Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 7)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7- Rakka\'s Embarrassment

[Author's notes: Nemu decides to 'return' the favor, with a little help...


"Really? She did that to you?" asked Midori as both her and Nemu sat in her room at Abandoned Factory.

"Yea, and I want to 'return' the favor." replied Nemu.

"Well, I didn't know Rakka was into that sort of thing. Why did you come to me thou?" states Midori smiling.

"Well, I want you to help me get her back, and I know you're into a lot weird things." replies Nemu returning the smile. "Do you have any rope?"

"Rope huh? You planning on tying her up?" asks Midori.

"Yea, to the bed actually." replies Nemu.

"Reeeally? To the bed huh?" states Midori.

"Hey, hey, hey! Don't you even think it! All I want is to tie her up. Were not going to hurt her, her bladder will do that for us." replies Nemu.

"Aww come on... Midori gets up from the chair she was sitting in and opens a drawer near her bed and takes out a small whip. ... just a little?" asks Midori.

"No! No whips, no clamps, no... blades or sharp objects. We are going to tie her up and slowly force her to lose control." states Nemu.

"Ok fine, your no fun. So, when do you want to do this?" states Midori.

"What about today?" suggests Nemu.

"Today's no good, I got something to take care of. How about tomorrow?" states Midori.

"Hmmm... tomorrows good, I'll see you then." replies Nemu as she begins to leave.

-Next day-

Midori and Nemu are walking along the road back to Old Home.

"Hey, Nemu..." whispers Midori. Nemu looks at Midori and sees her pointing to the purse-like bag on her shoulder and sees her pull out the handle of her black whip. "Hey! I thought a said no whips!" states Nemu angrily. "Calm down, It's just for shock value. Were going to need something to make her drink this special water. And the fear of pain from this will make her." explains Midori.

"Ok, as long as you don't hit her." states Nemu.

"Ok, I won't." replies Midori. But Nemu doesn't see the crossed fingers of her left hand.

Once the pair gets to Rakka's room they see her napping and her bed.

"Oh, look. She's stealing your job." jokes Midori.

"I'm going to ignore that. This is good, we won't have to deal with her struggling until we tie her up." replies Nemu.

"Before we tie her up, lets take her clothes off." suggests Midori.

"Yea, we don't want her dress getting messed up." replies Nemu.

They pick up Rakka's limp body and remove her dress, revealing she's wearing just her bra- yellow in color. They lay her back to the bed.

"It's strange that she doesn't wear underwear, she wears a dress." states Nemu.

"It's because she's" replies Midori.

"Huh?" states Nemu.

"She's so sensitive that if she puts on panties, the fabric caressing that pretty hairless mound of flesh would turn her on almost to the point of orgasm when she moves her legs." explains Midori.

"Really?" states Nemu rubbing her chin.

"I know what you're thinking, and I came prepared." replies Midori reaching into her bag and taking out a pair of white cotton panties. "These should fit her." states Midori as she proceeds to put the panties on Rakka.

"Hmm, they're a little small, but that makes it that much better." replies Midori as the panties encase Rakka's pelvis snugly, faintly showing the lips of her labia.

"Ok, let's tie her up." states Nemu.

About ten minutes later Rakka was tied to the bed. They left some slack on the ropes of her feet so she could bring her legs together, but she would need to exert more energy than normal to do so. Midori used rope that would stretch. Rakka's arms were also bound and tied behind the head of the bed.

"Hey, look, she already has a small bulge on her abdomen." states Midori.

"Yea, and that water you brought is going to make it bigger." replies Nemu.

"Well, shall we wake her?" asks Midori.

"Yea, you want to do it?" asks Nemu.

"I would be honored." giggles Midori.

Midori gets to her knees on the right side of the bed, in relation to Rakka. She grips the middle of the waistband of the panties with her left hand and slowly pulls in the direction of Rakka's chest, giving her a small wedgey of sorts. Causing the fabric of the panties to firmly rub against Rakka's sensitive labia. In turn, causing Rakka to give a VERY defined moan through her fading sleep.

Midori then used her right hand and griped the panties below her labia with her pointer and middle finger. She then proceeded to 'saw' the fabric over Rakka's tender mound of flesh. This caused Rakka to squirm herself awake against the bounds moaning loudly. She soon found that she couldn't move her limbs very much.

"Ah! W-what's, Mmmm... g-going on? Ah!" moans Rakka squirming with her eyes closed.

"A little payback, that's what." states Nemu.

Rakka opens her eyes a little and sees Nemu to the left of her.

"P-payback? W-what for?" asks Rakka squirming while Midori continues her action.

Nemu gets down to her knees and puts the fingers of her left hand under Midori's hands and on the small bulge of Rakka's abdomen. Midori stops and removes her hands, allowing Rakka to respond.

