Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 3)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3- Teasing Injury Recovery

[Author's notes: NOTE 2 (02/14/07): About what’s in the teasing section of the fic, I don’t really like that part anymore. Although I think of it as a big mistake, I will not remove it, no further fics will make reference to Rakka’s ‘problem’

NOTE 3: I'm embarrassed about it even now, it's actually one of the reasons why I had second thoughts about uploading this series]

"Well, I gotta get back home. I'll see you guys later." states Midori leaving Rakka's room.

"I have to get going too. See ya later Rak- Hey, your face is beat red!" exclaims Reki as she looks at Rakka's face.

(Reki remembers Nemu telling her something.) "What did Nemu say to you?" ask Reki.

“Whoa! Her face is red!" states Kana as she looks at Rakka's face.

"Um...she, uh...called me a...pervert." states Rakka slowly.

"'s true." states Reki.

"What!? No I'm not!" exclaims Rakka.

"Really? Then why don't you wear underwear? That seems like a pretty perverted thing to do." states Reki.

"Yea! Why don't you wear underwear? You wear a dress." asks Kana.

"Well, the feeling? replies Rakka.

"The feeling of what?" asks Reki.

"Can't we just drop the subject? I'm getting turned on again." replies Rakka.

"...And that's a bad thing?" asks Kana.

"I'm just not in the mood." Replies Rakka.

"But I know how I can get you in the mood, and quite suddenly to." says Reki starting to lift Rakka's dress but Rakka stops Reki from touching her.

"No! Don't use that against me!" exclaims Rakka.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" asks Kana.

"Do you what to, or should I tell her?" asked Reki to Rakka, who blushes again.

"Tell me what? I wanna know!" states Kana.

"Well Kana, it would seem Rakka here has a slight case of having a split personality, were her sweet and quite attitude will change into one of two different personalities." explains Reki.

"So...Rakka's a skitso! What would these two personalities be?" asks Kana.

"Well one has her acting all cute asking to be touched and stuff, but the other one is a complete 180 of the other, where she's commanding- and aggressive if you don't do what she wants." states Reki.

"And how does you trigger this change?" asks Kana eyeing Rakka with a smile.

"Can't we just go to a different subject?" asks Rakka.

"You wanted to change the subject. Don't complain, this is interesting!" replies Kana.

(Rakka lets out a low moan as Reki continues.)

"Well there are two ways, one is by stimulating her to a certain point, like massaging her breast a while. This will usually get you the 'commanding' Rakka, you'll know by a few certain things she does in this state, for one she talks in the third person, and if you look at her eyes, there's something not quite right about them. Now the other way to get her to change is to give her a sudden rush of pleasure, and I'm sure you can guess were. That way will more likely get you the 'cute' Rakka. She doesn't change all the time though." explains Reki.

"Those changes only last for a short time, I don't have a spit personality anyway." replies Rakka.

"You shouldn't contradict yourself like that." states Kana.


"You said you don't have a spit personality, but then you say the change doesn't last a long time. Which in turn admitting to having a spit personality." explains Kana.

"How else can you explain your sudden change to submissive or commanding?" asks Reki.

"Well...I," is all Rakka can get out.

“Ya can't! So just admit it, your a skitso!" states Kana.

"Ok, Fine! I admit it! So what?!" states Rakka with tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

"Hey, don't start crying on us! We didn't mean too upset you. We were just teasing." apologies Reki.

"Can you two just leave?" asks Rakka.

"Ok, we'll leave, come on Kana." replies Reki as she begins to leave, taking Kana with her.

-In the hallway just outside Rakka's door-

(The two just stand there a moment before Kana speaks.)

"I hope we didn't hurt Rakka too much by teasing her like that." states Kana.

"She'll be fine, just give her some time." replies Reki.

"Oh yea, I almost forgot! Guess what I found out about my boss?" asks Kana.



"Just tell me."

"Ok, fine! Your no fun!" replies Kana. "He has a girlfriend!"

"What?! are your serious?" asks Reki shocked.

(Rakka then opens her door and closes it behind her.)

"I overheard you two, is it true your clockmaster has a girlfriend?" asks Rakka.

"Yea, hard to believe huh?" states Kana.

"Well, not really, your clockmaster seems like a really nice man, I'm happy for him." replies Rakka.

