Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 2)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2- Discovery Aftermath Ambush

"Ok, that's the last of it Master what now?" Replies Kana as she lowers a heavy box of junk to the floor next to two other equally heavy boxes.

"Hmmm... That's it, you can go early today." replies the Clock-master.

(Kana gives him an odd look)

"You've been letting me leave early for the past couple days, what's up?" asks Kana.

"Humph! I never though one of my employees would complain about leaving early and still getting full pay!" snaps Master.

"Have you finally lost it? I'm not complaining, I'm simply asking a question!" Kana snaps back.

(Before Master answers back Kana realizes something)

"Wait a minute...." states Kana as she begins to think. She looks at the clock to see it read 1:00 p.m., then she remembered the past two days she left early a 1 'o clock also. Then looks as thou she had a revelation. "Ah ha! I get it! Your seeing someone aren't you?" accuses Kana.

"W-What! I'm not dating anyone! She's a friend I - So, I was right!" interrupts Kana. I-I shouldn't even be having this conversation with you! Leave before I throw you out!" snaps Master.

"Heh, Ok I'll leave. It wouldn't look too good if your 'friend' saw you arguing with one of your workers would it?" states Kana.

"Soon to be ex-worker if they keep talking." replies Master.

"So, now you're threating my job huh? You must really like this 'friend'." Kana states.

(Master gives her a mean look.)

"Ok, Ok, I'm leaving." replies Kana as she quickly walks to the door.

(Kana leaves and ducks into the alleyway off to the side of the clock shop to get her bike. When she gets back to the entrance, she notices a woman about the Master's age walking near the shop. Then she sees her walking into the shop, Kana immediately gets a big grin on her face. Kana slowly crept up under the big window in front of the shop and slowly peaked her head up to look into the shop. Normally people would be walking the streets, but for some reason the streets were empty. Kana's eyes went wide with what she saw, Master and the lady were kissing.)

"Awww, how sweet!" thought Kana smiling.

(Then Kana saw the lady begin to take the Master's shirt off, and Kana's eyes widened for a second time as she quickly realized what was about to happen.)

"Ok, time to go!" thought Kana as she quietly got on the bike and left.

-Back at Old Home in Rakka's room-

(Three winged bodies lay in a mess on the floor, totally soaked in their cum. Midori's out with her pigtails undone, but she isn't the only one asleep this time, both Rakka and Reki are out in a trib stance. Rakka wakes first as she opens her eyes then she looks at her wings and smiles)

"This is going to take forever to get out." says Rakka as she runs her fingers through her feathers. "I guess I better go get cleaned up." states Rakka as she attempts to separate her and Reki's sex from each other to find it more difficult than she thought. "Huh? I know I can't be that worn out." says Rakka as she tries a second time and succeeds in detaching there sexes causing thick stings of there combined cum to appear and drop to the floor.

(Rakka sits up and sees her cum slowly oozing out of her. She easily cups a handful of her cum and licks it from her hand. She repeats the action three more times and by the third time she's back on her back licking her hands. When she sits up again she sees Reki has begun to 'clean' the area between the now semi-conscious Midori. Rakka quietly positions herself under and between Reki's legs and quickly takes a lick of her, of course startling her.)

"Ah! Rakka?" is all she could get out at the moment.

"Let's clean up." says Rakka with a smile. "Ok"

(After Reki and Rakka finish cleaning there spots they each takes a leg and begins licking her from head to toe-or in this case toe to head. When they get to her breasts they hear Midori make a "Mmmm" sound.)

"So your back?" greets Reki.

"We're cleaning up now so you just lay there and enjoy." states Rakka.

(Midori smiles and notices Rakka's wings.)

"Your wings...there a mess." slowly replies Midori.

"It would seem I lad down in our 'special tea' we all made." answers Rakka.

(Midori and Rakka giggle while Reki has a confused look on her face before realizing what they mean. Reki and Rakka finish cleaning Midori then Reki claims the next turn.)


