Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 6)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6- Nemu\'s Embarrassment

[Author's notes: Rakka spots Nemu napping in her room and decides to have a little fun with her.

Watersport theme]

For no particular reason, Rakka's walking down the hallway were Nemu's room resides. as she nears the room she sees the door partly open, She continues walking past the door but stops a few feet away from it. She walks backwards back to the door and peaks in.

"Hmmm.... now this looks familiar." states Rakka grinning as she sees Nemu asleep at her desk... again.

Rakka walks behind the unconscious Nemu and then to her right side. She then gets to her knees and puts her arms on the desk much like Nemu is doing and simply looks at the older Haibane sleeping.

"Nemu works hard, but she's always napping." thinks Rakka as she looks at Nemu's hair covered face.

Rakka takes her left hand and brushes the brown strains of hair from Nemu's face and places it behind her ear.

"You remember what I said last time?" whispers Rakka. "I'm going to return the favor you did for me the last time. Heh, without the passing out part."

Rakka got back to her feet and positioned herself behind Nemu. She bent forward and reached her hands in front of Nemu and cupped her breasts with each hand, but Nemu made no reaction. Rakka then proceeded to squeeze her breast, which after a few seconds Nemu started to lightly squirm in her sleep. Rakka smiled at this and removed her hands to continue under her shirt and under her bra.

Rakka massaged Nemu's breast for about a minute before she stopped and removed her hands. She didn't want to wake Nemu yet, plus she was constantly squirming from the action. Rakka moved her left hand to Nemu's back and moved her right south from Nemu's breasts. Then Rakka got an idea, after a couple failed attempts at getting Nemu's wings through the wing slits of her shirt and almost threatening to wake up the girl up, she manages to get her wings out.

She props the shirt up on top of Nemu's wings and continues from were she left off. She puts her fingers in-between Nemu's left wing, and runs her fingers up and down her back. Causing Nemu to produce a sleepy, but defined moan.

"You like that don't you? Asks Rakka.

Unknown to Rakka, Reki comes down the hallway and hears Rakka's statement and looks into Nemu's room.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" thinks Reki as she looks on.

"I like it when someone's licking my pussy." whispers Rakka still unaware of Reki's presence and ability to hear her every word.

"She thinks no one's listening. Let's see what other dirty words come from that sweet mouth." thinks Reki ginning.

Rakka runs her right hand down Nemu's stomach and feels a bulge.

"Hmmm, what's this? You have a bulge near your abdomen." states Rakka.

She applies light pressure to the bulge and sees Nemu squirm in a different way.

"Well just as I thought, it looks like you have to go. That presents a problem, I can't make you come with out you wetting yourself..." Rakka then gets another idea. "Or, I could just have you wet yourself."

Reki's eyes widened at this.

"She isn't really going to do what I think she is, is she?" thinks Reki.

"Or better yet, I'll make you come then you'll be too tired to hold it in any longer. Yea, I get to see you come and pee your panties. Your really going to need a new pair after this." states Rakka.

"Well she's really going to do it. I'm going to enjoy watching this." thinks Reki.

Reki then hears something to her left. and sees Hikari walking toward her. Reki quickly motions for her to not talk. Who of course opens her mouth to speak. Reki rushes over to her and puts her right hand firmly over the blonde's mouth.

"Shhh, if you must say something whisper." states Reki lowly, before removing her hand.

"What's going on? What are looking at in Nemu's room?" asks Hikari quietly.

Reki leads Hikari to the door and has her look inside. Her eyes widen in shock and Reki places her hand on her mouth again before she gasps.

"Remember, whisper." states Reki before she removes her hand.

"What's going on! Why is Rakka doing that! Whispers Hikari.

"She's going to make her wet herself." replies Reki.

"What?!" states Hikari shocked but still keeping her tone in check.

Before She could respond they hear "What are you doing?!" from Nemu's room. Reki looks back into the room to see Nemu turning her head to the right enough to see Rakka behind her.

"I remember you saying you wanted to be awake the next time I make you come." replies Rakka to the now conscious Nemu, with her left hand still on her back and her right on the bulge of her abdomen. "I gotta- Go to the bathroom?" interrupts Rakka. "Don't worry, I'll take care of that."

"But I really have to go, let go of me." states Nemu trying to get up from her chair.

Rakka doesn't allow this as she swiftly descends her right hand south and under Nemu's skirt and underwear and cups her labia. Causing her to tense from the touch.

"I told you, I'll take care of that." states Rakka.

-Meanwhile back outside the room-

"She's really going to do it!?" states Hikari.

"Looks like It." replies Reki looking attentively.

"...And your going to let her?" asks Hikari.

“Yea, why not?" replies Reki. "Oh, don't worry, me and Rakka have an understanding about stuff like this."

-Back in the room-

"R-Rakka I really have to go. Can't you wait?" asks Nemu.

"Looks like you don't understand. Fine, I'm planning to make you wet you panties." states Rakka.

"What?! You can't be serious!" exclaims Nemu.

"I'm very much so." replies Rakka as she inserts her middle and ring finger into Nemu's mature womanhood.

This causes her to buck against the action. Showing that her body wanted this.

