Story: i heart Shelby Marx (chapter 2)

Authors: kttykiwi

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Chapter 2

Title: Duet

Authors Notes: I’m Back~! Here it is the next chapter in my first Cori story ever! In this chapter I will be mentioning several songs throughout including the duet Cat and Tori will be singing. You can find them all on YouTube by adding the following address to YouTube (dot) com


(Also, I just watched D.E.B.S. for the first time ever this week; it made me happy and reminded me of Jade and Tori.)

iHeart Shelby Marx

Jade west was not normally a morning person, in fact she wasn't what you would consider a before noon person either. Still it was apparently mandatory for her to go to school and get an education, and if not for the fact that she was getting a leg up on her chosen profession at Hollywood Arts she would have just said 'Fuck It!'

This was a part of her personality that was widely known, so she had to wonder just WHY she was being dragged into the janitor's closet by a hyper red-head before first period had even begun.

"Cat, please explain to me why you feel like dying today."

"I need your help!"

"So? Why me?" She couldn't admit it even to herself most of the time, but Jade knew she'd help the other girl despite all protests.

"I'm pulling the best-friend card here Jade!" The red-heads face was serious and Jade felt a little worried.

They had been best-friends since middle school and despite all attempts to get rid of her the red-head was still there for the Goth when she needed someone. So for the other girl to bring it up meant this was serious, especially since Tori Vega had come into the picture and Cat usually went to her for these types of things now.

"Alright. What's going on Cat?"

"You know how I have a crush on Shelby Marx?" The dark-haired girl felt a headache coming on; it was going to be one of 'those' situations.

"Yes Cat, I think everyone knows about your crush by now."

"Tori doesn't!"

Jade wanted to get this over with now, anything involving Vega made her want to hurl at the best of times and now was not one of them. "Get on with it! What does your crush have to do with Vega?"

"Remember the fight on Saturday and how much Tori looks like Shelby Marx?" Jade gave the red-head a look that meant 'out with it or die!' prompting her to continue. "IhaveacrushonTori!"

"I'll give you points for making that all one word, but if you don't cut to the chase and quick I'm going to be short one red-headed nuisance."

"I said... I have a crush on Tori! You gotta help me Jade! What do I do?" Cat was looking up at her with those pleading eyes she still couldn't say 'no' to, despite how often she had tried.

Damnit! I hate that look, it should be illegal! Then getting over the fact that she hated when Cat pulled that look, her brain decided to actually process the information it had received.

Wait a minute. Did she say-?

"You have a what on who?!" This was just too much for so early in the morning.

I haven't even had my second cup of coffee yet!

"You heard me! Now what do I do?" Cat was close to hysterical at this point and as fun as it was to watch her freak out sometimes, this was not one of them.

"First off, calm the hell down! Second, tell me when you realized this and how." Jade was surprised that Cat actually obeyed her and seemed to calm instantly, but the fact that she was blushing so hard made the Goth wonder.

"Um... well remember I went to her house afterschool on Monday? I figured it out then, but I can't say how!"

Now Jade was getting interested, Cat was actually horrible at keeping secrets and that she was even trying to do so was telling in itself. "Go on."

"Well I sort of freaked out and ran away once I realized it, but now I have to go back and work with Tori on our duet for class and even though Trina told me that Tori wasn't upset I ran away, I still feel really bad."

"Cat, today is Friday. Are you telling me that you ran away and haven't so much as said 'hi' to the girl in four days?"

"I panicked! Plus I tried texting her an apology but I think her phone is still in her locker." Cat slumped to the floor of the closet in despair.

"Well you said Trina talked to you right? Why don't you tell her this?"

Cat looked up at Jade with wide eyes and shook her head wildly. "NO! Trina's scary when she's being nice to Tori, and she cornered me yesterday after school to talk about what happened and..." Jade watched as the red-head mentally relived her encounter and felt sorry for the girl.

"I can't tell her I have a crush on her sister after what happened, she'll think I'm making it up! Or worse! She'll believe me and get all protective and scary again!"

"Alright, I've had enough of this crap!" The Goth had reached the end of her patience. Best friend or no, Cat was getting on her last nerve. "There is obviously something I am missing here, and you won't tell me for whatever reason! So here's my advice! Man up, apologize in person, talk this out with Tori, and then work on your duet like you're supposed to!"

