Story: Isabelle's Crush (all chapters)

Authors: JuliettInJapanese

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Chapter 1

Title: Is it a crush?

This day is almost like any other day. Today, the Mayor is out again. She works hard every day to see it that the villagers of this town are satisfied and content. She works on public projects most of the time, and the townsfolk trust her and rely on her (sometimes too much, though). She is very a very responsible and hard working person, and I can’t help but admire her a lot.

The first days at the office she would spend a lot of time with me, doing the paper work, idly chatting, laughing until we were crying… But lately I hardly ever see her. She’s just here once or twice a day and then she runs off and goes to the aid of the townsfolk. And I can understand why, but I started to feel a little lonely sitting in my chair, not listening to the cheery humming of my- our Mayor.

It is very weird, what I’m feeling. I first thought it was pure admiration, nothing more, but now I am very confused. It may be… physical attraction. She is not so tall, but taller than me. She has big, blue eyes that are kind of sleepy, and her hair is dark brown, and always in a stylish bun. Her looks are a mixture between casual and formal; she tells me ‘I want to look formal, but it’s difficult since I’m running around all day…’ as she glances to the side with a small smile.

I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s like I’m always waiting for her to enter by the door; and, from time to time, I look outside my window just to see if she’s running around shaking trees, and accidentally stepping on the flowers. She always looks at me with a noticeable blush, embarrassed to say the least, when she steps over the flowers that I plant under the ordinances. ‘I’m so, so very sorry, Isabelle!’ She would say, ‘I promise to be more careful! P-Pinky promise!’ she would seriously say. She is so clumsy, but I feel like I can forgive her for anything. Anything except, maybe, ignoring me for so long.

It’s getting dark soon, so maybe I should leave. But then again, I have so much paper work to fill in… So many complaints to reply. So many events to plan… ‘I’m so sleepy’ I think as I black out.

“Ummm…” I hear a quiet voice. “Isabelle?” Oh, Mayor! Am I dreaming? I feel a gentle hand arranging my hair. I yawn, as I open my eyes to find the gentle stare of the Mayor.

“AH! M-Mayor! It’s not what it looks like!! Okay, it’s exactly what it looks like… But I was dreaming about work! I promise!!”

At my sudden confession, the Mayor starts laughing. She reaches out for my hand and takes it between her warm hands.

“Isabelle, you work too hard. I was walking back home and I saw that the lights still were on. I was ready to scold you, you know? For working until late at midnight, but it’s difficult to be mad at you. Plus, I appreciate your efforts a lot.” She glances to the side still holding my hand. “Why don’t you go home, now? I can finish tidying up and closing the place up.”

“No way! I’ll help you out! It’s the least I can do for making you worried.” I say, embarrassed.

“Alrighty’ then!”

We finish stacking up the papers and head outside. I wait for the mayor to lock the door and stare at the floor.

“I’ll walk you home, Isabelle.” She says, “If that’s okay with you!” She adds quickly.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that!”

“Oh, it’s fine by me. I wouldn’t let you walk alone in the darkness! Even though it’s very peaceful, I don’t want to take any risks.”

She puts an arm around my shoulder as we begin to walk together. I become a little self-aware that she’s holding me. I mean, isn’t this how couples walk together? And I can smell her perfume, too… “Plus, I feel like I haven’t been able to chat with you properly! I know you don’t like to gossip, but a lot of things have been happening lately…” She tells me about her day, and about the citizens. I realized a long time ago that she likes to gossip, but she’s on the light side. She would only comment on some things that happened, or some things that she noticed, and how some villagers looked at each other, and everything she did while holding me from the side. Her hand hanging on to my shoulder, her eyes throwing glances at me every now and then, and then I realized… I like her. I want to go out with her! Gee, that’s embarrassing, isn’t it? I glance at her and her lips, still talking casually, unaware of the effect that they have on me.

“Alrighty’ we’re here!” She steps aside, but I don’t feel like saying goodbye. “So, I was thinking that maybe you want to take the day off? You know, get some more sleep?”

“No! Definitely not… I’m fine, I really am.” I say and bravely take her hand between mine.

She stares at our hands and smiles a little. And then she gets closer and kisses me on the front.

“Alrighty’ then, see you tomorrow!” With that said, she begins to run off to her house while waving goodbye. Being as clumsy as ever, she tripped on the flowers that were just planted this morning.

“I’m so, SO very sorry, Isabelle!!” She yells at me. “I-I will make it up to you!! And I’ll be more careful!! Gee, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” She says more quietly.

“IT’S OKAY, MAYOR! I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW!” I yell back. How could I be mad at her, after she has been so sweet? “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, either.” I whisper to myself.

Chapter 2

Title: The Mayor has a Crush?

[Author's notes: I appreciate the reads and reviews. Thank you! This fic will only be three chapters long. It's meant to be short and cute. Again, thank you for reading!]

Some days have passed since I realized that I liked the Mayor (in a romantic way). And in each of those days the Mayor has barely stopped by the office. I don’t know what to do! Sometimes I want to leave this desk and run outside to meet with her and walk together with her, like we did on that night. I wonder if she holds all the citizens as they walk together, and if she holds their hands like she holds mine… It’s ridiculous, but I get so jealous just thinking about it.

Also, I’ve heard from the gossip of the citizens that Bam; tall, blue haired Bam. The village’s jock and the Mayor, have been getting closer. I know I should not listen to gossip, but whenever he stops by the office, I just cannot stand him! I imagine him and the Mayor, hand in hand, chatting, laughing, kissing… Argh!

