Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 16)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 16

Title: Chapter 16- Hikari’s Revenge: Rakka’s Humiliation


It has been two days since Hikari felt humiliated at Rakka’s hands and much of Hikari’s thoughts focused on how she could get her revenge on Rakka. Any encounters Hikari had with Rakka, she just pretended to be ‘over’ what the other Haibane did to her, convincing her that all was well, but that was a total and utter lie. Hikari wanted Rakka to really pay for what she did to her, something that Rakka would remember for a long time.

During the middle of the third day as Hikari lay on her bed however, an idea came to Hikari that nearly caused her to become giddy with excitement.


Hikari sat up on her bed smiling at her idea for Rakka.

“Yeah, humiliation! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! She humiliated me, so I’ll return the favor, only much, much worse!”

Hikari was so happy with this idea that, to her surprise, it aroused her, placing her right hand to her crotch, covered by her panties and skirt.

“Hmm, I don’t have time for this...” stated Hikari reluctantly removing her hand from herself and getting off her bed. “It’s almost time for Rakka to come home from her job, I have to hurry.”

Hikari quickly grabbed the bottle of ‘gas pills’ from her dresser and headed to the large room her friends gathered.

Unsurprisingly, all of them, save for Rakka were present there, Kana lying on the bed on her back, appearing asleep but opened her eyes upon Hikari entering the room. Reki and Nemu were sitting at the table, drinking some tea and talking, until Hikari came in.

“Hey.” Greeted the two older Haibane.

“Hey...” replied Hikari walking to the other side of the table, across from Nemu. “I want to know if you guys will help me with something.”

“Sure, what is it?” answered Nemu.

While Reki simply looked interested in what Hikari wanted, Kana got off the bed and walked next to Hikari.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, first, I need to say why...” replied Hikari blushing a little. “Uh, a little over a week ago, I was in town visiting a friend. She gave me these pills.” Added Hikari pulling out the small bottle from her skirt pocket.

At seeing the bottle, Kana tried to take it from Hikari to get a better look but Hikari moved the bottle from her reach.

“Anyway, these are basically prank pills, who ever takes them has to, uh... r-reverse burp a lot.” Replies Hikari getting redder.

“Reverse burp?” questions Kana.

“You know...” states Hikari pointing to her butt.

Almost immediately, three simultaneous “Ohhhhh’s” began, both Reki and Kana smiling. Although Reki quickly stood and walking to Hikari to take the bottle from her.

“Farting huh? I’m sure you can have some fun with these.”

“Yeah... about that...” replies Hikari embarrassed to admit. “I had planned to use them on Rakka, and you Kana.”

“Me!?” replied Kana shocked. “Why me? What about Nemu?”

“Hey!” gasped Nemu.

“What’s this have to do with your favor?” asked Reki.

“Oh yeah, two days ago, I mistakenly took one of those pills thinking they were aspirin...”

“I thought that bottle looked familiar...” states Kana. “That’s the bottle I tossed to you the other day when I hurt your wing.”

“Yeah, Rakka came by a little while after you left and the pills I took started to take effect and Rakka somehow found out about my plan for her and you Kana. I tried to tell her that I completely forgot about my plan, but she didn’t believe me, so, she made it her mission to humiliate me by making me... fart, over and over.”

“Boo-ho-ho!” quickly replied Kana. “You got a taste of your own medicine!”

“I had forgotten about my plan for you two! She didn’t have any reason for what she did to me!” replies Hikari.

“So...” replies Reki smiling. “You want us to help you in getting back at Rakka?”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to do much. I just want to do to her, what she did to me but in front of you guys, I want to humiliate her.”

“Well, I don’t really care about your reason, but I’m for embarrassing Rakka.” Replies Reki.

“Me too.” Adds Kana.

“No, not embarrassment...” states Hikari. “I want to humiliate her.”

“Well, that I’m not to sure about.” Replied Reki.

“I’m still with you on it.” Replies Kana.

“I’m with Reki.” Comments Nemu. “Don’t you think humiliation is a bit much?”

“I just want her not to just forget what I do to her for awhile.”

“Well...” begins Reki. “I’ll agree to it, but I reserve the right to stop it when I think you go too far or before I think your going too far.”

“OK, what about you Nemu.” Asked Hikari.

“Sorry, but I’m gonna have to pass, ‘reverse burping’, as you put it, isn’t really my thing.”

“Aww come on Nemu, having all three of you here watching Rakka would effect her a lot more than just Reki and Kana.” Replies Hikari.

