Story: SEKI (chapter 1)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Warning: Rated M


It was not a pleasant evening. The moon was hiding from the dark clouds above, the wind blows just enough to give you a chill that penetrates your bone, the sound of the tall bamboos surrounding the darkened forest would bring fear to anyone that has not been used to the darkness and the sound.

For the untrained eye, the path to take in this forest is nothing but dirty ground, but for a warrior, this path had been bathed by blood for years...perhaps for centuries.

"You must be lost," I heard him speak and I stopped walking. I close my eyes and imagined in my head his position...what he is carrying...what is his intention. "A beautiful lady like you shouldn't be walking around at night un-escorted." He was still hidden from my view but my sense had already pinpointed his location.

I smirked, I believe it was accompanied by that glassy look in my eyes, the same expression that befalls my face in time of war, when my body crave for blood. I did not reply and continued my journey, taking the path towards the exit of the forest.

"The Matsudaira's would be very displease if you continue," he said once again this time revealing himself to me who has my back to him. "I cannot let you pass Fujino."

I stopped once again and then turned around to face him. His dark brown eyes met my now darkened crimson colored ones, "And what will you do Masashi...kun," I bend my head on the side as I wait for his answer, "Are you still a puppet to the Matsudaira? The Tokugawas are defeated, we are in a new era, we are not needed here."

I watch Masashi narrow his eyes, "Don't insult me Fujino. I have sworn my loyalty to the Matsudaira just like you and no new era would change that. If I have to add your blood in this path to get you back, I will."

My smile was manic so to say, I could smell fear in him, from his eyes to his toes. The twitch of his muscles as he stood there before me. I relaxed my body and took on my warrior stance as he did. My right hand automatically went to the saya, pushing it a little from behind so that the tsuka lies perpendicular to my mid-waist. My right thumb calmly placed at the fuchi, ready any moment to flip it off the saya when needed. My left arm was kept to my side, relaxed yet ready to pull the blade from it's hiding place.

"We do not have to resort to this Fujino. The Matsudaira's are benevolent and they like you, I'm sure this treachery will be forgotten if you will just go back with me." he said without taking his eyes off my face. I smiled at him darkly.

"Begging me to come back Masashi-kun?" My smile turned to a grin, "Afraid of dying tonight?"

The fear evaporated replaced by disgust and anger. It is common to us rounins, we have dignity and honor to protect and to say that we are afraid to die is like a slap to our face. And that a woman to actually humiliate him is unforgivable. I watched him, his bearing changed, his leg stance widened and his weight now shifted to his left foot. His left toe slightly digging to the ground; his right arm was poised to pull his sword from its saya. His eyes were blazing with anger from the disgrace he suffered from me.

I am not a cold blooded murderer...I am a warrior.

Masashi will make a move not to subdue but to kill me, and as a warrior it is not to be. Without the usual changing of stance, i put my weight on my right leg, my left leg drawn up a bit and my left foot stretched out so that my left toe is now touching the ground in a 90 degree angle. I narrowed my eyes when Masashi made a move: he pulled his sword out of its hiding place and took the first step. I tap my left toe thrice on the ground, and the "monster" they called that reside within me awakened. In a blink of an eye, my sword was pulled out from its saya and using my left foot as the starter, I made my way towards Masashi in what others perceived as blinding speed.

Masashi was trained as one of the rounin to serve as a Seki to the Matsudaira...just like me. But where he stopped to improved, I continued to gather knowledge to gather more skills.

He made the first move by making a slashing motion, too predictable as he aimed at once for my head. I did not met his sword, instead using my advantage in speed I moved around him and I ended up on his right and be the first to draw blood. He didn't backed out instead he changed his position to once again try to slice me, this time aiming for my back. I admit that out of all the rounins in the Matsudaira's Seki rouster, Masashi is one of the best, but his anger had clouded his judgment...and he forgot one thing tonight in this fight.

He is facing no other than me.

I'm getting tired of dodging and slicing him bit by bit. The "monster" in me is pleading for more blood but I am just cruel like that, I didn't give it to her...I didn't until I myself crave for it as well.

And he made one big mistake, he took his eyes off me.

One final cry from within me and Masashi found my sword embedded into him, his soul slowly drifting away from his mortal body. His body fell forward to me, as my left shoulder supported it, he was getting heavier by the second and I will fall with him on the ground if I don't release him. I pulled my sword out fast and let him fall. I took the white band on his forehead and used it to wipe my sword off of his blood before I return it to its saya. I looked at Masashi's lifeless body before turning around and continue to walk towards my freedom.


I have no idea about fighting cause I don't have knowledge about it. It's thanks to Samurai X which I watched for the nth time during my life, I just imagine what they do in the anime and well...there's research put into this! Ahahaha.


[End notes:

Seki - from research is what they call the "guards" or body guards

Rounin - lordless samurai, warrior

Saya - sword sheath

tsuka - part of the samurai you hold

Fuchi - the round metal between tsuka and the blade 


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