Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 17)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 17

Title: Chapter 17- A Little Payback

[Author's notes: YURI, BONDAGE, FARTING]

It’s early morning as Rakka sits in a chair in her room dressed in her white dress. Reki sat directly behind heron a stool dressed in her usual clothes as well as she applied the dye Rakka needed to her wings to hide the blemishes on her wings. Rakka though looked clearly upset or disappointed about something.

Reki was currently on Rakka’s left wing as she asked, “Are you still upset about yesterday?”

“Not really... I’m actually going to apologize to Hikari when I see her for the way I acted.” Replies Rakka lowly.

“Oh, well that’s great then, it would be a shame for what happened yesterday to cause you and Hikari not to be friends anymore.”

“Yeah... I realized that before I went to sleep last night, it was silly to be so upset about it.” Replies Rakka as a little smile appeared on her face. “Besides, after thinking about it, it was pretty funny.”

Rakka giggled a little at her statement before looking to her right, to the small collection of mini-frog figurines that sat on her desk and smiling at them.

“You think Kuu would’ve enjoyed seeing Hikari embarrass me?”

“Probably, I’m not sure.”

For the next few minutes, Rakka and Reki talk while the former finishes one side of Rakka’s left wing and moving on to her right, before finishing that one and repositioning her stool she sat on to Rakka’s left and grasped the edge of her wing and pushed it nearly ninety degrees so the other side of Rakka’s wing was revealed to her and began applying the dye to it.

“Hey, did Hikari get those pills back?” asks Rakka, looked to her left to Reki.

“Um, no, she didn’t come back for the bottle, she didn’t ask about it either.”

“So you still have it?”

“Yeah, why? You wanna return the favor? Asks Reki smiling.

Rakka smiled and returned her view to her front, looking towards the floor.

“No, at least, not with Hikari.”

“So you wanna use them on someone else?”

“Yeah, Kana.”

“Why Kana?”

“Yesterday when Hikari said she was getting bored making me fart, Kana pretty quickly offered to continue for her.”

“Ah, I see, a little payback huh?”

“Yeah, the idea to get her back for what she said occurred to me just before I fell asleep yesterday.”

“Are you gonna make it an event like Hikari did?”

“No, I’m not that mean, it’s gonna be a one-on-one thing.”

“Well, when are you gonna get her?”

“After she gets back from her job, I don’t what to do it before she leaves.”

“You’re a little too nice.”

“Well Kana didn’t really do anything to me, just suggested that she wanted to.”

Reki smiled and finished Rakka’s left wing and moved onto the other side of Rakka’s right one.


Later that day...

Rakka retrieved the bottle of pills from Reki, whom asked her how she was going to get Kana to take them, seeing as how she’s seen the bottle and pills, but all Rakka said in reply was, “I’m gonna use the direct method.” Reki questioned her about what she meant, but didn’t get anymore info out of Rakka.

About the time Kana usually returned back to Old Home, Rakka kept watch at the window of her room, she soon saw Kana walking on the road towards Old Home and Rakka wasted no time and left her room to meet up with Kana outside; Kana was just entering Old Home as Rakka quickly made her way to her friend.

“Hey Kana, I need you for a little while.” States Rakka as she walks with Kana.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I’ll tell you a later, just come meet me at your room, ok?”


“Great, thanks.” Replies Rakka smiling and hurrying back into the building.

“Hmm, I wonder what she wants...” comments Kana to herself.

Once Rakka entered Kana’s room, she quickly entered Kana’s bedroom, closing the door and standing to the right of it before removing her dress, dropping it to the floor before her yellow bra joined it. Once she was nude, Rakka soon squatted down beside her dress and removed the bottle from it’s pocket and shook out one pill and after a quick moment of thought, a second pill before Rakka returned the bottle into her dresses pocket. Rakka stood and waited for Kana’s arrival.

She didn’t have to wait too long though as Rakka heard Kana enter her room.

“Rakka? Are you here?” asks Kana.

“I’m in your bedroom.” Answers Rakka.

“Why are you there?” asks Kana.

Rakka heard Kana walking toward the room she was in and became eager to enact her plan.

The door opened, since Rakka was on the side of the door where the door would come towards her, it would give her enough room to grab Kana before she noticed her.

Once Kana was completely inside her bedroom, Rakka quickly pushed the door aside and reached her left arm behind Kana under her left arm, reaching across her chest to hold her as Rakka reached her right hand over her right shoulder and pressed it against her mouth.

Kana immediately tried to struggle against Rakka’s surprise hold, but with Rakka’s right arm, she had applied an uncomfortable pressure on her right wing, weather Rakka knew it or not, she didn’t know.

“Now I’m sure your wondering why I’m doing this, I’ll tell you later, but right now, we need to get to your bed, will you cooperate until then at least?”

