Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 8)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 8- The Spring part 1: Reki and Hikari\'s embarrassment

[Author's notes: Suffering from the rise in temperature, the haibane's find out about a spring from Reki and dicided to go there to get away from the heat.


This setting: four Haibane are in the guestroom (Rakka's room). These four are Rakka, Reki, Hikari, and Kana. Rakka and Reki are sitting at the table, Hikari's standing in a random spot in the room, and Kana's laid out on her back with her shirt unbuttoned and open. Anyone who looked could clearly see her white bra.

"Argh! This heat is unbearable!" exclaimed Kana.

"Unless you can change the temperature, there's no use complaining." replied Reki, who was dressed in her long skirt and white undershirt which was slightly damp with sweat.

"-Sigh- but she's right. This heat is too much. I can't believe Rakka's just sleeping like nothing's wrong." states Hikari walking to the table and sitting down looking at the sleeping Haibane with her head resting on her arms on the table.

"At least she isn't complaining like the two of you are." replies Reki.

"But if she was awake she would be." retorts Kana.

"-Sigh- your right, she'd be complaining just like the two of you are." states Reki.

"No she wouldn't." comes Rakka's quite voice as she slowly flaps her wings.

"Y-your awake? When did you wake up?" asks Hikari.

(Rakka sits up and stretches out in the chair.)

"Ahh! Oh yea, um, I woke up around '...Rakka's just sleeping like nothing's wrong.' Anyway, isn't they're someplace we could go to cool off?" states Rakka.

"Not that I now of." replies Hikari.

"Heh, ya got me." answers Kana.

"Well, I know of someplace, but it's in the Western Woods." replies Reki.

"What! You knew and you didn't tell us?" exclaims Kana hopping off the bed.

"I've only been there a few times when I was younger, I doubt it's still in the same condition it was in then." replies Reki.

"Condition? What kind of place was it?" asked Hikari.

"It's a spring." replies Reki.

"A spring? You mean a place with water and rocks and stuff?" asked Rakka.

"Why don't we go? It'll be great! We'll finally be able to cool off from this heat." replies Kana.

"Yea, lets go." adds Hikari.

"But were not even sure if the place is still in good condition." states Reki.

"But we'll never know if we don't go." replies Rakka.

"... And besides, it's not like the place is going to go anywhere. Come on, lets go." adds Kana.

"-Sigh- Fine, fine, we'll go in an hour." replies Reki.

"Great! Lets go Hikari, were going to tell the others the good news." states Kana grabbing the blonde from the chair and leaving the room.

"Thanks Reki." states Rakka.

"Don't mention it, but..." replies Reki eying the brunette.

"What?" asks Rakka.

"Rakka, you don't have a swimsuit do you?" replies Reki.

"Swimsuit? Uh, n-no I don't." states Rakka.

"Well unless you plan on skinny-dipping, you're going to need one." replies Reki.

"I-I think I saw one in the closet a while back." states Rakka.

"Really? Why don't you go get it while I go get something to drink." replies Reki getting up to go to the kitchen.

(While Reki is in the kitchen, Rakka went to and opened the closet in her room, and sifted through some of the clothes there and soon found what she was looking for. She removed a cream colored one-piece bathing suit. She removed the hanger it was on and replaced it in the closet and closed the door. Rakka examined the swimwear for a moment before turning around and seeing Reki leaving the kitchen with a cup of something.)

"Hey, I remember that swimsuit. It used to be Nemu's when she was younger." states Reki upon seeing the suit.

"Really? It looks to be in pretty good condition." replies Rakka.

“Well, does it fit?" asks Reki.

"I-I don't know, I never tried it on." replies Rakka.

"Why don't you try it on now?" suggests Reki as she then takes a sip of the liquid in the cup she has and gets that 'Mmmm, this is good.' look on her face.

"W-what?" replies Rakka.

"What's wrong? (Reki finishes off the liquid in a few gulps) I've seen you without clothes before, why should now be any different?" asks Reki.

"Well, ok." replies Rakka as a blush claims her face.

