Story: Haibane Renmai: Uncensored (chapter 1)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1- (Rakka\'s side) Abandoned Factory Kuu\'s Game Change

Setting: Old Home- Rakka’s room/Guestroom

Rakka’s in her room with Reki whose sitting at the table drinking some tea and relaxing when Rakka asks a question.

"Hey Reki, can I ask you something?" asks Rakka.

"Huh? Oh, uh sure what’s up?" replies Reki.

"Can you take me to Abandoned Factory?"

"You want to go to Abandoned Factory? Why?"

"Well, I heard the others talking about it and I thought it would be nice to go there, beside I’m around you guys too much. I’d like to meet other Haibane too." smiles Rakka.

"Oh, I see, but..."

Reki breaks eye contact with Rakka

"...I can’t take you."

"Why? What’s wrong?" replies Rakka looking worried.

"It’s nothing you should worry yourself over. Why don’t you ask Nemu, I’m sure she’d be happy to take you."

"Well, OK, see you later."

Rakka leaves to go to the library to ask Nemu.

"Hi there Rakka, did you come to help again?" asks Nemu happy to see her friend.

"Oh no, I just can to ask you something." replies Rakka.

"Oh? What is it?" asks Nemu.

"I was wondering if you could take me to Abandoned Factory."

"I’m sorry, but I’ve got to work late today, why don’t you ask Re-umm... Kuu, yea I’m sure Kuu would love to take you."

"Oh, I see, well see you later then." states Rakka as she leaves.

On her way to Old Home Rakka meets Kuu on the road.

"Hi Rakka! Your going back to Old Home?" asks Kuu.

"Yea I was going there to ask you something." states Rakka.

"Really! What?" asks Kuu.

"I asked Reki and Nemu if they could take me to Abandoned Factory, Nemu had to work late and Reki just said No, Nemu said you’d take me though."

"Sure I’ll take you, I have to right past there anyway."

"Great! Thank you!" states Rakka happily.

"No problem, what are seniors for?"

So Kuu leads Rakka to the bridge to AF

"There should have been a sign here." states Rakka.

"Huh? What’cha mean?" asks Kuu.

"I was on this bridge a few days ago enjoying the view."

Kuu laughed and walked off leaving her friend on the bridge.

"Abandoned Factory is right down the road, ya can’t miss it." replies Kuu.

"Ok, thanks a lot for taking me here." calls Rakka.

Rakka makes her why to the Factory, and is surprised at the size of it.

"Wow! This place is huge! It sure doesn’t look abandoned, that's for sure."

While Rakka was looking at the building he doesn't notice a female figure walking slowly toward her, as if sneaking.

"Ya know, you really shouldn’t stare at other peoples home like that." states the unknown pig-tailed Haibane girl about a yard away, which startles Rakka causing her to stumble back and trip-falling right on her backside.

"Owww! That hurt!" complains Rakka getting up rubbing her butt. "You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that!"

"He-he, sorry it looked too inviting. I didn’t mean for you to fall though, that must've really hurt. For some reason, the rocks on the ground here are really sharp." states the girl.

"Yea I think I figured that out."

"I wouldn’t be surprised if your bleeding."

"What! Bleeding! I can't have my butt bleeding, I don't we-... um." Rakka stops herself.

"Don't what?" asks the girl guessing the answer in her head.

"Umm..." is all Rakka manages to say before her face gets red.

"Ya know, your cute when you blush."

(At that remark, Rakka giggles a little before turning her body to the side slightly, but it was enough for the other girl to see a small red stain on the back lower portion of her dress.)

"Um, don't panic but your butt does seem to be bleeding." states the unknown girl.

"Huh!?" says Rakka as she looks to confirm what to girl said and sure enough there was a red spot on the backside of her dress. "Oh no, this can't be happening!" says Rakka beginning to panic.

"Relax, I said don't panic. My name is Midori, I got some stuff to help you in my room in Abandoned Factory, come on." states Midori.

Midori leads Rakka to her room and tells her to take off her dress while she goes to get a towel. When she returns she sees Rakka still in her dress.

"What are you still dong in that dress? Take it off so I can wash it." states Midori.

"Well, it's just..."

