Story: Magic Show (chapter 4)

Authors: ijenn

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Chapter 4

Title: Lust At First Sight



She'd spent the day at home, relaxing with the luxury her ill-gotten gains afforded her. Arizona's girlfriend, Katy, had left early, her having had to get to work (poor woman). So she'd had her roommate/best friend all to herself for the day, which was just fine with Selina. She loved spending time with Arizona, maybe even more than she liked prowling around rooftops at night and stealing things that weren't hers... maybe more than that... maybe.

Selina gave her friend another martial arts lesson, taught her more about lock picking, they made lunch together, talked, swam in the pool for a long while (she could only take the cat theme so far after all, water aversion was where she drew the line--she was one cat that loved the pool). By the time the evening came around, Arizona had somehow managed to convince her to go clubbing with her again. Katy was apparently going out of town for the next few days to visit a sick uncle.

"And you really don't feel bad about this?" Selina asked curiously as they walked over to the club entrance. She didn't think it was particularly amoral or anything, she was more looking to gain additional insight into why Arizona was the way she was about this. Since Katy wasn't going to be available, Arizona was on the hunt for a replacement lover for the night. It wasn't surprising--it would have been far more surprising if Arizona -wasn't- doing this.

"Nope. In fact, I expect to be feeling very, very good about it shortly. You should try it more often, you know." She playfully prodded.

"Yeah, maybe..." Selina answered. "It would be kind of nice... Why don't you just go with her? You know, to visit her uncle? I mean, I'd miss you, sure, but..." Selina inquired further.

Arizona sighed. "I like her, okay... but..."

"She's just not the one you're going to marry?" Selina asked playfully.

Arizona looked at her with annoyance. "It's not like that. You should know it's not." She answered.

"No, I know... I didn't mean it like that." Selina replied, feeling a little betrayed that Arizona would think she had meant it like that.

"I know. Sorry. I shouldn't have said that..." Arizona answered.

Selina sighed. "It's okay... but I wasn't criticizing you. I guess... I guess I'm just trying to understand you more. That's all."

"And I get that." Arizona replied. "Sometimes I wish I understood me more too."

Selina laughed. "Now -that- I understand. And it's not like I'm exactly an open book or anything either. Guess that means we're a good match, huh?" She smiled to her friend as they arrived at the club's entrance. She looked up at the sign above the door. 'The Beach' it read in very tasteful metallic golden lettering. There was a long panoramic painting of a tropical beach at sunset just above the sign. Selina gave her name at the door. She and Arizona were members so they were let in without having to pay the cover charge.

The Beach was a very up-scale (and scandalously expensive) lesbian dance club/water park, and it was Arizona's favorite pickup spot by far--for obvious reasons. It was a theme club for sure. The temperature was tropical, the humidity perfect, there was a very impressive and scenic network of pools, the lights were sunny and bright, there was beach sand recessed into the floor in a lot of places, tropical plants and trees, state of the art real-view screens on the walls giving the illusion to anyone who looked that they were looking out at the ocean, a high ceiling full of skylights, cheerful Caribbean style music playing, and then of course there was the dress code...

Selina and Arizona proceeded to check their shoes and outerwear, stripping down to the bathing suits they wore underneath. -That- was the dress code, just like on a beach.

"I love this place." Arizona's eyes had gotten that hazy sort of dreamy look she sometimes got when surrounded by beautiful women... especially such scantly-clad ones.

Selina's eyes caught on a particularly sleek looking Asian woman with a certain type of sparkle in her eyes. "It certainly does have its charm." She had to agree. Besides, she loved the beach. And The Beach was very beach-like, except with an obscene amount of just about all the best modern convenience had to offer. "I'm going to go play in the water park, coming?" She asked Arizona as they walked through the club, the warm sand feeling very nice on her feet.

"Um, maybe later." Arizona smiled apologetically. A woman with long, raven hair had caught her eye apparently, and somehow, with a look, she'd enticed said woman to zero in on her and head her way.

"That's some trick." Selina spoke, shaking her head and smiling a little. "Have fun." She offered, leaving her roommate to fend for herself.

"You know I will." Arizona replied, heading over to meet her latest prospect.

Selina spared them a backward glance, then set her sights on the pools and headed over to get wet and have fun.

She wasn't expecting to actually meet anyone that would have her number or spark her curiosity enough for it to go anywhere, but she did enjoy all the constant flirting anyway. It did her mood (and her ego) no end of good.

And so it was that, an hour or so later, she excused herself from one of the pools and a woman that she liked talking with, but who was obviously intent on getting her into bed later. Not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but Selina found, predictably, there was no real click there. And, unlike Arizona, she'd never been the type to be able to do the whole one-night-stand thing. Like it or not, she was firmly the relationship type.

Besides, she'd had enough of the water for now and wanted to dry off, get a drink, and go dancing.