(Rakka proceeds to remove her dress allowing Reki a clear view of Rakka's hairless, panty-less labia causing Reki to smile. A moment later, Rakka then begins to undo the front clasp on her yellow bra. She removed the bra and tossed it on the bed on the dress, then picked up the white bathing suit, put her lags through the top to leg openings and pulled up. Rakka realized that the suit would be a little snug on her, then she pulled it up enough to cover her crotch, and it was at that moment when fabric snugly met skin, that Rakka got a surprised look on her face.)

"What's wrong Rakka?" asks Reki.

"Um, I forgot." replies Rakka with her face blushing brighter.

"Forgot what?" asks Reki.

(Rakka quickly resumes putting on the bathing suit. The suit was snug, but not overly so. Although, it clung to Rakka like a second skin, and unfortunately for her, her slightly stiffened nipples were showing clear as day and her labia was slightly visible through the fabric.)

"This won't work, it's too tight on me. It's like I'm not wearing anything at all." complains Rakka.

"It looks fine to me." replies Reki walking over to the girl and running her right hand across her neck and over her collarbone.

(Rakka giggled a little from this action.)

"Well, ok... if you like it, I'll wear it." states Rakka smiling.

(Then Rakka had a feeling she should check the cup that was still in Reki's hand.)

"Um, Reki?" Asked Rakka.

"Yea?" replied Reki.

"Can I see that cup you're holding for a sec?"

"Huh? My cup? Uh, sure, hear ya go." replies Reki handing the cup to Rakka.

(Just then, when she gave the empty cup to the other girl, Reki felt a small sudden urge to pee. Rakka then sniffed the cup, causing Reki to give her an odd look.)

"Rakka, what are you doing that for?"

(Rakka looked at Reki nervously.)

"Uh, Reki, were did you get what was in this cup?" asks Rakka.

"From the fringe, in this brown bottle, there wasn't a label on it though. But I decided to try it out and see if I liked it. That stuff is good, you should have some if you haven't already." replies Reki as she then feels another urge from her bladder.

(This causes her to calmly place her left hand on her stomach, and Rakka doesn't fail to notice this.)

"Oh no." states Rakka lowly.

"Huh? What's wrong?" asks Reki.

"Reki, Do you... uh, have to go?" asks Rakka.

"Do I have to go? Go where, we still have about 45 minutes before we go to the spring in the Western Woods." replies Reki.

(Rakka places the cup on the bed.)

"No, not that... (Rakka walks behind Reki.) ... this..." states Rakka as she reaches her right hand in front of Reki and lightly presses her hand against Reki's.

(Rakka could feel Reki tense up, and she knew why. Then Reki suddenly turned around and started to back away slowly.)

"Whoa, hold up! I, uh... got to go." replies Reki as she then attempts to sidestep to the bathroom but sees Rakka follow suit and do the same.

(Reki then feels a stronger urge from her bladder.)

"Uh... your not going to let me get there are you?" asked Reki with a bit of a nervous look on her face.

(Reki saw Rakka calmly shake her head no, and the little bit of hope that Reki had to get to the restroom went flying out the window.)

"Crap, what am I gonna do?" thought Reki as Rakka slowly walked toward her.
"She won't let me go to the bathroom very easily and I have horrible bladder control. This is NOT good!" thinks Reki as she begins to step back and she soon finds herself against the wall with Rakka still advancing.

"Rakka, you don't want to do this, I have really bad control, you wouldn't get any fun out of it." states Reki.

"Honestly Reki, saying that is like putting fuel on a fire." replies Rakka.

"Ok, that didn't work, what now?" thinks Reki as Rakka closes the gap between them. "If she gets a hold of me I'm a goner. Come on Reki, think! There has to be some way out of this." thinks Reki through her slowly growing urge to relieve herself.

(When Rakka was about a foot away, Reki suddenly got an idea, she quickly reached her right hand forward and gripped the brunettes crotch, making her tense sharply in shock and pleasure.

"Yea, this'll work, she's been getting turned on walking toward me with that swimsuit rubbing on her." though Reki. "Now if I could make her come, I'd be able to get to the bathroom." thinks Reki as she starts to rub the softness of Rakka's labia through the fabric of the swimsuit. (Then she feels a small spasm hit her bladder.) "...If I don't wet myself first." adds Reki as she holds her stomach tighter with her left hand.

