Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 15)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 15

Title: Chapter 15- Hikari’s ‘Back’fire

[Author's notes: 3-parter: One of Hikari's human friends gets her to take a mystery pill which leads to her being very gasy. her friend let her keeps the bottle of pills and Hikari plans on getting Rakka and Kana to take the pills, but things don't go as planned...


“Hey Hikari, come to my room with me.” Replied a young shorthaired brunette girl about her height, wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans.

Hikari was in town visiting one of her human friends currently. She had only been there for about thirty minutes before her friend requested to her room with her, Which she did, curious as to what her friend wanted.
The two quickly reach the room and the girl goes to the dresser next to her bed, taking something from the top and returning to Hikari and showing her a small bottle with it half full of small round pills.

“Guess what this are.”

“Uh, aspirin?” answered Hikari puzzled.

“Nope, guess again.”

“Ummm, pain pills?”

“That’s the same as aspirin.”

“I give up then, tell me.” Replies Hikari sighing.

“Aw your no fun today Hikari.” replies the girl disappointed.

“Are you gonna tell or not?” asks Hikari folding her arms across her chest.

“Nope, I want you to try one.” Replies the girl opening the bottle and shaking out two pills.

“No way! I don’t even know what they are.”

“Come on, when have I ever gave you something that hurt you?”


“Heh, I wouldn’t dare try to hurt one of you guys.”

“Well I guess pranks don’t count huh?” replies Hikari smiling.

“Your one too talk, anyway, you can use these pills on your friends at Old Home. Especially that new girl, Rakka, I’m sure you’d have some fun with her with these.”

“Miko...” groans Hikari. “Just tell me what they are!”

“Heh, take one and I’ll tell you.”

“... On one condition.”


“You take one too.”

“Fine.” Smiled Miko, quickly tossing one of the two pills into her mouth, then offering Hikari the remaining pill as she swallowed once.

Hikari then sighed as she took the pill from Miko and tossing the pill in her mouth and swallowing it. “I just know I’m going to regret this...”


One week later...

Hikari had indeed regretted letting her friend talk her into taking the mystery pill, which sole purpose was to give the taker a horrible amount of gas, much to the blondes embarrassment. IN the end though, Miko gave Hikari the bottle of pills, telling her to have fun getting her friends to take them. Although Hikari was still embarrassed at the event, she couldn’t help but smile at the prospect of causing her friends, namely Rakka and Kana, to become ‘bloated’.

But during the past week, Hikari couldn’t find any adequate opportunities with Rakka or Kana and thus, forgot all about the pills and her idea...


Hikari’s room

Hikari walked into her room rather calmly but looked a little pained as she walked to her mirror to look at her reflection. Hikari reached her right hand over to her left wing and rested her hand on it before slowly extending her wing. After a few seconds, Hikari quickly winced in pain before returning her wing to it’s starting position.

Kana then appeared in Hikari’s doorway.

“Hey Hikari, How’s your wing?”

“It still hurts...” replies Hikari removing her hand from her wing and looking at Kana. “I told you to stop.”

“You need to stretch your wings out more, the young feather’s are fine, it didn’t hurt them.”

“So what, It hurt me. I’m not a tomboy like you.”

“Tomboy!?” questions Kana looking shocked. Kana then spots the bottle Miko gave Hikari on her dresser and takes it and tosses it to Hikari. “Hmph, good thing you got some pain pills.” Adds Kana before walking away.

Hikari catches the bottle and as Kana leaves, she opens the bottle, and silently groans to herself before tossing a pill into her mouth.

“Kana’s so rough sometimes...”

Hikari placed the bottle on the dresser that’s under her mirror and goes to her bed, simply wanting to rest for a moment. Although, Hikari only got about a ten minute rest before she heard a knock at her door. Groaning from the interruption, Hikari removes herself from her bed to see who wanted her attention. Hikari opened her door and Rakka greeted her.

“Hi Hikari.”

“Hi Rakka, is there something you want?” asks Hikari before placing a hand over her mouth as she yawns.

“Um, were you sleeping? I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I wasn’t sleeping, I was about to fall asleep before you came though.”

“Oh, do you want me to leave then?”

“No, no, you don’t have to leave...” replies Hikari as she began to spread her wings before wincing a little in pain from her sprained left wing.

“What’s wrong?” asks Rakka quickly looking concerned.

“It’s nothing really, My left wing was injured because of Kana’s goofing around with the little ones. I took a pill for the pain and I dicided to lay down.”

“Oh, well, maybe I can help you.” Replies Rakka smiling. “You think a massage would help?”

Hikari raises a brow at the offer before smiling back, “It couldn’t hurt, but do you have anything you need to do? I don’t want to make you late for anything.”

“No, I don’t have anything to do right now. That’s why I came to see what you were doing.”

“Oh, ok, well I’m not going to turn down a massage...” replies Hikari before feeling a strong pressure at her backside, Hikari quickly tensed her rear as she stated, “U-Uh, wait here for a moment, ok?”