Rakka starts to blush.

"I...Uh...don't w-Wear underwear?" Midori says finishing Rakka's sentence.

Rakka looks to the floor while her blush spreads on her face.


Rakka then sighs deeply.

"Did I make it that obvious?"

"Heh, yea when you suddenly stop yourself. Listen, it doesn’t bother me if don't have underwear on you just need to get that dress off so I can wash it." states Midori.

".... OK, but can you look the other way?" asks Rakka.

Midori sighs heavily, but a moment later gets an idea. She goes too her door and locks it then returns to Rakka and begins to undress.

"W-What are you doing?!" Asks Rakka surprised at Midori's action.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm undressing."

"But.... why? States Rakka, it was clear that Midori's action was
affecting her.

"Well, if I don't have any clothes on it should make it easier for you to take your dress off. Besides, I don't have a problem being naked in front of another girl." states Midori.

"But I don't see how..." trails Rakka as she gets a familiar feeling.

A few moments later Midori poses her nude form in front of Rakka whose now blushing for a different reason.

", feel any different?" asks Midori.

'Yea, but probably not the way you think.' Thinks Rakka.

"Hey! Earth to Rakka, come in!" -giggle- "Hey I know I know I look good but it's rude to stare." states Midori as a slight blush appears on her cheeks.

"Huh! Oh I'm sorry." states Rakka.

(Midori notices a small puddle of liquid between Rakka's feet)

"Hey what's this?" states Midori as she squats down and puts her finger in the liquid and smells it. "I Know that smell..." states Midori to herself.

(Midori looks at Rakka where more drops seemed to have "followed" her, Midori realizes what’s happened and a deep blush appears and her cheeks.)

"Aww, how sweet!" states Midori.

"W-What are you talking about?" Asks Rakka not really wanting an answer.

"Come on now, are you trying to say... (Midori pins Rakka's right foot down with her left hand and quickly but gently uses her right to go under Rakka’s dress and rubs the smooth, wet area between Rakka's leg's, making her gasp loudly and stiffen) ...that this... (Midori removes both her hands from Rakka and rises back to her feet, and shows Rakka her fingers) ...isn't coming from you?" asks Midori.

With a slight blush, Rakka regains her composer enough to put her right hand on Midori's left shoulder, and with her voice shaking a bit spoke in the pig-tailed girl’s right ear.

"C-can th-that again?" asked Rakka.

"So she likes!" exclaims Midori happily. "If you want a second and better helping you’re going to have to take that dress off."

Rakka hurriedly attempts to take off her dress but has a bit of trouble getting her wings out, but with a little "rubbing encouragement" from Midori Rakka was out of the dress, and tossed it to the side, while getting Rakka's dress off was her plan, Midori didn’t want to just leave Rakka in the state she was so....

"There doesn’t that feel better?" asks Midori.

"Yes, much."

Midori starts rubbing her back near the base of her wings when suddenly Rakka starts laughing.

"S-stop that! It t-tickles!" states Rakka laughing.

"You too huh?" asked Midori.

"What? Your ticklish there too?"

"Heh, most Haibane are sensitive by the base of there wings. Some feel a ticklish sensation, some feel a pleasurable one, but I’ve also learned about a month ago that some peel a sharp pain." Explains Midori.

"Really? Which of the three are you?" asks Rakka with a grin.

"Heh, wouldn’t you like to know!" states Midori smiling. "...But enough talking, where were we?"

"Well, you were rubbing my back when I started laughing."

"Well it looks like I’ll just have to avoid touching that part of your back. I can’t have you laughing while your moaning my name can I?"

Rakka giggles lightly at Midori’s statement as she lends and lays Rakka on her bed, and doesn’t notice there isn’t a drop of blood on her bed from Rakka’s 'injured' behind. Midori begins to message Rakka’s breasts but she stops her.

"No Midori." says Rakka.

"Huh? What’s wrong doesn’t it feel good?"

"Yes, it does, but I was hoping that you would…uh…touch me again?" states Rakka with a slight blush.

Midori smiles at this.

"Of course, I understand." Replies Midori as she lowers herself between Rakka’s legs and gazes at her young hairless womanhood.

