her drool flow.

“P-Perverts! This feels so weird! I, I didn’t even know this was a…’thing’…and it feels so-…” Ninna began, only to have Aisha kiss her warmly, Riana standing behind them, the sight of the busty, pink-haired cute succubus in latex sunk into a warm bathtub something she found so incredibly arousing that it beat anything she had ever felt before.

“And don’t worry, despite what Riana wanted, filming you with her cellphone being one thing…” Aisha said, giving Riana a correcting look, the blonde smiling innocently, Aisha turning back to Ninna; “…we’ll stick to not do anything you don’t feel like…”

“And you still just dress me up like a slut and throw me in a bathtub?? And you even tie me up??” Ninna snapped, feeling herself not as angry as she sounded, maybe even somewhat excited, suddenly hearing Aisha giggling.

“You know I watch alotta perverted stuff, so when I realized I could live out a little scenario, I couldn’t resist…” Aisha admitted, letting her hands into the water of the tub; “…I couldn’t help it! I wanted to have some fun with you, and you look so cute and hot, and-…”

“Enough with all the explaining, she gets it, already…” Riana interrupted, licking her lips lustfully, grinning wickedly down at Ninna; “…we’re going to fuck and have sex with you now, Ninna; how’d you like that??”

“A-Aisha said I wouldn’t be a slut just because I had sex with people I liked…so, I’m not really doing something bad, right? I mean, I like you both, and I wouldn’t mind this…” Ninna said slowly, a small smile coming over her lips, Riana and Aisha both sitting down besides the bathtub, exchanging looks.

“I wanna go first; I’ve been waiting for this for months…” Riana winked at Aisha, slowly climbing into the bathtub at Ninna’s feet, Aisha looking on in excitement as Riana let out a horny squeal, literally throwing herself at the bound Ninna, the succubus shrieking surprised as Riana was all over her, tickling her sides and sucking on her breasts, Ninna’s chuckles mixing in with Riana’s laughter as water splashed in every direction as the two wrestled in the tub.

“N-No fair! I can’t use my a-a-a-a-arms!” Ninna panted as Riana were all over her, Aisha frantically masturbating at the sight of the two thrashing girls in the tub, Ninna hearing Aisha’s moans and the squishing sound of her pussy lips being rubbed, Ninna smelling how the arousal in the air around her was intoxicating her; despite the danger of losing her virginity, Ninna’s caution was being won over by her lustfulness.

“C-Come join us…” Ninna gestured out towards Aisha, the elf girl leaning over Riana and Ninna as she began kissing them both, Riana returning the kisses passionately, reaching behind Aisha’s head, tugging her halfway into the tub, the two of them snickering as Aisha pulled herself the rest of the way in, sitting behind Riana and embracing her, sitting opposite Ninna.

“C-Could you untie me now? I, I want to pleasure you two, too…” Ninna asked, Riana simply snickering.

“Did you forget? You can break those ropes easy-peasy…” Riana reminded Ninna, the succubus blushing in slight embarrassment; folding her hands into fists she gave a small tug in each direction, hearing the ropes around her arms snap, continuing to do the same to her legs, and finally remove the blindfold, observing the two ravishing and horny girls sitting in front of her.

“I don’t really care if this sounds slutty, but, I want to fondle your breasts, too…especially you, Riana!” Ninna let out a playful giggle, launching herself towards Riana, the blonde squealing and grinning with pleasure as Ninna’s latex-clad fingers were rummaging all over her breasts, her tan skin flushing with excitement as Ninna began rubbing herself against her.

“Aw-w-w-w…” Aisha moaned delightfully as she saw Ninna’s tail rise out of the water, wiggling back and forth in excitement as the succubus were pleasuring Riana, the blonde letting out small gasps of pleasure.

“T-This is so good! I’m actually being fucked by Ninna! Hih-hih-hih-hih! Oh-h-h-h-h…” Riana leaned her head back, feeling Aisha stroke her hair, Ninna’s hands slowly moving down to Riana’s stomach, the blonde surprised as she suddenly heard an odd noise, and looking down, Ninna were blowing a raspberry against her navel, licking Riana’s stomach.

“She’s so adorable…” Aisha said, whispering teasingly into Riana’s ear; “…just wait ‘till she gets to your cunt; you’re wet enough to fill this whole tub if I hadn’t already-…”

Hearing Riana let out a loud moan, Aisha saw as Ninna had returned her attention to Riana’s breasts, groping them firmly and sucking delicately on their nipples, the succubus all but grinning at the horny smile on Riana’s face.

“It’s the first time I ever tasted breasts! They’re so yummy…” Ninna looked in wonder at Riana’s breasts, enjoying every squeeze she gave them, Riana’s panting increasing rapidly.

“N-No! I, I want you to feel pleasure too, Ninna!” Riana moaned, reaching up and grabbing at Ninna’s breasts, fondling them roughly and squeezing as hard as she dared, the succubus letting out a small, surprised shriek as she slowly began sinking back as Riana was now all over her.

“No mercy, Ninna! I want you to scream for me! Feel it! Feel the pleasure! Feels good, right??” Come on! Scream for me!” Riana now leaned over Ninna, panting and licking against her neck, kissing the succubus passionately and lustfully, Ninna feeling herself overwhelmed and, for reasons she could not explain, swinging her legs up and behind Riana’s back.

“Wow…never figured you’d be that aggressive, Riana…” Aisha looked surprised as the blonde kept groping and molesting the succubus, a small smile forming on Aisha’s lips; “…just keep at it, Riana; she sounds like she loves it!”

“I, I do! I can’t explain it, but it feels so right! And so good…” Ninna gasped, her mind becoming dazed with pleasure and pleasant sensations, Ninna seeing as Aisha moved up besides Riana, the two of them each grabbing, squeezing and sucking at her breasts, as well as tickling and rubbing their hands all over her body.

“S-So this is how sex feels? It’s…so…go-o-o-o-od…!” Ninna whimpered and moaned, Aisha licking at her face, distracting Ninna as she slowly let her right hand under the water, snaking its way towards the suit’s zipper, grabbing it as she zipped it all the way down to between Ninna’s legs.

“Wh-What?! Ah-h-h-h!” Ninna let out a scream as she could now feel Aisha’s fingers stroke against the thin latex protecting her pussy, hearing Aisha chuckle into her ear as she slowly rubbed her fingers against the latex, whispering eagerly into Ninna’s ear.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still be a virgin after this, but you deserve a good orgasm…” Aisha said, Ninna all but squirming back and forth as the waves of pleasure were not just assaulting her mind, it was completely breaking it, shattering any thoughts of reason and instead making her feel sheer and total bliss, Ninna grabbing behind each of Riana and Aisha’s heads, pressing them against her breasts.

“M-More! I want more pleasure! Please, more! Molest me! Make me go crazy!” Ninna screamed, Aisha and Riana indeed doing their best, abandoning all thoughts of restraint, now hell-bent on pleasuring Ninna until she would orgasm for their and her own enjoyment.

“Yes! Yes! K-Kiss me!” Ninna pleaded, Aisha and Riana indeed kissing her passionately, Ninna kissing back hotly and thoroughly, her drool flowing down her mouth as it felt like her body were as if vaporizing in sheer bliss and pleasure, the latex of her suit clinging to her skin and rubbing against it.

“L-Let’s finish her off!” Riana gasped, surprising Aisha and Ninna as she sat up, crouched over Ninna, and let her pussy lips rub against the succubus’ nipple, Riana moaning and rubbing her breasts as she looked down at the gasping succubus, Aisha following Riana’s example, even reaching down and grabbing a lock of Ninna’s cherry-pink hair, holding it up and sniffing it loudly, Aisha licking its locks.

“Hm-m, keep looking so hot and you’ll get two kinds of showers, Ninna…” Riana teased, licking her lips as Ninna’s facial expression amused her to no end; her cheeks flushing and blushing like a firestorm, Ninna were holding her arms over her head, her eyes shining in lust as Aisha and Riana rocked back and forth on her breasts, the succubus moaning and screaming hotly.

“M-More! I’m going crazy! I can’t hold ba-…ah-h-h-h-h! It’s, it’s gonna-…I’m feeling so hot! Riana! Aisha! Do me! Do me all over!” Ninna kept pleading, suddenly feeling an overwhelming sensation rush through her body, something she had never felt before.

“I, I’M FEELING HOT! I, I CA-…AH-H-H-H-H-H-H, YE-E-ES-S-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Ninna threw her head back and screamed from the very button of her heart, her wings unfolding from behind her back and stretching up besides both Aisha and Riana, Ninna raising her hips up high as her cum squirted out of her pussy, splashing into the water as Ninna’s hips were bucking up and down, Aisha and Riana both looking equally lustfully at Ninna as they were still rubbing their pussies against her nipples.

“Hih-hih! Feels good to c-come, right? L-Like I’m about to…um-m-m-m-m…!” Riana moaned as Ninna’s nipple pressed against her g-spot, both her and Aisha letting out a surprised gasp as something wet hit against their pussy lips:

As small squirts of Ninna’s cum were still dripping into the water, her exposed nipples began leaking and spraying small amounts of milk into Aisha’s and Riana’s pussy lips, the two moaning and screaming as they only kept rubbing themselves harder against Ninna’s breasts.

“Y-You look so hot, Ninna! So sexy in that bondage getup! And so cute with that lovely skin and firm tits…” Aisha moaned, intoxicated with the sight of the panting, still orgasming succubus below her, feeling her own pussy getting warmer and warmer...

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Revenge!!!

[Author's notes: AISHA Character Biography (Contains Spoilers):

A dark elf girl with a passion for science, electronics (especially video games) and belly-dancing, Aisha is considered not just the smartest girl in class, but in the whole school, some even claiming that, regardless of the amount of the class’ homework, Aisha can solve her own within an hour.

In the beginning of her school days, though, Aisha would sometimes be bullied by older girls for homework answers, at one point almost being unwillingly molested, had it not been for the intervention of an angry Jenny, who chased off the bullies (rumors have it that she indulged all six of them sexually later that afternoon).