She didn't even wait to see what Cat's reaction was and left the cramped closet just in time for the bell.

Screw class, I need coffee!

iHeart Shelby Marx

*Tori Vega: FYI. Advertising lies, Stairs are evil, and Bed Rest= BORING! ... Also does anyone know where I left my phone? Feeling= blah*

At last she had managed to get her status updated on theSlap, no thanks to Trina of course. It had only taken her the last three days to work up the nerve, but Tori had finally attempted to go downstairs and had even succeeded with minimal pain and a whole heck of a lot of effort.

The reason for her excursion? "I love you Mr. Laptop! You'll help keep the boredom away, won't you?"

Yep, the half-Latina had spent the last few days plotting ways to get her laptop from its resting place on the coffee table after Trina had bluntly told her 'No' when she had asked for it. Now that it was in her grasp she could spend her time doing more than staring at the ceiling, or like when she had gotten REALLY bored, counting the threads in her sheets.

Turned out they were NOT 200 thread count like advertised, they were 197 thread count. She had even gone so far as to triple-check the count to make sure.

I still can't believe I actually did that... but it DID make time pass pretty quickly.

A chime pulled her from her thoughts announcing a reply to her post. Quickly she pulled it up to check and spotted not one but two messages in response.

*Cat Valentine: Hi Tori! Sorry about Monday :( ... Also I think you left your phone here at school.*

Tori was happy that Cat was still willing to talk to her, and she also felt a little stupid since she now realized that her phone was tucked safely into her locker along with her backpack.

*Trina Vega: How did you get your laptop? You better not have gone downstairs on your own!*

"Well that doesn't bode well for later." Ignoring the implied threat from Trina she quickly composed a second set of messages in reply.

*Tori Vega: @Cat- U R Forgiven :) Also thanks for letting me know about my phone!*

*Tori Vega: @Trina- Grab my stuff from my locker before you head home to kill me please.*

"Alright, now that we have THAT taken care of..." Tori closed her laptop and stood from her place on the couch. Steeling herself she picked the computer up and turned towards the stairs with determination. It was going to be hard, and it was going to be awkward, but she WOULD conquer the abomination despite how little she really wanted to move at the moment.

Note to self: ALWAYS go to the bathroom before venturing downstairs when on bed rest.

iHeart Shelby Marx

*...Just close your eyes. You'll be alright. Come morning light, You and I'll be safe and sound...*

Cat heard the lyrics playing on the radio and prayed they would be true, even as she gripped her seat belt strap so tightly that her knuckles turned white. Then Trina honked the horn while swerving causing Cat to squeak and close her eyes tightly.

Why did I ever agree to this?

Currently the duo was traveling to the Vega household after school, but while Trina was a naturally bad driver this was something else. Cat wasn't sure but she thought it might have something to do with how upset the other girl had seemed since they had met up at the school's entrance.

"Trina, please! I would like to LIVE long enough to get to your house!"

"Oh, don't you worry Cat; we'll get there no problem!" Trina actually turned to face the red-head and gave a vicious grin that scared her even more than the reckless driving. "We'll get there and when we do, I am going to KILL Tori."


Cat worried a bit for Trina's health, along with her own of course, as the brunette’s eye started twitching at the question.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked?

Taking a deep breath Trina calmed herself before answering. "That, stupid STUPID girl..." she took another deep breath before continuing.”...look, Mom and Dad left me in charge of Tori while they are gone on business this week. That means I will get into SERIOUS trouble if she does something stupid, like WANDER THE HOUSE ALONE! What if she had fallen down the stairs?! Then what?"

Cat was in awe. Trina was being an over-protective big sister and she got to see it happening. Awww she's worried... that's so sweet! Another honk and some swearing broke her from the thoughts of sweet Trina.

No one's ever going to believe me about it though.

iHeart Shelby Marx

"... all the girls in town look you up and down, I know~ so come on and pick your kitten~ purr baby purr go ahead and say the word, let’s go~ I think I'm the one your digging..."

Tori was bored despite having her computer now and was trying to keep herself busy by singing along with the radio as well as searching for a song to do with Cat for class. SplashFace however was not being horribly cooperative in her search for an appropriate duet featuring a male and female singer. Most of the results were inappropriate for singing at a school function or were not true duets at all, though she had managed to find some new music for her favorites list.