“... Hmm...” commented Nemu standing and making her way to the door to leave. “I’ll think about it.” Added Nemu as she left the room.

Hikari sighed in disappointment from Nemu’s departure.

“Well, I probably shouldn’t count on her to say yes.”

“Nemu probably said she’d think about to save herself from being begged to stay.” Replied Reki smiling. “Heh, I don’t think she’s coming back Hikari.”

“Fine then... Reki, do you know where a piece of rope is? I plan to tie Rakka’s arms behind her back.” Asks Hikari.

“Um, I think I saw an old piece of rope in the closet.”

“Hey wait...” began Kana. “There’s plenty of good rope up in the old clock tower, I can go get some from there if you want me to.”

“But it’s a bit far just for some rope.” Replied Hikari.

“I don’t mind, beside, you don’t want Rakka getting free do you?”

“Of course not.”

“Then don’t worry, I’ll be right back.” Replied Kana quickly leaving.

A few moments after Kana left, Hikari then thought out loud, “Now, I just need to think of a way to get Rakka to take the pill without her knowing...”

Reki then opened the bottle to see the size of the pills, and once seeing that their quite small (One would easily rest on a person’s pinkie finger), Reki had a quick idea.

“Hey Hikari, I’m going to make some tea for Rakka, I could crush one or two of these pills and put them in the tea.”

“That’s a great idea! That’s for your help.” Replied Hikari happily.

“It’s no problem, just try not to go too far.” Comments Reki going into the kitchen.

‘Wow, this is going better than I thought it would.’ Thought Hikari sitting in one of the nearby chairs for a moment.

But almost immediately as Hikari sat, the arousal she ignored earlier returned and almost like reflex, Hikari moved her right hand under the waistband of her skirt to caress herself through her panties, causing her to smile in delight at the pleasant sensations slowly emitting through her.

But just as quickly as Hikari placing her hand between her legs, she removed her hand again standing.

“Reki, I’m going to the bathroom for a moment.” Announced Hikari.

“OK, Why are you telling me that?” came Reki’s puzzled voice.

“I just wanted you to know where I was incase you come out of the kitchen and saw that I wasn’t here.”

“Oh, well ok.”

After that, Hikari quickly made her way to the bathroom and locking the door once inside. Hikari didn’t need to question herself why she had suddenly become aroused, she knew it was from her plan for Rakka. She didn’t really like that her body found the plan as arousing as she found it to be but, seeing as how Kana was gone for the moment and Reki was busy, Hikari figured she could ‘relieve’ herself quickly. She didn’t want to be this horny enacting her plan on Rakka.

So, immediately after locking the door, Hikari lifted the front of her skirt with her left hand and sent her right into her panties as she slowly dropped to her knees and began pleasuring herself.

Hikari began by rubbing her labia with her fingers but only for a moment, pretty much just to spread around any wetness that had formed. With a pleasure-filled gasp that Hikari quickly put a stop to, she quickly inserted her middle finger into herself, finding her insides much wetter than she first thought as she felt a small trail of her juices trailing down her inserted finger, dripping down onto her panties.

It had been a few days since Hikari last game herself an orgasm and as she suspected, the next time she masturbated, it would feel much better than if she had not waited, which, of course, was the case. Hikari had to place her left hand over her mouth to stifle another moan as her body quickly trembled from the insertion of her finger, even causing her wings to shake a little.

As good as just one of her fingers were feeling, Hikari knew she’d be able to climax quickly, which was her plan from the start. So Hikari slipped her ring finger in herself to join her middle and shuttered strongly as she felt the pre-climax tensing of her muscles beginning from her pelvis and spreading out.

Once Hikari repositioned her right hand a little, She quickly began a fast in and out thrusting of her two fingers, which was quickly joined by wet sloshing sounds as just seconds after, Hikari felt her climax hit, Her hand going even faster and harder as she still managed a loud moaning sound even though she had her hand over her mouth.

Thanks to Hikari’s almost uncontrollable thrusting of her fingers, she managed to ride out the highest point in her climax for nearly half a minute before it quickly dropped and began to fade, allowing Hikari end her mildly muffled moaning as she uncovered her mouth and lend her head into the door in front of her as she continued a much slower trusting of her fingers into herself.

By the time Hikari returned to reality, she was breathing heavily and her hand had stopped, her fingers completely inside herself, feeling the hot wetness covering her hand.

A few more moments later, Hikari shuttered lightly as she removed her fingers from her throbbing pussy and looked at her hand, also feeling her drenched panties meet her crotch.

“Well, So much for clean panties...”