(A few moments later, Rakka's hands are on Reki's shoulders as she supports her shaking body up.)

"She's so wet, she'll be coming any moment now, just as long as my bladder doesn't- Ah!" thinks Reki as a strong spasm attacks her bladder. Causing her to remove her now wet hand and wraps her arms around her stomach as she drops to her knees and tries to ride out the painful spasm.

(When Reki manages to look up she sees Rakka also on her knees with her right hand in-between her close legs as she moans in pleasure, and she sees her free hand is in a tight fist.)

"Great, she's coming and I'm stuck here on my knees in pain trying not to wet myself. "S-so much for that plan." thinks Reki.

(A few moments later, Rakka visibly relaxes as her ride ends. She removes her hand from between her legs to see it a mess with her cum. Rakka doesn't bother to lick her hand clean. She just replaces her hand back to her now messy crotch as she crawls the short distance to Reki, Whose riding out the last of her bladder's spasm.)

"That was a nice try Reki, but what are you going to do now? You won't be able to stand back up without you bladder putting you back to the floor." states Rakka as she sits right in front of Reki.

"She's right." thought Reki. "I'm not going to be able to stand up now with out wetting myself. Dang-it, now I'm just postponing the inevitable." thinks Reki feeling her spasm finally subside.

(Rakka reaches and places her left hand on Reki's hands holding her stomach.)

"I bet it would take only a little outside force on your bladder to make you start to lose control, wouldn't it?" asks Rakka.

"Y-you wouldn't." replies Reki nervously.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to force you since you said you have a weak bladder anyway, that would be too easy. What I am going to do is have you lose control on your own." replies Rakka.

"That's even worse." thinks Reki as she feels a spasm slowly growing in her bladder instead of suddenly coming.

"You're shaking already? Your bladder must really be weak Reki." states Rakka as she sees Reki tensing up and tightening her legs together.

"Let's see if I can take your mind off of that for a moment." states Rakka as she removes her left hand and places her hand around right side of Reki's neck and proceeds to kiss her.

(Reki finds herself returning the kiss but it fails to turn her attention away from her weak bladder which the spasm that was slowly growing, was starting to cause her to cramp up because of her continuing attempt at holding the urine back.)

"Ah!" exclaims Reki ending the kiss as the spasm suddenly doubles in pressure and a small one-second spurt of urine escapes, wetting her panties underneath her long skirt. "Rakka, I can't hold it much longer, just force me to wet myself instead of letting me do it." states Reki.

"Why? Is it more embarrassing to have you body give out on you than to be forced?" teases Rakka.

"Y-yes, it is." replies Reki.

"Really? Is that so?" teases Rakka as she moves her left hand down to Reki's right nipple and pinches it through her shirt, earning a sharp gasp from Reki.

"P-please Rakka, don't tease me." states Reki shaking visibly.

"Why, is it making it harder to hold?" asks Rakka.

(Reki just groans as she tries to futilely prevent more urine from escaping. This time a one and a half-second spurt of urine escapes her numbing urethra, causing the wet spot to spread wide on her panties. Reki shook vigorously trying to prevent the impending doom that was soon to take place. Rakka removed her hand, but the damage had already been done. Within seconds Reki groaned loudly as her bladder was taken by another spasm and this time her body gave up on her and her hold went limp, allowing the contents of her bladder to flow out freely, drenching her panties. While Rakka couldn't see Reki ruin her underwear, she could see Reki body reactions, which was just as good as seeing her wet her panties, and hear the faint hiss of the urine flowing out. Reki sighed in relief and visibly relaxed as she continued to pee. Within 30 seconds of Reki's urination, a puddle began to form under her, soaking the socks she was wearing, the butt part of her skirt and the lower portion of it. Reki continued to pee for 30 more seconds before the flow stopped.)

"You've made a mess of yourself Reki." states Rakka.

"-Sigh- I don't care anymore, I no longer have to pee." replies Reki.

"Well I guess we should get cleaned up and get ready to go." states Rakka getting too her feet.

