Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 11)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 11- Just a Sexual Attraction

[Author's notes: Kana and Kuu's relation ship is nothing more than a sexual attraction?]

"Whatever, I'll see you later." states Kana leaving the room.

(Kana left the room where Reki and Nemu were. Totally oblivious as to why she left the two older Haibane's in the room in such a hurry. She pondered this as she made her way to Kuu's room.)

"Why did I leave there so quickly?" thought Kana. "I am happy for Reki and Rakka, so why do I feel like this?"

(Kana felt a sad feeling wash over her as she looked at Kuu's door. Kana put her right hand over her chest, then a sad look crossed her face.)

"What if Kuu ends up hating me?" asks Kana to herself. "This may be the last time I can do this with Kuu." thinks Kana.

(Kana doesn't bother to knock on the door as she walks right on in Kuu's room. Kana sees Kuu sitting on her bed with a small ball of tissue in her hands. Kuu looks to be in thought at the moment, before suddenly noticing Kana in her doorway.)

"Oh! Kana." states Kuu jumping a bit.

(Kuu quickly puts the tissue in her hands in one of the pockets of her shorts. She then stands up as Kana walks near her.)

"So, you want somet-"

(Kuu was cut off from speaking further as she was kissed suddenly by Kana. The small blonde was surprised for a moment before she began kissing back. After a moment, the kiss ended.)

"Take your clothes off." requested Kana.

(Kuu gladly began undressing, removing her shirt then her shorts. Kana did the same and removed her clothing. Kuu just had white panties on and Kana had white bra and panties on. Kana smiled as she placed her hands on the small girl's chest. She then ran her fingers down her small breasts, causing her to moan a bit. Kana then placed her hands on Kuu's shoulders. Kuu felt Kana press her hand down on her shoulders and understood what Kana wanted her to do.)

(Kuu lowered her self to her knees and Kana did the same. Kana then kissed Kuu again, and again Kuu returned it 100%. This time Kana moved her right hand from Kuu's shoulder and placed it over Kuu's left breast. The shorthaired blonde moaned into Kana's mouth from this, and tensed a bit. After the kiss, Kuu felt Kana now pushing on her right shoulder as if to push her to her back. Kuu did as Kana was silently asking her, and was now lying on her back.)

(Kana then gripped the waistband of Kuu's panties and pulled them down and off her body slowly, revealing her damp hairless labia. Once the fabric was completely removed from kuu's body, Kana placed her hand over her labia. Kuu moaned a bit when Kana did this. Kana then started to rub her hand up and down over Kuu's sensitive area. This caused Kuu to moan a bit louder and start to tense. Kana stroked her index finger over the slit between Kuu's labia before entering her index and middle finger into the hole that is Kuu's vagina. This caused Kuu to reflexively arch her body into Kana's intruding fingers moaning.)

(Kana started pumping her fingers in and out slowly at first, causing Kuu to continue to moan. Although she sped up, Kana didn't go too much faster. Then Kana pulled her fingers out, causing Kuu to groan in protest.)

"Don't worry Kuu, I'm far from stopping." replied Kana patting Kuu on her soft labia.

"Just keep going..." states Kuu.

"Have some patience will ya?" giggled Kana as she moves her face down to the blondes crotch.

(Kana took a quick lick of Kuu's labia, making her jump as a quick burst of pleasure ran through her small body. Kana then started to lick Kuu's labia like one would ice cream. This first made Kuu gasp then the moaning soon followed. Kana did this for about 2 or 3 minutes before she stopped her action on Kuu again. This again caused Kuu to groan in frustration.)

"Why are you stopping again!?" asks Kuu frustrated.


(Kana gets up and removes her panties, she drops them on the floor next to her. Kana then picks Kuu up by her ankles slightly.)

"What are you doing?" asked Kuu.

(Kana giggled to herself as she put her right leg in-between Kuu's. There sexes mere inches away from each other. Kuu's body was almost completely vertical at this point. Kana pulled Kuu's legs up to get their labia's to meet. Both girls gasp at this new sensation. Kana starts to rock her hips, making Kuu and hers labia rub against each other. Kana and Kuu both, shudder from this. Kana pauses momentarily before resuming the rocking of her hips.)

"Ooh K-Kana! This feels i-incredible!" states Kuu.

"I k-know..." replies Kana gradually beginning to speed up her action. 'We should've done this a long time ago.' thinks Kana.

(Kana continued this for 5 minutes before it started to take its toll on her causing her to moan though her teeth, feeling her moment nearing. Kuu's shaking and moaning showed her moment was nearing also.)

