Story: My Little Pony: Affection and Love (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - Preparations for the Concert

[Author's notes: Important Note: The characters within the story should be imagained as humanized, as supposed to their normal, pony forms.]


It seemed so small in comparison to the wide, open skies; having just left Cloudsdale to manage the clouds of Equestria, Rainbow Dash felt herself re-energized under the warmth of the sun, cheering as she made a few spins, her wings shining with streaks of rainbow-colored energy.

“See you around, champ!” a voice suddenly caught Dash’s ear; looking to her right, she saw a vague glimpse of red, yellow and blue escape just outside her eyesight, Dash smirking proudly at herself.

“Oh yeah! That’s right! The champ’s ready for work!” Rainbow made a triumphant pose, motivated by Spitfire’s talking to her before she went to do her job.

As she flew through the air, she made sure to hit only a few, select clouds, vaporizing them and pushing others towards the Sweet Apple Acre Farm; after all, she had planning a small prank for Applejack ever since that whole cider episode.

“Uhm, Dash…uhm, can I talk to you…?” a voice suddenly interrupted Dash’s train of thought, making her quickly wipe the grin off her face, turning to find Fluttershy hovering a few meters away; with a pigeon sitting on her head, Dash for a moment wondering what the heck a bird would be doing sitting on Fluttershy’s head.

“Sure! Spill…” Rainbow looked up, Fluttershy hovering closer.

“Uhm, Twilight wants to see us, she sounded worried…” Fluttershy said, and Rainbow nodded to indicate that she had understood.

Fluttershy turned around to fly off, but Rainbow had a question.

“What’s with the bird?” she asked, Fluttershy stopping in midair.

“Oh, the poor critter’s hurt a wing; it couldn’t fly in this condition, so I took care of it…” Fluttershy said, Rainbow rolling her eyes.

Sometimes she wondered just what extent Fluttershy would go to help any critter, be it from the sky, earth or lake.

“Spike, have you seen my quills?? My parchments?? Oh! There!” Twilight were running around her house, picking up items and stuffing them in a rucksack, the dragon youth trying to let his eyes follow as Twilight moved, but stopped when he found it to only make his head hurt.

“Twilight, you’ve packed everything you need! You’ll only be gone for a week…” Spike groaned; despite having lived with Twilight Sparkle for his entire life, he had still not gotten over just how obsessed she was with schedules, preparation and organizing.

“A week’s hardly enough! There’ll be so much to learn, so much to experience…!” Twilight nervously jogged in place, trying to remember if she had really packed everything.

“You made sure to send for the others?” Twilight asked, Spike suppressing an exhausted groan.

“I did! I’m not the post office…” Spike muttered under his breath, Twilight sighing in relief, going through her rucksack:

In it were quills, scrolls of parchment, a miniature scope, star charts, a globe and a pair of rubber gloves lay at the top, Twilight zipping the rucksack shut with a quick, satisfied movement.

“Everything’s set! The train for Canterlot will be at the station in twenty minutes, so I’ll have all the time I need to say my goodbyes…” Twilight thought to herself, looking towards Spike, the dragon not having bothered to pack anything but a blanket and a small coffer with gem shards into a small bag pack, looking from left to right; to him, it felt like half the furniture in Twilight’s house had all of a sudden disappeared.

“HALLO, TWILIGHT!” a cry came from the window, Spike receiving a milder shock at the sound, Twilight looking at the window to spot Pinkie Pie, the girl smiling broadly and leaning back on forth on her toes and heels, humming.

“What’s up? When you call, it’s always exciting! What’s happened? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me-e-e-e!” Pinkie Pie’s usual lack of subtlety always made Twilight chuckle, and this was no exception.

“I’m off for Canterlot for a week’s time, Pinkie…” Twilight headed for the door and opening it, Pinkie Pie letting out a excited gasp as she stepped in, smirking at Twilight; “…by the end of the week, I was hoping you would all join me for the concert the princesses are arranging.”

“Oh, wow! So, you’re going to see Princess Celestia and her court??” Pinkie Pie jumped up and down, Twilight smirked and rolled her eyes.

At least Pinkie took the news in stride.

“Canterlot? Oh, Twilight dear, you must remember to tell us all about it when we arrive…” a voice came as Rarity slowly stepped inside; “…I must admit, I do envy you; the glamour of the famous, the splendor of the refined…”
“I’m going there to study the works of Starswirl the Bearded…” Twilight said; “…I’ve always been a great admirer of him!”

“Yeah! You dressed up like him on Nightmare Night! You looked so silly…” Pinkie Pie made a grimace, as Twilight let out a low sigh, and Rarity held a hand to her mouth.

“So you’re leaving for Canterlot, huh? Well, hope you have a good time there, Twilight…” Applejack made her entrance, lifting her hat and leaning up against the wall; “…I just hope the pegasi will be making some good weather for your trip.”

“Sweet Celestia…” Vinyl Scratch yawned loudly as she entered her room, falling face first onto her bed, groaning; “…if I need to spin one more disc…”

Blinking vaguely, Vinyl Scratch raised her head ever so slightly and looked out her window, and if she was not mistaken, the morning sun would be shining upon her within minutes.

Vinyl Scratch sighed and rolled unto her back.
“What a night…” she took off her shades and placed them on her desk, reaching down and starting to unzip her pants.

The leather had begun to stick to her sweaty skin, and as she reached out and took off her boots.

She let out a sigh of relief as she folded her toes, smirking to herself.

“Well, now for a nap before tonight…” Vinyl Scratch said to herself, , Tking Off her shirt and pants, tossing them to the floor as she lay back down on her sheets, turning around and burrowing herself down in between her pillows; “…wouldn’t wanna disappoint those upper classes in Canterlot…”

After a whole night of raving and minding her job as DJ, it was a very satisfied, yet really tired Vinyl Scratch that let out a final yawn as she closed her eyes.

“Bye, Twilight! You have a good time in Canterlot now…” Applejack waved as the train for Canterlot was slowly leaving the train station, Twilight Sparkle waving back at her friends, Rainbow Dash hovering slightly above the others as usual.

“Take care of yourself, Twilight; don’t talk to strangers…” Fluttershy advised as she waved as well, Rainbow Dash looked as Twilight vanished from her window, seating herself inside the train.

“When was it that concert was again? The end of the week?” Rainbow Dash asked, Pinkie Pie nodding eagerly.

“Yes! While Twilight studies in Canterlot, we have a whole week to prepare for the concert!” Pinkie Pie said.
“But while Twilight has left for Canterlot, what say you we help her clean up that house of hers? All those books lying around…must be awfully dusty…” Rarity suggested, causing Pinkie Pie to start giggling.

“Don’t be silly! Twilight’s books are magical! We wouldn’t want you to turn into a toad, would we Rarity?” Pinkie Pie teased, Rarity looking positively horrified at the thought, as Applejack held a hand to her mouth to mask her grinning.

“So hey, Rainbow, you look mighty thrilled about that concert Twilight was talking about…” Applejack asked the rainbow-haired girl, who floated down beside her.

“So should you! Vinyl’s playing on a big stage there, and I’m not gonna miss out on that…” Rainbow said, smirking to herself; “…her beats are so awesome…!”

“Uhm, I like Octavia a little better…it’s more soothing…” Fluttershy added carefully, Applejack eyeing her questioningly.