Midori begins by using her pointer, middle, and ring finger to rub Rakka’s spot from her clit downwards and then back up. Rakka shudders from this action which Midori repeats three more times before using her tongue to lick the juices coming from Rakka, an action that almost sends her over the edge as she quietly moans Midori’s name, which puts a smile on her face.

"Wow, your quite sensitive aren’t you?" asks Midori.

"Y-yes, I am. It never feels the same when I use my fingers, so I have someone else- Really? Someone else? So you're not new at this?" Asks Midori cutting Rakka off.

Midori doesn’t give Rakka a chance to reply as she sticks four fingers in her and starts to move them one after another in a rhythm.

Midori’s action sends Rakka over the edge as her orgasm hits, splashing Midori in her cum. Her eyes are tightly closed with her mouth open as if trying to scream but nothing but a few gasps come out. As for Midori’s hand, well even if she wanted to she wouldn’t be able too get it out. While Rakka is writhing in pleasure continues to move her finger until she hits something like a wall and instantly realizes what she’s run into. As Rakka comes down from her pleasure cloud Midori pulls her hand out completely drenched in Rakka’s cum. She licks the sweet juice from her hand and upon finishing, speaks into Rakka’s ear.

"Rakka I see that you haven’t broken It."

"Broken what?" asks Rakka.

Midori smiles and gently rubs the right side of Rakka’s face with her left hand.

"Rakka, this might hurt a little."

"Huh! W-what are you talking about!" states Rakka starting to panic.

"Don’t worry it will be over before you know it trust me." Says Midori
trying to calm Rakka.

"Well, OK..."

With that Midori begin to give Rakka a deep kiss as she begins to caress her right hand down Rakka’s body to her wet sex. She slips her hand in as far as it will go before hitting the expected wall, Midori ends there kiss as she focus’ on Rakka’s left breast with her mouth, licking and sucking on her hardened nipples, while pumping her hand in and out of Rakka before forcefully jabbing her hand in braking the wall causing Rakka to stiffen from the sudden pain. As Midori removed her hand Rakka placed both of her hands to her crotch and rubbed the lingering pain away.

"Oww! That hurt!"

"Sorry, but now all you’ll feel is a better pleasure than before." States Midori as she smiles reassuringly.

Rakka moans softly at Midori’s statement as she stops rubbing and looks at her hand and is shocked at what she sees.

"Huh! I’m bleeding?! What the heck do you do to me!" States Rakka beginning to panic.

"Relax, all I did was break your hymen."

"My what! That sounds important!"

"It’s not really, it’s like a thin wall that’s inside you. Trust me it’s not that important." states Midori.

"Hmm, well, I’m done for now, I have to get back to Old Home before it gets to late." Replies Rakka.

"Really? Have you forgot the reason our in my room?" Asks Midori as she gets off the bed and examines Rakka’s dress.

"Oh yeah."

Midori looks at the dried 'blood'.

"Hey! This dried stuff isn’t blood, it’s..."

Rakka suddenly remembers what she put in her back pocket.

"Ketchup!" states Midori removing a busted pack of ketchup.

"Heh, I must have put that there by accident." States Rakka smiling embarrassingly.

"By accident? How do you PUT some ketchup in your pocket by accident?" asks Midori. "Well, it looks like you’ll be spending the night."


Meanwhile back at Old Home- in the guestroom

"Have you two seen Rakka lately?" asks Reki to Hikari and Nemu.

"Now that you mention it I haven’t seen her since this morning. I hope she’s OK." Replies Hikari.

"Well, she came by the library today and asked me to take her to Abandoned Factory, but I couldn’t since I had to work late, so I told her to ask Kuu.” Replies Nemu.

"Where’s Kuu now?" Asks Reki.

"She’s in her room with Kana." Replies Hikari.

"OK, I’ll go there." Replies Reki leaving.

"Kana and Kuu have been hanging around each other a lot lately, I wonder what’s up." States Nemu.

Hikari then blushes as she attempts to look puzzled like Nemu.


Reki knocks on Kuu's door

"Kuu you there?" asks Reki through the door.

"Um, yea hold on a minute." answers Kuu.