"Yea, he's nice to everyone but ME!" states Kana.

"I got to get going, sorry about earlier Rakka." states Reki beginning to walk off.

“Yea, I'm sorry too." states Kana following Reki.

"Don't worry about it, I'm over it." replies Rakka.

(Rakka returns to her room and makes some tea. After eating a few snakes and drinking some tea she begins to feel tiered so she decides to take a quick nap. Apone waking up about two hours later, she feels refresh and then gets that familiar urge between her legs. As she begins the pleasure herself, she gets an idea. She heads to Nemu's room to find that she's fallen asleep at her desk reading.)

"Good, she's asleep." states Rakka as she slowly walks behind her sleeping friend.

(Rakka slowly places her hands inside Nemu's shirt through the wing slits and begins to slowly glide her finger over her back and hears her make a low "Mmmm" sound. Rakka decides to start rubbing the base of Nemu's wings like Midori did to her, after a few moments she hears Nemu make a much louder "Mmmm" sound.)

"Looks like your one that feels pleasure huh?" asks Rakka not expecting an answer as she continues her back massage.

(Rakka then hears Nemu say "Mmmm, more!" through her sleep.)

(Rakka obliges the unconscious Nemu's request by beginning to massage her right breast under her bra with her hand as she continues her back massage with her other hand. After a couple minutes of this Rakka feels Nemu start to shake and her wings begin to spread out, then Nemu lets out a loud moan, and even though she's sitting at a desk, Rakka could feel her go limp for a moment before coming around and turn enough to see Rakka.)

"R-Rakka? W-Why?" asks Nemu with her voice shaking a bit.

"Did you like it?" asks Rakka.

"Are you crazy? Of course I like it! I just wish I would have been fully conscious to enjoy it." Replies Nemu.

“Now whose a pervert?" asks Rakka smiling.

"At least I don't have a problem admitting it. How about another round?" asks Nemu.

(Rakka agrees and Nemu gets up and removes her clothes to revel an offly soaked pair of panties.)

"Look at what you did." states Nemu as she uses Rakka's left hand to cup her crotch, having her feel the thick cum underneath the fabric and see her juices slowly running down her legs.

"It's really warm." says Rakka smiling.

"...and it tastes good to." replies Nemu.

"Can I?" asks Rakka.

"Help yourself." answers Nemu allowing Rakka to pull her underwear down to her ankles creating a few long strings of Nemu's cum, which drips down and collects in her panties. Then Rakka looks at Nemu's much more matured womanhood and notices a patch of hair just above her lower lips. She begins licking off Nemu's cum enjoying the taste of the older Haibane.

(After she finishes, Nemu asks Rakka if she'd like to get into a 69 position, which she happily agrees too. Moments later there both facing each others most sensitive spot with Nemu on the bottom. Rakka starts by inserting two of her fingers in as far as she could get them to go without having to put her whole hand in. She began a slow in and out motion and smiled as she heard a low moan come from Nemu. Rakka then felt Nemu lick at her lower lips, although she felt the same sensation earlier today, she liked it more when there was only one person paying her such special attention. The two continued their ministrations on each other for several minutes until Nemu got the idea of putting all five of her fingers (right hand) in Rakka slowly. Rakka gasped in surprise as she felt Nemu's hand enter her and spread her, as Nemu continued to pushed her hand in slowly she stopped just after the last knuckle of her hand. Then just as slowly she put her hand in, she began to remove it just as slow, up to the first knuckle by her fingernails. She repeated this action, steadily building up speed until stuttering moans and gasps were coming from Rakka- who couldn't concentrate on giving Nemu pleasure because of the pleasure Nemu was giving to her. Nemu didn't mind anyway, she was enjoying what she was doing to Rakka, and hearing the sounds coming from her. Rakka started to shudder as she felt some cum start to squirt out of her with each thrust of Nemu's hand. She had somehow managed to hold her release at the point-of-no-return, which was causing her so much pleasure that tears were beginning to roll down her face from her tightly closed eyes.)

