Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 19)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 19

Title: Chapter 19- One Last Go

[Author's notes: Originally planned to be my last Haibane Renmei fic.

With now just Kana, Rakka and Hikari at Old Home, Kana quickly becomes bored and from a suggestion from Rakka, dicides to have a little fun.


“Man, it’s so boring here now!”

Kana was currently lying on the bed in the room the friends frequently gathered. Kana’s feet were still on the floor though, She was dressed in her brown shirt and pants. Rakka though was sitting at the table in the middle of the room, dressed in her white dress; She had her left arm up on the table with her head resting on her hand, but…

Kana continued speaking…

“Even though Nemu didn’t really do anything, it just feels so… empty here with out her, yanno?”

But Kana didn’t hear any reply from Rakka.

“Rakka? Did you hear me?”

Again, nothing, Kana sat up to see why Rakka wasn’t responding and quickly smiled upon seeing that Rakka had fallen asleep with her with her head against her hand.

“Heh, looks like Nemu’s still here…”

Kana then got to her feet and walked around Rakka to her left side, looking at the brunette sleeping. Kana quickly smirked at an idea though and calmly reached her right hand to Rakka’s left wrist and after a few seconds, quickly pulled Rakka’s hand from her face causing her head to drop to the table with clear bang sound.

“OW!” complained Rakka quickly waking up and placing her right hand to her forehead and sitting up.

“It’s rude to fall asleep when someone talking to you, yanno?” comments Kana smiling.

“You could’ve chosen a better way to wake me!” whined Rakka rubbing her head and looking up at Kana.

As Kana just smiled, Hikari walked out of the kitchen wearing an apron over her white blouse and skirt.

“What happened out here?”

Kana walked back to the bed replying, “Rakka was sleeping again, I woke her up.”

“She could’ve chosen a better way…” comments Rakka leaning back on the chair and removing her hand from her head.

Hikari simply smiled and returned into the kitchen as Kana sat on the edge of the bed.

“It wouldn’t have been as funny.” Replies Kana. “Besides, I was bored.”

“You’ve been bored a lot lately, why don’t you spend more time at your job?” suggests Rakka getting up from the chair, stretching out her arms a wings for a moment.

“I already spend plenty of time there.”

Rakka then walked to the glass double doors leading to the patio and as she looked out, commented, “Well why don’t you just entertain yourself then?”

“Entertain myself?” questioned Kana.

Rakka then looked at Kana smiling, and just a few seconds later, a big grin came from Kana.

“Oh! That’s a great idea! I haven’t did that at all today!”

Rakka then looked back to the door and opened it, stating, “I’m going to be outside for a little while.”

But before she could step out, Kana quickly got off the bed, “Hey wait.” And walked next to Rakka. “Why don’t you join me?”

Kana saw Rakka look away from her and look unsure what to say.

“Come on, we can get Hikari on it. When was the last time we all got together and ‘entertained’ each other?”

“Well, I’m not really horny right now.” Replies Rakka.

“Me neither, but it’ll be fun and it won’t take long to get horny when we start.”

After a few moments of thinking… “Ok…” replies Rakka looking back to Kana, giving a kind of half-smile. “Let’s do it.”

“Great, hey Hikari! Come here for a sec.” replies Kana happily before calling to Hikari in the kitchen.

The blonde Haibane soon walked out of the kitchen again, still wearing the apron.

“What do you want?” asks Hikari.

“Me and Rakka are gonna have some ‘fun’, I want you to join us.”

Hikari smiled at the offer, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Come on, why not?”

“Well for one, I’m not done in the kitchen; second, I just don’t want to, have fun without me.” Replies Hikari before returning into the kitchen.

“Da*nmit…” groans Kana as she folds her arms over her chest.

“Well, I guess it’s just the two of us then.” Comments Rakka before walking past Kana.

Kana though, quickly turns around and reaching her left hand out to grasp Rakka’s right am for a moment.

“Wait, how about we make Hikari join us?”

“If she doesn’t want to join us you shouldn’t force her.” Replies Rakka.

“You wait here, I’m going to get her to join us.” Replies Kana before heading around the table and into the kitchen.

Rakka sighed and walked to the bed and sat on it, laying on her back; after a minute though, she heard Hikari’s voice from the kitchen…

“Hey! Let me go! Why do you want me to join you two so much!?”