Reki could here Kuu say something else.

"Hey, cut it out! Reki's right outside!"

Reki waited a moment before attempting to open the door when Kana opened the door to leave Kuu's Room.

"Hey Reki." greets Kana.

"She's all yours!"

"Huh?" replies Reki raising an eyebrow.

Kana laughs and walks off.

-sighs- "Whatever." says Reki to herself as she walks into Kuu's room.

Kuu's laying on her bed in a long shirt she's using as PJ's looking quite relaxed.

"So, what do you want?" asks Kuu.

"Well I wanted to know have you seen Rakka." states Reki.

"Rakka? Yea, I've seen her. I took her to Abandoned Factory and she's been there as far as I know." replies Kuu.

"Oh, OK, well that eases my worry some." states Reki as she notices a smell, which seemed to get stronger as she went closer to Kuu. The smell prompted Reki to ask another question. "Kuu, what were you and Kana doing in here?"

"I could tell you but I'd much rather like to show you." replies Kuu as she sits up on her bed with her legs crossed.

"Huh? Show me?"

"Yea, it'll be fun! Come on sit on the bed and close your eyes." states Kuu.

Reluctantly, Reki complied and sat down on her bed and closed her eyes.

"Reki, I'm going to take your right hand and have you touch something
and I want you to guess what it is OK?" states Kuu.

"Huh? What does this have to do with me wanting to know what you to were doing?" asks Reki as she opens her eyes.

"Awww, come on, you'll like it!" pleads Kuu

"I'll like it? What's take supposed to mean?"


Reki sighs heavily before replying.

"OK fine. But I better like it."

Just before Reki Re-closes her eyes she notices something on Kuu's forehead.

"What a minute." states Reki as she gets up and moves the small blonde bangs from Kuu's forehead. "Whoa! What happened to your head!"

"Nothing, I just got hit by an opening door, but it doesn't hurt that much any more." states Kuu rubbing her head lightly. "But never mind about me, get back on the bed."

Reki re-closed her eyes as Kuu picked up her right hand and place it on the first thing to be described. It was long, straight and had a slight dampness to it, but Reki immediately knew what she was touching and quickly became annoyed.

"Kuu I'm not stupid that your hair."

"Heh, I wanted to give you a freebie, but I'll be for real now." replies Kuu.

After her statement Kuu and some rustling sound Reki couldn't quite make out and after a few seconds Kuu picked up Reki's hand again and placed it on something soft.

"What's that? It's kinda flat except for a bump, and smooth."

Reki begins to rub her pointer and middle finger up and down and feels a hard bar-like object under the unknown object she was feeling. Reki suddenly gets an idea what she may be touching and asks Kuu a question.

"Kuu would you mind if I use my other hand?" asks Reki.

"By all means do." replies Kuu.

Kuu's response adds some validity to what Reki's thinking she's feeling as she uses her other hand to confirm what she feeling as she feels the same thing and hears Kuu let out a low moan. Reki opens her eyes at this and sees Kuu stark naked in front of her.

"W-what the!" exclaims Reki.

"I'm going to show you what me and Kana were doing!" exclaims Kuu as she tackles Reki to the bed. Then she notices Reki grinning from below her.


-Next Day - Abandoned Factory - Midori's room-

Midori returns to her room after washing Rakka's dress to see her not on the bed, so she checks the bathroom to see Rakka looking frustrated, brushing her hair, then sees her hair quickly pop up after she brushes once, as if here hair was attracted to her halo. Midori busts out laughing at the sight.

"Huh? Hey, don't laugh! This isn't funny!" states a frustrated Rakka.

-Giggling- "Yes it is! What's -up- with your hair?" asks Midori as she laughs at her little joke.

"Nothing, it's this stupid halo, Hikari cooked a pancake in the halo mold before making my halo." explains Rakka.

"Really? Well, your dress is clean but it's still a bit damp, so you came wear some of my clothes until it's dry." states Midori.

Rakka gets a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

"These pants are too tight, they make my butt stand out." complains Rakka.

"They're made like that, besides I don't have any extra belts and those pants are the only ones here that you can fit. Besides you have a cute butt anyway why not show it." states Midori as she rubs her behind through the jeans.