(More cum was beginning to squirt out with each thrust of Nemu's hand, Rakka was beginning to lose her hold on her orgasm as a slow but steady flow of her cum began coming out of her. That hold was shattered as Nemu shoved an unknown object into her with her left hand, unfortunately her hand was so slippery with Rakka's juices that she lost grip of the object as the muscles of Rakka's vagina grasped it, and shoved it further into her- a bit too far. Rakka's release hit her so hard that she almost screamed in pain, but it was a scream of pure pleasure. She screamed so loud though that Nemu quickly covered her mouth. Just after Nemu covered her mouth the pain that she almost screamed from made itself known, now the muffled scream is because of two things- pleasure, and pain. Then, all of a sudden, Rakka's world went black.)

-Rakka suddenly wakes up standing in darkness-

"W-Where am I?"

(Rakka steps one foot before a sharp pain grabs her chest and pulls her to the ground. For the few seconds she in pain, it feels like hours to Rakka. Then it suddenly stops, just as quick as it started.)

"W-Why?! Why am I feeling this? It felt like.... like, I was dying."

(Rakka stands and is dropped again by the same pain, this time stronger.)

"Why?! Why is this happening to me?! This is too much! I can't take it any more!" states Rakka crying. Then a light appears in front of her.

"Rakka, don't give up! It may feel like your dying, and you will if you give up. Rakka, you must not give up, your loved ones are waiting for you." says a voice.

(Trough her pain Rakka looks up at the light.)

"T-That voice...I k-know you from somewhere." states Rakka through the pain.

"Rakka you must continue to live. your friends are waiting." says the voice.

"Mom? Is that you?" asks Rakka.

"You must hurry! time is running out. Stand and come to me, come to the light. states the voice.

"Mom! It is you, isn't it?" asks Rakka as she gets up slowly and starts to run as fast as she can ignoring the pain running through her body, but with each step of her run the light grew fainter, but so did the pain. " Mom wait! Why are you leaving?! Come back!" shouts Rakka as begins to fade into nothing.


"Stupid bird! Get outta here!" shouted Kana at the crow she saw near the motionless Rakka.

(After a bit, Kana manages to chase the bird out from the balcony. Where she wonders why Reki left both of the balcony doors wide open. Then Rakka started to move which caught her attention, Kana rushed to were Rakka lay and knelt down and placed her hand on the side of Rakka's face.)

"Mom....don't.....go. Please....come back!" states Rakka in her sleep.

(upon hearing this Kana rushes into the kitchen.)

"Reki! come here, quick! I think Rakka's waking up!"

(Reki quickly dried her hands and quickly went to the bed were Rakka lay and placed her hand on her forehead. The touch of Reki's hand on her head caused Rakka to awaken and slowly open her eyes, but her vision was quite blurry.)

"...Mom?" was the first conscious word from Rakka's mouth.

"No it's me, Reki. replies Reki. "Kana, can you go get some water?"

(Kana goes and gets a small glass of water that she gives to Reki, who helps Rakka drink some.)

"Reki...thank-you." is the last thing Rakka says before falling asleep. (Reki lets out a long sigh.)

"Looks like she's gonna be fine. Why don't you go tell the others Kana.” states Reki looking very much relieved.

-The next day-

(When Rakka wake up she wished she didn't, her body hurt all over and she had a throbbing headache. she moaned loudly which caused Reki to come.)

"Hi Rakka, Welcome back." greets Reki.


(Rakka raises her right hand to her head.)

“How long have I been out?" asks Rakka with her voices in a whisper.

"Well, if you count yesterday, three days." replies Reki.

"Three days!?" says Rakka as her voice rises slightly. "What do you mean if you count yesterday? What happened?" asks Rakka.

"Well, you woke up briefly yesterday. I gave you some water then you fell asleep. You don't remember?" asks Reki.

"Well, no I don't." replies Rakka.

"Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much." states Reki.

"OK, can I get some water?" asks Rakka.

"Sure just hold on a sec." replies Reki getting up to go to the kitchen.

(Reki returns with a medium-sized glass of water and helps Rakka drink it all, then sat in the chair that was positioned near the bed.)


"Your welcome."

"Rakka, I talked to Nemu and she told me what you two were doing but- I'm sorry." stated Rakka in a low voice cutting Reki off.

"I didn't mean... I mean I did mean to but..." Rakka couldn't finish her sentence.

"Don't worry about it. I'm not mad at you." states Reki.

"What? your not mad that, I..." says Rakka dragging the I of her sentence.

