Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 4)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4- (Kuu\'s Side) Boredom The Bakery Pain

[Author's notes: WARNING: Unlike the three fics before this one, this one is heavy on the sex and it's a bit more graphic and exaggerated.

NOTE: Oh yea, I know the doorknob of Kuu's door is on the left side and the door opens to the right, but for the purposes of this fic the doorknob will be on the right side and the door opens to the left. Well, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the story shall we?]

(As bored as she was, Kana needed something to do. Even thou it was nighttime she wasn't tired, in fact she was wide-awake. In her boredom she decided to walk around the east tower. She happened to be on the floor that Kuu's room was on, so she decided to see if she was awake. She really didn't expect to see her awake at this hour seeing as she is usually out light a light at this hour. Kana Decided to see if she was awake anyway, and if she was she hoped she'd find something to do, even if it was a little conversation.)

(As Kana closed her hand around the doorknob of Kuu's door, she heard something from inside. Kana could have sworn it was a moan, so curiosity got the best of her and although she was going to quietly walk in, she opened the door slightly and peeked inside. She saw Kuu laying on her bed not only sleeping, but also completely nude with two of her fingers of her right hand deeply rooted into herself, her left hand playing with her developing breast with low moans and grunts coming out of her mouth. While this scene surprised Kana a bit, soon a big grin crossed her face.)

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" says Kana to herself. "Looks like our little Kuu is having a wet dream... and wet it certainly is."

(Kana sees the area between Kuu's legs and her hands are soaking wet, and there's a good-sized wet spot underneath her pelvis.)

"From the looks of it, she should be coming any second now." thought Kana.

(And almost as soon as she thought it, Kana saw Kuu arch her body up off the bed moaning loudly as her orgasm hit her. Causing her to project a thick stream of her cum over the end of the bed in a small arch before pooling in a space almost right in the middle of the space between the end of the bed and the door. Kuu's body fell back to the bed before squirting a few more times.)

Whoa! No way, when Kuu comes she really comes! That was like five feet of more, I'd be lucky if I could get three. This has to be her first time or something." thought Kana.

(Kuu began to cup her crotch with her right hand before licking it. Upon seeing this, Kana thought it might not have been her first time, but her thoughts were cut off as Kuu begun to speak.)

"Enjoy the show? I'm a little disappointed you didn't come help me." states Kuu through closed eyes.

"Huh! How?!" thought Kana surprised.

"Come on, I know someone's out there." says Kuu now looking at her ceiling.

(Kana knew she wouldn't be able to get out of this smoothly, so she slowly walked in with a good deal a red on her cheeks, just before the end of the bed.)

"So I guessed right, it's you Kana." stated Kuu looking at Kana.

"How'd you know someone was out there?" asked Kana.

"Well you probably think I saw thee door, which I did, but I didn't pay that any attention since I've left it open before and since no one usually comes by here at this time of night I sometimes leave it open. I saw the glow of one of you guys halo, that's when I knew someone was out there." explains Kuu.

"So it wasn't luck that you managed to come all the way there?" asked Kana pointing behind her.

"Nope, I was all me, luck had nothing to do with it. Luck would be me reaching the door." replied Kuu giggling once at her last statement before stroking herself between the legs with her right hand.

(Seeing the smallest Haibane in this state with sweet making her body gleam in the dim light, the drenched and messy area between her legs, the expression on her face, this and more were causing Kana to become aroused and quite wet, but with her choice of clothing her blush was the only thing related to her arousal showing. As Kuu continued her self-menstruation's she began to speak to Kana again, seeing as she's enjoying the sight.)

"So... you like seeing this?" asks Kuu as she lifts her right hand causing a long string of her cum to appear, connecting her middle and ring fingers to her crotch before quickly disappearing over her stomach, up between her breasts as she puts her two fingers in her mouth, sucking and licking the cum from her fingers.

Kana was beginning to lose her self-control and wanted to just jump on the bed and make Kuu come over and over again.

"Mmmm! Its tastes good!" states Kuu as she enjoys what she's doing to her friend.

Kuu can tell Kana's barley holding on to her control.

"Hmm, you look thirsty, want some?" asks Kuu rubbing herself again gently before lifting her hand a second time just a little to form a few thick strings of her cum.

"Do I ever!" replies Kana as she rushes over to the end of the bed.

(With her now on the bed, Kana starts to send her head downward only to be abruptly stopped just before her tongue touched Kuu's glistening hairless garden. Kana knew exactly want happened though, as she did something similar to get Rakka out of bed, and looked up at Kuu.

"Ah, ah, ah!" said Kuu waving her hand the pointer finger of her left hand as the right hand held Kana's halo. "You can't just go diving in just yet, I want you to do something for me first."

(Kana looked at Kuu's slit then at her again then she notices a glazed over look in Kuu's eye's. Kana thought about asking Kuu how long she's been at this, but the smaller Haibane's scent knocked this thought out of her mind.)

"Well, will you do what I want?" asked Kuu.

"Yes, I'll do want ever you want!" Said Kana quickly.

