Story: Lord Conqueror (chapter 8)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 8

I am supposed to update my Xena fanfic: Timeless Youth, but there is this one scene for MLQ that won't get out of my head, so I wanted to get to it and be done with it. ~sigh~ (Oh yeah and the nice reviews made me update too! Arigatou!)


VIII. The Fates are on the move!

I can't put into words the feeling I have for my new queen. In my entire existence, never has one saved me the way The Lord did. I speak the truth… not even Queen Fumi has done so much to save me. She reared me, she taught me how to read, write and fight, but she had never denounced herself and her ethics just to rescue me. She didn't… or should I say couldn't turn her world upside down for a slave girl, close or not.

The woman who everyone has termed The Warrior, The Beast, The Vanquisher, The Paladin… the woman who was almost 'god' to all of Ethica, turned her world without second thought to keep me alive.

I who is but a slave… what could I give in return?

And then Crimson meets Emerald…

"My…Lor…," I tried to look down for it was inappropriate for me to eye my master, but she stepped closer to the bed, sat on my side and kept her eyes on me.

"Don't look down, let me see you… please?" Queen Natsuki begging me?

"My Lord there is no need…" she put one finger across my lips.

"Shh," she smiled. I could see her glazy eyes… what happened to her? "I just want to see for myself that you are indeed fine now."

I nodded my head, "I am my Lord," I tried to sit. I can't just lie down here when my master is in the room, but The Lord has caught my aware again. She held both my shoulders with her hands and stopped me from moving.

"Rest Shizuru…," I return to lying, I felt weak but hearing The Lord say my name the way she did now further my weakened body. It feels like I've actually melted.

Can anyone really do that? Or was this another one of The Lord's many skills (1)?

I wanted to see more of her Emerald eyes. I've seen many men and women sharing the same eye color but no one has carried the color as magnanimous as her. I could feel the rapid beating of my heart, I know for sure that it wasn't because I am afraid of The Queen of the Dominant Realm… I don't think I will be afraid of her ever again, after all she is my true salvation. If she ask me for my life here and now, I wouldn't give a second thought, and I'll give it to her.

I closed my eyes for they suddenly were tired, I can't help it despite my Lord's request.

My acceptance of my fate, my thought of total surrender to another person without it being asked… these brought my eyes to water, leaking out and wetting my cheeks. My breath hitched when one callous thumb traced them, and that same thumb wiped my tears away, "Worry not Shizuru, you will always be safe here."(2)

I believe you my lord,

My thought before I let my body succumbed to a much needed sleep.


[8 days, 7 moons passed, Main Campsite]

It has never occurred to me to ask whose tent was I sleeping in. In my entire time of healing, it didn't register to me that it was odd that none of the other injured were here to rest. I know I wasn't in a medic hut, as Irina had told me the first time I came to in this place, but still, I should be sharing the tent with another soul.

It also didn't occur to me that the only people who visit me were the army's Generals, The Lord, Irina with her teacher Dr. Sagisawa, and one nice lady by the name of Yukariko. Granted, it was them who had taken me from Fuuka, shouldn't there be other servants who should come here and make acquaintance? I am one of them after all.

I've gotten my answer in this morning of my eight day, when Irina, who became my very first friend visited me, bringing with her my very first solid food after my accident.

I was slowly nursing my soup and bread which Irina said was made by the Palace's master cook, and the Queen's personal friend when the oddity came to. "Anou…," I kept my eyes on the steaming food, "I was just wondering…,"

"About what?" she asked in her usual lively voice. She seemed like a woman who had stored a lot of extra energy that she could actually keep everyone up and on their toes with it.

"Well," I took a deep breath and timidly looked at her. Despite her admonishing me about this eye contact, I still can't find the courage to do it so openly. "…for one, as you mentioned, this isn't the medic hut so why am I here and…" another deep breath, "…where is here?"

She grinned at me, "Let me answer your first question first, you're not in the medic hut because someone from high up there," she motioned a finger pointing on the ceiling, "…asked that you be put here, and I say, she asked, she didn't make a request." I nodded my head in understanding, "As for your second question, this is actually the Queen's chamber."

I thought Irina's jaw dropped to the ground as she laugh her heart out from the expression on my face.

"You-you mean-this-this…"

She waved a hand in the air, "Don't worry about it Shizuru, the queen asked Sagisawa-sensei herself to put you here."


