Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 18)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 18

Title: Chapter 18- Reflection

[Author's notes: Narrated by Rakka, this short fic details the important events of the anime from the start to the end.]

My name is Rakka, and I’m a Haibane.

I haven’t been one for long though, it hasn’t been a year yet, but lots of interesting things have happened up to this point.

First, I wonderful person named Reki, helped me a lot from when I came into this world. She was really kind and nice, She was there when my wings came from my back. It was a painful and tiring experience, I even passed out shortly after. When I came to, Reki was at my side, cleaning the blood from my wings. My back still throbbed with pain though, but it was tolerable. Reki never told me how long she sat there at my side cleaning my wings, I did thank her before going to sleep again, but from cleaning my own wings, it had to be at least an hour. The next day, I was feeling better and I got a chance to look at my wings in the mirror, they where completely clean. I also discovered, from Hikari’s actions, that may hair was attracted to my halo, which made brushing my hair pretty much impossible. I also met three of the younger feathers, Shota, Dai and Hana, who tried teaching me how to use my wings, which I quickly discovered not a good idea, my back was still healing. Later on in the day, I went with the Reki and the others, Hikari, Kana, Kuu and Nemu to get proper clothes to wear, I only had the white robe I hatched in and the worn brown robe Reki gave me to wear, it was a little embarrassing walking through town though, the oversized brown rob was the only thing I wore, if a hard gust of wind came along… ANYWAY! We reach the store and I pick out a cute Off White sailor dress with a burgundy collar with the same color trim on the sleeve, the dress reached just past my knees. I was able to wear the dress before leaving the store, thankfully, the dress wasn’t nearly as ‘open’ as the robe, no amount of wind was going to give other people a sudden show.

My new life as a Haibane was pretty peaceful and uneventful, besides of course, the occasional goofing around. All that changed one day though, I learned that there comes a day were Haibane’s go over the wall that surrounds the town of Gile, called the Day of Flight, and it was Kuu’s time to go. We all were sad at Kuu’s leaving, but I took it the hardest; of the short time I knew her, I had grown attached to her. As Reki and the others carried on with their lives, I was still suffering from Kuu’s leaving. I didn’t leave my room and I became distant to my friends. Who also saw that I was still hurting from our loss.

Winter was arriving and during this time, I noticed the feathers of my wings began to develop black blotches. At the start, the blotches were small and rather small in number, I simply removed the few feathers that had them. However, the spots kept coming back and quite soon, there were too many to simply remove, so I tried cutting away the effected feathers with a pair of scissors, it worked, but my wings ended up looking frayed and uncared for.

The others found out about my problem, Reki said I was fine, but I later found out that I wasn’t ‘fine’, I was Sin-Bound. Reki told me that she was born Sin-Bound and hides the marks on her feathers with a special dye, which she put on my feathers and showed me how to use.

Even after the continued kindness Reki showed to me, I still remained depressed, Learning about my Sin-Bound illness just seemed to fuel it. I ended up running off, and into the Western Woods. There was something in the woods that I felt calling to me. I found a well and climbed down it and ended up getting stuck at the bottom and sprained my ankle. But while I was there, I found a dead bird and I remembered my cocoon dream. The dead bird was a person in my past life that I had hurt and who loved me, they came over the wall as a bird to tell me I was forgiven. My depression went away and my wings returned to their normal grey color.

Luckily, a couple Toga came near the well and they helped me out of the well, by then, snow had covered the ground. The toga left me once I was out of the well, I tried to find a way out but ended up at the wall that surrounds the town. I met the communicator, who lead me out of the woods and also told me Reki Day of Flight was nearing, but she wouldn’t be able to go over the wall in her condition, so I decided that I would help Reki to have her Day of Flight.

Even though I tried to help, Reki didn’t want it. Reki said she refused to trust anyone, because she was afraid of betrayed, she wouldn’t ask or accept help.

I didn’t know what to do.

On the day of Reki’s Day of Flight, I found Reki in her room, or rather, Reki’s special room which I’ve never seen, The entire room was painted with a dark image that I couldn’t recognize what it was. I learned that Reki had remembered her dream, it was something that I’d rather not repeat.

Reki told me that she never really cared for me, she said that she singled me out as a final effort to save herself. I was hurt severely by Reki’s words and left her alone, leaving the room. I sat against the wall and cried.

But a few minutes later, I find Reki’s diary, from reading it, I find out that Reki spent so long doing good things for forgiveness, that it’s become who she is, even if she doesn’t see it. Reki really did care and wanted someone to trust, so I returned to the room to save Reki.


Right now, I stand here in the snow, I’m crying, but it’s not from sadness, it’s from happiness as I look at the Reki’s foot prints in the snow leading into the Western Woods.


“Hey Rakka!” calls a familiar voice.

Rakka looked to her left to see Midori running towards her, dressed in long coat.

“Midori?” questions Rakka, puzzled at the pig-tailed girl’s arrival.

Rakka was dressed in a red dress with a small red jacket and boots.

“I saw the light, so I came as soon as I could.” Comments Midori as she reached Rakka, who just smiled. “Looks like I missed saying goodbye.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“Well what are you still doing out here in the cold? My wings are freezing!” replies Midori as she flaps her wings quickly.

“I just wanna continue looking at Reki’s foot prints for a little while longer. Where’s your wing covers?” answers Rakka looking back to the footprints.

“Their back Abandoned Factory, I was in a hurry to get here and I left them there, and now I’m regretting it.”

“Your can use mine if you want…” replies Rakka as she reaches her right hand towards her left wing, but Midori stops her.

“Nah, you can keep yours, why not just come back with me and get warmed up? I can’t believe your still wearing a dress, you’re gonna freeze them right off.”

“I am wearing pants.” States Rakka lifting the left of her dress to reveal to Midori the fitted navy blue covering over her legs. “I’m not crazy… And what do you mean I’m gonna freeze them off, freeze what off?”

Midori then gave a big smile and walked behind Rakka.

“I meant ‘THESE’!” replies Midori happily as she quickly reached her right arm around Rakka’s waist and grasped the brunette’s crotch.



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