Dry and hydrated with one of those designer health drinks with the fanciful names, she headed over to the dance floor. A woman with blonde hair came up next to her and stepped in front of her. "Dance with me?" She asked in a soft voice that sent small shivers through Selina's body. The woman took one of her hands gently in hers, and Selina found her hand closing on that hand.

"...All right." She agreed with a warm smile, somehow instantly hooked--instantly intrigued.

She was led out onto the dance floor and found herself seamlessly shifted into this woman's arms and gazing into her eyes, just caught there, unable to look away. How was she doing that? And would she please not stop anytime soon? Selina somehow felt so warm, her body alive in a way that made her want more.

It was intense and heady, how she felt. The look in this woman's eyes was just doing things to her--things that made her practically want to purr like Isis did when she scratched her chin just so. "Who are you?" Selina asked softly, feeling just happy somehow. There was this undercurrent there too, like she felt when she was walking on a wire or something--exciting, but like she could fall if she wasn't careful.

"The woman you're dancing with, of course. Or, did you want my name? ...Don't you know?" She asked softly, moving in close and saying the last part at almost a whisper.

A shock of recognition went through her. She shivered, but somehow didn't tense up for a fight like logic told her she really should be doing. "...Hailey." She spoke the name softly. It wasn't a question. Those eyes? They were so much softer now, but still, how hadn't she known instantly?

"Hi kitty." Hailey smiled to her softly. "Or should I call you Selina instead? ...Personally, I like 'kitty'. Did you like the presents? They're all stolen, by the way." Hailey continued in that same damnably soft voice.

Selina couldn't help but smile at that. Why did she find this woman so charming? It was inexplicable, really. If anyone else had dared to just start calling her 'kitty' like this, she knew she definitely wouldn't find it charming. When Hailey did it though, she actually found herself liking it. "How thoughtful." She bantered back. "But... You wouldn't be trying to buy my affections, would you?" She asked.

"And if I was?" Hailey asked back, a challenge in her eyes.

Selina studied her dance partner then. "You weren't, where you?" She replied, smiling. "What, was it meant to be my equivalent of a dead mouse on my doorstep?" She asked playfully. "Or maybe... maybe it was a dare?" By the look in her dance partner's eyes, Selina could tell she'd guessed right.

"Mm, it could have been something like that..." Hailey smiled, a little shyly actually. Though Selina had the feeling that Hailey knew -exactly- what she was doing. "...Besides, trying to buy them wouldn't work anyway. I don't know you nearly as well as I think I'd like to... but even making allowances for that, it's obvious what I have to do to get your affections."

"And what's that?" Selina asked softly as they continued to dance, having moved yet closer together, much to Selina's rather bemused enjoyment. This was -really- a bad idea. But, hell, it looked like she was going to do it anyway. What else was new? It's not like it was exactly out of character for her, after all. It was probably why she hadn't had much luck getting a relationship to last that long--she kept picking love interests that were just plain trouble.

"Why... steal them of course." Hailey whispered in her ear in a way that almost had Selina asking her back to her place on the spot.

"Mm, so perceptive... are you like that with everyone, or just me?" Selina fairly purred as she moved to capture Hailey's lips in a kiss. She just couldn't seem to help herself. Hailey was pushing her happy buttons in just the right ways, like no one else ever had in fact, and she really didn't want her to stop.

"Oh, wow.... um," Hailey smiled, clearly dazzled by the kiss. "No, I'm always perspective I suppose... it's just rare for me to find someone else who appreciates that about me." She answered. "You might find it hard to believe, but some women find me kind of annoying that way."

"And you think I'm the type that wouldn't be, is that it?" Selina asked curiously.

"Well... You're not exactly keeping it a secret, now are you?" Hailey teased. "I mean... It's only our first dance, and you already want... what you want... Don't you?" She challenged softly.

Selina felt her eyes focus, felt her soul spark and flare, felt her skin anticipating a touch in that way she always felt when she had something she wanted in her sights. When she was sure it was going to be hers. She stopped dancing and moved in as close as close could be. "Yes." She spoke the simple word softly into Hailey's ear. And then she kissed her again, and she was positively reckless about it.

Hailey seemed a little surprised, but definitely was doing anything but resisting. Their bodies closed and pressed together, the pressure against her chest exhilarating, as their hands slowly quested and their tongues danced for a supremacy that Selina seemed to be winning. Hailey moaned a little and Selina was very acutely aware of her reactions, of the surrender she felt from her. That feeling thrilled her and made her want more. Made her want-- She broke the kiss. "This club rents rooms by the night. I'm buying?" She offered softly, her voice a bit husky actually, and her hands reinforcing the offer with seductive touches.

