Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 12)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 12

Title: Chapter 12- Hikari\'s Favorite Toy

[Author's notes: Hikari wants her vibrator back that she let Kuu borrow, but finds out the younger Haibane doesn't have it! Which one does!?]

The small blonde awoke in her room in Old Home. Hikari had undone her ponytail before going to bed, and now her hair was in disarray from sleep. Under the cover she was laying under, she wore just her white cotton bra and panties. For the moment, the blonde didn't care what state her hair was in as she used her right hand to reach over to the small dresser at the right of her bed. All she felt there was her glasses, the item she WASN'T looking for. She still picked them up and put them on though. Then she sat up and looked at the empty top of the small dresser and sighed.

"I forgot, Kuu still has it..." states Hikari as she then yawns and stretches out her arm's and then her wings.

After that, the blonde then flaps her wings a bit. Hoping any loose feathers would fall from her wings to the bed before she left it. A few feathers did indeed fall to the bed. Hikari smiled when she looked back and saw the feathers, she found it embarrassing when she was out with her friends or in town and a few feathers would fall from her wings. She knew it was normal, but she did this every morning to reduce the chance of it happening.

Hikari then got off her bed and looked in the mirror as she fixed her ponytail.

"I can't believe Kuu's had it for over a month now. I need to get it back, today." states Hikari as she finishes her with her hair.

She then collected her feathers from her bed and disposed of them in her small trashcan near her door. Hikari then got herself dressed, in her cream colored blouse and navy blue short skirt. After putting on her socks and shoes, she left the room and headed for Kuu's room. Once there, she knocked on the door.

"Come in." replied Kuu's voice from behind the door.

Hikari twisted the doorknob and walked in, seeing Kuu zip up and button her shorts. Besides Kuu's lack of shoes, she was dressed.

"Hey, where's my toy I let you borrow?" asks Hikari.

"Toy? What toy?" asks Kuu puzzled.

"You know what I'm talking about, my, uh, personal massager..." replies Hikari blushing.

"Personal massager? OH! I know what you're talking about! Heh, personal massager, good one Hikari. You could have just said, where's my vibrator." states Kuu.

'It doesn't sound right when Kuu say's that word.' thinks Hikari blushing.

"Well, where is it?" asks Hikari.

"You never gave it to me." replied Kuu.

"Yes I did, I put it right there on your dresser." states Hikari pointing to the spot on the top of Kuu's dresser.

"No you didn't, I never saw it there. You must've lost it yourself." replies Kuu.

"I didn't lose it, you lost it." replies Hikari getting frustrated.

"No I didn't! The only time I've seen your precious little toy, you had it. So don't accuse me!" states Kuu getting annoyed.

"Well I am accusing you because I gave it to you!" replies Hikari.

"No you didn't!"

"Yes I did!"

"No you didn't!"

"Yes I did!"

This exchange continued for a few moments until Kana walked in.

"What's all the commotion about?" asked Kana.

"Kuu lost my favorite vibrator!" exclaims Hikari turning to Kana.

"No I didn't! Hikari's accusing me because she lost it herself." exclaims Kuu.

Kana then gets an "Uh oh, I'm in trouble" look on her face.

"You let Kuu borrow a vibrator?" asked Kana.

"Yeah, and she lost it." replies Hikari.

"Kana! Don't take her side!" exclaims Kuu.

"Uh, did you put it right there?" asked Kana nervously as she points to the exact spot on Kuu's dresser.

"Yeah, how did you... -gasp- you have it, don't you!" accuses Hikari.

"Uh, w-well, ya see..." stutters Kana blushing.

"Kana, you took it?" asked Kuu.

Kana opened her mouth to speak, only to quickly bolt out of the room.

"Hey! Where are you going!? Get back here!" exclaims Hikari rushing out after Kana, leaving Kuu in her room.

As Kana ran down the hall, she tripped on an unleveled piece of wood on the floor. Which nearly caused her to fall right on her face, but she fell to the floor on her hands and knees. As Hikari caught up to Kana, she rolled over to a sitting position to wait for the blonde. She figured she might as well get this over with.

"I hope you had a nice trip, **was the fall good for you? Now, where is it? I want it back." states Hikari looking down at Kana.