"Ooh, K-Kana, I don't t-think I'll be able t-to, ah, hold it b-back much longer..." states Kuu as she feels her body tensing up, preparing for her orgasm.

"Me too Kuu, l-lets try to come t-together." suggests Kana starting to go faster.

"I-I'll t-try... replies Kuu.

(Kana continues to rub her and Kuu's pussy together. Kana and Kuu's body begins to tremble from pleasure. Kuu suddenly moans loudly.)

"I'm sorry, but I can't hold it back any longer..." groans Kuu as she feels her orgasm breaking through her hold.

"Its ok, I'm about to come t-too." states Kana.

(A moment later, Kana heard Kuu moan. She then felt a warm stickiness between her legs as she continued to rub their labia's together. It was obvious to Kana that the stickiness was Kuu's cum that had lightly coated their crotch. Kana heard Kuu moan again and felt a quick squirt of Kuu's cum enter her. Apparently, Kuu was in the perfect position that when she would squirt it would go directly into Kana's vagina. This almost caused Kana to come right then as she felt Kuu's cum squirt into her. Then sticky feeling between their legs was accompanied by a wet sticky sound as Kana continued to rub their wet labia's together. Then Kuu moaned loudly as her body stiffened up. A second later she comes hard. Kana stops the rubbing there crotch together as she feels Kuu's cum entering her quickly, filling her up inside. Kana moans loudly from this feeling. This quickly brings on Kana's own orgasm. Her cum meeting Kuu's in a splash from their meeting labia's. Kuu body is quickly covered in hers and Kana's cum after the initial splash from Kana and her cum meeting. Immediately after that, a river-like flow of the two's combined cum begins to flow down Kuu's stomach, to and over her breasts, before reaching her neck and the flow splits off into two as it falls to the floor.)

(Kuu continues to come into Kana, who starts to moan from pleasure from the feeling of Kuu's cum swirling within her before it leaves her body and flows down Kuu's body. As Kuu's orgasm finally dies out and the last of her cum flows out of Kana and down her body there is a large puddle of there combined cum on the floor. The puddle reaches up to and past Kuu's head, meaning that her blonde hair is soaked with cum, thanks to the earlier splash, and her wings were in the same condition.)

(Kana tiredly removes herself from in-between Kuu's legs, strings of there cum appearing from their separated sexes. Kana lowers Kuu's legs back to the floor before feeling some of Kuu's cum that was hiding out in her vagina begin to fall from her cum-covered labia to floor. Kana shudders from this and drops to her knees, as Kuu's cum slowly drains from her body. She looks back to Kuu to see that cum had oozed out of her vagina to the floor. Kana gets off her knees to sit on the floor, keeping her legs spread as the last bit of Kuu's cum now slowly leaves her body. A moment later, Kuu speaks...)

"Kana... Do you, love me?" asks Kuu."

(Kana looks at Kuu surprised.) "W-Where did that come from?"

"Just answer the question, please." states Kuu as she turns her head to the right.

(FYI- Kuu's laying parallel to Kana sitting. So Kana's sitting at Kuu's feet.)

(Kana looks to the floor between her legs as a sad look crosses her face.)

"Kuu, I... I'm sorry..." replies Kana.

(Kuu closes her eyes as tears fall from down her face.)

"I'm sorry Kuu but, I do love you, it's just... I'm not 'in love' with you." states Kana.

(Kuu opens her eyes at Kana's statement.)

"I understand if you're mad at me, it's just, I enjoyed what we did together. I just didn't want that to stop. I'm sorry." states Kana as tears brim her eyes.

"It doesn't have to stop, ya know." states Kuu.

(Kana looks at Kuu surprised.)


(Kuu then sits up, cum dripping from her hair to her shoulders.)

"To be honest, I felt the same way. While I do love you, I wasn't 'in love' with you ether, it was... just a sexual attraction." states Kuu blushing.

"Heh, so both of us just want sex." states Kana wiping the tears from her eyes.

"That's okay with you isn't it?" asks Kuu.

"Of, course! Heh, and I here I was thinking that today was going to be our last time." replies Kana breathing a sigh of relief.

"Me too, before you came into my room, I was thinking how should I go about telling you how I really felt. I was thinking that that was going to be our last time together also when you kissed me." states Kuu.

"Well since we both want the same thing, our last time won't be for a long time." replies Kana smiling.

"Heh, sex, sex, sex. I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship." states Kuu.

(Both Haibane's start giggling.)

End ^_^

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