“Who’s this ‘Octavia’ character?” Applejack asked, Fluttershy looking a little embarrassed.

“She…she’s a cellist who is to perform at the concert, like Vinyl Scratch…” Fluttershy said; “…I heard her music once, and it was so peaceful…”

“Fancy music is fine for some folks, but everyone knows you can’t beat Vinyl in being totally radical…” Rainbow said, whispering to Applejack; “…trust me, it’s gonna be something to remember!”

“Canterlot! So much to see, so little time to do it in…!” Twilight Sparkle said to herself as she exited from the train.

The busy streets of the city before her bristled with activity; as Twilight made her way towards the royal castle, its spires glittered in the distance.

“This place is just as majestic every time I see it…” Twilight thought to herself, watching as people around Canterlot went about their business; nobles were chatting and gossiping, merchants were advertising for their products, and the stern Royal Guard kept an eye out for any suspicious activity.

“Geez, do those guys ever blink…?” Twilight could not help but think; ever since she had first seen them, the Royal Guard never seemed to have shown any emotion.

“Hey, isn’t that Twilight Sparkle…?” Twilight suddenly heard a very indiscrete whispering, easily looking over her shoulder, seeing a couple of people talking in, what they obviously hoped, was silent enough for Twilight not to hear.

“Yes, it’s her! She defeated Discord!” an older man added enthusiastically, almost tripping as he raised his cane, quickly leaning himself to it again, Twilight turning her head again, rolling her eyes and trying to hide a smile.

“Sure hope this attention won’t become a habit…” Twilight thought as she felt her smile become somewhat nervous.

While she looked forward to study at the castle, she did not hope the citizens of Canterlot would pay her too much attention:

She, as well as her friends, had had plenty of awkward experiences in crowds.

“Twilight Sparkle…” Twilight Sparkle heard as she entered the castle courtyard.

Looking to her left to spot Princess Luna smiling at her; “…We are pleased by your early arrival. We have missed you…”

“Greetings, Your Highness…” Twilight curtsied for the princess, Luna gesturing Twilight to follow her.

“We hope you will enjoy the royal library. We believe we have added far more sections since the last time you visited Us…” Luna said, slightly lowering her voice; “…I’m so happy to see you again. I wanted to thank you properly for you helping me out back on Nightmare Night.”

“It was nothing, princess. I was happy to help…” Twilight said as she and Luna entered a small corridor leading from the courtyard into the east wing of the castle.

As they walked, Twilight noticed that Luna seemed more cheerful and at ease than she had been that long time ago at the Nightmare Night.

“Aw-w-w, I really didn’t think of this, did I…?” Vinyl Scratch scratched her head, looking over the huge assortment of equipment she would need to bring to Canterlot, wondering where the help she had hired had gone.

“Oh! Hey, Miss Vinyl, what’s up?” Rainbow Dash said while she passed by, stopping in midair as she saw the stripe-colored girl’s stand in front of her house.

Vinyl Scratch’s musical equipment was blocking her front door, the DJ looking deeply exhausted and covered in sweat.

“Oh! Rainbow Dash! I’m just, uhm, having some transport trouble, heh-heh…” Vinyl Scratch grinned vaguely as she rubbed her neck in embarrassment.

Raising a curious eyebrow, Rainbow Dash looked behind Vinyl Scratch at the mass of equipment stuck halfway through the door.

“What’s up? You’re moving out or something?” Rainbow Dash asked, Vinyl Scratch suddenly finding a small pebble at the front of her boot very interesting as she looked down at it.

“…Well…I’ve got a concert at Canterlot, and I thought I could just, you know, ask someone to help me transport all my stuff there, but-…” Vinyl Scratch said slowly, cutting herself off midsentence.

Rainbow Dash descended lower down, slapping her forehead.

“Oh, the concert! Dummy me for getting it…” she mumbled sourly to herself, looking at the DJ; “…who’d you ask to help? Are they running late?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Vinyl Scratch folded her left hand into a fist, nodding.

“Yeah, there was this here Derpy girl and some guy called Big Macintosh…but they haven’t shown up yet, and if I don’t get all this stuff to Canterlot, how the Discord am I supposed to play??” Vinyl Scratch let out a groan, running her hands through her hair and sighed heavily.

“Heh-heh-heh! Y-You asked Derpy?? She’s not too safe to be around, really!” Rainbow Dash chuckled as she hovered so close to the ground that her feet touched it.

“How was I supposed to know? But, at least that Big Macintosh guy’s from the country, so you’d think his timing were a little better…” Vinyl Scratch said.

Rainbow Dash shrugged; “I dunno, if Big Mac isn’t coming to help when he’s agreed to it, he’s properly caught a cold or something…” Rainbow Dash said.

“I even tried using magic to teleport this stuff from inside to outside, but no dice…” Vinyl Scratch groaned; “…must be because there’s so much of it…”

“Well, I could help you move this stuff…” Rainbow Dash said as she gestured at the pile of equipment, her eyes narrowing nervously as she realized how much there was; “…so…you need it all flown to Canterlot, huh?”

“Nah, just to the train station, then I can get the carriers to do the lifting, heh-heh…” Vinyl Scratch smirked, wiping her forehead with her arm; “…you don’t need to worry about overworking your wings, little Dashie…”
“Hey!” Rainbow Dash grinned.

“Gotcha! Now get to work!” Vinyl Scratch grinned, gesturing with her thumb towards the pile.

Rainbow Dash groaning as she landed, heading for the pile.

Suddenly feeling Vinyl Scratch’s hand hold unto her shoulder, Rainbow Dash turning to face the DJ.

“I’m gonna owe ya one for this, Rainbow Dash…” Vinyl Scratch smiled, using a finger to tug up her shades a little better, Rainbow Dash returning the smile as she began to work.

“So I’m to stay here?” Twilight asked Luna as they entered a luxurious room of the castle that Twilight knew all too well; she remembered that Rarity had stayed here at one time at a visit to Canterlot.

“Why, yes, We remember Your friend Rarity had stayed here some months ago…” Luna said, lowering her voice slightly, changing her tone, looking almost hesitant; “…I…have something to ask of you, Twilight…”

“Yeah? What is it?” Twilight looked curiously at the princess, who began rubbing her neck as if in embarrassment.

“See, a concert is soon coming up here at Canterlot, and…well, my sister and I will be attending, but as you know, I’m not much of a people person…” Luna said, Twilight swearing that she could see a blush form on the princess’ face.

“Nonsense! You did really well on Nightmare Night…” Twilight encouraged, Luna’s lips turning into what looked like a downwards pencil stroke and her eyes rolled from one side to the other.

“Yes…after I succeeded in giving the villagers enough scares to start panicking…” she said darkly, Twilight not bothered by the princess’ gloomy disposition.

“But you ended up doing really great! Remember all the games you ended up winning?” Twilight continued her pep-talk, Luna eyeing Twilight for a moment.

“…You’re quite extraordinary, Twilight…” Luna ended up saying in a tone Twilight had no idea of what was supposed to mean.

“But, what I wanted to talk about, and what I fear for the worst, is the music…” Luna said, sighing; “…I hear Celestia invited some ruffian by the name of Vinyl Scratch to provide her ‘music’ for us; I can’t stand the thought of spending an evening listening to such ghastly tones…”

“Vinyl’s not so bad; she played at my brother’s wedding…” Twilight said, Luna raising an eyebrow; “…and, really, who told you she plays bad music?”