"Alright, I give up! Maybe Cat will have an idea?" Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of an angry Trina making her way into the house.

And here comes trouble.

"TORI!" There was the sound of stomping and then strangely enough what the bed-ridden Latina thought sounded like someone skipping. The door to her room was thrown open and in came her sister.

"S'up Treen? Did you grab my stuff?"

"I did. But you are going to pay for being so reckless!" Tori knew her sister wasn't talking about leaving her bag at school.

"Don't worry Tori; Trina was just worried you would get hurt again." Cat skipped into the room with a smile and made her way over to Tori for a hug. "I won't hurt you this time, right?"

"Hi Cat! And I promise I took my meds this time, just don't squeeze." Despite the surprise at Cat being there, Tori was all set to get a hug from her favorite red-head.

"No hugging!" Trina interrupted with a smile on her face but made no move to stop Cat from doing so.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you Cat, but what are you doing here?"

"I came to work on our duet, it's due next week and we haven't even picked a song yet!" Releasing the gentle hug she sat on the edge of the bed and held Tori's hand in her own before speaking again. "Plus I wanted to say sorry for running out last time, especially after you told me such a big secret."

"It's ok Cat, I already forgave you."

"Ugh! What is with all the mush? Look, Cat is Sorry for freaking, Tori forgives you, and now you can get past it and to more important things! I am MAD at you Tori!" Trina was still in protective sister mode and wanted said sister to know it.

"Sorry I went downstairs when no one was home to help, but you refused to grab my laptop and I was bored! I counted the threads in my sheets! Three Times, Trina! Three!"


Cat giggled at she heard what Tori had done. It reminded her of the time she had done the same thing simply because she had been curious if her sheets were really 200 count. She gave up halfway through her third attempt because she kept getting distracted by thoughts of how bored she was. She ended up hanging with her brother after that and almost got arrested when he took her out for ice cream only to end up in a fight with the store's owner.

It was a good thing she could run so well in high heels otherwise things could have gotten bad.

"Fine! I'm ordering Pizza for dinner, are you going to stay the night Cat or do you need a ride home later?" Cat was pulled out of her thoughts by Trina's question and glanced at Tori to see if she wanted her to stay.

"Stay and we can watch movies and stuff after we pick a song."

"Kay kay. But I didn't bring any clothes or anything."

"Borrow Tori's and I'll give you a lift home in the morning." With that the elder Vega left her sisters room to order food."

Thinking on her experience in the car earlier Cat cringed at the thought of being driven anywhere by Trina ever again and let out a little squeak of terror.

"Let me guess, Trina's driving has scarred you for life hasn't it?" Cat merely nodded in agreement before feeling Tori squeezing her hands in comfort.

Oh! I forgot I was still holding her hand! She took a moment to concentrate on the sensation. Wow! They're so soft...

"What kind of moisturizer do you use?" The question was out in the open before she even knew it was forming.

"What? Why do you want to know that?"

"Your hands are really soft, but your Shelby Marx and you punch people a lot so shouldn't they be harder?" Cat blushed as her thoughts took a less than clean detour about the famous fighter’s hands and what she had just said.


Tori was caught off guard by both the question and the blush. She had been secretly enjoying every second of Cat's hands playing with her own and had been paying less attention than usual as her thoughts wandered.

"I guess I never thought about it, but I just use regular lotion when I need to."

"Oh. So have you thought about a song we can do yet?" Cat was obviously trying to change the subject, but Tori allowed it with a smile.

"I spent some time looking and made a playlist, but there's not much to it. How about you, any ideas?"

Cat took a second to think about it before speaking. "A couple, can we just go through your playlist and see what we like?"

"Sure, give me a sec." Tori reached over to grab her laptop and opened it to her SplashFace page. "Here we go, if you have anything to add go for it."

Cat leaned over for a better look at the screen and then smiled before clicking play. There were only a few songs on the playlist so it didn't take them too long to listen to the entire thing, but each song had its own potential.

"So got a favorite yet?"

"Yep! I want to do this one, it has some of the best vocals and it's one of my favorites!"

"Sounds good to me, let's do it."


"We can start practicing later but for now, how about a movie?" Tori grinned up at Cat who was bouncing in excitement and couldn't help but smile at the cuteness.

God I love this girl...

iHeart Shelby Marx

They had been watching movies for hours now, and Tori could see that Cat was starting to get tired. Readjusting herself to a more comfortable position on the couch Tori let out a yawn and realized that she was also getting kind of tired.

