Story: Rules for Snowball Fighting (chapter 1)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Following the trail of footprints in the snow, Raven shivered a little. She wasn't exactly fond of the snow, okay, she wasn't fond of a lot of things, but still she followed the footprints. Pausing for a moment, she set her foot into one of the prints, noting her foot was maybe half an inch smaller than it.

Up ahead, giggling made her look up to see Starfire building an oddly shaped snowman. She thought about asking what it was supposed to be, but the answer probably involved the Tamaranean's home planet, and it would more than likely weird her out. So instead she stood still and watched until the cold made her teeth clatter so hard that Raven began to worry she might break something. How the hell did the jubilant redhead manage to run around in the snow dressed in nearly nothing, and a scarf, was beyond her comprehension.

Raven pretended not to notice that despite Starfire's obliviousness to the cold, her body still seem to respond to it - goosebumps trailed up her thighs and her nipples stood pert beneath a purple top. It was nice to be able to enjoy these sights without losing her cool like most normal people would.


Raven blinked and gasped as a lump of snow made contact with her chin and neck, small clumps breaking off to slide past the neckline of her leotard. The redhead giggled loudly where she stood beside her incomplete -- or was it complete? -- snow... sculpture. Embarrassed to realize that she had been so far gone in her ogling, Raven had allowed herself to become the perfect target for a playful, alien teen and her ability to make snowballs. Raven wondered absently whom had taught her that.

"I believe it is customary for Earth friends to lob small balls of snow at each other, is it not?" Starfire asked, packing another snowball in her hands.

"I suppose you can say that..."

Raven hesitated as her teammate lifted her arm to pelt her again. "But there's some rules to follow!" she quickly added, lifting her arms to protect herself.

"Such as?"

Thankful to have made Starfire pause, Raven released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Assessing her options, Raven couldn't resist the fact that this was a chance for her to have a little fun, and get a little revenge. Crossing over to Starfire, she plucked the snowball from her hand and examined it. It was perfectly round and packed very tightly, in other words, it would've hurt nicely had it hit her. The first snowball must've been a hurried practice throw, one to test the waters - this one was meant for war.

"Rule one: Try not to aim for the face. People tend to hate getting snow in their eyes, ears, and mouth. Especially in their ears."

Dropping the snowball onto the ground, Raven frowned. "Rule two: Don't pack your snowballs with hard objects, such as ice or rocks. Also, try not to pack them so tight you could give a person a concussion. This mainly applies to you, Starfire, and your strength."

"Got it," Starfire promised, nodding her head.

"Rule three: Don't aim at cars. At least not at moving car windowshields as it can mess up someone as they're driving, and you're a superhero. Superheroes with super strength don't cause car accidents if they can avoid them."

Scooping up some snow in her hands, Raven packed a small snowball and circled around Starfire. Pausing just behind her, she pressed her body close to the taller teen and whispered the final rule into her ear.

"Final rule, Kory. Rule four: If you get snow down someone's shirt, know that revenge is imminent and will happen at all costs."

Starfire gasped as Raven slipped the snowball in her hands down the redhead's top. It would've been enough to just leave it at that, but Raven couldn't resist a stray urge to make sure the snow melted over those still pert nipples. To her surprise, Starfire didn't try to get away from her groping hands, instead leaning into them, and when the snow was firmly pressed against her nipples, Starfire indeed shivered against the cold, and moaned.

Raven wasn't certain what she had started, but she doubted they would ever have normal snowball fights from that moment on.

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