(a little later Kana parks the bike and enters the building hoping to catch Reki in her room, but just before she puts one foot on the steps leading to the level ware her room is she hears something come from down the hall.)

"That sounded like it came from Rakka's room." states Kana as she heads down to hall.

-Back in Rakka's room-

"I thought we were cleaning Rakka." says Reki fringing anger.

"S-sorry, you of all people should know I wouldn't last long if you did something like that." replies Rakka. "Besides it's just more to clean."

(Reki was about to answer when Kana walked in.)

"What's going on" states Kana as she sees three of her friends naked and Rakka whose obviously has had an orgasm.

"Hi Kana." replies Rakka with a weak smile waving a hand.

(Kana looks with a disappointed look.)

"Man, I wish I would have known you guys were doing this. I'd have loved to join, but it looks like your finishing up. So, I think I'll just..."

(Kana turns to leave but Midori stops her as she begins to speak)

"Don't tell me your just going to leave." asks Midori. (Kana turns back around.)


"Come on, I know you have to be a little turned on seeing this." states Midori.

"Of course I am, I just don't want to interrupt further, plus aren't you guys almost done?" asks Kana.

"The more, the merrier! Besides, we've all had our rest, so I'm sure we could go another round or two." replies Midori.

"Yea, plus no ones gonna be home for another.... hour and a half, what about you?" says Reki looking at Rakka.

"I don't mind." replies Rakka.

"So it's settled, your free to join!" states Midori smiling.

"Well let's go then!" replies Kana beginning to undress.

-45 mins. later, bathroom-

(Rakka rushes into the bathroom panting amidst the moans of pleasure from her friends.)

"Man! I'm worn out! How can they keep going like that?!"

(Rakka notices and picks up a brush.)

"Well, I guess I should start cleaning my wings."

-10 mins. later-

(Rakka just finishes cleaning one of her wings when she hears another scream from one of her friends in the room outside.)

"Hmm.... that sounded like Midori."

(Rakka stretches out her left wing.)

"One down, one to go... and one to go in the other room too." says Rakka as she laughs at her statement.

(5 mins. later Rakka hear a third and final scream, then 6 mins. later she's admiring the job she did on her wings.)

"Ahh, good as new!" states Rakka as she flaps her wings. "Hmmm....

(Rakka tries to listen for sound in the other room and hears nothing.)

"Huh? I don't hear anything.... are they all asleep?"

(Rakka leaves the bathroom to see Kana greet her as she closes to door.)

"We missed ya, you were gone awhile." states Kana.

“Well you guys wore me out. So I rested in the bathroom and cleaned my wings." replied Rakka.

(Kana fringes interest in her wings as she positions herself behind Rakka, then Rakka turns to corner to see Reki an Midori standing next to each other smiling.)

"Hey guys what's up?" asks Rakka.

(Midori and Reki look at each other and smile then turn back to Rakka.)

"Um, What's going on? What are you smiling about?" asks Rakka nervously.

"Rakka, can you spread out your arms a bit?" asks Reki.

"Um.... O..K..." slowly states Rakka as she spreads her arms slightly.

(Reki nods her head, which puzzles Rakka as she cocks her head to the side a bit until she feels Kana grabs her arms and forcefully pins her arms behind her back.)

"Huh! Kana!? What are you doing? let me go!" states Rakka as she struggles vainly to free herself from Kana's grip.

"We want to hear one more person scream before the others get home, and that person is you!" replies Midori with a big smile.

"All you guys had to do was ask! I probably would have agreed. There's now reason the ambush me!" says Rakka as she tries again in vain to get free.

"...but it wouldn't be as fun!" replies Kana from behind Rakka.

"Shall we get started?" asks Midori.

"Yes, let's begin." replies Reki.

(Midori starts by licking and sucking on Rakka's left breast, drawing a low moan from Rakka, which prompts Reki to make a comment.)

"Oh yea, try to take it slow, remember she's" states Reki drawing out the last word.