"Rakka, were all friends. I don't mind if your with Nemu, Hikari, or Kana, a bit. Just don't get attached to them." replies Reki.

(Rakka then remembered a name she didn't mention.)

"What about Kuu." asks Rakka.

"Kuu? Uh... well...”

(A light blush appears on Reki's cheeks)

“let's just say.... make sure gravity's on your side." replies Reki.


"Well, were was I before you said sorry?”

(Reki thinks for a moment)

“Oh yea! Nemu told me what you two were doing but she was only able to tell me so much, so I want to hear from you what happened before you passed out." states Reki.

"What did Nemu say?" asked Rakka.

"Well, she said when you came it sounded like you were screaming in pain." States Reki.

"Oh yea, I was in pain, a good amount of it too." replies Rakka.

"...And you sound happy about it why?" asks Reki.

"Well somehow I figured out how to hold my orgasm right before I came." states Rakka.

"Really? That must have felt incredible." says Reki.

“Yea, it was, but like all good things it didn't last long, and just before my hold broke, Nemu shatters it by shoving something in me. I came so hard that I almost screamed in pain, but shortly afterwards the pain that I almost screamed from came back. The feeling of pleasure and pain mixing together felt amazing, I thought I was going to die from how good it felt, that's when I must've passed out, because I don't remember anything after that." explains Rakka.

"Well that explains a lot more than Nemu told me.”

(Reki sighs deeply before continuing.)

“Unfortunately, that 'thing' is still inside you and we need to get it out." states Reki.

(Rakka tries to sit up but a sharp pain in her crotch causes her to lay back down.)

"You mean to tell me that after three days you guys didn't bother to get it out of me!?" asks Rakka.

"Well we didn't want to risk hurting you." replies Reki.

"So you wait until I'm fully conscious to get it out huh?" asks Rakka with a frown on her face.

"Sorry, you ready?" asks Reki removing the bedcover from her, allowing the cool air to lightly rush over her naked body.

(Reki pins Rakka's right leg to the bed and uses her right hand to slowly enter her, feeling for the object. A few seconds in though Reki notices there isn't any resistance to her hand, like the involuntary squeezing on an object entering this place. Somewhat worried, Reki looks up to Rakka to see her making a face she could only describe as a look between pleasure and pain. Reki pulled her hand out quickly drawing a sudden "Ah!" from Rakka.)

"What's wrong?! Did I hurt you?" asked Reki.

"No, it's not that. It would seem my incident has caused me to be more sensitive than I already was." replies Rakka.

"Well, lucky you! You probably won't stay that way thou. Try not to come on my hand ok?" states Reki.

"OK, but I'm not promising anything." was Rakka's reply.

(So, Reki again puts her hand in Rakka slowly feeling for the mystery object, and again feels no resistance. She ignores it as she slowly continues deeper, hearing Rakka moaning, until almost her whole hand is in, then Reki's finger bumps into something hard. She grips it as much as she could and pulled slowly.)

"Ouch! That hurts!" exclaims Rakka as she reflexively tries to get away from the pain by trying to move further up the bed, but Reki prevents that with her hand still on her right leg.

"Sorry...hey, I got an idea. Give me you pillow." states Reki.

(Rakka gives her the pillow she was resting her head on. Reki folds it in halve and tells Rakka to lift her butt up a bit were she places the pillow.)

"There, the pain should be relieved a bit." states Reki.

"But it still hurts." complains Rakka.

"Well, I'm going to start pulling again and if you can I want you to push a little OK?" asks Reki.


(A little over halve way through Rakka was about to start screaming in pain.)

"Reki stop!" exclaims Rakka.

"Rakka, it's over half way out." replies Reki.

“I know, I can feel it.”

(Rakka comes up with an idea.)

“Hey, why don't we try this, you pull as hard as you can and I push as hard as I can." states Rakka.

"Are you sure you want to do that? I'm pretty sure that will be extremely painful." replies Reki.

"Yes, I'd rather feel a lot of pain in a short amount of time, rather than pain that grows worst over a long period of time." replies Rakka.

"OK, I understand. We go on three OK?" states Reki.

(Rakka nods her head and Reki begins a countdown, or rather count-up.)