"Hey Cat, maybe we should get ready for bed now."

"I'm not-" The red-head was cut off by a huge yawn of her own. "Ok. Do you need help getting up the stairs?"

Tori took a moment to assess herself and checked the time to see when she next needed her meds. A few slow movements left her wincing but it wasn't nearly bad enough to keep her from being able to make it upstairs. "I can make it, but a little help never hurts."

"Kay. I'm sleeping in your room right?"

Oh man, I forgot about that... but I can't tell her 'no'.

She could feel herself blushing at the innocent question and had to force herself to speak normally. "Um... yeah. Unless you want to sleep somewhere else?"

"N-No, your room is fine." Tori heard the stutter in Cat's voice but put it to the late hour as they made their way to her room. Soon enough they were upstairs and Tori was digging through her drawers for some Pj's.

"Here you go Cat, these should fit. I'm going to go change in the bathroom real quick and take my meds for the night, feel free to make yourself comfy."

"Kay kay." Cat took the purple heart pajamas Tori handed her with a smile while the brunette wandered down the hall to change into her own rainbow star pjs. It took her a bit longer than usual to simply change her pants and do her business since she was effectively restricted to one arm, but there was absolutely no way she'd get her shirt changed by herself.

I forgot about this... usually Trina helps me in these situations, or Mom when she's home.

"Tori? Are you ok in there?" Cat had come to see what was taking her so long and Tori sighed as she realized what needed to be done.

Ok, I can do this. I'll just pretend it's like Trina or mom helping me. Deep breath Tori.

"I'm fine, but... I kind of need some help."

"Do you need me to come in?" Tori bit her lip at the question knowing that this was going to be embarrassing.

"Y-yes, please." Her voice cracked a bit but apparently Cat had still heard her clearly as the door opened only seconds later. Tori could already feel herself blushing furiously at the thought of her crush seeing her half naked, let alone helping her to change.

Maybe I should have just in this top for the night. She thought about it seriously for a moment. Except I've been wearing this shirt since yesterday night and while showers are out till my ribs are better I refuse to stink while Cat is here.

"What's up Tori?"

"I... I need help... changing my shirt." Tori whispered her request and looked away in embarrassment not wanting to see the look on her friends face. Quickly she hastened to explain before the other girl got freaked out though. "Usually my Mom or Trina help but... Trina's asleep and moms not here and I REALLY need to change!"

There was silence for nearly a minute and Tori was about to tell her friend to forget it when the red-head spoke up.



Cat had gotten worried about Tori when she had been gone for nearly ten minutes and had gone to see what the problem was. She hadn't really been expecting her to need help changing, but in retrospect it was fairly obvious the injured girl would need some form of help until at least her arm was out of its sling or her ribs were a little better.

It took her nearly a minute, but seeing how embarrassed the half-Latina was to even ask for help firmed her resolve and let her push any naughty feelings to the side. This was not the time to ogle the girl she was crushing on, despite she would get to see her half-naked.



"I said ok, I'll help you." Cat could see the surprised relief in the brunette’s eyes. "You're my friend Tori, any way I can help you I will. Now, how do we do this?"

A shy smile grew on the taller girl's lips and Cat felt her heart grow lighter. She had always felt an attraction to Tori but had left it as a strong friendship and the brunette being so visually similar to her long time crush Shelby Marx. Now though she knew what it had really been, Cat had grown attracted to Tori for her personality not her looks, though obviously they helped since the two girls were in fact one and the same.

"Um... first we have to get my sling off and then remove the old shirt. Luckily I have a LOT of button up shirts making it easier."

"Kay kay."

Cat moved closer to her crush and felt herself start to blush. No matter what she said she was still a teenage girl about to see the girl she liked half naked. Taking a deep breath she steeled herself for the task and started to gently unbutton the taller girl’s shirt.

You can do it Cat; just pretend it's an acting assignment or something! Just two friends in a bathroom, one helping the ...other... oh god!

Cat's thoughts trailed off as she caught sight of the skin Tori had hidden beneath her shirt. Nearly every inch she could see was that sick almost black color of a really bad bruise that had yet to start healing. The sight had her nearly in tears as more and more bruises were revealed the further she got.

"Oh god, Tori..."


