Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 13)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 13

Title: Chapter 13- A Haibane’s Morning Fun

[Author's notes: Rakka wakes up from a strange dream and ends up VERY horny from it


As the morning sun’s ray’s illuminated the closed window shade, Rakka lay in her bed on her stomach, happily dreaming as her wings twitched occasionally. Evidence of Rakka dreaming was obvious, the first sign was the light blush on her cheeks, second was the smile she had and the small trail of drool that slowly made it’s way out to the pillow Rakka rested her head on.

A few moments passed and under the cover, Rakka’s legs began to move slowly. Her legs didn’t move much, just rubbing her inner thighs together, separated only by her green and white checker designed pajama’s. Her thighs rubbed once before a few more moments passed and her legs reversed the first action, from this, Rakka smiled a bit more as an audible breath left her.

What happened was that Rakka’s dream was arousing her, getting her wet, and since Rakka rarely, if ever, wore panties, even in her dress, Rakka’s wetness grew enough to reach her part of her inner thighs and after wetting the inner thigh area of her pajama bottoms and her legs rubbing together, her body took this wet and mildly sticky sensation as a pleasurable one. So Rakka’s legs continued to slowly rub her thighs together, encouraging more of Rakka’s personal juices.

Being that what her legs were doing was slow, this alone would not wake Rakka, simply make her moan and coo a few times. Within a few minutes, Rakka’s sleeping position change to her on her right side as her legs were able to more effectively rub her wet inner thighs together. While in her previous position, what her legs did wouldn’t wake her, this better position had the possibility of waking her, not only because of added pressure on her labia, but from the outside evidence of Rakka’s facial expression scrunching up a little from a silent groan from the increased degree of pleasurable sensations.

But, almost as soon as Rakka’s chance of waking increased, her legs stopped there action, and immediately, Rakka’s expression returned to a smile.

A long few moments passed before Rakka calmly awoke, opening her eyes slowly, before placing her hands to them and rubbing them.

‘That was a great dream...’ thinks Rakka before she lays on her back.

Rakka was mildly surprised at feeling a high degree of wetness around her crotch, causing her pajama bottoms to cling to her inner thighs and labia. For the moment, Rakka ignored it and stretched out her arms and legs, then just laying on the bed for a moment.

But soon Rakka sat up and removed the cover from her lower half, looking down at her soiled crotch, her inner thigh area was much more wetter than the area between her legs. Rakka smiled at the sight before her and gently placed her right hand between her legs to feel the wetness. She found that her pajama’s weren’t as wet as they looked, but pressing her hand against her labia immediately renewed a high amount of her juices to the crotch of her pajama’s.

A silent breath and a smile was all the reaction Rakka had as she slowly began to rub herself.

‘That dream was weird...’ thought Rakka. ‘But, it made me so... so horny.”

Rakka then pushed her middle finger slightly between the lips of her labia and began to rub that finger up and down, bumping into her stiffening clit with each stroke, which caused Rakka to lightly begin biting her lower lip.

‘It was just a dream, but... I wonder if it’s possible...’

after a moment, Rakka released her lower lip from her teeth as she slowly removed her hand from between her legs, she brought her damp fingers to her face to see them glistening a little from the morning light in the room. Rakka then moved her finger to her nose, as she sniffed her scent in one long inhale before pausing and holding her breath for a moment, loving her smell, until she slowly exhaled, then licked each of her fingers separately and slowly, loving her taste as much as her scent.

Rakka quickly fought back a giggle at what she must look like right now, sniffing and licking her fingers in such a slow and pleasant manner for her.

After getting over what she looked like to another person, Rakka removed herself from the bed and unbuttoned her pajama top and removed it, exposing her yellow bra. Upon letting it drop to the floor, Rakka pulled down her pajama bottoms, revealing her aroused, wet labia to the cool breeze that somehow got into the room, Rakka smiled and the pleasant touch of the air before returning to the bed and sitting on her legs.

‘Even if I can’t do it, I’ll just play with myself anyway.’ Thought Rakka smiling.