“OK.” Replied Rakka.


Hikari quickly closed the door and rushed to her bathroom and closed the door and she momentarily fought the urge to relieve the pressure. Once she was sure that Rakka wouldn’t hear her, she let it go, the volume that the gas had leaving her surprised Hikari as she quickly clenched her rear again.

“Oh no, that was way too loud! Rakka probably heard that...” states Hikari to herself as she had a tough time containing the remaining gas inside her. “Hmm, the toilets just going to make it louder, maybe I can just let it out slowly instead...”

Hikari then slowly slid down the door to sit on the floor and started to very carefully relax her rear, allowing the gas freedom slowly, also allowing a quite pleasant, warm and tingling around her brown hole freeing the gas, causing Hikari to smile as a blush raised on her cheeks.

Hikari was able to release the gas in one long, but steady ‘stream’ and couldn’t help it as she moaned in relief at the end. At which Hikari quickly stood back up and sighed once before leaving the bathroom and returning to her door and letting Rakka in.

“Did you drop something?” asked Rakka stepping into the room.

“No...” replied Hikari a little embarrassed that Rakka did hear her earlier explosion.

“That’s strange, I thought I heard the sound of something falling after you told me to wait outside.”

“Well nothing fell.” Replied Hikari walking to her room.

Rakka followed Hikari into her room, and once the blonde sat on her bed, Rakka stated...

“Would you mind laying on your stomach?”


Hikari moved herself to the middle of her bed and positioned herself on her stomach, resting her head on her pillow. Rakka then walked to the other side of the bed, to be on Hikari’s left side and sat on the bed, near her stomach.

“It’s the left one right?” asks Rakka placing her right hand on Hikari’s lower back.


Hikari then felt Rakka’s left hand on her left shoulder as her right hand slid up the middle of her. Rakka Began the massage rubbing Hikari’s shoulder and up and down the middle of her back, although Hikari found this pleasurable, evident from a low moan, she asked...

“Aren’t you gonna massage my wing?”

“I will, but I thought I’d massage your back to. Heh, you’d probably want me to after I massage your wing.”

“Well, if you wanna do that, stop for a moment, I want to take my shirt off.” Replied Hikari smiling.


Once Rakka removed her hands from Her, Hikari sat up on her legs and unbuttoned her shirt and removed it, revealing her white bra, which she didn’t remove. Hikari placed her shirt next to her and resumed her position on her stomach, then reaching her hands behind her to undo the clip of her bra, giving Rakka full access to her back.

“Ok, you can start!” states Hikari happily.

Rakka placed her hands back to Hikari’s back and shoulder, beginning her massage again, quickly releasing a moan of delight from Hikari as she relaxed and let her friend please her.

Rakka took some time before actually getting to the main reason she was doing this, to massage Hikari’s left wing, whom felt like she had become putty under Rakka’s hands as her mind danced between sleep and staying awake.

Hikari quickly became alert from Rakka grasping her left wing and beginning the massage to that area of her body. Hikari quickly tensed from the sudden, but mild pain she felt, interrupting the flow of relaxing pleasure that was running through her body.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Apologizes Rakka. “I should’ve warned you.”

“That’s ok, I had completely forgot why you were giving me a massage.”

“I was that good?” asked Rakka smiling.

“You sure are, I nearly fell asleep.”

“Heh, thanks... by the way, my side is starting to hurt a little, can I sit on your back?”

“As long as you keep massaging me, I don’t care.”

Rakka smiled and removed her hands from Hikari and stood up, hiked up her dress a little, above her knees, and returned to the bed and straddling Hikari’s lower back.

However, just before Rakka sat on Hikari, the blonde felt the familiar pressure in her rear suddenly build up again and gasped out in embarrassment and the weight of Rakka’s body forced it out of her, thanks to her relaxed state, released the gas with a deep sound.

Rakka, upon hearing this, immediately looked puzzled, asking, “Hikari, did you just do what-“

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!” replied Hikari quickly, burying her red face in her pillow.

“Hey it’s ok, it’s normal.”

“Not in front of someone!” replied Hikari with her face still in the pillow.

Rakka then thought for a moment before blushing.

“Uh, would it make you feel better to know that I have to do it too?”

“What!?” gasped Hikari lifting her head and attempting to look back at Rakka. “Get off me then, I don’t you to do it on me!”

“It’s ok, it’s ok!” replied Rakka smiling. “I’m good at holding it in.”

“Well, as long as you don’t do it sitting on me.” Replied Hikari returning to laying her head on the pillow.

“Don’t worry, I won’t...” replied Rakka before lowering her face near Hikari’s left ear, smiling, “Just don’t make any sudden moves.”

Hikari looked at Rakka surprised at her statement, it almost sounded like a threat, and her smiling wasn’t helping!

“What’s that supposed-“

“Don’t play dumb Hikari.” Replied Rakka sitting back up. “I found out about your plan for me and Kana.”