She could see that Cat was nearly in tears as the bruises she had hidden were revealed one by one, but Tori knew that her sensitive friend had yet to see just how bad it really was. She kept herself quiet even as the red-head began to slowly and carefully remove first her sling and then her shirt. It wasn't until she heard Cat gasp at the sight of her back and felt trembling fingers tracing her spine that she said anything.

"It's not as bad as it looks, really."

"Tori your ENTIRE back is one giant bruise, how is that not bad?" She could hear tears in her friend’s voice and regretted having the shorter girl see the results of her fight with Anya.

"I've had worse, besides they're starting to heal and in another week I won't feel them anymore." That was apparently the wrong thing to say as she felt Cat turn her gently but firmly to look the red-head in the eyes.

"You've had worse? Tori I know you're Shelby Marx and all, but is being a fighter really worth this kind of pain?" The half-Latina had never seen her friend so serious before, but knew she had to answer. The only problem was she had never figured out the answer herself.

Had that fight been worth it?

"There are always risks to be had in pursuing your dreams; my Nana told me that shortly after I told my family I wanted to be a fighter. She wasn't just talking about my being a fighter though; she was talking about any kind of dream." Tori reached up with her good arm to caress the tears from her friends face.

"Being a fighter is worth a little pain sometimes because I truly love it, but I know I can't do it forever. Fights like the one I had against Chekov just remind me of that, it's why I agreed to come to Hollywood Arts in the first place, to give me another dream to follow once I can no longer fight." She was putting all of her feelings into her words and hoped that the red-head could understand.

"When you can no longer fight?" Cat looked incredulous at that. "You mean when you get a permanent injury?"

"When I no longer want to fight is more likely Cat. Even with the broken ribs I still love fighting, but I've also really started to enjoy acting and singing as well."

"So it's worth it?" The red-head gave her a lost look and Tori couldn't help herself. Despite being topless and covered in bruises she felt the urge to just kiss the sorrow from Cat's face. Instead she reached for the shorter girls hand and held it to her heart.

"Did you enjoy the match on Saturday, before you knew it was me fighting?"

The red-head looked at her in confusion for a moment before nodding yes slowly. "I did, Shelby- you have been my favorite fighter since I was 15."

"Then it was worth it."

It was more than worth it.

iHeart Shelby Marx

The weekend had passed quickly after Cat and Tori had their little talk, the time easily spent working on their duet and just hanging out together with Trina. Cat had ended up staying Saturday night as well out of fear of Trina's driving, and had gotten a ride home from Mr. Vega Sunday night after they had gotten back into town.

Now it was early Monday morning and Tori's first day back to school since she had gotten hurt. At the moment the half-Latina was waiting by her locker for Cat to show up like planned. The red-head had offered her services as a book caddy over the weekend, and while appreciative Tori really just wanted the excuse to spend more time with her.

"Hi Tori!" the sudden call of her name had the brunette jumping and she turned to find Cat standing near her with a smile and what looked like two cups of coffee.

"Hi Cat."

"I brought you some coffee!" The hyper red-head handed one of the cups to Tori before taking a sip out of her own.

"Thanks Cat." She took a sip of the caffeinated beverage and was pleasantly surprised. "Oh wow, it's just the way I like it. How'd you know?"

"I remembered from watching you make some on Saturday." Cat was blushing as she said that, a shy smile on her face that made Tori just want to hug the shorter girl out of sheer cuteness. "A-are you ready for class?"

"Yeah, just let me grab my books." Maneuvering her coffee into her off hand, Tori quickly opened her locker only to be pushed gently out of the way and handed a second cup of coffee.

"Hold this. You have Spanish first right?" Cat asked as she started grabbing books from the brunette’s locker and placing them in her own backpack. "Then math and lunch after that?"

"Uh... yeah." Tori was completely surprised that the red-head knew so much about her schedule, and to be honest with herself a bit flattered as well.

"Yay! I got it right!" Cat clapped her hands happily before she shouldered her bag and took back her coffee.

"Ugh. What has you so happy?" Both girls turned at the familiar voice and spotted Jade making her way to them, Beck in tow like usual.

"Hi Jade! Hi Beck!"

"Hi Cat. Nice to see you again Tori, feeling better?" Beck placed his arm over Jade's shoulder as he asked the question, trying to calm his irritable girlfriend before she could get going.