Surprisingly, Aisha’s self-esteem would be improved by Judy, the prostitute and dominatrix Aisha met one evening at a local strip club, a nervous Aisha telling Judy that she had been suggested the place by a schoolmate, as, apparently, according to said girl, all the popular girls at school would visit the club.

Asking Aisha to wait, Judy strolled out of the room, closing the door behind her, but with her elven ears, Aisha could hear as Judy would loudly scold the girl Aisha had told her about that she was a rotten friend and a spineless bitch, Judy warning the girl to never again try and trick someone as nervous and insecure as Aisha into something she was obviously unprepared for.

Returning to the room, Judy sat down with Aisha, the two spending hours discussing sex and all things involved in it, and slowly getting closer, Judy eventually helped Aisha understand the pleasures of sex, as well as the responsibilities.

Nowadays, having grown confident in not just herself but her own sex appeal, thanks mostly to Judy, Aisha, in her new knowledge of pleasures and desires, has taken a liking to erotic jokes, sexy belly-dancing, and with the recent arrival of the busty, cute succubus Ninna, Aisha has even found herself masturbating at night at the thought of having cuddly, messy sex with the succubus.

However, in the midst of her daydreaming of steamy succubus sex, Aisha met Riana, a tan-skinned girl hoping to receive private lessons from Aisha, as Riana was far behind in her regular classes, the dark elf gladly helping the more physical-minded Riana.

Still, with time, Aisha began noticing Riana’s flirty and playful looks at her, the two eventually taking a break from working on Riana’s homework and instead began satisfying each other’s desires, their escapades something many fellow students gossip about to this day at school.

With a new friend, with clear benefits, Aisha returned to tutor Riana, the gold-haired girl doing what she can to take her homework and studies seriously, Aisha sometimes joking that whenever she does good, she will let Riana be the dominative next time they have sex.

As time passed, Aisha eventually faced the succubus Ninna and told her of her growing desires for her, the shy succubus at first simply blushed and flew off, but, after many talks and small, intimate moments, Ninna agreed to become friends with Aisha, thrilling and exciting the elf girl tremendously, as well as provide Riana with a brilliant excuse to make perverted remarks and jokes, as well as insisting that when Ninna would one day be ready to have sex, she would join in, letting it become a threesome.

As time passed, Aisha and Ninna would spend their time outside school hours strolling around town, as well as exploring and increasing their intimacy to various degrees on a several occasions, Aisha proving to be quite eager to grab and molest Ninna’s firm breasts.

Despite her geeky appearance and hobbies, (with exception to her belly-dancing) Aisha has proven herself a fast runner, although she is one of the few girls at school who has yet to fully understand how to swim; her overall physique allows her to pull of spectacular dance moves or stretches.

With her fascination of science, one would assume Aisha would be skeptical of things like magic, but, surprisingly, Aisha accepts that magic indeed not only exists, having seen it for herself quite often, but she also claims that magic is simply energy that, like electricity, can be conducted, although how the normal body does so with magic, she has no answer for; she sometimes has long debates with the angel and student council member Niphih about certain, for her, important subjects.

She is also greatly interested in gold and priceless gems and jewels, even claiming that she owns an incredibly expensive belly dancer outfit that, to this day, Riana is the only one to ever see and have the glee of molesting Aisha in her favorite outfit during sex, as it is made of some of the finest materials in town.]

“Th-That…was…fantastic…” Ninna breathed out heavily, her eyes blinking as she tried sitting up, Riana and Aisha moving off her breasts and standing up, looking down at Ninna as she slowly regained control of her breathing.

“That just looks so adorable…” Riana grinned, reaching a hand down to help Ninna up; “…the cutest and bustiest girl in school, all dressed in sexy latex, and then fucked by her two best friends…”

“I know I should feel embarrassed, b-but it just felt so good…” Ninna said as she stood up, Riana holding her up as Ninna was tottering a bit, unused to the sensations running through her body.

“So that’s what it feels like to have sex…” Ninna panted, feeling as Riana hugged her from the front, Aisha hugging her from behind, the three of them exchanging smiles; “…but…we’re not done? Your boobs are squeezing against me…and your nipples are poking into me…”

“Oh, trust me, it’s far from over…” Aisha spoke huskily behind Ninna, caressing the top of her breasts; “…we’ve just wetted your appetite, so it’s gonna be even better from now on…”

“I know what you’re thinking, but there’s something we better do first…” Riana said, nudging towards Ninna’s legs, Aisha holding on to the succubus as Riana grabbed her leg.

“Heave-ho!” Riana now surprised Ninna as she grabbed hold of both her legs, lifting her just as Aisha grabbed around her arms, the two lifting and carrying the succubus from the bathroom, walking through the hallway and towards Aisha’s room, tossing her unto the bed, Ninna barely having time to act before the two of them were upon her again, licking, groping and fondling every part of her body, the succubus squirming back and forth, still sensitive from the overwhelming sensations from before.

“B-But the water’s still running out there!” Ninna tried for a moment to distract Riana and Aisha, the two looking at each other for a moment, beginning to snicker.

“Hih-hih-hih! Certainly not the only thing wet around here, huh? Oh-h-h-h, I love seeing you so naughty, Ninna…” Riana squealed as she rubbed against the latex hiding Ninna’s pussy, the succubus letting out an excited shriek as Riana let herself fall unto her, rubbing her head against her breasts, grinning cheerfully; “…I’m gonna molest yo-o-o-ou! Hih-hih-hih! Boobies, boobies, boobies!!!”

“Ah-h-h-h! N-No! S-Stop acting si-…!” Ninna began, but as much as she tried and find a reason to avoid Riana, for the life of her she could not see why not to indulge herself now; also, she had become curious on just how much pleasure her two friends could give her, and the thought of a squealing Riana in her cleavage were beginning to make her grin.

“No! They’re mine! You can’t have them!” Ninna suddenly sat up and pushed Riana into Aisha, the two of them both surprised and amused as Ninna covered her breasts with her arms, rubbing them, winking and smiling at Aisha and Riana and sticking her tongue out in tease, rolling around and hiding her breasts, looking over her shoulder, singing; “…get them if you ca-an!”

“That’s it!” Aisha simply said, her mouth already drooling as she flung herself over Ninna, the succubus squealing in glee as she felt the elf girl grab her waist, move herself under Ninna and sitting behind her, grabbing her breasts and fondling them, Ninna lying completely exposed to Riana, who began chuckling evilly.

“Time to teach you how real pleasure feels…” Riana said, sitting down in front of Ninna, zipping down Ninna’s suit all the way to her pussy, lightly licking her tongue against Ninna’s nether lips, the succubus letting out a long scream that had both Aisha and Riana look nervously at her, wondering if they had gone too far.

“W-What was that?? I-It felt like electricity going through me…” Ninna panted out, Riana grinning deviously as juices had begun flowing lightly from Ninna’s pussy, Aisha grabbing a tighter hold on the succubus, nudging her nose into her neck.

“Your pussy’s about to be licked, Ninna; it’s the most sensitive part of your body and where you feel the most pleasure…” Aisha explained; “…so think of it like Riana being very sweaty and hungry from a workout, and your pussy’s delicious ice-cream…”

“The way you can phrase it…” Riana chuckled between Ninna’s thighs, the succubus feeling the tanned girl’s breath against her pussy lips, looking back at Aisha.

“P-Please don’t hold me so tight, I don’t like it when it’s something this new to me…” Ninna whimpered, Aisha obliging as she let go of Ninna, putting the succubus down, crouching slightly atop her, baring her own, naked pussy to Ninna as she groped the succubus’ breasts.

“I can promise you this, alright: You will get wet from this experience…” Aisha moaned, Ninna getting a playful gleam in her eyes.

“Riana, can you wait a moment? I need to get back at Aisha for introducing me to something this perverted…” Ninna let out a small chuckle, feeling playful as she reached up and grabbed around Aisha’s waist, forcing her down besides her, wrestling with the elf girl, who moaned and gasped as Ninna began stroking her butt and breasts, Ninna giggling into Aisha’s ear.

“How’d you like being fondled, hm? How does it feel to be on the receiving end? Hm-m??” Ninna teased, Aisha all but moaning and panting as she let Ninna ravish her, both her and Ninna surprised as Riana now also joined the romp, sucking on Aisha’s left nipple.

“It feels good; I love that you’ve finally started getting back at me, Ninna…” Aisha said, pressing Ninna’s head between her breasts, laughing; “…so now I get to be fucked by both the cutest girl and the hottest girl I know!”

“Ninna, I ought to help you out; once Aisha gets horny, there’s no stopping her until she’s come…” Riana gave Ninna’s butt a small spank, crawling up besides the succubus, winking at her; “…how about you grope her tits and I’ll lick her pussy?”

“OK, I’m not so experienced yet, anyway…” Ninna blushed, looking evilly at Aisha; “…this is for all the times you’ve fondled my breasts, you pervert!”

Groping and fondling Aisha’s breasts, Ninna took great pleasure and delight as she heard Aisha moan and squirm, Riana moving below the elf girl and starting to lick her pussy sloppily, Ninna doing the same to Aisha’s nipples, the elf girl positively wailing with pleasure.

“W-What??” Riana suddenly felt herself being lifted up, shocked to see Ninna’s tail wrapped around her waist, placing her right on top of Aisha, the succubus crossing her arms and looking over the two of them, smirking as she placed herself right behind the two.

“On second thought, you’re both guilty of doing something so perverted to me…and I want to see why this whole pussy thing should be so good…” Ninna said as she unwrapped her tail from Riana, her and Aisha grinning at one another; they knew perfectly well what Ninna intended, the two of them both excited and at the same time also nervous, as neither of them had ever had sex with a succubus before.

“So now you’re just as much new to this as I am, it seems…” Ninna said, standing up from the bed, looking over her shoulder; “…wait here, I will be right back…”

“That damned little tease! I swear, if I don’t get to taste her pussy today-…”Riana growled, looking down at Aisha, smiling; “…so, what are your thoughts?”