(Rakka didn't do much pushing, because Reki really did pull as hard as she could, quickly yanking out a 6 inch long, 1 and a half inch thick blue dildo. Causing Rakka to scream in pain.)

"That hurt like hell!" exclaims Rakka.

(Rakka moves her right hand down to try and rub the lingering pain away, but almost as soon as she cups her hand over her other lips she immediately stiffens and comes hard in Reki's face. Hard enough for her cum to slip through the openings of her fingers, making the usual spread of Rakka cum into a concentrated vertical line aimed straight at Reki, who caught the whole thing in the face.)

"Mmmm, looks like that dildo had me backed-up huh? Sorry about that." says Rakka.

"Don't worry about it, I was going to wash my hair today anyway. But there are two things I was wondering about thou, you barley touched yourself and you came, which now that I think about it you did say you were more sensitive. Well the second thing is that I didn't feel any pressure of you squeezing my hand when it was inside you." states Reki.

"Yea, I noticed that too, and I wasn't able to hold my orgasm. I just came with absolutely no control over my body." states Rakka.

"Well it would seem you've injured the muscle that does that. It makes me wonder though... (Reki begins to rub her chin.) What else can't you hold?" asks Reki.

(Rakka thinks about what Reki said for a second before catching on.)

"Crap!- Nope the other one." jokes Reki cutting Rakka off.

"Hey, that's not funny! I can't sit here peeing on myself. Oh no! That glass of water I had earlier, and then I had just woken up after three days!" exclaims Rakka.

(Reki's almost laughing as she replies.)

"Well, you better start running girl! states Reki amused.

"...And now that I'm thinking about it, the urge is going to-AH!" says Rakka rushing out of her bed only to fall face first to the floor.

"Looks like you're a little more weak than you thought. Here, let me help you." says Reki helping Rakka up and slowly leading her to the bathroom.

(About halfway to the restroom, Rakka feels as thou she can walk without help, so Reki slowly lets her go. Rakka begins staggering in every direction except the restroom.)

“Your never going to make it! You want me to get a bucket or something?" asks Reki trying vainly not to laugh.

(Rakka regains her balance and slowly begins walking toward the bathroom.)

"No I don't!...And I will make it as long as I don't have to go until I get to the door." States Rakka.

(And sure enough, almost as soon as Rakka's hand close around the doorknob of the bathroom door she feels the urge come. Thankfully the toilet is right next to the bathroom door, so she does make it, but just barley. After she finishes Rakka gets some toilet paper to wipe herself with, but one wipe of the tissue over her pussy causes her to orgasm again, this time in the toilet.)

"How I'm I going to clean myself without it feeling to good or me coming again?" Rakka asks herself.

(She begins thinking and looking around the room until she saw a small cup sitting on the sink, She then got an idea. She filled the cup with cold water and sat back down on the toilet and began to pour the water over her pussy. She flinched from both the chill of the water and the sensation of the water running over the sensitive spot between her legs. Fortunately the sensation wasn't strong enough to make her come. She repeated this action three more times, and on the third time Rakka felt herself contract for a second or two. Upon feeling this she gets excited.)

"Huh? Hey, that felt like..."

(Rakka shoved two fingers in herself and felt her vagina 'grasp' her two fingers. Rakka began to masturbate herself, and while she was still extra sensitive, she was able to hold her release for a short amount of time until it became too much and she was forced to let go.)

"Mmmm! I don't know what I did, but it looks like I'm recovering quicker than I thought I would." states Rakka coming down from her orgasmic high.

(She cleaned herself off and stepped out to tell Reki the news, who was sitting at the table.)

“So, your finally done? I was beginning to think you had fallen in." giggles Reki.

"Ha-Ha-Ha, very funny, I want to show you something." states Rakka going and sitting down on the side of her bed.

"Hmm, and what would that be?" asks Reki getting out of the chair and walking near Rakka.

(Rakka props her right foot onto her bed giving Reki a clear view of her pussy.)

"I want you to put your hand inside me." replies Rakka.

"What for?" asks Reki kneeling down in front of Rakka.

"I want you to feel something." replies Rakka.

(Without anymore questioning Reki plunges her right hand into Rakka until she felt a squeeze on her hand.)

"Rakka, did you just..."asks Reki.

(Rakka simple nods her head.)

"How? What did you do?" asks Reki.