"Well I can finally get up and down the stairs without feeling like I'm dying, so yeah." Tori gave a bit of a smile hoping that her friends would take it as a joke. Only Cat knew exactly how true the statement really was, especially after she had finally gotten to see the full extent of Tori's injuries in a rather embarrassing incident; one involving Cat, Trina, and Tori needing help taking a bath.

"Well you look like crap." Jade was blunt with her words, but then again no one expected her to be otherwise.

"Thanks." Tori rolled her eyes, but huffed as she knew it was true. "To be honest though, if it weren't for my meds I'd feel worse than I look."

"Oh! That reminds me! Tori where are your meds? Trina told me to make sure you have them with you."

"Cat you don't have to babysit me you know." The look Tori received at those words made her snap her mouth shut and had Jade subtly moving herself from the red-heads line of sight. "T-they're in my locker!"

"Good, there will be no repeat of last Monday." The red-head turned back to close Tori's locker before grabbing her arm and leading her away. "Now it's almost time for class and I've got English first, so let’s go."

Tori could feel herself blushing, but was also embarrassed to realize that she was a little turned on by Cat being so aggressive. She chanced a glance back at Jade and Beck as she was dragged away only to see a look of amusement and curiosity respectively.

I think I should be terrified, but Cat's so hot when she gets like this.

iHeart Shelby Marx

Something most people did not understand about Jade West was how curious she could be at times; if it was interesting she wanted to know about it. The 'incident', as she had taken to calling it, from this morning had sparked her interest greatly.

She already knew that Cat was crushing on Vega, and that the brunette had been badly hurt last weekend, but there had been something else about their interactions that were bothering her. She had spent the rest of the day watching Cat and Tori carefully, trying to figure out exactly what was going on with them.

The Goth had learned a few things from watching them but was still not able to put what was bothering her into words.

Ok, the best way to figure this out is to break it down into parts and analyze them. First thing, Cat likes Vega.

She remembered the red-head pulling her into the janitor’s closet and asking for her help. She still wasn't sure why Cat had mentioned her crush on Shelby Marx or what it had to do with Vega.

Except that they look pretty much identical, so that makes sense. She probably realized that Vega looked like her crush and freaked. Item two, Vega is injured.

Since the half-Latina had shown up in school this morning Jade had noticed the difficulty she had in moving around. It was obvious the brunette was in some serious physical pain even with the medicine she was taking for it. The Goth had also caught sight of some bruises that made even her cringe in sympathy pain.

I know Cat spent the weekend at Vega's so if she saw how badly she was hurt that would explain her protective attitude. The girl always did take playing nurse a bit too seriously. That look she gave Vega probably means the twit did something stupid in front of Cat too.

Reminding herself of the red-heads look made her think of Tori's reaction to it. The half-Latina had instantly done as told and then had blushed a bright red as she was dragged away. At first Jade had just assumed it was out of embarrassment but thinking back she realized that the half-Latina had been smiling a bit.

I think Vega liked it when Cat got all bossy with her, that or she thought it was cute or something.

Something about that thought struck a chord but she still wasn't sure why.

Moving on to item three, Cat's behavior.

The red-head had spent her day helping Tori by walking her to class and carrying her books for her. Jade knew that the brunette had tried protesting at least a little, but had eventually given up since Cat was adamant about doing things for her. She also knew that Cat was actually enjoying doing those things for the other girl, it had been written all over her face.

It's sickening behavior from people who are dating, let alone just friends, but Cat does have a crush on Vega so that's excusable. But if the look on Vega's face was any indication I think she liked it too, though that could just be her usual reaction to making Cat smile.

Another chord was struck, and a niggling thought started forming in the back of her brain, one that she didn't really want to look at too closely.

Item four, Vega's behavior. I have never seen her so docile, especially when it involved her sister or my teasing her. It was freaky, but part of it was probably the pain messing with her since she seemed so out of it.

Jade hated to admit it even to herself, but she enjoyed it when Tori fought back and had been truly freaked out when even her best barbs had been ignored outright. That the brunette hadn't so much as blushed when her sister had started treating her like a little kid at lunch had been strange to watch, though pretty funny too. She hadn't stopped making fun of the girl until Cat had given her that look.

For such a nice person Cat can be really evil when she wants to. Not that anyone ever believes me when I tell them that, though I have a feeling Vega might based on her reaction this morning.