"...Consider me yours." Hailey replied back softly, looking into her eyes in a sort of dreamy and completely love-struck sort of way. She was hooked and captivated, Selina could tell. Talk about an ego boost.

Selina smiled and kissed her again, kind of possessively actually. "That's a dangerous thing to say to someone like me."

Hailey smiled sort of bemusedly. "Likewise." She replied in a playfully sort of way.

"Mm, I had gotten that impression... And, maybe I'm dumb for doing it, but... I kind of think I trust you anyway, though." Selina replied softly, taking Hailey's hand in hers and leading her off the dance floor, Hailey coming along very willingly. Everything logical about this told Selina she was being as stupid as could be. Everything illogical about it told her just the opposite though. When she looked at Hailey, all she could see, all she felt was 'don't be dense Selina--don't let this one get away--she so belongs in your bed right now'.

One check in, elevator ride, and hallway later, they were in a very nice suite that was theirs for the night. The sound system automatically activated when they came it, playing soft music with ocean sounds in the background. Selina pulled a blissful and ready looking Hailey towards the bedroom, took her bikini off, then promptly tossed her on the bed, stripped herself naked too, and basically pounced on her.

Her lips claimed Hailey's demandingly, and she held her new lover down on the bed, caressing her forearms as she gentled her kiss and took her time thoroughly kissing her until her lungs started to protest the abuse. She was in no hurry, but her heart was beating fast in her chest, her head was buzzing with a haze of pure want, and the only thing driving her was that she had to have this woman. Had to know her, please her, possess her... love her...

She broke their kiss, reluctantly, nipping at Hailey's lips and looking into her eyes for a long moment that had her pulse speeding up even more. Somehow, Hailey's eyes just drew her, thrilled her... like jumping off a building high in the sky. Most people, she imagined, had never done that... at least not and lived to tell the tale. To her though, it was her idea of a good time--to her, it was joy and freedom. She'd never met another person who could give her a feeling like that, not really, but here it was, in the Harlequin's eyes. "Such a rush." She whispered in quiet wonder. "How can you be real?" She asked softly, her hands trailing up Hailey's arms to tangle in her hair, before she kissed her again.

They rolled over onto their sides and Hailey's hands were on her, softly caressing her skin in slow, sensual ways that had Selina in heaven already as she focused intensely on kissing her. She was finding she was just in love with kissing this woman, and she was in no hurry to go further quite yet.

Next thing though, she found herself rolled over onto her back. She smiled between kisses and rolled Hailey over so she was on top again. "You're mine now, remember?" Selina whispered in her ear, nipping at it a little playfully before she moved on to trailing a series of kisses down her neck, down between her breasts, one of her hands already having cupped one of Hailey's breasts, finding their firm softness and heat amazing to touch.

"Yours..." Hailey spoke in a breathy gasp that had Selina thrilled, the body under her arching against her touch in such erotic ways.

Selina knew she was hooked just as much as her new lover seemed to be, there was no use denying it. She could hardly remember wanting anyone this much, and they'd just met. She couldn't help it, it just felt somehow like... Finally... someone who gets me. And when her mouth closed over one of Hailey's erect and ready nipples, the feeling it gave her only seemed to confirm her instincts that much more.


Kitty's lips, her fingers, her oh so very talented tongue were doing just the best things to her breasts and Hailey very definitely didn't want it to stop. A smile came to her lips, a bright and joyful sort of smile that she couldn't remember smiling since Lisa... This really was it--she was starting to fall in love again.

'Oh heart of mine' She thought playfully 'You really are a sucker for good sucking, aren't you?'. Was she setting herself up for another heartbreak? Maybe... but then again, maybe not. Either way, the plain truth was, she'd been going quietly mad without this. Three failures at love, one after another--it was wearing on her, and she knew it. She hated failing at things, hated being bad at them, hated having to admit that to herself. But this was more than that. Without being in love, she knew, it would keep hurting so much worse than another heartbreak. She'd eventually lose herself, either this time or the next one. She'd spiral out. She'd kill people, she'd break things, break people, break whatever she could until someone broke her and then, maybe, she'd end it herself.

To be in love? To, with her maddeningly perfect memory, remember it with perfect, vivid detail--every touch, every intimacy, every heartwarming burn of feeling that made you want to cry... and then to live without it, and to have it haunt you almost every minute of every day... It was the worst torture Hailey could imagine. And now... Now it might be over for her again. She might have found love again. She wasn't going to fail this time, she just wasn't... "Oh, kitty, yes... Yes, please..." Hailey gasped blissfully as kitty switched breasts and Hailey buried a hand in her long raven hair, wrapped the other around her shoulders, and held her to her. She wrapped her legs around kitty's waist next and just let herself relax in the sweet surrender. "Harder..."

Hailey gasped again in pleasure as kitty did as asked and sucked her harder. Her eyes fluttered closed and she just smiled and held her lover closer, feeling so warm inside in a way that finally made her truly happy to be alive again.