At hearing this, Rakka quickly sat back up and soon saw Kana literally carrying Hikari out of the kitchen, now missing the apron as Kana had her arms around Hikari’s waist from behind. Kana carried her to the side of the bed and released Hikari, who quickly turned around, clearly aggravated with Kana.

“Why do you want me so badly that carry me out for?!”

“’Cause…” replies Kana smiling. “Of all of us, before the others going over the wall too, I don’t remember you ever joining us for some perverted fun!”

Hikari blushed and looked away from Kana as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Maybe I’m not into that…”

“Ohhh, I see…” replies Kana smiling.

Kana then noticed, Rakka, who was nearly directly behind Hikari, remove a feather from her left wing and move it towards the back of Hikari’s right thigh. Kana also saw Rakka look up at her smiling and placing her left index finger to her lips, Kana smiled and attempted to maintain Hikari’s attention…

“…So, maybe we should break you out of that shell.”

“Thanks, but I’ll pas-AH!” replies Hikari before gasping out and quickly jumping forward into Kana as she quickly placed her right hand to her butt and turning around. “What was…” replies Hikari quickly before seeing the feather in Rakka’s hand, who was smiling, along with Kana’s giggling. “Rakka…” groaned Hikari

“Sorry, it was just too tempting.”

“Come on Hikari…” states Kana, “Join us.”

“… Fine then.”

“Great!” replies Kana quickly grasping Hikari’s skirt and pulling it down to the floor to reveal her white panties.

“AH! Wait a minute!” quickly comments Hikari placing her hands over her crotch, continuing to blush.

“Hey Rakka lets do Hikari first.” Suggests Kana.

Rakka agreed and Kana urged Hikari forward to the bed and laying on it, on her back; Hikari continued to have her hands covering her though. Rakka sat on the bed to Hikari’s right.

“Your gonna have to remove your hands Hikari…” states Kana reaching to the blondes hands and attempting to move them, but she fought against it.

“W-Wait, start further up instead!” requested Hikari.

Rakka begun removing her dress as Kana responded…

“Why?” asks Kana smiling.

Kana successfully removed Hikari’s hands, but the blonde quickly scissored her legs together.

“Rakka, hold her hands for me.”

Rakka had now removed her dress, only wearing her yellow bra, Rakka reached to Hikari’s hands and placed them to the bed. Kana then placed her hands to Hikari’s knees and tried to prying her legs open, which she again fought against, evident by her groaning. Kana was able to overpower her and successfully spread Hikari’s legs and Kana saw what Hikari was trying to hide, and smiled.

“Ohhh, so your already wet.” Comments Kana as she saw the crotch of Hikari’s panties completely wet with her arousal juices, so much that could be mistaken for urine.

Kana felt Hikari’s legs trembling and heard Hikari groaning, Kana was puzzled by this, but soon got another surprise as she saw a circular object pushing against the wet crotch of the panties, evidently coming out of Hikari. Kana quickly realized what it was smiled.

“So THAT’s why you didn’t want to join us, you little perv! Walking around with that in you, you’re a bigger perv than Rakka.”

“Hey!” quickly replied Rakka with a frown.

Kana released Hikari’s legs and she didn’t try to close them, Kana then reached up to the waistband of Hikari’s panties and pulled them down and around her right ankle, revealing, along with small patch of blonde pubic hair, the pink dildo slowly retreating from Hikari’s wet hole, which Kana helped as she grasped the end of it and slowly pulled it out, releasing a moaning from Hikari and a wet sticky sound before it was liberated from her body, strings of wetness still connected the two for a few moments, before Kana wiped some of the juices off of the dildo with Hikari’s pubic hair.

“Wow Hikari, wetness like that just doesn’t come from simply having this in you… You’ve come already, a lot!”

“Can you give it back?” asks Hikari blushing.

“Of course!” replies Kana smiling and slowly re-inserting the dildo back into Hikari, whom gasped in pleasure and tensed slightly; again the wet squishing sound was heard.

Once the dildo was a third of the way in, Kana retreated the toy slowly, releasing another moan from the blonde. Upon the return and another moan, Rakka released her hold on her hands; Hikari’s right hand quickly went right to her stiffened clit, but Rakka stopped her and grasped her hand to removed it and placing her hand back to the bed, smiling.