“That I’m gonna have to buy a new bed after this…?” Aisha rolled her eyes, grinning; “…I’m really proud of Ninna…even if her sister’s properly gonna flay my hide…”

“Why? If you’re helping her sister on that whole sex thing, I’m sure she’ll let you live…” Riana said, pressing her nose against Aisha; “…and really, even if you get flayed, we can at least make this the best sex ever: Tongue-fucked by a horny, cute-as-hell succubus.”

“I heard that…” Ninna said as she returned to the bedroom, Riana and Aisha looking up, Ninna approaching with the ropes they had used to tie her up with; “…and don’t worry, I’ll make sure to tell my sister that I did this willingly…which really is the truth…”

“You’re a sweetheart, Ninna…” Aisha smiled, Ninna walking around the bed as she tied Riana and Aisha up, adjusting the ropes to allow them only a minimum of mobility and movement.

“So, now’s the time for the two teasing little girlies to be put in their place…” Ninna grinned to herself, crouching on the bed behind Aisha and Riana, the two of them having their bodies as if locked in place, their every movement causing them to grind against each other.

“Now, do as they do in those porn movies: Start kissing, but do it like you mean it…” Ninna said, feeling thrilled to actually be able to direct her two ‘bullies’ to obey her command, Riana and Aisha exchanging grins as they indeed began kissing.

“I won’t tell you when I’m going to join! You’ll just have to wait…” Ninna sat down and crossed her legs, using her wings to blow light gusts of wind unto Riana and Aisha, trying to cool them down.

“If only I had my hands free…” Aisha mumbled as Riana stroke her breasts over her face, the two of them feeling all the more eager and excited knowing that any second Ninna could be upon them, the thought making Aisha blush ever so slightly.

“Oh, you’re getting nervous? Are my boobies too much to handle?” Riana teased as she spotted Aisha blushing, rubbing herself more roughly against the elf girl, Ninna looking as Riana and Aisha’s already excited pussy lips pressed against each other, Ninna grinning lowly to herself at the sight; it both felt so silly and at the same time arousing that she could not help but enjoy herself.

“All your dirty talk and sex jokes, and now look at you two! It’s exactly what you deserve…” Ninna smiled as she leaned forward, delivering a light smack unto Riana’s butt, making her squeal; “…how is it, then? About to molest each other and me just waiting to punish you?”

“St-Stop teasing us, Ninna! I’m excited enough as it is…” Aisha said, Ninna instead moving upwards, rustling her hands through Riana’s hair and pressing hers and Aisha’s heads together, the two of them kissing and licking each other’s tongues, giving Ninna flirty and seductive looks as the succubus stood above them, beginning to blush.

“Tell me, what’s to stop me from finding your phones, fiddle around with them and snap some pictures of you two being naughty, and share them with the whole school?” Ninna decided on teasing the two, trying desperately not to laugh at Aisha and Riana’s reactions as they both froze in place.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so cruel…but I’m feeling all sorts of naughty…” Ninna said as she sat down behind Riana and Aisha again, grabbing around Riana’s butt, blushing; “…and for good reason; your pussy lips look so…delicious…”

“Riana, start rubbing! I can’t stand being teased anymore…” Aisha let out a longing wail at Riana; “…I want an orgas-s-s-sm!”
“Hih-hih-hih-hih! Ninna, Aisha’s getting impatient, and so am I…” Riana looked over her shoulder, winking in tease at Ninna; “…do it! Stick your tongue inside our naughty cunts and start licking! Lick us, Ninna-a-a-a-a!”

Eager to obey the request, and curious to boot, Ninna did just so, the very first swipe of her tongue coating it in Riana and Aisha’s juices, Ninna finding it to taste good as she took additional, explorative swipes and licks, even pressing her lips against the two pussies as she kept licking, grabbing more firmly unto Riana’s butt, Ninna chuckling as she poked her nose against Riana’s pussy lips.

“Yes! YES! Use that tongue on me!” Aisha let out a horny cry, beginning to kiss Riana passionately, the sight of the tanned girl’s horny face too much for Aisha to bear.

“This tastes really good! Hih-hih! Seeing you both so excited, and yet so helpless…” Ninna moaned happily, nudging her chin against Aisha and Riana’s pussy lips; “…it makes me feel so happy…and horny, too…”

“N-NINNA! If you speak another w-word, I…I-…oh-h-h, I’m gonna fuck you ‘till you drop!” Riana let out a desperate cry, Ninna returning her attention to licking at the two girls, getting a playful gleam in her eyes.

“Well, I’m a succubus, so maybe…ah-h-h, yes, I can…” Ninna sat back for a moment, extending her tongue, discovering what she had hoped for as it extended almost three times the length of a human tongue, Ninna chuckling to herself as she sat down again, wedging her tongue in between Aisha’s and Riana’s pussy lips, twisting and licking everywhere she could manage as she let her gloved fingers spread their pussy lips wide open, small squirts of juices already hitting the succubus’ nose and chins.

“AH-H-H-H-H-H! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-I-I-ING!” Riana let out a scream, Aisha grinning up at her as the tanned girl shoke violently around, her ropes keeping her in place, Aisha licking over her face as Riana’s juices hit the surprised Ninna right in the face, the succubus feeling the pussy juice coat even strands of her hair, Riana’s continued orgasm making Ninna lean in further, drinking as much of the pussy juices as she could, swallowing it in small gulps.

“Oh-h-h… Riana, you’re such a sexy little slut…” Aisha kept licking against Riana’s face, the elf girl moaning loudly as Riana’s pussy juices had also soaked her own pussy, Aisha now feeling as Ninna began licking at it again, intent on making both girls orgasm.

“I-I’ve always hoped for this, Ninna! That you’d stop being so shy and really fuck me…” Aisha said softly, trying to dampen her excitement; “…I feel so happy now…!”

“I’m glad you showed me all those naughty things, Aisha! Hih-hih! It feels good to do them to you two…” Ninna paused for a moment, eyeing Aisha’s pussy as her juices were already flowing, Ninna looking in awe, a lusty smile on her lips; “…this pussy juice tastes really good…and now, you’re going to come!”

“OH! Ni-Ninna, you naughty girl! OH! St-Stop l-licking me so much! I, I c-can’t take it! I…CAN’T…TAKE IT! AR-R-R-R-R-RGH!” Aisha yelled out as she came, Riana smirking perversely down at the elf girl as she rubbed her breasts against hers, Ninna enjoying as Aisha’s juices squirted from her pussy into her mouth, Ninna carefully using both hands to spread Aisha’s pussy lips further, giving her yet another squirt of juices which she drank happily up, her face now practically drenched from pussy juices, her own drool and sweat from the excitement she felt.

“So this is pussy juice, the stuff that we succubi are supposed to love so much…” Ninna held up a juice-coated hand to her face, licking some of it into her mouth, a smile appearing on her lips; “…I can see why! It tastes really yummy!”

“Ni-Ninna-a-a! Cut me loose! Ur-r-rgh! Oh-h-h-h, I want to fuck you! Let me fuck you, Ninna! I wanna defile those sweet-ass, bouncy boobs of yours!!! Let me fucking molest you-u-u-u-u!” Riana were squirming atop Aisha, making both Ninna and Aisha laugh at the sight of the desperately horny and struggling schoolgirl.

“I don’t know, I’ve only had a single orgasm, but I don’t really feel satisfied yet…” Ninna pondered, slowly stripping out of her outfit; “…also, this thing is choking me; it sits so tight…”

“Oh-h-h-h! Ni-Ninna, don’t! Y-Your voice is making me so horny…” Riana gasped in sheer horniness, her drool falling unto Aisha’s face, the elf girl amused at just how much Riana lusted for Ninna.

“Hold on…” Ninna said as she slowly moved her wings, cool air hitting Aisha and Riana, Ninna sitting up and moving around the girls, using her claws to cut the ropes.

“Oh-oh…” Ninna squeaked nervously as she saw Riana facing her, the schoolgirl’s mouth drooling in an insanely horny smirk, Riana crawling towards and looming over the now naked succubus.

“And now, heh-heh-heh…” Riana leaned over Ninna, the blonde’s face one of sheer perversion and horniness, her almost manic chuckles both amusing and frightening Ninna; “…I am going to give you your life’s best fuck, Ninna!”

Behind them, Aisha sat back to watch the show, snickering as Ninna were pinned down by Riana.

“Not so smug when it’s your own, fine tits on the line, huh?? Hih-hih! You’re just so lovely and naughty…” Riana began stroking Ninna’s hair, winking at her; “…and now…BOOBIES! Lovely, lovely BOOBIES!”

Snuggling between Ninna’s breasts, Riana cooed and moaned in pleasure as the succubus let out a surprised squeak, Riana slowly pressing her head further between the succubus’ breasts, moaning out loud as her tongue were licking sloppily all over Ninna’s nipples, Riana humping herself with all her might against the succubus.

“AH! You, you…pervert! You naughty pervert, Riana!” Ninna moaned, the succubus beginning to grin as Riana’s tongue and lips were all over her breasts, her hands groping and fondling them; “…it feels…go-o-o-od…!”

“I can’t just watch this…” Aisha smiled perversely and wiped her mouth of the drool falling from it, excitedly and aroused crawling towards Riana and Ninna, easily parting Ninna’s legs, the succubus becoming aware that Aisha were lying between her legs, Riana moving herself behind Ninna, continuing her groping and licking.

“You’re so fucking hot! I wanna to defile every ounce of your body with my naughty, naughty tongue…” Riana whispered hotly in Ninna’s ear, chuckling; “…turning from little miss innocent into a sweet, cheeky little sex goddess! Fuck, I’ve wanted this for SO long!”

“Ninna, you’re getting warmer down here…” Aisha teased as she stroke Ninna’s pussy, using her other hand to reach up and pinch Ninna’s right cheek, chuckling; “…we really gave you a blast, huh? Goddess, you’re all drenched…”

“I, I was just a little surprised…” Ninna smiled weakly, letting out a peaceful sigh and closing her eyes, suddenly feeling something grabbing her chin, opening her eyes to see both Aisha and Riana grinning at her, letting out their tongues as they licked against Ninna’s lips, the succubus opening her own mouth and letting their tongues in.