"Oh that. Heh, sorry to tell you, but I have no urge to go, despite that bulge there." states Rakka happily.

"Oh that will be well taken care of." states Nemu.

Rakka gets a slightly worried expression on her face.

"What do you mean by that?" asks Rakka.

"Heh, Midori..." states Nemu.

"Gotcha..." replies Midori getting up and walking to the bag that's now sitting in the chair by the table.

She gets out the bottle of water.

"Your going to drink that Rakka." states Nemu.

"Ha! I'm not drinking that, and there's no way you can make me!" replies Rakka.

"Oh I think you will, unless you want to be hurt." states Nemu.

"Hurt? You wouldn't hurt me." replies Rakka.

"True, but Midori there would, and she has her a whip to prove it." states Nemu.

Rakka now looks worried as Midori reaches her right hand into the bag again and pulls out her whip.

"Y-your bluffing, she wouldn't hit me with that." states Rakka.

"Bluffing huh? Drink the water." states Nemu.

"No!" replies Rakka.

"-Sigh- Oh well...Midori?" states Nemu getting up and stepping back.

Midori smiles as she allows the whip to unroll to the floor.

"Rakka, you have one last chance..." states Midori.

"I-I still say your bluffing." replies Rakka.

"Very well, you've made your choice. Now deal with the consequence." states Midori as she cracks the whip, making Rakka flinch.

It was when Midori put the whip over her left shoulder preparing to strike, when Rakka realized that that the pig-tailed girl really was going to hit her. Suddenly time slowed for Rakka as she saw Midori start to bring the whip downward.

Her eyes widened in fear and she quickly said, "Ok I give up! I'll drink the water!" as she closed her eyes and tensed up. After a moment when she felt no sting of the whip she opened her eyes and looked at Midori, who had replaced the whip with a small 8oz. cup and the bottle of water in the other hand. She poured some into the cup and brought it to Rakka's face.

"OK, bottoms up!" states Midori.

"Hey, Why not just have her drink all of it?" asks Nemu.

“This stuff is concentrated, one 8oz. cup full is more than enough." replies Midori.

"Ok, drink up." Rakka raises her head to drink the water. "There you go, drink it all." states Midori. Rakka finishes and Midori places the cup on the desk near the bed. "Ok, it's going to that a minute to kick in. So during that time..." Midori undoes the front clasp of Rakka's yellow bra and pulls her bra apart revealing her breast, and hardening nipples.

"Hey, I wanna help pass the time too." states Nemu as she steps to the bed.

"Ok, You get that breast while I get this one." replies Midori.

Nemu gets back on her knees as both her and Midori lick both of Rakka's nipples. Making her tense in pleasure, but she knew what was soon to follow as she felt her bladder suddenly filling with urine. THAT feeling itself was very odd to her- feeling urine enter her bladder.

After a moment Nemu placed her left hand on the bulge of Rakka abdomen and found it much bigger. She removed her mouth from Rakka's breast and looked down and saw that the bulge was very visible. Nemu looked back to Midori, who looked very engrossed in licking and sucking Rakka's breast, making the Haibane moan and squirm. Nemu called her name and when Midori wouldn't respond, Nemu gripped her right pigtail and pulled Midori off Rakka, who groaned at the pull of her hair.

"Oww, hey." complained Midori.

"Don't hey me, were going to make Rakka wet herself remember?" states Nemu.

"Oh yea, I guess I kinda forgot about that." replies Midori.

"Rakka, how are you feeling?" asks Nemu.

“I can feel my bladder being filled." replies Rakka.

"Really? You can feel it filling?" asks Nemu.

Rakka nods her head.

"And it's going to keep filling until you let go, or your body absorbs all the minerals of the water. Which ever comes first, that's why I only gave you a little bit. If I had made you drink all of that water you would be peeing all day for the next 2 days. I know because I found that out the hard way." explained Midori.

Then suddenly Rakka tenses up from a spasm from her slowly filling bladder and brings her legs together, but finds it requiring more strength than normal. Nemu and Midori smile at this.

"And so it begins." states Nemu.

"Hey, didn't you say Rakka made you come before you wet yourself?" asks Midori.

Rakka's eyes widen at Midori's question as she fights the spasm, but her legs tiring from the effort to keep them together.

"Yea, she did. Rakka?" states Nemu.

"N-Nemu, please... don't do this." pleads Rakka.

"Now Rakka, when I begged you to stop, did you?" asks Nemu.

"But..." began Rakka but stopped when she couldn't find any words to back her up.

Thankfully the spasm began to reside before Rakka's legs gave out on her.

"Here, I'm going to help you for a bit so you don't lose control prematurely." stated Midori as she cupped her right hand firmly against Rakka's labia bulging against the fabric of the panties.

