Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 20)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 20

Title: Chapter 20- Rakka’s Little Secret

[Author's notes: Rakka has an embarrassing little secret


It’s mid-day and Rakka is currently in the kitchen washing the dishes, humming to herself. Besides the light clanks of the plates and other dishes being placed on a towel to her left, it was quiet, which Rakka found oddly relaxing, but her relaxation was soon to come to an end as Kana walked between the doorway into the kitchen and once she saw Rakka calmly washing the dishes, the tomboy Haibane smirked and tip-toed her way behind Rakka…

Once Kana was behind her, Rakka was still oblivious to Kana’s presence, which was quickly made known when Kana quickly reached in front of the brunette and placed her left hand to her left breast and her right to Rakka’s crotch. Rakka immediately gasped out in shock and tossing up a plate from the water and quickly catching it with her hands before leaning forward a little from the sudden pleasure going through her before looking over her right shoulder a little to see Kana.

“Kana!” whines Rakka. “I almost broke a plate because of you.”

“Hehe… let’s have a little fun.” Suggests Kana rubbing her right hand over Rakka’s crotch, causing her to moan out and shake a little.

“C-Can’t you at least wait until I’m done here?” asks Rakka slowly placing the plate into the water, but keeping her hands above the water, currently unwilling to risk wetting her dress a little.

“Nope! Come on, take a break for a little while!” replies Kana smiling before placing her mouth over the hard edge of Rakka’s right wing and lightly biting it, causing Rakka to again moan out, her entire body trembling as her wings shake as well.


Kana then released Rakka’s wing and smiled, “Ohh you liked that didn’t you?” comments Kana teasingly. “Have I discovered another sin-si-tive spot on little Rakka’s body?”

“Why are y-you so horny lately?” asks Rakka before gasping out again feeling Kana’s right hand rubbing the area between her slowly spreading legs.

“Dunno, but I’m not complaining…” answers Kana before returning her mouth to Rakka’s right wing, jumping up the volume of Rakka’s moaning.

Kana continued to do this for about a minute before Rakka leaned forward a bit more groaning; This continued for a few seconds before Kana felt a rapidly growing wet spot forming on Rakka’s dress before the brunette gasped out rather loudly and a rapid audible sound of fluid meeting the floor under Rakka was heard and Rakka’s hands forming tight fists.

“Wow Rakka…” comments Kana removing her mouth from her wing. “Looks like you have more than dishes to wash now…”

Rakka was still shaking from the afterglow of her orgasm as her urethra tingled pleasantly as small remnants of her cum dripped out of her to the saturated area of her dress.

“As much I liked you coming onto your dress, I’d rather see it…” states Kana lowering both of her hands down Rakka’s dress.

Just as Kana was starting to pull up her dress, Rakka quickly gasped and moved her hands from the sink and down to Kana’s, pushing them from her dress and quickly turning around, with her cheeks now red for a different reason.

“W-Wait! U-Uhhh, how about I make you come next?”

“I knew you’d turn around.” Replies Kana happily and taking Rakka’s right hand and taking her out of the kitchen and to the bed, before removing all of her clothes, panties as well and getting onto the bed and lying on her back. “Ready and waiting!”

Rakka began to join Kana and once between her legs, Kana commented, “Hey, take off the dress.”

“No.” replies Rakka before reaching down and under Kana’s butt and lifting her waist up until her lower lips were positioned at Rakka’s face.

“Ah! Hey I could’ve got on my hands and knees if you want?”

“This is fine, just put your legs over my shoulders.” Replies Rakka.

Kana does so and shortly after, Rakka moves her right hand around to Kana’s front to play with the patch of hair above the tomboy’s pussy, before Rakka began licking at it, drawing a moaning from her. A few moments into this, Rakka began to prod her tongue past the lips of Kana’s pussy.

As Kana continued to moan, Rakka smiled before placing her mouth over the two folds of flesh and pushing her tongue as far as it could go, causing Kana to release a quick gasp of pleasure as Rakka felt the inner muscles contract around her tongue.

“Ohhh… Rakka, play with my clit too!” requests Kana eagerly.

Rakka though chose not to fulfill her request and continued to squirm her tongue inside her tensing pussy.

After a few more moments of Kana’s moaning, she whined, “Rakka come on! Just touch it a little!”

Rakka saw that Kana’s little clit was as erect as it could get and only smiled at the begging to be touched nub. Kana, not feeling Rakka stimulate her clit, dicided to do so herself, but only encountered Rakka’s right hand, looking up, she saw that Rakka had covered her clit.

“That’s not- Ahhh! Nngh… -f-fair!”