“Just relax Hikari.”

Kana quickly added, “Yeah, just lay there and enjoy. It’s a shame you’ve always been by yourself, you and your little friend her…” as slowly began to increase the speed she was inserting the dildo. “But it’s time we try to fix that, isn’t that right Rakka?”

“Yeah…” replies Rakka releasing Hikari’s hand. “…Besides, it’s just the three of us now, at least until those two cocoons hatch.”

Hikari simply grabbed at the bed cover with her hands and moaned out as Kana’s in and out thrusting with the dildo was now giving her a continuous amount of pleasure.

“Wow, you’re so wet it’s going in so smoothly!” comments Kana.

A few moments into this, Hikari started tensing up and groaning, causing Rakka to comment, “I think she’s about to come already.”

“I’m not surprised, she’s probably really sen-si-tive, after coming all day long.” Comments Kana.

Rakka then placed her right hand to Hikari’s abdomen and caressed the area, also playing with her damp hair as the blonde squirmed her hips a little from the impending orgasm.

“Ohhhh…” moaned Hikari as she spread her legs wider on her own, which both Kana and Rakka smiled at. “Go faster!”

Kana happily did so, increasing the volume of the squishing sounds as she quickly commented, “Yeah! Get into it!”

And Rakka commented, “See, another person can make it feel much better than just you can do alone.”

“I’m… g-gonna… come!” declared Hikari as she started tensing up and groaning.

A few seconds later, Hikari did something that surprised both Kana and Rakka, just before she came, the blonde quickly raised her legs up and kept them spread as she held them in position with her hands. Just after this change of position, she came, her body going completely ridged and her moaning changing to groaning as Kana felt Hikari’s hole tightening, bringing resistance to the continued thrusting, before Hikari’s body quickly laxed and a loud scream-like moan came from her as she body trembled strongly as her vaginal muscles spasms uncontrollably.

As Kana watched her friend come, she noticed a rapid dripping from her pussy, Kana couldn’t tell whether the fluid was actually Hikari’s cum or just an overflow of her arousal juices. Kana simply deemed it her cum as she continued to try and prolong Hikari’s orgasm as Rakka just sat back and enjoyed the show of Hikari’s body trembling and moaning in orgasmic bliss.

When Hikari’s orgasm did end, evident by her calmness and heavy breathing, Kana slowly pushed the dildo back into Hikari completely, hidden behind the drenched lips of her labia. Hikari’s legs were still up and spread, giving unrestricted viewing of her wet sex. However, there was one more surprise from Hikari that only Kana was in position to see. Kana saw Hikari’s anus spread open and a pink, egg-shaped object peek out, but Hikari quickly put an end to this with a gasp and dropping her legs back to the floor and quickly standing with her left hand between her rear cheeks and back-stepping to the foot of the bed with her face bright red.

“Whoa, what was that!?” asks Kana shocked.

“It was nothing!” quickly replied Hikari.

“What was what?” asks Rakka puzzled.

“If that’s what I think it was…” comments Kana smiling and getting to her feet. “…you REALLY need some outside attention.”

“I’m just fine!” replies Hikari reaching down to her skirt, but ignoring her panties, which were at Kana’s feet, not wanting to be embarrassed further and just put her skirt back on.

“So your just gonna leave after I make you come?” asks Kana smiling.

“I didn’t want you to do it in the first place.” Replies Hikari before walking towards the door.

“It didn’t sound like that a few minutes ago!” commented Kana teasingly, which only made Hikari pause for a moment before walking out.

“Um, what happened?” asks Rakka.

Kana then turned to Rakka smiling.

“It was nothing… I guess It’s just us two now.”

“Which of us is gonna come next?”

“I dunno, how about a sixty-nine?” suggests Kana.

“I’d rather not.”

Kana then folded her arms over her chest, “Hmmm… oh, how about we Rock-Paper-Scissor for it?” suggests Kana raising her right hand in a fist.

“Ok, winner comes next.” Replies Rakka smiling and raising her right hand in a fist.

Kana had paper and Rakka scissor.

“Looks like I’m next!” states Rakka happily.