Jade took a moment to think that over and felt herself shudder in fear. While she and Tori might be 'frenemies' she honestly hoped that the brunette had no reason to ever get Cat angry enough to feel her wrath.

I still have nightmares about it... and I can't believe I have something in common with Vega. Still...

She took a few moments to roll her thoughts around trying to put everything from that day into perspective, including that she would have to eventually warn the brunette to avoid making Cat angry. Pieces were still missing and while she could make a few guesses about what was going on she knew they were just that, guesses.

Looks like I'm going to be playing spy this week.

iHeart Shelby Marx

Trina was absolutely fed up with Tori and her crush on Cat. She'd known about the crush since Tori first came home from Hollywood arts with a sappy smile on her face and stories about a red-headed angel. She had ended up laughing herself sick at that, but in the end had vowed to support her little sister. Now though, it had been nearly six months since that point and the girl hadn't made one move.

She's such a wuss when it comes to this, the girl is all over her since she got injured but not once has she tried to even flirt.

Right now was a good example of this. Tori and Cat had gotten a ride home with her so that they could practice one last time before tomorrow’s duet. They sounded excellent together and had some obvious chemistry going; it was amazing that they didn't realize how much they liked each other.

Trina was pretty tempted to say something about it in front of the red-head, but had unfortunately promised her sister not to.

Damn those promises! But...

She got an evil little smirk on her face as something occurred to her, and quickly she grabbed Tori's phone without either of them noticing. Thumbing through her contacts she hunted for the number she needed.

Wicked West? Really? Geez Tori couldn't you think of something more original?

Quickly she wrote it down and headed off for some privacy to make a call of her own. Once in her room she locked the door and dialed the number hoping the Goth would hear her out.

*Who are you and why are you calling me?*

"That's a good way to scare off important calls, including this one."

*So you'll hang up and leave me alone?*

"Despite our mutual dislike of each other, I actually have a reason to steal your number from my sister."

*Out with it Vega, I have things to do.* Trina took a second to roll her eyes at the response but knew putting up with the other girl would eventually be worth it.

"You're Cat's best friend right?"

*And your point is?*

"So you obviously know that she's crushing on my sister big time."

*And how did you find out about it? Did she tell you?*

"She didn't have to; I am here when she and Tori hang out together. I can see it."

*So you just called to tell me my best friend has a crush on your sister?*

"No I called to tell you my sister has a crush on Cat and that they are both too chicken shit to tell each other."

There was a moment of silence from the phone and Trina actually checked to make sure the call hadn't been dropped. It hadn't and after another moment Jade's voice came back on the line.

*How long?*

"Since day two at HA. She came home talking about a red-haired angel and has been crazy about her since. Meantime I've had to put up with all the bullshit behind the scenes and I'm sick of it."

*So you want to what, get them together or something?* She smiled at the Goth’s question and knew the other girl was hooked.

"Exactly! I figure we can come up with a basic plan sometime this weekend and start working to get them to confess to each other." Another moment of silence passed and Trina hoped the Goth was willing to help, because her only plan otherwise was to tell Cat outright. A plan that would end with her getting the crap beat out of her by an angry MMA fighter.

*Why don't we just tell them they like each other?*

"Do you want to make them angry? I know for a fact Tori would kill me if I told Cat, and I can only assume the same for you."

*Don't ever repeat this, but you have a point.*

"I knew Cat had to be hiding something! Let me guess, she can be really evil if she wants to, right?" Trina had thought about it for a long time once she found out about her sister's crush. No one could be all sweetness and light all the time and still have a girl like Jade as their best friend, it just wasn't possible.

*Whatever, let's just agree to meet up and make a plan. But Vega, don't think this means I like you, at all.*

"Same here, but I've had to deal with this for almost 6 months. Imagine Cat after six months Jade, I know you would hate it too."

*I'll meet you during lunch tomorrow, at the black box theatre. Bring any ideas with you.* This time the call ended with an audible click and despite being hung up on Trina was smiling.

Finally! Now I can stop watching them dance around each other all the time!

iHeart Shelby Marx

"Alright! That was Jade and Robbie in... whatever the heck that was. Up next we have two very lovely ladies performing a duet, our very own Cat Valentine and Tori Vega with Daniel Merriweather's 'Water and a Flame'!"