Rakka placed her right hand back to her labia and teased her vagina with her middle finger, quickly darting it past her labia and just barely past the entrance to her hidden hole. At this, Rakka failed to fight back giggling from the pleasant sensation.

Rakka stopped a few moments into this and thought, ‘OK, here goes...’, and with that, she moved the tip of her middle finger to up to the smaller hole above her vagina and rubbed it a little, making her smile.

‘Heh, it tickles.’

Rather than waiting to get used to the ticklish sensation, Rakka pushed her finger against the small fleshy hole. Surprising to Rakka, she found that her finger entered this hole rather easily, not being nearly as difficult as she originally thought it would be.

‘Oh wow, it feels really nice, but so weird...’

Rakka had her finger into to the first knuckle and tried deeper, and couldn’t help it as a moan was released from her.

‘I have to show Reki this, if feels weird but really good too, it-ugh.’

Rakka had pushed a little more of her finger into the stretched hole and quickly flinched as she closed her legs from a sudden strong urge to pee.

‘I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, my bladder probably isn’t too far away...’

Rakka was right, her finger was mere centimeters from her bladder entrance. Rakka then had a sudden idea, ‘I wonder how it would feel if I finger my vagina and pee-hole at the same time...’.

Rakka then placed her middle and ring finger into her vagina and braced herself for what she thinks is going to be a very pleasurable, but messy event.

First, Rakka started with the fingers of her left hand, feeling the usual, satisfying pleasure, then a moment later, started the retreat of her right middle finger, gasping and tensing as it felt like she was about to pee right then. Rakka had to stop fight the urge back.

‘I don’t think I’ll be able to do it until I come, maybe I can masturbate till I’m about to come and go crazy on my pee-hole.’

Rakka smiled at the idea and removed her finger from her smallest hole.

‘I can’t wait to surprise Reki with this, I’ll make her pee so easily!’

Rakka began masturbation normally now, using her right index finger to gentle rub her clit. Rakka was quite anxious at the prospect of fingering her urethra during her climax that while she could usually come quickly if she wanted, this time it took her quite a bit longer from her excitement.

Eventually, Rakka felt the familiar sensations of a near climax and quickly thought, ‘I shouldn’t do this on the bed...’, So Rakka got off the bed and as she continued to finger herself, she made her way to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

“I bet this is gong to feel incredible!” stated Rakka aloud as she felt her climax imminent.

With out wasting anymore time, Rakka, pushed her middle finger deeply into her urethra, gasping as she hit the entrance to her bladder. Rakka waited until her climax was at the moment-of-no-return and once there began sudden, rapid thrusting of her middle finger.

Rakka gasp in pleasure as she felt herself come hard from her additional action. From the way Rakka was thrusting her middle finger into her urethra and it’s depth, there was no way of her preventing her urine to sputter out of her wildly, few of it actually entering the toilet, instead spraying urine directly in front of it.

But Rakka didn’t care right now, she was too wrapped up in her dual climax and urination. The feeling was so weird, but it still felt oh so good, the normal sensation of an orgasm coupled with the feeling of desperate urination.

The feeling reminded Rakka of her squirting, but it still felt a little different than that. Rakka soon found herself lucky, this climax was a longer than usual one, able to ride it for a longer period of time as she continued her dual thrustings, her wings were also trembling as she experienced a prolonged orgasm.

Soon, during what Rakka guessed to be her dying orgasm, Rakka attempted to plug her urethra with her finger, successfully stopping anymore urine freedom. Rakka felt the pressure building rapidly as she continues to thrust her fingers in her vagina. Just when Rakka felt she couldn’t take it anymore, she snatched her finger out, releasing a hard stream of her pee onto the floor as Rakka lifted her hips off the toilet. Once it stopped, Rakka fell back onto the toilet as she stopped the thrusting of her fingers and let her orgasm die out. Soon after her orgasmic contractions faded into pleasurable throbs, Rakka groaned once before feeling something making it’s way down her urethra, she looked down to she a clear fluid streaming out of her into the toilet.

Rakka giggled and stated, “I already came, your late.”

END ^_^

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