(She just wanted to taste her friend as quick as possible and Kuu realized this and intended to make her wait.)

"Good that's what I wanted to hear. Now the first thing I want you to do is to take a good whiff of me." States Kuu.

(Kana complied and took a good long sniff of Kuu's wet sex and grew more and more wetter each passing second she was smelling her friends scent.)

"So, how does it smell? Asks Kuu.

"Wonderful!" exclaims Kana.

"Good, now for the last thing, if you do this right you can have as much of me as you want, but if you mess-up your just going to have to wait longer. Understand?" states Kuu.

"Yes, I understand." Replies Kana nodding her head slightly.

"Good, now this is what I want you to do, I want you to put your mouth on me and lick me only ONE time and without swallowing, I want you to kiss me so I can taste myself on your lips. Do you understand what I want you to do?" states Kuu.


"Yes what"

"Yes, I understand." states Kana correcting herself. "Good, you can begin." says Kuu.

(Kana begins her order as she lowers her head while Kuu is still holding on to her halo and closes her open mouth over Kuu's slit drawing a sudden gasp of pleasure from the smaller Haibane. Kana then slowly licks her once, causing Kuu to tense a little and although she had an incredibly strong urge to swallow and lick again, Kana disengaged her mouth from Kuu who now let go of her halo as she allowed Kana to crawl over her and give her a deep kiss, sticking her tongue into Kuu's mouth to meet hers. Kuu's tongue licked at Kana's as if trying to remove all traces of her from Kana's tongue. Both were soon lost in the kiss, enjoying the feeling and taste of soft, wet, cum covered lips against the other. Kuu found her way back first and decided to start undoing Kana's shirt carefully. Kana, still lost in the kiss, doesn't realize what's happening to her shirt until Kuu reaches her right hand into Kana's pants and strokes the crotch of her extremely wet panties, her wetness even surprises Kuu. Kana stiffens from the touch and ends their kiss as she moans loudly. Kuu could feel the small vibrations of Kana coming through her panties and felt it running down her legs. Kana's arms went limp as her upper body fell on the smaller girl with her head resting above Kuu's left shoulder on the bed. Kuu waited about a minute for her friends shaking to die down before speaking into Kana's ear.)

"Wow, you must've been really turned on. I barley touched you and you came so hard. I felt you coming through you panties." states Kuu with her hand still on Kana's crotch slowly rubbing her.

"Mmmm, I-It's because I started g-getting turned on when I saw y-you r-rubbing and licking yourself, and it just rai-AH!" Kana was cut off as Kuu stuck her middle finger in Kana though her panties.

"Well, you did such a good job with what I wanted, I'll do something for you." states Kuu starting t rub with more pressure.

(Kana stiffened again at the sensation, but before it could overwhelm her she spoke up.)

"S-St-Stop!" states Kana.

"Why? I know it feels good, why should I stop?" asks Kuu continuing her menstruation.

"B-because, I w-want my other-AH!" is all Kana could get out before giving into the pleasure, but Kuu realized what Kana was about to say and stopped her action, drawing a moan of protest from kana.

"Forgot all about that!" states Kuu removing her hand from Kana's now well soaked pants.

"You would quit right when I give in." Stated Kana breathing a little heavy.

"Your the one that reminded me so you have yourself to blame." replied Kuu with a smile.

"Yea, Yea."

(Says Kana as she moves down Kuu's small frame to wear she was earlier, face to face with Kuu's cum covered slit and this time without the restriction of Kuu holding on to her halo. She took one more sniff of Kuu's sex before giving it one long, slow lick. Causing Kuu to moan loudly.)

"Looks like your pretty sensitive." says Kana as she rubs her hand over Kuu's pussy.

(Laughing weakly was all Kuu able to do between her moans. Then Kana got an idea.)

"Now it's my turn! States Kana with a big grin. "You're not going to come until I want you to."

(Kana positioned herself so that her right hand was rubbing Kuu's spot slowly vertically and used her right arm to support her weight as she lend down to Kuu's face and spoke softly into her left ear.)

"You hear me Kuu? I'm gonna make you beg."

(As the open flap of Kana's shirt gently glided over Kuu's chest and stomach, she let out a clearly defined moan, then stuttered out "D-Do yo-your worst!")

"Don't bite off more then you can chew Kuu, You're already stuttering your words." States kana as she then notices what her shirt is doing, then she does what she was doing by accident on propose.

(Kana then removed her right hand and repositioned herself so that her hand entered the smaller Haibane's mouth, her left hand started playing with Kuu's right breast and her mouth claimed the left one, then Kana used her left leg just above her knee to rub Kuu's most sensitive spot. With three points of stimulation, Kuu was having a very hard time concentrating on the cum laden fingers of Kana's hand in her mouths she was moaning and squirming on the bed, and just when she thought she would get release Kana abruptly stopped all her actions and sat up on her knees, her legs still in-between Kuu's.)

"Hey, don't stop! I'm almost- there?" interrupts Kana. "I told you, I'm gonna have you beg." states Kana smiling evilly.

(Kuu let out a moan and look of protest.)