“Octavia assured me that listening to Vinyl Scratch would be to compromise my eardrums…” Luna said, sitting down on the bed; “…I’ve become quite fond of Octavia’s music, so I’m not sure if this ‘Vinyl Scratch’ she seems to resent will be a good idea…”

“Why don’t you ask if they could each play a piece? I don’t think Celestia would mind…” Twilight suggested, Luna blinking at her.

“They’re supposed to, I believe, but-…you’re kind for listening to all my troubles, Twilight…” Luna said, looking over the young sorceress, suddenly remembering something; “…I did not even get a chance to thank you for all you did for me on Nightmare Night, did I…?”

“No, but it doesn’t matter…” Twilight winked; “…as long as I could assist you, it was the least I could do…”

“I had all but forgotten about the kindness of people…” Luna said, her voice sounding as if it trailed off; “…when I returned, I knew my sister would support me and help me, but you and your friends…”

“Thanks for letting me tag along, Vinyl…” Rainbow Dash said as they entered one of the train carts, Vinyl turning her head and winking under her shades.

“No problem, Dashie; I did need someone to help me set up the stage when I arrive…” Vinyl Scratch grinned, Rainbow Dash blinking confused.

“D-Don’t you have someone to do that? I mean-…” Rainbow Dash began, Vinyl Scratch sticking her hands into the pockets of her jacket.

“Oh-h-h, what’s wrong? Is Equestria’s biggest daredevil afraid of a little hard work?” she teased, Rainbow Dash frowning.

“No way! I could haul that gear all day if I wanted! It’s just that-…” Rainbow Dash began boasting, Vinyl Scratch cutting her off as they headed down an empty corridor, finding a compartment and settling down.

“I’m just kidding, Dashie, and really…” Vinyl Scratch reached up and placed her shades on her forehead; “…remember that time you tried buying some cider from the Apple family, but couldn’t get it in time?”

“Uhm, yeah, things were sorta overcrowded…” Rainbow Dash shrugged, seeing a smirk appear on Vinyl Scratch’s face.

“See, there’s a buffet at the concert, and there’s free drinks for that, as well…” Vinyl Scratch pointed out; “…if you help me out, I’ll make sure you get enough cider to last you a week...even if I gotta cut in line.”

“Sweet! But, uhm…just how do you want the gear set up?” Rainbow Dash asked, Vinyl Scratch nodding to herself.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you know…as soon as I’ve figured it out…” Vinyl Scratch shrugged, Rainbow Dash blinking surprised.

“You don’t plan the stage setup? But, how do you organize all those raves, then?” Rainbow Dash asked, Vinyl Scratch resting her arms behind her back.

“I plan stuff as it comes, not from some big plan I’ve made some days before; I’ve gotta be flexible at my job…” Vinyl Scratch said, looking at Rainbow Dash; “…you don’t plan half of those crazy stunts you pull, do you?”

“Of course I do! I always plan for the most amazing and radical stunts I can think of!” Rainbow Dash said, Vinyl Scratch raising an eyebrow.

“But you do it spontaneously, right? Heh-heh, kinda funny, really…” Vinyl Scratch said, looking out the window; “…I drop my beats, and you perform crazy air stunts; we’re kinda alike, doing something awesome!”

“Hey, yeah, you’re actually right…” Rainbow Dash said as she realized what Vinyl Scratch said; “…there’s just some small difference…”

“Huh? Tell me…” Vinyl Scratch looked up, Rainbow Dash seeing an almost competitive look in her eye.

“You drop some really sweet beats, but I can still fly and perform the Sonic Rainboom…” Rainbow Dash smirked; “…I guess you could say that’s pretty awesome!”
“Dashie, I own a sonic bass cannon…” Vinyl Scratch shoke her head and winked; “…I think that pretty much outclasses your little rainboom…”

“Oh yeah? Well, how much you wanna bet everyone in Equestria would line up to see me tear up the sound barrier, rather than line up for your concert?” Rainbow Dash not got a competitive look in her eyes, as well, her and Vinyl Scratch both waiting for the other to blink.

“I’ve got a better idea…” Vinyl Scratch put her shades back on; “…we both agree that the other has a really great gig going on for her, right?”

“Yep!” Rainbow Dash simply nodded, Vinyl Scratch continuing.

“So imagine…during the concert…” Vinyl Scratch leaned further towards Rainbow Dash; “…that you, just as we finish, fly in and do your sonic rainboom! I’d properly even make Celestia take notice!”

“Vinyl, that’s gotta be the most awesome plan I’ve ever heard!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, Vinyl Scratch giggling as the rainbow-striped girl’s voice became high-pitched as her excitement grew by the second.

“I know, right? Oh-h-h, Octavia’s gonna be blushing from all the attention!” Vinyl Scratch giggled, Rainbow Dash eyeing her weirdly.

“Uhm, that fancy girl with the cello? Oh! So that’s why you said ‘we’…” Rainbow Dash said.

“Yep! See, it’s a kind of competition, already: Princess Celestia is rooting for me, and Princess Luna is rooting for Octavia…” Vinyl Scratch said, letting out a sigh; “…it’s gonna be sort of an ‘old music versus new music’ sort of thing.”

“Well…isn’t it a little too much if you both have your show and my sonic rainboom appearing over you?” Rainbow Dash asked, a little confused.

“Heh-heh, I was just pulling your leg, it would be even cooler if you made the rainboom over the whole concert…” Vinyl Scratch said; “…and also, Octy and her embre-…-embre, something something-….whatever; the thing is, her and her band are good, really good, so I can’t help but think it will look awesome!”

“Well, it sounds all cool and all, but-…” Rainbow Dash thought carefully, suddenly realizing something; “…wait, why did you just call her ‘Octy’?”

“Huh?? Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! Spoke my mind out loud…” Vinyl Scratch surprised Rainbow Dash as she started grinning; “…she and I, we’re an item, didn’t you know?”
“W-WHAT?? You’re dating that snooty-…” Rainbow Dash began, Vinyl Scratch cutting her off.

“Hey, don’t go and call her ‘snooty’…hih-hih…” Vinyl Scratch said, smirking a bit; “…she’s still a little posh, but she’s not really that ‘snooty’…” Vinyl Scratch lowered her head, her shades resting on her nose as she played to Dash’s imagination, looking as sly and sinister as she could; “…anymore…”

“Wha-What did you do to her…??” Rainbow Dash asked nervously, Vinyl Scratch winking.

“Let’s just say she fell under my influence…” Vinyl Scratch said, shrugging; “…heh-heh, you might say we just sorta hooked up some time ago…it’s been a real big thing for me…”

“Oh…so, you wanted to outshine her, because…?” Rainbow Dash asked, Vinyl Scratch grinning.

“As a joke, Dashie! Octy knows I wouldn’t wanna outshine her, and heck, I’m the one who made sure everyone in Equestria will remember her…” Vinyl Scratch said, Rainbow Dash looking disappointed.

“So…you don’t want me to fly over and-…” she said, Vinyl Scratch cutting her off.