Rakka sighed at the this reinforcing hold on her bladder releasing it's contents.

"So Rakka, why should I show you any mercy, when you showed me none?" asked Nemu. Silence was her reply. "What's wrong? Why aren't you talking anymore?" asks Nemu. Again, silence is her reply. "Fine you won't say something, I'll have Midori make you. Midori?" states Nemu.

Midori nods her head and starts rubbing Rakka's cotton covered labia. Causing her to groan in desperation as Midori's action threatened her hold.

"Please stop!" states Rakka.

"There's that wonderful voice! Ok Midori, you can stop. Now, tell me how you feel." replies Nemu.

"My bladder hurts, and it keeps filling. I don't know how much more it can expand." states Rakka.

"Aww, your bladder is full and expanding, how unfortunate. Your bladder is going to feel much worst because your not going to pee until after you orgasm. That urine is going to be so packed into your bladder, it's going to feel like it's about to explode. That what it felt like for me and I'm going to put that feeling on you." states Nemu.



"Which part do you want? The breasts or... Nemu points to the small protrusion of Rakka's clit on the panties as Midori removes her hand from Rakka's crotch.

"I'll take the breasts!" states Midori happily.

"Heh, why am I not surprised? I wanted her most sensitive spot anyway." replied Nemu.

So Midori moved up to Rakka's breasts and wasted no time in placeing her mouth back to the hardened nipples, making Rakka gasp with pleasure. Nemu reached the pointer and middle finger of her right hand into Rakka's panties and ran her fingers over Rakka's stiffened and enlarged clit, making her tensed sharply in both extreme pleasure and desperation.

As this continued, Rakka slowly felt her need for an orgasm overtaking her need to pee. She thought about asking for this to stop but remembered it would do no good. She was going to have to stay here receiving this pleasure, and she knew that soon she wouldn't care what happened after she came.

About 4 minutes later, she indeed didn't care anymore. She had no reason to, her aching bladder no longer bothered her. The pleasure and rising need of release had overtaken her bladder. And about 2 minutes of moaning and squirming later her orgasm hit. Causing her to squirt her cum into the damp fabric of the borrowed panties. Soaking them in her cum.

Her orgasm lasted for a good minute and ten seconds before she began to relax, and by that time her panties were drenched in her juices. As she lay there limply, with her breathing shallow, she felt Nemu enter her fingers into her and pinch her urethra shut. And that reminded her of what was soon to come. Then, from seemingly nowhere her bladder responded in full-force as it made it's need known.

"It hurts! It hurts." exclaimed Rakka.

"Doesn't it thou? That's how I felt just before I peed." replies Nemu.

"Please! Let me go! It hurts!" screams Rakka.

"Nemu, I think you really should let her go. More and more urine is going into her bladder." states Midori.

"Just a little longer..." replies Nemu.

"No I'm serious! Her body won't be able to take that pressure much longer. It's not a pretty sight seeing a person scream in agony from their bladder exploding. Nemu, let her go." states Midori sternly.

"Ok fine." replies Nemu as she removes her hand from Rakka's panties.

Almost as soon as Nemu's hand leaves Rakka's panties a forceful stream of urine jets from her urethra. Causing her to cry in a mix of pain and relief as her body fell limp of her control and she peed freely. Since the panties were skin-tight on Rakka and already wet, she peed as though nothing was there. Her urine reached just past the end of the bed.

She continued to pee for an incredible 3 and a half minutes! And that was just until the flood began to slow, as she further continued to pee for another minute and fifteen seconds before the last of the yellow liquid left her sore bladder. Rakka cried, as she no longer felt the painful pressure to pee any more.

"My goodness! I'm glad I let you go when I did. You peed for almost 5 minutes!" stated Nemu.

"Let's untie her" suggests Midori.

"Ok." replies Nemu.

Nemu and Midori untie Rakka's bounds and she slowly placed her hands over her labia and leaned onto her right side.

"She looks pretty wrung out, but don't worry, she'll be fine." states Midori as she places her right hand on Rakka's wet tear-streaked cheek.
"But..." stated Midori.

-Early next mourning-

In Rakka's Room

Rakka wakes in her green and white checkered pajama's feeling her crotch wet and the pants of her pajama's sticking to her legs and pantyless crotch.

"Mmmm, so warm... and wet. And it smells like.... urine?" states Rakka as she places her right hand under her body to her crotch and feels not only her pajama's wet but also the bed.

She quickly sits up and looks at herself and the bed.

"I can't believe it! I wet the bed!" states Rakka shocked at herself. "It must be because of the strain my bladder was put through yesterday. It must not have healed all the way. I hope it does soon, I don't want to wet the bed everyday."

End ^_^

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