Hikari then heard a knock on the door, followed by Reki’s voice, “You ok in there Hikari?”

“U-Uh, y-yeah, I’m just fine.” Replied Hikari smiling.

“Ok, try not to push too hard.”

“I-I’m fine, really.” Commented Hikari.

“Ok then.” Replied Reki as Hikari herd her footsteps leaving and going back into the kitchen.

Once Reki was gone, Hikari got back to her feet looking at her right hand.

“I’m gonna have to clean myself up.”

Hikari made her way to the sink and turned on the water and stopped herself from placing her right hand under the water, raising it to her face again, looking at her juices. She stuck out her tongue and was about to lick herself from her hand, but looked up to the mirror in front of her and quickly stopped herself. Seeing herself in the mirror about to lick her own juices from her had, found the appearance of this highly arousing, after a quick moment, Hikari quickly sent her hand under the running water.

After finishing washing her hands, and groaning at the loss of licking herself from her hand, Hikari felt the rapidly cooling juices in her panties and pussy and quickly removed her skirt and panties. Hikari lifted the wet underwear in her left hand, feeling the weight difference from her added juices, Hikari then looked to the mirror smiling and quickly stepped away from the mirror and placed the soiled crotch of her panties into her mouth and began to suck the juices out.

After Hikari started doing this, she released her hand from her panties, leaving them hanging from her mouth as she removed a generous amount of toilet paper from the roll and began to wipe her labia clean. Hikari used two more sets of two feet long toilet paper strips before she was satisfied with her cleanliness.

After a few more minutes, Hikari heard the outside door open and Kana announce, “I got the rope... hey, anyone here?” She was answered by Reki, how told Kana Hikari was in the bathroom, whom quickly put her skirt back on and hurried out of the bathroom.

Once Hikari left the bathroom and met Kana again, she was puzzled by the look Kana gave her.

“Uh, Hikari, are those, your underwear in your mouth?”

Hikari quickly became red in the face as she realized she had forgot to take her panties from her mouth.

“I’m just gonna turn around for a sec...” added Kana as she quickly turned her back to Hikari.

Hikari immediately removed her panties from her mouth, trying to get as much juice from the fabric as she could before quickly placing them in her skirt pocket.

Kana turned back around a moment later, now smiling.

“Anyway...” began Kana. “Rakka’s here, I saw her when I was coming back.”

“O-Ok, thanks. Reki’s making Rakka tea that she’s gonna put one or two of the crushed up pills into.”

“Great, by the way, is this rope long enough?” asked Kana holding up the thin brown rope that was wrapped around in kana’s right hand about three times. “I’m sure you didn’t want it to be really long since your just tying her arms.”

“Hmm, yeah, that looks just right.”

“Good, it’s strong to, so Rakka’s not getting out of it any time soon unless she gets some help.”

The three then waited for a few minutes for Rakka to arrive, Kana placing the rope under the Bed. When Rakka came, Kana and Hikari were sitting at the table.

“Hey Kana, Hikari.” Greeted Rakka walking in seeing the two.

“Hey.” Replied the two Haibane’s.

“Where’s Reki?”

“In the Kitchen.” Replied Hikari.

“OK.” Stated Rakka leaving the two to go see Reki.

Hikari and Kana had a hard time from containing there giggling but managed to do so until Reki came from the bathroom, giving Hikari a thumbs up signal before she sat in her sit at the table.

“Great, no we just Keep her here or ten minutes until it starts working.” Announced Hikari.

“Keep who here?” asked Rakka walking out of the kitchen with the nearly empty cup of tea in her hands.

Hikari smiled at Rakka and plainly stated, “You.”

“Me? What for?”

“You’ll see...”

“Wait, you aren’t still mad at what I did to you the other day are you?” asked Rakka walking to the table and placing the cup down as she sat down. “I was just playing around.”

“What happened?” asked Reki, even though she already knew.

“I don’t think Hikari would want me to-“

“Go ahead.” Cut in Hikari.

“Well, ok, the other day I found out about Hikari’s plan for me and you Kana.”

“Plan? What plan?” asks Kana pretending to be shocked at this info.

“Hikari planned on using a few pills on us, to give us gas and make us have to fart a lot.”

“Hikari!” gasped Kana.

“I told her I had forgot about my plan, but she didn’t believe me.” Replied Hikari quickly.

“Heh, so I dicided I’d confront Hikari about it and it turned out Hikari took one of the pills herself. As a matter of fact, the bottle with the pills looked just like the one I saw... in, the kitchen.” Replied Rakka as her speech slowed as she began to inadvertently piece together the situation.

