Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 10)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 10

Title: Chapter 10- Romantic Interlude

[Author's notes: Rakka comes home to discover a surprise from Reki]

The Setting: Reki, Nemu, and Kana are in the guestroom. Reki's leaning her back on one of the walls. Nemu and Kana standing next to her.

"So, if I could have one uninterrupted night alone with her..." states Reki.

"Aww, that so romantic Reki." replies Nemu.

"More like shocking really." states Kana.

"What?!" replies Reki.

"Come on Reki, you don't necessarily look like the romantic type." States Kana.

"Kana! That's not a very nice thing to say." states Nemu.

"It sure isn't." states Reki a bit angrily.

"Whatever, I'll see you later." states Kana leaving the room.

"Just ignore her Reki." states Nemu.

"I bet she's just mad 'cause she didn't think of it." states Reki.

"Yeah, I'm sure that's it. Anyway, I'm sure Rakka will love what you have planned for her." states Nemu.

"I know she will." states Reki.

"Well, you better get going. You need to get to town and back before Rakka gets back." states Nemu.

"I'll just use my scooter, and I'll be there and back in no time." replies Reki.

(Reki goes into town and gets some flowers and a few candles. She heads back to Old Home with plenty of time to set everything up just the way she wants it. About 15 mins. Later, evening time by now, Rakka arrives back at Old Home from her job in the temple. She gets a nice surprise when she opens he door to her room.)

"Huh?" states Rakka to herself as she sees what seems to be a path of flower petals leading up to the bed in the light of the setting sun, shining through the window. Which except for the candle that on the small desk near the bed, is the only light source in the room.

"*Gasp* Did Reki do this?" asks Rakka to herself as she walks to the bed and noticing the candle.

(Rakka then notices something else, something else in the air that she couldn't help but smile at.)

"Heh, pancakes..."

Rakka jumped in surprise when her felt something pressing lightly on her wings. Causing a few loose feathers to fall from her wings when they were quickly extended from the surprise.

"You like it Rakka?" asks Reki from behind Rakka.

(Rakka quickly turns around to face Reki. Who, although missing the jacket she always wore, was completely clothed, in her black shirt and long skirt.)

"I love it Reki, but you didn't need to do this." states Rakka.

"I know, but I wanted too." replies Reki.

(Reki places her right hand on the side of Rakka's neck and glides her hand up to her cheek. Rakka places her left hand over Reki's lightly and looks into Reki's eyes lovingly. Reki does the same as she lowers her head to Rakka's and there lips meet in a soft kiss. Their lips part a few moments later.)

"Again, kiss me again Reki." states Rakka softly.

(Reki replies by slowly moving her lips to the younger girls. But Rakka quickly moves her face to get their lips to meet a second time. Reki smiles quickly at Rakka's eagerness before returning the kiss. Reki then feels Rakka's left arm around her waist, and her right hand on the back of her neck, under her long black hair. Pressing her lips into hers more firmly. The kiss ends a minute later.)

"Eager, aren't you?" states Reki.

(Rakka smiles as she blushes from arousal, looking up at Reki.)

"Well, it's been a few days since we've been able to make love." replies Rakka.

"That may be true, but you need to learn to control yourself better. We don't won't a repeat of what happened yesterday." states Reki.

(Rakka slowly looks down, blushing in embarrassment now.)

"Ya know, wearing underwear would have made that scene a lot less embarrassing for you." states Reki smiling.

"I know but..." replies Rakka.

"Heh, forget about it. Let's get this dress off." states Reki kneeling down for a moment to grip the bottom edge of Rakka's dress.

(Rakka loosens the collar of her dress to allow her to put her arms into her dress. Reki slides her dress up and over Rakka's head, then her wings are the last things on Rakka's body to be in contact with her dress. Rakka's yellow bra is the only piece of underwear she wears. Reki drops the dress to the floor behind Rakka. Reki then looks at the hairless area between Rakka's legs. Seeing a small glistening wetness there.)

"Come on Reki, make love to me." states Rakka pressing her body against Reki's.

"My goodness Rakka, we need to do something about your control." replies Reki gently pushing Rakka off her and smiling.

"I'm sorry Reki, but it's just that, I haven't even been pleasing myself these last few days." states Rakka blushing.

"Really? No wonder you can't wait." replies Reki undoing the front clasp of Rakka's bra, revealing her small breasts.

(Reki glides her right hand over Rakka's breasts quickly, barely touching her stiff, aroused nipples. But that was enough to make Rakka gasp quickly at the slight touch. Reki quickly begins to kiss Rakka lovingly. Who returns the kiss fully. Reki ends the kiss quickly and surprises Rakka by swiftly picking her up off the ground.)