“Sure I want! As soon as I finish my duet with Octy, you fly in and do your little trick…” Vinyl Scratch said; “…once the competition part is over-…”

“Wait, did you say ‘duet’?? How the Discord can a cello and a turntable make anything resembling good music??” Rainbow Dash asked, Vinyl Scratch letting out a snort before she began giggling.

“M-Might as well ask how me and Octy ended up an item! See, she’s good, I’m good, and when we play together, it’s like Celestia just soared by over your head…” Vinyl Scratch explained, grinning to herself; “…you might say that opposites attracts…”

“…You’re really weird…” Rainbow Dash looked awkwardly at Vinyl Scratch, the DJ leaning over and resting her elbows on the small table between them.

“I’m making a living playing music that’d fry anyone else’s brain; I take that as a compliment, Dashie…” Vinyl Scratch said, fiddling with one of her earrings; “…I could say the same for when you start making colors burst all over the sky.”

“Well, just means we both may be a little airheaded…” Rainbow Dash joked, she and Vinyl Scratch giggling as the train set in motion.

“So this is your place now?” Rainbow Dash asked as she followed Vinyl Scratch, who tugged in a small purse into her pocket.

“Yeah, Octy and I live here when we’re not working at the studio…” Vinyl Scratch said; “…she said it’d leave all my equipment at the studio, so I call fill our house with all the other cool stuff we’re sent!”

“Like that…’telephone’ thingy…?” Rainbow Dash asked, Vinyl nodding, looking over her shoulder.

“C’mon, guys! It’s just a few steps ahead!” she called at the carriers carrying her music equipment, all of them pretty exhausted after walking all the way from the station.

“What bits can’t do…” Vinyl grinned to herself, looking at Rainbow Dash; “…it’s not all marble and glitter, but it’s a nice place; I just hope Octy’s home…”

“Why?” Rainbow Dash asked, Vinyl rolling her eyes under her shades.

“Because I wanna tell her about our deal! It’s not every day you get a deal with Rainbow Dash to fly in and lighten up your concert…” Vinyl now took a key from her pocket, unlocking the door to the house; “…besides, she wouldn’t mind a celebrity visiting.”

“Sweet Celestia…” Rainbow Dash gasped as she walked in, finding the entrance to be brightly illuminated in bright teal light, soon discovering that it came from two nearby lamps, the white stone walls giving a relaxing atmosphere and weird contrast to the lamps that shun with the intensity of a rave glow stick.

“I thought you said ‘not all marbles’…” Rainbow Dash looked over the place, Vinyl hanging up her coat; “…this place is cool…”

“It took me days to convince Octy to, well, sorta mix our styles together…” Vinyl shrugged; “…we ended up agreeing that I got to decide on the walls, lights and stuff, while she got to decide the furniture…” Vinyl let out a groan; “…first night we slept here, she had put a bright pink teddy bear on the bed in my side; she just knew I wouldn’t sleep in a room with that!”

“You don’t sleep in the same bed? I-I thought couples did that…” Rainbow rubbed her neck in confusion, Vinyl taking off her shades, folding them together and stuffing them in a pocket.

“We do! I just snuck downstairs, grabbed some cider and started turning up my amps…” Vinyl said, grinning deviously; “…hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! You should have heard the scream she made!!!”

“Heh-heh-heh! Awesome…” Rainbow could not help but grin, her attention suddenly drawn to Vinyl’s shirt, a picture of the Wonderbolts with Celestia towering above them painted on the front.

“…Hm? Heh, would make sense for you to know ‘em…” Vinyl shrugged when she saw Rainbow’s eyes resting on her shirt; “…you’ve met them before, right?”

“Oh, yeah! The Wonderbolts! I’m totally cool with them!” Rainbow said, trying not to sound too excited.

“Yeah, me too, especially Spitfire…” Vinyl said, holding up a finger as if lecturing Rainbow; “…don’t you go off challenging her or the other Wonderbolts...”

“Eheh-heh-heh…not really sure if I’d even fit in…..I, I mean I’m cool with them, I just don’t wanna seem like some sticky fan…” Rainbow said as she tried and explain, Vinyl looking her over for a minute, her expression suddenly turning more serious.

“Stay there for a sec, I need to check something…” Vinyl said as she entered the room to her right, Rainbow standing in place, hearing a bump from inside the room.

“AH-HAH! Found it!” Vinyl exclaimed triumphantly, Rainbow moving a little closer to see what was going on.

“It’s OK, I just found this…” Vinyl said as she stood up, holding up a small leather necklace with a blue glow stick in it; “…I’d figured Octy had hidden it here!”

“Why’d she take your stuff?” Rainbow asked, Vinyl just giggling.

“It’s a ‘punishment’ for when we first began our show…” Vinyl explained, now looking a little more serious; “…she said she’d hide my favorite glow stick, all because of the ‘misery and suffering she had gone through with me’.”

“Uhm, that doesn’t sound so good…” Rainbow said sarcastically, Vinyl letting the necklace over her head, putting it on.

“It’s OK, she’s just teasing me…” Vinyl said, fiddling with the glow stick; “…I was a bit of a jerk to her, so I thought it was all fair…also, she began making all sorts of weird gestures when she started talking about what an urchin and mental patient I was.”

“Heh-heh-heh! She sounds like Rarity now…” Rainbow could not help but grin at the mental of image of Octavia and Rarity ever having an argument; the thought was simply hilarious.

“Hah-hah! That boutique owner with the fancy clothes? Yeah, she’s good I’ve heard, had a suite staying at Canterlot Castle at some point…” Vinyl shrugged; “…Dashie, you ever realized just how snobby and snooty folk here in Canterlot can be?”

“Well, I remember one time I was at some garden party with Rarity and the others, and yeah…” Rainbow said, blowing a gust of air from her mouth upwards, pushing away a lock of hair; “…they seemed kinda…mean…”

“Oh, they’re not all that bad…” a voice came from upstairs, Rainbow turning to watch a black-haired woman come down from the stairs in a dark-gray housecoat.

“Octy! So you were home…” Vinyl leaned against the wall, nudging her head towards Rainbow; “…I’ve brought a little guest here, she’s gonna help me tomorrow.”

“Oh! Miss Rainbow Dash…” Octavia now caught eye on the rainbow-striped girl; “…a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thanks missy…” Rainbow said as Octavia descended down the stairs, Vinyl letting out a weird voice noise that sounded like a mix between a snort and a chuckle.

“Anyway…seeing as you’re helping Agatha set up her stage, would you mind sleeping in the guest room?” Octavia began, Rainbow looking baffled for a moment.

“Who’s Agatha? Some old lady?” she asked confused, Octavia looking quickly from Rainbow to Vinyl and back again, beginning to giggling uncontrollably.

“You-…Yo-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh…you didn’t know? The famous Vinyl Scratch, DJ-Pon3…” Octavia looked at a now visibly shaken Vinyl; “…her middle name is Agatha…”

“Pfft…pfft…PFFT-WAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH! A-Agatha?? Holy Luna, that’s funny…!” Rainbow laughed out loud, Vinyl sighing lowly, smirking up at Octavia as Rainbow could not stop laughing.

“Sure hope you didn’t plan for much sleep tonight…!” Vinyl whispered through her teeth, her grin broadening as Dash’s laughter drowned out her whispering; “…’cause lil’ Scratchie’s out for revenge…!”