"Gotcha!" replies Midori as she slows down her ministrations on Rakka's breast by slowly licking from the bottom of her breast, over the nipple then the top. without removing her tongue she slowly runs her tongue over her collarbone while caressing the other one with her left hand-prompting Rakka to speak.

"N-no fair! Your doing the same thing I did to you."

(Midori giggles before repeating the process to her breast, causing another moan to escape Rakka's lips. Soon afterwards Rakka feels Reki rub her fingers along her most sensitive spot causing her to momentarily stiffen and shake. This quick shake of her body causes the feathers of her wings to brush Kana's nipples, causing a slight rush of pleasure to run through her body. Kana releases her hold to have at Rakka's free breast, but just before her mouth touches Rakka's breast she feels a sudden rush of pleasure between her legs. She looks down to see Rakka's hand inside her- beginning an in and out motion.)

"R-Rakka you don't h-have to do that. It's your turn." states Kana against the pleasure she was getting.

"I k-know that, but... I need to do s-something with me hands." replies Rakka as she feels Reki beginning to do the same thing she's doing do Kana to her. A moment later Reki begins to use her thumb to rub her clit.

(Reki's action caused Rakka to suddenly curl her fingers that were inside Kana- quickly and quite forcefully hitting her G-spot, causing her to drop to her knees with her own fingers inside of her moaning in pleasure. Rakka's own body started to stiffen and shake for a second time as Reki increased the speed of her hand pumping in and out of Rakka's steadily growing wet slit, that and Midori's action to her breast. These stimuli combined caused Rakka to moan loudly, and with her last bit of strength screamed...)

"I'm going to come!" just before her body locks up as an intense orgasm rocks her body.

(While Rakka was so immersed in the pleasure she didn't notice herself falling to the floor but luckily Kana caught her and slowly placed her on the floor. Rakka begins pumping her own fingers inside of her with her right hand to lengthen the orgasm, while playing while her breast with her left hand. The sight slightly amused the other three Haibane. While Rakka's orgasm died down to a few involuntary jerks, she removed her hand to see it covered in her cum, she quickly licked the sweet nectar clean from her hands. Back to her senses, Rakka begins to speak again.)

"I guess we should clean up for real this time huh?" asks Rakka sitting up.

"Yea, I guess we should." replies Reki scratching her head to discover her hair has been soaked with cum, and looks at her hand surprised. "...And wash our hair."

(The girls laugh at Reki's reaction and Midori points to Rakka and says...)

"...and straighten others." Rakka frowns and moans angrily, which causing the others to laugh.

(20 mins. later the group does a pretty good job cleaning everything up, other then the absence of the bed cover, it was as thou nothing ever happened. The four were all dressed again, Rakka was happy that her dress was dry enough to wear again, and Midori had her hair back to what it was originally- two pig-tails. No sooner than Midori fixing her hair Nemu, Hikari, and Kuu walked in. The friends greeted each other and then the three started sniffing the air. The four saw what they were doing and instantly realized the one thing they forgot about- the smell, they were so used to it they forgot a smell was even there.)

"What's that smell?" asks Hikari waving a hand in front of her face.

"Yea, what is that?" asks Nemu too.

(Kuu took a long sniff and almost grinned ear to ear as she realized what the smell was.)

"I know! I know what the smell is! They were- mmph!

(Kana quickly rushes over and covers Kuu's mouth before she could say another word.)

"It's really not that important what the smell is, is it? Besides we can just open the door of the balcony and the smell will be gone in no time." states Kana.

(Nemu then gets a knowing look on her face before replying.)

"Yea, your right. Besides this isn't our room, it Rakka's and what she does in her spare time is her business.... even if it is with three other people. Let's go you two." replies Nemu.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean!?" asks Rakka.

(Nemu stops at the door before following Hikari and Kuu out and walks over to Rakka and says something in her ear, which causes her face to turn beat red.)

"Am not." replies Rakka almost too quit to hear. Nemu laughs and says

"Well, see you guys later." Reki and Kana reply with "see ya."

End of
Discovery Aftermath Ambush

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