“You don’t have to think about it Rakka.” States Hikari. “I’ll tell you, I’m getting you back for what you did, Reki crushed two of those pills and put them in the tea your drinking.”

“What!?” replied Rakka quickly standing, then looking at Reki. “Reki?”

“Heh, sorry Rakka.” Smiled Reki.

“you still have a few minutes Rakka.” States Hikari. “Cooperate and you won’t get hurt.”

Rakka was clearly upset at this set-up, but complied.

“... Fine.”

“Good, now take off your dress.” Replied Hikari standing.

“You do I need to be naked?”

“Do it yourself, or I’ll do it for you.” Stated Hikari sternly.

“Ok fine.” Snapped Rakka as she lifted her dress over her head and off her wings, tossing the clothing to the bed, standing there in just her yellow bra, blushing.

“Your going to be much more than embarrassed when I done.” Stated Hikari seeing Rakka’s blush. “Kana, can you get the rope?”

“OK.” Replied Kana as she got up and retrieved the rope from under the bed.

“Rope? What do you need that for? I’m cooperating like you want.” Asked Rakka.

“now you are...” replied Hikari taking the rope from Kana and walking behind Rakka and beginning to tie her arms behind her back. “You may try to run later, but since your arms are gonna be tied, you won’t be able to dress yourself and you won’t be able to do much else.”


Hikari then lead Rakka back to her sit once she finished tying her arms, which Rakka tested by trying to free her arms, but failing as she sat down.

“Now, we wait.” States Hikari smiling.

Just before time was up, Nemu walked back into the room, seeing Rakka sitting at the table nude from the waist down and her arms still tied.

“Well, looks like I’m not too late.” Comments Nemu walking to the table and sitting next to Kana.

“Nemu you too!?” gasped Rakka.

“I’m just here for added effect.”

“Added effect?”

“Their here just to watch as I humiliate you like you did to me.” States Hikari.

“That’s not fair! No one was around when I did it to you!”

Hikari didn’t reply to this as a moment later, Rakka cringed and leaned forward slightly.

“Time to start!” happily stated Hikari standing and walking to Rakka’s left.

Hikari grabbed Rakka’s arm and urged Rakka to her feet.

“I can’t stay sitting?” asked Rakka squirming a little.

“Nope, it’d be too easy to hold it in, come on.” Replied Hikari as she pulled Rakka to face the wall that was behind her. “You’ll stay there until I say otherwise, ok?”

“OK...” replied Rakka reluctantly, feeling her humiliation just beginning.

“Good, I’m surprised at how cooperative you’ve been, I was expecting a lot of struggling from you Rakka.” Stated Hikari quickly applying a moderate slap to the left cheek of Rakka’s butt, causing her to gasp once before mumbling something. “What was that Rakka?” asked Hikari squeezing the cheek of Rakka’s butt.

“I-I said, I will be struggling soon...” Replied Rakka before quickly sucking in a breath and Hikari felt her butt tense up.

“Heh, come on Rakka, I let you let the first one out yourself since you’ve cooperated so well.” Stated Hikari releasing Rakka’s lower cheek and sliding her hand up Rakka’s back.

“N-No, that’s even worse, than you forcing it out.” Replied Rakka groaning.

“Is that so?” asked Hikari smiling. “Then I guess if you were to simply lose it from fatigue in front of everyone would be just as bad huh?”

“E-Even worse!”

“Great” replied Hikari as she removed her hand from Rakka’s back and went to the table to sit.

“H-Hey, where are you going?” asked Rakka worriedly.

“I’m just gonna sit and wait for the first one.”

“What!? No, come back here!”

“Your in no position to tell me what to do Rakka.”

Nemu, who was smiling, commented, “This is pretty entertaining!”

“Yeah it is.” States Kana. “I wonder how loud the first fart is gonna be.”

“You guys aren’t helping!” complained Rakka shaking.

“That’s not our job right now.” Replied Reki enjoying the show as well

Rakka then leaned forward on the wall groaning as cheeks quickly began weakening.

“This isn’t fair!” whined Rakka.

Rakka’s last statement was an attempt to mask the sound of her loss of control, but it failed as the sound was much louder than Rakka’s whining as a rather deep sounding fart erupted pass her tired cheeks that ended with an amusing squeal.

Both Kana and Reki laughed at Rakka’s shame while Nemu simply smiled and shook her head.

“Wow, it was loud!” states Kana.