“Oh, come now, don’t look so huffed up…” Octavia worthily brushed Vinyl’s words off, facing a panting Rainbow; “…so, would you something refreshing? Hauling all of Agatha’s gear and gadgets is bound to be terribly exhausting…”

“I-…you have any cider?” Rainbow asked as she caught her breath, Octavia pointing to a small hallway behind her, besides the stairs.

“Help yourself, the kitchen is down there…” Octavia said, Rainbow lazily floating by her and Vinyl.

“…You’re a real Nightmare Moon, you know that…?” Vinyl looked at Octavia, the black-haired girl simply shrugging.

“I was taught by the best at mocking others for little reason…” Octavia casually leaned downwards towards Vinyl, her nose barely inches from the DJ’s as she slowly put her forefinger at the top of the stripe-haired girl’s chest; “…you…”

“Someone must’ve been busying planning this in the showers…” Vinyl said sneakily; “…so, had a good time while I was gone? I’m sure you missed me…”

“Sure did not! I was practicing the cello just moments after I got out of the bath; I did not even take time to put on my clothes…” Octavia said, looking affronted; “…I have a concert in less than a week, and I cannot disappoint!”

“So do I, sweetie, so do I…” Vinyl shrugged, opening her arms, Octavia looking over her.

“What?” she asked.

“Don’t your lovely little Vinyl get a homecoming kiss?” Vinyl teased, Octavia once again looking the DJ over, leaning forward and placing a kiss on Vinyl’s left cheek.

“Tonight, Vinyl…” Octavia said, blushing lightly; “…just don’t be so loud when we have a guest, the poor girl needs her sleep.”

“Oh, it’s fine, she’ll be sleeping like a rock…” Vinyl smiled, her smile growing broader and more sinister as she leaned towards Octavia, her arms stretching out as if to grab her on the spot; “…so tonight, you’ll be mine! Mwhahahah! Mine to do with as I please!”

“Stop it. You’re creepy.” Octavia simply said, Vinyl quickly putting her hands behind her back with a guilty smirk, Octavia feeling her lips form into a smile, because of the DJ’s unending innuendos and her perverse, yet funny, humor.

“I’ve missed you, Vinyl…” Octavia said more softly now, Vinyl giggling at her.

“Looks like it…” Vinyl said with a perverted grin as she starred at Octavia’s cleavage under her housecoat, Octavia holding up both hands as if to ward herself.

“Urgh! You…you ruffian!” Octavia said, although she could not help but feel her excitement rise just by looking at Vinyl; soon, the rowdy and foul-mouthed DJ she had declared her love to would be sitting atop her, and the two of them would be performing all sorts of naughty acts…as they had done several other times.

“Here it is! The last of the scaffolding!” Rainbow Dash panted as she struggled to set up the last part of the heavy metal equipment, looking down at her work; after the carriers had left, she had struggled with Vinyl’s equipment and set it in place, thinking that it indeed looked like a proper stage.

“Hey, you! Have you got authorization to be here?” a voice suddenly reached from the ground, Rainbow Dash flying down towards it, seeing a disgruntled-looking royal guard with crossed arms waiting for her.

“Uhm, I was instructed to set this up for Vinyl Scratch! It’s her stuff, and she’s got a concert in a few days…” Rainbow Dash said, the guard looking over the rainbow-haired girl’s shoulder, raising an eyebrow.

“You did this by yourself? Heh…” the guard looked at Rainbow’s handiwork, letting out a small sigh; “…carry on…”

As the guard left, Rainbow Dash ascended once again, flying back towards Vinyl’s and Octavia’s house, looking forward to enjoying the last of that ice-cold cider she had reserved for after her work.

“N-No! Oh no, Vinyl, don’t…you…dare…!” Octavia tried her best to keep her cool, but with Vinyl heading for a shower, the DJ now held Octavia’s silk housecoat, which she had snatched when the cellist was not looking, close to the showerhead, a mischievous grin on her face.

“So you’d thought it would be fun hiding my glow stick? Didn’t figure there’d be consequences, huh, Octy?” Vinyl grinned wickedly, slowly turning the handle on the showerhead, Octavia’s eyes widening.

“NO!” Octavia shrieked as Vinyl now quickly pulled the handle on the showerhead, suddenly and just as quickly moving the coat out of reach for the now rushing water, tossing the coat back to Octavia.

“This coat is made of the finest, quality silk! You villain!” Octavia scolded, Vinyl all but smiling as the water now rushed over her body, stretching out, hers and Octavia’s naked bodies slowly feeling as the moisture from the warm water filled the bathroom.

“I know, Octy, I know…” Vinyl teased; “…why don’t you go and play a few notes while I get myself a little wet? Oh! And when Dashie comes back, make sure she gets updated on the situation…” Vinyl said, her voice becoming more serious; “…and Octy…no-one but you is ever allowed to see me naked…got it?”

“De-Decide if you’re going to be a tease or be serious!” Octavia said sourly, glad that the moisture covered up the fact that she were blushing as she left the room, strapping her housecoat around herself, swearing that she had seen a hint of a warm smile on Vinyl’s lips as she left.

“Wha-What?? I thought the concert was for tomorrow!” Rainbow Dash said baffled, realizing that, if Octavia were telling the truth, there was still a week left to the concert.

“I’m sorry, Vinyl forgot to check the dates properly…” Octavia said; “…look, I’m sorry for all the hard work you had to go through, and I wouldn’t want it to go unrewarded…”

“It’s cool, I just didn’t know it was first next week…” Rainbow Dash said; “…I’d wanted to see Vinyl play right away…”

“You do realize that the first concert is for music enthusiasts to show off their talents? The real concert will be held after that…” Octavia said, holding up a small leather pouch, something clinging inside it.

“Since you already did your job, I hope these 100 bits can last you the week…” Octavia said, Rainbow Dash taking the pouch, heading for the door.

“I’ll be there when you guys come and play! See you around!” the rainbow-haired girl stepped outside the door, taking off into the sky.

“I know, I know, I messed up the dates…” Vinyl Scratch’s voice now came from behind Octavia, the DJ still drying her hair with a towel, shaking her head; “…I’m sorry, Octy.”

“You know, the Vinyl Scratch I knew well over four months ago would never apologize for making mistakes…” Octavia said, turning to face her lover; “…I don’t know if I’m to be mad at you, or glad that you’ve shown some responsibility.”

“’Responsibility’? Huh? Doesn’t that start with the letter ‘R’…? You really ought to buy a dictionary…” Vinyl joked, pretending to be pondering deeply, Octavia eyeing the DJ thoroughly.

“…How do you even style your hair like that? There’s not a comb in all Equestria that could tame that!” Octavia avoided answering Vinyl’s joke, indeed having always wondered about how the DJ styled her hair.

“Meh, I use some of my magic to set it up, and water conducts magic as well as electricity…” Vinyl said, pretending to look surprised as Octavia raised a skeptical eyebrow; “…what? Don’t you believe in SCIENCE??”