"That's the thing, I don't know what I did. But it probably has something to do with the way I cleaned myself. After I finished with the reason I went into the bathroom I attempted to wipe myself but I just ended up coming again, so I looked around a bit and I found a cup. Then I got the idea of pouring cold water over me. By the third time I felt myself contract a little, so upon feeling That I wanted to see how long I could hold my orgasm, which wasn't long." explains Rakka.

"Well you seem to be doing fine now, you haven't came on my hand yet." states Reki.

"Well that's because you haven't been doing anything with your hand." replies Rakka.

"Really?" states Reki with a big grin.

-In town, Library-

(Nemu is sitting at a desk with a few books strung about on it, and Sumica is in front of the same desk looking at Nemu.)

"What's up Nemu? You've been looking pretty down these last few days. I didn't want to say anything at first but, is any thing wrong?" asks Sumica with some concern for her friend.

"Huh? Oh, I um... it's nothing, I'm fine." replies Nemu.

(Sumica sees Nemu's left wing twitch a little.)

"Nemu, does you wings still do that little twitch when you lie?" asks Sumica with a smirk.

(Nemu lowers her head as a slight blush appears on her cheeks.)

"Come on Nemu, if something's wrong why don't you tell me, I may be able to help." states Sumica going around to Nemu's right side and placing her hand on her back between her wings. Causing Nemu to tense slightly.

"Please, don't touch me there." says Nemu quietly.

(Sumica removes her hand and grows more worried.)

"Come on Nemu, you need to talk about it. You'll just keep yourself depressed, I'm willing to listen." states Sumica.

(After a moment Nemu speaks)

"I... hurt a friend." begins Nemu.

-a few minutes later-

"...And now she's in her room sleeping. She wouldn't be there if it weren't for me." states Nemu crying.

(Sumica removes a disgusted look from her face before speaking.)

"Nemu, don't cry, you didn't know something like that would happen. You were just trying to make her feel good, I'm sure she'll be fine, don't worry." Sumica states trying to comfort her friend. "

Huh? Y-you mean you don't hate me?" asks Nemu as she dies down her crying.

"Hate you!? Of course I don't hate you, I may not like the fact that your a lesbian, but what kind of friend would I be if I abandoned you because of it?" states Sumica.

"Thanks Sumica." says Nemu wiping her tears away.

"Don't worry, I'm sure your friend is doing fine now. I don't know exactly how I know, but I can feel it. Heh, maybe being a mother gives ya some kind of sixth sense, ya know?" states Sumica rubbing her stomach during the last part of her statement.

"Well, I wouldn't know." replies Nemu.

"Come to think of it, can you guys get pregnant?" asks Sumica.

"I... don't know." states Nemu looking quite puzzled.

-On the road to Old Home-

(After her work was done Nemu headed back to Old Home but when she reached the fork were if she kept straight she would end up in Old Home, but if she went right she would go to the temple and Sumica's question wouldn't leave her mind, so she decided to go to the temple for the answer.)

-The Temple, inside-

(As Nemu walked in to the garden she saw the communicator notice her and begin to walk toward her as she continued to walk. Once they were in reasonable talking distance the communicator spoke.)

"You have a question you wish to ask?" asks the Communicator.

(Nemu raised the appropriate wing for 'yes'.)

"Very well, you may speak freely. Ask your question." states the Communicator.

"Thank you. I want to know if it's possible for a Haibane to get pregnant." stated Nemu.

(The Communicator looks to the ground shortly before looking back at Nemu.)

"Why do you ask this... have you..." asks the Communicator.

“Uh no! I-it's not that. It's just the question came up when I was talking to Sumica today, and I didn't know the answer, so..." quickly states Nemu.

"Hmmm... I see, well to be totally honest, I don't know." replied the Communicator.

"What?" stated Nemu surprised that the Communicator doesn't have an answer.

"The reason I don't know is because, in my time being this town's Communicator I have never come across a situation were a Haibane has become pregnant. I have a good reason on why this may be though, would you like to hear it?" asks the Communicator.

"Yes, please." replies Nemu.

"Very well, In my opinion I think it is possible for a Haibane to bear a child, I see no reason why you couldn't. But, If a Haibane does bear a child, that child would eventually grow up without a parent or parents if both are Haibane." states the Communicator.