“W-Was that your first kiss, Ninna??” Aisha suddenly remembered the succubus’ inexperience, looking shocked at the prospect of having robbed Ninna of her first kiss.

“It was…but I want my first kiss and first time with you two…” Ninna smiled, stroking the cheeks of Riana and Aisha as they sat above her; “…I feel really good about this, no matter how perverted it is…I-I want to have sex with you two! Lovely, sweet and naughty sex!”

“Riana, are…are you crying?” Aisha asked as she looked to the tanned girl, who was wiping her eyes, sniffing and winking at Aisha and Ninna.

“It’s just that, aside from you, I’ve never fucked anyone as sweet as Ninna here, so hearing that she wants me to be part of her first time…” Riana said, leaning down on Ninna, continuing her groping as she beamed at the succubus; “…I just feel so good! Molesting a first-timer succubus, and one so adorable-…oh-h-h-h, goddess! It’s incredible…!”

“Leave some room for me!” Aisha cheered as she lay down opposite Riana, the two of them sucking on Ninna’s nipples as hard as they could, their hands groping, fondling and molesting her breasts, Ninna all but moaning in pleasure, Riana and Aisha exchanging giggles at the pink-haired succubus’ newfound liking to sex.

“Y-Yes! It’s naughty, but it feels so-o-o-o good…!” Ninna right out beamed as she grabbed behind Riana’s and Aisha’s heads, pressing them against her breasts, the two of them increasing their efforts as they also began tickling the succubus’ stomach, Ninna’s moans and grins both encouraging and amusing Riana and Aisha to no end...

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Enter the Dominatrix!

[Author's notes: JUDY ("Vixen") Character Biography (Contains Spoilers):

The receptionist of a large electronics company, Judy is an expert with computers, software and internal programming, as well as knowing how to provide good customer service over her small headset or to a customer in front of her, Judy works dutifully and quickly to further her company’s interests.

However, underneath her professionalism, she is an easy-going and self-proclaimed seductress, and she enjoys hitting on her colleagues at every positive opportunity during her breaks, which usually results in her receiving either a blush or a frown depending on the situation.

Always wearing stylish, sleek glasses, Judy has revealed herself to be near-sighted, and needing the glasses especially for her work with the inner workings of computers, carefully examining wires and hard drives.

Outside of her day work, Judy has confessed to have been quite the party animal in her youth, and even into this day, the dark-haired girl getting into raves and orgies, something she has become something of a city celebrity for doing.

Secretly practicing chaos magic as a witch, she is quite limited in her power as of yet, only mastering two abilities; average magical telekinesis, as well as a more unusual ability to let her hair grow and shorten to any desired length.

Her reasons for studying chaos magic remains something a mystery, but Judy herself has hinted that she has a lust for power and danger, and as the chaotic energies of Otherworld is brimming with chaos magic, she can easily tap into the energy and use it for her own purposes.

Despite her above-average pay check as a receptionist at a rich company, and living in a luxurious villa with her maid, Judy enjoys spending much of her time working at local brothels as a dominatrix under the stage-name ‘Vixen’, where she feels she can cut herself loose and indulge her every desire, enjoying the squirming and moaning girls at her feet.

Dearly enjoying her job as a dominatrix, Judy is amused to no end at the very concept of having her cute and sexy clients not only pay her good money, but also willingly sign their names on a contract, allowing her to indulge herself with them and subject them to her desires, molesting and ravishing many a client to a point where it has been known that they may fall unconscious.

Having an especial fondness for schoolgirls, Judy has been known to enjoy watching groups of such girls having sex before her, the dark-haired, bespectacled dominatrix then taking the stage as she joins them, showing no restraints whatsoever, although she has a record of ruining her clients’ clothes in her fits of blind passion, something she is quite infamous for.

While her appearance and seductive charms might sound fitting for what some would call the perfect dominatrix, Judy is gentle and kind to her ‘slaves’, trying to mix in both the fear and awe she can invoke by acting tough, with pleasure and delight, chatting, laughing and enjoying the company of her clients, many of them indeed rating her as one of the best prostitutes one can hire.

True to her title as a dominatrix, Judy takes the greatest delight in having clients on their knees and pleading to be molested by the dominatrix, Judy at one point even being so aroused as to orgasm before even getting a girl’s skirt off, the schoolgirl, named Jenny, musing over Judy’s arousal as the dominatrix had her chained up and ravished her.

Judy can still giggle at another time where she would meet Jenny again, as Judy had snuck herself into the local school Jenny attended, and of all things, ending up tied up on a toilet, with some of the school’s most sultry and horny schoolgirls lead by said Jenny.

The schoolgirls gleefully would take turns in taking advantage of the immobile dominatrix, Judy being right out gangbanged without her offering any resistance, only horny screams and moans as she was literally gushed over and drenched with love juices, and finally shoved under the showers to clean herself up.

To this day, Judy considers re-visiting the school, as the dominatrix still remembers her experience there to be some of the best sex she had ever been on the receiving end on.

While wearing her dominatrix outfit, she usually includes a military-like hat with a peaked cap, a long trench coat and studded bracelets added to her wrists and ankles; she is one of many prostitutes with a preference for leather, considering normal cloth to be too fragile or not sitting tightly enough, and latex to be all too tight-fitting.

One of Judy’s primary advantages as a dominatrix, she claims, is the precision she has with her fingers, even when wearing her trademark skintight leather gloves, knowing exactly where to touch, where to lick with her tongue, and how to know the body’s signals for when her ‘victims’ are about to orgasm; thus far, Judy has been on the receiving, and smiling end, of many splashing orgasms, often joking how she will send the girls responsible for soaking her outfits a staggering cleaning bill:

She considers a night well spent when at least her glasses, her hair, and especially her cleavage, are covered in pussy juice.

As for her technical expertise as a receptionist, Judy has been creating and modifying a program she has dubbed ‘Project Aurora’, a form of virtual reality program that will enable the user to enter a virtual world by simply being fitted into a suit and visor, as well as having several nodes in the suit register different sense and simulations while in the virtual world.

However, as Judy had designed her own part of the virtual world, it was one of several fictional and famous heroines and villainesses lusting for her, a chuckling Judy has admitted that it could, quote unquote, “still be too addictive for others to interact with as of now” in an interview by a local news station regarding her invention.

However, a part of the project has thus far still been sold to the local school as part of an experiment, wherein the student would be fitted into the suit and visor, and asked how they felt about the landscapes they saw in the Aurora Beta, and tasked to write essays on their experiences.]

“My, my; no wonder no-one came to let me in…” a voice suddenly came behind the three girls, Ninna sitting up so abruptly that Riana and Aisha fell off her, Ninna blushing fiercely as someone was leaning against the doorframe:

The ‘someone’ turned out to be a tall, fair-skinned, amber-eyed bespectacled and overall sexy woman, with long, black hair that reached below her waist, and she was dressed in a black dominatrix leather outfit, peaked cap and a trench coat.

“Oh…J-Judy, you used that key I gave you?” Aisha smiled weakly and sheepishly, the woman named Judy strolling inside, chuckling as she reached a hand behind her neck, stroking her hair as light drops of rain fell from it.

“I was just wondering why I haven’t heard so much from you these past few days; now I see why…” Judy said, winking at the blushing Ninna; “…don’t worry, babe, I don’t bite.”

“Uhm…g-good…” Ninna stammered, Riana looking sourly at Judy.
“Oh, come on! Here we were having a romp like no other, and-…” Riana began groaning, Judy simply holding up a hand.

“It’s OK, I won’t stay long; I just don’t wanna catch a cold with the rain we’re having…” she said, heading towards the bed and sat down and the edge, folding her legs, Ninna slowly raising her wings to cover herself.

“It’s OK, I’m not gonna touch the goods, cutie…” Judy said, sitting on the side of the bed, looking Ninna over with a smirk; “…but you’ve sure got plenty of ‘em to go around!”

“Oh…” Ninna blushed, in turn looking the dominatrix over, as her outfit was provocatively loose and exposing much of her cleavage, her breasts seeming slightly bigger than Aisha’s or Riana’s, but in other places the outfit sat tightly, as if fitted to her skin.

“Like what you see? Heh-heh! Just joking, babe…” Judy teased, Ninna daring herself to ask a question.

“So…you’re a friend of Aisha’s?” she asked, Judy nodding.

“Yep! Little missy here and I have been talking back and forth how she should spend more time on her homework lately…” Judy said, nudging her head towards Aisha; “…hey, she’s pretty interested in the whole porn thing, but it’s not always nice having to stand in the rain and wait and hope that your next customer gets you so arroused your blood starts warming you up again…or if she squirts a lot of warm, lovely pussy juice all over you…”

“Ni-i-i-ice…” Riana giggled perversely, already imagining Aisha, Ninna, and maybe even this new and sexy Judy, all orgasming over her as she would lick and finger them all at a time.

“Aisha talks the world of you, you know? How you’re the sweetest thing she’s laid eyes on and how she’d love to get you in the sack…” Judy said, switching her legs on the bed, the wet leather creaking from her boots; “…but don’t worry, you’re more than a pretty face to her, so don’t be nervous.”

“But…you are a p-…-prostitute?” Ninna asked, Judy smiling at her, leaning over and rustling Ninna’s hair with her hand, the succubus’ blushing lessening a bit.

“Yep! That I am! It’s one of my jobs, you see…” Judy surprised the succubus, as well as Aisha and Riana; “…much of the day, I’m a receptionist at an electronics company uptown; I take calls, advice people on electronics and make sure things stay civic.”

“Receptionist?? I didn’t know that! And…isn’t that kind of a job usually well paid?” Aisha looked shocked and baffled at Judy, the dark-haired girl nodding.

“Yep! I got a nice job, great income, and, not bragging here, but I’m rich enough to own a mansion and a sports car…” Judy chuckled at the looks she received from the girls; “…but I also have my dominatrix job, and I gotta be honest, I’d take dominating, fucking and getting fucked by horny bitches, cute babes and sexy vixens over answering boring calls any day of the week.”