Rakka then removed her tongue from Kana and enjoying the taste in her mouth for a moment before commenting, “It’s not fair that you came into the kitchen while I was busy and made me come.”

“Well I couldn’t find Hikari, and playing with myself would be boring.”

“You could try going to Abandoned Factory yanno.”

“I hardly know anyone though, besides, you need to get back to what you were doing, My orgasm was coming.”

“Beg then.”

“Come on!” whines Kana.

Rakka smiled and removed her right hand from Kana’s clit and placed her thumb almost right on it.

“Say please and I’ll rub it till you come.”

“Please!” quickly replies Kana happily.

Rakka then stuck her thumb into Kana’s pussy to wet it and soon placed the bottom of her thumb to Kana’s eager clit and began and rubbing, whch quickly brought of a gasp from Kana that turned into a moan before her legs started to shake.

“Ohhhh! Yes! Keep doing that!” moans Kana.

It didn’t take too long with Kana’s trembling for her to come, her cum jetting from her urethra and hitting Rakka directly in the face, although she knew it was coming and stopped rubbing Kana’s clit and placing her right hand in front of her face as she heard Kana’s moan out loudly and her body going ridged as she came.

Kana’s squirting didn’t last long, just about three seconds before she went limp and her legs falling from Rakka’s shoulders and returning to the bed as Kana’s body trembled before a second quick squirt left her and meeting Rakka’s dress. Rakka herself reached her right hand down to Kana’s pussy and used her middle finger to stroke Kana’s quivering pee-hole, which in the pleasure Kana was feeling was joined by a ticklish sensation, which quickly won out as she began giggling while still feeling the slowing fading pleasure.

Soon Kana quickly raised her legs enough to close them.

“Hehe, stop!” states Kana before sitting up.

“Well now we’re even.” Comments Rakka.

“I’m not down with you yet!” replies Kana quickly grabbing Rakka and falling back, causing Rakka to gasp as she was pulled down onto Kana, before she rolled her onto her back.

“Wait a minute!” quickly states Rakka blushing again.

“First this dress has to go…” replies Kana sitting up and reaching under her to the edge of Rakka’s dress.

“No!” gaps Rakka quickly sending her hands down to Kana’s.

“What’s the problem? We can’t have one of us naked and the other fully clothed.”

“Let me take it off in the bathroom.” Asks Rakka.

“Why?” asks Kana puzzled. “Why are you so embarrassed to take off your dress all of a sudden?”


“Wait a minute…” comments Kana smiling. “You’re hiding something! But what? I gotta know now!”

Kana then grabbed Rakka’s hands and pulled them from her dress and looked in thought for a moment to where to put Rakka’s hands, who was pulling against her hold on them. Kana saw Rakka’s halo and smiled and moved her hand towards Rakka’s halo.

“Hey! What are you doing!?” asks Rakka.

“Getting your hands out of the way…” replies Kana placing Rakka’s left hand through her halo then her right, quite effectively trapping her hands above her head. “Great, it works, now, to see what’s under…” comments Kana moving her hands back towards Rakka’s dress.

“No! Stop please!” begged Rakka as she struggled to free her hands, but without help, with would be difficult.

But it was no use for Rakka, Kana soon pulled up Rakka’s dress and gasped in shock at what she saw, Rakka was wearing underwear, but not panties… they were boxer shorts, white cotton white with a large wet spot in the crotch.

“What the hell!” comments Kana smiling. “Your wearing guys underwear!?”

“…” Rakka had nothing to say, she was too embarrassed at the moment and looked away from Kana.

“W-Why are you wearing these-HAHAHA!” asks Kana before suddenly bursting into laughter.

“It’s not that funny!” quickly replies Rakka looking up at Kana.

“Yes it is!” replies Kana as she continued to laugh.

Kana’s laughing continued for nearly a minute before calming down and wiping away the tears from her eyes.

“OK… Why are you wearing those?” asks Kana again.

“Well I told you before that I can’t wear regular underwear causing when I walk the fabric rubs against me.” Answers Rakka.

“But you were doing fine without wearing anything under your dress, why change now?”

“Well first, I’m tired of always feeling the breeze; Second, there have been times were I’ve been ‘exposed’ down there, and at least having something covering me would make me feel better.”

“You forgot one…” comments Kana smiling.


Kana then quickly moved her right hand into the front slit of the underwear and thrusted her middle and ring finger into Rakka. “Easy access for a second person!”


END ^_^

[End notes: the current last chapter, chapter 21 will not be posted because of it's content. there's no guys in it, but the content still wouldn't be appropriate for the site]

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