"Don't look at me like that!" says Kana as she quickly shoves her middle and ring finger of her right hand into Kuu. An action that made Kuu stiffen immediately. "Until you beg, you're not going to come... I won't let you. Your going to stay on this tightrope until you beg." states Kana pumping her fingers into Kuu painfully slowly.

(Kuu couldn't believe it, normally what Kana was doing to her would have made her come, but Kana was able to keep her on that tightrope defeating all efforts to fall.)

"I want to come... but I don't want to beg!" thought Kuu writhing on the bed.

"Come on Kuu! I can tell by the look on your face, you're just dying to fall. All ya have to do is just give in and beg." stated Kana adding a third finger, causing a small squirt of Kuu's cum to squirt out. In turn causing Kuu to groan as the pressure of her release was building incredibly fast against a wall that Kana had somehow formed on her release.

"I let you have a little drop. Come on Kuu, beg for me and let me hear those wonderful words!" said kana as she entered her pinkie finger into Kuu.

"I can't take it anymore! It feels like I'm going to explode if I don't do anything." thought Kuu as a tear of unreleased pleasure cascaded down her cheek. "It's no use, I gotta do it. I gotta beg." thought Kuu as another tear fell.

"Please! Make me come!" shouted Kuu with her voice in a mix of pleasure and defeat.

"Sweet, sweet music to my ears. Very well, I'll give you what you want so badly." with that Kana plunged her whole hand inside Kuu, giving her the orgasm that beat all others as it raped her body of controlled movement and let out a loud moan, not caring if she woke anyone up, and amazingly she didn't.

(Kana on the other hand probably wished she had moved out of the way, because when she let Kuu have release of her pint-up orgasm, the force of Kuu's cum knocked her off the end of the bed, onto her back. Kuu came so hard that she hit the wall across from the end of the bed! As Kuu's orgasm died, so did the continuing arch of her cum, witch like a sprinkler switching sides, it spashed over Kana and some of it got in her nose. She quickly jerked to one side coughing. Kana got up a few moments later and looked at herself.)

"Man, my clothes are drenched! I forgot to take them off."

(Then she notices something dripping in front of her face, and puts a hand to her hair.)

"My hair!" exclaimed Kana looking at her hand.

"Oh quit your complaining, do you have any idea of how long this is going to take to clean?!" asked Kuu as she hears Kana's complaints upon coming to her senses.

(Kana looked at the floor then followed the line of cum with her eyes to the wall.)

"Whoa! You hit the wall! How can you do that?!" exclaimed Kana looking confused.

(Kuu just laughed)

-Present day-

"Hey Reki, if anyone comes looking for me tell them I went into town." states Kuu as she runs past Reki on the small bridge just outside of Old Home.

"Ok, you shouldn't run so fast, you'll trip and hurt yourself." replies Reki.

"Don't worry, I won't triiiiiip!" says Kuu as she trips over a rock. Fortunately she got up with minor scraps to the palms of her hands and her knees, but no cuts.

"See? I told you. Shouted Reki laughing.

"Ha, but I'm not hurt, so there!" replied Kuu sticking out her tongue before running off.

(Reki sighed lightly and smiled, and went back to Old Home. On the road to town, Kuu meets Rakka walking back.)

"Hi Rakka! Ya go’n back to Old Home?" asks Kuu.

"Yea I was going there to ask you something." states Rakka.

"Really! What?" asks Kuu.

"I asked Reki and Nemu if they could take me to Abandoned Factory, Nemu had to work late and Reki just said No, Nemu said you’d take me though." stated Rakka.

"Sure I’ll take you, I have to right past there anyway." replies Kuu.

"Great! Thank you!" states Rakka happily.

"No problem, what are seniors for?" replies Kuu with a smile.

(So Kuu leads Rakka to the bridge to Abandoned Factory)

"There should have been a sign here." states Rakka.

"Huh? What’cha mean?" asks Kuu.

"I was on this bridge a few days ago enjoying the view." says Rakka.

(Kuu laughed and walked off leaving her friend on the bridge)

"Abandoned Factory is right down the road, ya can’t miss it." Replies Kuu.

(In town Kuu bought a shirt that was obviously too big for her, but she planned on using it as pajamas. Kuu's next stop was the Bakery were Hikari works at.)

"Hi there, Hikari's working in the back again today." stated the cashier when she noticed and recognized Kuu walking in.

"Ok, thanks." replied Kuu walking to the back of the bakery.

"Hi Kuu, what's up? Asks Hikari taking off the baking gloves she had on.

"Nothing really, I just stopped by to ask you if I could borrow one of your toys." replies Kuu with a slight blush.

"O-one of my toys? What are you talking about?" asks Hikari with a more profound blush.

"You know what I mean." states Kuu closing the gap between there bodies.

(Luckily for them the workers were to busy with there job to notice what was happening. Kuu then moved Hikari's apron aside and reached under her skirt and ran her pointer finger up the middle of Hikari's panties, starting from the crotch and going upward. Causing Hikari to shudder and moan through her clenched teeth. Then Kuu slipped her finger in Hikari slightly through her panties.)