“First, your overdressed, take off your clothes.” Requested Rakka as she got off the bed and removed her yellow bra, her standing reveling her now clearly noticeable brown hair near her crotch.

Kana complied and removed her brown shirt, then her bra, followed by her pants and panties, reveling her patch of black pubic hair.

Rakka looked to Kana’s crotch and smiled, “Hey, do you remember a while ago when I came by rubbing myself on your hair there?” asks Rakka pointing to Kana’s pubes.

“Um… yeah, I think so, wasn’t that the time I kept farting in your face?” replies Kana smiling.

“Yeah, it was…” answers Rakka with a frown. “I was wondering if you’d let me do that again.”

“Ok, I don’t have a problem with that.” Replies Kana as she gets on the bed and lays on her back.

Rakka quickly follows and returns to the bed and straddles Kana’s waist, lowering her right hand to rub her labia for a moment, spreading around the wetness that has developed over her lower lips before lowering herself onto Kana’s pubes, quickly bringing out a giggle from Rakka.

“Heh, it still tickles.”

“Maybe I should try it on my turn.” Comments Kana.

“I’ll let you try if you want after I come.” States Rakka as she places her hands on Kana’s sides as she begun to move her crotch against Kana’s tickling and pleasure-inducing pubic hair, causing Rakka both, giggle and moan in pleasure.

“I won’t have to wait long huh? Asks Kana teasingly.

“V-Very funny…” replies Rakka before moaning again as she grinds her labia against Kana’s hair.

Kana raises her hand up and rests them under her head, enjoying watching Rakka’s scrunched up face.

“Yanno, I know people look funny when they come, but you look funny already!”

“You’d look… f-funny too.” Replies Rakka before moaning as she grinds her labia against Kana’s pubes faster.

“I don’t think so. I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of being overly sensitive.”

“W-Well, it’s a small disadvantage compared to the increased sensation.” Replies Rakka before gasping in pleasure and leaning forward, removing her hands from Kana and onto the bed.

“Heh, well I’d like a nice build up before I come. You just started and your about to come already.”

“W-Well…” replies Rakka restarting her grinding, which was pretty much a humping action. “What if you, n-needed to come quick?”

“Well I could just rub my clit; bam, quick climax.”

Rakka then raised herself on her hands and looked down to Kana frowning, “We could go back and forth about this all day, how about we just drop the subject.”

“Fine, I win.” Replies Kana smiling.


Rakka didn’t comment and just continued with her grinding, Moaning more and more as she continued to do it. It didn’t take long until Rakka was panting; Kana wanted to restate the comment about the scrunched up expression on her face, but decided not to, she wouldn’t want to be interrupted before coming.

After a few moments, Rakka sat back up and grinded her labia against Kana’s pubes quickly as her hands gripped the bed cover as she starting groaning.

Kana fought hard with herself not to laugh at Rakka’s actions, Kana had to resort to moving her hands over her mouth to hold back the laughing.

Right after Kana moving her hands over her mouth, Rakka came as gasped out loudly moaning as her cum squirted out of her forcefully, meeting and drenching Kana’s pubes and meeting her abdomen with enough forced for her cum to eject a line between her breasts, but just once as the wetness caused Rakka’s positioning of her quivering labia on Kana to shift slightly, causing the further squirts of Rakka’s cum to directly hit Kana’s clit, much to her surprise.

At the stream to her clit, Kana immediately gasped out a sat up, but couldn’t sit up much as the streams directly aimed at her clit gave too much pleasure.

As Rakka came, she was quickly sending Kana on her way to an orgasm. Just before the end of Rakka’s orgasm, one more forceful, concentrated stream of cum left Rakka with a sudden jerk from her as this last stream was enough to bring Kana’s orgasm to the surface as she quickly fell back onto the bed moaning out in pleasure, confusing Rakka as she started coming back to her senses.

Kana’s forceful stream of cum leaving her failed to touch any part of Rakka as it simply hit the bed under her as her body trembled from the ebbs of continuous pleasure flowed through her.

From feeling Kana’s trembling, Rakka realized Kana was coming, although didn’t know why, Rakka though, smiled and leaned forward and laying on Kana as she moved her hands under her and pretty much hugged her, enjoying the feeling of Kana’s trembling.


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