Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 14)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 14

Title: Chapter 14- Rakka’s Surprise for Reki


Rakka currently occupied her bathroom, sitting on her toilet. Except for her yellow bra, the brunette Haibane was nude; smiling as she watched her cum draining from her body into the toilet.


Just moments earlier, Rakka had masturbated in a quite odd fashion; Just before climaxing she shoved a finger into her urethra, and proceeded to rapidity thrust her finger in and out of the tiny flesh hole, bringing her to a powerful and lengthy orgasm has her urine sputtered out of her with each thrust of her finger; Until she successfully managed to plug her urethra closed with her finger, relishing in the feeling as the pressure from her bladder grew rapidly through her waning orgasm. Rakka waited until she felt her bladder was going to burst before snatching her finger out of her urethra and lifting her hips from the toilet, freeing the remaining contents of her bladder in a hard stream of pee to the floor. Weak from her orgasm and urination, Rakka fell back down onto the toilet, her body and wings trembling in the fading ebbs of pleasure traveling through her body; but before Rakka could fully relax, she quickly groaned and tensed briefly feeling a pleasurable twinge as she felt fluid filling her urethra again. Rakka quickly lost the fight as she felt the fluid leaving her, she looked down to see a small thin stream of clear fluid leaving her and smiled at realization at what it was, before making the comment, to the fluid itself...

“I already came, you’re late.”


Rakka then forced herself to her feet, not really ignoring the fact that her cum had yet to finish completely leaving her as she lead a trail of her cum out of her bathroom to her bed and returning her body to the soft mattress, uncaring that her now receding cum began wetting the bed as she positioned her rear in the air and her head to the bed before sending her right hand to her cum dripping pussy and beginning to finger herself once again.

Rakka became briefly surprised at herself, she had come from the bathroom even hornier than when she entered. She hoped to herself that she locked her door last night before going to bed, she didn’t want anyone walking in on her during her moment of horniness, The memory of Hikari catching her near orgasm with the blondes vibrator in her was still fresh in her mind. As long as she wasn’t disturbed, Rakka was quite content with herself and her horniness, in the privacy of her room she could satisfy her ‘perverse’ desires with no interjection from someone else.

Which Rakka proceeded to happily do, fingering her cum and urine-laden pussy for all the pleasure it was worth. With her level of arousal, it didn’t take long for Rakka to climax, moaning out in pleasure as she allowed her cum to squirt out of her forcefully onto the bed. However, even in the throws of her orgasm, Rakka didn’t stop, thrusting her finger’s faster into herself, but her orgasm also gave her a brief surge of energy to quickly roll onto her back as she spread her legs wide without a care in the world as she continued her rapid, orgasm-fueled thrusting of her fingers.

To Rakka’s disappointment, her orgasm didn’t last as long as she wanted, but didn’t miss a beat in her finger thrusts as she continued through her waning orgasm, even after the last faint pulses of pleasure flowed through her body, she continued.

Only after two more climaxes did Rakka’s highly aroused body finally began to tire, the signal to her brain about her tired shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers was finally able to get through as Rakka quickly felt the tired strain as she found herself unable to continue the rapid thrusting. Rakka’s hands soon slipped out of her wet throbbing pink hole to her sides limply, She tried lifting her hands, wanting to return to her pleasure, but the only response she got from her entire arm and shoulders was a numbing throb.

Rakka’s entire body was tired and she couldn’t even find the strength to move her legs, so as her body forced her to take a break, Rakka soon realized her situation: She was laying on a cum-drenched bed, covered in nothing but her yellow bra, plenty of sweat, her crotch and inner thighs coated with her cum and her legs eagle-spread on the bed... facing the door to the room.

Rakka hoped HARD that no one would come visit her.

Luckily, no one did... to Rakka’s knowledge at least, she had quickly fallen asleep from her fatigue.

The sound of the large bell brought her out of her slumber, she woke up to the feeling of her body in a mild chill, from her sweat, but another sensation quickly diverted Rakka’s attention, her pussy tingled pleasantly and to her delight, Rakka was STILL horny and she aimed to satisfy this desire, no matter how long it took.

Rakka lifted her hands to returned back to her crotch, but felt that her body was still pretty tired and it took much effort to move her hands, but she did so.

However, Rakka was MUCH slower in her ministrations of pleasure as she used what little energy her body managed to gather during her sleep.

Not surprisingly, it took some time before Rakka managed her fifth climax, which because of her body’s fatigue, only a small, weak spurt of her cum gained freedom from her body as a weak moan of pleasure left her tensing body and pussy, which did there usual tasks pretty much unchanged, taking what remained of Rakka’s unused energy from her body, unfortunately there wasn’t much energy left to take, causing Rakka’s orgasm to die out pretty quick, leaving her with nothing left to do anything with as once her orgasm died, Rakka quickly passed out.