-About 30 minutes later, the guestroom-

"Everyone ready?" asks Reki now dressed in a second slightly shorter skirt and the same tank top from earlier, showing that she was wearing something underneath her clothes, a shiny blue in color fabric tied around her neck.

"Yep. I'm ready!" replies Kana wearing a two-piece purple bathing suit.

"I can't wait till we get to the spring!" exclaims the smallest Haibane dressed in a one-piece yellow bathing suit.

"I'm ready, It's too bad Nemu had too work." replies Hikari wearing a navy blue one-piece that had a oval shaped cut out exposing the middle of her back starting from her waist and going up, stopping just under the top part of the suit.

"I'm set." answers Rakka in her dress.

"Where's your swimsuit Rakka?" asks Kuu. "I'm wearing it under my dress, it feels weird to me to just walk outside in just a swimsuit." answers Rakka.

"Well now that were set, lets go." states Reki.

(About 30 minutes later, the five are in the Western Woods and soon come across a beautiful spring, and all of them, even Reki, gasp at the sight.)

"Wow! It's beautiful!" exclaims Kuu as she then runs and jumps into the sparkling blue water.

(Followed by Hikari and Kana.)

"I-It still looks the same." states Reki to herself.

"Huh, What was that?" asks Rakka taking her dress off.

"O-Oh, uh nothing, it was nothing." replies Reki.

"Hey you two, what are you standing there for? Come on in, The water's great!" exclaims Kana before Kuu playfully dunks her in the water.

"Come on, let's go even the odds a bit shall we?" asks Reki removing her shirt and skirt, showing the one-pieces she was wearing.

(It was a shiny blue with her entire back exposed down just above the waist.)

"Wow, that's a really pretty swim suit Reki." states Rakka admiring Reki's suit.

"Hey, love birds! Are you coming or not?" asks Kana.

(Kana's statement causes both Haibane's to blush.)

"Yea, here we come." replies both Reki and Rakka.

(After awhile of playing around in the water, Kuu notices Hikari leaving the area. Curious, she begins to follow her out into the woods. After about two minutes of following, Kuu sees Hikari stop and look around nervously. Then she sees Hikari squat down and appear to move the crotch of her bathing suit aside. Kuu immediately smiled when she saw this. She called out Hikari's name as if looking for her as she walked toward the blonde. Hikari quickly covered her labia back up and held back the urge too pee as she heard Kuu calling her.)

"Y-yes? What is it?" answered Hikari.

(Kuu emerges in view of Hikari.)

"There you are, what are you doing out here away from the others?" asks Kuu.

(A blush appears on Hikari's cheeks.)

"Um, nothing." replies Hikari.

"Well come on..." states Kuu tugging at Hikari's right arm.

"W-wait, I can't." replies Hikari after a few steps.

"What? Why?" asks Kuu fringing ignorance.

(Hikari grimaces a bit and puts her left hand to her stomach. Kuu sees this and figures this is a good time...)

"What's wrong Hikari, your stomach hurts?" asks Kuu.

"Y-yea, you could say that." replies Hikari.

"Hey, let me see if I can help you..." states Kuu as she walks behind the blonde and slides her left hand under Hikari's and puts her right hand higher up on Hikari's abdomen and proceeds to massage her, feeling the slight bulge.

"Does that feel better?" asks Kuu.

(Hikari, unaware of Kuu's knowledge of her problem continues hold the urge to pee.)

"Y-yea, that's better." answers Hikari.

(Hikari then felt a spasm flaring up, and she knew she wouldn't just be able to quickly free herself. She had to find some way of holding herself and she could only come up with one option. She placed her left hand over her crotch firmly as she felt the spasm hit. Kuu had seen where Hikari placed her hand and smiled as Hikari did exactly what she wanted. Kuu then slid her left hand south. Then she slipped her hand under Hikari's, replacing hers. This of course, surprises the blonde as her face gets flushed.)

"K-Kuu! What are you doing?!" asks Hikari.

"What's wrong? Doesn't it feel good?" asks Kuu as she starts to rub in a vertical motion.

"Y-yes, but..." trails Hikari.

"But what?" asks Kuu.

"Uhh..." states Hikari.