Kana nodded her head and the two walked to the side of Kana’s bed.

“Good, now unbutton your shirt.” States Rakka.

Kana complied and unbuttoned her shirt, and once she finished, she was surprised as Rakka pushed her onto her bed, but before she could recover and try to get on the other side, Rakka quickly joined her and forced her onto her back as she straddled her waist, trapping Kana’s arms against her sides and quickly reapplied her right hand to Kana’s mouth.

Rakka smiled as she had Kana where she wanted, unable to use her hands, thus freeing herself, Rakka soon revealed to Kana the two pills she held in her left hand.

“Guess what these are Kana.”

Kana quickly looked shocked at assuming what Rakka was going to do to.

“Yesterday during that little event Hikari had, you made a comment about continuing for Hikari and because of that, your going to be on the receiving end of these pills.”

Rakka uncovered Kana’s mouth, allowing her to quickly state, “But I didn’t do anyth-“ before Rakka quickly tossed both pills into her mouth and covered her mouth with her left hand as Kana looked at the mistake of talking and tried to move her head from side to side trying to move Rakka’s hand from her mouth long enough to spit out the pills but failed to do so.

“Your gonna swallow them sooner or later...” comments Rakka.

Rakka then used her free right hand to press on Kana’s throat a little, quickly forcing her to swallow, causing the two pills entrance into her body, followed by a defeated groan from Kana.

“Well, we got ten minutes until they start to work.”

Rakka uncovered Kana’s mouth again but she didn’t say anything this time, just pouted.

“Sit up.” States Rakka.

“That’s not very easy with my arms trapped.”

“Hmm, well you’re not going anywhere now are you?”

“You just forced two of those fart pills down my throat! Of course I’m not going anywhere!”

“Well I guess I can free your arms then...” comments Rakka before spreading her legs a little, allowing Kana to free her hands.

They weren’t free for long though as Rakka removed Kana’s shirt and used it to tie her wrists to the headboard of the bed.

“What the heck are you doing this for!? I’m not going anywhere!”

“Better safe than sorry, you could’ve tried to reverse the situation in some way, but with your hands now of no concern to me, that’s not a problem, is it?” replies Rakka smiling.”

“Da*nmit...” groans Kana.

“Now, how about a little warm-up before the real fun starts...” comments Rakka pushing Kana’s white bra up, exposing her small breasts to Rakka.

Rakka placed her hands over Kana’s breasts and began to massage them, quickly causing Kana to tense in pleasure. After a few moments, Rakka started giving Kana’s nipple attention, finding them already becoming erect. Rakka grasps the two stiffening nubs between her thumb and index fingers and began pinching and rolling them between her fingers, causing Kana to moan out as long as she did it, Rakka also noticed Kana’s legs behind her moving, Rakka quickly looked behind her for a moment to see Kana trying to rub her thigh together, but since Rakka sat on her waist, wasn’t very successful.

“Well, looks like your breasts are really sen-si-tive, huh?”

“Since you tied up my hands, would you mind?” asks Kana suggesting Rakka to do what she can’t at the moment.

“Sure, since you asked.” Replies Rakka before she moves down Kana’s body, and to her knees at Kana’s feet.

Rakka pulled Kana’s pants down and off her legs, dropping them to the floor at the end of the bed, then returning onto the bed and slowly, almost teasingly, removed Kana’s white panties, revealing her wet lower lips, a small patch of pubic hair ‘adorned’ the area above Kana’s lips.

“Oh, you have more hair than me...” comments Rakka tossing Kana’s panties behind her to the floor as she moves her right hand to Kana’s pubes and runs her fingers through the hair.

“Forget about the hair, hurry and get to the area the matters.” Whines Kana.

Rakka quickly tightens her right hand into a fist, grasping a good deal of Kana’s pubic hair and pulled quiet hard.

“OW! Cut it out! That hurts!” gasps Kana.

“Well don’t rush me then.”


Rakka then noticed Kana rubbing her thighs together and quickly put a stop to that, releasing her pubes and used both of her hands to spread Kana’s legs, causing her to groan in frustration.

At seeing Kana’s legs spread, Rakka had an amusing idea that would prevent Kana from trying to use her legs to pleasure herself and would allow her to delay touching Kana herself until she wanted. Rakka repositioned herself on her belly and placed her head between Kana’s legs, face to face, with Kana’s eager lips of her labia.

Rakka then teasingly blew onto Kana’s labia, immediately causing her to flinch.

“Stop with the teasing Rakka!”

“Heh, I like it! Hearing you beg like that.” Replies Rakka before blowing lightly onto Kana’s labia.

However, as Kana squirmed from the teasing, an idea suddenly hit her.

