Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 9)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 9- The Spring part 2: Kana\'s Next


"Hey Reki, why did Rakka leave?" Asks Kana swimming over to Reki. (

Who was just floating on the waters surface on her back.)

"I don't know, tired maybe?" replies Reki.

"Aww, did you two have a fight?" states Kana mocking concern.

"What?" replied Reki as she quickly turned her head towards Kana and nearly drowned as her ability to float was disturbed.

(Reki regained her footing shortly there after.)

"We didn't have a fight. I have no idea why she left, asks her yourself." replied Reki.

"Hey, since Rakka's gone and Hikari and Kuu are gone for some reason, how about me and you have some fun?" ask Kana smiling.

(Reki narrowed her eyes towards Kana.)

"What kind of fun are you talking about?" asks Reki.

"Heh, what else?" states Kana as she moves closer to Reki and under the water, uses her right hand to cup her hand over Reki's crotch.

(Reki jumps a little at the sudden touch.)

"Ohhh, 'that' kind of fun." states Reki grinning.

"Yeah, so how about it?" asks Kana.

"I'm fine with that, but..." states Reki.

"But what?" asks Kana smiling.

(Reki grabs Kana's arm under the water and quickly pulls it out of the water and to her right, forcing the right side of Kana's back to be exposed to Reki. Reki releases Kana's arm and quickly moves her hand under water and grabs Kana's crotch.)

"Ah! H-hey!" exclaims Kana as she tenses up a bit.

"What's wrong Kana? I thought you'd like it the other way around." states Reki.

"But..." replies Kana.

"Come on, your saying the 'this' doesn't feel good?" asks Reki as she begins to rub Kana's labia through her swimsuit.

"Ah, yes, that does feel good..." replies Kana.

"So what's the problem?" asks Reki.

(Kana doesn't respond but Reki sees Kana place her left hand on her stomach.)

"Ah, I see what's wrong. You have to pee, don't you?" states Reki.

(Kana doesn't respond, she just looks down at the water blushing.)

"This is going to be fun making you wet yourself." states Reki.

"What?!" exclaims Kana.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to make you wet yourself like a child." replies Reki.

"No! I can't!" states Kana trying to free herself from Reki's grip.

"Hmmm, yeah, you're right, you can't pee in this nice water. Come on let's get out of the water." states Reki as she moves her right hand up to Kana's Halo and pulls her out of the spring with her.

"Let me go Reki!" states Kana.

"Ok." states Reki as she lets go of Kana's Halo only to move her right hand back to her crotch, and grips her left breast with her left hand.

(Causing Kana to tense up.)

"Ah! Stop!" states Kana.

"Why? Don't you want relief Kana?" asks Reki as she starts rubbing her hand on Kana's crotch.

"Yes, but not like this." replies Kana.

(Reki lifts up the top of Kana's two-piece, revealing her breast. She then quickly pinches Kana's left nipple, causing her to gasp in pleasure as she tenses up.)

"Heh, you like that huh?" asks Reki.


"Well, wet yourself so I can make you feel even better." states Reki.

"No, let me go!" exclaims Kana as she tries to free herself.

(But Reki quickly moves her left hand down to her stomach and holds Kana where she stands.)

"You might want to hang on to all that energy you have... You might need it..." replies Reki as she presses her arm against Kana's abdomen.

(Kana quickly stops her struggling as she tenses up from a spasm from her bladder.)

"Ah! Please, stop pushing on my stomach." pleads Kana.

"Aww what's wrong? Is Kana having a hard time holding herself." teases Reki.

"Yes, now please stop pressing down on my bladder!" replies Kana.

"Hmmm, nah, I don't think so." replies Reki.

"Come on, Please?" asks Kana.

"Hey, I got an idea..." states Reki smiling.

"W-What?" asks Kana.

(Reki giggles to herself a little as she removes her left hand from Kana's stomach, who visibly relaxes at the relief of the pressure. Reki runs her hand along Kana's left wing to the tip and pulls on it, enough to fully extend her wing. Reki continues to play with her wing for about a minute before plucking a feather from Kana, who jumps at the small twinge of pain.)

"Hey, what did you do that for?" asks Kana.

"To do this..." replies Reki as she glides the feather down the middle of Kana's back.

(Causing her to quickly arch her back away from Reki.)

"H-Hey! Don't do that!" exclaims Kana.

"Why? Does it tickle?" teases Reki.

"Y-Yeah, it does..." states Kana.

"Does this tickle?" asks Reki as she moves the feather around to Kana's front and runs the feather on her stomach.

(Kana tries to resist giggling, but Reki continued the action with the feather for about 30 seconds before Kana's resistance failed her.)

"-laughing- S-Stop it! It t-tickles!" states Kana squirming in Reki's hands.

"Doesn't it though?" asks Reki tickling her as she starts to rub Kana's labia through her bathing suit again.

(Causing Kana to squirm for a second reason. This continues for about 3 minutes.)

"How's that bladder?" asks Reki.

(Kana's eyes open wide.)

"-Giggling- Oh no! S-Stop, I have to p-pee." replies Kana gripping her crotch over Reki's hand.

"Is it starting to hurt?" asks Reki.

"A little." replies Kana.