This time, even the ringing of the bell didn’t wake Rakka, she had pushed her body to the limit and it would NOT be disturbed in gathering energy this time.

Rakka awoke some time later, feeling the usual sluggishness and fatigue of waking up as she groaned and slowly rolled onto her stomach, however the chill of the cum soaked into the bed from her waist down immediately surprised Rakka to nearly jumping out of the bed, But when Rakka’s left hip returned to near the edge of the bed, she felt the unpleasant chill again and quickly tried to find a dry spot, which lead her to falling out of the bed.

Rakka’s rear landed on her dry pajama’s she had removed earlier in the morning.

With the shock of falling out of bed, Rakka found herself pretty awake now and looked to her bed, quickly remembering her tiring masturbation session and blushed deeply at the event. Rakka soon got to her feet.

“I bet I smell now...” commented Rakka to herself before lifting her right arm and sniffing at her underarm, immediately smelling a strong odor that, if aroused, Rakka knew she’d love, but now it simply disgusted Rakka almost to the point of coughing. “Ew! I DO smell!”

Rakka nearly ran to the bathroom to take a shower, which she did without ‘incident’ and leaving the bathroom with just a smile on her face. Rakka quickly raised her arms in the air stretching a moment later.

“Nnnngh! I feel much better now!”

Rakka had only did a mild job of drying her body off and an even less effort to shake her wings free of the water dripping from her feathers. But upon hearing a knock at the door to the room, by reflex, Rakka quickly placed her hands over her breasts and crotch.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Kuu.” Came the little blondes voice.

“Oh, can you wait a minute? I just came from the shower.” Asks Rakka stepping back into the bathroom.


Upon returning to the bathroom, Rakka grabbed the blue bath towel she had placed on top of the toilet and finished drying her body, then her hair and finishing with her wings, quickly shaking much of the water from them.

After sufficiently drying herself, Rakka placed the towel over her breasts, just her front, using her left arm to keep the towel covering her as she left the room and opening her door, smiling as she found that she indeed did lock the door before going to sleep yesterday.

Kuu smiled to Rakka as she walked into her room a short distance.

“Hi Kuu.”

“Hi Rakka, I just wanted to see you one more time.”

“Huh?” questioned Rakka puzzled by Kuu’s statement. “What do you mean?”

Kuu just smiled at Rakka before giving her a hug, puzzling the older Haibane even more before she was released. Rakka also noticed Kuu’s Halo fading in and out.


“Good-bye Rakka.” Stated Kuu with a smile as she then walked out of Rakka’s room.

“Um... bye...” replied Rakka confused at what just happened.

After a few moments, Rakka closed her door and walked to her closet and taking out her dress before tossing the bath towel to her bed and putting on her white sailor dress. After placing the bath towel and ‘dirty’ bed sheet in the nearby hamper, Rakka placed her sandals on and left her room.

Although Rakka left her room later than usual, she knew she still had time to catch Reki while she worked.

Rakka first tried the room where the Young Feathers gathered frequently to eat, she found herself lucky as she neared the room, hearing the children’s talking. Upon entering the room, she found the children happily eating, but upon the one of the kids, Dai, seeing her, he quickly declared aloud...

“Hey! It’s the Pancake Girl!”

Almost all at once, all the young Feathers greeted Rakka...

“Hi Pancake Girl!”

Rakka could do nothing but blush in embarrassment from the children’s self-proclaimed nickname for her.

“Hi to you to... Any of you know where Reki is?”

“She’s in the kitchen!” quickly replied Hana.

“Ok, thanks.”

Rakka quickly walked to and into the kitchen, finding Reki washing a few dishes.

“Hey Reki.”

Reki looked to Rakka smiling, “Hi Pancake Girl.”

“Not you too Reki...” groaned Rakka.”

“It’s cute!”

“The little ones calling me that is one thing...”

“Ok, ok, I’ll leave it to the Young Feathers. What are you here for anyway?”

“I got a surprise for you.” Replies Rakka smiling and walking to Reki’s right side.


“Yeah, I had a weird dream.”

“What does that have to do with the surprise?”

“This isn’t really an appropriate place to say, When your finished here, I’ll tell-no, I’ll show you.”

“Show me huh? Sounds intriguing, the housemother said once I finish with the dishes, I’m free to leave, so I’ll meet you in my room ok?”


Rakka walked out of the kitchen and said good-bye to the children, whom quickly replied, “Bye Pancake Girl!”. Rakka simply groaned to herself as she left the room and headed to Reki’s room.

Rakka didn’t need to wait too long for Reki to come to her room, just a few minutes after Rakka’s arrival to the room.

“So what’s the surprise?” asks Reki after closing and locking her door.

Rakka, who was sitting on the lower bunk of Reki’s bed, quickly stood smiling.

“Take your skirt and panties off and come lay on your back.”

“I’m liking this surprise already.” Replies Reki compiling with Rakka and removing her long skirt, followed by her white panties and walking to the bed and laying down on it as Rakka requested.