‘Hey wait a minute, with the position Rakka’s in now, I could use my legs to trap her head there...’

Rakka had propped Kana’s legs over her shoulders, her thighs on either side of her head.

‘When those pills kick in, I can fart right onto her face!’ thought Kana smiling through her squirming.

A few moments after her newly formed plan, Kana suddenly felt Rakka’s tongue, causing her to gasp out from the pleasurable sensation she wanted from the start. The fact that she couldn’t use her hands seemed to make the sensations even more pleasurable than usual as she moaned and squirmed a little.

“Ohhhh, Rakka...” moans Kana smiling.

Right after her statement, she felt Rakka stop, Kana quickly opened her eyes to see Rakka looking up at her smiling, Kana quickly stated, “No, No, No! Don’t stop! Keep going!”

“Say please.” Teases Rakka.

Kana groaned once but complied, “Please.”

“Ok, since you asked so nicely, I’ll try to make you cum before the fun starts...” replies Rakka before lowering her head.

Kana quickly flinched upon Rakka restarting her oral ministrations as Kana smiled for a different reason.

‘Heh, after I come, your getting a face full of farts... I’m sure you won’t have much fun then.’

Rakka did manage to give Kana on orgasm, her legs closing around Rakka’s head from the tensing of her body, Since Rakka assumed this was a temporary hold Kana’s body had on her, she didn’t think much of it and continued to lick at her clit as Kana enjoyed her climax.

However, a few moments later, after Kana’s orgasm passed, Rakka noticed, Kana’s legs didn’t lax.

“Hey Kana, you can let me go now.” States Rakka.

“I don’t think so.” Replies Kana lifting her head up and looking at Rakka.

“What!? Kana let me go!” states Rakka trying to free herself.

“Why are you in such a hurry Rakka?” teases Kana, before feeling a rumbling in her stomach. “Afraid of a little gas?”

Rakka suddenly froze and asked, “You wouldn’t!?”

“Heh, it’s already starting, I can feel a rumbling in my gut.” Replies Kana smiling and returning her head to the bed.

At this, Rakka quickly resumed trying to free herself, managing to squeeze her head under Kana’s legs, just leaving her halo exposed above Kana’s legs, but she soon found herself in a much worse position, as Kana bent her legs to under Rakka’s arms. Rakka just allowed Kana to get a more solid lock onto her, almost staring at Kana’s anus, if not for the lack of light, she could’ve seen it, and the smell wasn’t any better.

“Come on Kana, you can’t do this! It’s not right!”

“And forcing me to take a pill that makes me fart and tying my hands to the bed isn’t!?” asks Kana.

“You’re gonna fart in my face!”

“Yes I am...” replies Kana smiling as she feels a pressure at her rear, “Here’s the first one...”

“Kana wait! There has to be something-“

But that was all Rakka could get out as she got a front row seat to Kana’s first fart, which, given that, it was deliberate, was loud, thunderous and long; Rakka was forced to feel the heat of the gas meeting her face and the smell was immediate.

“EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! KANA! What have you been eating!?” whine Rakka.

Kana just laughed hard before hearing Rakka coughing.

“I can’t breath without smelling it! Kana let me go! It smells horrible!”

“There’s another one comin’ Rakka.” Warns Kana.

Almost right after her warning Kana let loose another fart, just like the last one, it was loud and long; To Rakka it felt like her face was in front of a fan blowing heat, a horrible rank heat with not escape.

Kana sighed upon finishing her second anal explosion and smiled upon hearing Rakka’s coughing.

“How was that one Rakka?”

“As horrible as the first one! This isn’t funny Kana, let me go!”

“Not funny huh? Well it’s very funny to me!”

Rakka then began coughing again.

“Kana, I can’t breathe here! *cough* *cough* Let me go! I need air!”

“You got plenty of air.”

“FRESH air!”

“Sorry, but I suggest you get used to the air you got.” Replies Kana Smiling.

Rakka continued to whine and complain until Kana released a third fart, but this one was different, it wasn’t loud, it was more of a long squeal.

“Not a silent one!” gasped Rakka in shock. “That’s not right!”

Rakka immediately began holding her breathe, but since she didn’t want to breath in the horrible air, she didn’t have much reserve air in her lungs.

Kana’s ‘silent’ fart was longer than the first two and she began giggling at the pleasant sensation it gave her anal exit.

“Oh, that was a good one...” comments Kana smiling. “I bet that one smells the worst, huh Rakka?”

Rakka was already running out of air, but she didn’t want to breathe, or she’d breath in a deep breathe of the foul air, but she needed to breath. Quite soon, Rakka was forced to breathe and nearly gagged on the horrible air as she was forced to take a deep breath of it.

“Kana let me go!” whined Rakka. “I’m starting to feel sick!”