"Ah! R-Rakka please, I gotta go!" states Nemu as she feels her bladder taken by a spasm and Rakka's intruding finger.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to let you pee until you come." replies Rakka.

"B-but I won't b-be able to hold it then." states Nemu.

"Exactly." replies Rakka.

"W-why? Why are you doing this?" states Nemu as her spasm starts to fade.

"Why? Do I really need a reason?" asks Rakka as she lick the base of Nemu's right wing. Causing her to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and desperation.

"P-please s-stop!" exclaims Nemu.

"Do you really want me to? I haven't moved my fingers and there dripping wet, and I know it's not urine." replies Rakka.

-Outside the room-

Hikari looks at Reki and sees her cheeks flushed and her breathing has quickened slightly. Then she looks down and sees her right hand under the waistband of her skirt.

"I don't believe you! You're turned on by that?" asks Hikari.

Reki looks at the blonde and smiles faintly before closing her eyes and turning her head back to the action in front of her.

"You must be too... if you're still here looking." replied Reki in a whispered relaxed tone.

That statement caused Hikari to blush a deep red. Reki looked back at the blonde and saw this and stated

"So go ahead... make yourself feel good."

"So how long do you think you can prevent your orgasm?" asked Rakka as she begun to pump her fingers into Nemu slowly while she ran her fingers of the base of her wings.

"Ah! P-please... I... Mmm" staggers out Nemu.

"What was that? Was that a moan Nemu?" asked Rakka as she started to up the tempo of her right hand slowly.

Nemu groaned in desperation as she felt her dual release nearing.

"P-please make m-me come." stated Nemu.

"Really?" asked Rakka.

"-Gasp- N-no! That's not w-what I meant!" quickly states Nemu.

"It sure sounded clear enough." stated Rakka.

"Can I at least take my skirt off so I won't get it messy?" asked Nemu.

"As long as you don't try anything funny. Remember, I can force you to lose control at anytime." replied Rakka.

Nemu lifted herself off the chair enough to slide her skirt down to her feet were she kicked it off to the side. Then sat back down on the chair, clad in her white panties from the waist down and Rakka's pointer and pinkie finger are exposed from the panties. Showing her middle and ring fingers were still busy underneath the fabric.

"You're finally giving in eh? Asked Rakka. Nemu didn't reply she just closed her legs together, trapping Rakka's hand. "Heh, are you going to come?" asked Rakka as she also felt the muscles of Nemu's vaginal walls squeezing her fingers.

"Y-yes." replied Nemu.

"Looks like all that moving to take your skirt off drained the last little bit of your strength to hold it back huh?" asked Rakka as she sped up her fingers.

Nemu was in heaven, she didn't care what was going to happen after she came, she just wanted that pleasurable release. The building wall of pleasure blocked out her need to pee as she felt Rakka starting to run her fingers over the base of her wings. Minutes later, Nemu was writhing in the chair from pleasure. Just a few more seconds and her body would get the release it wanted.

But when Nemu felt Rakka lick the base of her right wing, THAT final assault of pleasure sent her over the edge. She flung her head back moaning loudly as her moment came, her body tensing up. Rakka felt Nemu squirting cum onto her hand as she continued to pump her fingers into her through her orgasm, some of it leaking out the edge of her panties and onto the chair.

While she was still lost in her orgasmic high, Rakka removed her fingers and her hand from Nemu's panties and saw them soaked in the older Haibane's juices. She licked all of it from her hand and by that time Nemu had returned to her senses totally exhausted and unaware of the consequence she was soon to face.

And she was reminded of it when she felt her bladder go into very intense spasm, she felt like her bladder was ready to explode- since it was it was overtaken by her orgasm and with no energy to fight it she just let it happen. She peed into her already cum-soaked panties, staining them yellow as the urine left her aching bladder. Rakka looked at Nemu crotch when she heard her moan, she saw the puddle of urine she was sitting in growing, at a steady rate.

Growing and growing until it spilled out over the seat of the chair, making a loud splashing sound. This continued for a good minute 45 seconds, and 30 seconds later the splashing ended. Now Nemu was literally sitting in a puddle of her urine- and enjoying every second of it. The feel of the warm liquid on her panties, the feel of it on her skin, the feel of it on the parts were the sun don't shine. It was all very relaxing, something Rakka must and will feel thought Nemu.

"You look like it feels good sitting there in it." states Rakka.

"You will soon know the feeling." thought Nemu as a smile appeared on her face.

-Outside the room-

This is DURING Nemu's orgasm.

Seeing Nemu going through her orgasm brought on Reki's own release. Still aware of their unknown presence, Reki forced herself to remain silent through her orgasm. She was already on her knees so when she came a lot of her cum ended up on the backside of her long skirt with her panties being thoroughly soaked.

She would be walking with a VERY messy pair of panties until she changed. Although she made a failed attempt at hiding her arousal, the sight of Reki orgasming right in front of her turned Hikari on immensely.

"R-Reki, we should really be going. Come on." stated Hikari extending a hand to Reki.

"T-thanks I wouldn't be able to walk with out help at the moment." Replies Reki reaching out her left hand.

Hikari helps Reki to her feet and slowly walks down the hall with Reki.

"Your going to have to take your hand out of your skirt before we get outside you know." stated Hikari.


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