"Not now, I have to get back to Old Home, Reki and the others must be worried about wear I am." replies Rakka.

"Fine, but I'm going with you."

Rakka and Midori leave Abandoned Factory and meet Nemu on her way to her job at the library.

"Hey Midori, Rakka, What happen to your dress?" asks Nemu.

"Oh, uh, it got dirty and Midori washed it for me. She let me borrow some of her clothes, but I don't really like the pants, there too tight." replies Rakka.

"Well from the looks of them there made like that." replies Nemu.

"I told her the same thing before we left. Besides doesn't she look cute?" states Midori as she hugs Rakka from behind, causing Rakka to blush and Nemu to raise an eyebrow a moment at Midori's action.

"Heh, yea she does. I have to get going, see you later." replies Nemu as she walks off to the library.

"O-oh, OK, see you later." replies Rakka with Midori still around her.

"Um, you can let go now." states Rakka.

"I don't wanna!" giggles Midori.

"How are we going to get to Old Home with you around me?"

"I don't see what's stopping you."

"You can't be serious! You want me to walk while you have your arms
around me?!"

"Don't worry, I'll let go while we walk."

-Sighs deeply- "All right." states Rakka as she begins to walk with Midori.

After a few minutes and a couple stares Midori eventually lets go of Rakka whose face is a deep red. They reach Old Home and proceed into Rakka's room.

"Whoa! This room is huge! Is this really your room?" asks Midori.

"Well it's actually a guestroom but I'm using it as my room, but I'm going to look for a smaller one soon though." replies Rakka.

"Are you crazy! This is THE room! I wouldn't trade this for anything, it's got a kitchen and a balcony. Why in the world would you want a smaller one?"

"Well, it's because it's so big. I don't need all this room." replies Rakka as she stretches out her arms.

"Well it's your loss." states Midori with a smirk.

"Anyway why don't you go make some tea or something while I go talk to Reki." asks Rakka.

"Why don't you stay and we can make a 'special tea'." asks Midori as she moves behind Rakka and cups her right hand on the crotch of Rakka's jeans.

"B-but I should real-Ah!"

Rakka feels Midori starting to rub the jeans against the sensitive skin between her legs.

"Really tell Reki that I'm, Ah, OK... S-she must b-be w-w-worried." Rakka staggers out as she tenses up and Midori feels a slight vibration from Rakka's crotch.

'Did She just come?' Thinks Midori as Rakka momentarily goes limp in Midori's hold. "Rakka is that the reason you don't were underwear?" asks Midori with a grin.

Rakka doesn't respond.

"Hey!" states Midori as she rubs her hand against Rakka's crotch more forcefully than before, forcing a response from her.

"Yes! Yes It is." response Rakka quickly.

Midori gently rubs Rakka again and removes her hand and looks at it.

"Man, you've soaked those jeans didn't you? Some of your cum has seeped through the fabric and onto my hand." states Midori as she likes some off her finger. "Mmmm, you taste good. Here, why don't you have some?" states Midori as she offers her hand to Rakka, who just looks at her hand. "Come on, you like it." states Midori as she waves her hand in front of Rakka, who still just looks, then Midori gets an idea. "I get it, you want it fresh from the source don't you? Well, I'm sure you're just dying to get those pants off." states Midori as she kneels down in front of her.

Midori unbuttons and pulls down the jeans and Rakka shudders from the air hitting her wet crotch.

"Whoa, your totally soaked! It's running down the inside of your legs." States Midori.

Midori cups the area between her legs and stands straight up again with her hand still on Rakka, then inserts her middle and ring fingers into her slightly as she slowly removes her hands, making Rakka moan slightly. Midori's hand is now covered in much more cum than it was previously, and she once again offers her hand in front of Rakka's face. Rakka hesitates before slowly licking Midori's hand, then Rakka lightly grabs Midori's wrist as she continues to lick while she closes her eyes.

"See, it's good isn't it?" asks Midori.

"Yes it is." replies Rakka as she opens her eyes and Midori sees something not quite right with them, they seem to be glazed over, but not all the way.

Rakka finishes with Midori's hand.

"Let's go to the bed." states Rakka.