"You know Hikari, I- Oh! What's that?" states Kuu as she feels something hard in Hikari.

(Kuu thought for a moment before going wide-eyed.)

"Hikari! Is that what I think it is? Asks Kuu.

(Hikari didn't answer, she just looked at Kuu with her face blushing profusely, so Kuu- upon further feeling of the object- discovered something that felt like a switch. and so deeming it a switch, Kuu decided to flip the switch and see Hikari's reaction. Which was her tensing sharply in shock, gripping the counter next to her for balance, and gasping loudly- which caught the attention of one of the workers.)

"Hikari is anything wrong?" asks the worker.

"N-nothing, c-can I be e-excused?" replied Hikari still gripping the counter.

"Sure, go ahead." came her reply.


(Hikari now turned her attention to Kuu.)

"Bathroom, n-now!"

(Kuu smiled and followed her to the restroom.)

(As Kuu locks the bathroom door, Hikari quickly turns off her vibrator before losing it and slowly slides down the wall to the floor panting.)

"Kuu! What the heck is wrong with you?!" exclaims Hikari catching her breath.

"I could have made a mess in my panties, it's not like I keep an extra pair on me. Why did you do that?" asks Hikari.

"Well, I wanted to see what your reaction was. It was a good one too!" replies Kuu smiling.

"Well, what was it you wanted again? Asks Hikari.

"That toy you have in there." replied Kuu.

"Fine, I obviously won't be able to keep it in me, and work properly thanks to what you did. You better not lose it, it's my favorite!" replied Hikari standing up and going to the sink.

(Hikari removed her underwear and kept them in her left hand as she began to spread her legs when Kuu spoke up.)

"Hey, I got an idea! Why don't I get it out for you?" suggested Kuu.


"Yeah, it'll be great! Come on, get back on the wall!" stated Kuu happily.

(Hikari thought about it for a bit before finally agreeing.)

(Now back against the wall, Kuu got on her knees in font of Hikari, who then pulled up her skirt, allowing the smaller Haibane to get a good look at her southern lips, which above had a small patch of blonde hair. Kuu began by slowly licking her a few times drawing a low "Mmmm" from Hikari. Then Kuu entered her with her tongue, as Kuu's tongue searched for the vibrator, Hikari's "Mmmm's" changed to "Ahhh's", but suddenly Kuu pulled her tongue out causing Hikari to groan in protest.)

"Why'd you stop?!" asks Hikari with a little urgency in her voice.

"I can't reach it." answers Kuu.

"Oh, ok, try again and I'll help a bit." replied Hikari.

(Kuu picks up from were she left off as Hikari pushes the vibrator down a bit, but not enough for Kuu to get a hold on it. As Hikari felt Kuu begin to pull out again she quickly put her left hand on the back of Kuu's head and using her right hand to grip her halo, keeping her where she was. This surprised Kuu a bit, but then she continued to give Hikari pleasure with her tongue for a bit until she ran into something hard, just then Kuu remembered the reason she was doing this. Then the thought crossed her mind that when Hikari came, that vibrator would be coming out with some force. The small vibrations of Kuu's mouth trying to tell Hikari something, although giving Hikari pleasure, was not helping her problem of getting hit in the back of the throat with a vibrator. As Hikari began to shake slightly she, fortunately let go of Kuu who quickly removed her tongue and replaced it with her right hand, causing Hikari to tense up. As Kuu pulled the object out, it was followed by Hikari's orgasm. Hikari moaned through her clenched teeth as she came, splashing Kuu's face with her cum, then sank back to the floor panting. As Kuu got as much as she could of her friends cum from her face and licked her hands clean, she heard Hikari that her.)

"No prob!" But that was kinda close, you wouldn't let me go." states Kuu.

"Heh, sorry about that, I forgot all about that little toy I had in me." replied Hikari.

"Little! You call seven inches little? States Kuu. "Anyway I'm glad you don't come like I do, or we would have a big mess to clean."

"Really? How big?" asks Hikari grinning.

"Well if you really want to know, wait till back at Old Home." replies Kuu.

"But I can't wait that long." states Hikari getting up.

"Well your going to." states Kuu as she walks to the sink and rinses off the vibrator.

(Hikari puts her panties back on as Kuu went to unlock the door, and didn't open it two inches before the door shot open hitting Kuu in the forehead with a loud bang. Hikari saw this and quickly caught her before she fell and gently laid her down on the floor.)

"Hey you ok? Kuu? Hello? Asks Hikari as she lightly slaps the side of Kuu's face.

(Just then a teenage girl looks in.)

"Oh no, did I just do that to your friend there?! Asks the girl.

"Yea you did! Thanks to you she's out cold!" snaps Hikari.

"I'm so sorry! Me and my girl...uh, friend were playing around, and I lost my balance and hit the door. I-I didn't think- Of course you didn't think! You-" said Hikari cutting the girl off before stopping herself.
(She realized she was starting to lose her temper, so she took a deep breath and slowly exhaled before speaking again, this time in a much lower tone, but with a hint of anger still there.)