“Stop it. You’re making those jokes up as you go…” Octavia attempted to brush aside the topic, focusing on something new, albeit more embarrassing; “…Vinyl, I know you were gone for some time back in Ponyville, and you’ve properly got some practicing of your own to do with your turntable, but-…”

“Practice? A whole week before the concert? No way! I’m gonna chill and live the life of a hot celebrity with a cute girlfriend…” Vinyl smirked confidently; “…don’t think I didn’t miss you in Ponyville, Octy honey…”

“This topic is getting awfully steamy…” Octavia blushed, Vinyl moving in behind her, rubbing her shoulders through her housecoat.

“I’ve worked up a ton of energy not being able to lay down some beats…or one very particular snooty cellist who’s always obsessing of being so ‘picture perfect’…” Vinyl continued teasing, reaching up and stroking a lock of Octavia’s hair; “…and you should know by now, I can’t help teasing you.”

“Obviously…” Octavia tried to use sarcasm to cover the sudden blushing she felt; in truth, she had longed for Vinyl while she was in Ponyville.

“And…I’m not ‘picture perfect’, Vinyl…” Octavia said weakly; “…it’s just that…I feel I should uphold some standard…”

“How people see you on stage is what you worry about? Then how about here, at home?” Vinyl asked, Octavia trying to calm her breathing.

“V-Vinyl! Stop poking into that subje-…” Octavia blushed, feeling Vinyl rubbing her nose against her neck.

“You want me, Octy, because you can’t help but think of me while I’m gone…” Vinyl continued teasing; “…and since I messed up with those dates and Dashie won’t be around for a couple of days, that’d leave me all the time I need…”

“You’re a dirty, foul-mouthed, undisciplined and all-together perverted hooligan, Vinyl…” Octavia tried and turn her excitement into anger, turning to face the DJ; “…can’t you think of nothing but turntables and sex??”

“Oh? Like romantic dinners, tongue-kissing and frolicking in the moonlight??” Vinyl asked excitedly, Octavia sighing, on the edge of giving up all hope of having a serious discussion with Vinyl.

“Look, Octy, it’s not all about the sex…” Vinyl surprised Octavia by looking her seriously in the eyes; “…it’s just that, sex isn’t all about drooling over you and suck on those perfect breasts of yours; it’s like the closeness between two people in love, the connection between the two of us…”

“A ‘connection’ that can only be made by grinding and humping one another and panting like rabbits in heat…” Octavia said sarcastically, Vinyl narrowing her eyes.

“Sex isn’t just physical, Octy! Every time I’ve ever cried out that I love you, it’s not just for fun, and I’m not just teasing you…” Vinyl said, holding unto Octavia’s shoulders; “…my feelings for you have always been honest…especially after our first date…”

“The dinner you ended up calling a ‘date’ live on the air in the studio…?” Octavia asked somewhat impatiently, Vinyl simply nodding her head.

“It was a date, like I told you back then…” Vinyl said, Octavia looking almost pleadingly at her.

“But did you have to share it with half of Equestria? I was inexperienced and I got so easily embarrassed…” Octavia asked, Vinyl reaching her hand up to Octavia’s cheek.

“I figured that out, and…I’m sorry, but…” Vinyl smiled sadly; “…whenever I see that cute mug of yours, I can’t help but tease you…and you were the one who kissed me live onstage!”

“I, I-…yes, I did…” Octavia began blushing again, smiling at Vinyl; “…you’re just such a ruffian, Vinyl, such a…a…an inconsiderate rogue! But-…well, it’s the reason I love you…”

“So-o-o-o…..I get to be on top??” Vinyl teased eagerly, Octavia grabbing Vinyl’s towel from her shoulder, rubbing it in the DJ’s face.

“Get that dumb grin off your face!” Octavia exclaimed, Vinyl’s muffled voice sounding like something in the lines of ‘make me’, something that a now smirking Octavia could not help but be amused by.

“How can you wear those things in high summer?” Octavia asked as she and Vinyl had made it to the bedroom, Vinyl removing her leather pants, looking down at them at Octavia’s comment.

“Huh? These? Why not? They’re skintight, they feel good, and I spend much of my time indoors, anyway…” Vinyl said as she folded her pants and put her boots beside the bed, turning her head and winking in tease at Octavia; “…don’t you think I look hot in them?”

“I never said that, it was just an honest question…” Octavia said as formally as she could, Vinyl holding a hand to her mouth to try and stop grinning.

“What’s so funny?” Octavia asked, mildly irritated.

“You deny everything, don’t you? Even at that time I got to spank you, you-…” Vinyl began, Octavia blushing like a firestorm.

“It was my first time! That doesn’t count for being…’kinky’!” Octavia defiantly shoke her head, Vinyl lying down on the bed besides Octavia, smiling at her.

“Come here…” Vinyl moaned, grabbing Octavia’s arm and pulling her into an embrace, pressing her shirt-covered breasts against Octavia’s face.

“…I never did get that restraining order, anyway…” Octavia’s muffled voice came from between Vinyl’s breasts, the DJ letting go, finding Octavia to simply smile at her.

“Vinyl…you’re an incurable, perverted lunatic…” Octavia let out a low sigh, surprising Vinyl as she turned around suddenly, grabbing around her arms, slowly forcing her unto the bed; “…you tease me all the time…you big, dumb bully…!”

“Oh-h-h, Octy’s getting intimate, huh?” Vinyl raised a surprised eyebrow and gave a seductive grin, Octavia trying to restrain the vaguely struggling Vinyl.

“T-There’s a first time for everything…isn’t there…?” Octavia asked, Vinyl snickering and giggling as Octavia began tickling her.

“No-hoh-hoh-hoh! I-Isn’t this against some of those little etiquettes you have? ‘Don’t tickle the sexy DJ’?” Vinyl kept teasing, Octavia slowly reaching out and removing Vinyl’s shades, putting them on her night table.

“Don’t you think I enjoy this, Vinyl; it’s just a necessity…” Octavia looked down at Vinyl, the DJ letting out a long sigh, holding her hands to her face.

“Discord’s beard, you’re in denial…” Vinyl mumbled; “…can’t you just admit it as it is? You love me, but when we’re having a romp, you end up denying everything…”

“That’s because I’m worried if you’re going to talk about our sex life on K-Colt…” Octavia said quietly, Vinyl removing her hands and looking up at her.

“Really? That’s it?? Octy, it’s not like anything I’d say would be any juicer than you when you get your breasts groped and your ears nuzzled…” Vinyl smirked, grinning as Octavia blushed like a firestorm.

“That’s shameless!” Octavia spurted out an exclamation that sounded like an accusation, Vinyl twisting her left hand back and forth, gesturing a twirl.

“You forget about the first rule of K-Colt: There’s no limits…” Vinyl said, scratching her head for a moment, as she corrected herself; “…wait, well, there’s kids listening in, but other than that, it’s not like I’m going to read up a list of your measurements or anything…”

“…Pfft…y-you need a list to tell my measurements…??” Octavia let out a small chuckle, Vinyl winking at her.

“Not really, the sex’s so good that I won’t need to make a note…” Vinyl said, a yawn escaping her mouth as she began to undo her socks and gloves, throwing it into a pile on the floor, winking over shoulder at Octavia, secretly hoping to provoke her into acting; “…anyway, I think I’m too tired to play tonight, Octy, so night-night…”

“…G-Great…I get the night off as your humping doll…” Octavia made a small snort, Vinyl removing the rest of her clothes, pulling the blanket over her and pretending not to have heard Octavia, hoping to cheat the cellist into believing she was actually tired.