"Where's what?" asks Kana fringing puzzuledness.

"Don't play with me, you know what I'm talking about." replied Hikari.

"What if I told you, I don't know?" asks Kana nervously.

"You lost it!?" replied Hikari looking crestfallen.

"Well, kinda, yeah. I remember putting it somewhere in my room and when I went to use it again it wasn't there. So one of the others must have it." replied Kana.

(**Credit to Huehue for that line. ^_^)

Kana saw Hikari drop to her knees and heard sniffling.

"Hikari? Are you crying?" asks Kana.

Hikari doesn't reply as tears drop from her lowered head to her skirt.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realized how important it was to you." states Kana.

"It's my favorite one." replies Hikari.

"So you have more than one? What's so special about this particular one?" asks Kana.

"It's my favorite because that one was my first one I ever hand." replies Hikari.

"Oh, I see. Well ether Nemu, Reki, Or Rakka has must have it. I don't think any of the Young Feathers would know what it was if they saw it." replied Kana.

Hikari now wipes her eyes of the tears.

"That may be true but now I'd have to further embarrass myself by asking them if they have it." states Hikari. "Hey, I lost my vibrator. You wouldn't happen to have it would you?" States Hikari as she then groans.

"Well all this wouldn't have started if you hadn't let Kuu borrow the thing in the first place." replies Kana smiling.

"I know...." states Hikari. "By the way, why did you let her borrow it?" asked Kana.

"It started with Kuu meeting me at my job at the bakery, and I like to work with you-know-what, in me." states Hikari.

"Really? Your such a perv." replies Kana smiling.

This made the blonde blush a deep red.

"Anyway, she almost made me come by turning my vibrator on. I managed to get to the bathroom in time without coming, but to speed the story up, I wouldn't be able to continue working with my toy in me so I walked Kuu back to Old Home after she got hit in the head by an opening door." explains Hikari.

"So that's why she had that bump on her head." states Kana.

"So after checking on her once, I left my vibrator on her desk before I left. Then I went back again and I-" Hikari suddenly stops herself. "

You what?" asks Kana.

"I-It's nothing." replied Hikari.

"Oh come on, tell me." states Kana.

"F-Fine, I saw what you were doing with Kuu." replies Hikari.

"Y-You saw that?!" asks Kana blushing.

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I saw Kuu come. I never seen someone squirt that much when they came." replies Hikari.

"Yeah, I was surprised too." states Kana.

Hikari now gets to her feet and Kana does the same.

"Well, I gotta go embarrass myself now." states Hikari sighing.

"Good luck on finding it." replies Kana.

"Cya later." replies Hikari as she walks down the hall and goes down the steps to her left.

Since Nemu was in town working at the library and Reki dealing with the Young Feathers, Hikari decided to ask Rakka about her toy.

As the blonde made her way to Rakka's room, she heard some sounds coming from the other side of the door to the brunette's room. She couldn't quite make out what the sound was, but Hikari assumed it was a moan, and being the curious Haibane she was, the blonde twisted the doorknob and found it unlocked. Hikari slowly pushed the door open and took a few steps in before silently gasping in shock at what she saw as she covered her mouth with her right hand.

What the blonde saw was Rakka with her back to her, or rather her rear end facing her as she was completely nude on the bed. Rakka was on her knees with her head laying on the bed while her left hand was under her and between her legs spreading her labia whilst her right hand held Hikari's blue vibrator on and slowly pumping it in her. Rakka was moaning a bit also, but not loudly. Her vaginal area was shining with a high degree of wetness, showing that she ether orgasmed recently or was VERY close to it. The latter was true, Rakka just wasn't moaning enough to convey it.

'Well, I found who has my vibrator, but I can't just ask for it back now while she's using it, that would be mean. I'll just ask her for it later....' thought Hikari.

The blonde stepped backwards on her right foot, but unfortunately, that foot stepped on a squeaking board in the floor. This caused Rakka to jump slightly as she opened her eyes wide and gasp in shock. However, the brunette was frozen with embarrassment, her face beet red. Rakka did turn the vibrator off and removed it, forcing herself not to moan in the process, and giving Hikari a clear view of her vagina. Her vaginal opening was opened a bit also from the vibrator being in her, which had quickly realized that the object wasn't in anymore and begun to close. She brought her hands back up to the sides of her head, the vibrator, wet with her vaginal fluids, in her right hand. A solid minute of silence pasted between the two Haibane's before Rakka said the only thing that was going though her head.