"Why don't you make yourself useful and get a bag of ice for me, ok?" asks Hikari not bothering to look at the girl.

"Ok, just a minute, I'll be right back." states the girl leaving the doorway.

(A few moments after the girl left her friend walked in, she had long black hair in a style much like Reki's, but her hair was much longer, it went down just past her behind. She had beautiful brown eyes, which her right one had a small one-inch scar under it. She wore a loose black shirt with somewhat baggy jeans held up by a black leather belt. She then knelt down beside Kuu opposite to Hikari.)

"You have to forgive my friend, she can be such a klutz sometimes." states the girl.

"...And you are?" Replies Hikari not looking at the girl.

"Oh, of course!" states the girl as she hits herself in the head. "Where are my manners? My name is Jill, and my friends Kimberly, she like to be called Kim thou. And you are..." states Jill as she extends her right hand to Hikari.

(Hikari finally looks at the girl and her frown disappears as she looks at Jill. She shakes her hand smiling.)

"I'm Hikari, her name is Kuu." states Hikari.

"Kuu huh? She's cute." states Jill looking at the unconscious Haibane.

(Before Hikari could respond to Jill's statement Kuu suddenly moves her right hand to her forehead groaning.)

"Owww! My head! What happened?" states Kuu as she sat up slowly.

"You got hit in the head by the door, it knocked you out for a few moments." states Hikari.

"...And who's she?" asked Kuu pointing to the stranger next to her.

"Oh I'm Jill, my friends Kim, she's the one who hit you with the door. She's gone to get some ice for you head, she shouldn't be too much longer." explains Jill.

(Just then Kim walked in with a sandwich bag almost full of ice. Needless to say, she was very much relieved to see the person whom she knocked out cold a few moments ago, sitting up.)

"Oh I'm so glad your ok. I was so worried, everyone I'm around usually gets hurt somehow because of me. Jill there almost lost her eye because of something stupid I did. Sometimes I wonder how she can still..." States Kim as she hands the ice to Hikari, and moves to the wall, away from the three.

"Don't say that, I'm sure you can't have that much bad luck." replies Kuu as Hikari puts the ice to her head.

"No, you don't understand, I shouldn't be around others. "I'll just end up hurting them like I always manage to do. I-I...." Kim hurriedly rushes out the door beginning to cry.

(Jill quickly gets up.)

"I'm sorry, she gets like this sometimes when she causes an accident. I better go catch her before she causes another scene." states Jill as rushes to and out the door.

"You took a pretty good hit there, you think you can stand?" asks Hikari.

"Yea, I think so." replies Kuu as she attempts to stand.

(But as soon as she begins to stand upright, Kuu starts to wobble back but Hikari steadies her and helps her walk out the door and lean against the wall.)

"Kuu wait here a minute. I'll be back ok?" states Hikari going to the back of the bakery after Kuu nods her head.

(After a few moments Hikari returns to Kuu.)

"Kuu listen, I'm going to walk you home ok? I have the bag you had with you." says Hikari.

"Walk me home? I don't need to be walked home, I'm fine." replies Kuu as she attempts to walk, but two steps in she stumbles forward and Hikari catches her.

"See? You're not fine, weather you like it of not, I'm walking you home."

(So Hikari helps Kuu walk back to Old Home, into her room and lay her on the bed.)

"There you go, now don't go anywhere, I'm going to get some more ice." states Hikari.

“You don't have to do this I'm fine, my head doesn't hurt that much anymore." States Kuu trying to calm her friends worry.

"Ok, but are you sure you're going to be alright?" asks Hikari.

“Yea, I'm sure, just give me about an hour." states Kuu laying to one side and closing her eyes.

"Ok fine, but in one hour I'm coming to check on you." says Hikari leaving, but Kuu stops her as she realizes something.

"Hey, aren't you forgetting something? Asks Kuu.

"Huh? Oh yea!" states Hikari as she lifts the small bag she held and put it on the only chair in Kuu's room. She attempts to leave again but Kuu stops her.

"What about that other thing?" states Kuu smiling.

"That 'other thing' stays with me until I see the your one hundred percent better." replies Hikari.

(Kuu's smile quickly disappears upon hearing this.)

"Hey that's not fair!" pouts Kuu.

"Yes it is. I'll be back in one hour, so if your better by that time I'll give it back to you." states Hikari as she leaves.

(A few hours later)

(Kuu ends up falling asleep within thirty minutes of Hikari leaving. Kuu's door slowly starts to open revealing Kana looking in seeing Kuu asleep.)

"This time she really is asleep." states Kana to herself as she slowly walks to the side of Kuu's bed.

"Man, she looks so cute just sleep like that. I almost don't want to do what I came to do... heh, almost." states Kana as she looks at Kuu sleeping on her side.

(But then Kana notices something on Kuu's head, so she moves her blonde bangs out the way to see a swollen bump on her forehead.)

"Whoa! What happened?!" says Kana to herself being careful to keep her voice in check.