“…So…you’re rich, you’re sexy, and you’re a dominatrix…” Riana stood for a moment, putting several very erotic pieces together in her head about Judy based on the new information her lewd mind had acquired; “…h-have you ever fucked a schoolgirl??”

“Dozens! I think they’re some of the most numerous clients I get…” Judy licked her lips lustfully; “…there’s just something about you schoolgirls; maybe it’s the hint of innocence, and then those stylish, hot uniforms you wear…”

“So you fuck schoolgirls like us, you also work at a pretty prestigious place-…” Riana held a hand to her temples, feeling herself in awe; “…OK, I think you just straight up murdered my stereotype that prostitutes only has one trade they know!”

“Hih-hih! Happy to help make you smarter, hottie…” Judy winked at Riana, sticking her tongue out in tease at Ninna; “…though, with what I’ve seen from you, Ninna, I might be in for some competition on getting the ladies…”

“A-As a succubus…I’m supposed to enter girls’ dreams at night…and do some things to them…” Ninna blushed again, Judy winking at her.

“I know, you winged hellions get all the fun…but then again, I can usually get 200 seals off some little cutie that’ll come back for more…” Judy said, beginning to discard her trench coat, taking it off and rolling it up, discarding her hat as well as she put the two down beside the bed.

“Uhm, Ninna, this may sound really awkward with Judy around here now…but can I still molest you? My pussy’s still dripping…!” Riana breathed heavily and blushed at Ninna, Judy looking at the girls around her.

“You know, I could just watch you girls a bit, it’s not like I’ll just jump in whenever I can…” Judy suggested, eyeing Ninna warmly; “…in a way it’s your choice, princess; can you enjoy yourself with these babes, even if some slut is watching you?”

“Y-You don’t really sound like a slut…n-not that I’d even know how a s-slut sounds like…” Ninna said, part of her feeling awkward at the prospect, another part of her thinking that if Aisha knew Judy enough to call her a friend, or give her a spare key to her house, she could only trust Aisha’s judgment.

“Oh, there are girls out there who are way, wa-a-a-ay sluttier than me…but yeah, show me a hot girl and dress her in a school uniform, and I’ll start leaking pretty bad down below…” Judy smiled amused at herself, standing up and making room for Riana, her and Aisha moving towards Ninna again.

“You know, seeing you three here, it’s the kind of threesome I think is really cute; pure, cuddly, steaming fun…” Judy took a chair from a nearby desk, put it in front of the bed and sat down to watch the three; “…don’t worry, I won’t comment too much.”

“It’s OK, Ninna, Judy may be a little rough, but she’s OK…” Aisha leaned over and kissed Ninna’s forehead, the succubus slowly relaxing again and unfolding her wings.

“Just don’t try any funny stuff…” Ninna attempted a strict, correcting tone at Judy, Riana and Aisha both leaning over and stroking themselves over the succubus, Judy chuckling to herself as Ninna easily began stroking both of the girls’ heads.

“My, my, the little succubus knows how to get all the hotties…” Judy said snidely, Ninna looking at the faces of Aisha and Riana; Aisha looked very eager and teasingly at her as she groped Ninna’s left breast and licked her cheek, while Riana looked right out perversely and hotly at her, groping her right breast with both hands, her mouth sucking slowly on Ninna’s breast, drool flowing from her mouth.

“H-Hey…oh…!” Ninna let out a small whimper when Aisha let a hand down to stroke lightly over Ninna’s pussy lips, Aisha holding up her hand to her face, smiling as she could see and feel Ninna’s vaginal juices lightly coating her fingers, Ninna blushing even harder at how excited she seemed to have become.

“Maybe it’s kinkier, really, having someone watch as you have your first fuck…” Judy commented, licking her lips, mumbling to herself; “…damn, chick’s got a nice cunt; looks all wet and yummy…

“Is it OK we touch you here, too, Ninna?” Riana winked at the succubus as she also brought her hand towards Ninna’s pussy, the succubus nodding her head; she was feeling almost dizzy from this new sensation running through her body.

“Ee-e-ep!” Ninna suddenly squeaked as she felt something wet poking her left ear, lightly biting at the tip, Aisha giggling as she now started sucking on Ninna’s ear, the succubus letting out a long moan as it felt as if her body had become overly susceptible to ever single stimulation she was receiving, Ninna letting out her tongue and licking her lips, the sight of the three beautiful and sexy girls in the room making her heart pound faster and her temperature all but increase.

Fuck…first-timers really make the best little squeals…” Judy bit her lower lip to try and keep herself from becoming too excited, knowing full well that there was no way she would give in and do what she felt like:

Throw herself over the three girls and repeatedly molest and fuck them, taking an especial interest in Ninna’s now lightly glistening pussy lips.

“You’ve got such a lovely pussy, Ninna…” Riana let her fingers stroke the outside of Ninna’s pussy lips; “…no hair, all smooth and pink…”

“St-Stop…talking…” Judy growled lowly at Riana, the tanned girl at first looking surprised, then devious as she realized just how turned on the dominatrix had become.

“But it’s a virgin succubus! Not only that, but someone this cute, adorable and nice as Ninna…” Riana mercilessly teased Judy as she reached up and stroke Ninna’s hair, letting her fingers through the cherry-pink locks; “…it’s such a rarity! Such big boobs! So lovely lips! So-o-o fucking cu-u-u-u-ute…!”

“Stop teasing her, Riana! Imagine how it feels like to be horny while having some thong riding up your pussy, and your body wrapped in tight, sexy leather…” Aisha now contributed, at first acting like scolding Riana, then following the blonde’s example of teasing Judy, stroking Ninna’s hair, as well as reaching down, letting her fingers part Ninna’s moist pussy lips, the succubus moaning hotly.

“D-Don’t! G-Get back to-…oh-h-h-h…” Ninna surprised the three of them as she let out a gasp, grabbing behind Riana’s and Aisha’s heads, pressing them against her breasts, the two of them returning to suck on them, Ninna leaning her head back, moaning happily as a smile appeared on her lips from the sensation and the pleasure.

“I, I know I said I wouldn’t comment or act…but this is just too fucking much! C-Can I at least pat her stomach a bit…??” Judy looked almost desperately at Ninna, the succubus smiling pleasantly at her.

“O-OK, j-just don’t do something naughty…” Ninna panted excitedly, reaching her arms out towards Judy, gesturing her closer as she smiled; “…come, touch me…”

“Oh-h-h, sweet, sweet boobies…” Judy almost jumped from her chair, heading towards the bed, giving each of Riana’s and Aisha’s butts a small spank as she sat down by Ninna’s feet, her wet, leather-clad fingers stroking against the succubus’ stomach, Ninna whimpering ever so lightly, beginning to giggle.

“So sweet, so lovely…” Judy moaned as she were about to bring her tongue towards Ninna’s navel, Judy suddenly noticing how something was stroking against her breasts; looking down, she found it to be Ninna’s tail.

“I, I can’t help myself! You’re all so naughty, cute and sexy…” Ninna grinned at Judy, the dominatrix at her wits’ end, for the temptation to simply take Ninna, Riana and Aisha by raw, unbridled force was beginning to become too much to handle, and seeing Riana eagerly and happily nom and sucking away on Ninna’s breast and nipple were no help to quell her desires.

“S-So…cute! Um-m-m-m!” Judy moaned out loud, for of all the girls she had enjoyed fucking and dominating, the pink-haired succubus somehow had her lose her breath from sheer horniness at the sight of Ninna being molested and how cute and sexy it all felt to Judy.

“I’m-…oh, damn it! I-…” Judy began, only to make an odd sound as she held her hands over her pussy, trying not to give in and start masturbating, crouching down at Ninna’s legs, the succubus looking amused down at the dominatrix, while Riana and Aisha were groaning at having their breast-suckling interrupted.

“Come here, all three of you; you’re getting me so horny…” Ninna chuckled as she reached out and brought all three other girls closer towards her cleavage, crossing her arms under her breasts and making them stand out even more, Ninna giggling as Riana, Aisha and Judy were fawning over them like hungry wolves, suckling every available inch of them.

“M-More! I just can’t get enough!” Aisha surprised the others as she reached up, kissing Ninna fiercely on the mouth, her tongue probing as it tried entering the surprised succubus’ mouth, Ninna slowly and easily letting it in, returning the favor as she now began tongue-kissing Aisha, Riana sucking and licking passionately at Ninna’s breasts as she pressed them together, squealing as she groped them and bounced them up and down.

“I-…oh-h-h…OH NO-O-O-O-O-O-O…!!!” Judy let out an excited scream, losing her balance and falling backwards, pussy juice squirting from underneath her thong unto Ninna, Aisha, Riana and herself, the girls shocked and surprised, Judy falling backwards, breathing heavily and rubbing her pussy lips, her juices continuing to gush over the three girls as well as the dominatrix herself reached up her hand and brought her left breast into view, groping it and licking her nipple excitedly, the sight of the three now juice-stained girls something she could no longer control herself from masturbating to.

“Uh-h-h-h…it’s all over me, and-…hm-m-m…” Ninna at first looked sourly down at herself as her body had received quite its share of the dominatrix’s orgasm, but as she looked at the transparent, glistening fluid on her body, a mix of curiosity and impulse let her to reach out her tongue and lick her hand ever so slightly, Judy’s pussy juice tasting, oddly enough, very sweet to Ninna, the succubus lapping up a few more stains.

Looking down at Judy, Ninna saw as the sexy dominatrix were still breathing heavily after her orgasm, her pose arousing Ninna even more as Judy spread her pussy lips a little more with her gloved fingers, letting out a final moan as a small squirt of juice splashed unto Ninna’s stomach.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I just couldn’t help it…” Judy quickly sat up, leaning against the three girls, folding her hands together as if pleading for forgiveness, the three girls exchanging looks and getting to grips with what had just happened.