"I should have locked it..."

"Sorry, I didn't know you were quite that, active." states Hikari blushing.

Rakka now positions herself to sit on the bed with her legs crossed, but she is still facing away from the blonde, still too embarrassed to turn around.

"Do you want something?" asked Rakka.

"I-It's not that important, I can wait." replies Hikari.

"I already stopped what I was doing, what is it that you want?" states Rakka.

"Well, that vibrator you have..." replies Hikari blushing.

Rakka looks down at the object in her right hand.

"What about it?" asks Rakka.

"I-It's mine, I want it back." replies Hikari.

Rakka now lifts the object to her face.

"This is yours? I thought it was Reki's." states Rakka.

"Reki had it too?! Just how many people have had it?!" replies Hikari.

"Well, I'd rather not give it back to you." states Rakka.

"Why? It's mine and I want it back." replies Hikari.

"Because I'm using it. Can you wait till I'm done with it?" asks Rakka.

"How long will that be?" replies Hikari.

"Um, an hour?" states Rakka.

"An hour?! I'll be at work by then. Can't you just give it back to me now?" replies Hikari.

Rakka just then remembers she has yet to orgasm, feeling the hyperness still in her body, and gets an idea.

"What about this? I'll give your toy back to you if you do something for me." states Rakka.

"And what would that be?" asks Hikari.

At this, Rakka gets off her bed, leaving quite a wet spot where she was sitting from her dripping labia. She turns to face Hikari, her beet red blush having finally faded to a light one, with the vibrator still in her right hand. Rakka walks to and past Hikari to close the door, and she makes sure to lock it. After this she turns to face the blonde.

"Make me come." states Rakka.

"W-What?!" replies Hikari shocked.

"Give me an orgasm and I'll give you your toy. It's a win-win situation." states Rakka smiling.

"I-I can't, what if Reki-" Rakka cuts Hikari off.

"Don't worry about that, Reki and I have an agreement of sorts."

"I know, she told me when we saw you make Nemu wet herself." replied Hikari.

"Huh!? You two were watching?!" replies Rakka shocked and embarrassed.

"Y-Yeah, we were. Reki was really into it too. She even made herself come from watching you give Nemu an orgasm." states Hikari.

"How embarrassing..." replies Rakka as her blush deepens.

A moment passes and Rakka opens her mouth to speak but Hikari beats her to it.

"So, all I have to do is give you an orgasm and I'll get my vibrator back?" asks Hikari blushing.

"Yep, that's it, but there one small catch." replies Rakka.

"There always is, what is it?" states Hikari.

“Ya can't rush it, I don't want to come in like two seconds of you starting." replies Rakka smirking.

Hikari sighed, She very much intended to rush Rakka's orgasm. Standing were she was, wasn't getting anything done though. So Hikari stepped to the nude Haibane and placed her hands on Rakka's shoulders. Hikari moved her face closer to Rakka's slowly, and just before her lips meet Rakka's, she closes her eyes. As Hikari feels the softness of Rakka's lips on hers, she feels herself getting turned on and presses her lips slightly harder against Rakka's. Seconds later, the two angle there heads to there right as they add their tongues to the kiss. During this, Rakka feels Hikari pushing her back. Pushing her enough to make her start to step backwards. Hikari pushed the brunette onto the door, it wasn't exactly gently ether.

'Huh? I wonder...' thinks Rakka.

Rakka starts to push back, she gets her back off the door about 4 inches and Hikari quickly pushes Rakka back onto the door particularly hard.

'It looks like Hikari is like Reki a little, she likes to be in control. Well I have no problem with that.' thinks Rakka as the kiss ends a second later.

Hikari now has a blush across her nose from the kiss. Showing that she liked it.

"Her lips are soft..." thinks Hikari out loud.

"Thank you." replies Rakka.

Hikari's blush goes deeper as she realizes she said what she thought out loud.