(Just then Kuu's left hand begins to maneuver to and massage her left breast through her shirt before quickly moving under her shirt to continue, and emits a soft moan.)

"Looks like your trying to start without me." states Kana to herself as she sees Kuu's right hand traveling south, but Kana quickly cut her off as she carefully, as to not wake Kuu early, places her right hand in Kuu's shorts and slowly caresses the spot between Kuu's legs though her panties, drawing a moan from the small girl.

-About 15 min. later, out in the hallway-

"Hmm, I wonder if Kuu's still asleep. She looks so relaxed when she's out like that." states Hikari as she walks to Kuu's room.

(Upon getting in viewable distance of Kuu's door, she sees it open.)

"That's funny, I don't remember leaving the door open last time." Hikari says to herself.

(So Hikari walks much slower to Kuu's room, hoping to see something interesting, and interesting is defiantly what she saw. With eyes wide she saw Kuu on her back with her shirt bunched up under her arms with her left hand and Kana's mouth playing with her breasts. Hikari also saw Kana's right hand in Kuu's shorts performing a vertical rubbing motion, which caused Kuu to squirm more as Kana increased her speed.)

"Looks like I'll get to see what she meant by 'big mess'." thought Hikari smiling as she saw Kuu slowly start to arch her body up.

(Then Hikari realized something.)

"...But she's wearing her shorts, I wont be able to see it." thought Hikari.

(Just then she heard Kuu moan loudly and saw her stiffen, then to her amazement and shock, saw some of Kuu's cum jet from the end of shorts and land about halve way from the door, before Kuu's body returned limply to the bed. Causing Hikari stop looking and put her back to the wall before sliding down it.)

"Whoa! That was... it almost reached the door, how can she door that! If she came hard enough for it to... oh man, that would have been a big mess." though Hikari as she gets up and walks down the hall.

-Back in Kuu's room-

(Kuu's, of course, awake now, breathing a little heavy and Kana's hand is still in her shorts.)

"You know.... I'd like to be awake from the beginning next time." states Kuu.

"Heh, ok." replies Kana as she rubs her cum laden hand against Kuu's cum soaked panties, drawing a sharp gasp from Kuu.

(Through the pleasure Kana was giving Kuu from her slow rubbing, Kuu manages to unbutton and unzip her shorts to see a sight she's seen before, but was Kana's first. Kana looked in disbelief at what she saw, she knew how Kuu came but nothing could prepare her for what she saw. When Kuu folded back the flaps of her shorts, it looked like a thick spider's web of cum, the insides of her shorts now seemed to be lined with her cum.)

"Wow, you really made a mess of yourself." stated Kana retrieving her hand and looking at it.

(Kuu gets off the bed and allows her shorts to fall to the floor with a thick wet sound, also causing thick trails of her cum to slowly run down her legs, then she pulled down her panties allowing the cum that couldn't escape to steadily flow out of her, enjoying the sensation as the last bit left her body, pooling on the ground. In short, her whole lower body was covered in her cum.)

"Look at me! This is the main reason I don't like to do stuff like this with clothes on." states Kuu.

"Don't worry, I'll clean you up." replies Kana grinning.

"Thanks, but no thanks!" replied Kuu as she walked to her dresser and opens the forth drawer and gets out bath towel that's slightly smaller than normal.

(Kuu begins to clean herself while Kana watches in a chair. About ten minutes later Kuu finishes cleaning herself and while her legs had a slight sheen to them, she ignored it. As she stood up straight she was surprised suddenly as she was hugged from behind, Kuu had forgotten Kana was in the room, she had been quite while Kuu cleaned herself. After realizing that it was Kana hugging her, Kuu relaxed into the embrace, closing her eyes and reaching her left hand up to the back of Kana's neck. Then Kana reached her right hand down between Kuu's legs, causing Kuu to tense slightly before speaking.)


(Kana giggled and caressed Kuu's stomach with her other hand. Then suddenly a knock came from behind Kuu's door and they both froze.)

"Kuu? Are you there?" comes Reki's voice from behind the door.

"Um, yea I'm here. Hold on a minute." states Kuu as she sighs in relief.

(Then Kana starts to rub Kuu's crotch.)

“Hey, cut it out! Reki's right outside." states Kuu.

(Kana reluctantly releases Kuu and licks her hand as she walks to the door. She then notices Hikari's 'toy' on her desk.)

"I didn't know Kuu had one of these." thinks Kana, as she looks back to Kuu whose putting on the big shirt she bought earlier. "Hmmm, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I borrowed it for awhile." thinks Kana as she slips it into her pocket while Kuu finishes getting her shirt on.

(Kuu then lies down on the bed as Kana leaves her room, a moment later Reki walks in.)

"So what'cha want?" asks Kuu.

"Well I wanted to know have you seen Rakka." states Reki.

"Rakka? Yea, I've seen her. I meet her on the road to town as I was going there. She asked me if I could take her to Abandoned Factory since Nemu had work to do and she said you just told her no." replies Kuu as she gives Reki an odd look.

"Oh, OK, well that eases my worry some, I just wanted to know where she was." states Reki.