Tonight is a cold winter night, as cold as it gets in this village. Just as I am about to close the office, somebody comes through the door in a rush. It is Monique, a snooty cat with blonde hair, and she loves the gossip. Contrary to the Mayor, Monique is always meddling in everyone’s business and spreading rumors. I cannot say that I hate her, because other than being a telltale she is very helpful and kind, but I stay away from her often, to avoid having a bad time.

“ISABELLE! You won’t believe what I just saw! You have to listen to me! You, you are the Mayor’s best friend, aren’t you?!”

I bet I look flustered now, am I her best friend? I’m not sure, we barely spend time together.

“Well, I guess, maybe? You know we spend so many hours just working…”

“Yeah, yeah, okay! I just need you to confirm to me that the Mayor is dating Bam?”

What?! She couldn’t possibly be serious now!

“W-what?! Dating Bam? I don’t think so… She would have mentioned it by now.” I say determined. ‘Don’t fall into Monique’s gossip web’ I remind myself.

“WELL! I just saw them by the cherry trees near the beach, they were sharing a LOVER’S EMBRACE!” She says overly excited.

I can’t believe that. I didn’t know that I wanted to do something about my crush to the Mayor, but now…
“Well, just what do you mean by ‘lover’s embrace’?”

“They were holding each other, and she was resting her head against his chest, and they were surrounded by cherry trees, and it was SO romantic!” She sighs.

This isn’t happening. It has to be a mistake! I want to believe that so much.

“Oh, Izzy, you look so sad… Could it be that you have a crush on Bam?”

“Bam?! NO! I mean, he’s not bad looking or anything… but he’s just… not my type.” I say, fidgeting.

“Then… the Mayor?” She hit a nerve right there, and it showed in my face. “Oh my GOSH, Izzy!!! YOU DO!!”

“No, Monique, please! I don’t!”

“You don’t have to lie to me, Izzy! I have to admit I never thought you’d swing that way. I’m sorry, but I really think that the Mayor is taken.” She says with pity on her face. “But, if you want, I can set you up with another villager! What do you think of Cherry?” I try to count to 10. Monique is making me lose my patience.

“Monique, please. I don’t have a crush on the Mayor. And even if I did, I wouldn’t just…” But I couldn’t think of anything. If the Mayor liked me back then I wouldn’t dare to stop these feelings. I know I work for her, and that should make it a ‘no, no’ situation. But if only the Mayor would show me a sign, that she likes me back. I guess that she has Bam now. And that makes me so angry, that I didn’t do anything about it. “Just stop, alright? I don’t want to talk about these things, and I don’t need rumors going on about me and the Mayor! We are friends. Just friends. Now, Monique, please get out of the office, because I need to go home.”

“Alright, gee! You don’t have to be so cranky about it! So rude…” She whispers the last part. “No chit chat about you and the Mayor, I got it. Now, if you want to consider my other offer I can set you up with Cherry. BAH! Nope! Just think about it!” And with that said, she runs out of the office.

I think that Monique really sucks the life out of every villager. What to do now? I feel like I can start to hate Bam already. NO! I shouldn’t listen to gossip. I just fell in Monique’s gossip web! But if the Mayor already has a boyfriend, then what to do now? I don’t think I can take seeing them together. I feel like going for a drink.

Just as I’m about to head for the club, I hear the voice of my dear Mayor.

“Isabelle! Wait!” she’s out of breath and her face flushed. She looks cute today, with a beautiful mint shirt, a light brown coat and yellow ballerina shoes. Her hair, as always, in a stylish bun.

“Mayor! Are you okay?!” I ask concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine! Don’t worry.”

“Can I help you?” I say smiling.

“Well, uh, I wanted to… Bam is having a party at his house, and I wanted to invite you. Uh! What do you say?” She smiles at me expectantly and takes my hand between hers. Why must you do this, Mayor? Invite me to your boyfriend’s party and then just take my hand, making me feel so special, like I’m the only one for you.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” I say before I can consider, toy with the idea of going. “I have important things to do at home.” I try to let go of her hands, but she holds them tightly.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be insistent, or to make you uncomfortable, but I can help out! You know, you’ve been working so hard, and I have missed you so much. I know it’s partly my fault, but I want to make it up to you, and also, for stepping on the flowers.” She glances to the side with a small smile. That is her signature gesture, the one that warms my heart so much. “What do you say? I’ll help you out, then we go to Bam’s!”

“Can we go somewhere else? I don’t feel like going to a party.” I say seriously, looking at her in the eyes. She looks taken aback, like she did not expect that answer.

“Wow, um. Of course you are tired, what was I thinking?!” I heard her whisper to herself. “I uh, what do you say if we just stop by? I really want to go to this party. Then we do whatever you want, and I will pay! I promise! It’s just important for me that we go to this party.” She says, confidence gone away.

“Why?!” I say a little irked now. “Why is it so important to you?”

She looks confused, “Uh, I… It just is, you’ll see it when we arrive!” She tries one last time.

I can’t go, I know what she’ll tell me. That she and Bam are dating, that they’re in love, maybe? I can’t stand that.

“I’m sorry. I can’t go.” I let go of her hands, but she pulls me towards her and encircles my waist with her arms, tightly. I feel all the warmth of the embrace, and at first it feels like home, and I hold her back. She buries her face into my neck, sending shivers throughout my body. But then, I remember what Monique said. She was holding Bam like this not so long ago. I can feel her wanting to say something, but before she can say anything I push her away. “I said I’m sorry, but no.” I start to run away from her.

‘Don’t look back’ I think as I walk back home.

[End notes: A little dramatic. I promise the next one will be cheerier. Thanks for reading!]

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