"Hey, do you think you can hold it while I continue to tickle you and your bladder goes into a spasm?" asks Reki.

"I-I don't know." replies Kana.

"How about find out? States Reki as she stops tickling Kana.

(Reki positions her arm so that the side of her elbow presses rests over Kana's abdomen. Reki reaches the feather up to Kana's neck.)

"Let's see you squirm." states Reki as she presses her elbow into Kana's stomach and runs the feather over her neck.

(And Kana indeed does start to squirm as the pressure applied to her bladder causes it to go into a strong spasm. Then Kana tenses up as she feels urine trying to force it's way down her urethra.)

"Please...-giggle- s-stop. I can't hold it...-giggle- m-much longer." states Kana as she feels her hold fading.

"Hey, what that warm sensation that I'm feeling with my right hand? Hmmm?" asks Reki.

"Please stop tickling me." states Kana.

"Why? Is it interfering with your concentration to hold yourself?" teases Reki.

"Yes, Please -giggle- stop." replies Kana.

(Reki stopped her tickling and lowered her head to Kana's back, and licked her near the base of her wings. Reki felt Kana tense sharply, heard her gasp loudly and saw her wings quickly extend out.)

"Hey, you like that don't you?" asks Reki smiling.

"Don't do that again, please." pleads Kana.

"Why not? It looked like you enjoyed it quite a bit." replies Reki repeating her previous action.

(Kana's previous reaction was repeated again also. Reki then felt a very warm feeling on her right hand.)

"Reki please! I'm starting to lose it, please stop." pleads Kana.

"Come on, pee yourself." thinks Reki speeding up the action with her tongue.

(Reki then heard Kana begin to moan loudly.)

"I... Can't.. hold it... anymore!" states Kana feeling her hold starting to go limp.

(Allowing the fluid slow access to freedom.)

(Reki then moved her left hand down to the bulge of Kana's abdomen and applied firm pressure. Causing Kana to groan from the unbearable pressure being applied to her bladder. Reki then pressed into Kana abdomen hard. Then a loud "Ah!" was heard from Kana as her hold fell limp and the light yellow fluid cascaded over Reki's hand and down to the ground by way of Kana's right leg.)

"Yeah, that's it Kana, just let it go. Let it all go..." states Reki.

(Reki removes her right hand to allow the urine to fall straight down from in-between Kana's legs. Who didn't even bother to cover herself as she urinated for close to two minutes.)

"Oh yeah, that felt great." states Kana as she carefully drops to her knees.

"I'm sure it did." replies Reki.

"I gotta thank you Reki, if it wasn't for you, I would have never found out how good if feels to be desperate to pee." states Kana as she repositions herself so she's sitting flat on her butt with her legs stretched out in front of her.

(Kana then feels Reki press her wings on her back as she runs her hands over the outer hard edge of her wings.)

"What are you doing now?" asks Kana not bothering to look behind her.

(Reki moves her right hand down Kana's side and to her front, down between her legs. Kana tenses slightly.)

"Don't you remember what I was going to do before I found out about her need to pee?" asks Reki.

"Heh, Oh yeah, that." replies Kana covering Reki's hand with her right hand.

(Reki runs her pointer and pinkie finger of her left hand over the base of Kana's wings. Now she was stimulating both of the 'very' sensitive spots on Kana's back. She couldn't help but moan loudly as she stiffened up.)

"Hey, I wonder how quick I can make you come. Since rubbing your back like this gives you pleasure." states Reki smiling as she starts to run her finger up and down over the sensitive spots on Kana's back.

(Kana was incapable of speech because of Reki's action. She was tenses and moaning though.)

"Can't speak huh? You and Nemu are lucky, ya know that?" asks Reki as she adds rubbing her right hand on Kana's crotch.

(A quick 'Ah!' was heard from Kana as Reki started rubbing her hand on Kana's labia.)

-About a minute and a half later-

(Kana was visible starting to shake.)

"You shaking already? Man, this must feel incredible for you." states Reki.

(Kana just moans in reply.)

"Are you going to come already?" asks Reki smiling.

(Reki saw Kana slowly nod her head.)

"Your so lucky..." states Reki as she increases the speed of her right hand.

(Seconds later, Kana stiffened up hard in Reki's hold as her release broke free. Releasing a strong wave of pleasure throughout her body. Reki felt a strong vibration from Kana's crotch and knew exactly what was going on down there as she continued her actions with her hands. She soon felt a different warmness on her hand as she continued to rub her hand over the now drenched material between Kana's messy labia and Reki's hand. Kana moaned loudly as her powerful orgasm rocked her body, which lasted for 2-3 minutes. When Her orgasm finally pasted, Kana leaned her limp body backwards onto Reki. Who removed her arm from her back and placed it on Kana's stomach as she continued to very slowly caress Kana's crotch.)

"Mmmm, Reki?" states Kana lowly.

"Yeah?" answers Reki.

"Thanks, I really enjoyed this." states Kana.

"Don't mention it, you were going to do the same thing to me." replies Reki.

"Heh, yeah, that's true." states Kana.

"You should get cleaned up before Kuu and Hikari get back." suggests Reki.

"-Sigh- I don't care if they get back right now, I feel too da*n good right now to move." replies Kana.

"Heh, I know what ya mean." states Reki.

End ^_^

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