Rakka then removed her dress and returned to the bed, between Reki’s, smiling down at her as she gently inserted two fingers of her right hand into Reki’s warm, wet pussy, causing her to moan, which was quickly followed with a small giggle.

“Is this the surprise?”

“No, you’ll know when the surprise is, trust me. I just wanna get your ‘warmed-up’.” Replies Rakka before giggling herself.

Reki just smiled and relaxed on the bed as Rakka fingered her.

A little later after Rakka felt that Reki was sufficiently aroused, Rakka changed her position a bit to began licking at Reki’s stiffened clitoris, releasing a quick gasp of pleasure from the older Haibane as Rakka continued a slow thrusting of her fingers.

“Ohhhhh... Rakka...” moaned out Reki.

Rakka immediately smiled to herself upon hearing that from Reki, it was exactly what she was waiting to hear before giving Reki her surprise and stopped her licking and removed her fingers from Reki and looking up at here.

“Ready for the surprise Reki?”

“Yeah, hurry up!” replies Reki eagerly.

Rakka smiled and looked to Reki’s unsuspecting urethral opening and positioned her wet, right index finger to the tiny flesh hole and gently placed the tip of her finger over it. Reki’s only response to this was a brief tensing.

After a slow breath to calm her excitement, Rakka did a quick, controlled thrust of her finger, quickly inserting her finger into Reki’s urethra to the first knuckle.

“Ahhh! What are you doing!?” immediately gasped Reki sitting up, seeing Rakka’s finger inserted into her urethra.

“*giggling* Surprise!” replies Rakka.

“Get your finger out of my pee-hole!”

“Just wait Reki, how does it feel?”

“Really weird! Take your finger out.”

“That was the dream I had, I was masturbating by thrusting my finger in my pee-hole, I tried it when I woke up and the fact that it felt weird made it feel good. Give it a try Reki.”

“Well... it doesn’t hurt...”

“Yeah, just weird.”

“... OK then, I’ll give it a shot.”

“Great, lay back down and try to relax.”

Reki returns her back to the bed and allowed Rakka to continue with her stimulation of her urethra.

Reki felt Rakka’s finger travel deeper into her urethra and immediately tensed, but found that no matter how hard she tensed, it didn’t seem to matter to Rakka’s finger as it continued without interruption. Reki felt Rakka reach the entrance to her bladder and quickly gasped as she by reflex tried to closed her legs, but Rakka’s body prevented her from doing so.

“S-Stop! That’s my bladder.”

“Ok, when was the last time you went to the bathroom?”

“An hour ago I think.”

“Hehe, your gonna need a new bed sheet Reki.”

Reki then thought to herself, ‘Well, besides the strong urge to pee, considering what Rakka’s doing, her finger does feel really good...’

“Hey Reki, you wanna stop or maybe move to the bathroom?”

“No, I’m fine here, keep going.”

“Ok!” replies Rakka happily.

Reki felt Rakka finger slowly retreating and gasped in surprise as she felt her bladder open to her urethra and urine flowing through it. Rakka quickly felt her finger covered in a sudden warmer feeling and noticed urine slowly trickling out despite her finger inserted into Reki’s urethra.

“Wow Reki, I lasted longer than that.” replies Rakka giggling before pushing her finger into the small tube again.

This caused Reki to gasp as she felt Rakka’s returning finger force more of her urine out around Rakka’s finger. The retreat of Rakka’s finger acted like a vacuum in the tiny tube, forcing out urine from her bladder and forcing it out thought the increased pressure upon the return of her finger.

Shortly after this began, Reki began giggling.

“It tickles!” laugh’s Reki beginning to squirm.

As Rakka continued forcing Reki to pee and tickling her in the process, she gradually increased her speed, forcing more of Reki’s pee from her and causing her to squirm more from the pleasurably ticklish sensation.

After about a minute, the volume of urine leaving Reki’s body dropped, but evidently, not the sensation of it being ticklish as Reki squirmed on the bed giggling uncontrollably.

After a few moments, Reki quickly move her right hand to Rakka’s finger to remove it, allowing her to calm down from her giggling.

“Stop for a little bit, I’m starting to get a headache from laughing so hard.” Comments Reki using her left hand to wipe away a stray tear from left eye.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Reki.”

“Do you mind if I go take an aspirin? I don’t want a headache while your making me feel good.”

“I don’t mind, sorry about giving you one.” Replies Rakka smiling as she gets off the bed and stands, allowing Reki to remove herself from the bed and walk into her bathroom.

As Reki closed the door to the bathroom lightly, Rakka noticed something from the corner of her left eye out of Reki’s window and saw what appeared to be a beam of light. Intrigued, Rakka quickly walked to the window and saw that the light came from the Western Woods.

“Pretty light...” comments Rakka to herself.

After a few seconds, the light quickly faded into nothing.


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