“Well…it’s been a hard day’s work after all, so…I’ll tug in, as well…” Octavia stretched out, undressing and neatly folding her housecoat, discarding her slippers besides it and crawling into bed, facing away from the DJ.

“…Is she really sleeping…?” Octavia asked herself as she looked over her shoulder at Vinyl; for the past five minutes, the DJ had been letting out slow breaths and snoozing sounds, Octavia looking at her thumbs, fighting an inner battle with herself.

“She’s a pervert! You’ll only play into her game…” Octavia tried telling herself, but regardless how much Vinyl enjoyed teasing her, was she not really just an honest, loveable girl and the one Octavia had shared her first kiss with?

“It’s a trick! No-one falls asleep that fast…” Octavia tried and explain to herself why Vinyl would fall asleep so soon, a thought coming to her mind; “…although….maybe all those raves have finally gotten to her…”

Feeling a mix of worry and excitement, Octavia groaned as she abandoned all hopes of sleeping besides a snoring Vinyl, reaching towards the DJ, grabbing her arm and turning her so that Octavia could see her face.

“…..You’re at least not so wild and impulsive when you sleep…” Octavia said uneasily and lowly to Vinyl, who simply kept snoring as the cellist looked over her.

“…..GOTCHA!!!” Vinyl suddenly opened her eyes, reaching quickly for Octavia, but with a witty smirk and an even quicker reaction than Vinyl’s, Octavia sat back, Vinyl looking surprised as she reached up, and even more surprised when she found Octavia to grab her arms, slowly stretching them out, and with one, triumphant smile, ran her hands down Vinyl’s arms and began tickling the DJ.

“N-Noh-hoh-hoh-hoh O-Octih-hih-hih-hih-hih! No fair! No fair!” Vinyl giggled and laughed as Octavia kept leaning over her, Vinyl barely putting up a real struggle as the two of them wrestled for control, Vinyl’s grins rubbing off on Octavia as she lay down on the naked Vinyl, who proceeded to stick her tongue out at Octavia, who reached down and kissed Vinyl’s tongue, the DJ simply grabbing around Octavia’s head and pulling her closer, Octavia giving in as she started tongue-kissing Vinyl.

“Um-m-m……um-m-m…” Octavia let her hands caress through Vinyl’s hair, the DJ chuckling deep in her throat as she let her hands rummage over Octavia’s butt and stroking her back, Octavia freezing in her kiss and pulling back as Vinyl stroke her fingers down Octavia’s sides, the cellist now the one to grin and giggle as she was tickled.

“So even you can be a naughty girl, Octy…” Vinyl smirked as she tickled her lover, rummaging around as she rubbed her head between Octavia’s breasts; “…is having sex with me really so bad that you wanna deny it altogether?”

“Sh-Shut up and kiss me, you rascal…!” Octavia looked with a mix of desperation and desire at Vinyl as she reached out for her, the DJ letting out a playful and satisfied chuckle as she could clearly see in Octavia’s eyes just about how horny she had gotten.

“Good Octavia! Good little cutie!” Vinyl let her full mouth press against Octavia’s, sticking her tongue in as it wrestled against Octavia’s own, their passionate kiss driving them both to roll around on the bed, rubbing against one another, Octavia making a silent note that while sex was vulgar and primitive to her, at the very least it was one of the truest ways to express her love for Vinyl…and also the DJ’s absolute favorite.

“This is a bit weird, Octy…” Vinyl looked around herself in her current situation; as Octavia had recovered from their steamy romp, she had stood right up, headed downstairs, and returned with a rope that she had tied the DJ up with, Octavia herself tugging under the bed sheets and letting out a relaxed sigh.

“Well, you cannot keep off me, it seems, so I just made sure you wouldn’t start groping me in my sleep…” Octavia said as casually as ever, hiding her smirk into her pillow; “…and don’t worry, the ropes won’t keep you from sleeping…”

“Octy…” Vinyl’s voice came more seriously now, Octavia lifting her head slightly and turning a bit to see Vinyl’s magenta-colored eyes looking directly into her own; “…are you doing this to tease me, or did I do something wrong before…?”

“You violently forced me to partake in that senseless, drooling exercise you call ‘sex’…” Octavia said, trying her best not to smile as she could not help but to tease her eager lover; “…thus, I am merely taking precautions.”

“…I’ve been a bad girl, Octy…but with you around, I can’t help it…” Vinyl said lowly, but to her surprise, Octavia heard nothing of the DJ’s usual teasing in her voice, rather regret; “…I-I just can’t control myself! The way you smile, the way you laugh…it’s just so lovely…you drive me crazy…!” Vinyl said as she groaned from the ropes.

Octavia said nothing, enjoying the sincerity in Vinyl’s voice; maybe, the cellist thought, she had the streak of a sadist, seeing as, apparently, her only way to get even with the DJ was to resolve to tie her up and playing to her consciousness.

“Deep down, denial or not, we’re so much alike! Heck, I embrace the fact that I’m a big pervert, and really…you’re not exactly innocent, yourself…” Octavia saw as a small, blue glow emitting from Vinyl’s hands, hearing the ropes snap, the DJ looming over her within moments; “…so if you think some lousy rope is gonna keep me down and off you…oh-h-h-hoh-hoh-ho-o-oh, do I have news for you…!”

“B-But Vinyl-…E-E-E-EP!!!” Octavia exclaimed as the DJ was over her, licking all over her, Octavia at first resisting Vinyl’s assault on her night’s sleep, but as the DJ got behind her, nudging her nose into her neck, Octavia held one hand back to stroke Vinyl’s chin, slowly turning her head to face Vinyl, the DJ kissing her softly.

“See? Even if it’s naughty, it’s also funny…” Vinyl smiled, Octavia returning it.

“Remember back when I said your influence would rub off on me? I suppose it really ended up that way…” Octavia’s smile grew a little broader, a chuckle escaping her; “…so…I guess there’s no harm in being a little…rebellious from time to time?”

“Hey, from how you act, you’re gonna need to take a damn vacation from that seriousness…” Vinyl teased, Octavia quickly letting go of her chin, grabbing her pillow, and proceeded to land soft hits all over the grinning DJ now.

“Sorry, what was that? Oh! I didn’t hear you loud enough!” Octavia continued her assault, until Vinyl grabbed the pillow, threw it to the floor, jumping unto Octavia, the two of them grinning as they rolled around, kissing, cuddling and nudging their noses against one another.

“I love you, you crazy rascal…” Octavia said warmly as she rested her head on Vinyl’s shoulder, the DJ resting her own head against Octavia’s, stroking her hair.

“I love you, too, Octy…” Vinyl let out a relaxed, happy sigh, slowly sneaking her hands behind Octavia’s back, undoing her bra, a sinister smirk appearing on her lips; “…and now, prepare for a wild night!”

“B-But-…oh-h-h, I can’t help it, can I…? You’re poison to my professional career, Vi-…” Octavia began, but sighed, looking up in surrender as Vinyl leaned over her, Octavia’s voice cut off from the DJ’s breasts as she rubbed them over Octavia’s face.

“Will you cut it out? You want me, Octy, and there’s only so many things you can complain about…” Vinyl embraced Octavia’s head, the cellist muttering something underneath, making Vinyl lean back.