The heat was scorching her, and the want for release, for kitty to go lower, grew to where it felt like a drumbeat in her ears, and a fire between her legs. She didn't ask for release though, no, she happily endured it, savored it, knowing it would be all the more perfect when her time finally came. There was a certain poetry, a certain clarity that came with being so completely turned on. Her mind was exploding between her ears, thoughts being driven from her in one way, but, in another way, her senses were sharpening, her focus becoming stark and feelings vivid like a rainbow on a spring day.

Time seemed to lose it's meaning, and before she knew it, kitty's kisses were trailing down her belly, down towards just where she needed her... Her pelvis was being lifted up off the bed, and, at the first barest touch of her kitty's tongue on her clit, there was no helping it, she was gone for her--just -Boom-!

She cried out her release, long and soft, as sensation flooded her body in pounding, blissful waves of lustfully pretty feelings. Thought gone. Just feeling, and the warmth of knowing... She was going to make kitty hers--she was going to win her heart, and they'd be together forever. She'd make it happen, whatever she had to do--there just wasn't anything else for it.

But, as her orgasm ebbed, and she came back to awareness of the world around her a little more, she found herself laughing in delight! It seemed she wasn't the only one with intentions! Kitty was licking her folds, drinking her juices, and busily bringing her very close to another orgasm right after the last. Hailey hummed and moaned in complete pleasure. "Oh kitty, yes... Fuck me... just fuck me until I'm dead..." She spoke kind of blearily, her thoughts already abandoning her again.

All the concentration in her focused on the way kitty was using her tongue on her--every stroke, oh, and how she sucked off her clit, oh, that too... that too...

It all just sort of blurred into a long, long, blissful series of combustions. She felt so warm and loved inside. Oh wow, did kitty ever have her number... She was playing her like a violin, and making such beautiful, cheery, cheerful music.

She vaguely recognized it when kitty's lips claimed hers again, and talented fingers possessed her, both her dripping wet sex and one of her sensitized breasts. She felt kitty's grinding on her thigh too, but all she could think about was those fingers and kissing kitty back. The next vaguely coherent thought process she had was when she realized kitty's sex was laying next to hers, her scent attracting her like a magnet to taste her. Then her head was between kitty's legs, and her head felt like the ocean was roaring inside as she ate her out.

From there, they went at each other like starving women, desperate for each touch, every pleasure they could find in one another. And wow was there a lot of pleasure there to be had. It was almost like having Ivy or Lisa or Rose back. In one essentially important way, it felt just the same, and, of course, in other ways it was unmistakably different.

At one point, kitty was holding her down and looking into her eyes again, staring... intensely staring at her, like she couldn't look away. Kitty's eyes were... wild and bright--so much life, and not a trace of fear of her, just the beginnings of love, just desire, wanting--even unvarnished avarice. Those eyes felt like they were possessing her, owning her, demanding she lose herself... and just like that, Hailey felt something break inside her and she smiled, feeling so free. She laughed and surged up, rolling them over and pinning kitty down with vice-like grips powered by the meta-human strength Ivy's formula had given her. She couldn't talk, she just kissed kitty with everything she had in her to give. All the pain and yearning and madness and love she had to offer, she gave it--gave her everything.


Hailey had changed--her arms were like solid iron, holding her down. She struggled against them a little at first in surprise, but soon realized she had no chance, and gave up. And then Hailey was kissing her, and escape was the very last thing on her mind.

Something was happening though, something she didn't understand. Hailey's eyes, they'd been mad, and dark like an abyss there for a moment. It should have scared her, she knew. It didn't though, it just excited her. She wanted this version of Hailey, just as much as she'd wanted the plaint, soft, eager lover version of her. It was such an exhilarating feeling, a thrill that was doing such good things to her. It was better than theft! (and she usually couldn't honestly say that about the lovers she'd had in her life)

Hailey took her then, and then took her again and again and then they were at each other like before--if anything, even more desperately. Every instinct Selina had in her told her this was right though, that she'd found something with this woman. It... felt like home... It was... It was a feeling she couldn't remember ever having before.

As their night continued, they didn't stop making love longer than to catch their breaths a few times until her stamina just couldn't last any longer, and she felt thoroughly spent, and more completely sexed and sated than she'd ever dreamt she could be. She was panting, her skin glossy with sweat and burning with fever and she felt like she was going to faint soon. She was smiling though, looking with such intense emotion as she was sure she'd never felt before up into Hailey's eyes. Why did she feel this way? And how had this woman not even broken a sweat for that matter? It just wasn't fair.... That was when she passed out, feeling herself being cradled gently in her lover's arms. She felt safe and loved, and as she drifted off, she thought...

I could get so used to this...

(2b continued)

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