"Oh course! I never thought about that. When a Haibane leaves the nest on the 'Day of Flight'." says Nemu.

"Yes, and for this reason I think that there hasn't been any cases of a Haibane bearing a child, they wouldn't want their child to grow up without parents." states the Communicator.

"Well, I think I can understand that. If I ever had a child, I'd want to watch him or her learn and grow like any other parent would, but if I would have to leave my child without being able to fully experience that, I'd rather not have one ether." replies Nemu.

"Well, It seems you have your answer. Will there be anything else." asks the Communicator.

"No, thank-you for your time." replies Nemu as she bows slightly and takes her leave.

-Rakka's Room-

(Later on Nemu is back at Old Home heading to Rakka's room. Once inside she sees the bed empty, not even Rakka's body imprint was on the bed. She looks to her left and sees Reki walking out of the kitchen, straching her head, who notices her after a moment.)

"Oh, hey there Nemu, I didn't notice you standing there." states Reki.

"Um, where's Rakka?" asks Nemu.

"Rakka? Oh, she's..."

(but before Reki could finish, a voice comes form the kitchen.)

"Reki, I'm just about done." comes the voice.

(Nemu's eye's widen and she rushes into the kitchen seeing Rakka in her dress making rice balls.)

"Huh? Oh hi Nemu!" greets Rakka happily.

(Nemu quickly rushes to the smaller Haibane to hug her, who quickly separates her hands to accept the embrace.)

"Rakka I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I..."

(Nemu starts crying before she can finish. Rakka then wipes her right hand clean of rice on her dress before placing her hand on Nemu's shoulder.)

"Nemu, it's ok, I'm fine now, don't worry." states Rakka crying to stop her friends crying.

(After a moment Rakka gently pushes Nemu off her.)

“Come on, stop crying, I told you I'm fine." states Rakka.

(Nemu's crying dies down to sniffling. Rakka gets a small cloth and begins to wipe her face with it until Nemu takes the cloth from her saying she can do that herself.)

"Feel better now?" asks Rakka.

"Yea, I'm ok now." replies Nemu.

"Next time, give me some sort of warning before you do something like that, ok?" states Rakka.

"Next time?" asks Nemu surprised.

"Oh yea, there's going to be a next time. I couldn't fully enjoy myself without passing out thanks to you shoving that thing in me." states Rakka.

"Oh yea, I forgot about that! Is it still- No it's not." states Rakka cutting off Nemu.

"...And it hurt like hell coming out." continued Rakka.

"Sorry about that." replied Nemu a little surprised at Rakka's choice of words at how much it hurt.

-Outside on the balcony-

(Reki's out stretching in the sun.)

"Ahh! Only one hour and she's back to normal. No soreness or anything, it's like nothing ever happened to her."

(Reki leans herself on the banister of the balcony. After a few minutes of looking out to the horizon Reki suddenly remembers something Kuu told her three days ago. She starts to hug herself tightly.)

(Rakka leaves the kitchen after finishing her job, and she notices Reki standing out on the balcony and a smile crosses her face. Rakka slowly took off her sandals and placed them on the floor near her bed. Then she slowly begun to walk behind Reki, and as soon as she was close enough she quickly wrapped her arms around her tightly and said "gotcha!". But Reki had no reaction, causing Rakka to worry. Then Rakka felt something wet fall on her arms then a few more, Rakka released Reki and looked at the drops of liquid on her arm, then back to Reki who still had her back turned to her.)

"Reki, are you crying?" asked Rakka.

(When Reki didn't answer Rakka tried to move to see her face but Reki moved to avoid looking at her.)

"Reki, what's wrong?" asks Rakka worried.

"I c-can't." came Reki's voice cracking.

"You can't what? asked Rakka.

"I need to be alone right now, I'll be in my room." stated Reki beginning to leave.

"Wait what's wrong? Maybe I can- Please!" said Reki cutting Rakka off.

"Just...let me be alone right now." stated Reki as she left the balcony.

(Rakka looked at her arm that Reki's tears had fallen on.)

"There's only one other time that I can remember that Reki cried." thought Rakka.

(Rakka suddenly remembers something.)

"Is she still upset about that time she hurt me?"

End of Teasing Injury Recovery

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