“…Heh, well, I don’t mind pussy juice to the face, but tell me when you wanna shower me, you big slut…” Riana grinned at Judy, holding up her fingers, strings of Judy’s pussy juice hanging from them; “…would be a shame to let something so yummy go to waste…”

With that, she leaned over Ninna, holding out her fingers, the succubus slowly extending her tongue and tasting the dominatrix’ juices again; it tasted slightly different from Aisha’s or Riana’s, but not bad, almost more potent, Ninna smirking at the thought how different girls’ pussy juices could taste differently.

“Aim a little more to the left next time; Ninna got the most…” Aisha winked, reaching up and undoing her hairband, her already long hair now becoming even longer and covering all the way to her butt, the elf girl snickering deviously as she sat up behind Ninna, groping her from behind, whispering in her ear.

“I hope you’re getting in heat, Ninna, because I can’t contain myself anymore, and I don’t think Riana and Judy can, either…” Aisha said, teasingly sucking on a lock of Ninna’s hair; “…I want to lick your pussy until it squirts again, and all the while, I think the babe and the dominatrix here would love nothing more than to freak out on your body!”

“Y-You’re getting awfully excited, Aisha! Aren’t things steamy enough for you, yet?” Ninna grinned slightly nervously, lowering her eyes to see Aisha crawl down towards her legs, Ninna feeling as the elf girl stroke her hands against her exposed pussy lips, Ninna biting her lower lip in a weak attempt to hold in her excitement.

Looking up, Ninna saw Judy and Riana exchange quick, sloppy and passionate kisses, now looking down and chuckling at Ninna as they rubbed their pussies against her head, Ninna moaning as she now felt Aisha’s hot breath against her pussy, followed by the intense pleasure that came from feeling the elf girl’s soft lips sucking greedily on her moist pussy.

“N-No! I want more!” Judy exclaimed passionately, leaning down over Ninna, turning around to face the succubus and sitting herself on her stomach, thrusting her pussy lips against the succubus’ breasts, Riana crouching herself over Ninna’s head, avoiding her horns, the succubus understanding all too clearly where this was leading.

“I, I don’t really care if this sounds slutty, but…I, I LOVE THIS! Sexy, hot, naughty and lovely girls all wanting to play with me…” Ninna grabbed forcefully around Riana’s legs, the tanned girl yelling out in glee as Ninna licked sloppily against her pussy, Ninna grinning as Riana’s juices ran down her mouth; “…hih-hih-hih! I’m so happy! P-Please, make my first time good! I want to feel good!!!”

“Lick it if you can, little girl! This here bitch’s gotten her cunt all wet because of you cuties…” Judy moaned and teased as she kept thrusting her hips towards Ninna’s breasts, surprised and amused as Ninna’s tongue reached out, and had the length to touch and slurp at the dominatrix’s pussy as it rubbed against her breasts.

“M-More…more down there, Aisha…ah-h-h-h! Y-Yes-s-s-s-s!” Ninna let out a longing whimper and hiss as Aisha suddenly felt weight added unto her head; reaching upwards, she could feel Ninna’s feet resting on her head, the elf girl smirking as she returned to her business, using her fingers to spread Ninna’s pussy lips as best she could, licking and drooling over every inch of the pussy, nippling lightly and playfully with her lips at Ninna’s g-spot, Aisha grinning satisfied into the pussy as she heard Ninna’s choked screams and felt her body tremble.

“I, I can’t lick you both at the same time…” Ninna moaned, reaching up her tongue and licking Riana’s pussy; “…sorry…”

“It’s OK…um-m-m…as long as you keep whimpering and moaning like that, I’m getting off real good, princess…” Judy moaned as she felt Ninna’s breasts squeeze against her open pussy lips, Judy smiling perversely as she reached down, fingering herself.

“How does it feel, Ninna? The little succubus getting soaked by 3 hot girls, as well as her own juices…” Riana grinned deviously, grabbing her breasts and increasing her humping of Ninna’s face; “…you were so shy before, and now you’re really getting fucked! Does it make you all hot and bothered? Squeal with glee? Or just whimper and blush like a little virgin?”

Ninna let her slurping on Riana’s pussy be her answer, the tanned girl letting out a pleasant moan, a broad grin on her face as she wanted Ninna’s tongue all over her pussy, Riana grinning with pleasure as she looked over the foursome she had become part of, rubbing her breasts together and pinching her nipples.

“It feels so good! Just to give in and not feel all nervous when you tease me…” Ninna said, looking downwards towards Judy and Aisha; “…please, don’t hold back! I, I want to lose control! Make me! Pleasure me, gi-i-i-irls!”

What little restraint any of the three other girls might have held was as if vanishing when they each faced down on the blushing, pleading and smiling succubus in their own ways, Riana letting out a high-pitched moan of pleasure as she reached down and now began groping Ninna’s breasts, already feeling how Judy’s pussy juices had begun coating them, the transparent fluids running all over Ninna, a small body of fluids dripping towards her throat.

“More! More! It’s so good! Keep l-licking me! Lick me! Lick me! LICK ME-E-E-E-E!” Ninna squealed as her fingers pressed harder and harder into Riana’s thighs, her legs closing tighter behind Aisha’s head, and her breasts bouncing harder against Judy’s pussy, Judy moaning and eyeing Riana lustfully, reaching out with her right arm and started groping the tanned girl’s right breast, the two of them exchanging horny smiles, Aisha having gone into a near frenzy below them, licking as fast and sloppily as she could against Ninna’s pussy, using her fingers to keep the pussy lips apart, sucking and nudging her nose against Ninna’s clit, the succubus’ cum beginning to squirt lightly into Aisha’s mouth.

“Cum, Ninna! Go ahead and cum! Give in! Give it to me, princess! Cum for me!” Aisha exclaimed hotly and frantically, opening her mouth wide and placing it against the succubus’ pussy, sucking and licking with all her might, slurping ferociously at Ninna’s pussy.

“YES! YES! YES-YES-YES-YES! AH-H-H-H-H! I’LL CUM! IT FEELS…SO…GOOD! I’M, I’M…C-CUMMI-I-I-I-ING-G-G-G!!!” Ninna finally screamed as she climaxed, her orgasm splashing forcibly against Aisha’s face, the elf girl backing away, but to no avail; the sheer force of Ninna’s orgasm had her completely drenched as Ninna’s juices squirted all over her in spurts, the succubus’ pussy ejaculating and her legs continuously pressing Aisha’s head and mouth towards her gushing pussy.

“M-My turn! Um-m-m-m, ye-e-e-e-ah…!” Judy moaned hotly, turning around and reaching down towards Ninna’s still-spurting pussy, grapping both of the succubus’ thighs and pushing back her squirming legs, Judy opening her mouth wide as she dove towards Ninna’s pussy, her face getting drenched as she slurped and drank Ninna’s juices in whole mouthfuls, her and Aisha exchanging sloppy, soaked kisses, the elf girl rubbing her obsidian breasts, which glistened with Ninna’s love juices.

“Me! Me, too! Ah-h-h-h! So hot! So damn, fucking hot! K-Keep licking, Ninna! Don’t stop! Don’t you fucking STOP!!!” Riana screamed in a mix of excitement and desperation, the succubus, barely conscious from sheer pleasure, still licking with all her strength against Riana’s pussy, Ninna intoxicated with Riana’s pussy, her long tongue coating it in saliva as Riana’s pussy began squirting lightly into her mouth.

“N-Not done yet! Keep cumming, Ninna!” Aisha chuckled gleefully, diving towards Ninna’s pussy, Judy and Aisha both licking and sucking and drinking Ninna’s pussy juice, Aisha reaching out her hands and trying to keep Ninna’s flailing legs down on the bed, resulting in Ninna, her voice choked by Riana’s pussy, rocking her body back and forth as she kept cumming.

“Yeah! Yeah! Do it! Cum! Cum! Cum! YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Riana squealed in delight and pleasure when she felt herself about to reach her climax, Ninna’s next few, thorough licks causing her to orgasm, her pussy juices squirting into Ninna’s mouth, the succubus drenched in Riana’s juices as the tanned girl rocked back and forth over her, reaching out and squeezing Ninna’s breasts, slowly falling backwards over Ninna, Riana groping her breasts as she kept orgasming, down unto Ninna, the succubus feeling Riana’s juices soaking the back of her head and hair.

“So…good…um-m-m-m-m…” Ninna licked her lips as she grabbed around Riana’s sprawled legs, continuing to lick her spurting pussy, Ninna feeling herself completely drenched, yet very satisfied and very happy, Riana’s juices making her moan as she delighted in every drop...

Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Revenge of the Dominatrix!

[Author's notes: First off, a huge thanks to my readers for their patience; secondly, I write these chapters and stories more when I feel like it or is inspired as supposed to a certain point in time. I truly appriciate your patience with me.]

“Y-You can’t be serious! This isn’t fair!” Judy whined as she found herself tied to Aisha’s bed, Riana, Aisha and Ninna standing in front of it, giggling at her.

“We just want to put on a little show for the sexy dominatrix…” Aisha said innocently, adding with a tease; “…besides, you’ve tied up dozens of girls.”

“Hey, it’s only fitting you get teased a little…” Riana winked, stroking Ninna’s bared stomach and sucking on her pointy ear, smirking seductively at Judy; “…especially when the chicks are as hot as us!”

“You’re so confident in our sex appeal? I mean, I know I’m a succub-…” Ninna began, Aisha and Riana both eyeing her, then each other, and then giggling.

“What, so you’re saying only succubi are sexy? Look at us! Aisha looks like the kinda sexy gamer chick you’d fuck and squirt all over ‘till your pussy ran dry, and I look like a fucking hot swimsuit model and sports star!” Riana smirked, Aisha making an obvious pretense at being upset as she pressed herself against Riana.

“Sex-starved sports freak…” Aisha hissed passionately, Riana smirking as she leaned in further.

“Data-brained geek gal…” she whispered at a barely audible level, Ninna looking at her best friends, snickering.

“Can’t we just ask Judy who’s sexiest, or cutest?” Ninna suggested, the three looking eagerly down at the tied-up dominatrix, who, to their amusement, started chuckling, then laughing outright.