"Y-Your welcome..." replies Hikari as she moved south from Rakka's soft lips to her neck and liked her throat a little, Making Rakka smile at the ticklish sensation.

Hikari then proceeds to place light kisses on Rakka's neck, this produced a low moan from her. Hikari then moved her right hand down from Rakka's shoulder to her left breast and cupped her hand over the soft mound of flesh. Rakka sighs and smiles at this feeling. A moment later, Rakka feels Hikari rubbing her nose on her stiff right nipple playfully, this caused a small wave of pleasure to course through her body as she moans lowly.

A few seconds later, Hikari descends her left hand from Rakka's shoulder to the nipple of her right breast and gave it a small pinch as she used her tongue to slowly lick Rakka's other nipple as she removes her hand from it. The pinch sent a shot of pleasure through the brunette's body, making her gasp while the lick caused her to moan. Hikari played with Rakka's breasts and nipples for a few minutes, hearing her moan and tensing up a few times before getting to her knee's in front of Rakka.

"Wait, there's something you should know before you continue." states Rakka

"And what would that be?" asks Hikari looking at Rakka's aroused wet labia.

"I'm very sensitive down there." replies Rakka slyly.

Hikari tests the validity of Rakka's statement by running two fingers of her right hand, the index and middle one, over the two folds of skin that is Rakka's labia. This made the brunette gasp in pleasure as she suddenly stiffened for a moment. As the shot of pleasure quickly courses through her body, she drops Hikari's vibrator which had still been in her right hand.

Hikari smiled as she saw Rakka's reaction. She knew for a fact that it felt better when someone else touched the sensitive spots on your body than if you did it yourself. Hikari then placed her left hand on the back of Rakka's upper right leg and used her right hand to cup the brunette's labia, her fingers pointed up instead of down. The blonde then started to rub Rakka's sensitive labia up and down slowly. This made Rakka tense again, moaning inwardly, with her eyes closed.

-About 2 minutes later-

"Ooh! I'm going to come." moans out Rakka.

"Already? You don't last long do you?" asks Hikari as she continued her rubbing.

"W-Well, I WAS on the v-verge of coming before you came in, surprising me." replies Rakka.

"Oh, really? Well that would explain why you're about to come so quick." states Hikari as she removes her right hand from Rakka's labia, seeing it and her southern lips wet with vaginal juices.

Hikari then licks the length of Rakka aroused labia. Making her moan loudly then groan as she feels herself on the verge of orgasm.

"Oooohhhhh, I'm right there, one more push, just one more..." begs Rakka feeling herself on the edge of release.

Hikari quickly picks up her vibrato and turned it on. Then she got back to her feet and stood at Rakka's right side as she held the vibrator in her right hand. Hikari used her left hand to play with Rakka's breasts to keep her arousal high as she trailed the blue dildo down Rakka's body. The vibrator made its stop at Rakka's crotch and Hikari placed the tip of the vibrating toy directly on Rakka's aroused clit.

This made the brunette moan loudly as she went stiff as a board as her orgasm arrived, causing her to ejaculate her clearish cum from her urethra in a 2 second long stream before her urethra muscles contracts, stopping the flow momentarily. Then a second one-second-pleasure stream forced its way out before being involuntary pinched off by her urethra. Quick spurts then started to brake through Rakka's spasming vaginal muscles. Then a few seconds later Rakka let out a stuttering moan as she felt her urethra open up completely and a quick forceful 3-second stream of clear ejaculatory fluid left her urethra.

A few moments later, Rakka's orgasm ended and Hikari removed the vibrator and turned it off. Rakka slowly slid down the door to the floor. She still felt her vagina quivering with pleasure from the last waves of orgasmic bliss, moaning. She felt herself sitting in wetness and realized she was sitting in her cum, Rakka simply moaned as she felt this warm wet pleasure.

"Well, A deals a deal, you can take your toy." states Rakka with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. "Thanks." replies Hikari.

The town bell then begins to ring

"Oh no, I have to go to work now." whines Hikari.

"If you want, I can keep your vibrator until you come back." suggests Rakka smiling.

Hikari glares at Rakka slightly

"No thanks, I'll just go put it in my room." replies Hikari.