“Fine you little crybaby, I’ll let you get some fresh air.” Replies Kana.

Kana then lifted her waist up, making her body form a small arch. Rakka was very relived to find the horrible air quickly leaving in exchange for the fresh kind and quickly took multiple deep breathes of it happily.

Kana then smiled and stated, “Here comes another one Rakka.”

But fortunately for Rakka, she heard Kana gasp out in pain and return her backside to the floor as she felt Kana trying to release her left leg from holding Rakka.

“I got a cramp!” quickly states Kana.

Kana releasing her leg from her was all Rakka needed to free herself as she did so quickly, sitting up between Kana’s legs as she squirmed from the painful leg cramp.

“Finally! I’m free!” states Rakka smiling.

Shortly after enjoying her freedom, Rakka placed her hands on Kana’s left thigh, and began a little massage, trying to help the cramp go away, which worked fairly quickly. Causing Kana to relax, as much as she could now trying NOT to fart.

“Now, it’s time for my fun to start!” replies Rakka smiling at Kana, who looked upset at losing her hold on Rakka but didn’t say anything.

Rakka began teasingly poking Kana in the stomach with her right index finger, causing Kana to flinch each time and groan.

“Come on Kana, you already farted three times; I’m sure you’re having a hard time holding this next one in huh?”

Rakka continued to poke Kana’s stomach, but other than a small fart, Kana managed to hold on quite well.

“Hmm, your pretty good at holding it even though you already farted before...” comments Rakka.

Rakka looked at Kana’s patch of pubic hair and had an amusing idea come to her. Rakka stopped poking Kana’s stomach and removed herself from between Kana’s legs, allowing her to quickly close her legs for added holding ability. Rakka soon straddled Kana’s waist again, but this time though, positioned her labia onto Kana’s pubes and quickly giggled from the sensation.

“Hehe, it tickles!”

Rakka then looked down to Kana and stated, “I’m gonna get off on your hair, then when you finally fart, I’ll feel the small vibrations, think of it as a win-win, we both get release.”

“Y-You’re a perv Rakka.” Comments Kana.

“Am not!” replies Rakka frowning.

“Oh Really? You’re g-gonna use my pubes to come, that’s n-not perverted?”


“Then what is it then?”

“A good idea!”

With that, Rakka began rubbing her labia against Kana’s pubes, which from the sensation of so many little hairs rubbing her overly sensitive lower lips, Rakka immediately moaned out from the pleasure as her body quickly began secreting her feminine fluids, quickly damping Kana’s pubes.

Kana herself was having a rather hard time holding in the build gas pressing on her anal exit. The fact that Rakka was using her pubic hair to pleasure herself aroused her, causing her body to quickly produce her arousal fluids, which slowly made a trail down to her very tense anus. The surprise touch of the fluid to the tight sensitive flesh quickly caused Kana to gasp out as another small fart gained freedom, allowing more gas to start building.

A few minutes passed and Kana was still holding on, but not for much longer. Rakka though was quickly nearing her climax, her wetness had grown enough that Kana’s pubes pretty much resembled how it would if Kana had stepped out of a shower, completely wet and nearly matted to her skin, which was prevented as Rakka continued to grind her wet lips against them.

“K-Kana, I’m... about to come, how about- Nngh, y-you?” asks Rakka smiling as she leans forward placing her hands to Kana’s breasts, allowing her to grind her labia against Kana’s pubes harder.

Kana though choose not to reply, she could feel a rumbling in her rear that told the gas was coming out weather she wanted it to or not, very soon.

Rakka finished first though as she quickly moaned out as she body suddenly froze up, Kana almost immediately felt Rakka’s cum gush out onto her, surprising her as a thin stream found freedom through the lack of room between Rakka’s labia and her waist and nearly make contact with Kana’s face as the thin stream formed a line between her breasts. Through the clear vibrations of Rakka’s orgasming pussy, Kana felt Rakka’s gush of cum that didn’t escape in front of her, fall over her own labia. But feeling the large amount of fluid washing over her anus was a little too much and allowed her gas freedom in a loud, long, and thanks to Rakka’s cum flowing over her hole, a bubbly wet fart.

Upon hearing Kana finally fart again, through her orgasm, Rakka immediately began giggling as she felt the small vibrations of the gas leaving her friend.

Kana obviously recovered first from her release, watching as Rakka’s orgasm started to wane. Kana looked down to her and Rakka’s crotch to see seemingly a pool of her cum and her pubic hair completely drenched.

Upon Rakka recovering enough, She lifted her crotch from Kana’s, seeing the wet, dripping mess of both of their labia’s, Kana’s looking the messier because of her pubes.

“Hehe, Oops, looks like I made a mess.”

END ^_^

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