“Y-Yo-huh-huh-huh-huh-…you three…FUCK, you’re PRICELESS! Shit, of all the chicks I’ve had squirming at my feet, and now it’s completely gone and reversed as soon as I meet all three of you in one room…” Judy squirmed in her bonds, nudging her nose to adjust her glasses, letting out a pleasant sigh, smiling up at the three; “…Aisha’s the sexy chick, Riana’s the hot babe, and Ninna’s the cute little gal fresh into sex…”

“You heard that, girls? We just got the great Judy to admit-…” Riana began, Ninna leaning down over Judy, trying her first attempt at seduction.

“Does it sit too tight? I, I could loosen them up a bit if you wanted…?” Ninna asked, firstly out of genuine concern for Judy’s bonds, secondly to tease and seduce the dominatrix a bit more.

“Just a little lower…” Judy purred up at Ninna, the succubus looking down, realizing that her breasts were close to reach Judy’s face, the succubus blushing and yet smiling amused as she pulled back, and making Judy squirm even more.

“We could also just fuck her; how about it? We lick ‘till she’s about to burst, grope her tits a bit, and watch as she squirts like a fountain while we play around!” Riana suggested, fiddling with a lock of Aisha’s hair.

“Hm, good idea, but look at her; poor dearie needs a cum soon, but I’d love it so much more to watch her squirm around, helpless to finger herself…” Aisha said at first overdramatically, then with a seductive sneer.

“You’re so fucking insidious, you crazy bitch…” Riana grinned deviously and ruffled Aisha’s hair, the elf girl chuckling as she responded by crouching right down, licking at the surprised Riana’s pussy, the blonde moaning out loud, now also feeling as Ninna approached her from behind, slowly humping herself against Riana.

“It’s not fair! There should be a law against sexual tension like this!” the both amused and frustrated Judy struggled in her ropes, the one reaching into her crotch rubbing against the thin leather hiding her pussy.

“Oh, if I were a cop, I’d need to give you a real sexy interrogation and review of your complaint, missy…” Riana winked at Judy; “…it’d be all cuffs and chains, ropes and whips, ya dig’?”

“I’m just really pleased we can make Miss Judy feel like this…” Ninna added, smiling at the dominatrix; “…making someone feel so good just from watching you play a little with your friends? I can’t see anything bad about it…”

“Ni-Ninna! Show me mercy! Let me at least suck on your boobs! Please??” Judy pleaded, shaking her head back and forth, the succubus nudging her nose against Riana’s, slowly breaking away from her.

“Really? You want me to pleasure you?” Ninna could not resist teasing the bespectacled dominatrix, Judy nodding desperately, Aisha grinning mischievously at her.

“Don’t, Ninna! I wanna see how desperate Judy here can get…” Aisha licked her lips in delightful glee, Ninna looking down at the panting dominatrix.

“But I feel bad for her! She’s helpless, horny, and…look at her…” Ninna leaned over Judy with all signs of concern, hugging the dominatrix and stroking her hair; however, listening carefully, Ninna removed herself ever so slightly, finding Judy grinning perversely up at her, her tongue reaching out for Ninna’s breasts.

“P-Pervert!” Ninna blushed and tugged down Judy’s cap over her eyes, the dominatrix moaning and groaning as Ninna leaned back, watching the leather-clad girl in amusement, a smile forming on Ninna’s lips.

“Sorry! I couldn’t help it!” Judy insisted as she tried not to grin, Ninna looking behind her, raising her eyebrows in surprise as Riana were drooling on Aisha’s breasts, the elf girl looking completely lost in pleasure.

“OK, I didn’t wanna do this, but-…n-n-n-n-ngh…!” Judy hissed behind Ninna, the succubus turning her head, only to watch as small sparks of what looked like magenta-colored electricity ran over Judy’s gloved fingers, making small cuts in her ropes as the dominatrix kept struggling.

“I’m…gonna…fucking…molest you all…!” Judy panted in a mix of arousal and concentration, surprised as she heard Ninna chuckle above her, the succubus letting a claw-like nail over one of Judy’s slightly scorched ropes, Ninna smiling pleasantly down at the dominatrix.

“Say ‘please’…” Ninna whispered, the dominatrix, at this point thinking of nothing but escaping her bonds and ravish her three teasers, looking Ninna directly in the eyes.

“Please…cut me loose…” Judy asked, Ninna making a small swipe with her nails, quickly dispatching Judy’s ropes; the second she was free, though, Ninna’s eyes widened as Judy threw herself over her, chuckling in glee as she let her gloved hands all over the naked succubus’ breasts.

“Aw-w-w, ye-e-e-eah, this is the best…” Judy licked her lips as her drool fell unto Ninna’s breasts; “…first the cutie-pie, then the two sexy little imps!”

“N-No! Dirty pervert! Lemme go! Lemme go-o-o-o…!” Ninna let out a whimper and tried vaguely to resist Judy’s advances, but as she discovered, the dominatrix was all over her, her weak attempts at backing away hindered by Judy’s hands and fingers groping and fondling everywhere on Ninna’s naked body; the entirety of it felt as if surging with warm electricity, Ninna smirking to herself as she honestly had no real desire to oppose the dominatrix molesting her.

“Um-m-m, lovely…” Judy licked sloppily over Ninna’s breasts, her hands groping with all her might as Ninna let out panting moans, the dominatrix’s smirk turning into a predatory grin; “…sounds like you could really use an orgasm, yourself…”

“A-Aisha! Judy’s fucking Ninna…” Riana remarked as the two of them took a moment to look down at the bed, Aisha letting out a small sigh.
“She’s got a thing for pink hair, big tits and wet pussies…” the elf girl smirked, stroking a lock of Riana’s hair; “…just means we’ll be getting to lick theirs once they start humping each other!”

“G-Girls…help me…” Ninna reached out an arm towards Riana and Aisha, Judy pressing her down with the weight of her entire body, snickering as Ninna began doing the same; “…s-hih-hih-hih-he’s molesting me-e-e-e-e!”

“Well, you could just not be as cute and fuckable as you are, Ninna! Nah-ah!” Riana teased and stuck her tongue out at the succubus, who began laughing as Judy now also started tickling her, Ninna and the dominatrix rolling around on the bed.

“You can give me some too, Ninna…” Judy winked, reaching up and groping her left, tightly leather-clad breast; “…I can still get real giddy even if these babies are all wrapped up.”

“Really? Oh, OK!” Ninna nudged her nose against Judy’s breasts, the dominatrix letting out a pleasant moan, continuing her own molesting of Ninna’s breasts, the succubus still moaning and giggling as she reached her arms around Judy, winking in tease.

“It’s OK! Like Riana and Aisha, you can be naughty with me, Miss Judy…” Ninna stroke her face against Judy’s right breast, then into her ample cleavage as she moaned; “…I feel so giddy!”

“Ah-h-h-h! B-Be glad I’m not in a dominating mood, Ninna, otherwise I’d spank your cute ass ‘till it got redder than your cheeks…” Judy hissed passionately, chuckling; “…right now, I’m just in the right mood to get fucked by a few inexperienced schoolgirls!”

“Hey! Aisha and I have been fucking each other even before Ninna came around…” Riana looked up with a smile on her soaked lips; “…I dunno if we’re really so ‘inexperienced’…”

“Kinky little bitch…” Judy winked at Riana, grabbing at both sides of Ninna’s head, kissing her hungrily; “…and you, so sweet, cute and busty; I think I’m gonna make you cum just from getting your boobs sucked!”

With those words, Judy forced Ninna down on the bed, stretching out the fingers of her left hand and pushing Ninna downwards, the dominatrix chuckling as the succubus whimpered.

“Prepare to be dominated, little girl!” Judy exclaimed passionately, diving for Ninna, grabbing both her breasts and pressing them together, vigorously groping and sucking on her nipples, Ninna moaning out loud.

“I, I thought you said you weren’t in the mood to dominate!” Ninna continued whimpering, Judy chuckling delightfully, reaching between Ninna’s legs, holding up a small trail of Ninna’s love juices, tracing them over her breasts.

“I lied…” Judy purred, rolling Ninna over, the succubus feeling Judy lie down on her back, groping her breasts, Ninna reaching for a pillow as she moaned loudly into it.

“Hih-hih! Priceless! But no fair! I wanna hear you moan, sweetheart, and don’t you dare cheat me out of that!” Judy reached out and grabbed the pillow, lifting it over Ninna’s head, only to press it down over her again repeatedly.

“Y-You’re being silly!” Ninna giggled as her head were forced into the bed sheets for a third time, Judy smirking cheekily.

“Am not! I should let you lick my boots for that remark, you insolent little tramp!” Judy acted tough as she stood up from the bed, letting the foremost part of her left boot touch between Ninna’s legs, rubbing against the surprised succubus’ pussy.

“What? Never cum from a sexy domme’s boot in your cunt? Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this from me…” Judy chuckled deviously; “…I’ve left girls panting, moaning and continuously orgasming for minutes! Guess what? You’re about to be next!”

“N-No! I don’t-…!” Ninna began, only to feel something move under her, finding that Judy were lying down again, her whole leg making its way below Ninna, the succubus now seeing the glistening front of Judy’s boot bare centimeters from her face.

“Lick it! I’m just gonna be imagining how you’d do if it was my cunt…” Judy lay down behind Ninna, stretching comfortably, looking back and smirking at the completely unaware and still-kissing Aisha and Riana.

“I-…well, it’s not like it’s too lewd or…something…” Ninna slowly let her tongue touch the boot, tasting none of the chemical treatments she had feared, instead only seeing her own drool and love juices lightly coating it, Ninna amusing herself as she tried and see if she could find a reflection.

“I’m not hearing you slobbering! Imagine you’re licking a cunt, be it mine, Aisha’s or Riana’s…” Judy snapped, adding in tease; “…how will your pleasure us if you don’t train your tongue?”

“You-…!” Ninna could not help herself from blushing, unsure if she was to scold or grin at Judy; the truth was, she wanted to pleasure not only her two best friends, but now also that crazy, sexy dominatrix.