End ^_^


(This occurs after Hikari has put her toy back in her room and is in town. It has currently been one hour scene She's been gone.)

(Rakka's out in the open area in Old Home, in the middle of the area. She suddenly hears a commotion from the west building and then three Young feathers, Shota, Dai, and Hana, come running out the door.)

"Hey, What are you three running for?" calls Rakka.

"Reki's chasing us again!" giggles Shota.

"You'd think she'd learn by now. She can't catch us!" replies the young boy's partner-in-crime, Dai.

"Is this about the carrots again?" asks Rakka as she steps in front of the three.

(Reki suddenly appears from the doorway of the west building, running.)

"Get back here! Rakka, get them!" exclaims Reki. "O-Ok." replies Rakka.

(But the three evade Rakka's attempt at grabbing them and run passed her. Now Rakka and Reki are chasing after the little ones. The three run into the east building and splits up upon entering, the two boys, Shota and Dai, go left. While the little girl, Hana, goes to the right.)

"Rakka, I got Shota and Dai, you get Hana!" states Reki as they both enter the building seconds after the little kids and goes down the hall Shota and Dai ran down.

"Ok." replies Rakka.

(As Rakka runs down the hall, she can hear Hana's running and giggling above her on the second floor.)

(Up on the second floor, Hana's running down the hall looking for an open door and she quickly finds one. This room just happens to be Hikari's, she left in a hurry and forgot to close her door. Hana closes the door behind her giggling. Then the small girl hurried over to the bed and hopped onto it.)

(Almost as soon as Hana sat down on the bed she felt a strong vibration from between her legs that caused her to quickly jump of the bed in shock.)

"Ah! What was that?!" exclaims Hana appearing to be holding herself.

(The small girl lifts the cover on the bed to see Hikari's blue vibrator. Evidently, the pressure of Hana sitting on it caused it to turn on.)

"What's this? It's vibrating for some reason." states Hana taking the vibrating object in her right hand.

(Meanwhile, Rakka is on the second floor. she's walking now, trying to hear Hana make some kind of noise so she can find her. It doesn't take long ether as Rakka nears Hikari's room and hears Hana's voice.)

"Ooh, it feels good when I put it on my neck." states Hana as she places the blue object on her neck.

"Huh?" replies Rakka to herself upon hearing this.

"Hehe, hey, what about my stomach?" states Hana as she then places the vibrating object on her stomach and starts to giggle.

(Rakka places her right hand over her mouth as she gasps in realization at what Hana is talking about.)

'She has Hikari's vibrator!' thinks Rakka.

(Back in the room)

"Hey, what if I put it here?" states Hana as she place the object between her legs and gasps loudly as she fall to her knees as a high degree of pleasure makes its way through her small body. Hana quickly removes the vibrator from between her legs panting a little. "W-What was that!? It felt.... really, really good." states Hana as she holds the object that cause the extreme pleasurable sensation in her body.

'Awww, she discovering the pleasure of her body. I can't go in there and stop her now. I'll just sit here and listen.' thinks Rakka smiling as she sits with her back on the door.

"I want more of it." states Hana as she lowers the vibrator in-between her legs and presses it against her young labia.

(This makes the young girls tense and moan loudly. Having never felt this kind of feeling before, she was in heaven. She felt the pleasure going higher and higher. She kept her right hand gripping the vibrator ready to remove the object incase she began to feel something other than this heavenly pleasure. All she felt was pleasure though as she felt it rising rapidly, building and building. It didn't take long, 2 minutes to be exact, for little Hana to experience her first ever orgasm. Causing her to moan loudly as she stiffened up then began to jerk involuntarily as her orgasm worked her small body. Once she got reasonable control of her body back, she found a switch on the hilt of the vibrator and pushed on it, stopping the vibration.)

-Panting- "What...hap...pened? It felt.... incredible!" states Hana feeling weak. "...And my, underwear... they feel, messy."

(Outside, Rakka waits for about 2 minutes before she hears Hana getting to her feet. Rakka quickly gets to her feet and meets Hana as she slowly opens the door. Hana walks out of the room, a blush clear as day on her face.)

"Come on, let's go." states Rakka smiling, and placing her right hand on Hana's head.

"Ok." replies Hana blushing.

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