“Plan? What pla-!” replied Hikari before quickly gasping. “Wait! I had completely forgot about it, I’m serious!” adds Hikari looking back at Rakka worried.

“It’s no use lying now.”

“But I’m not lying! I’m-ah!” replied Hikari before gasping in shock upon feeling a pressure building in her gut and rear and quickly moved her hands to her as she tensed up.

Rakka saw Hikari place her hand to her rear and smiled, “Again huh? Maybe you ate something you shouldn’t have.”

At Rakka’s statement, Hikari gasped in horror as she remembered the bottle Kana had tossed to her earlier.

“R-Rakka, I’m sorry for what I w-was going to do to you and Kana, but you have to let me up, I accidentally took a pill earlier that makes me fa-uh, y-you know, a lot.”

“Really?” replied Rakka smiling at the information and reaching to Hikari’s hands and removing them from her rear.

“Rakka please! I can’t hold it much longer!” pleaded Hikari as her body began to tremble.

“This is what you were going to do to me, would you’ve let me go?”

“Y-Yes!” shook out Hikari.

“Liar!” replied Rakka quickly bouncing once on Hikari’s back.

Hikari’s once again gasped in embarrassment as her gas was forced from her body, releasing a rather loud, deep sounding explosion from her rear.

“Wow Hikari, you can sure make them loud!” teased Rakka smiling.

With Hikari now feeling humiliated, she requested lowly, “OK, you got me, can you get off me now?”

“Nope, I’m not done yet!” replied Rakka smiling and releasing Hikari’s hands.


“You said yourself that what you took made you do it a lot, I want to see how many times I can make you lose it.”

Hikari gave up fighting with Rakka at this and just groaned into her pillow, feeling more gas working it’s way against her rear again before thinking, ‘She’s right... I’d be doing this to her if it was the other way around.’

Rakka felt Hikari tense between her legs again and gasped in mild surprise, “Wow, again so soon?” Rakka put a finger to her chin thinking aloud, “So, how should I make you lose it this time?”

Hikari simply awaited her fate as Rakka thought to herself, but as she did so, Hikari was having a harder and harder time holding herself, seeing as how her rear opening already experienced an expulsion of gas not too long ago.

“Oh! I got it!” gasped Rakka smiling.

Hikari felt Rakka lean over to her left a little and looked to her right to see what she planed on doing. The blonde saw Rakka lift her right leg to place her foot on the bed and slide her right hand under Hikari to her belly and prod her there, causing Hikari to immediately groan from the gas in her to almost be forced out from it’s growing volume inside her.

But Hikari couldn’t take it too much longer before a long, high-pitched squeal sound came from her, that only proofed that Hikari tied to stop it, but didn’t quite have enough strength in her sphincter, making the whistle-like sound.

Rakka laughed at this manner in Hikari losing her gas and added a bounce to Hikari’s back again with her finger’s pressing into her belly, causing Hikari to gasp out of the remaining gas was forced out her in and louder, deeper sound.

“I didn’t know you could whistle from your butt Hikari!” teased Rakka.

Hikari soon groaned from frustration as she tried to think of a way out of her situation, but heard a low groan from Rakka as well as she returned her right leg to the bed and Hikari soon felt a warmness around her lower back.

“Rakka!” gasped Hikari looking back at her shocked.

“Only a little came out, don’t worry, I just won’t bounce on you again... But I want to make you lose it one more time...” replied Rakka soon reaching behind her to Hikari’s right leg and lifting it to reach her foot and removing the sock. “I’m gonna tickle this one out of you!”

“But-Ah! Hahaha!” replied Hikari before quickly bursting into laughter as Rakka danced her fingers on the bottom of Hikari’s foot.

Hikari quickly began squirming around under Rakka, unknowingly aggravating Rakka’s own hold, much to the brunettes surprise, but continued her tickling.

As Rakka continued, so did the vigorousness of Hikari’s squirming. After a few more moments of this and Hikari nearly losing it again, she suddenly felt Rakka release her foot and groan rather hard. Hikari smiled at this and voluntarily released her gas quickly, she already did so multiple times and once done, quickly lifting herself and back to the bed, forcing Rakka to bounce on her again.

The fact of Rakka reliving herself on her didn’t so much matter as making Rakka force her this time to release her gas for a change.

Once Rakka landed on Hikari for the third time, she gasped as she felt her gas forcefully leave her, but shortly after her embarrassment, Rakka gasped in horror as she suddenly lifted herself to her knees and swiftly placed her hands to her rear and rushed off Hikari, much to the blondes surprise as Rakka ran out of the room, with her hands still on her rear.

It didn’t take Hikari long to Realize what happened to Rakka and soon smiled at Rakka’s misfortune.

“It serves you right for what you did to me!” calls out Hikari sitting up and putting her bra back on. “But I’m going to get you back...” added Hikari to herself.

END ^_^

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