"So-so…" I took a deep breath, "… is that why no other servants come in?"

She frowned, "No other? You've met Yukariko didn't you? She's the queen's chamber-maid."

Another belly laugh from her, "She is?"

"Well, she was a new addition to the palace, Queen Natsuki never really like being pampered so she never really had any desire to have one. But then Yukariko came, that woman was a soldier from Caldair, she was one of those nameless, faceless military maiden who fought under their reigning king. After our take of Caldair, it was reported she was missing. She was put on the list of deaths."


"Yeah, two years after the transition, she was found with a group of desert people who were dying from hunger." I watch her shook her head, "When she was brought to the medical bay by one of the Captains, she was almost gone; we didn't expect her to recover."

"But she did?" I asked, curious since like me, she was also saved from her predicament.

"Yes, with help from the same captain that found her, she recovered. But she never got her lust for battle back."

I nodded my head, "What happened to the other desert people?"

Irina smiled, "They serve now in the palace, servants, mechanics… depends on the skills they posses."

I smiled as well, but my thoughts were far away… they were once again on my savior, The Lord Conqueror.


[Next Day]

Yesterday was when I learned that I was actually staying in the tent meant for the queen. I don't know how I would describe the feeling I got after, it was embarrassment, shame, mortification rolled into one. I've been basking in the luxury that was supposed to be for the woman who had saved my life, not once but thrice.

It took me the whole day to think of a way to repay The Lord's kindness to me. I have no treasure to offer, besides, even if I have some gold, the queen probably has tons of them. I closed my eyes, and suddenly tears welled up in my eyes.

That one thing I could have given to her was already taken by someone else. I don't think I could offer my life now, since she had gone through great lengths to keep me alive.

But still…

I stood before a large mirror naked to the day I was born, the mirror that was in the isolated part of the tent, it is separated from the large, round wooden tub by a dark cloth, the tub now full of hot water, ready to be used. I looked at my body. In nine days I have lost a lot of weight, but not to the point that I had become thin. I drew an imaginary line on the middle of my torso, from the mid-line between my breasts down to a point below my navel. Just below my left breast, just a little bit off the middle was a small, clean, round, whitish scar: remembrance of the arrow that hit me, not nine days ago.

The doctor truly can perform magic. I would have thought she's one of those sorceress or shamaness I heard a lot in most story book at Fuuka, if not for Irina's constant reminder that she is not, and that in fact, Windbloom has the most advance medical practice in the whole Ethica. Seven days was all it took for me to regain strength, and for the wound to fully heal.

Irina teased that it was not all Dr. Sagisawa's work, but that the queen had sold her soul to the gods just so I could recover fully. I probably would have believed her if not for the fact that I am but a servant in the palace for her to do it. I voiced it out and she replied: "Well, think whatever you like." Those uttered words didn't leave me in peace.

I was busy inspecting myself, making sure that I am to please The Lord's eyes. Make sure that I could perform for her what her other body slaves had done. She might not be the first one to use me, but she will be the first one who'd have a willing me… and probably more. The thought of having sex with The Lord had brought a lot of feelings unknown to me, I can't decipher them, but all I know was that, it had made my heart bound inside my chest, I was nervous yes, but at the same time…

My musing was cut short by the sound of The Queen's voice. It seemed she was talking to one of her Generals, and from the sound of it, it was the blonde General that goes by the name of Haruka. The Lord's older sister.

"I need to know first the condition of Shizuru, and if she is alright, we can proceed to packing, and then we'll leave for Windbloom the next day." I heard her say clearly.

"Well, your Shizuru isn't here right? So that must mean she is alright!" Her Shizuru?

"Irina probably got her to go out, the girl needs to get more fresh air."

"Fresh air? With all those horses, none of us gets fresh air anymore."

"You are too negative Haruka-neesan," I was right, it was the blonde general.

"Okay, okay, ask Shizuru if she could travel, and if she can, make sure to tell me so I can prepare everyone."

"Yes… I don't really know what will I do if I didn't have you with me." My Lord is such a humble woman.

"Well, you'll probably be still in that pigsty you call 'house'." Laughter followed that, and the general's footsteps… then nothing.

I was about to go out when I heard the flap to the bath opens. I heard the sound of armor being removed; it clanged on the hard ground. It was followed by the sound of a cup being put on a wooden surface, I surmise to be the small table beside the tub. The final sound was from the sloshing sound of the water in the tub.