"Gladly let me just take these clothes off." replies Midori as she begins to removes her clothes while Rakka watches.

"Lay down." orders Rakka.

"What's with the voice?" asks Midori with a smirk.

"Don't worry about it. You've been making Rakka feel good all last night without letting her return the favor, so now she will." replies Rakka.

Midori's puzzled at why Rakka is speaking in the third person but quickly dismisses the thought from her mind.

"Well I want stop you then." replies Midori as she lay back on her back.

Rakka climbs over Midori and begins to give her a deep kiss and Midori
starts playing with her breasts through Rakka's shirt causing her to stop and remove Midori's hands.

"Rakka's giving you pleasure right now, don't worry about me, you just sit back and enjoy."

"But-Just keep your hands to yourself OK?" says Rakka cutting Midori off.


Rakka kisses Midori before moving downward to her neck as she begins to lick and suck the area.

"Mmmmm, that feels good." states Midori.

Rakka doesn't reply as she continues south to her collarbone and begins to place light kisses along the length of it then repeats the action with her tongue and using her right hand to gently caress the other one.

"Your going so slow, but it feels so good! If you keep this up I might come before you even get to your destination." replies Midori.

Midori's statement causes a smile to cross Rakka's face, before continuing downward to her right breast, sucking on it while using her right hand to play with the other one.

"Ohhh, this is great! How did you get this good?" asks Midori as she gets that familiar feeling in her stomach.

"Reki." is all Rakka responds with, as she moves down to her stomach.

Rakka kisses her stomach once before using her tongue to lick various areas of her belly, while using her right hand to caress her left thigh as she fondles her right breast with the other hand.

"Reki? You mean you two are...."

Midori's cut off as her orgasm robs her of her speech and movement as her body locks up. Rakka hungrily licks at Midori's cum flowing slit, causing her orgasm to increase in intensity. Though all the great feeling that where coursing through hr body Midori was a little surprised when se felt another orgasm quickly building trough the one she was currently experiencing.


-Up in Reki's room-

Reki is laying down on her bed -the top bunk- thinking about last night with Kuu when she suddenly hears a loud scream from downstairs.

"What the hell! That sounded like it come from Rakka's room." States Reki as she hops off her bed and rushes downstairs.


-Back in Rakka's room-

"It would seem it was to much for you. But your body seems to be going strong." states Rakka to Midori whose passed out with cum still coming from her.

Rakka begins to lap at her slit.

"Mmmm, you taste much better than Rakka does." states Rakka as she continues.

Reki then bursts into the room.

"What's going on?" What happened down here? huh?"

Reki notices Rakka sitting on her bed)

"Rakka? What are you..."

Reki notices someone's leg to the left and right of where Rakka's sitting.

"Oh my!" says Reki as she walks to the side of the bed and is somewhat shocked to see Midori unconscious on the bed.

"Oh hi, Reki." greets Rakka.

"Rakka your completely soaked."

Reki begins to smile.

"You were out just like that our first time together, remember?" asks Reki.

"Yep, Rakka remembers." replies Rakka.

Reki laughs once at Rakka's reply before speaking.

"Mind if I join you guys? She should be coming around in a bit." asks Reki.

"Not at all! Rakka would love it you joined, be it's Rakka's turn now."

End of
Abandoned Factory
Kuu's Game



This occurs when Rakka and Midori are on their way to Old Home after talking to Nemu.

As the two walk out of the town Rakka notices Kuu in an ally-way to her left, squatting down and waving at something.

"Hey, Midori, wait here for a minute ok?" asks Rakka.

"Ok, make it quick though." replies Midori.

Rakka walks to Kuu who now stands up straight upon seeing Rakka.

"Hey Kuu, what are you doing over here?" asks Rakka.

"Just saying Good-bye." replies the small blonde.

"Saying good-bye?" repeats Rakka puzzled.

Kuu simply runs past Rakka after this out of the ally-way.


If you've seen the anime, then you can see why this scene was deleted from my fic. This fic does take place in that time-frame but I decided that this scene never happened. Mind you, I had a story planned out including Kuu's 'special event' but it would have been too close to the story so I scraped the whole plan.

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