"Don't worry, I'm not going to drop you Rakka." states Reki as she holds Rakka in her arms.

(Reki walks to the bed and gently places Rakka down on it. She then kisses Rakka once she's lying on the bed. Rakka placed her hands lightly on the sides of Reki's face, as she deepened the kiss. A moment later, the kiss ended. As it ended Reki placed her right hand in-between Rakka's breasts and slowly began to slide her hand south. Reki trails her hand over Rakka's stomach, causing her to moan softly at the touch. Reki continues south and hovers her hand mere centimeters above Rakka labia. Close enough to feel the rising heat of arousal from between Rakka's legs. Who rises her head to see why Reki's hand left her body, Rakka then rises her pelvis up in attempt to have Reki's hand touch her where she wants. Unfortunately for her, Reki quickly raised her hand to prevent what Rakka was trying to have happen.)

"Patience Rakka, I'll get there..." teases Reki as she lightly glides her right hand on Rakka's right leg.

"Ooh, come on Reki..." pleads Rakka as she squirms slightly.

"Just wait a bit longer and you'll get what you want..." replies Reki lightly running the tips of her fingers of her left hand over the skin of Rakka's stomach, in a circular motion.

(This caused Rakka to moan, as her skin had become extra sensitive to touch from Reki's teasing hands. Rakka was feeling incredible, Reki was touching her everywhere except where she wanted most. Reki circled her fingers around her breasts and it felt incredible, she trailed the tips of her fingers from her right ankle up her leg and it felt incredible. Everywhere Reki touched caused ripples of pleasure to wave through Rakka's squirming body. She then felt Reki's hands leave her body briefly, just as she was about to open her eyes, Rakka felt an incredible wave of pleasure as she felt something softer than Reki fingers glide over her body.)

(Rakka opened her eyes long enough to see that Reki held a grey feather in each hand. Doing what her hands were previously doing. Reki used the feather in her left hand to slowly run it down the middle of Rakka's chest to her belly button. This caused Rakka to gasp and moan long and slowly as a jolt of pleasure traveled through her body. Then Reki ran the feather in her right hand down Rakka's left inner thigh. Causing her to tense in pleasure moaning.)

(Reki continued to glide the feathers over Rakka's skin avoiding the obvious spots on her body for close to 3 minutes. By this time, Rakka was squirming more and more every second, she was unable stay still. Then Rakka's nipples, which were aching for attention, were finally given the soothing and extreme pleasure of one of the feathers as Reki slowly ran a feather over Rakka's right nipple. An action that made Rakka gasp loudly as she arched her chest up, almost coming then and there.)

"Ah! R-Reki p-please! I can't... t-take this any... more." staggers out Rakka moaning and squirming on the bed.

"How does it feel Rakka? Going to come and I haven't even touched you between your legs." states Reki.

(Rakka simply moans in reply. Reki then moves the right feather just above Rakka incredibly wet labia. She then begins to rub the feather over the area that Rakka would grow pubic hair on. This broke the limit on how much pleasure Rakka's body could take before overloading.)

(So, without any outside action to her labia or vagina, Rakka's body was finally given the release it was aching for. Rakka arched her body up high as she stiffened up and her most intense orgasm of her life jolted her body, moaning loudly. Her mind went blank of all forms of thought as she experienced her release. For the duration of her orgasm, Rakka was a shell of intense pleasure, totally oblivious to anything else but the pleasure. Then Rakka hit a meltdown level of pleasure as she felt herself ejaculate, and ejaculate hard she did as a narrow, forceful 4-second stream of clearish ejaculatory fluid left her urethra. Her body finally fell limply back to the bed as she squirts a second 3-second stream from her urethra. Causing her body to go into intense involuntary spasms. Reki watched as her little Haibane's body shook violently in pleasure.)

(The long-haired Haibane then wrapped her arms around Rakka in a hug and kissed her hard on the lips. Reki felt Rakka quivering in her arms. Reki held Rakka's shaking body until she seemed to calm herself. The brunette looked exhausted as her eyes were closed and her breathing came in quick short breaths, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Small currents of her orgasm trailed through her body, making her tremble some.)

(About 2 minutes later, Rakka finally came back from her orgasmic trip as her body relaxed totally, as if she passed out.)

"I take it that you enjoy that huh?" giggled Reki.

(A mumbled mess of words left Rakka's lips, proof of the girl's exhaustion.)

"Heh, I'll take that as a yes..." replied Reki as she brushed some hair from Rakka's face and then kissed her on the forehead.

End ^_^

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