(After a few seconds Reki walked next to Kuu's bed.)

"Kuu, what were you and Kana doing in here?" asks Reki.

(Kuu's eyes widened in surprise for a bit until she got an idea and smiled.)

"I could tell you but I'd much rather like to show you." replies Kuu as she sits up on her bed with her legs crossed.

"Huh? Show me?" asks Reki.

"Yea, it'll be fun! Come sit on the bed and close your eyes." states Kuu as she hops off the bed.

(Reluctantly Reki complied and sat down on her bed and closed her eyes)

"Reki, I'm going to take your right hand and have you touch something and I want you to guess what it is OK?" states Kuu.

"Huh? What does this have to do with me wanting to know what you to were doing?" asks Reki as she opens her eyes.

"Awww, come on, you'll like it!" pleads Kuu

"I'll like it?! What's take supposed to mean?" asks Reki.


(Reki sighs heavily before replying)

"OK fine. But I better like it"

(Just before Reki re-closes her eyes she notices something on Kuu's forehead.)

"What a minute." states Reki as she gets up and moves the small blonde bangs from Kuu's forehead.

"Whoa! What happened to your head!" asks Reki.

"Nothing, I just got hit by an opening door, but it doesn't hurt that much any more." states Kuu rubbing her head lightly. "But never mind about me, get back on the bed"

(Reki re-closed her eyes as Kuu picked up her right hand and place it on the first thing to be distribed. It was long, straight and had a slight dampness to it, but Reki immediately knew what she was touching and quickly became annoyed.)

"Kuu I'm not stupid that’s your hair." stated Reki.

"Heh, I wanted to give you a freebie, but I'll be for real now." replies Kuu.

(After her statement Kuu and some rustling sound Reki couldn't quite make out, it was Kuu taking her shirt off. Afterwards Kuu picked up Reki's hand again and placed it on her left breast)

"What's that? It's kinda flat except for a bump, and it's smooth." states Reki as she begins to rub Kuu's breast causing her to bite back a moan.

(Reki begins to rub with more pressure, running her pointer and middle finger over Kuu's ribs. Kuu was about to start giggling when Reki asked a question)

"Kuu would you mind if I use my other hand?" asks Reki.

"By all means do." replies Kuu, but she didn't mean to.

(Reki places her left hand on Kuu's right breast inatvertinly forcing a moan from her. Reki opens her eyes at this and is a little surprised at what she sees- Kuu stark naked in front of her.)

"W-what the...?!" exclaims Reki.

"I'm going to show you what me and Kana were doing!" exclaims Kuu as she tackles Reki to the bed.

(As Kuu hovered over Reki, a smile appeared on the older Haibane's face. Kuu was puzzled by this unexpected reaction.)

"What?" asked Kuu with a wondering smile on her face.

"Heh, so this is what you two were up to." states Reki looking Kuu dead in the face while rubbing her right hand down Kuu's left thigh, an action that surprises Kuu.

"Huh? Hey!" exclaims Kuu.

"What? You thought you were just going to shock me into this? Rakka isn't here and I'm quite horny- for lack of a better word, so you just happened to be on the receiving end." states Reki.

"On the receiving end? But your- AH!" Kuu's cut off as Reki slowly enters two fingers into her.

This action caused Kuu to tense slightly and moan inwardly. "Looks like your as sensitive as Rakka." states Reki slowly removing her fingers, but not all the way out and slowly entered them again.

(She repeated this painfully slow stimulation while Kuu responded.)

"As s-sinsa...tive as R-Rakka? You mean, y-you and R-Rakka are..." Kuu couldn't get the last part out as she felt Reki add her thumb to her clit.

"Mmm-Hmmm, she was in your same potion our first time. She didn't last long though, but that..."

(Reki notices Kuu making a face she knew all to well.)

"Looks like you two have two things in common." states Reki as she pulls her fingers out a little then shoves them back in much harder and forcefully than before, causing Kuu to moan loudly as she came.

(Fortunately the door was closed so no one really heard her. As Reki allowed Kuu to fall limply on her, she looked pass her shaking body to see just how much she came- a line of her cum had almost reached the door.)

"Distance, another thing they have in common. Although Rakka doesn't came in a concentrated line like Kuu- huh?" Reki's thought is cut off as she sees Kuu sleeping with a smile on her face.

(A weak smile appears on Reki's face as she sighs.)

"I wish I could sleep with a smile. It's been so long since Kuramori told me I smiled in my sleep, she told me how cute I looked."

-Reki's Flashback-

(As Kuramori walked into the guestroom she saw what was possibly the oddest sleeping position she's seen in a long time. On the bed lay a young Reki, on her stomach asleep with the covers laying across her lower legs, showing that she preferred to sleep in her cotton white underwear. Her left leg was positioned perpendicular to her body while her right leg and from the knee downward from her left leg was positioned in a southern direction to her body. Her right hand had found a place on the back of her neck while her left hand was under her left leg, and her head was turned to the left with drool coming from her slightly opened smiling mouth.)