(Kuu applies light pressure to her abdomen and feels Hikari tense up then presses her hand against Kuu's. Kuu doesn't remove the pressure she's applying, she keeps her hand pressed into Hikari's bladder.)

"What's wrong Hikari? Why are you tensing up so much?" asks Kuu.

"I... I got to go..." replies Hikari.

"Go? Go where?” Asks Kuu as she presses her hand two centimeters further into the blonde's stomach, causing her to groan and begin to tremble.

"I-I got to p-pee, please, let me go." asks Hikari.

"Really? How much longer do you think you can hold it?" asks Kuu as increases the pressure by a centimeter and hears Hikari groan louder, then felt a warm sensation through her swimsuit on her hand that was on the blonde's crotch.

"Ah! Please Kuu, I can't hold it much longer. Don't force me, please." answers Hikari.

"I bet if I push just a little more you'll lose it wont you?" asks Kuu.

"Please don't." pleads Hikari.

(Kuu presses one more centimeter into Hikari's aching bladder and feels a squirt of urine escape, and hears Hikari grunt in attempt to prevent her wetting from happening. Then an 'AH!' as she feels Hikari's body free the flood that was contained in her small bladder as she begun to pee forcefully. The golden fluid cascading down her legs from Kuu's hand preventing a stream from forming. Hikari sighed in relief as she peed for a minute and a half, but she was too tired to stand for the whole time. So about halfway through her wetting, she dropped to her knees and sat in that awkward way where her butt was on the ground but her legs were still bent so that her feet were pointing behind her. She continued her urination in that position until her bladder was empty. Kuu was also more interested in Hikari physical reactions to her wetting rather than the sight of urine wetting her swimsuit. Kuu was on her knees with her arms over Hikari's shoulder feeling her body become limp and shake slightly as she peed.

End of part 1 of The Spring

EXTRA/DELATED SCENE (I know you love these ^_^)

(This scene accurs between Reki's wetting and the time everyone gathers in the guestroom.)

(Rakka finishes putting her dress on over her bathing suit and turns around to see Reki walking into the room smoking a cigarette.)

"Reki?" asks Rakka.

"Yea, what's up?" replies Reki.

"Why do you do that?" asks Rakka.

"Do what?" answers Reki.

"Smoke." replies Rakka.

"Oh, well... hmmm, ya know what? Heh, I don't have a clue." answers Reki.

"You don't know?" asks Rakka surprised.

"Yeah, weird huh?" replies Reki.

"Can I try it?" asks Rakka.

"W-What?!" answers Reki shocked.

"I want to try one of your cigarettes." states Rakka.

"I can't let you do that, you're not old enough to smoke." replies Reki.

"Aww come on, I want to try it, please? Asks Rakka.

"No, smoking is bad for you." replies Reki.

"Well, why do you do it then?" asks Rakka.

"I find it relaxing." answers Reki.

(Rakka thinks for a moment before a smile crosses her face.)

"Let me try one, or else..." states Rakka.

"Heh, or else what? You've got nothing on me, what could you possibly -gasp-. Y-You wouldn't!" replies Reki.

"Wouldn't I? I'm sure a few of our friends would find it interesting that you have a weak bladder." states Rakka.

"-Sigh- Fine, but just this once." replies Reki gripping the cig with her fingers before inhaling once and blowing the smoke back out through her mouth. "Here." states Reki handing the stick to Rakka.

(Who takes the cigarette, places the end in her mouth and inhales then blows out the smoke. Rakka grins as she thinks she's done it right, causing Reki to smile.)

"You did it wrong." states Reki.

"Huh? But that what you do." replies Rakka.

"Try it again." states Reki.

(Rakka complies and repeats her action, but before she blows out the smoke Reki puts her hand over the brunette's mouth. Rakka gets a surprised look on her face.)

"Swallow." states Reki grinning.

(Almost immediately afterwords Rakka starts to cough hard. Reki takes back her cigarette and pats Rakka's back laughing.)

"Easy, virgin lungs! -giggle-" states patting Rakka on the back.

(After Rakka stops coughing Reki talks to her again.)

"And let that be a lesson to you, don't try anything your too young for." laughs Reki walking to the kitchen.

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