“You tease me, you molest me, you keep up with your innuendos…” Octavia sighed, smiling vaguely at Vinyl; “…OK, then…I’ll indulge you…”

“Gasp! It’s my lucky day! Hah-hah! First I get laid with the girl of my dreams! And then what next? Celestia’s gonna crown me ‘The Queen of Rock’??” Vinyl rubbed her knuckles together enthusiastically and squealing happily, Octavia smirking as she pushed Vinyl into the pillows, grabbing her shades from the table, placing them on the DJ.

“I don’t just want to make you feel good, Vinyl…” Octavia looked over the DJ, Vinyl grinning as Octavia began groping her, Vinyl letting out excited and longing moans; “…I want to make DJ Pon-3 feel good, as well, so the next time ‘she’ gets on stage and wears these shades, ‘she’ll remember this experience...”

“Who’s a poison to whose career now, huh?” Vinyl teased, Octavia getting a perverted smirk on her face.

“Start using that mouth of yours where it belongs…pervert…” Octavia said, feeling herself getting all the more excited as Vinyl began kissing her stomach, sucking on her navel and moving upwards towards Octavia’s nipples.

“Fits with being a cellist, alright; you’re pretty sensitive…” Vinyl said, Octavia beginning to pant.

“A-And what of you? Last I recall you said, and I quote, ‘you’re being too soft, Octy’…” Octavia sneered, Vinyl giggling to herself.

“Hey, I was drunk that night! No fair to bring that up!” the DJ winked under her shades, sitting up in front of Octavia, the two of them kissing softly.

“Octy…” Vinyl let out a small moan, Octavia surprised as she saw a small glimmer slightly left underneath Vinyl’s shades; as she realized, it was a tear.

“Oh, Vinyl…” Octavia embraced the DJ, hugging her as warmly and softly as she could, feeling Vinyl’s arms embrace her in return, Vinyl using her magic to slowly slide the bed sheets over them, her and Octavia moaning and breathing easily in their hug.

“And now…” Vinyl suddenly whispered, giving Octavia a well-known, perverted grin; “…I wanna molest yo-o-o-ou…”

Before Octavia could react, she felt Vinyl’s hands move slightly downwards, lightly stroking her butt, Octavia moaning.

“N-No…you ruffian! I c-can’t let you…” Octavia blushed, hearing Vinyl chuckle at her.

“You’ve got no idea how much you turn me on, you little tease…” Vinyl spoke in whispers again, suddenly feeling Octavia’s fingers fondling and holding unto her right ear, Octavia fiddling with her earring.

“If you do something I don’t want, I’ll tug…” Octavia smiled lowly to herself, Vinyl rolling her eyes behind her shades.

“I just wanna molest you, Octy! It’s not like I haven’t before, and you always said you loved it…” Vinyl said, faking a dramatic gasp; “…is there…someone else…??”

“Why would I even want someone else? You’re…you’re the one I love, Vinyl…” Octavia, said, giving Vinyl’s earring a small tug, making her groan; “…even if you are an irredeemable, sleazy, perverted punk.”

“Hey, I take offense to that!” Vinyl joked, beginning to lick at Octavia’s right nipple, the dark-haired girl moaning ever so lightly, Vinyl hearing her own breathing get faster and louder.

“…Screw this…!” Vinyl moaned as she grabbed with both hands around Octavia’s left breast, sucking as hard on it as she could, Octavia moaning loudly and aching her back upwards.

“Ah, see, you want it, Octy! Admit it!” Vinyl encouraged as she kept licking and sucking, Octavia moaning all but louder and louder.

“P-Please…go lower…!” Octavia spoke through her gritting teeth, blinking in shock at what she had mumbled, Vinyl’s sinister, teasing smirk not helping the slightly nervous Octavia by any means.

“’Lower’, you say? Hih-hih…” Vinyl slowly let herself move down Octavia’s body, nudging her nose into her navel on the way, kissing it; “…you’re being honest with me…you pervert…!”

“L-Look who’s talking! You confounded-…” Octavia began in her defense, the sudden feeling of Vinyl’s breath against her naked nether lips making her stop, instead groaning and moaning.

“I want the full treat, Octy; I’m not stopping ‘till you’re dry…” Vinyl said as she carefully placed her tongue on Octavia’s left lower lips, gently sucking on it.

“I’m just gonna tease you until you give me the main course…” Vinyl joked, winking at her lover; “…and admit it: You love being teased…”

“Meanie…!” Octavia gasped, the sensation Vinyl sent through her becoming overwhelming, Octavia knowing that before long, her body would be overcome with pleasure and the comfort of her beloved Vinyl, the cellist only hoping the DJ would be somewhat gentle with her.

“It’s so cute down here, Octy; smooth, warm and really moist…” Vinyl slowly let a finger touch Octavia’s g-spot, the cellist grunting in an attempt to choke the sensation.

“Hey, I got an idea!” Vinyl suddenly said, Octavia blinking surprised as she felt Vinyl move down below her, soon finding the DJ’s butt right above her head, Vinyl looking at Octavia through her outstretched arms.

“See? We can please each other this way! Why I haven’t thought of this before…” Vinyl said enthusiastically, Octavia looking in bewilderment as Vinyl lowered her butt towards Octavia’s face, the cellist little by little understanding what the DJ was planning.

“This looks so absurd…” Octavia whined, imagining how awkward she and Vinyl would be looking, the DJ all too preoccupied with glaring at Octavia’s nether lips.

“Oh-h-h, I’m going to like this!” Vinyl grinned mischievously, blinking in surprise as she suddenly felt Octavia’s arms fold themselves over her waist, tugging her down.

“Hm? Getting eager, huh?” Vinyl looked over her shoulder, discovering that Octavia was in tears, yet smiling broadly at Vinyl.

“I-I just-…Vinyl, I know I can be so stubborn, but…” Octavia said, looking uncertain; “…I’m just so tired of acting prompt and proper in public, and then when I’m with you…I just want you to make love to me because I’m such a selfish, arrogant-…”

“Oh, shut up…” Vinyl was suddenly upon Octavia, having turned around and now starring sourly into her eyes; “…don’t you start talking that crap! You’re not arrogant, you’re just horny from all that pent-up energy you use on stage…and I’m just the punk with a ‘tude that happen to want all you can give me, good or bad!”

“But…it can’t always be hot summer nights and ice cream, Vinyl; w-when we grow older, will you still love me just as tenderly as you do now?” Octavia asked carefully, looking surprised as Vinyl’s lips closed in on themselves, the DJ grunting as she tried not to laugh.

“Of course I will, Octy! I’ll love you so much and for so long my tongue’s properly gonna go permanently numb…” Vinyl smirked and winked, her face looking more serious as she leaned down on Octavia, her breasts caressing the cellist’s; “…seriously though, I will always love you, Octy…you silly little cellist…”

Feeling her tears cloud her vision, Octavia stretched out her arms, embracing Vinyl, nuzzling her nose into the DJ’s neck, planting kisses on Vinyl’s cheeks and mouth, the DJ responding to the kisses with her own, yet more passionate one

[End notes: I am extremly hopeful that I managed to hit the OCs' characters' personalities as best as possible, if not a little exagerated.
Vinyl and Octavia, however, are 100% inspired solely from "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording". Link to fanfiction logo:]

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