"Kuramori? What are doing standing there?" came a voice from the doorway.

"Huh?! Oh Nemu it's you, come here a minute... I want you to see something." States Kuramori urging her to look at the position Reki had herself in.

(Nemu burst into laughter at the sight of Reki sleeping, causing her to slowly wake up and remove her left hand from under her leg to wipe the sleep from her eyes.)

"Mmmm, What's so funny?" asks Reki groggily as she supports herself up with her knees and right hand as continues to rub her face with her left hand.

"You, the position you were in was hilarious!" states Nemu as she calms down.


"Yea, it was cute the way were smiling and drooling." replied Kuramori holding back an urge to giggle.

"Drooling?! I don't drool in my sleep!" exclaims Reki now sitting on her legs.

"Really? So what would you call that stuff coming from the side of your mouth and on the pillow?" asked Nemu.

(Reki placed her hand to the side of her mouth and went wide-eyed as she felt a wet substance trailing across the side of her face.)

"If you didn't before you do now!" states Nemu laughing.

"Now, now, Nemu, don't tease her to much about this or I'll bring up your story." States Kuramori.

(Nemu's expression went straight from happy to shock.)

"Y-you wouldn't!" stated Nemu shocked.

"Yea, let's hear this story!" states Reki.

(Before words left Kuramori's open mouth, Nemu quickly covered her mouth.)

"No! Please don't! It's too embarrassing!" exclaimed Nemu.

"Too embarrassing? Now I really want to hear it!" states Reki.

"I better not, it is pretty embarrassing, I wouldn't want anyone to tell if I were her." replied Kuramori.

(Nemu let out a big sigh of relief, while Reki grumbled in protest.)

-End of flashback-

(Reki eyes shot open as she suddenly woke up, and she put her left hand to her face.)

"Man, I must've dosed off there." states Reki, who then looks at Kuu's sleeping face.

(Her smile was gone but she was still sleeping peacefully, with the occasional cute twitch of her wings. She also had her arms around Reki, making it impossible for her to leave without waking her.)

"Looks like I won't be leaving. We'll just have to clean up tomorrow." states Reki as she raps her left hand around the small girls naked waist and returns to sleep.

-Early next morning-

(Kuu woke up to being held tightly, almost painfully tight. She opened her eyes to see Reki who's facial expression did not look like she was having a good time sleeping. Reki's hold went tighter and Kuu gasped as a small twinge of pain crawled up her back, causing her wings to twitch also.)

"R-Reki, wake up." states Kuu in a low voice that told of her apparent tiredness of waking up.

(Then Reki's hold tightened, causing as sharp pain to run through Kuu's back.)

"Owww! Reki, Your... hurting, me! REKI!" states Kuu as yells the last part, waking Reki suddenly.

(She's breathing hard and is a little pale, she looks at Kuu who has a pained expression on her face and Reki suddenly realizes what's happened.)

"Oh Kuu, I'm so sorry! I didn't- Don't worry about it." states Kuu cutting Reki off while sitting up and stretching her back, causing a few audible cracks to be heard.

"I saw the look on your face when I woke up and it looked like you were having a nightmare." stated Kuu.

(Reki didn't answer, she just sat up on the bed. Kuu then thought of something else.)

"Has Rakka ever..." Kuu began but then saw Reki hug herself tightly.

"Yes, she has... but, ever since then I've never allowed myself to fall asleep with my arms around her." replied Reki.

"Oh...Reki. So you have the same dream every time you sleep?" asks Kuu worried.

"No, not every time but, because of that I always sleep facing away from her with her holding on to me." replies Reki.


"Yea, and when I try to do it when she's awake she won't let me, It's like she wants me to hurt her." states Reki with a puzzled look on her face.

"Maybe it's not that she wants you to hurt her, it may be she wants to help you through it. You know, like to share your pain with her." replies Kuu.

"I know but, I can't have her do that... you felt the pain I caused you, I don't want to put Rakka through that again." states Reki.

"But she loves you, I can tell that now from the way she looks at you. I know she'd do anything to make you feel better." states Kuu.

(Reki closes her eyes and lets out a long deep sigh before hoping off the bed.)

"Let's start cleaning this room." states Reki in a much more cheerful tone.

"Huh? But- Come on, let's clean up." states Reki as she cuts Kuu off and yanks her off the bed by her left arm.

"But, you we're so sad a second ago. What's up?" asked Kuu.

"I don't like to be depressed for long so I take a deep breath and push the feeling as south as it will go... and deal with it later." replies Reki.

"But you shouldn't do that!" exclaims Kuu.

"...I know." states Reki in a lower tone. "...But I can't get my jobs done if I'm feeling sad all the time."

(Reki shakes her head as if trying to get rid of something from her mind.)

"Come on, lets clean you and this mess up so I can go to my room, I got something to do." state Reki as she makes her way to the door for some reason.

"Reki, you can't keep running from help like that. I've noticed that you never ask for help." states Kuu, who's words stop Reki from taking another step. She looks at the floor and remains silent.

End of Boredom The Bakery Pain

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