“Nah-ah-ah! Manners, little girlie…” Judy sat up and wagged her finger in tease, a devious smile on her lips as she leaned slightly over Ninna, letting her her fingers fondle with the succubus’ pussy lips; “…or do you wanna get punished??”

“E-E-E-E-EP! N-No! Sorry, Miss Judy! I’m sorry!” Ninna exclaimed from the sudden stimulation and pleasure, looking over shoulders with pleading eyes, Judy chuckling amused.

“Such an obedient girl…oh-h-h-h, fuck, no wonder I want you to make me cum hard…” Judy sucked on a finger, winking at Ninna; “…if you behave, I’ll let you do something really kinky to me…”

“A-Anything naughty?” Ninna asked slightly nervously, Judy simply nodding her head slowly, a big, devious grin on her face.

“For someone as cute, inexperienced and willing as you, you can’t really expect me to just do a little fondling, can you?” Judy pulled back her leg, sitting on all four behind Ninna, her tongue sticking out as she looked over the succubus’ exposed butt.

“Raise your ass, Ninna…” Judy said, the succubus hesitantly doing so, only to hear a small smack as Judy began to spank her.

“OW! N-No! AH! S-Stop spanking me! I haven’t-…AW…!” Ninna began whimpering again, Judy laughing in amusement as she leaned down, kissing Ninna’s left buttock, the succubus letting out a long moan.

“I, I’m going crazy! I’m getting teased so much…!” Ninna felt herself gritting her teeth, trying not to give in as the dominatrix would no doubt keep teasing and fondling her until she came.

“Hah! Gotcha, cutie-pie!” Judy suddenly rolled Ninna unto her back, grabbing her legs, the dominatrix sitting and almost towering over the surprised succubus, Ninna noticing Judy drooling down on her breasts.

“This is fucking perfect! Get ready to have your muff munched, Ninna! Um-m-m!” Judy exclaimed passionately, her arms reaching down and groping Ninna’s breasts, the succubus screaming in pleasure as Judy’s entire mouth forced itself unto her pussy, licking, sucking and slobbering all over the visibly horny succubus’ clit.

“NO-O-O-O-O! NO, don’t! Mercy! S-Show me mercy!” Ninna cried out, Judy looking up, her glasses already stained with Ninna’s juices as well as her own drool.

“Funny how some chicks scream ‘no’ when every fucking indication points at ‘yes’…” Judy mused and shrugged, sitting herself back a bit and adjusting her stained glasses; “…but sure, I’ll stop; I won’t let go of you, but I won’t lick your pussy, either…”

“Uhm…” Ninna looked awkwardly up at the dominatrix, who simply giggled.

“Stalemate, babe; not so fun when your partner up and does exactly what you say, hm-m-m?” Judy teased, her facial expression the very definition of an ‘I told you so’ look.

“But…I was just-…” Ninna began, looking up as she saw Judy licking her juices off her gloved fingers, once again shrugging.

“Well, it’s gonna be a few awkward minutes before your friends joins us, so what do you wanna talk about?” Judy adjusted her cap, Ninna starring up at the black-haired dominatrix, a smile coming over her lips.

“I-…oh! Oh, now I see! Reverse psychology! Is that what you’re doing?” Ninna suddenly had an idea, Judy at first looking taken aback, but then once again looked in tease down at Ninna.

“Well, if it’s the fancy word for getting your fine ass to admit you want to cum, then yeah, I suppose that’s right…” Judy let out a small sigh; “…but really, Ninna, you don’t mean that I really should stop, do you? Don’t you feel good?”

“I do! B-But, it just feels so-…I, I can’t describe it! It’s like my body’s on fire, like back before with all of you! I-…” Ninna blushed, Judy holding a hand over her face, chuckling to herself.

“Listen, you clueless little cutie: You’re HORNY! H! O! R! N! Y! HORNY! It’s how you feel when you’re about to experience the greatest bliss your little body there can offer you…” Judy let out her tongue, licking at Ninna’s pussy for every letter of the word ‘horny’, the succubus moaning higher and higher for every letter as Judy differed between single licks, slurps and quick kisses against her pussy.

“There’s nothing to feel bad or ashamed of! I thought we’d already established that before…unless you were just in the spur of the moment…” Judy narrowed her eyes, looking as if analyzing Ninna; “…were you?”

“I WAS feeling good! I WAS! Really!” Ninna insisted, Judy sticking her tongue out at her.

“Oh? And what about me? Is my tongue not good enough for the little princess? Is that why you’re whimpering like that? Hm-m-m? Does only Riana and Aisha get the privilege of eating your pretty pussy until and beyond you blow your mind…?” the dominatrix mercilessly teased, Ninna shaking her head back and forth, feeling herself about to go crazy.

“E-Enough! F-FUCK ME, ALREADY! Oh-h-h! Oh-h-h no-o-o-o! I, I didn’t me-…A-A-A-A-A-ARGH! No! NO-HOH-HOH-HOH-HOH! M-MERCY-Y-Y-Y-Y!” Ninna screamed as Judy’s tongue began slobbering over her pussy and letting her hands down the succubus’ sides as she tickled her, the dominatrix letting up, eyeing Ninna lustfully.

“Fuck it! I’m giving you your surprise early!” Judy panted huskily, reaching for the bracelet around one of her gloves, withdrawing a small, pearl-white object, a long, silvery cord unfurling itself from into what looked like a similar, small pearl-white remote.

“Let’s really get you screaming, Ninna! I wanna see you gush like crazy!” Judy exclaimed passionately as she placed the round object on Ninna’s moist pussy, the succubus barely managing to see Judy press the remote in her hand before she screamed; the round object had begun vibrating at a high speed, and as Judy’s tongue were not only licking her pussy, but pressing the object further into her pussy lips, the two sensations sent Ninna over the edge.

“NO! NO! N-NO-O-O-O-O! I, I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I’M, I’M CUM-…I’M C-CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!!!” Ninna yelled out, Judy chuckling as Ninna’s pussy juices began squirting out, hitting and soaking the dominatrix’ face and falling down unto the succubus herself, Judy keeping a firm grip on Ninna’s legs.

“Aw-w-w, so cute…” Judy sucked up the vibrator into her mouth, turning her head and spitting it out, looking down at the panting, moaning and now incredibly soaked Ninna with sheer lust in her eyes; “…that looked so-o-o-o cute!”

“Aw-w-w-w, I got messy again…” Ninna whimpered, opening her eyes and looking up at Judy; the dominatrix’s face and several locks of her black hair were still dripping with Ninna’s juices, her glasses completely soaked.

“I’d say we’re even now…” Judy smirked, slowly putting down Ninna’s legs, licking a bit of Ninna’s juices off her glasses, chuckling as she rubbed her stained fingers over her cleavage; “…you up for making me cum now, Ninna?”

“You’re just so…s-sexy! I, I know Aisha and Riana are both cute, but you’re just so…so-…” Ninna struggled to find the words, the sight of the messy dominatrix something she found herself just as turned on by as the time she had seen Aisha and Riana suck on her breasts unto she climaxed.

“I am, aren’t I? Cheeky little imp!” Judy chuckled as she leaned down on Ninna, rubbing her juice-stained face into Ninna’s cleavage, the succubus giggling in delight.

“So I get to pleasure the lewd dominatrix now?” Ninna asked, Judy licking her lips and nodding.

“O-OK, can you lie down here, then?” Ninna asked, Judy indeed doing so, pleasantly surprised as Ninna crawled down towards her legs, swinging her own legs over Judy’s head, the dominatrix chuckling as Ninna and she entered the 69 position.

“Riana told me about this; it’s supposed to make us both feel really good…” Ninna blushed, Judy winking teasingly up at her.

“Oh? You want more?” Judy smiled, Ninna returning it.

“I…I’m done trying to convince myself I shouldn’t do this…” Ninna said, partially to herself; “…there’s nothing wrong in it, and heck, you even said you wanted this, yourself!”

“Yep! You’re not forcing me or hurting anyone by licking my little pussy…” Judy mused, reaching up her hands as she started spanking Ninna’s butt, chuckling in glee; “…come on! Give it to me!”

“Ouch! O-OK! You’ve asked for it! Um-m-m-m!” Ninna looked down at the small piece of leather hiding Judy’s pussy, easily pulled away, Ninna’s abnormally long tongue sliding all over Judy’s pussy, the dominatrix letting out a deeply satisfied moan.

“Oh yeah, little cutie Ninna’s gonna fuck me…” Judy groped her breasts, tugging down her corset just enough to let out the top of her breasts as she began groping them, pinching her nipples; “…don’t hold back! Whatever you do, just don’t hold back!”

“Just a moment…” a voice suddenly came, Ninna looking up, Riana and Aisha both standing in front of the bed, and from the looks of it just finished with their own lovemaking.

“Riana, I do believe we just missed out on seeing Ninna cum all over herself in pleasure…” Aisha said as casually as she could, facing the blonde; “…however will the two of them make it up to us? Cheating us out of a good show…”

“It’s simple, Aisha: You sit there in front of Ninna, and I go back there and sit behind Judy…” Riana gestured, smirking; “…then we masturbate like never before, so when they both cum, they get an extra wet treat!”

“Good idea! But a fair warning: As you can see, we both cum hard…” Aisha held up her hand, which indeed were now covered in plenty of what could only be Riana’s love juices.

“W-We didn’t mean to forget about you! I was just-…” Ninna began nervously, but was cut short as both Riana and Aisha leaned in and kissed each of her cheeks, Aisha chuckling amused.

“We know, Ninna, don’t be afraid…” Aisha assured as she sat down in front of Ninna, baring her pussy as she lightly rubbed it; “…let’s see you make that nasty domme cum…”

“I’m suspecting you’ll be really amused with this…” Judy looked up as Riana sit behind her, the dominatrix smiling amused; “…I’m hoping you can keep up, Riana!”

“Oh, I will!” the tan-skinned girl winked confidently as she began rubbing her pussy lips, Judy looking up and beginning to lick Ninna’s pussy…

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