After a short moment, Hikari stood back up and walked to Rakka’s left, fanning her right hand in front of her face.

“Phew, Rakka, I the last second or two of that really smells.”

Hikari saw Rakka glare at her and Hikari simply laugh at her.

“What’s wrong Rakka?”

“... Nothing.”

Rakka stated this in a way that could’ve been easily called hateful.

“Heh, well, continue looking at the wall.”

Rakka did so and Hikari noticed a tear trailing down her cheek, Hikari smiled and swiped up the tear with her index finger.

“What’s this Rakka? Are you crying?”

“No.” replied Rakka flatly looking at the wall.

Reki then stated, “Hikari stop, if Rakka’s crying you done enough.”

“I’m not crying Reki.” Quickly replied Rakka. “She’s not getting the satisfaction.”

“Are you sure Rakka?”

“Yes.” Replied Rakka looking to Hikari. “I’m gonna beat you.” Added Rakka before cringing again.

“Ok then.” Stated Reki.

Hikari then stated, smiling, “You should’ve let Reki save.”

Rakka ignored Hikari and looked back to the wall.

“Oh this is getting good!” states Kana.

“Fine then, you only have yourself to blame from this point on.” Comments Hikari as she moves her left hand in front of Rakka to her pussy, dancing her fingers on Rakka’s sensitive lower lips, causing her to tense in pleasure.

Hikari then reached around Rakka’s waist with her right hand and pressed into the brunettes belly, causing her groan before lower squealing fart came from her but that that slowly grew in pitch.

“Wow, you suck at holding it in when your being forced, I’m barely pushing on your stomach.” Claimed Hikari.

“... Crap...” mumbled Rakka as Hikari pushed the rest of the gas out of her.

“What was that Rakka?” asked Hikari smiling.


For the next ten minutes, Hikari forced Rakka to release her gas almost nine times. But unknown to Hikari, as Rakka was good in hiding it, the brunette’s will power to endure much more of this humiliation was nearing her breaking point.

Hikari had also made Rakka climax once, evidence from the puddle of fluid on the floor at Rakka’s feet.

But Hikari soon removed her hands from Rakka and sighed.

“Well, this was fun, but I’m getting kinda bored now.”

Kana quickly stood up at this smiling, “I’ll continue for you if your bored, I wanna see just how many times Rakka can fart.”

“Well, I want one more from here before I’ll leave her to you, ok?” states Hikari smiling.


Nemu then stood from her chair.

“I’m gonna go, Thanks for the entertainment Hikari, but like I said earlier, this isn’t really my thing.”

“Ok.” Replied Hikari as Nemu left the room.

“Hikari...” stated Rakka lowly.

“Oh your talking now.” Replied Hikari smiling.

“Haven’t you done enough.” Asked Rakka.

“Well, Well, if My ears don’t deceive me I think I hear you asking for me to stop.”

“... P-Please?” asked Rakka before cringing again.

“Oh! Your begging me now!” Replied Hikari happily as she flapped her wings a little.

Hikari then wrapped her hands around Rakka again, her left hand on her crotch and her right on Rakka belly.

“I’m gonna enjoy this one the most!” commented Hikari as she pressed in on Rakka’s belly forcefully and grasped her clit and began pulling on the sensitive protrusion.

This caused Rakka to gasp out as she immediately closed her legs around Hikari’s hand.

“Oh come on, why try to put up a fight at the end?” asked Hikari as she pushed into Rakka’s belly harder and began to slightly twist her clit.

Quickly after this, Rakka lost her hold again and released a rather small fart as, to Hikari’s surprise, Rakka began crying in earnest and Hikari felt warm fluid rushing down her fingers before the strong smell of urine invaded her nose.

Hikari didn’t have to remove her hand as Rakka quickly fell to her knees, continuing to cry.

Hikari looked down to Rakka and quickly felt bad for what she did. Reki soon got up from her chair and joined Rakka beside her on her knees and placed her left hand on her shoulder.


Hikari attempted to do the same as Reki.

“Rakka I’m sorry.” Stated Hikari before reaching her right hand to Rakka’s shoulder.

But Rakka quickly shouted, “Get away from me!” as she quickly jerked her shoulder from Hikari and leaned onto Reki.

“But I...” replied Hikari before soon looking disappointed in herself.

“Hikari, I think you’d better just leave for now.’ Stated Reki holding Rakka.

“Ok...” Sighed Hikari standing up and soon leaving the room.

Out side the room, thought to herself, “I went too far... I hope I didn’t hurt Rakka too much, I just wanted her to remember it... but not like that...”


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