Friday had finally arrived and with it the end of their project. The entire class was performing their pieces one at a time in the black box theatre while other classes had been invited to watch. This of course meant that the theatre was full as students and teachers alike came to see the performances.

Tori and Cat had decided that since they couldn't do much in the way of choreography with the song that they would instead dress to impress. Cat wore her hair pulled back and up to compliment her dress and show off her neck and shoulders, while Tori wore a simpler outfit.

Since the brunette was still heavily bruised and in a sling, they had gone with a button up shirt with vest and tie over black pants and boots, all in colors complimenting Cat's dress. She was also covered in a fair amount of make-up hiding the worst of the now healing bruises on her face.

As they strode out onto the stage together and signaled for the music to start, people in the audience couldn't help but notice how nicely they complimented each other and hoped that their voices would do the same.

The music began and Tori was the first to start singing, her voice a bit deeper than usual but still beautiful.

*Seven days is gone so fast

I really thought the pain would pass

It's been nearly an hour since I thought of you

But you're not answering the phone

I'd settle for a busy tone

At least by that I'd know that you're okay

A girl like you ain't meant to go away, oh

And now you're gone, ain't nothin' else I want

And now that it's over, there's nothin' else I want

And what have I done? Looks like I was wrong

Is everythin' really meant to change?

I guess we're like water and a flame, water and a flame*

Cat started her verse with passion and a clear voice, surprising those who had never heard her sing before.

*I'm tired of this empty house

I need a drink to get me out

A couple more 'til I forget your name

I saw a boy that looked like you

I didn't know quite what to do

It took a power of will to break my stare

I realized what I wanted wasn't there

Now you're gone, there's nothin' else I want

Now that it's over, there's nothin' else I want

What have I done? Looks like I was wrong

Is everythin' really meant to change?

I guess we're like water and a flame, water and a flame*

*If you see me comin'

I look away, I look away

And if your mind is made up

I look away, I will look away

If you're worry bound

I'm okay, I'm okay, yes, I am

And all this sorrow and this pain

Is gonna go away, oh no, no, no

Now you're gone, ain't nothin' else I want

Now that it's over, there's nothin' else I want

What have I done? Looks like I was wrong

Is everythin' really meant to change

I guess we're like water and a flame, water and a flame*

The audience was up on its feet clapping and cheering at the wonderful rendition of a beautiful song, leaving the girls to beam happily in pride even as they hurried off the stage so that the next group could perform.

Andre, who had already done his skit with another girl in the class, came up to speak with them and happily patted Tori on the back. "That was awesome!"

"Andre!" Cat yelled at the musician as Tori doubled over in pain from the rough touch, and quickly bent to make sure she was alright. "Do you not recall her broken ribs?"

"Yo! Sorry Tori, I forgot! You gonna be okay?"

The half-Latina nodded yes, but not without glaring at her friend first and rose back to her full height as the pain receded. "That was not cool, but I forgive you. So what's up?"

"Just came up to say how totally awesome that was, you and Cat sound great together!" He missed the blush both girls sported at his statement and continued on. "I was also wondering if you guys wanted to hang out this weekend, maybe go to the movies or something?"

"Yay! I love movies!" Cat clapped quietly in joy as the next performance was going on behind them.

"Sounds good to me, what are we going to see?"

"Not sure yet, but it'll probably be either horror or action." Andre glanced out at the stage and cringed as the male actor tripped over his too long skirt. "And it'll definitely be better than this."

"Ok, call me with the deets when everything gets settled, for now I got to head to the girls room." Tori started walking away from her friends as the need to pee overcame her.

"Bye Andre!" Cat quickly followed the brunette wanting to make sure she would be fine, leaving the male to chuckle at their behavior.

What none of them noticed was the shadowy form of Jade hiding nearby who had seen the entire exchange. A smirk formed on her face before she headed after the girls with phone in hand, intent on bringing her plan to life.

iHeart Shelby Marx

[End notes:

Alright so it looks like this is going to end up a 3 parter! Hopefully my muse will stay with me long enough to complete it because I really want to. This story has begun to take on a life of its own and I can’t wait to see where it heads next myself. Also if you want to hear the full version of the songs I mentioned in this chapter they are all found on YouTube.

In order they are:

‘Terabrite - Safe and Sound Cover’

‘The Band Perry – Hip to my Heart’

‘Daniel Merriweather feat. Adele – Water and a Flame’

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