I took in a deep breath, counted one to ten. This is it- this could be the best entrance for me.

I slowly lifted the black cloth that separates the mirror from the tub, slowly and silently as possible I went out to find The Lord sitting inside. She has her back on me. From the look of it, the queen is naked and still oblivious to my presence. I watched her took the cup from the small table and then she put it on her lips, and tipped it up.

"My…my…Lord…," my voice was shaking.

I watched as she turned around to face me, and my eyes widened when after seeing me, her eyes widened, as of in shock, the wine that was in her mouth splashed off, her once pale face reddened that it could be likened to a ripe tomato…


She called out my name loudly, not the same caliber she used on me from before. Then she hurriedly stood up, she probably realized she was naked like me, so without thinking she hurriedly went out of the tub. But the Lord miscalculated her step, so one of her feet got caught in the edge and she teetered to the right, ready to fall. My eyes went wider still, so I ran to help her but I was slow, for she fell with a force that brought the tub full of hot water over her.

"QUEEN NATSUKI!" I screamed.


When I came to, I was already lying on the well made futon. I looked down to myself to find me wearing my robe. I was clean. I could feel the pain in my right ankle, I tried to move it and glad I was able to. I'll probably be having a bruise there. Nothing that Sagisawa-sensei's magic cream couldn't cure. I then felt heaviness in my left arm, so I looked there and saw chestnut colored hair on it, Shizuru is sleeping on my side, she was sitting in a seiza position and her upper body bent over the bed, her head resting on my arms.

She was the one who's supposed to be sleeping in this bed.

"Shizuru," my voice was clear, but it didn't rouse her. I called out again a little bit louder this time, and I put my right hand on her head, "Shizuru," She stirred and then slowly pulled herself up, then once again, her crimson orbs met my emeralds. I can't help but smile.

"My Lord!" Shizuru called out, her face bore the expression of relief, "I'm sorry…"

"Why are you apologizing?"

"It was my fault that you…,"

I smiled at her and shook my head, "It wasn't your fault." I looked at her and her eyes said she can't believe that, "believe me Shizuru, it wasn't your fault." If it were some other slave, I would have just ordered them to get out… but it seemed I can't with you. And the damn beast is rejoicing!


"No buts," I said. Shizuru was sitting a little bit far from the futon so I waved her to come closer and she did. She resumed sitting on the ground beside the bed, "No, don't sit there, sit here." I said patting the space beside me.

"My Lord…,"

"That's an order." I said in my most commanding voice.

"Ye-yes my Lord!" She replied and hurriedly sat beside me.

"Lie down," I commanded again. It took her sometime, she's probably processing my command. And then she stood up, "What are you doing? Didn't I told you to lie down?"

She nodded her head, "I'm going to undress my Lord…"

My eyes widened, "WHAT?"

"Does my Lord not want to…to…,"

"By the gods Shizuru! Just lie down here, I am not asking you to take your clothes off." I saw her frown, but she obeyed. She lied down on the futon but she was as still as a mummified human, "Relax,"

"Ye-yes my Lord,"

She said yes, but she isn't relaxing. "Do you want me to get off the bed so you can relax Shizuru?" Shizuru looked at me tentatively, "Don't be afraid to look at me Shizuru, everyone here is free to do that."


"What do you want Shizuru?"

It was a whisper but I heard her clearly, "Stay…" I smiled so I urge her to relax again, and she did. Not one candlemark of silence, I found her asleep. My arm under her head.

My focus was caught though by the silent opening of the tent flap and the form of my sister Haruka, "Breaking camp tomorrow then?"

"Yes," I smiled and she did too.

"A carriage for Shizuru?"

I shook my head no, "Will you prepare a horse for her?"

"Does she know how to ride?"

I grinned, "I don't know, but in case she doesn't, Silver could always carry two people without problem."

"As you command," Haruka-neesan said, grinned, bowed and left my tent.

I looked at the sleeping woman beside me, God woman… look what you're doing to me!

-End Chapter 8-

Damn it! I got an idea where to put Tomoe in this story! DARN PLOTS! (shooo! I need to update other stories!)

1 – Okay okay, so I borrowed it from Xena!

2 – inspired by the song entitled You'll be Safe Here by RiverMaya.

I said breaking camp but well… at least there's another on coming update if I didn't put that here right?

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